Heloise Berkowitz
2 months ago

Our paper with my colleague Antoine Souchaud has just been accepted in #Technovation !
It's been a rough ride.

We're grateful for the feedback we received in many places, including #EGOS subtheme last year on #metaorganization !

The paper is entitled "Filling successive technologically-induced governance gaps: meta-organizations as regulatory innovation intermediaries"

Bernard Forgues ☮︎
2 months ago

Interested in co-editing this fine #organization journal: @OrganizationStudies?
See the call issued by #EGOS.

Screenshot of email sent by EGOS, reading:

Dear EGOSians,
The journal 'Organization Studies' and EGOS are seeking Expressions of Interest for the role of 'Organization Studies' co-Editor-in-Chief [succession Paolo Quattrone] to join Tammar Zilber, the existing team of Associate Editors, and the Managing Editor Sophia Tzagaraki in the lead of the journal. The term of office is four years, starting in September 2025. The post carries an honorarium; necessary travel expenses will be covered.
For all information on the journal 'Organization Studies', please visit:
To view the detailed Call for Expressions of Interest, please click on this link:
Closing date for Expressions of Interest: Friday, November 3, 2023.
Should you have any further questions, please contact the EGOS Chair Giuseppe Delmestri:
Kind regards,
Angelika Zierer,
Head of EGOS Executive Secretariat.
3 months ago


- Paper Strategy Guides
- #BigBrains & #EGOS
- Big Boy #Philosophy
- #Nietzche & Beyond Gud 'N Evil
- #TheMatrix ???
- StanleyKubrick ???
- #TheActualGame (maybe)
- #CatsAndDogs

we will be #ANSWERINGQUESTIONS at the end (if we feel like it)
and as always, this will be uploaded to the OCG #UTub (eventually)

if i #repost this that means we are LIVE @

banner showing writer of xenosaga with big brain and WORDS
3 months ago

#Racists prioritize their #fragile #egos. Any mention of their #racist past/heritage sets them off. #MAGA attracts all these racists because it vows to reprioritize whiteness.

You see it with #CRT and #BLM. Racists can't handle black humanity.

Racists prioritize their fragile egos. Any mention of their racist past/heritage sets them off. MAGA attracts all these racists because it vows to reprioritize whiteness.

You see it with CRT and BLM. Racists can't handle black humanity.
5 months ago

we are grateful for helpful comments on previous versions at #EGOS, WKOrg im VHB, SMS Conference as well as the handling and guidance at #OrganizationTheory

Check out the open access article over here:

#1paper1meme 4/4

Meme on self-selection in strategy-making
IT News
6 months ago

An Entire RISC-V Operating System in 2000 Lines - While Microsoft and Apple don’t release the source code for their operating system... - #operatingsystem #softwarehacks #earthandgrass #linesofcode #2000lines #egos-2000 #cornell #risc-v #os

🎬 "The Player" just began @ #TCM. #RobertAltman's 1992 satire about #1980s #Hollywood is a scary-accurate depiction of what I saw and heard as an outsider—a contract PR aka "no one" so invisible—knocking around Columbia and Warner Bros at that time.

"The Pitch" 🏆

#TCMParty #movies #studios #suits #80s #film #writers #stories #scripts #highconcept #producer #LetsTakeAMeeting #LetsDoLunch #Malibu #stars #egos #lies #vanity #TheIvy #NewKidInTown #Burbank #Bungalow

Bernard Forgues ☮︎
10 months ago

BIG thanks for the #EGOS crew (exec secretariat, board members, journal editors & conf organizers): they have spent their week-end working for us to keep EGOS the wonderful community it is! 🥰
#organization #EGOS2023 @OrganizationStudies

Bernard Forgues ☮︎
10 months ago

Perhaps my most proud moment at the helm of #EGOS. Many thanks to all those who made this possible.
If you're from a low-income country, you can join EGOS and participate for vastly reduced fees.
See for details.

Screenshot of EGOS web page describing its inclusivity policy.
Bernard Forgues ☮︎
11 months ago

Yeah! #EGOS deadline met ✅

pop-up message reading "Your short paper was successfully uploaded"
11 months ago

Ten years ago, Georg von Krogh, Richard Whittington and I applied for an #EGOS sub-theme on "Open Organizations for an Open Society? Practicing Openness in Innovation, Strategy and Beyond”. Three sub-themes on openness followed.

Today, after a total of four EGOS sub-themes on openness, a Call for Papers and several rounds of R&Rs, a special issue on "Openness as Organizing Principle" has been published in "Organization Studies" - please check it out:

Bernard Forgues ☮︎
11 months ago

⏰ Deadline for #EGOS 2023 in Cagliari is approaching fast!
Submit your 3,000-word paper by Jan 10th.

Gerald So
1 year ago

The advice I found helpful was to #avoid direct #confrontation, as you're likely to meet #resistance from #egos. You can better gain #cooperation by working around, "flanking" egos. You're not #manipulating the person b/c your #goals are the same. What's good for you is good for him and any other team members you may have. You're thinking of everyone's benefit, not your own, though when #everyone #benefits, so do you.