7 minutes ago

This morning #duolingo gave me “Your sweater is ugly.” Clearly whether you _should_ say something is out of scope (either that or they want everyone to sound like my mother) :blobcatthink:

1 hour ago

Man könnte sagen, meine Motivation im November lässt etwas zu wünschen übrig. 😬

#Duolingo #DuolingoItalian #DuolingoStreak

Screenshot aus Duolingo, aus dem ersichtlich wird, dass ich im November an vier Tagen nicht gelernt habe. Er zeigt einen Kalender, in dem vier Tage eisblau hinterlegt sind.

My attempted Spanish translation of "do you believe in life after love" was autocorrected to "crees en la vida después del almuerzo" (do you believe in life after lunch). #Duolingo

GreenSkyOverMe (Monika)
11 hours ago

Auf Französisch klingt es gleich nochmal cooler

Le spectacle doit continuer. Die Show muss weitergehen.


#Fedibird #duolingo

14 hours ago

そういえばDuolingoの韓国語(英語で韓国語を勉強するコース)にStoryが出現していた。ヨーロッパ言語のコースにはだいたいある機能らしく(アイルランド語にはなかったが)韓国語なんか人気なのにどうして?って思ってたのが、ようやく。 #duolingo

paint-goblin 🐀
23 hours ago

#Duolingo and #HobbyStreak 4; did some silly story about shopping for a bag and got all the incomplete parts lined up for the böx

Absolute Memery 🎭
1 day ago

Practice the 🇷🇴#RomanianLanguage daily, or else!
🇷🇴#Romania #Duolingo #VladTheImpaler.

#Meme #Memes #Humour #Humor

1 day ago

It's irritating that it's the *English* I'm most often getting wrong, not the Esperanto. Here, for example, I mistakenly wrote "visits" instead of "visit". #esperanto #duolingo

Screenshot from Duolingo showing the English translation of the Esperanto phrase "La nepinoj vizitas siajn geavojn".

:drake_dislike: śnieg
:drake_like: białe kurestwo
#duolingo #językPolski #idioms

Lyden Orbase
1 day ago

@Nagaram i love #Duolingo too! The only language learning app that actually made me develop a learning habit


#Fedibird #duolingo

2 days ago

@Nagaram I like #Duolingo too. but it is because it actually does teach me languages!!! Using just Duo I was able to get by in Italy, even tiny towns in Sicily where nobody spoke English!

I can read and understand many posts on Mastodon in German and even make short simple replies.

And although I could already speak French like a 12 year old, Duo has taught me many business and computer words and improved my spelling!

So keep it up. Let's all get multilingual!

2 days ago

Learning German through #Duolingo because you want to quit social networks and do something more productive ❌

Learning German through #Duolingo to meet more people in #GuildWars2

Marie 🍰
2 days ago

Hey Mikko, he sure is!
Andy has a fenced back yard to run around in but it just isn't the same as bolting across a field with absolute freedom.
Dog parks stress me out. Too many variables, too many we just go off in the bush (my natural habitat lol) where we can both feel free from life's constraints. 🤩
Speaking of natural habitats, I learned this sentence on #Duolingo #Finnish - it might come in handy when I come back in June. 😄

Screen capture of an iphone. Program being used is duolingo. Language being learned is Finnish. 
Translate this sentence from Finnish to English: Poro Seuraa minua. 
Translation: The Reindeer is following me.


#Fedibird #duolingo

Darren Nevares :vm:
3 days ago

Well I fell asleep and accidentally lost my 225 day streak on #duolingo

GreenSkyOverMe (Monika)
3 days ago

Guter Rat

Gehen Sie nie mit Hunger einkaufen
3 days ago

Première fois que j'arrive à ce niveau dans #duolingo

J'ai rejoint la Division Perle sur Duolingo !
Layla M. (she/her)
3 days ago

Good things come to those who... uh... subscribe to Super Duolingo and get XP bonuses? 🤔😉

I finished 2nd place in Diamond League on #Duolingo !

Achievement banner image announcing that the author earned 2nd place in the Diamond League on Duolingo.
3 days ago

I started Duolingo again after a 2 year pause and the enshittification is staggering.

At this point they want money to stop beating my eyeballs with ads, interruptions and enraging gamification dark patterns.

I’m only staying for the slightly annoyed slow speaking Spanish lady.

But way to embrace #enshittification #duolingo.

You used to be an amazing platform. Makes me sad.

Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
3 days ago

So does anyone else kinda not like #Duolingo? Like, it’s a nice and easy way to begin #learning a #language and it seems a lot of my friends also use it, the problem is instead of getting real people to do the voices they use text-to speech, which means you often do not get the correct #pronunciation. Like, often you get both a normal speed and a slow speed recordings of the pronunciation to pick from, and the two versions will often use completely different #TTS voices that not only have diffent quality, but also very different #pronunciations despite being the same words or sentences. It seems like the wrong way to learn a language. Also, what is up with the #owl? @actuallyautistic

3 days ago

Tja, was soll ich sagen. 🤷‍♂️

Arabisch zu Englisch:
I do not like people a lot.
3 days ago

Oli tos kyl työmaa, mut sainpahan tehtyä :blobcatbook: 💪🏻 :duolingo:

#Duolingo #Japanese #MiicatLyfe

You won the Diamond Tournament!
Your stats from the tournament:
- 26812 XP earned
- 769 Minutes spent
- 557 Words learned
- 667 Total lessons

I just don't see any situation where I'll ever be able to use, "my fat sisters have ten kittens on the boat near the hotel with one window".
#Duolingo #TheGàidhlig

Dunbar's Number
3 days ago

English: Add my #Duolingo if you have an active account, I need more people as things are super quiet over there.

My Duolingo QR Code
Dunbar's Number
3 days ago

#Deutsch: Mein #Duolingo Konto ist sehr leise. Ich brauche mehr Menschen. Wennst du aktiv, folgenden mich.

Duolingo QR Code
4 days ago

Ok, so that was a bloody impossible sentence to jot down when only hearing it spoken in Esperanto. Especially since saw the words cxi, tiu, kiu, and tie like two minutes ago. #duolingo #esperanto

Screenshot from Duolingo showing the sentence "Who is this woman who sleeps here?" in Esperanto and in English.
4 days ago
GreenSkyOverMe (Monika)
4 days ago

Es ist natürlich einfach an sich doof, dass jetzt sogar die Satz-Foren weg sind, aber außerdem kann man nicht mehr die richtige Lösung ergoogeln :-P

Ricky de Laveaga
4 days ago

The constant, shameless nagging to turn on notifications, add the widget, and “commit” to addictive behavior in #Duolingo is absolutely disgusting. Tactics like these, which they justify with obviously concocted statistics, are the top reason I am canceling my subscription and advising others to do the same.

Matthias Bach
4 days ago

Bin ich jetzt Elite? 🤪

#1337 #Duolingo

Abzeichen für einen Streak von 1337 Tagen in Folge bei Duolingo.
T J Bombadil
4 days ago

I’ve spent the last 36 days learning Czech on #Duolingo in preparation for our trip to Prague next month. I’ve made a lot of headway but I’m getting bogged down in verb endings and the very finicky details of grammar when what I want is mostly vocabulary.

Today I switched to German (for the other half of the trip) and am surprised how much better it is working in a fully-supported language on Duolingo! Maybe German is just easier or closer to English, or maybe a lot more people learn German!

and another one. absolutely no way for me to know why it was wrong.
#duolingo #Czech #čeština

Duolingo sentence - "why do sheep eat it?"
"Proč žerou jej ovce" - wrong
correction -"Proč jej žerou ovce"
4 days ago

I'm fully on the side of team avo in this debate! #esperanto #duolingo

Screenshot from the Duolingo app with the phrase "My grandfather wears sandals with socks" translated from Esperanto.
GreenSkyOverMe (Monika)
4 days ago
Wie viele Fallschirme haben wir?
Vergiss deinen Fallschirm nicht!
Der Fallschirm hatte sich nicht geöffnet.

again severely needed. WHY is this sentence wrong, #Duolingo? just tell me why and I'll be happy.

#Czech #Čeština

Duolingo translation for "a bear is chasing us". "Honí medvěd nás" is wrong and the correction is "Honí nás medvěd"
Michael Labowicz
6 days ago

Estoy aprendiendo español lentamente 😂 #duolingo

Jens Kutílek
6 days ago

Casual existentialism and despair from #DuoLingo today: “my god, why have you forsaken me?”

Translate this sentence: Min gud, hvorfor har du forladt mig?

In Poland we don’t say »Good, how ’bout you« when asked »co tam jak tam« we say »Na chuj CIę to obchodzi”
#Poland #polish #duolingo

Velocipede Rider
1 week ago

Both of my kids are currently obsessed with #Duolingo. As I sit here I can hear German coming from one room and French from another. 😆

1 week ago

Oscar is being kidnapped by the Mafia again. #Duolingo

Screenshot from Duolingo. Oscar, the mustachioed older character, is saying "Dove mi state portando?" which I have (correctly) translated as "Where are you taking me?"
Armpit Gusset
1 week ago

Today I'm listening to #BBCCymru while working, to expose my ear to more #Welsh accents than just #DuoLingo and Sian Eleri on #BBCRadio1.

I'm picking up the odd word or phrase in the links, but song lyrics are still beyond me! #Cymraeg

lucie digitální
1 week ago

The owl suddenly became political
#Duolingo #Italiano

Duolingo translation of Italian for It is a big loss for the Argentinian people
GreenSkyOverMe (Monika)
1 week ago


1551 Tage in Folge
Matthias Rex 🦣
2 weeks ago

The BBC should create its own app for Celtic language learning. They could create the quality language courses that #Duolingo (now officially as a matter of policy) refuses to.

#cymraeg #gaidhlig #gaeilge

#UneeBee Open source interactive learning

"UneeBee is an open-source, white-label alternative to #Duolingo. Easily create interactive courses to teach anything. It’s great for companies, schools, and creators."

A new #MIT-licensed #FOSS project by who have more projects in educational space, cc @CEDO

Who is going to create the issue in their tracker to add #ActivityPub support and come to the Fediverse? 🤔

Mark Stosberg
2 weeks ago

#LanguageLearning tip

#DuoLingo has added some AI features, but charges a lot for them.

You can practice other languages with Google Bard for free currently. It can both give you feedback on your grammar as well as answering questions in multiple languages.

2 weeks ago

This may be a #HotTake but I really don't like when people say "#Duolingo won't make you fluent so there's not much point". No, it won't make you fluent, but it'll sure as hell give you a good (and broad) #vocabulary and a decent *#Sprachgefühl* that will allow you to start doing other things to learn by #immersion (which is the besst way imo). For free, no less!

#LanguageLearning #SprachenLernen

2 weeks ago

Heute angefangen mit #Duolingo mein Englisch aufzufrischen. Erster Eindruck ist super. Nutzt das jemand von euch schon länger und wie sind eure Erfahrungen?

Terry Wallwork
2 weeks ago

My new most favourite Japanese sentence:

This clown is my new friend.

#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture #Duolingo #DuolingoJapanese

Howard Cheng
2 weeks ago

I just learnt "I love you" in Norsk. It's apparently "jeg er glad I deg", which translates literally to "I'm happy in you"... The translation sounds so wrong rofl. 🤣 😝

#Duolingo #Norwegian #Norsk #Bokmål

here's why it's so terrible that #Duolingo removed their discussion section.
see for example this sentence in #Czech. this is obviously the perfect place for a grammar tip but that's a privilege saved for people studying French or Spanish.
the discussion section, however, would have been a perfect alternative. there would have been someone asking the same question as I - why is it wrong and why if you remove the ”Já“ it's suddenly correct.

but there isn't. so I have to do a #Čeština instead.

Duolingo sentence - I am looking for that fox.
”Já dívám se na tu lišku“ marked as incorrect, with the correct answer being ”Já se dívám na tu lišku“

It's a shiny new blog post called: Proof I can maintain something

#Duolingo #nablopomo

Terra Field
3 weeks ago

Me to Ronald Reagan: #duolingo #birds #bourgeoisie

“Os pássaros são teus?”

“Are the birds yours?”
4 weeks ago

Tried out the new #Duolingo music lessons today 🎶 They’re surprisingly as intuitive and interactive as I wanted them to be (like it literally has you play music to a beat).

But don’t try it if you don’t want to lose hearts real quick 😆 💔

Really enjoying the new Gen Z module they added to DuoLingo.

#Duolingo #GenZ #OldManYellsAtCloud

A screenshot from the Duolingo web application with the heading "Write this in English". The text to be translated is "Say less, fam", and the translated text below is "I understand you completely". It's uh, satire.
GreenSkyOverMe (Monika)
1 month ago

Ich hatte ja beschlossen, statt weitere neue Sprachen zu lernen jetzt erstmal alte zu verbessern.

Bald hab ich Französisch auf #Duolingo durch.

Als nächstbestes kann ich wahrscheinlich Italienisch und Spanisch (vielleicht noch Dänisch, da hab ich Duolingo (und Drops) aber schon durch, und Niederländisch).

Ich kann mich einfach nicht entscheiden, ob ich als nächstes Italienisch oder Spanisch machen sollte.

1 month ago

I know many words but still can’t speak or read without word prompts. I’ll keep going though. I’m not consistent in too many things so this is a record for me 😊 #German #language #duolingo

I’m on a 509 day learning streak! 
Background is orange. The orange owl is wearing sunglasses and is outlined in yellow.
Emily King
1 month ago

I'm unsurprised by this move, purely because #Duolingo has (since last year) been on a massive drive to squeeze more and more money out of its users. Everything they do now is for investors, not users.

I stopped learning Danish on there because it's so poorly maintained and served, with many features missing that were there for more popular languages but my subscription still cost the same.

It is a sham of an app.

"Welsh course to be 'paused' on language app Duolingo"

Happy Holliedays
1 month ago

The #Duolingo owl is not looking so good.

It's the Duolingo owl but half is face is sliding down like he's melting.

Just sitting here wishing #Duolingo offered Icelandic and Chinook Jargon.

In regard to @britt's Duolingo owl being a bit threatening (last boost):

I recently stumbled upon a (so far?) three-part TikTok series about the owl being out of control. 😄

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

YouTube links:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

#Duolingo #LanguageLearning

The #Duolingo owl is out of control.

Out. Of. Control. lol

Angry red owl with eyes looking down on you. “545 Last chance”
Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
1 month ago

@dwardoric make a deliberate mistake after 4 correct ones! 😁 #Duolingo

Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
1 month ago

“Get more with soup–” #Duolingo

Howard Cheng
1 month ago

Do peeps here have any experience of #Duolingo? Has it an effective / good way to learn a language for you? Have you been using it on its own, or supplementing it with actual lessons / a self-learning book?