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8 hours ago

@peterbrown @Delphi @simon_brooke Have you any recommendations for a decent quality model of utilitarian #ebike?

Richard Bloomfield
11 hours ago

I had a routine service performed on my electric bike today, and was shocked to find a whole list of things that needed attention. The brakes, gears, chain, kick-stand, handlebars, and speed sensor all required adjustments. It cost a few quid - but that's money well spent as it feels like a new bike! #BikeTooter #EBike

11 hours ago

🇳🇱 ⚡ 🚴‍♂️
The absolutely insane freight capacity of Dutch cargo bikes: I expect Dutch, class 8, 20-wheel cargo bikes any time now.

#cargobike #ebike #cargo #freight

Auch bei ❄️🚵‍♀️Schnee unterwegs mit dem #eBike & #lastenAnhänger #flottesGewerbe
#autokorrektur im ländlichen Raum.

20 hours ago

Unexpected Surprise While Riding my E-cargo Bike #ebike #cargobike

1 day ago

I just converted my Townie bike to an #ebike using a Bafang mid-drive kit. Still needs some tuning (the USB cable to do this hasn't arrived yet) and the front brake lever isn't as tight as I'd like, but it works wonderfully. I'll dial it in soon.

#cycling #bicycles

A Townie bike on a storage rack, with other bikes behind it.
1 day ago

The Schwalbe Hurricane arrived today. Boy, that is one cheap looking tyre!
Super-thin sidewalls, not as wide as I thought it'd be, the compound feels hard.
Sigh... do I mount it in the back (hassle), or do I mount it on the front for a test? #eBike #BikeTooter

First proper cold #cycle of the season. I think it's time for bar mitts, the gloves aren't cutting it any more.
Moon looks great though!
#BikeToot #ebike #Galway #cycling

Blurry photo taken from a bicycle in motion down the hard shoulder. A misty full moon is visible through the overhanging tree branches.
brad m
2 days ago

“The dxb #delivery #bike is built on a somewhat conventional-looking #ebike frame but quickly throws that convention to the curb when you see the #bike’s rear. That’s where the company has installed a fan-forced #pizza oven that has been “expertly engineered to provide the hottest, smoothest and safest ride for precious #pizza cargo” 🚲⚡️🍕

Citizens Advice EL ☑️
2 days ago

Do you know batteries in e-scooters and e-bikes can pose a fire risk?

Here’s the safety info you need to know ⤵️ #CheckItOut
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2 days ago


"If you live in an outer suburb or regional towns, you may find…an #electricCar is better suited.

But for many people, it’s likely you’ll have a range of options. You might have one electric #vehicle for longer trips, or group trips, as well as an #eBike for the school run or groceries."

-considering #eBikes, some will end up choosing…a #bike. Even better when OK!
-#carsharing (ultra short selfservice #carRental) means not owning *any* car is OK.

(My family's case since 2004😉)

Snapshot of a carsharing app.
Herr Schorsch
3 days ago

Eine Weiterentwicklung zum E-Bike sollte bei der Rahmengeometrie auch möglich sein:

Ein TQ-HPR50 Mittelmotor, Akku entweder im Unterrohr oder außen aufgesetzt unten hinter dem Sattelrohr.
Ggf. müsste man dafür den Radstand 1-2 cm verlängern

#compact #kompakt #ebike

3 days ago

Btw, the enviolo automatiq keeps cadence really very stable. So much so that you can see on Strava where I noticed and changed the setting from "slow" (about 72 rpm) to "standard" (about 78 rpm). And my heart rate band deserted me, no idea why. #eBike #BikeTooter

Screenshot from strava with an arrow that shows where I set the cadence back to "standard"
3 days ago

It was surprisingly cold, and except for me not noticing the "slow" setting until I was almost back home, it was a great ride. So beautiful out there right now! #eBike #BikeTooter #Blauen

3 days ago

Then I rolled down towards Burg im Leimental. I ended up doing a "reverse normal loop", so to speak. It was as cold as it looks on the photos. #eBike #BikeTooter

Riding down a fire road with some huge trees on both sides. Everything is covered in leaves, the sky is grey.
3 days ago

I hadn't noticed: my daughter took the bike yesterday, and she set the cadence to "slow". Just going up the Blauen took 50% of the battery, and so I did not ride as far as I had wanted to. I still rode far West on the ridge. #eBike #BikeTooter

An eBike and a bench in front of a field. Woods in the back, and then snow-covered hills. Grey sky. It looks cold.
3 days ago

The hills south of the Blauen are a little higher, and they're all covered in snow. It really looks like winter, now #eBike #BikeTooter #Snow

Three tall trees in front of a grey sky. In the back, snow-covered hills.
3 days ago

In the middle of all the dark green, grey, and white: colour! #eBike #BikeTooter #Autumn

Amidst dark-green, snow-covered trees and a grey sky, a tree with yellow leaves provides some colour
3 days ago

Clouds were coming up from the South, and everything looked a little spooky. #eBike #BikeTooter #Blauen

A path, tall trees, everything looks a little grey and misty.
3 days ago

The benches at the top were coered in snow, too. #eBike #BikeTooter #Snow

Me sitting on a snow-covered (and very cold) bench. Wood on the floor, snow-covered trees behind me.
3 days ago

Just before the top. You may say I took the wrong bike, but it was OK. #eBike #BikeTooter #Snow

Leaf-covered fire road, and a path to the left. Trees covered in a thin layer of snow. An eBike.
3 days ago

For some reason, I felt more like an eBike ride, today. Maybe the 3C. I also wanted to see whether there was any snow on the Blauen. There was! #eBike #BikeTooter #Mosstodon #Snow

A tiny patch of snow on moss. Brown leaves around.
3 days ago

I received delivery of this $$$$$ Wattwagons Supercharged Hound #eBike. It came with a ridiculously cheap front fork, a heavy clanker. I am honestly embarrassed for the company. After much research, I spent another $200 for an air fork, and learned how to install it.

The Hound now has decent front suspension! It’s an incredible 100+ mile utility beast (photos of it setup for a passenger), but I warn you: do not order on-line from #Wattwagons, unless you have tremendous patience & trust.

3 days ago

My Juiced HyperScorpion #ebike‘s motor has always made a lot of extra noise, like the gears inside warble when they’re spinning fast but not accelerating/decelerating under load. #Juiced support says it’s not a problem, but it feels bad to me.

I finally put all the pieces in place to disassemble & grease the planetary gear teeth inside the Bafang hub motor.

Result: the motor is quieter! And now I know how it fits together! (Though wondering how I can get into those gears own bearings.)

145,7Watt in den🚵 #eBike 🔋

Phantastisch heut .. mit #eBike & #lastenanhänger lite40 durch den #Hotzenwald zu fahren .. Traumwetter bei knapp 0°

4 days ago

After a lot of deliberation, I'm going to get a Ride1Up LMT'D #ebike. Mostly brand name components, has the power I want (750W nominal, class 2/3), comes in a step through, swept handlebars, hydraulic brakes and not the heaviest. I'm going to order it home, assemble it to whatever extent I can, then pay a local bike shop to check it over. Super excited for it! #BikeTooter

Big thanks to @sam for a lot of advice :)

4 days ago

"I Bought An #EBike, And It's Now Become My Entire Personality"

Hell yeah, I'm more annoying than a vegan CrossFit engineer about this, but FR it will change your life.

#cycling #biketooter

Mike Doherty
4 days ago

Turns out my legs are weak as hell after not biking much. Good thing it's an #ebike! Gonna need that assist while getting back into it.

My SO is #ebike shopping. Needs to be
- available under the Irish bike to work scheme,
- have luggage racks for carrying the puppers
- step through frame if possible
- fat or skinny tyres
- mostly road and bohreen use.

With Radpowerbikes out of the market, I'm left looking at #Fiido T1 Pro and #Engwe M20s, but I'm not sure if there's a better option I'm missing? Halfords have a Carrera EBike as well.

Any insights from the #Mastodaoine massive?


Christopher Porter
6 days ago

A few months ago our family invested in a shiny new Tern HSD P9 e-cargo bike. It's our first "family vehicle" - shared equally between my wife and me. We use it to transport our 7-year old daughter, pick up groceries, drive to hockey practice, go on hiking trips, and all the other things people with cars might do.

A car-free (or at least car-lite) world is possible.
#cargobike #ebike #transportation #TernHSD #carfree

Ebike Nuggs
6 days ago

Noticed the odometer on my CGO800S as I was stopped in traffic on an errand this morning. It is devilishly fun to ride… 😈

#BikeTooter #ebike #cycling #ActiveTransport #ActiveTravel #ad

Tight crop on an ebike display showing ‘666 miles’ on the odometer.
6 days ago

I hit (and passed) 1000km on the #ebike during the morning commute. 2.5 months in.

Bike handlebars + bike computer reading 1015km on the odometer, and 24.6km/h current speed.

I've joined the ebike bike gang! Sadly my order won't arrive until late January, but it's something to look forward too!

I got myself a 48V 20AH battery which is advertised as more than 50KM per charge... if that's true, I'm going to try to limit my car usage as much as possible. (edit: that battery was actually a different bike, but who's counting!)


1 week ago

Seems like this entire service model needs some work to protect workers from exploitation and the public.

Delivery Companies Don’t Want to Supply Delivery Workers With Safe Batteries and Bikes

#cycling #ebike

Andrew Flood
1 week ago

#ebike touring Clare - Doonbeg to the Cliffs of #Moher and on to the #Burren & Fanore - day 34 of the Irish Coast Cycle

1 week ago

Nice day today so I rode into town for lunch. I forgot to put on sunscreen, I've really got out of the habit since leaving Australia.

#bike #ebike #wellington

A windless Wellington Harbour looking towards Oriental Bay.
We Built This City
1 week ago

OK #ebike people in San Francisco, now that I bought the bike, I need a recommendation for a second lock. I already have a Kryptonite New York lock. Is it worth $300 for the Hiplok D1000 or should I just get a 2nd Kryptonite? #biketooter

1 week ago

The two biggest problems with electric bikes aren’t even about e-bikes:

Poor infrastructure and bike theft

"These are issues with solutions, and we should work to implement those solutions."

#ebike #cycling

1 week ago

On my way to pick up my new #eBike.


Brian Beach
1 week ago

I hit the 400 mile mark on my new Tern Vektron e-bike on the way to work. It happened right near the bakery, which I took as a sign that it was a good day to pick up scone to have with my morning coffee.

Almost all of my riding has been to and from work. It's an 8-mile round trip, so that's about 50 commutes on the bike, and not in the car. The trip is much more enjoyable riding on the bike path through campus; the route for the car is on the bypass highway that goes around campus.

#bike #ebike #WarOnCars #Bloomington #Indiana

Looking down at the handlebars of the bike, with the electronic display showing an even 400 miles on the odometer.
Christopher Porter
1 week ago

Forecasts for #Ottawa "#snowstorms" usually mean Ottawa #saltdumping is coming and with it putting away the summer e--assist bikes for the season and taking out the #studdedtire #winterbikes.

Also as good a time as any to post a link to my #NorcoSceneVLT #ebike review. #ottbike

Peter Pappas
1 week ago

Bike ride along the Willamette. #PDX #ebike #rainbow

Rainbow in blue sky over hill and river in foreground
Ben Fulton
1 week ago

@talios Time to ditch the car for an #ebike

We Built This City
1 week ago

Ok #ebike people — I tested a bunch today and realized I want one a non-cargo bike that’s comparatively light and feels like riding a regular bike but with a boost. I think I’m going to get this one (on sale for $2400). I test-rode them all, and the boost performance on steep hills is enough for me (I’m pretty strong). Any opinions? #biketooters

Hey #bikestodon - I’m #tall, in the USA, and want an #ebike primarily for weekly grocery trips and related errands. Step thru form factor so it’s suitable for riders 5’8”-6’5”. Don’t want full cargo bike eg urban arrow - no garage.

Rated to carry at least 300 pounds (rider plus cargo) up an incline (market basket in #somervilleMA upcentral st to the top of Spring Hill). Sub 2k usd, ideally sub 1k. Any #recommendations for brands, models, or other criteria? #BikeTooter

1 week ago

Has anyone tried Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB and/or Marathon Plus Tour on an eBike? How are they on roads and offroad?
#eBike #BikeTooter #FollowerPower

1 week ago

Overall a lovely ride! Especially the autumn forests on the Gempen, and the second half, when it was bright and dry. #eBike #BikeTooter

1 week ago

Behind me was this sign. It stands right on the border between France and Switzerland, and so the part that points left is French, and the part that points right is Swiss. #eBike #BikeTooter

Road signs for bikes. The upper one, pointing left, towards France, is French. The lower one, pointing right towards Switzerland, is Swiss.
1 week ago

The view towards the Gempen from above Flüh. The sky was clearing, but it hadn't reached the Gempen. #eBike #BikeTooter #Gempen

View over fields towards a line of hills that are in the shade. Somewhat dramatic sky.
1 week ago

I did not have enough battery to go to the top of the Blauen, but I rode the North flank, and look at the view North! There is Sun over France in the back! #eBike #BikeTooter

View over fields with orange and green trees. Hills. Between the hills, more hills. Gray sky.
1 week ago

When I came down from the Gempen, it looked like I was riding into the rain. But it was only clouds, so wet, yes, but not rain. #eBike #BikeTooter

View down a field. The hills across are partly hidden in the low clouds. A tree on the left, a farm on the right.
1 week ago

I like thie view from the top of the Gempen. Today, it was wild! #eBike #BikeTooter #Gempen

View over autumn-coloured hills. Low sky. A village on the right.
1 week ago

I went out with the eeb, today. At the top of the Gempen, I had a "really not the right tyres!" moment, when I wanted to get out of this rut. The front worked, but the rear refused, and I found myself standing on my left leg, with the bike sideways on the floor.
Note to self: find some 27.5" 2.3" tyres that work. #eBike #BikeTooter

The rear wheel of my ebike next to a muddy path. The wheel is full of mud, and the path shows signs where the rear slipped.
Barbe Rousse 🇵🇸 #FreePalestine
2 weeks ago

The world’s 280 million electric bikes and mopeds are cutting demand for oil far more than electric cars

We hop in the car to get groceries or drop kids at school. But while the car is convenient, these short trips add up in terms of emissions, pollution and petrol cost.


Graham Freeman
2 weeks ago

#bikenite @ascentale

Howdy from Felton, in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

I bike less often since moving here because there's an extremely steep hill in one direction and aggressive drivers on a highway in the other direction. Solution will likely be a high-torque electric kit added on to my mountain bike, which will be in budget in a couple of months.

In the meantime, every week or two we load up an #ebike on the car and go somewhere amazing. Here are photos from a recent #Monterey outing.

A "dragonfruit" (reddish purple) Tern GSD e-bike loaded on the roof of an electric car parked in Monterey, California. The sky is mostly blue, with some wispy clouds.
A woman and toddler sitting on the back of a Tern GSD e-bike at a courtyard in Monterey, California.
A mother nursing her toddler on a park bench overlooking Monterey Bay.

Heute ist so Wetter, da ist man froh ums E-Bike zum #Pendeln... Ohne den elektrischen Rückenwind wäre heute #mdRnH wesentlich anstrengender (wegen Gegenwind) und unangenehmer (wegen länger im Regen unterwegs) geworden. Mal ganz davon abgesehen, dass #Sturmtief #LINUS hier in den nächsten Stunden eh noch heftiger werden soll. #Frostpendeln #EBike #mdRzA

Coralie Mercier
2 weeks ago

Short video footage from my #ebike ride tonight in #cannes

From a distance at first you hear cow bells dinggling and jingling and may picture calves prancing merrily, or sheep in motion. Then you see the “herd” is merely neat rows of boats swaying on the water of the harbor. The wind chimed pretty dings tonight, like a big happy farm.

#BikeTooter #velo

3 weeks ago

'Suddenly, ebikes are everywhere, having gone from fringe leisure pastime to one of the fastest growing segments of the global transport market.

Ebikes range in cost from $600-$20,000 but Dr Elliot Fishman, who heads Melbourne’s Institute for Sensible Transport, says he would be wary of anything under the $2,000 mark. If that sounds expensive, keep in mind the average annual running costs for most cars are in excess of $10,000.'

Dr Elliott clearly unfamiliar with Leitner eBikes 😉 - consistently rated highly by users and they are very affordable. I'm on my second one in 6 years and very happy with it.

#eBike #Bicycle

The Homespun Days
3 weeks ago

@alexwild there is a guy in Washington state that does that. I used to follow him on the hell site. All electric. He towed his gear around with an #ebike

3 weeks ago

PETfaser-Einkaufstüten sind sehr multifunktional.
Gestern Abend vor dem Space eine mir bislang unbekannte Nutzung: Regenschutz für den Stecker in der E-Bike-Ladesäule.
#wirhaus #hackspace #wülfrath #ebike

Es ist abend, eine gepflasterte Fläche vor einem verputzten Haus mit welkem feuchten Laub, die STeine sind nass, die Hausecke ist eingefaltet. An der Wand hängt ein gelber Postbriefkasten, daneben in der Wandfarbe die Umrisse eines nicht mehr vorhandenen Briefmarken-Automaten. Rechts eine türkisfarbene E-Bike-Ladesäule mit zwei CEE7/3-Steckdosen mit einfacher Klappe davor. Rechts davon ein quadratisches Hinweisschild an einer STange "Ebike-Ladestation / innogy"
Die Ladesäule ist mit einem orangefarbenen Einkauftragetüte aus Kunststoff-Webtextil überstülpt, darunter leutet eine Lampe hell. 
Angeschlossen ist ein Elektro-Citybike mit gelbem Rahmen. Die Ladestatusanzeige am Unterholm leuchtet mit vielen grünen LEDs Das Fahhrad ist mit einer Klarsicht-Regenhaube von Lenker bis Heck-Gepückkorb verhangen und an einem horizontalen Radständer angeschlossen.
Erin Whalen
3 weeks ago

It's been a busy week but I was finally able to write part 2 of my Micromobility America recap!

This one focuses less on groovy vehicles and more on the great conversations I had with people about their thoughts on micromobility and the future of transportation.

Featuring Sarah Goodyear of The War on Cars podcast - @TheWarOnCars - a California councilor whose city is doing a great job of building bike infrastructure, and more!

#EV #ebike #transportation #environment

Squirrel News
3 weeks ago

In der #Schweiz bauen Bürger ihre #Solaranlagen in Genossenschaften selbst auf ☀️
eine neue, minimal-invasive Ultraschall-Behandlung wirkt gegen #Leberkrebs ⚕️
und ein neues #Ebike aus🇫🇷 lädt sich beim Fahren selbst auf

👇Unsere neue Ausgabe ist da

3 weeks ago

It's not much compared to some, but this weekend I hit 1000 miles on my bike odometer! (It looks like 1100 but there is an extraneous line)
I started back in April 2023 after not having (seriously) ridden a bike in about 10 years.
If anyone is feeling like you want to (re)start riding but are afraid, I totally recommend what I did: get a low-power, lightweight ebike and ride the hell out of it.
It was a huge confidence boost for me, just knowing I had that little extra power to get to my destination even if I'm tired and there's hills and wind. And now I'm in such better shape from riding that I don't really need the boost anymore, lol.
#ebike #BikeTooter #cycling #BikeCommuter #BikeEverywhere

Picture of LCD screen device on bike handlebar showing 1000

2023’s Best #MidDrive #eBike Kit - Better than #Bafang #BBSHD?

First look at the new #cycmotor #photon #middriveebike conversion kit. This is the latest edition to #cyc’ s x1 pro gen 3 & x1 stealth gen 3 models. The new cyc photon is much closer in design to the bafang bbshd mid drive motor. The power of the photon is less that of the bafang bbshd but it delivers other benefits including a #torquesensor bottom bracket.

#bikeTooter #cycling #biking #ev #bike #bicycle

For Pete's Sake
4 weeks ago

Hi, I'm Pete Little. A 53 year old #autistic male.  I'm a #mathematician by education but a #SoftwareEngineer by employ. Was born in Scotland but currently live with my wife in London.

My hobbies are many-fold. I like #Cycling and am a keen #eBike cyclist.

I collect #Fossils and #Minerals, #RubiksCubes,  #SlideRules, #Cravats and I also collect #DVD and #BluRay movies. (3000+ last count)

Might be easier to say I collect collections :D

I'm interested in #HomeAutomation and #HomeAssistant

1 month ago

We didn't have much luck handing out candy at our house, so I took my ebike out for a ride.

I went to German Village, and there were many people near Schiller park! It's kind of a destination for families all around Columbus.

Also, good thing I wore my ski gear, because this Halloween was also our first snow.

#columbus #ohio #halloween #snow #ebike #ebikes

My route around south side Columbus, near German Village. 4.3 miles total.
Snow falling outside my back porch, some has collected on the ground.
My ebike and front of my housw. My font porch is lit up with Halloween decorations.
Alex K
1 month ago

My first time ever riding an e-bike, with my Uncle. Going uphill in Turbo assist mode makes one feel like Superman. Haha

Fun fact, e-bikes in Germany are only allowed to be pedal assist, and the assist is required to cut out over 25 km/hr
#Germany #ebike

Person on e-bike riding up a road past a German farm house
Picturesque mowed hill with a German farm house on the top and fall colored trees
Erin Whalen
1 month ago

So I went down to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago to attend Micromobility America and geek out over all the small electric vehicles on display.

Here's Part 1 of my recap, if you're interested in seeing the kinds of ebikes, electric scooters, mini-cars, and electric cargo trikes etc. that were at the event.

#ebike #EV #urbanism #transportation #sustainability

Reprogramming #Bafang #BBS02 mid-drive #ebike motor to have better speed/power curves to improve efficiency and safety.

@cycling @ebikes #biking #cycling #bikeTooter #electric #ev #bike

autumn 🍂 tis the season
1 month ago
a bridgestone frame with handlebars and a crankset attached to a long tail cargo bike with voile straps
Alistair Davidson
1 month ago
ronnie chen @rondoftw

day 3 with an e-bike and | have come to the conclusion that all the annoying evangelical e-bike enthusiasts weren't promoting them hard enough
1 month ago

See how your street could look if pedestrians and bicycles get prioritised over cars
#FuckCars #ClimateCrisis #eBike #cycling #bicycles #solarpunk

Patrick Rérat
1 month ago

Wow my paper "The rise of the e-bike" reached 10,000 views!

It shows that the #ebike expands #cycling across
➡️ Populations (women, families, people 40+)
➡️ Spaces (suburban & rural)

Based on an original theoretical framework & a survey of 14,000 commuters

Open access:

Tab Combs
1 month ago

It's cold, I'm exhausted, and I woke up feeling like absolute crap this morning. But I was still able to get my kid to school without a car because of my #EBike*.

#EBikes #EBikesAreGameChangers #LeaveTheCarAtHome #CarLite

Hugh Taylor 🦿🚴‍♂️
1 month ago

I don’t even live in a city and I’m considering this; I just wish suburban & rural roads in Maryland, USA were safer for cyclists. I’m keeping my non-e-bike Domane, too, though! #ebike #cycling #sustainability

My latest blog post: Bringing a VanMoof X3 or S3 Back to Life – Part 2 – Battery Pack

...or, charging 40 lithium ion cells by hand, in order to convince a smart charger that it too can charge 40 lithium ion cells!

#battery #cell #charge #datasheet #ebike #hardware #liion #lithium #power #vanmoof

When I'm riding my #ebike I hate the pressure I feel to accelerate to the speed limit when there are cars behind me. My #Bafang *can* do 45mph but *must* we!? #20IsPlenty

#bikeTooter #bicycle #cycling @cycling #20sPlenty #urbanism #bike