“I have lost count of how many times since then, I have been asked whether Twitter is going to fail, and I have always said no.
But now, I am not so sure - for a number of reasons.”

No mention of Mastodon, or ActivityPub, or the concept of Open Social Media… but then, we can rarely expect our major media outlets to look that deeply…
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I actually bookmarked this article in my web browser (does anyone else actually do this anymore!?) because it is that on point. This basically means I’ll have it for the next 15 years or whenever my backup drive packs it in.
Very. Well. Said.
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Been watching these Monthly Active User numbers closely. They have been dropping for a couple weeks now. 1,622,000 when I started watching last week, 1,604,000 today.

How do we keep the number of users growing?

For me, I have started to cross post on one of my Twitter handles again. On another, I am posting daily reminders and reasons to switch.
cc: @atomicpoet
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Really frustrated

Our local Internet is going through some unreliability, and we realized we must keep starlink until there’s a reliable 5G connection or alternative connection up the valley. So frustrated as I wanted to #dumpmusk.

I’m sorry. I tried. I’m going to keep trying, and I’m going to moan….

6 months ago

As his badly built cars continue to burst into flame, Musk still thinks people will trust his brain chips:


I think it's absolutely hilarious that in the past 2 weeks I have not heard A SINGLE PERSON say they were heading to Facebook if Twitter dies.

Not one.

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Alternatively choose Mastodon (no ads, no fee — see link in pinned Tweet) or Counter.Social — $4 a month for the optional Pro level but *still* no ads and no hate for everyone.

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