Lorna Peel
6 hours ago

The Kildare Street Club located at the Nassau Street junction with Kildare Street, Dublin. c1914. The National Library of Ireland. No known copyright restrictions.

#Dublin #Ireland #OldPhotosOfDublin #20thCentury #KildareStreet #NassauStreet

A black and white photograph taken c1914 of the  Kildare Street Club at the Nassau Street junction with Kildare Street, Dublin, Ireland.
10 hours ago

Christy Brown was born on 5th June 1932 in Crumlin, Dublin. He had 22 siblings of whom 9 died in infancy. He was an Irish writer and painter who had cerebral palsy and was able to write or type only with the toes of one foot. His most recognised work is an autobiography, My Left Foot (1954). It was later made into a 1989 film of the same name, starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Brown.

#Ireland #IrishHistory #IrishLiterature #ChristyBrown #Dublin #CerebralPalsy #DanielDayLewis #OnThisDay

Photograph of Christy Brown sitting beside a portrait painting of a man wearing a bear. Christy is holding a paintbrush in his left foot.


7 year-old Conan is cycling for charity this week - over 320km for three great causes:

- Vincent de Paul
- SCOOP Foundation &
- Bunscoil Synge Street

And that 320km is not a typo: little Conan's cycling *from #Cork to #Dublin * 😲

Please support if you can:




A photo of 7 year old Conan cycling from Cork to Dublin, waving at some fellow kids who are passing by in a teeny train.
Another pic of 7 year old Conan crossing a bridge with a member of his support crew, cycling his way from Cork to Dublin.
A third pic of Conan cycling along a sunny boreen, as he makes his way by bike from Cork to Dublin in aid of charity. Amazing!
Mark Maguire
1 day ago

On a rare outing for me in the city yesterday (on the skite for my cousin’s Stag). Glorious weather, continuing today. ☀️😎 #Dublin #Ireland #OnTheSkite #CloudlessSky #CityLife #GrandCanalDock #OConnellStreet #StAnnsStreet #Quays #Summertime #Sunshine #Mastodaoine

Historic Diving bell in an orange red colour mounted on a steel base against a blue sky. On Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin, a tourist with backpack can be seen entering a doorway under the bell, where there are interpretative panels explaining the historical, social and engineering significance of the Diving Bell.
Samuel Beckett bridge, Dublin. A cyclist crosses an empty bridge under suspension cables extending down from a long, high pole. The sky is blue.
St Ann’s church facade is lit with a golden sunlight and dappled with tree leaf shadows. A Luas Tram passes in front of the building.
The Daniel O’Connell monument: the monument’s many allegorical bronze figures underneath O’Connell’s statue are lit in green at night. People pass in front of the monument’s stone base. The sky is black. Traffic lights have turned to red.
Peter Gray
1 day ago

Hell raisers at the #HellFireClub (originally Speaker Conolly’s hunting lodge in the #Dublin hills) @SaveTheHellfire

View up a gravel path in woodland to the ruined ‘Hell Fire Club’ (1725) on top of Montpellier Hill
Pigeon in profile on railings at the Hell Fire Club
Three lit candles in alcoves and fireplace in the ruined interior of the Hell Fire Club
View from the ruined Hell Fire Club at the top of Montpellier Hill over Dublin bay to Howth head with the city below
Mems Dead
1 day ago

On this day in 1661, Margaret Dillon Walsh died. The Journals show a drawing of the gravestone erected by her husband, Robert, at Kenure Old Church near Rush, Co. Dublin:

Learn about the Journals at

#OTD #Genealogy #IrishGenealogy #MastoDaoine #Dublin @archaeodons @histodons

Drawing of a gravestone with an inscription around the edges and a carving of a crucifix in the middle.
Gull (Thomas)
2 days ago

Heron in St. Stephen's Green, #Dublin , #Ireland . I'm pretty happy with how this photo turned out. #Photography

A grey heron wading in the waters of St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland.
2 days ago

Well earned on the way back down #hiking #dublin #ticknock #summer #bluelight

A slightly out of focus pint of beer overlooking a blue sky, small piece of the ocean, and south Dublin on a gloriously sunny day
Matrix agent
2 days ago

D*ckheads have and will park in Santry, Swords etc and fu*k off on their holidays making life a misery for residents of these areas. Clamping needs to be brought to suburbs around the airport. They park on green areas and block paths and driveways without a care in the world. There is high demand for access to the airport so where is the public transport? #dublin

3 days ago

🌍Don't miss out on #ECCA2023 Europe's influential #climatechange #adaptation #conference happening in #Dublin 🇮🇪 from 19-21 June 2023!

𝗥𝗲𝗴𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗻𝗼𝘄 to join the conversations and explore groundbreaking projects run by #CINEA_eu ⤵️



John Mulhall
3 days ago

Fresh from the press of #Irish #Tech #News is my #Dublin #Tech #Summit review after covering the successful 2-day event. Had quality chats with the likes of the #IT #Ukraine Association, #redhat, Kaseya, ThreatLocker, MODE, Oleksandr Storokha from ITERA, and more including my Irish Tech News colleagues Ronan Leonard and Melanie Boylan. Check out this #quality #tech #event at

Image of a packed house talking event at Dublin Tech Summit 2023 in Dublin's RDS
John Mulhall
3 days ago

#chatgpt4 was a common topic for panel discussions at the #Dublin #Tech #summit, which finished just yesterday. The place of #aI in #digital #business is as topical as its place in #society and #culture! Here are some thoughts on how to approach this new #tech ... #chatgpt #technologynews #tech

Create image of a chatboot with multiple pop up dialogue boxes and a sent one saying 'chat bot'
Irish Philosophy
4 days ago

National Library of Ireland 2023 Joseph Hassett Yeats Lecture

"Ireland's Interpreter" and "Europe's Welcome": W.B. Yeats and the Nobel Prize in Literature, 1923.

13 June 2023, 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Live (Kildare St, #Dublin) booking:

Livestream booking

#nli #lecture #yeats #WBYeats

Donncha Ó Caoimh
4 days ago

Surreal Flowers in Dublin

A woman stands next to a display of flowers for sale in Dublin last October.

I played with the colours here a little. A bit of fun on an image that was too noisy, and too dark.

#Dublin #Photography #Photo #StreetPhotography #Ireland #GraftonStreet #Flowers

A woman clutches a bouguet of flowers next to a large display of flowers for sale on Grafton Street in Dublin.
4 days ago

First time I met Máire Úna Ní Bheaglaoich in 2020 at the Cobblestone and again this year on Grafton Street.

#Concertina #Buttonbox #IrishMusic #Dublin #Ireland

4 days ago

Algumas cenas de #Dublin // scenes from Dublin. #photography #streetphoto #StreetPhotography

John Mulhall
4 days ago

#dublin #tech #summit on it’s final day for #dts2023, and still buzzing with a very large audience for the #digital #transformation #tech panel. My Irish Tech News coverage article coming soon at… stay tuned for developments…

Dublin Tech Summit 2023
Dublin Tech Summit 2023
Dublin Tech Summit 2023
Dublin Tech Summit
Innovative Health Initiative
4 days ago

It’s the last day of #MTF2023 in beautiful #Dublin. Meet us at stand S3 in the exhibition and come to the session on IHI at 14:00! #MedTech

A view of the Convention Centre Dublin as seen from across the River Liffey
Jennifer | Sidewalk Safari
4 days ago

Time for an #Introduction now that I've moved to the @Flipboard Mastodon server! I'm Jennifer, aka Dr. J.

My motto is: Work to Live, Live to Travel, Travel for Work.

I have a full-time job in the tech industry and I'm a part-time #travelblogger at Sidewalk Safari.

I'm also obsessed with photographing #doors.

I'm currently living in #Lisbon #Portugal after spending 12 years in #Dublin #Ireland.

Interests: #travel #wine #food #books #travelphotography #flipboard #tech #science #writing

Collage of Lisbon doors in all the colors of the rainbow.
Collage of Dublin Doors in all the colors of the rainbow.
Rest In Paradise
5 days ago

Irish painter Graham Knutell, a favorite of Hollywood celebrities, died on May 27 at the age of 69. #obits #obituaries #restinparadise #arts #ireland #dublin #visualarts #rip

Graham Knutell
Dáithí K
5 days ago

A rather stunning evening in #Dublin - a very nice last few days of May!

Sunny skies over a Dublin street with late 18th century yellow brick houses, chimneys, ornate cast iron street lamps with a shamrock motif, a cycle courier delivering someone’s takeaway, a modern bus stop with someone waiting and some cars parked along the side of the street.
5 days ago

Besuch bei Oscar Wilde in Dublin. Der erste Versuch ging voll daneben, der zweite Versuch hier gefällt mir.
#Urbansketching #Watercolour #Dublin

Statue sitzend auf Felsen in Grau und Altrosa, im Hintergrund Spritzer in den selben Farben, Text im Bild: 31•5•2023 16:00 Oscar Wilde Statue, Merrion Square Park, Dublin
Hand hält Skizzenbuch vor die echte Statue, im Skizzenbuch: Statue sitzend auf Felsen in Grau und Altrosa, im Hintergrund Spritzer in den selben Farben, Text im Bild: 31•5•2023 16:00 Oscar Wilde Statue, Merrion Square Park, Dublin
Lorna Peel
5 days ago

Pedestrians , motor cars and trams on Baggot Street, Dublin. c1911. The National Library of Ireland. No known copyright restrictions.

#Dublin #Ireland #OldPhotosOfDublin #20thCentury #BaggotStreet

A black and white photograph taken c1911 of very wide and a very empty Baggot Street close to Dublin's city centre, but there are some trams and pedestrians.
Mems Dead
5 days ago

On this day in 1743, Maurice Fieragh died aged 63. See this and other gravestone inscriptions from Tallaght, Co. Dublin, in the Journals:

Learn about the Journals at

#OTD #Genealogy #IrishGenealogy #MastoDaoine #Dublin @histodons

Transcript of a gravestone inscription.
Save the Hellfire
5 days ago

The last sunrise for the month of May and it was wonderful #goodmorning #nature #Dublin

6 days ago

Sonnenaufgang in der Bucht von Dublin. Die Sonne selbst ist für mich noch schwer in Aquarell darzustellen.
#Watercolour #UrbanSketching #Dublin

Hand hält Skizzenbuch mit Sonnenaufgang, links einige Industriegebäude, vor dieser Szene hoch.
6 days ago

Ein Martello Tower an der Küste vor Dublin - ich habe mal versucht, die Farbigkeit als Verlauf umzusetzen und dann die Schatten zu ergänzen.
#UrbanSketching #Watercolour #Dublin #Irland

Hand hält kolorierte Zeichnung eines kurzen Turms in der Abendsonne hoch, im Hintergrund ist das Motiv in echt zu sehen. Text im Bild: Martello Tower Dublin 30.5.2023 20:30
6 days ago

@irishcycle Amazing!
As an international student in #Dublin, I was commuting #Blackrock <-> #TrinityCollege daily some 23 years ago... the atmosphere was different!

Great to see the (positive) changes, #CycleLane, #tramway, etc., although of course not all his good in modernity (back then there was a "#NoToHighRises" fresco next to TCD, gone I guess!)

Then I guess the wind continues to blow from the North in the morning and from the South in the afternoon (reverse if you live in the North) !

Martin McWhorter
1 week ago

Great show by #Hot8BrassBand at #TheAcademy #Dublin.

Thanks. I needed that.

Vintage Ireland
1 week ago

South #Dublin #Antiques, #Vintage & #Collectables Fair, Sunday 4th June at the Royal Marine Hotel, #DunLaoghaire, from 11am until 5:30pm
Admission €3.50 Under-16s enter free but must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

Blue and white digital poster reiterating the event details

Random query for Dubliners:

Is there anywhere in Dublin where you can rent a kayak?

#Dublin #Kayak #MastoDaoine

World Concert Hall
1 week ago

Right now, @NSOIreland plays #Rachmaninov twice with Mesak, Dytiuk & Bondarenko once and #Tubin in #Dublin .#wch

Donncha Ó Caoimh
2 weeks ago

In the future, we won’t talk at all.

We just tap tap tap on the screens to order. The man watching me take the photo never said a word either.

It was Halloween, did you notice the horns on her head?

#photo #photography #StreetPhotography #Dublin #Ireland #McDonalds

People ordering food in McDonalds using their kiosks. Four people are at the machines, mostly dressed for the night in dark clothes and coats while one young woman is dressed as if it wasn't cold and wet outside.
Martin McWhorter
2 weeks ago

There is a shop in #Dublin called #Macaroon. They don't sell macaroons, but rather #macarons.

Baby face palming
Mark Maguire
2 weeks ago

Fenster Freitag (again, no TGIFF this week cos I’m working all weekend). The Chapel, Swords Castle, Dublin. #FensterFreitag #Window #WindowFriday #FuinneogFriday #Castle #Swords #SwordsCastle #StainedGlass #Dublin #Ireland #Mastodaoine

Medieval chapel with stone wall and gothic arched windows. The ceiling is composed of wooden beams with electric bulbs replacing candles on simple circular black metal ceiling light-holders. A large stained glass window is in the end wall with three tall main panes.
3 weeks ago

Happy to report I have found my first really good cup of coffee since leaving the U.S. Pour-over from Proper Order Coffee Co. In Dublin’s fair city. #coffee #dublin

Simon Boyne
3 weeks ago

@dublininquirer honestly can DCC not just be annexed by a neighbouring LA. Maybe DLR? #Dublin

utzer [Friendica]
3 weeks ago

Ich muss die Tage nach #Belfast, #Nordirland, spricht irgendwas dagegen nach #Dublin zu fliegen, also Republik #Irland und von da mit dem Mietwagen zu fahren?

#Reise #Arbeit

3 weeks ago

"Bull Alley" Your evening #painting today comes from a warm day when I was #cycling in southwest #Dublin and after a couple of sketches I cycled into the city centre and sat in St Patrick's Park so I could enjoy the cathedral beside it and the flowers and even the people. After buying tea I got my perfect bench so I could paint the Iveagh Trust buildings opposite, a scene I'd wanted to paint for many years. #Art #Ireland #MastoDaoine #MastoArt #Artist #Watercolour #UrbanSketching

Landscape format. Ink and watercolour painting of large period red brick, 5-storey building. Top storey is dormer windows with red surrounds in a deep electric blue slate. I've rendered red-brick of the building in orange. It also has some pink sections and stripes on square tower-like endings. Windows are mostly square with a slightly arched top, and black with many small panels separated by white frames. Five large chimneys are along the roof. Several red drainpipes run down the building. In front of it are 2 large trees, without foliage, gnarly of thick brown trunk with green and purple on their branches. They are inside the park from where the painting was done, so has a hedge and lawn in the foreground, and railings behind the trees through which we see the street level of the large building. On the left of the yellow-green lawn in the foreground are a couple of decorative evergreen bushes, and on the right is a small tree with its trunk split at the bottom into three or four thin brown trunks all leading to the same thick mop of foliage of various greens. Grey steps to the street can be seen behind the split trunk at the end of the hedge. Sky is left blank white with just sparse branches and twigs of the two big trees breaking it. Signed bottom right: Liam Daly

Meryl Streek

Grime/ rap/ modern punk from Dublin. Lyrics address the role of religion in Ireland, poverty, addiction and homelessness.

#Glasgow #Ireland #MastoDaoine #Dublin #MerylStreek #punk #grime #rap #politics #FotoMontag #LiveMusic

Meryl Streek at Barrowlands, Glasgow

🙂 Artist: #VanessaPower aka
#SignsofPower - in City: #Dublin Park Road & Impex Lane, Ireland 🇮🇪 -
Title: "You are not alone! "
- #988Helpline 🇺🇸 -
Don't listen to the monsters in your head. We all have our struggles and it's okay to talk about it. 🍂
🇩🇪 Germany:
🌎 International:
#Streetart #Mastoart #Art #Help #Hilfe #Mentalhealth #Helplines #Telefonseelsorge
#YouAreNotAlone 🙂

Streetartwall. On a black brick wall is the writing "You are not alone! (in yellow with white lines on).
The mural is on a black background with diagonal and vertical white lines.
A project of many artists as information and reference to the American #988Helpline for people with mental health problems.
3 weeks ago

James Connolly (Séamas Ó Conghaile) and Seán MacDiarmada, both signatories to the 1916 Proclamation, were executed on 12th May 1916.

Connolly had been so badly injured from the fighting that he was unable to stand before the firing squad; he was carried to a prison courtyard on a stretcher. Instead of being marched to the same spot where the others had been executed, Connolly was tied to a chair and then shot.

#Ireland #IrishHistory #EasterRising #Dublin #JamesConnolly #SeánMacDiarmada

Head and shoulders portrait of James Connolly.
Portrait of Seán MacDiarmada wearing a suit and tie.

Sticker of Violet Gibson in Cabra, Dublin.

Gibson was the Irish woman who in 1926 shot Mussolini in the face.

Sadly her attempt to assassinate him was unsuccessful.


The sticker, on a utility box, showing an illustration of Gibson's face beneath her name and above the phrase "Fight fascism where you see it" along with the double-flag anti-fascism logo.
Eugene McParland
4 weeks ago

#Jameson #whiskey bottled 5 months ago in #Dublin sold openly in russia

“The images of a famous Irish product, complete with the address of #Irish Distillers Limited and the Clondalkin address of the bottling operation, are there for all to see on the russian label. It was bottled less than five months ago and is now sold in central moscow"

Time’s up - Pernod Ricard must be added to the #EU #Sanctions list

Read more here🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine

“The images of a famous Irish product, complete with the address of Irish Distillers Limited and the Clondalkin address of the bottling operation, are there for all to see on the Russian label. It was bottled less than five months ago and is now sold in central Moscow"
Bernard McKeever
1 month ago

Furiously installs Blitzortung...

#dublin #lightning #ireland

Patrick O'Doherty
1 month ago

📸 Canon AE-1 50mm f/1.8
🧪 Kodak Portra 400 @ box speed
🎞️ Developed at home w/ Cinestill CS41
#believeinfilm #analogphotography #silentsunday #dublin #filmphotography

A photograph someone lying amongst a sea of autumnal leaves on the grass in St Stephen's Green park in Dublin, Ireland. Their backpack and a brown paper shopping bag rest beside them on the grass as they relax. They are watching something on their phone which is held above their head as one would in bed. They are alone in the scene.

Does anyone in the #Dublin area have access to a dot matrix printer? I'm hoping to make a physical book out of these poetry month email threads and like the idea of printing them on continuous paper using a dot matrix or line printer. #poetry #bookmaking

a ream of continuous computer paper (the kind with the feeder holes in the margins) partially accordion folded.
1 month ago

Earlier today, #newstalk was considering what #NI felt about the #coronation. Oh, there are many NIers here explained the correspondent amongst the crowds in London. Guess where they went to in NI, for a 2nd opinion ... Ballymena.

Now I see #RTE is live streaming hours of the coronation on its main channel. Man, sometimes #Dublin-based folk really do deserve the pejorative Jackeen.

I'm fundraising for a few queer Irish charities (HIV Ireland, ShoutOut, and Trans Equality Together) for the Dublin Pride Run in June. If you'd like to help support these fantastic organisations you can donate here:

#Dublin #Ireland #mastoduine #queer #running

Simon Boyne
1 month ago


Next generation ticketing is in the pipe but it's all too slow #Dublin #PublicTransportIE #publictransport

This whole neighborhood really seems to like to drink #Dublin #Ireland #TempleBar

Temple Bar in Dublin

The Temple Bar sure is busy. #Dublin #Ireland #Pub

A standing-room-only bar in Ireland

Assorted Irish graffiti

#Ireland #Dublin

Forever now ... Forever then ...
Woman life freedom
John Mulhall
1 month ago

#cybersecurity is a huge growth area thanks to #cloud adoption, #digital product #innovation and of course, a #cybercrime #industry that is growing to capitalize on such #digital #opportunity. #securityfirst conference by #Integrity360 came to #dublin's #aviva stadium, which I covered for @irishtech ... My #review is fresh of the #press at #security #tech #media

Exhibition area of the security first cybersecurity conference at Dublin's Aviva Stadium in April 2023
William Kretschmer
1 month ago

Christmas Turkey Market, Mary’s Lane, Dublin, Photo by Tony O'Shea, 1991
#photography #Dublin #TonyO'Shea

Thunder?? #Dublin

Eugene McParland
1 month ago

Exports of Jameson to russia to be halted following backlash

Owner Pernod Ricard reversed its decision and halt exports following the backlash

Activists staged a protest outside the #Dublin headquarters of #Irish Distillers and parent company Pernod-Ricard on Thursday, protesting a decision by the company to resume exports of #Jameson to russia.

Read more here🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine #RussiaIsATerroristState
#СлаваУкраїні! #France #StandWithUkraine

An Uplift protest against Pernod Ricard resuming its exports of Jameson whiskey to Russia
Lorna Peel
1 month ago

Man with umbrella standing at the junction of Nassau Street, Grafton Street and Suffolk Street. 1896-1904. The National Library of Ireland. No known copyright restrictions.

#Dublin #Ireland #OldPhotosOfDublin #19thCentury #20thCentury #NassauStreet #GraftonStreet #SuffolkStreet

A black and white photograph dated between 1896 and 1904 of a man in a top hat with umbrella standing at the junction of Nassau Street, Grafton Street and Suffolk Street, Dublin, Ireland.
1 month ago

"Sandymount" Your evening #painting today is one I did last year when travelling around all the corners of County #Dublin. After #cycling into the green in the heart of Sandymount village, I then sat on a park bench painting in the cool sun for a couple of hours until my fingers hurt.
#Art #MastoArt #MastoDaoine #Artist #UrbanSketching #Ireland

Ink and watercolours. Landscape format. Foreground is park paths and green lawns. Through black railings and a couple of large trees, one on the right with plenty of bright green dotted foliage and the one on the left with sparse pale brown foliage on its extremities, we see several 2-storey buildings on the far side of the street, including a pink one with 2 small sun canopies of lilac and white stripes and red brick upper storeys with four narrow dark windows; a pub with a green facade, a white buildings with green trim, a grey building and off to the left a street of multiple buildings recedes. Sky, like the park paths, is left blank white. Signed bottom left: Liam Daly
Ana Tudor 🐯
1 month ago

Yesterday was #WorldPenguinDay, so here are some penguins I saw this year!

#1 Humboldt Penguin @ Dublin Zoo

#2 King Penguins @ Zurich Zoo

#3 African Penguins @ Tierpark Berlin

80% of the dead seabirds found have plastic in their stomach. The animals mistake the plastic waste for food.

#penguin #bird #birds #diver #seabird #HumboldtPenguin #KingPenguin #AfricanPinguin #zoo #zooVisit #dublin #zurich #berlin

Humboldt Penguin on a rock coming out of the water, undecided whether to dive or not, looking at the camera as if seeking an answer.
A bunch of King Penguins by the water, one of them still covered in brown chick feathers.
Lots of African Penguins among the rocks by the water.
80% of the dead seabirds found have plastic in their stomach. The animals mistake the plastic waste for food.
1 month ago

The first victim of the Easter Rising, Margaret Keogh, was shot and killed by British soldiers while rushing to attend to patients and the wounded at the South Dublin Union (now the site of St James’s Hospital). 2/2

#Ireland #IrishHistory #EasterUprising # PádraigPearse #Dublin #OnThisDay

1 month ago

On Easter Monday, 24th April 1916, the Easter Uprising (Éirí Amach na Cásca) began. The Irish Volunteers and Citizen Army seized the General Post Office (GPO) and several key buildings in Dublin and demanded Irish sovereignty. Pádraig Pearse read out the Proclamation of Independence at 12:04pm from the steps of the building after his men had seized the GPO. 1/2

#Ireland #IrishHistory #EasterUprising #PádraigPearse #Dublin #OnThisDay

Copy of the Irish Proclamation of Independence read out on the steps of the GPO on 24th April 1916.
Leszek Ciesielski
1 month ago


Hello Hachyderm! 👋 I decided to move from

I'm a software engineer by trade #dotnet #kubernetes #rest . I enjoy #walking, #hiking, #cycling. Recently even #gardening. Voracious book reader.

Interested in #fantasy #scifi but also #history and #economics.

Lived in #Poznań, #Dublin, #London and #Hamburg before, now settled in a small town in Western Poland.

Currently fascinated by #ElectricCars and #trains ; terrified because #RussiaInvadedUkraine.

2 months ago

Handel's 'Messiah' was performed at Mr Neale’s Great Music Hall, Fishamble Street, Dublin on 13th April 1742.

#Ireland #IrishHistory #Music #Handel #Messiah #Dublin #OnThisDay

An etching of Mr Neale’s Great Music Hall, Fishamble Street, Dublin.
2 months ago

#vetmed #veterinary #animalhealth #vettech #veterinarymedicine #dogsofmastodon #dublin #kildare #wicklow #MaskUp

*** VET WANTED ***

No-nonsense, mask-wearing #vet wanted in #Ireland

I don't expect #DavosStandard, but simple precautions like ventilation between customers' visits, plus 😷 would be appreciated.

Pin-wire wired-haired dachshund, mostly black coat, standing on tarmac, looking expectantly into the distance.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
2 months ago

Being late was something he hated. He had an important tour to join, and he couldn’t afford to miss it. He had been planning this trip for months, and today was the day he would see the sights of Dublin. He hoped they would be amazing. He hoped they would be worth it. He hoped they would make him happy.

Read for the rest:

#Dublin #Ireland #Photo #StreetPhotography #photography #Wednesday

A man walking on the street. The breeze blows his orange tie over his shoulder. People are visible in the background.
2 months ago

"Talbot St and Connolly" Your evening #painting today is a piece I did in inks and various kinds of paints, of the view down the end of #Dublin's Talbot Street to the far end of Connolly Station. It's one of my favourite streets and has been for decades before they put the bikes there. #Art #Ireland
#MastoArt #MastoDaoine #Artist

Landscape format in black ink lines and various water media. View down street. On left side is a Dublin Bikes station, looking full, and buildings behind with top 2 stories red brick above the shop fronts at street level. Right side of street has black metal bollards and lamp-posts along a pale footpath, with shop fronts in shadowy blues to the right. On both sides of the steet is a dark grey narrow litter bin. At the end of street we see under a metal railway bridge, through the gap in its wide supporting piers either side, to Amiens Street and above its metal arch a grey Italianate square tower of Connolly Railway Station. The sky, street surface, and footpaths are white of paper left blank except for bike station, cycle lane, and double yellow lines, which are yellowy-orange, and traffic islands beside bike dock which are pale blue. Three small trees of yellow-green foliage populate the street between the bike dock and railway bridge..
Laura McDonnell
2 months ago

Anyone good at figuring out mystery charges on bank statements? Why don’t they give more information? Like the name of the shop!


It’s something in Dublin 1 or 2.

#banking #quiz #MastoDaoine #Dublin #Ireland

2 months ago

I'm selling my Brother DCP-L2530DW mono laser combo printer, complete with a fresh toner cart installed (4k pages, 60 EUR value) and a drum with about 13k pages left on it, if anyone in #Dublin or #Ireland is interested. About 1k pages printed in it's 3 year lifespan. 150 EUR.

Nothing wrong with the printer at all. It's built like a tank - I want to upgrade to a model with duplex ADF

2 months ago

'America was built on genocide' Jon Stewart's chats with Mick Wallace and Clare Daly go live
Historical whataboutery that should be dismissed as such - #Wallace and #Daly will say anything to justify their support of Russia's (openly imperalist) invasion of #Ukraine

The end of these two's terms can not come quickly enough. #Wexford and North #Dublin also need to really think about the harm they cause to #Ireland and themselves by electing protest-vote MEPs. #politics

Donncha Ó Caoimh
2 months ago

The couple at the bus stop

Dublin is full of interesting moments to capture with a camera, and one of my recent favourites was photographing a couple waiting for the bus. They weren’t posing or even aware of my presence, but the scene was too good to pass up. :)

#photo #photography #Dublin #Ireland #StreetPhotography

A couple waiting for the bus in Dublin. She has a bunch of flowers and a red handbag she's looking in, he is carrying a Dunnes Stores bag
2 months ago

More letters about cars, bicycles and getting around Dublin. No one, so far, is mentioning that in the very very few cases that Dublin City Council has built separated cycling infrastructure, eg the short bit of the Grand Canal and the Clontarf Greenway, it's hugely used #greenways #DublinCityCouncil
#CarsAndTheCity #Cars #Dublin #Cycling

For school kids, the Safe Walking & Cycling Routes to School programme should take a lot of the school-run traffic from the streets.

These changes, which facilitate active and sustainable transport use (while also increasing physical activity and improving general health), will free up the roads for those who have no alternative to the car.

What's not to like about this? - Yours, etc,


Dublin 4.
Cars and urban transport solutions
Sustainable and active transport
Fri Mar 31 2023 - 00:14

Sir, - Michael McDowell is concerned that those who have little alternative to the private car are being unfairly targeted by the prioritisation of sustainable and active transport over cars (“Car use is not simply the prerogative of the odious and hysterical middle class”, Opinion & Analysis, March 29th).

The challenge for those of us, particularly in Dublin, who do have alternatives to the private car, is to choose those alternatives, at least some or most of the time.

‘We should remember that Bus Connects will lead to reduced bus times, making bus travel, in many cases, quicker than car travel in Dublin.

In addition, the construction of segregated bike lanes on the Bus Connects routes will help complete a segregated bike network which increases cyclists safety. This removes the main barrier to more cycling for the 25 per cent of Dubliners who say they would like to cycle (at least some of the time) but who are too nervous of mixing with cars.
Sir, - Michael McDowell seems to have little faith in public transport, telling us that it will never provide for the many needs of daily life.
Nevertheless, a future with vastly reduced private car ownership and usage is coming, whether Mr McDowell likes it or not.
To get a glimpse of what this future might look like we do not need to look too far, as other EU countries with better public transport systems are already well on their way to this future.
As an example, Austria is similar to Ireland in size and population.
Here, cities are largely car free and public transport is designed to the highest standard with excellent bus and rail links serving cities and the countryside. It is quite normal for people in rural areas to go about their daily lives using public transport. In cities, it is permitted to drive (on certain streets) but the majority of people choose to use public transport, walk or cycle - even when it’s raining! The result is people-centric towns, thriving rural communities, and high environmental standards.
As Austria’s GDP is also similar to ours, we may conclude that the difference is one of priorities and planning. A successful transition to a less car-dependent future requires investment in public transport in addition to a long-term approach to urban and rural planning.
Over the years, Mr McDowell has rightly argued that our approach to planning should be guided by the highest standards.
Indeed, this is what we should expect for our country…
Sir, - Cars have to go! Power lines replaced. Houses built. Public transport expanded. Cycle lanes too.

Not forgetting flood defences or fixing that creaking water supply.

Surely Lorenz Hart’s 1939 lyrical phrase about New York, “We tried to run the city, but the city ran away”, applies just as much to Dublin in 2023. - Yours, etc,



Co Donegal.

Sir, - Stephen Wall (Letters, March 30th) refers to the AA’s claim that €10,691.12 is the annual cost of running a car. I have never understood where these inflated figures come from.

This equates to €205.60 per week, and I'd certainly notice this from my €265.30 pension per week!

I'd warrant that the majority of individuals do not drive new cars or seek to change them every two to three years!

That’s where the cost is, not the actual running of the car, which in my case sits at around €40 per week, all found. - Yours, etc,



Dublin 8.
2 months ago

Seán O'Casey (Seán Ó Cathasaigh) was born at 85 Upper Dorset Street, Dublin on 30th March 1880. He was an Irish dramatist and memoirist. A committed socialist, he was the first Irish playwright of note to write about the Dublin working classes.

#Ireland #IrishHistory #IrishTheatre #SeánOCasey #Dublin #OnThisDay

Head and shoulders portrait of Seán O'Casey taken in the 1910s when he was in his thirties.
Ana Tudor 🐯
2 months ago

This is for real. And it's perfect. 😈

Seen at #DublinZoo in early March.

#funnies #Dublin #Zoo

Sign on a fence:

"Do not stand, sit, climb or lean on zoo fences. If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick."
Donncha Ó Caoimh
2 months ago

Shadows of Everyday Life

It’s a common sight in today’s world – a woman walking down the street, engrossed in her phone, completely unaware of her surroundings. But on this particular day, I noticed something that caught my eye. As she walked, her silhouette cast a clear shadow on the pavement, and the Nike swoosh on her runners was prominently visible.

#photo #photography #StreetPhotography #Ireland #Dublin

A woman walks along the street. Her attention taken up by her phone. She cats a shadow on the pavement, and the Nike swoosh on her runners is clearly visible.
2 months ago

Lindsay Road. Your morning #painting today is mixed media piece I did of a house on #Dublin's northside where I spent some of the happiest moments of my life. I did it as a surprise for a dear friend. It is not yet available as a print. #Art #Ireland #MastoArt #MastoDaoine #Artist

Landscape format on white paper, in paints and inks. A pair of 2-story semi-detached red brick houses viewed front on from road, showing public footpath running horizontally, red railings, lawn, and some shrubbery in the garden on the right. A tree trunk twists up from by the kerb at the left edge. It has brown knotty elements but is mostly left white with bold black outlines. Sparse leaves of of bright green and lime are at the top. Houses have front doors beside each other in centre under grey stone arches, with bay windows up and down. Upper section has ornate castellated top. Roof is blue-purple slate. Chimneys are at both ends. Grey decorative stones are set above windows to match sills. Railings are set into low stone edging with grey stains. Sky is left white. Houses of similar design continue either side. Signed bottom right: Liam Daly
Donncha Ó Caoimh
2 months ago

Workers on the Tracks

On an overcast day near the train I was on, four men wearing hi-vis vests were busy repairing something on the ground. They worked in the shadow of a large container that stood on brick lined pillars, with a wall behind providing further support. While one man worked diligently, the other three were huddled together, engrossed in a phone.

#photo #photography #StreetPhotography #Dublin #Ireland

Men repairing the ground near a train track. A large container on brick lined pillars and a wall stand next to them. One person is working while three look at a phone.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
3 months ago

In the peaceful harbour of Howth, Co Dublin, a small blue boat bobbed gently in the water. The sky was overcast and grey, a sign that rain might be on the way, but that didn’t deter people from coming out to walk along the pier and take in the sights and sounds of the bustling harbour.

#photo #Dublin #Howth #Ireland #Photography #boats

A small boat in the harbour at Howth, Co Dublin. The old and new lighthouses can be seen in the background. People walk along the pier.

🌥️ Artist: #ChrisJudge
➡️ #ADailyCloud ⬅️ (click) ⛅
Title: "Just a perfectly hideous, grey and very soggy day in #Dublin" (Ein absolut hässlicher, grauer und sehr feuchter Tag in Dublin) - #Streetart #Art #Wolkenfotos #Wolkenbilder #Clouds ☁️🌥️ #Fotografie #Photography #Mastoart #GoodMorning ! ☕ 🥐 🥐

Photography. A picture of a gray sky and thick, long clouds over Dublin. A face with eyebrows was painted on one of the clouds and now it looks like there is a fat, slightly gloomy, giant with buck teeth lying over the city. 🙂 Good Morning! 
Info: ChrisJudge aka "ADailyCloud"  takes cloud photos from the Internet and draws them faces. So he turns the countless cloud pictures into a unique image that makes us smile.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
3 months ago

As the rain poured down on a gloomy evening in Dublin, a group of young people were out and about, determined not to let the weather dampen their spirits.

Me? I was on my way back to our hotel to get out of the rain!

#photo #photography #StreetPhotography #Dublin #Ireland

A group of young people heading out for the night in Dublin on a gloomy, rainy evening. The Luas can be seen on the left.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
3 months ago

It was a typical wet and gloomy Halloween night, and I was walking past a shop doorway when I noticed two young men huddled together, seeking shelter from the rain. One of them was dressed in a frog costume, and they were engrossed in something on the other’s phone.

#Dublin #Ireland #photo #StreetPhotography #photography

2 young men share a moment, looking at a phone in a doorway, sheltering from the rain. 3 mannequins in a shop window stare out into space.
3 months ago
Sue Smith
3 months ago

Here, if you're in #Dublin and looking for veggie food Glas is amazing

3 months ago

I wonder is this cycle lane, where a cyclist who suffered brain damage was hurt, the deadly one along the quays where you go to turn right and if you're going at any speed slam straight into a completely unexpected kerb #Dublin #cyclist #BrainDamage #Lawsuit #Council

Aral Balkan
3 months ago

Likely the best photo I took at the Lizzo gig tonight in Dublin. Was a blast :)

#lizzo #dublin

An almost surreal photo of the audience looking at the stage at a concert. The photo is washed out with red, blue, and yellow lasers and a back-projected image of mountains and a night sky behind the stage. Lizzo can be seen off the side, in a small camera projection, singing.
Aral Balkan
3 months ago

Waiting for Lizzo :)

#dublin #lizzo

Photo of a large audience empty stage bathed in purple light.
Ana Tudor 🐯
3 months ago

She's about my age.

Would have loved to know what she was thinking. Other than fuck the weather man and fuck this cold, cold weather...

#orangutan #DublinZoo #Dublin #zoo #greatApe #freezing

Close-up of the same orangutan, all bundled up in hay and a textile.
Ana Tudor 🐯
3 months ago

Girl talk. Probably about how cold it was 🥶

A bit more seriously, she's an orangutan. They're critically endangered in the wild due to habitat destruction to make room for palm oil¹ production and due to humans seeing them as either cool pets or as food².

¹ very common ingredient in cheap(ish) foods and in a lot of cosmetics

² I knooow... that's pretty much cannibalism...

📷 @mihaitodor

#orangutan #DublinZoo #Dublin #zoo #greatApe #freezing

Me on the left and on the right, on the other side of the glass, an orangutan lady about my age. I'm wearing a thick winter coat, double layer gloves, a scarf, a beanie and ear covers on top of that. She's wrapped up in hay and a thin textile.