This multiplayer mode was something truly unique and spawned its own fan project called Renegade X, which revived the idea in Unreal Engine 4 and even got blessing from #EA to continue development, on the condition it always has to be free.

Unfortunately the team behind this iteration turned out extremely problematic, so I left them behind.

Nowadays I'm eagerly awaiting updates on #Earthbreakers, #PetroglyphStudios ' take on that idea.

Ted Tschopp
11 hours ago

This will have low engagement. This is an image I produced for some Enterprise Architecture meetings I will be in in the coming days as we finalize the work we will be doing in IT in the coming years.

#EnterpriseArchitecture #EA

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
22 hours ago

Codemasters just had a rough go of it

Codemasters hit with a layoffs - Desk Chair Analysts

#Codemasters #EA #EASportsWRC #F1 #Layoffs #NeedForSpeedUnbound

The Codemasters logo on a red background.
Mr Rikxx
2 days ago

Upcoming Superhero games:

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (by Rocksteady)
Marvel's Wolverine (by Insomniac)
Iron Man (by Motive)
Untitled Marvel Game by Skydance's (The one with WW2 adventures featuring Cap. America, Black Panther Azzuri)
Wonder Woman (by Monolith)
Black Panther (by Cliffhanger Games)

Which one are hyped about?

#marvel #dc #gaming #games #ironman #blackpanther #suicidesquad #wolverine #insomniac #rocksteady #ea #warner

IT News
2 days ago

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf teaser proves EA hasn’t forgotten about the game - Hey, remember Dragon Age: Dreadwolf? It has been over a year now since the game's... - #dragonage4 #dragonage #dreadwolf #bioware #gaming #ea

Tech news from Canada
2 days ago

Ars Technica: Dragon Age: Dreadwolf teaser proves EA hasn’t forgotten about the game #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #dragonage4 #DragonAge #dreadwolf #Bioware #Gaming #EA

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 days ago

A small step forward, but I wonder how many steps backwards will they go.

EA open sources tools for wider accessibility adoption - Desk Chair Analysts

#Accessibility #EA #GameDev #GitHub #OpenSource #Patents #GamingNews

Electronic Arts in white text displayed on a blue background featuring a cube, a sphere, and a triangular-based pyramid. All the shapes are blue.
2 days ago

Electronic Arts revolutioniert barrierefreies Gaming mit Open-Source-Tool IRIS und neuen patentierten Technologien für eine inklusive Spielerfahrung.
#Xbox #InsideXboxDE #EA #ElectronicArts

Luis Levy
3 days ago

EA should really consider a Syndicate (2012) remaster.

While extremely linear and fairly short, this Starbreeze Studios-developed FPS was quite a looker back then ... and it played well, too. In fact, Syndicate was ahead of its time in terms of gameplay.

#gamedev #EA #Syndicate #Bullfrog #Starbreeze #PS5 #Xbox #remaster

Syndicate (2012) key art

Also #installbase

Even the #wiiu sold more than enough that you can find a replacement unit.

The #SteamDeck only mitigates this by relying on #Steam as #backing

At the #very worst you can play on a #pc
(I wonder what happens if #valve delists or shuts down... :immeasurable_sadness: )

Were this not the case, it would be a nerds only friend..

I wonder if #Sims 4 runs well.
But the "#free" pricetag #scares me ...
#EA never does free

David Hoeffer
3 days ago

The often made observation that some modern set of ideas (eg communism, #EA) that aims beyond the individual has something in common with a religion - it's neither as damning nor as astute as people think.

Just what you get if you aim beyond the individual. Religions were attempts, other things are attempts, too. Doesn't mean they're the same.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
5 days ago

@vmbrasseur Off-topic, but I didn’t realize #EA occasionally called back to their original 20th-century geometric #logo designed by Barry Deutsch

original Electronic Arts logo

Como es eso que el Sta rWars Jedi Survivor #StarWarsJediSurvivor no corre en la PS4?
#lucasfilms #EA Me estas insinuando que tengo que pasar a PS5? ah?
#sony ¿Quieres decirme que se la pida al viejito pascuero?

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
6 days ago

@kevinctofel #ElectronicArts was a fantastic publisher of #Commodore64 games then. Probably my favorite was Mail Order Monsters.

#EA #C64 #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #VideoGamee

Mail Order Monsters video game box art
Mail Order Monsters game screenshot
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 week ago

Forever disappointed.

Immortals of Aveum Demo Hands On - Desk Chair Analysts

#AscendantStudios #EA #HandsOn #ImmortalsOfAveum #PC #Steam

Immortals of Aveum promotional poster featurin gthe main character and his magic gauntlet.
Quinn Dombrowski
1 week ago

Today is my last day lecturing in the #AI class so I made a tunic from imagined redacted government documents about alien invasions, along with my data pants and the fire shawl I've been knitting for the last month. #OpenAI drama, #EA / #EAcc, org models, human relationships, and all that jazz! #DHsewing

Quinn in trippy black and white houndstooth pants, a black and white houndstooth mask, circle / square glasses, and a black and white tunic with diagrams and some partially blacked out text along with a orange / yellow / black knitted shawl.
1 week ago

fuck #EA

this is free but they want payment information, no thanks

ill try getting this on Steam but i use Sims 4 through Epic

1 week ago

La UEFA EURO 2024 llegará a EA SPORTS FC 24, EA SPORTS FC MOBILE y EA SPORTS FC Online en verano de 2024


Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 week ago

#EA #EffectiveAltruism #SiliconValley #LongTermism: "The problem with removing the messy, squishy, human part of decisionmaking is you can end up with an ideology like effective altruism: one that allows a person to justify almost any course of action in the supposed pursuit of maximizing their effectiveness.

Take, for example, the widely held belief among EAs that it is more effective for a person to take an extremely high-paying job than to work for a non-profit, because the impact of donating lots of money is far higher than the impact of one individual’s work. (The hypothetical person described in this belief, I will note, tends to be a student at an elite university rather than an average person on the street — a detail I think is illuminating about effective altruism’s demographic makeup.) This is a useful way to justify working for a company that many others might view as ethically dubious: say, a defense contractor developing weapons, a technology firm building surveillance tools, or a company known to use child labor. It’s also an easy way to justify life’s luxuries: if every hour of my time is so precious that I must maximize the amount of it spent earning so I may later give, then it’s only logical to hire help to do my housework, or order takeout every night, or hire a car service instead of using public transit.

The philosophy has also justified other not-so-altruistic things: one of effective altruism’s ideological originators, William MacAskill, has urged people not to boycott sweatshops (“there is no question that sweatshops benefit those in poor countries“, he says). Taken to the extreme, someone could feasibly justify committing massive fraud or other types of wrongdoing in order to obtain billions of dollars that they could, maybe someday, donate to worthy causes. You know, hypothetically."

1 week ago

Anyone know where one can get a legit copy of the original ‘The Sims’?

Urges are real…

#Game #VideoGames #TheSims #EA

PC Gamer
2 weeks ago

No Starfield? No problem! Turn Mass Effect into the first-person space RPG of your dreams with this mod

Check it out! 👇

#Modding #Ea #Bioware #Rpg

The Daily Juice
2 weeks ago

The KOTOR Remake is still in active development at Saber Interactive, according to Bloomberg's Jason Schreier.

#kotor #starwars #knightsoftheoldrepublic #bioware #ea

2 weeks ago

Another Steam sale, another period where EA, Capcom, Bethesda, Microsoft and 2K continue to charge Mexican customers on Steam 10 to 30% higher prices than someone who lives in the USA.

And then they go around and blame -us- for the piracy. If you're not gonna give us proper regional pricing, at least *make our prices the same as the US*, you greedy bastards. #steam #valve #EA #capcom #bethesda #SteamSale

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 weeks ago

Doesn't look like people bought into Magic Call of Duty.

Immortals of Aveum gets a demo - Desk Chair Analysts

#AscendantStudios #Demo #EA #ImmortalsOfAveum #Microsoft #PC #PlayStation #Sony #Xbox #GamingNews

Immortals of Aveum promotional image
2 weeks ago
Immortals of Aveum promotional art
2 weeks ago

My sympathies to folks who want to air what AFAICS are very legitimate complaints about #ElectronicArts as "#EA." Blame #EffectiveAltruism for stealing your hashtag.

2 weeks ago

Whatever happens we should always remember that any #EA or #Longtermist rationale #SamAltman offers is, first & foremost, a rationalization for doing what he thinks he needs to to get what he wants. #EffectiveAltruism, #Longtermism, the whole #TESCREAL bundle really, are all thirst-traps for sociopaths & narcissists.

3 weeks ago

Why - sincerely, why - am I surprised to learn that so many people involved with #EA have families with fucked-up moral codes?

Sarah Roth
3 weeks ago
Petar Toushkov
3 weeks ago

Played again some Star Wars #Battlefront II (2017). It's still an amazing, amazing game, despite its obvious (thankfully non-functioning) micro-transactions design, which left it crippled forever. I weep for #DICE for letting themselves fall into the ugly, greedy mouth of #EA, instead of making great videogames. What a tremendous loss for #StarWars and #gaming.

IT News
3 weeks ago

KeeperFX keeps Dungeon Keeper alive by making it actually playable - Enlarge / If it were me, I would simply not burrow my way directly to w... - #bullfrogproductions #electronicarts #dungeonkeeper #petermolyneux #strategygames #opensource #keeperfx #gaming #ea

Black Wolf :furry:
3 weeks ago

#EA just permanently suspended my newly created account.
I had to create an account and log in to play the game i bought.
A few days ago I bought a game on Steam to play with my boyfriend with remote play, and we played it for around 2 hours.
Now i get an email telling me my Account has been permanently suspended.
For what lol? For playing a none online game?
I might just refund cause this is utterly bullshit. I have hit them up with a support ticket now, will post updates as reply to this message.
#electronicarts #ban #falseban

Showing an email stating my EA account has been permanently suspended
PC Gamer
3 weeks ago

EA might not care about Dungeon Keeper anymore, but this open-source 4K remake spent 15 years in the making to reach version 1.0

Check it out! 👇

#Ea #BullfrogProductions #Rts

Kaye 🏳️‍🌈
1 month ago

This N7 Day, please honor Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy by supporting the developers and creatives that BioWare/EA has harmed and continues to harm.

Layoffs are a choice, not a natural disaster. And employees are due fair severance pay and compensation--not intimidation, stalling, and refusal to pay fair wages.

#N7Day #N7SeveranceDay #masseffect #dragonage #bioware #ea #videogames #supportdevelopers #unionize

A comic using the Boardroom Meeting Suggestion meme template.

PANEL 1: A boss is at the head of the table speaking to his employees. 

CEO: "We need a third round of layoffs this year. What can we do for them?"

PANEL 2: 3 employees each suggest something to their boss. The third employee is reminiscent of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect and is wearing his iconic N7 shirt.

Sycophant Employee #1: "Withhold money unless they waive all rights say anything to anyone!" 

Bootlicking Employee #2: "Thoughts and prayers!

Commander Shepard Employee: "Offer them at least the legal minimum severance required in Alberta?"

The next two panels show the CEO glaring, livid, at Shepard. The commander employee looks nonplussed. 

The final panel shows the Commander Shepard employee being ejected into space without a helmet. 

At the bottom of the meme: 
Text reads: 

The latest BioWare layoffs were the third round so far this year, and many of the developers affected even in earlier rounds are still searching for work, though some have started to find new positions. Regardless of employment status, the members of the current lawsuit state they remain determined to pursue BioWare in court, regardless of their employment status: 

--"We strongly believe that if Dragon Age: Dreadwolf does not do as well as BioWare or EA wants at launch, there will be more, even larger layoffs, Therefore, regardless of our own well-being, we believe it is important to hold BioWare responsible and get a clear decision on what settlement amount is legal. We're no longer part of the development team, so the best way we can help our former teammates now is to hold BioWare accountable and ensure that the next group who is laid off are not treated as porrly as we were."

November 7th marks 'N7 Day' which is a fan celebration of BioWare's Mass Effect games featuring Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy. The developers involved in the lawsuit are hoping N7 Day this year will be a reminder to bioWare of the importance of loyalty to your crew, and hope fans can have a little fun and help express their support with memes and images using the #N7SeveranceDay hashtag.

The ex-employees involved in the suit are all based in Canada and have an average of 14 years at BioWare.
Text in a statement from former BioWare employees. Bolded title reads: "BioWare Continues to Refuse to Pay Severance"

Body of the text begins: "On August 23 of this year, BioWare eliminated 'approximately 50 roles at BioWare'. Following the layoffs, seven ex-BioWare employees engaged the services of R. Alex Kennedy to represent their interests, stating that the amount of severance offered was insufficient under Alberta common law.

Counsel for the employees has attempted to reach a compromise that would avoid requiring lengthy court proceedings, but BioWare's lawyers refused any offers to negotiate and settle out of court. 

The basis of Kennedy's claim is that according to Alberta precedents and under Canadian law, these employees should be receiving approximtely 1.7 months of severance per year of service they gave to BioWare. BioWare has now filed a Statement of Defence, which argues that the seven terminated employees are only entitled to two weeks of severance per year spent in service to bioare, because of a contract provision that Kennedy says is not enforceable. 

The filing means BioWare will be taking these former employees to court rather than working towards finding an out of court resolution. The developers involved in the suit have expressed their disappointment. 

[Several statements of quoted disappointment follow, providing examples of BioWare using intimidation and stalling tactics.]
A quote retweet from @N7SeveranceDay on former Twitter:

"In a separate issue from the direct employees of #Bioware who were laid off this year, the company ALSO chose not to renew their contract with QA outsource company Keywords Studios. Keywords staff will picket in front of the BioWare offices tomorrow:" 

Quoted tweet from Nicole Carpenter @sweetpotatoes: "The Keywords Studios QA workers, who worked on Dragon Age: Dread Wold, laid off in October will picket outside BioWare's Edmonton officiess on Nov. 7. Per @RBryant2012, BioWare/EA tried to block the office picket, but the labor board denied that request."
Pedro Mateus 🎮
1 month ago

JFC.. Gimmi the f Server Browser. I hate this so much #ea #battefield #2042 #gaming #pcmr

DesRoin :fullstacklive:
1 month ago

Safary Rally Kenya really is the most difficult Rally on earth xD
#gaming #wrc #ea #racing

Yaku 🐗
1 month ago

#EA is not for Electronic Arts
#EA is for Eccellenze Ascolane.

Buon appetito

foto logo di un negozio alimentare di prodotti ascolani. Lettere EA in grande e sotto: eccellenze ascolane
1 month ago

Beware of you play #EA games on #linux through #proton. EA banned my account permanently and they won’t lift the ban. I was not even playing, I was connecting to the server from the #steamdeck.

Max Leibman
1 month ago

“Look, this is one guy. It doesn’t prove that all of Effective Altruism is bullshit!”

You’re right, it doesn’t. We all already knew that Effective Altruism was bullshit.

#EA #SBFVerdict #FTX #EffectiveAltruism

#EA making the #GoodEnding of #MassEffect3 a #DLC may sound a unique but #Konami pulled that with #Salamander on the #MSX decades before...

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

New drivers! Get your new drivers, here!

Radeon Anti-Lag+ has been disabled in latest driver to stop bans - Desk Chair Analysts

#AMD #ApexLegends #Bans #CounterStrike2 #EA #GPU #PC #Radeon #Valve #GamingNews

The AMD Radeon logo
Dave Spector
2 months ago

He’s written the mirror world version of Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto, but Andreesen is the exact same same kind of dangerous sociopath. #EA #TESCREAL #AIpocalpyse #BillionaireBratsClub

2 months ago

I get the sense that #AssemblyTheory doesn't have the same kind of malicious intent behind it as #EA. Feels like some guys indentified a promising analytical approach & then tried to reason back from that to universal significance. But I can see it having broad, transformative, & devastating impact, as it's used to manufacture certainty by miscasting probability as destiny.

2 months ago

To me the most interesting un-addressed question about #AssemblyTheory is what are the ways we can imagine its assessments being wrong? Assembly Index is already being framed as a determinative value, when it's really a chain of hypotheticals. In that way it strongly resembles the #EffectiveAltruism trick (& in #EA it is absolutely a trick) of following a quasi-Socratic chain to claiming that we will "likely" populate the universe with scadzillions of simulated human brains in a jar.

Celeste Ryder 🐾 🐀🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago DAMMIT BIOWARE

Everything EA buys turns to shit. You’d better get your act together before the game comes out smh #DragonAgeDreadwolf #UnionStrong #UnionBusting #Bioware #EA

Amiga Love ❤
2 months ago

Good things come in threes.
Well, sometimes fours. It's squishy.

(Personally I prefer the more elegant and stable DPIII by Silva from 1989, but adding HAM support was very cool.)

#amiga #commodore #commodoreamiga #pixelart #EA

GWU Deutschland
2 months ago

"The first ever #VideoGameWorkers to #unionize in #Canada have been laid off from their employer amidst the fight to win a fair first collective agreement."

#EA's #Bioware has cancelled its contract with Keyword Studios Edmonton, which will be the likely end of the studio as it exists today. #Layoffs seem inevitable.

Solidarity with everyone at KWS! ✊
Please share their message!

Pedro Mateus 🎮
2 months ago

#EA’s new anti-cheat doesn't know how to #Linux! #CounterStrike2 exits the #DangerZone, #Valve bans #AI translations, gaming on the #RaspberryPi 5, problems with #VR sickness, and #KDE for gaming!

Show & Notes:

2 months ago

Whenever these big shitty corp things happen, eg layoffs, I kinda loose interest in buying AAA games in general. Which is inverse to what the devs themselves would need but that's how I feel.
Anyone else having that emotional response?
#epic #layoffs #ea #gamedev

3 months ago

#Longtermism is kind of a brilliant euphemism since what normal non-psychopathic person would confuse "Long term good" with "what matters is my imaginary future persons; let's just let everyone now living die in agony over a period of several generations so I can continue to indulge my cultic fantasies."
#TESCREAL #EffectiveAltruism #EA

Google: Worst company in America, results:
*Top ten list of bad companies
*Top ten list of bad companies
*Wikipedia for Electronic Arts

Maybe if #Unity didn't want to be on this list, they shouldn't have made the #EA scumbag CEO.

Alexander Hay
3 months ago

A good summary of the ongoing #Unity trainwreck and its repurcussions. Also features a potted bio of CEO #JohnRiccitiello and his long track record of aggressive monetisation and general dipshittery.

"Unity closes offices, cancels town hall after threat in wake of runtime fee restructure

"Backlash has spilled offline and into potential violence"

#News #IT #GameDev #Games #Enshittification #EA

@fuchsiii @puniko so it was a #FlaseFlag then...

Why am I not surprised that fmr. #EA execs do that?

@tomtrottel @heiseonline Würde mich nicht wundern wenn das ne #FalseFlag ist, weil dieselben Leute die bei #EA falsche Demos erkauften gegen #DeadSpace führen #UnityTechnologies heute.

Ist halt bequeme Ausrede um bei #Unuty Jobs zu canveln und wegen der gesenkten Kosten noch mehr #Boni zu kassieren...

Hat bei der Demontage von #Bayer auch geklappt...

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 months ago

So, the Overwatch 2 plan but better!

EA confirms The Sims 5 will be free-to-play and co-exist alongside The Sims 4

#EA #TheSims5 #TheSims4 #FreeToPlay #GamingNews

3 months ago


This is a capsule description of 'effective altruism'.

#effectivealtruism #ea #rationalism

3 months ago

‘Before It’s Too Late, Buddy’

This is what happens when you spend two years unmasking a well-funded Silicon Valley “apocalypse cult.”

by @xriskology

"This scenario is eerily similar to what Yudkowsky is advocating: military actions that could cause a genocidal nuclear catastrophe, if necessary to keep the techno-utopian dream alive."

#TESCREAL #Longtermism #EA #EffectiveAltruism #Yudkowsky #AGI #AGIPanic #ExistentialRisk #Bostrom #Häggström #Musk #SiliconValley

Stop That
3 months ago

So I think we all need to come to terms with BioWare being a dead studio walking. It pains me to say it, and I really want to be wrong but…they fired a lead writer for Varric and the tech lead for #DragonAgeDreadwolf. Those are not good signs. I want to be wrong, I do, but…yeah.

#EA’s #BioWare will lay off 50 and cut ties with unionized Keywords playtesting group

Axel Werner
3 months ago

@gamingonlinux TO ALL LINUX GAMERS: If you are a gamer on #LINUX , simple STOP BUYING CRAP FROM #EA #MICROSOFT or any of those ignorant assholes. You should know better! Don't pay for getting f__ed in your back!!!

:blahaj: Why Not Zoidberg? 🦑
4 months ago

#EA and #Maxis really have to clarify is Project René is Sims 5 or not, because it looks more and more like a multiplayer mobile game (it is 100% compatible with mobile after all) and seems to have no build mode, extremely cartoony graphics...

Point is the official Sims community is burning up over this and if it's NOT Sims 5 the studio(s) need to put their foot down before rumors take over completely.

#Sims #Gaming

As we wait for the effects of #ElNino to come this autumn, it will be testing the commitment of the #EA & #UU to work to prevent or mitigate severe #flooding again.

However, questions remain about the flood outflow system for the reservoir, and changes made during recent placement of a pipeline to West Cumbria are still to be tested in highflows:


After the disaster #KeswickFloodActionGroup #KFAG worked with the #EnvironmentAgency #EA and #UnitedUtilities to petition that during the flood risk season (autumn – winter) the reservoir is maintained 3m below full, to prevent flooding, and also, when there is heavy rainfall to gradually release increased amounts out to the St Johns Beck.


5 months ago

Really? I was not playing or using your service. Perhaps I'll check in with you next week on this issue's stubbornness.

#UnresolvableNature #PCGaming

Sign in to your EA Account

An error of an unresolvable nature has occurred
Due to the effects of a particularly stubborn issue, you will need to log in again.
Error code: EC:10501

6 months ago

Updated and much more accurate version of this meme.

That good guy nintendo
#VideoGames #Nintendo #Sega #Sony #EA

Image listing the major video game publishing companies such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Previous versions of this meme described a personality that went with the company. For this image all text under each company has been replaced to "Corporation that is not your friend and wants your money."
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
7 months ago

Now that the PC version plays...okay, I can finally get my Jedi on.

Still disturbed by the lack of poncho!

The MajorLinux Show: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (Part 1) (05/01/2023)

#StarWars #JediSurvivor #PC #Gaming #Twitch #YouTube #EA #Respawn #Steam #Blerd #BlackMastodon

A split thumbnail with an older Cal Kestis from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and BD-1 on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.

Just got my refund for #JediSurvior - fuck me, what a disappointment. Screen tearing galore, moowalking character anims... soooooo fucking shonky.


David Golumbia
8 months ago

many people are entirely unaware of how much influence the proto-fascist (at best) communities around so-called #rationalism have over both the discourse around #AI and its actual development.

here's the best piece we have so far that makes these connections explicit

#fascism #rationalism #GenerativeAI #alignment #EA #Tescreal

9 months ago

Shocked, not shocked, not even remotely surprised. Effective Altruism folks were “warned” about SBF and FTX.

#EffectiveAltruism #EA #SBF #FTX #OfCoursePeopleKnew

Ben Caudron
9 months ago

#Effective #Altruism’s Problems Go Beyond Sam Bankman-Fried

‘the do-gooding philosophy is part of a powerful tech subculture full of opportunism, money, messiah complexes—and alleged abuse.’

Eliezer Scrooge
9 months ago

You ever wonder how Electronic Arts feel about everybody going in two-footed on the #EA people?

#EffectiveAltruism should not detract from work to address structures of #inequality.

Let's prioritize that work! Let's work to institute a #UniversalBasicIncome (#UBI).

#EA is a stopgap. *While* working for political reforms to distribute wealth more widely, how much can I give this year to relieve suffering?

@zephyranth @scottsantens

A web article from the World Economic Forum entitled "Why we should all have a basic income."
Abbie 🏳️‍⚧️
10 months ago

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered was on sale for cheap, so I grabbed it.
And well, if anyone can remaster a game to be worse, #EA, uh, finds a way

Richy Garcia :verified:
10 months ago

The XBOX app for PC updated and when I logged back in, I noticed my #EA app library of games populated alongside my #XBOX PC/Play Anywhere games. All fine and great until I noticed something odd--I cannot launch them from the XBOX app.

Instead, it is an ad to play the games I already own on PC (via the EA app) on #xboxgamepassforpc

In an era where launchers stack on top of each other to run the games I want to play, what in the blue hell is this?

#PCGaming #DeadSpace #VideoGames #Gaming

Adrianna Tan
10 months ago

"If anything, Gebru’s statement doesn’t go far enough: longtermism, which emerged out of the effective altruism (EA) movement over the past few years, is eugenics on steroids"

#longtermism #EA

Ryan Briggs
1 year ago

An #introduction from another #twitterexile:
I’m Ryan. I’m a #socialscientist based in #politicalscience and #idev departments. My research focuses on #foreignaid and more recently, #metascience. I’m proud of this recent paper:
I’m interested in and will post about: effective altruism #ea, #rstats, #cocktails, #cooking and #baking, and local #Toronto stuff. I have 3 kids (one is 2 weeks old) and so will inevitably post about #parenting.

Nicholas G Cameron
1 year ago

I forgot to post about it over here, but I'm so excited that our trailer dropped!! Cannot wait to tell y'all about everything that I got the chance to work on on this project 😎

#StarWars #Respawn #EA #JediSurvivor #StarWarsJediSurvivor #Games #Gaming

brad m
1 year ago

#Oxford provides an academic home for the people who built the intellectual scaffolding of the #effectivealtruism movement”
“an intricate, lavishly funded network of institutions that have attracted some of #SiliconValley’s richest individuals” #billionaires
“They are taught to trust equations over their moral intuitions. It’s #sociopathic#sociopaths

The good delusion: has #EA #effectivealtruism broken bad? #longtermism #longread #datadriven

Tane Piper
1 year ago

I hope #EffectiveAltruism #EA never makes it to the #Fediverse - these people enable people like Musk and others, and support dangerous inward communities that run like cults.

A screenshot of a twitter card for the EA forum
A screenshot of a post from the EA forum
If you're so smart, why are you unhappy? Ironic
Hobson Lane
1 year ago


"Effective Altruism philosophy is, in one word: insane. It is a philosophy of unbounded narcissism wrapped in a bizarre, autistically hyperrational framework..."

You helped me see some of the traps of #EA #philosophy and helped me see own arrogance. But you may be throwing out the baby with the bath water.

I aspire to effective altruism. And I'm pretty #autistic and #narcissistic. But I do think science & rational thought in philanthropy & volunteering are good things.

Nicholas G Cameron
1 year ago

Hey Mastodon folks! Trying out this site because of what's going on over on the birdsite. 👋

I'm a Senior Level Designer at Respawn Entertainment working on Jedi: Survivor. Outside of the office I talk climate + politics, and work on some TTRPG side projects

#gamedev #games #gamedesign #leveldesign #ttrpg #starwars #respawn #respawnentertainment #ea