Ted Curran M. Ed. 🆒
9 hours ago

Anybody in the #SFBay #NorthBay #EastBay know of a community space where a guy can get time on a #lasercutter? Maybe a #library #makerspace or #communitycollege? I have a small beginner project I'd like to tackle -- #guitar pickguards. TIA

Sun Gallery
2 days ago

Introduction to Zentangle class

*Free workshop for Sun Gallery members.
Thursday, December 14
6 PM to 8 PM 
*$5 material fee 
** Become a member of the Sun Gallery to enjoy the class!
Email us at:

#event #ArtClass #Hayward #EastBay #SunGallery

Scroll that says "Zentangle spoken here"
4 days ago

Took #ASynesthetesAtlas out on the road for 12+ dates this year (Colorado, Midwest, East Coast) but wanted to end 2023 w/shows on the home front. #TheaFarhadian (violin, electronics) & #DeanSantomieri (resonator guitar, electronics) have been generous w/their time, we've rehearsed, we're stoked about tonight's #EastBay gig @ #ShapeshiftersCinema.

Shapeshifters is literally a mom & pop venue; pop runs a microbrewery in back & libations are always A+. Come see/hear/taste.

4 days ago

@DeliaChristina @skinnylatte

Delia I'm toying with the idea of setting up a scope at the RR bart tomorrow, Jupiter and Saturn will be around, will you?

Adrianna, I'm thinking around Dec 15 to bring a scope into SF, it'd be a first quarter moon, about the only easy thing in the sky to photograph.


7 Stars
5 days ago

This is Will's favorite, but don't tell anyone! Try the Flyers Face Melters from Claybourne Co., You won't regret it.

#7stars #eastbay #bayarea #california #staffpick

6 days ago

@thepoliticalcat @Alice @DeliaChristina wtf with the smoke here? Smells like wildfire smoke. Checked the intertubes, no mention of a fire or smoke. Any idea?

#sfba #EastBay

Sun Gallery
1 week ago

Once a year we hold our annual meeting, open to members interested in hearing what the Board of Directors has been working on. This is also your chance to join the Board. There are positions available.

Meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 12th at 6PM and will run approximately two hours. It’s held at the Sun Gallery and will also be on line via Google Meets. Check back closer to the date for the link to the virtual meeting.

#events #SunGallery #Hayward #EastBay

Sun Gallery exterior. Bright and yellow against a blue sky.
Sarah Sammis
2 weeks ago

My street abuts a cemetery. Every once and a while they host late night parties with live music and whatnot. Tonight is one of those nights. Does your cemetery do this?

#hayward #nightlife #party #music #EastBay

Sarah Sammis
2 weeks ago

Kudos to my observant server at Denny’s. She noticed that I’m left handed and made the effort to rotate my coffee mug as she placed it on the table. #dennys #lefthanded #hayward #eastbay

A coffee mug with the handle on the left side.
Sun Gallery
2 weeks ago

Teen Night! Come down to the Sun Gallery for Teen Night on Friday, November 17th! We've got Barbie streaming, Switch on the screen, steam games, Jenga, and art projects. We'll be playing 7 to 9. Come by!

1015 E Street
Hayward CA
94541, USA

#events #SunGallery #Hayward #EastBay

Barbie movie poster
Sun Gallery
2 weeks ago

Look at this line up
Teen night tonight 🏴‍☠️7-9:20pm
Free art Saturday 11-1pm
Makerspace meet up Saturday 1-4pm
Sip and paint Saturday 9-11pm

#events #Hayward #SunGallery #EastBay #art

Sarah Sammis
3 weeks ago

Here’s what December’s sip and paint we will be working on. #SunGallery #Hayward #EastBay #art #acrylicpainting #mastoart #chickens

Seven chickens carol in the snow.
Sun Gallery
3 weeks ago

City of Hayward posted a video about what the various organizations did with their People's Grant Funds. Sun Gallery is part of the video.

#Hayward #SunGallery #art #EastBay #community

Bronwyn Harris
3 weeks ago

Hey if anyone in alameda or nearby is looking for dog-friendly one-bedroom for rent, come by my neighbor. It is market rate, boo, but a great location, an off-street parking lot, and a good landlord which is very valuable. #alamtg #alameda #eastbay

Marc Hedlund
3 weeks ago

I'm very glad to see @barnali running for the BART Board of Directors. She absolutely has my vote. #EastBay #Berkeley #BART

3 weeks ago

@DeliaChristina @thepoliticalcat @skinnylatte #EastBay

hey Delia how would you *feel* if I brought my big scope down to the RR Bart tonight, say around 530-6, to give views of Jupiter and Saturn?

This would be my big scope and not the rinky dink little one I brought last time.

Peter Butler
3 weeks ago

Help me out, Oakland/East Bay bike tooters

I’m looking for the best route from South Berkeley to Oyster Bay Park in San Leandro

I took the northern route Google suggested (screenshot) and it wasn’t great. I didn’t mind the traffic, but very poor pavement and lots of debris

Is it worth going down to Jack London and following the waterfront?

Is there anyway to cut through Alameda?

#Oakland #EastBay #SanLeandro #Alameda #Routes #Bicycling #BikeTooter

a screenshot of Google Maps showing two suggested routes from Berkeley, CA to Oyster Bay Disc Golf Course in San Leandro, CA
Delia Christina
4 weeks ago

The traffic on the bridge is so bad I just noticed our bus driver has gone...rogue. Where the fuck are we.


Councilmember Terry Taplin
4 weeks ago

Always a great time with the East Bay Young Democrats - happy to be a member, previously endorsed candidate, and sponsor of their Annual Gala at Fluid510 🪩 #YoungDems are not the future #EastBay leaders, they are the PRESENT ones! #EBYD

7 Stars
1 month ago

Check out Robert's latest Staff Pick! Relax, without sinking into the couch, with these tasty fruit treats. #7stars #7starsrichmond #eastbay #bayarea #california

Sarah Sammis
1 month ago

I normally try to keep Sun Gallery posts on the Sun Gallery account but I'm duplicating the post here because I'm actually one of the teachers for this upcoming class.

I normally paint chickens but it's November, so we'll be painting a very silly turkey. To put some culture behind him, we're doing an homage to van Gogh's Starry Night.

Class is on Saturday November 18th from 9 to 11 PM. Cost is $30 per person or $50 for a couple.

Bring your own drinks. We provide the art supplies.

Sign up at or in person at the gallery.

#art #ArtClass #SipAndPaint #ArtGallery #Hayward #EastBay

Flier with the same information as well as a sample of the painting.
Sun Gallery
1 month ago

We have another sip and paint coming up. As it's November, we're doing a turkey themed piece inspired by van Gogh's Starry Night.

Class is on Saturday, November 18th from 9 to 11 PM. You bring the drink of your choice and we provide the art supplies.

This one will be a wet on wet style of acrylic painting, co-taught by Sarah Sammis and Carla Dozier.

$30 per person or $50 per couple.

Sign up at or in person at the gallery.

#art #ArtClass #SipAndPaint #MastoArt #Hayward #EastBay #ArtGallery

Flier with the same information as well as a sample of the painting showing a very silly heritage turkey standing before a simplified version of Van Gogh's Starry Night.
Sun Gallery
1 month ago

Here are some more pieces available for purchase during the Day of the Dead show:

1. El Catrin - Acrylics and Ink - Paola Lopez Flores - $285
2. La Catalina - Acrylics and Ink - Paola Lopez Flores - $285
3. Calavera de Azucar de la Vida - Digital Print - Kyla Claudine Ramos - $75
4. Mi Amigo Moreno - Textile and Mixed Media - Christine Bender - $75

#mastoart #ArtGallery #art #BuyArt #Hayward #EastBay

Skeleton with a nice hairdo and a green suit.
The classic sugar skull design
A skeleton in a dress with red hair.
A skull made from various materials and stitch work.
Delia Christina
1 month ago

Downtown Oakland is interesting. It's partially abandoned but trying to be hip but also janky.

It's a downtown version of Miss Havisham.

I don't hate it (I'd love to live downtown) but it's also weird.

#sfba #Oakland #EastBay

Sun Gallery
1 month ago

These are some of the pieces that are on display and for sale at the Sun Gallery during our Day of the Dead show.

1. A Life and Death Struggle - Steven Bales - $150
2. Tribute to Matisse's Wife - Dayle Angelica Achilles - acrylic and paper - $400
3. Valerie in Bloom - Patricia Sobin - oil on canvas - $130
4. Time to rake the Leaves - Molly Dolly - acrylic paint - $300

#art #mastoart #gallery #BuyArt #Hayward #EastBay

Photo of an orange skull and stretch material against a blue cloth backdrop.
A recreation of a Matisse painting but with the face replaced with a white and black paper skull ornately decorated.
An adorable dog with tongue out, wearing a crown of flowers.
Two black cats sit on the roof of a ranch style house as a woman in white looks out at all the fall colors.
Thomas Brightbill
1 month ago

Friday afternoon bike ride.

#MtDiablo basking in the late-afternoon sun.

Highlights included:

* Seeing two young families with photographers out on the fire roads (probably taking pictures for their holiday cards)

* A tarantula crossing the road at #BorgesRanch

#EastBay #MTB #bicycle #MtDiabloStatePark #EBRPD #DiabloFoothils #WalnutCreek

Photo of a brown, dirt road.  The shadow of a person astride a mountain bike is visible in the lower left of the photo.  The grass on both sides of the road and in the distant hills is golden-brown.  The blue sky with wisps of white clouds is visible at the top of the photo.

If you want to support the #SFBA and #EastBay #SolidarityEconomy, #Cooperativs, and #MainStreet organizationse; consider

1. Adding your labor-power! We have a discord and weekly video hangouts where we support each other's skill development while moving the projects forward!
2. Chipping in a few bucks to our #OpenCollective:

None are free until all are free!

1 month ago

@DeliaChristina #EastBay I'm considering bringing my scope down to the Rock Ridge BART station again tonight or tomorrow night for another gander at Saturn. Would you be around?

Drea and Team
1 month ago

Happy Halloween! 🎃

A walnut tree with a face
in Reinhardt #Redwood Regional Park. #Oakland #Eastbay

thanks @LaD_Hallo for sharing

#photography #trees

Brown trunk of a walnut tree partly covered in green moss that appears to have  a spooky face with two large eyes and a long open mouth as if the tree had been suddenly dramatically startled by something awful. Above the face the branches travel upward and slightly outward appearing like an abruptly spooked persons hair standing on end.
East Bay Kidical Mass
1 month ago

Saturday, October 28th at 1pm, join us for a Halloween Kidical Mass in downtown Berkeley! Meet at Allston & Milvia—costumes encouraged but not required. We'll ride to Cedar Rose Park where an ice cream truck will be waiting. Pleas register—it's free but will help us plan: #KidicalMass #EastBay #Berkeley #BikeTooter

A picture of kids and adults in costume riding together in the street.
A map of the planned route, heading from Allston & Milvia west to Strawberry Creek Park, then turning north along the West Street Pathway to Cedar Rose Park.
Marc Hedlund
2 months ago

On Saturday, October 28th, we're holding a Halloween Kidical Mass in Berkeley, starting at City Hall at 1p and ending at Cedar Rose Park (where an ice cream truck will be waiting!). Costumes encouraged but not required. Join us to celebrate biking with kids, to support biking infra in Berkeley, and to have a blast. Sign up here for reminders and updates! Hope to see you there (I'm coming as Obi-Wan…). #Berkeley #EastBay #BikeTooter #Cycling #RoadSafety #Halloween

Kids on bikes in Halloween costumes, looking happy.
A map of the route for the ride, starting at Allston & Milvia downtown, heading west on Allston, then turning north when we reach Strawberry Creek Park. The route ends at Cedar Rose Park.
Delia Christina
2 months ago

There's a Bay out there, I swear.


View from the NL transbay bus about to cross the East Bay bridge, thick fog obscuring the bay beyond.
Marc Hedlund
2 months ago

East Bay! It's a Halloween Kidical Mass! Saturday, October 28th, 1pm, meet at Allston Way & Milvia Street (next to City Hall and the Saturday Farmer's Market). We'll ride out at 1:15pm, and there will be an ice cream truck waiting at the end of the ride. Costumes encouraged!

#Berkeley #EastBay #Halloween #BikeTooter #Cycling #KidicalMass

Kids riding in our last Kidical Mass, with adults behind.
Meet at Allston Way & Milvia Street
(Next to City Hall and the Farmer's Market)
1:00pm, Saturday, October 28th
Ride out at 1:15pm
End at Cedar Rose Park with an ice cream
truck party!
Costumes encouraged! All are welcome!
Cecilia Mjausson Huster
2 months ago

@Paperposts WatchDuty has a hot spot there but no reported fire. 🤔 #eastBay #caFire #richmond #WatchDuty

Sun Gallery
2 months ago

Reserve your spot for our upcoming Sip and Paint.

October 12, 2023: 7-9PM

You'll paint a leaf in the rain to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

Adults only!

You bring the booze. We provide the art supplies.

Purchase tickets at or call us at 510.581.4050

#ArtClass #SipAndPaint #EastBay

Printable flier with the same information. Includes a sample of the painting.
g. suave
2 months ago

Reviving the Oakland paper: "Street Spirit" will not go gentle into that good night

"In April, Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA) — a Berkeley-based nonprofit that offers art and job training for homeless youth and runs a tiny house village — announced that it could no longer afford to act as Street Spirit’s publisher after assessing its financial standings, leading the paper to eventually halt printing altogether July 1....

...Without a source of funding, the paper’s leadership has pivoted to grassroots fundraising. The hope is that the community can raise enough money to get the paper back in print — a figure that Alistair Boone, the paper’s editor-in-chief of five years, places at $250,000.

“I had to decide if I was just going to kind of let the paper close or if I was going to try to do something with it,” she said."

#oakland #homelessness #eastbay #publishing #media

Marc Hedlund
2 months ago

As part of this year’s @BikeEastBay Biketopia event, you can bid on an auction item for me to help you organize and lead a bike event or protest! I’ve done a set of these in Berkeley and would love to help you get your bike community activated. Check out the other great items for bid, too! #BikeTooter #KidicalMass #EastBay

2 months ago

#Oakland and other #eastbay folks, if you're interested in local #geology, #geography stuff, this is for you.

Cheri Lucas Rowlands
2 months ago

Where have people in the #EastBay successfully gotten a new #COVID booster? Kaiser website says "early October" and there's no ability to schedule appts either. Walgreens refused my Kaiser insurance. CVS locations have no appts.

3 months ago

@DeliaChristina @colburn #EastBay Delia imma pull out one of my big scopes down at Marston Campbell Park (corner of West and 16th Street) for an old friend and her neighbors this Thursday the 21st at 7PM, weather permitting should get a good look at the first quarter moon and Saturn.

If I'm feeling energetic I'll bring a big scope down to the Rockridge Bart station sidewalk this wednesday the 20th, seven-ish, northeast corner of Keith and College. Got a few friends in that area too.

I can pick up the missus from Bart at the same time then 😉

3 months ago

The James Hunter Six - “Satchelfoot” (2016)

English R&B / soul singer and his awesome band play rhythmically inventive music that show off a bunch of musical styles, like on this strutting, steamy instrumental with its Latin rhythms, razor-sharp guitars, and horns all vying for domination while the organ and sax solos steal the show!

They’re playing tonight at the Cornerstone in Berkeley (h/t to @sfbayshows for the tip!)

#RetroSoul #R&B #Blues #EastBay #Berkeley #music

Mike D
3 months ago

NARCAN training at The Good Hop 8/31

#oakland #eastbay# #sfbayarea #narcan #fentcheck #fentanyl #overdose

Superhero Training at the Good Hop (Oakland)

Learn how to administer Narcan to stop an overdose.

FentCheck Fundraiser. This Thursday, August 31 at 6PM.
3 months ago

#Fountains #SFBA #EastBay

Just happened to be in "downgtown" Concord today in the area of Todo Santos Plaza.

Walked into this courtyard at the Salvio Pacheco Square (a multi-business/office structure) located to the northwest of the plaza (on Salvio St) and found this very attractive fountain there.

The Concord Visitors Center is located in the courtyard and the fountain is surrounded w/tables where you can chill out reading a book or trolling Mastodon SFBA.

It was a very pleasant setting.

Laura Langdon
3 months ago

#EastBay #sfba weather:

February-April: Spring
May-June: Summer
July-September: Revenge of Summer
October-15 November: Summer
16-30 November: Autumn
December-January: Winter

David Colburn
3 months ago

I almost never sign up for any group activities, but I did sign up for this ride tomorrow from Bay Fair BART to the #SanLeandro part of the Bay Trail, organized by @BikeEastBay. 12 flat miles, with a focus on bike/walk access to the waterfront. If any #Oakland #EastBay #SFBA cyclists want to join, we'll meet at 12:30 and ride at 1. I'll be on a white bike with bullhorn handlebars and wearing a black helmet, if you want to say hi or punch me in the face or whatever else. #BikeTooter

Cheri Lucas Rowlands
3 months ago

Big animal adopt-a-thon in #Berkeley tomorrow, including some from the Maui Humane Society: #dogs #cats #pets #EastBay

Delia Christina
3 months ago

Tonight's walk:

An off-leash Pom ran up on Benson to sniff his butt while we waited for a light to change and freaked him out? Got him excited? Hard to say. I still can't read whether he's playful or freaked out when another dog approaches him.

Most of the time, he's indifferent.

Unless you're a cat, crow, pigeon, or squirrel. And now owl. Oh, or a peacock. (Saw him, too, btw. Just sitting in someone's yard like a beautiful bird vase.)

We passed an apartment building, and as we walked past their open garage space, we encountered two women (they had a Bestie vibe) at a little cafe table, two chairs, a little striped blue rug, some music, and some chilled sparkling adult beverages. It was a whole thing. A Parisian bistro in a parking space.

This is amazing, I said as I walked by. They laughed. I loved that for them.


3 months ago

#OTD August 22, 1995

East Bay ska-punk band Rancid released their third LP, “And Out Come The Wolves”

The early to mid 90s was a crazy time in the music biz. It happens every decade I guess. Major labels trying to capitalize on the ascendent sounds of the day. Rancid is a great example. The name of this album is in reference to all the major labels that pursued the band (they stayed on their current label, Epitaph).

I like Rancid’s previous iteration, Operation Ivy, but didn’t really get into their first two albums. I was focused on other stuff at the time. But this one drew me in with its improved production quality and some cool tunes like “Time Bomb” and “Roots Radicals”.

It’s admittedly quite derivative. They get called a Clash ripoff often. But for me it’s the energy and the way they make clear their musical influences, ultimately transcending them and delivering great, hook-filled pop punk songs.

#punk #PopPunk #SkaPunk #EastBay

Bicycling Monterey
3 months ago

"We call on elected leaders to address real causes of deadly collisions: road design."—Joint statement from Active #SanGabriel Valley, Bicycling #Monterey, Bike #Bakersfield, Bike #EastBay, Bike #LA, Bike #SanLuisObispo County, Bike #Sunnyvale, #California #Bicycle Coalition, California #Walks, #Claremont Streets For People, #Ecology Action, #Marin County Bicycle Coalition, MOVE #SantaBarbara County, #Napa County Bicycle Coalition, #Pasadena #CompleteStreets Coalition, #Sacramento Area Bicycle #Advocates, #SanDiego County Bicycle #Coalition, #SanFrancisco Bicycle Coalition, #Shasta Living Streets, #SiliconValley Bicycle Coalition, #Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, and #StreetsForAll.

#BikeTooter #California #ElectedOfficials #transportation #PublicSafety #PublicHealth #ebikes #bicycles #cars

Marc Hedlund
4 months ago

Hey #Berkeley, please save the date for a #KidicalMass: Saturday, September 23rd, 1pm. If you have kids in a Berkeley school and would be willing to help me get the news out about this event, or would be willing to help ride along and keep the group safe, could you drop me a line at Our Kidical Mass last spring was a success (>100 riders!) because people at many schools got involved. Thanks! #BikeTooter #Cycling #EastBay

Anirvan Chatterjee
4 months ago

"Shortcomings" was such a fun little Bay Area movie, with a million shots set in Berkeley, Albany, and Oakland, California

#SFBA #EastBay #AsianAmerican #movies

Adrianna Tan
4 months ago
A screenshot of a list of Reddit recommendations for Indian food in the east bay of Bay Area California
Cecilia Mjausson Huster
4 months ago

Hazmat evacuation in San Pablo today could last up to 24 hours.

Clean-up at the home of an ex-chemist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, called 911 when they discovered numerous chemicals stored haphazardly in a shed.

Bomb squad took one look and ordered evac for 6 blocks. They will transport the chemicals out of the residential area and safely dispose of them. #BayArea #EastBay #hazmat


4 months ago


Hello new folks,

I am naura.

I am a 40 something stay at home mom living in #eastbay. I was born and raised in #SoCal.

✨ I’m interested in:

#MathNerd - Currently working on my #MathEducation degree from #WGU

#ADHD (inattentive) #latediagnosed at 39

#Trekkie since 1988 and #JCshipper since 1995. I am also a huge fan of #warehouse13 and need a reboot!

✨i am a #TeaSnob i’d love to meet other tea snobs 🍵🧋🫖☕️

✨i consider myself #leftist and #antiFascist I want to find leftist theory media that is more accessible to my ADHD brain. (Recommend graphic guide to…. Series)

Thanks for reading and following


Cheri Lucas Rowlands
4 months ago

My tattoo artist moved to LA 😭 and I'd love to consider someone new. Anyone have personal recommendations for an #EastBay #tattoo artist who does great minimal and delicate black floral/botanical designs, especially for the upper arm-shoulder cap-upper back area? Thanks!

K-ZO da Snowman
5 months ago

East Bay Bike party was a blast until this driver swerved and hit two people off their bikes under Rockridge BART. 10:12 - license plate starts 8XG #Oakland #EastBay #EastBayBikeParty

Laura Langdon
5 months ago

I’ve been advocating for these for my #EastBay suburb for years, love to see it!

Delia Christina
5 months ago

Jesus. My 'liberal' NIMBY-esque neighborhood of Rockridge is starting civilian 'safety' patrols. WTF.

From the Q&A in the local newsletter:

"What will the driver do if they see an incident in progress? - Our drivers' primary duty is to observe, support, report, and when necessary serve as expert witness. When they see unusual activity, rather than make assumptions, they approach the scene in a friendly manner and ask if someone requires assistance before determining the next best response."

I wonder how much time their civilian drivers have spent interrogating their 'assumptions.'

#Oakland #EastBay #sfba

Help defray the costs for a local small business becoming a worker-owned collective! Nick’s Pizzeria in Oakland is asking for donations to help their team take on collective ownership of this long-established business.

#SmallBusiness #Oakland #Berkeley #EastBay #BayArea #WorkerOwned #WorkeeOwnedBusiness #pizza #fundraiser

Delia Christina
5 months ago

This weekend is *def* sundress weather.

Walked down to meet a friend for coffee in a short dress+Birks+Benson and felt all kinds of ways:

The sun on my face (I wear sunblock now!)
The air on my legs
The poop bag in my hand. SIGH.
The goofy dog on another long sniffari.

It's a good start to a long weekend!

#sfba #Oakland #EastBay

Councilmember Terry Taplin
6 months ago

Happy #Juneteenth #Berkeley ❤️🤍💙 Thank you to all the staff, agencies, organizations, businesses, and community members who make this possible every year! #California #EastBay #BayArea #Freedom #Independence

Cheri Lucas Rowlands
6 months ago

Lots of colors at Albany Bulb right now 🌺

#Flowers #Nature #EastBay #AlbanyBulb

Two kids among magenta blooms along the East Bay coastline
6 months ago

Walk around #Oakland's Lake Merritt with Andrew Alden, the author of Deep Oakland.

"Coming up this Saturday: a geologist's walk around Oakland's #LakeMerritt"

#geology #sfbayarea #science #eastbay

TIA for boosting

Mike D
6 months ago

San Jose Animal Care and Services is full, and they're calling for help from the Bay Area community to adopt or foster one of their animals.

San Jose ACS no longer has the capacity to take in healthy dogs or cats. As of Tuesday, the animal shelter has more than 900 animals, with 745 of them being kittens.

#sanjose #southbay #bayarea #sf #eastbay



Adopting -

Fostering for a short as three days or as long as three months.

Holding found pets for a few days.

Rehoming your pet through your own social network or on platforms like or
Cheri Lucas Rowlands
6 months ago

"And while that old Berkeley is never coming back — any more than any bygone world — we all want to grow old among loved ones and familiar faces. So there’s just something inescapably painful about an economy that makes this impossible for all but the superrich — a place where a vast majority of local children know they will have to leave as soon as they grow up."

On Berkeley, high-density housing, and parking lots, from the NYTimes' #California issue:

#Berkeley #BayArea #EastBay #housing #YIMBY #NIMBY

6 months ago

Spotted a bald eagle while on a walk along the Bay Trail today! I had read that there was a nesting pair at the golf course nearby, but their nest is 100 feet up (30 meters) up a tree. Cool to one hanging out on the shore. Photo is a little fuzzy because we didn't want to get too close. #photography #BaldEagle #bird #birding #BayArea #EastBay

Bald eagle perched on a log, overlooking the water. The log is next to rocks covered in green growth, plants, and pieces of concrete.
Public Bank East Bay
6 months ago

We are engaged in an active search for a Founding Chief Executive Officer for the #PublicBank #EastBay. Please read the position announcement and share it with people you know who might be qualified and interested. #BIPOC, other #POC, #women, and other marginalized candidates encouraged to apply!

Public Bank East Bay logo

Someone I would expect to encounter on BART - in fact maybe this is me on BART

#BayArea #EastBay #FannyPack #PatBenatar #HelloKitty #Owl #Fellow #Friend #Drawing #Illustration #Character #YesYes

Color illustration of an owl person holding onto a pole on public transit wearing a Hello Kitty fanny pack, a Pat Benatar "Love Is A Battlefield" t-shirt and coral-colored cargo pants
Rita Portela (parody)
8 months ago

Blindspotting Season 2 starts tonight at 9PM!

This show REALLY speaks to me. East Bay urban experience, vibe of #SorryToBotherYou

Many local Oakland landmarks, inside jokes, the kind of people I've known, things I've experienced.

Must see!

#Blindspotting #Oakland #BayArea #EastBay

8 months ago

Hey folks -- if you're in the #BayArea or #EastBay I am once again hosting #trivia at Hesher's Pizza (née Crooked City Cider) tonight starting at 630pm!