The fact that Elon is hosting the announcement of a fascist (DeSantis) for POTUS says it all really.

#DumpTwitter #ElonIsEvil

I actually bookmarked this article in my web browser (does anyone else actually do this anymore!?) because it is that on point. This basically means I’ll have it for the next 15 years or whenever my backup drive packs it in.
Very. Well. Said.
#Twitter #TwitterDeath #DumpMusk #DumpTwitter #Mastodon #TwitterMigration

The Richie Rich
8 months ago

On another matter, and I really don’t mean to tick anyone off but…

I see these notices about researchers and entrepreneurs and Joe the common man protesting #birdchan’s latest bad behavior, cutting off access to APIs, etc. my question to you is, Do You Think They Care? Many of us have left the toxic, fascistic, right wing cesspool it has become because it was clear where this was headed. I’m sorry about your livelihood and your research. They don’t care. We won’t make an impact. #DumpTwitter

John Linton Roberson
8 months ago

@chender @cclareMDMPH it was fun back then. Let's take control of our own social media! #DumpTwitter #DumpFacebook #GoFediverse!!!!

9 months ago

I LOVE Jon Stewart!!! He needs to be on Mastadon!!! #DumpTwitter Jon!

Athena's Owl
9 months ago

Thank You Los Altos! #DumpTwitter

OK, takže #ElonMusk nechává zrušit #Twitter účty kohokoliv, kdo se mu zrovna znelíbí, zároveň nechává běžet účty teroristickým vůdcům jako je #Medveděv a ještě jim jejich bláboly chválí (zda ironicky nebo ne, je nepodstatné). 😮🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
#dumpTwitter #RussiaIsATerroristState #StandWithUkraine

@sandor Nepoužil na to nějaý AI Chatbot? To jsou bláboly, to se ani nedá číst. Pro mě je skandální, že jeden z teroristických vůdců může dál mít aktivní účet na Twitteru.
Elon Musk je zlo. #dumpTwitter

Larry Mathys :verified:
10 months ago

Musk is a twisted, deluded individual. You can't work from home, but you can live at work! #DumpTwitter

Sister Artemis
10 months ago

Well, with so many of the folks I follow now having mastodon accounts, I deactivated my bird app account. Good riddance to bad, and worsening, rubbish.

It’s so much nicer and less Nazi over here. #Mastodon #MastodonRocks #DumpTwitter

rockybandit 🥊
10 months ago

Ol’ Felon Musky is a danger to democracy and the moral majority.

Trader One
10 months ago

This is #elon new low. #dumpTwitter immediately. You want your kids to stay there and watch all garbage? #takeaction #twittermigration #shitshow

rockybandit 🥊
10 months ago

well. deleted my #twitter app. will reconsider reinstalling in the future if morality prevails. #dumptrump #dumptwitter

Trader One
11 months ago

Debirdify - @debirdify Nice application for migrating your Twitter contacts. #twitter #migration #twittermigration #Twitterexodus #DumpTwitter

All we need now is Miriam Margolyes and life will be complete.

Come over the the nice side of social media — all the cool people are there…


Screenshot of a Toot from Alan Cumming with a picture of him waving “Hello Mastodon!!”

If you #dumpTwitter you’ll be in good company — over 4,000 new accounts are being set up in the Mastodon fediverse every hour 🥰


If it’s good enough for the DAG, it’s good enough for you…🥳

See pinned Tweet or bio for an invite to the sane side of social media…

#dumpTwitter #Mastodon

The #MuskEffect is getting stronger by the day, by the look of it.

Which is nice.

(See pinned Tweet for your invite to the cool social media platform that is Mastodon)


Screenshot of Toot from a Mastodon bot that reports new account data hourly. Previously around 1,000 new accounts we’re being set up an hour. Now it’s 3,642 new accounts an hour bringing the total of Mastodon accounts up to 5,989,884

Musk’s Twitter explained:

Advertisers withdraw and sacked employees sue the company

#dumpTwitter — see pinned Tweet for your escape route…

Lets just call it the #MuskEffect, shall we?

1,400 new accounts set up an hour…

See pinned Tweet for your invite to join the cool social media everyone’s talking about:


Screenshot of a Toot from a Mastodon Bot that counts total accounts across the Mastodon Fediverse. As of 1 hour ago: 5,825,053 accounts,  1,400 in the last hour,  28,778 in the last day, 187,981 in the last week

Alternatively choose Mastodon (no ads, no fee — see link in pinned Tweet) or Counter.Social — $4 a month for the optional Pro level but *still* no ads and no hate for everyone.

#dumpTwitter #dumpMusk

Nice of BBC Scotland to alert us to Musk’s true belief system with this photo of him making the white supremacist OK symbol…


Screenshot of a BBC Scotland Tweet about Musk’s plans for $8 monthly fee featuring him making the white supremacist OK hand gesture.

Musk is just a n other psychotic sociopathic narcissist.

He’ll eventually destroy himself — in the meantime he’ll destroy everything and everyone around him.

#dumpTwitter — see bio for Mastodon invite

Neo-Nazis, Antisemites, and the N-Word: Twitter Just Hours Under Elon Musk


Twitter is so utterly broken there are more than 5 examples of directing hate towards a protected minority in Prison Planet’s feed in his recent spewing 🤷‍♂️

Under Musk his vile racism will only be amplified further


4 years ago

@BernieOrVest @Wyrdgrl @NanInKansas Good point. Alright, I’m down with #DumpTwitter then