James Guilford
18 hours ago

Mallard Duck dealing with hard water this morning.

#mallard #duck #pond #ice

A mallard Duck stands on the surface of a pond that has iced over. The ice reflects the blue of the sky and the dark underside of the duck. The mallard’s bill is yellow, its head is iridescent green, its breast appears brown, and the side of the duck, beneath his dark folded wing, is white. Small tail feathers are curled upward and the bird’s legs and webbed feet are orange.
Imagery by Rihilism
1 day ago
Image of a group of five mallard ducklings dipping their heads in clear water with a muddy bottom looking for water plants and algae near a muddy shore with bits of green grass. The three ducklings in the background have their heads submerged while one in the foreground has its bill dipped in the water and the other has its head raised with a large lump of mud on the end of its bill. Mallard ducklings have brown body feathers with lighter yellow-brown markings, a yellow-brown head with a brown mask across their face and eyes, a brown cap on top of its head, brown bills, and brown legs and webbed feet.
A Person
3 days ago

Sometimes I wonder how the frequent weirs in the river affect the movement of fish upstream, but I do enjoy watching the ducks riding downstream over them. #SpotBilledDuck #duck #birding #photography

two spot billed ducks splashing down  a weir
Occasional Pictures of Ducks
4 days ago

I felt like having some extra #MondayMallards, and I'm in charge of this page so I can and I have so here we have #TwoDuckTwoOClock (maybe one day I'll have a picture of many that lets me do#14Duck1400 ?!)

#UrbanBirding #LowCarbonBirding #BirdsSeenIn2023 #BadBirdwatcher #Mallard #Duck

Big rectangular rocks surrounded by water in a pond with reeds in the background - a duck stands silhouetted in shadow on one, another lies in the sun on another
Occasional Pictures of Ducks
4 days ago

The #DuckOfTheDay is a particularly fine #MondayMallard photographed at #WWTBarnes back in October.

#UrbanBirding #LowCarbonBirding #BirdsSeenIn2023 #Duck #Mallard

A drake mallard flowing on lightly rippled shiny water with green leaf reflections in it. Possibly one of my less awful pictures.
Edward Philips
4 days ago

Morning all. They say the future’s orange; actually, it’s mandarin. Gave a lovely week ducks. xx

#duck #mandarin #orange #handmade #wallart #poster #birds #wildfowl #drawing

Close up drawing of a mandarin fuck’s head against a plain teal background
Jon Sullivan
6 days ago

Let's go be duck!

I'm working on a conference talk on some of my wild counting, and that's an excuse to surface some more of the amusing mistakes made when #AWSTranscribe tries to understand my voice in my audio notes.

(I'm trying to imagine what golf would be like if rebuilt by seagulls.)

#WildCounts #birds #duck #humour #nz

A screenshot of part of a conference slide, show on the left a domesticated breed of muscovy duck, or "let's go be duck" according to an AWS Transcribe transcription, and on the right is a photo of NZ red-billed gulls, or "rebel girl" or "rebuild golf".
Sander van Kasteel
1 week ago

Another #duck

an iPod dock in the shape of a duck
P.D. Magnus
1 week ago

Spatchquacking the #duck. #thanksgiving

A spatchcocked duck in a pan on a kitchen counter.
1 week ago

I once pronounced Toronto with hard T's to Canadians .( With Dutch and Scottish roots ).
" You pronounce it as a First Nation!".
Instead of "Trònnó".
I stick to Toronto.

( We slept early, woke up early too in a sauna-like hotel-room in Düsseldorf)

There was a small item here once about duck-quacking accents in London and Cornwall. Now I wonder about Toronto -Duck -accents.

#accents #toronto #duck #canada

Occasional Pictures of Ducks
1 week ago

Are you trying to confuse me? It is good, but have you heard this one? #TuneswapTuesday…

As though I could be so easily diverted! (John Spiers, “The Mallard”. Of course.)

#Folk #FolkMusic #Trad #TradMusic #EnglishMusic #EnglishFolk #Melodeon #DiatonicAccordion #Accordion #Squeezebox #Mallard #Duck #Mallard

1 week ago

Once again exchanging #bird pics for squirrel pics. Here we have a #duck in a rainy puddle, the overflow of a trench.

Duck, doing its thing floating and stuff.
Dave Windett
2 weeks ago

Ink and coloured pencil sketch of Darkwing Duck.

Eye Contact

#DarkwingDuck #Disney #Duck #AnthropomorphicDuck #CartoonDuck #Sketch #Drawing #MastoArt #FediArt

Anthropomorphic duck wearig a large brimmed fedora a mask, a double breasted jacket and a cape. He has a ray gun with a bell shaped barrel in his right hand.
2 weeks ago

There are very few things in this world that cannot be improved with the addition of googly eyes.

#tool #workbench #eyes #googly #GooglyEyes #pareidolia #face #psychology #neurology #brain #vise #duck

A small metal workbench-top vise sitting in the middle of an electronics work area.  Because of pareidolia, it resembles a face, or possibly a duck's head.

It therefore has had two googly-eyes attached to it, on one jaw of the vise.
Occasional Pictures of Ducks
2 weeks ago

Are you feeling a little blurry? So is this duck.

#BirdsSeenIn2022 #DuckOfTheDay #Mallard #Duck

A fuzzy photo of mallard drake swimming along, clearly I didn't keep the camera still enough.
Planet Chad Photography
2 weeks ago

A male Northern Pintail preening its feathers in the waters of a local wetland area.

These elegant Northern Pintails swim through wetlands and lakes with their slender necks and long, pointed tails held high.

#duck #nature #birds #wildlife #shopearly #fedigiftshop

a male northern pintail duck with a chocolate brown head and gray feathers preening in shallow water in a wetland area.
2 weeks ago

Northern Shoveler (Spatula clypeata) at Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma, United States on October 16, 2023

Some of the camera settings I used to make this photo are at:

#duck #bird #Spatula #NorthernShoveler #SaltPlainsNWR #wildlife #wildlifephotography #wetland #marsh #Oklahoma #photography #reflections

Northern Shoveler (Spatula clypeata) at Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma, United States on October 16, 2023 

According to 
Perhaps the most outwardly distinctive of the dabbling ducks thanks to its large spoon-shaped bill, the Northern Shoveler busily forages head down in shallow wetlands. Its uniquely shaped bill has comblike projections along its edges, which filter out tiny crustaceans and seeds from the water. If the bill doesn’t catch your eye, the male's blocky color palette sure will, with its bright white chest, rusty sides, and green head. The female is no less interesting with a giant orange bill and mottled brown plumage.

The bill of the Northern Shoveler is big (about 2.5 inches long) and shaped like a shovel, but that odd-shaped bill also has about 110 fine projections (called lamellae) along the edges that act like a colander, filtering out tiny crustaceans, seeds, and aquatic invertebrates from the water.
Occasional Pictures of Ducks
2 weeks ago

I told you that if this account took part in #TuneswapTuesday y’all would soon get bored and/or complain at seeing this one thing every. single. week.
But @NorthCrayMal encouraged me, so here we are:

John Spiers, “The Mallard”…

#Folk #FolkMusic #Trad #TradMusic #EnglishMusic #EnglishFolk #Melodeon #DiatonicAccordion #Accordion #Squeezebox #Mallard #Duck

2 weeks ago

Buy your Fine Art Prints in:

A Duck On The Pond 2023010897 metal print by TomiRovira. Bring your artwork to life with the stylish lines and added depth of a metal print. Your image gets printed directly onto a sheet of 1/16" thick aluminum. The aluminum sheet is offset from the wall by a 3/4" thick wooden frame which is attached to the back.

#photographs #duck #landscape #calmwaters #reeds #clouds #evening #Banyoles #lake

Edward Philips
3 weeks ago

Morning all. It’s Tuesday, have an eider duck. You’re welcome. xx

#duck #eider #tuesday #wallart #handmade #poster

Male eider duck against a blue shimmering sea
Rich Holmes
3 weeks ago

Mister Muscovy was out and about today during today's #ErieCanal #walk

Late afternoon, and the #sky was getting dramatic.


A muscovy duck standing in the recreational trail near the Erie Canal in Camillus, NY. Some mallards are in the water.
Crepuscular rays from the sun behind clouds near the western horizon, over barren trees, reeds, and still water reflecting the light from the sky.
Heron&Fox Photo
3 weeks ago

Identifying #female or juvenile #birds in the field can be very difficult, especially if the male and female don’t resemble each other much, as in the American #wigeon #duck.
This example was taken at #Merritt #Island #NationalWildlifeRefuge
Get a print or other item with this image at

#BirdsOfMastodon, #Bird #WildlifePhotoraphy, #Photograph

An outdoor, daylight photograph of a brown duck swimming on a pond, leaving a wake of ripples. It is swimming toward a stand of reeds and mangroves in the upper left corner of the image.
3 weeks ago

Let's go pour une nouvelle semaine de lives !
On continue à découvrir les canards !

Au programme : Ornitho Mnemolia 🐦 > Le Fuligule milouin 🦆 | Réact vidéos Nature/Écologie Youtube


#nature #ecologie #oiseau #ornithologie #canard #duck #twitch

Photo d'un Fuligule milouin sur un plan d'eau.
3 weeks ago

Greater Yellowlegs (Tringa melanoleuca) and Green-winged Teal (Anas crecca) at Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma, United States on October 16, 2023

Some of the camera settings I used to make this photo are at:

#birds #yellowlegs #duck #Tringa #teal #Anas #SaltPlainsNWR #Oklahoma #wildlife #wildlifephotography #photography #wetland #marsh

Greater Yellowlegs (Tringa melanoleuca) and Green-winged Teal (Anas crecca) are in a marsh at Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma, United States on October 16, 2023

Some of the Yellowlegs are just landing. There are reflections.
3 weeks ago

Calendrier d'avant l'avent
Rétrospective sur 24 jours de mes réalisations

Jour 8 : Une commande atypique : un porte-bijoux en forme de canard

#calendrierdavantlavent #calendrierdelavent #canard #duck #handmade #faitmain

Une commande atypique : un porte-bijoux en palettes, bois de récup et rondins du jardin.

Le corps du canard est en planches de palettes
La tête est une rondelle de Juniperus
Sur le corps sont fixés 3 petits troncs de bouleau avec une branche coupée à quelques cm, qui sert de porte-bague
Une tablette permet de poser colliers et bracelets.
Cascade Pine
3 weeks ago

It’s nice having the wigeons back!

#wigeon #AmericanWigeon #duck #birdWatching #birdPhotography

Two small ducks are in a pond. They have light blue beaks and white bands at the top of their foreheads.

Some photos from today's autumn walk along the sea with @vivia and @alatiera .

It was quite windy and grey today!

Featuring: a hooded crow with a grey eyebrow looking over the sea, a magpie on the ground with blue/green sparkling feathers, a cat sitting in a tree and a white Muscovy duck spreading its wings in the sea in front of its reflection.

#HoodedCrow #Crow #Magpie #Cat #Duck #BirdWatching #Photography #NaturePhotography #Thessaloniki #Greece

A photo of a hooded crow sitting on a barbed wire fence, looking over the sea. The crow has white eyebrows.
A photo of a magpie on the ground. In the background some green weeds are visible, the magpie itself is standing on a rocky path.

The back feathers of the magpie are sparkling blue/green in the light, and around its eye it has a grey pattern that makes it look very tired.
A photo of an orange / tortoiseshell cat standing in an eucalyptus tree. It is looking left of the camera with its green eyes.
A photo of a white Muscovy duck spreading its wings in the sea. It is looking straight towards the camera and in front of it the reflection of the duck is visible in the water.
Occasional Pictures of Ducks
3 weeks ago

This is your #DuckOfTheDay for Sunday - don’t waste it.

#LowCarbonBirding #UrbanBirding #BirdsSeenIn2023 #Mallard #Duck

A mallard drake standing on some grass.
3 weeks ago

A large flock of a couple hundred ring-necked ducks came through Wednesday morning just before the skies unleashed a daylong rain on us. I didn't get close enough to take any up-close pictures -- hey, it was 38 degrees and I was in a bathrobe on my porch -- but they were fabulous to watch as they played. Love the white rings on their black bills.

Nov. 8, 2023. Wolverine Lake, MI.

#bird #birds #duck #ducks #birdsofmastodon #birdphotography #naturephotography

A couple of dozen ring-necked ducks swimming on a grey day on a lake. They are small black ducks. The males have two white rings around their black bills.
fletch 🦆
3 weeks ago

catch me doing pixel art while l listen to cute songs about being a frog

[ #pixelart #frog #duck #aseprite #1bit ]

A duck and a frog sit next to each other, a heart floating in the air between them. White pixels on a purple background.
Mark A. Rayner
1 month ago

This dude is ducking full of positivity!

#duck #ducks #positivity #positiveaffirmations #humor #humour #cute

white duck looking at its reflection in a mirror with stickies on it that say: you can do it! be your BEST self!!! You are handsome Today is a new day!
Debra Martz
1 month ago

Male Mottled Duck Reflecting on the Water by Debra Martz
…at the World Birding Center of South Padre Island, Texas
Almost a mile of boardwalks meander across wetlands giving you wonderful closeup views of birds ranging from the small songbirds in the vegetation, shorebirds to all types of waterfowl. There is even a beautiful butterfly garden next to the visitor's center.

#duck #waterFowl #bird #aves #avian #BirdPhotography #BuyIntoArt #PhotographyIsArt #GiftThemArt

A Mottled Duck slowly swimming in calm water with a perfect reflection of its head and neck. Photography by Debra Martz
Metin Seven 🎨
1 month ago

Toy / lamp models I 3D-sculpted, and photos of the final products, released by A Little Lovely Company.

#toy #toys #ProductDesign #3D #ZBrush #art #artwork #design #product #kids #cute #swan #deer #unicorn #duck #DigitalArt #MastoArt #FediArt

Cute baby unicorn toys.
A cute baby deer toy.
Cute duckling lamps.
Cute swan toys.
1 month ago

Good morning🪿8am@JP

Hey spot-billed #duck, 🦆🦆do you know my friend?
It seems that the white #egret is looking for a mate to migrate to the south.

Wishing you have a happy day

ねえ # さん🦆🦆友達を知らない?
#白鷺 は南へ渡る仲間を探しているそうです

#aiart #カルガモ #whiteegret #heron #morning #おはよう #bingimagecreator #BingImageCreater

A young egret is visiting a spot-billed duck house on the shore of a lake, the father threatens the egret because there are small ducklings, on the shore of a lake in the forest, cinematic images(Create by Bing Image Creator)
森の湖畔で若い白鷺は湖にある中洲のカルガモの1家を訪ねます、小さな子ガモがいるので父鳥は白鷺を威嚇しています(Create by Bing Image Creator)
flying white heron, a clear autumn sky, a cinematic images(Create by Bing Image Creator)
1 month ago

This lovely lady duck searching for food

#Photo #photography #birds #australia #Bird #BirdWatching #Ducks #duck

Female wood duck searching in grass for food
1 month ago
Duck with head buried in tail feathers
1 month ago
Pair of wood ducks on grass, female in front with head down low searching for food.
1 month ago

Let's go pour une nouvelle semaine !

Au programme ce soir :
Ornitho Mnemolia 🐦 > Le Canard siffleur | Réact vidéos Nature/Écologie Youtube 💚


#nature #ecologie #oiseau #ornithologie #canard #duck #twitch

Photo d'un Canard siffleur (Mareca penelope) dans l'eau devant une roselière.
Robin Capper
1 month ago

Looking out the window at a duck on a roof, how often do you see a duck on a roof?
#roofduck #duck

Zoomed in photo of a male mallard duck standing on the Ridge of a tiled roof.

Some more photos from today's walk with @slomo .

A pair of cormorants being lazy in the sun, a little egret, and many many ducks.

#Cormorant #Duck #Ducks #Egret #LittleEgret #BirdWatching #Photography #NaturePhotography #Thessaloniki #Greece

Two cormorants, each sitting on a pole, looking at each other. The sun in such an angle that only their silhouettes are visible. A church with a marina is in the background.
A pair of cormorants sitting on two poles in the sun, with their shiny black colours clearly visible. In the background there is the centre of the city, with the White Tower, the waterfront with a boat, and the old town (Ano Poli).
A Little Egret standing behind a white Muscovy duck sitting on grass, in front of a small boat on the sea.
Approximately 24-25 ducks of various colours, sitting on grass in the shadow of a tree, in front of a marina. Most ducks are sleeping.
Janet Foggie
1 month ago

The roof has been ripped off the smaller #duck house - it is lying to the back right of this picture, a good few feet away. 3/4

Grey skies and wind blown shrubs and a duck house called ‘Donwell Abbey’ has half a roof in place and the other half lies in the ground to the right of the photo.
A close up of the same duck house showing an exposed pallet and the reinforcement wire. The ends of screws stick out, now revealed by the roofing coming off.
Art History Animalia
1 month ago

More from Virginia Museum of Fine Arts visit:
1. Stirrup Vessel in the Form of a #Llama
Chavin (Peru), 500 BCE - 100 CE
Terracotta w/ polychrome slips
2. Stirrup Vessel in the Form of a #Duck
Moche (Peru), 200-500 CE
Terracotta w/ polychrome slips
#IndigenousArt #SouthAmericanArt #PeruvianArt

Chavin llama effigy vessel with stirrup spout on display at museum
Moche duck effigy vessel with stirrup spout on display at museum
1 month ago

#Repostober is so much fun!
Almost... too much fun

#mastoArt #Watercolor #Watercolour #Nature #MarineLife #Bunny #Turtle #Duck #Duckling

Watercolor brown & white bunny rabbit sitting contentedly.
Watercolor purple sea turtle with blue-green shell.
Watercolor duckling dances in front of a crowd of people.
Watercolor duck walks near a crowd of people.
AmiW Streetart 🍂
2 months ago

🦆Artist: #TonyGallo / #TonyGalloArt in City: #SanPietro #Magisano CZ Italy 🇮🇹 2023 - Title: "Chilla de papere" - #Art #Streetart #Mural #CaorleSeaFestival #Duck #LuceFest2023

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a two-story house was sprayed / painted imaginative mural of a young woman with five ducks. In naive colorful painting style colorful houses, green grass and a pink path were chosen as background. The red-haired girl wears a blue-green striped cape with hanging ears on the hood. She has a pipe in her mouth and a closed yellow umbrella with a smiley face in her hand. In front of her run five huge white ducks with red dots on their plumage.
Tyler Sticka
2 months ago

Sometimes my drawings have some real story or point of interest behind them.

And sometimes I’m tired so I draw a duck.

#inktober #inktober2023 #duck

A duck with an expression of disinterest flatly says "quack."
Planet Chad Photography
2 months ago

An adult male wood duck swimming in the water at the local wetland area.

I went with a nature scene look for this shot to highlight the environment the wood ducks live in.

#duck #nature #birds #wildlife

A male wood duck in the middle of a swampy woodland with green vegetation and tree branches around the duck.
2 months ago

Not feeling emotionally well today. But nature always has healing vibes. For everyone that feels the same right now: maybe this picture of a duck can bring a smile onto your face 🙂

#AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #duck #photography #WildlifeWednesday #wildlife #BirdPhotography #JoinIn #FediGiftShop #prints #MastoArt #SeptemberSunshine #healing #nature #fotografie #sad #PhotographyIsArt

A brown duck swimming in a river in the Spree Forest, Germany - perfectly merging with the background - while producing ripples in the water, which makes it look nicely abstract.
Bruno Philipe
2 months ago

Some of the ducks I saw today.

#duck #WoodDuck #duckstodon #birds #BirdPhotography

Two wood ducks floating on the surface of a lake. The water is reflecting the greenery in the background and looks green. They’re very colorful ducks.
A youngling wood duck floating in a lake. The water is reflecting the grey sky and looks white.
Deb Oppermann
2 months ago

This very handsome drake Mallard was waddling on the snowy ground near the river in Guelph Ontario Canada on a lovely winter day. The iridescent bottle green white collar dabbler was eating snow while looking for the corn that some children had thrown to feed the ducks and geese.
Drake Mallard Portrait I available here
#WildlifeWednesday #WaterfowlWednesday #mallard #duck #waterbird #birds #Mastobirds #BirdsOfMastodon #BuyIntoArt #artforsale #GiftIdeas #wildlife #wild

Close up of colorful drake Mallard with blue background
Metin Seven 🎨
3 months ago

Minimalistic voxel artwork, depicting existential contemplation of famous characters. 😉

#VoxelArt #duck #mario #sonic #PacMan #8bit #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #retro #DigitalArt #art #artwork #illustration #GraphicDesign #VideoGames #disney #MastoArt #FediArt

Minimalistic voxel artwork, showing a semi-abstract Donald Duck standing on a quay.
Minimalistic voxel artwork, showing Sonic the Hedgehog staring at pointy spikes that are in the way of a gold ring.
Minimalistic voxel artwork, showing Pac-Man being trapped by two ghosts in his labyrinth.
Minimalistic voxel artwork, showing Mario standing on a platform, gazing into the distance.
Planet Chad Photography
3 months ago

From my wood duck collection that I took from late 2021/ early 2022. He was swimming so gently that I got a nearly perfect reflection.

I chose this pose due to the calmness of the water and the reflection.

#duck #nature #birds #wildlife

A male wood duck slowly swimming in water so still that you can see the reflection of the duck which has a green head, red eyes and a multi colored bill.
Future Sprog
3 months ago


We do talk about a lot of IT. I feel that personally.

Let me try and balance it out with a photo of a #duck . She’s cocking her head to look up in the tree behind me because as I was taking this photo a big chunk of dead Ivy fell out and landed with a crash.

I poisoned the Ivy in that tree last year with Cut+Paste gel and it’s just now fallen out of the tree.

This duck’s name is Moonlight and she’s usually the first to come and steal worms and bugs when I’m digging the garden.

A Muscovy duck of the black colour morph looks up and to the left of the photographer, curious about what is making a noise
3 months ago

This isn't a great picture but I was trying to figure out what kind of duck the black and white one is. He was hanging out with a bunch of mallards. This was taken today in Ohio.
#BirdID #duck #birding

Black and white duck swimming with 2 mallards

I have 68 photos and videos of the #duck race to sort through! #talgarthfestival #Talgarth

Dozens of bright yellow plastic ducks floating down the river.
Planet Chad Photography
3 months ago

I was scanning the pond and wetland area at a local park when I noticed this male mallard out in the open all by himself. He would occasionally open his eyes to see what was going on.

I love that his eyes are closed and it shows moments of solitude.

#mallard #duck #nature #wildlife #reflection

A male mallard sleeping with its beak tucked in its feathers. it is so still you can see the reflection in the brownish water.
Planet Chad Photography
3 months ago

I could take pictures of the wood duck all day. I love the stunning colors!

Per all about birds - Wood Ducks have a unique shape among ducks—a boxy, crested head, a thin neck, and a long, broad tail.

In good light, males have a glossy green head cut with white stripes, a chestnut breast and buffy sides.

#birds #nature #duck #wildlife

a male wood duck with a mostly green head, red eyes, multi colored beak, brown breast and multi colored feathers swimming in a pond.