pro time theft
7 hours ago

Rich assholes like this fuck say there is no science behind fossil fuels causing climate change. After all, why would he want to stop what's making him rich. Eventually Earth will FORCE changes. But rich fucks like this will fight it til the end.

#ClimateChange #RichFucks #EatTheRich #science #FossilFuels #environment

Cop28 president (this rich asshole) says there is no science behind demands for phase out of fossil fuels
1 day ago

...With inequality in the United States having risen to higher levels than any time since the Great Depression and the accelerating effects of climate change creating the potential for hundreds of millions of climate refugees, the wealthy are making additional preparations for the moment when the public finally turns against them—hence the walls, tunnels, and armored vehicles."

Democracy Matters :verified:
2 days ago

It's coming! Prepare to be eaten...

Eat the rich: 7 movies like "Saltburn" that skewer the wealthy

#EatTheRich #TaxTheRich

2 days ago

Das Bürgergeld soll gekürzt werden.

🌱 Ligniform :donor:​
2 days ago

Some pretty good looking graffiti I saw back when I was in Paris (Or Italy, I forget)

#Travel #EatTheRich #StreetArt #Anarchism #France #Or #Italy

A picture of me wearing a black collared shirt, white pants, and a brown jacket giving two thumbs up. I'm standing in from of a wall with graffiti reading "Eat the Rich" with a cute little anarchist symbol

Charles says humans carrying out ‘vast, frightening experiment’ as he addresses summit.

We know you are you rich, gormless fuck.

#eattherich #smashtheelite #classwar

3 days ago
3 days ago

When you have near-infinite wealth, practically no game has any stakes.

To the best of my recollection, Melon Husk has hated Twitter since long before he accidentally bought it, and was vocal about wishing it would die. Wasn't his entire plan to buy it just to destroy it?

🧵 1/4

#melonhusk #elonmusk #twitter #x #eattherich

Antoinne Sterk
3 days ago

The Pogues & The Dubliners with Special Guest Joe Strummer

The Session (RTÉ recording from 1987)

#ShaneMacGowan #Oldskool #Punk #EatTheRich

Democracy Matters :verified:
3 days ago


If we cannot tax them, we should eat them.


Monopoly Man roasting on a spit.

Caption: Eat The Rich
3 days ago

"The Rich Get Richer" isn't just s saying. Study finds that more billionaires were born than self-made last year.

So, idolizing billionaires isn't celebrating entrepreneurship and can-do spirit. It's fawning over the birthright of Oligarchs.

#EatTheRich #Oligarch #Capitalism

"A billionaire minimum tax of just 25% would raise $440 billion over the next 10 years.

Imagine what we could do if we just made billionaires pay their taxes like everyone else."

--Joe Biden
November 30, 2023

#POTUS #President #JoeBiden #BillionaireTax #EatTheRich

Oregon Animal Lover
4 days ago

Watching the video of Elon Musk saying F-U to advertisers was sort of gratifying.

Because it was abundantly clear that he is HURT and FURIOUS that people hate him so much.

Because it's apparent to everyone that the only people that like him are morons.

The Billionaire Ego.

#musk #elonmusk #twitter #X #EatTheRich #twittermigration

fungible thadius
4 days ago
4 days ago

Jeff Bezos' Superyacht Is So Damned Big It Has to Hang Out With Oil Tankers
The Amazon founder has contributed to the world’s wave of shipping pollution, but it is unclear if he sees the irony.

#climatecrisis #billionaires #news #amazon #climatechange #eattherich

Phoenix Gee
4 days ago

A climate summit in an oil state, presided over by an oil beneficiary, is the final Fuck-You by the parasite class to the rest of the world. #cop28 #EatTheRich

5 days ago

Actually the narrative goes further than that:

Ceo pay increase has been 1400 % since then and therefore now buying a house is only for CEOs.

Edit: source


5 days ago

Being filthy rich is not a qualification.
That one has shitloads of #money doesn't mean they are smart, intelligent, educated, clever, or skilled. It often doesn't even mean that they're good at doing #business.

Why, then, do we let the filthy rich mess with everything?

#EatTheRich #FilthyRich #billionnaires #BillionairesShouldNotExist #NoMoneyNoPower

A skull with a fork and knife instead of crossbones.
Eat the rich is written above the skull.
Megan Lynch (she/her)
5 days ago

TFW a medical center named after a wealthy petroleum executive donor hits its poor patients up for donations... #GivingTuesday #EatTheRich

5 days ago
5 days ago

#you cant #employ #me in a way that matters :antifa_100:

#antislavery #anticapitalism #antifascism #eattherich

Daniel🔻Es/Mx :fedi:
5 days ago

#EATTHERICH Exclusión social #ESPAÑA 🇪🇸:
"TRABAJAR y ser POBRE: la mitad de las personas sin hogar que atiende Cruz Roja tiene un empleo"

IMAGEN: "NO eres CONSCIENTE de lo poco que cobra la gente: por qué nos cuesta tanto ubicarnos en la escala salarial "
#desigualdad #socialdemocracia

5 days ago


Yes, 💯. Now, what should we do about evil? We owe evil people and their companies/countries nothing and have every right to destroy them to protect ourselves. We have a MORAL OBLIGATION to do so to protect our children - all children.

"It’s difficult, I think, to imagine anything much more systemically evil than this spate of bids by the oil companies and oil countries to keep wrecking the planet"

#EatTheRich #climate

5 days ago

Forced minimalism


6 days ago

we all live in #apartheid

the world is controlled by the white fellas military

i did spent some time in the ghettos, they did not hate me

people need change as a means for survival, also to my astonishment they do not want to murder our children

people are tired of hate, they need peace to have their gardens flourish


6 days ago

My 2 Cents zu den #EintrachtFrankfurt Riots:
Angesichts dessen, dass #Fußball "Brot und Spiele" ist, welches die Hirne der Massen vernebelt, auf die es ankäme, um für soziale Gerechtigkeit (+Klimaschutz) auf die Straße zu gehen (statt die Spieler* und Bosse mit den letzten sauer verdienten Kröten reicher und reicher zu machen), ist es tragische Konsequenz, dass die tumben Krawalle in den Stadien ausgetragen werden, statt mit der Message #EatTheRich auf der Straße...

*bewusst nicht entgendert

6 days ago


If they can afford to live in Longueville on the water, the $3,000 maximum fine is part of the cost of the process, not a penalty.

6 days ago

I find it very theraputic when I'm home sometimes singing very poorly, not harming anyone and giving my vocal chords a total flog mostly happens when drinking and I usually sing about how much I hate rightwing nazi fascist hypocrites... if any neighbours get offended then obviously they support rightwing fascist bigoted politics some where along the line there.


#music #rhymesaying #antifascist #classwar #eattherich #anticapitalist

Daniel🔻Es/Mx :fedi:
6 days ago

#eattherich #capitalismo #individualismo

"Our American way of life only exists once, but there are many planets! That is why we are saving the #economy, not the planet" [ #TRUMP ; ¿realidad o humor-sátira?]

[traducción "Nuestra forma de vida americana solo existe una vez, ¡pero hay muchos planetas! Por eso estamos salvando la #economía, no el planeta" ]
Esto sí es muy real : [ Douglas Rushkoff ] ...cuando uno de los millonarios que le contrataron para conocer su opinión sobre el preparacionismo de los millonarios, le preguntó cómo conseguir que el responsable de su equipo de seguridad se mantuviera fiel a él y su familia tras el “EVENTO” que acabaría con la civilización.

it's kat! 🍉
6 days ago

why in fresh fuck would brian eno be involved with a jeff bezos vanity project? truly disappointing, brian.
#brianEno #jeffBezos #clock #abolishBillionaires #eatTheRich

Antoinne Sterk
6 days ago

Gosh, it's dark again. What happened to my dinner? And now that I think about it, did I actually have lunch?!?

Edited: Did I just say this out loud? 😇

#EatTheRich #WorkWorkWork

I've been watching a lot of movies from the 30s and 40s lately in which the wealthy class seems to do a lot of horseback riding, skeet shooting, chess playing, tailored dress clothes wearing, sherry drinking, and cigarette/cigar smoking. Not a lot of work going on for those folks.

"Nobody wants to work anymore" is pure projection for the true "loafing class."

#TaxTheRich #Oligarchs #Oligarchy #Plutocracy #EatTheRich #ClassWar #UnionStrong #Solidarity

@KimPerales This is a great article. I can't imagine anyone reading it and still using products from Tesla, Meta, Amazon, etc.


1 week ago

The absolute tragedy about this story is the sheer volume of food deserts we have in the US.
Dollar stores are payday loans for groceries. They are predatory for both customers and employees, and once again, the board and the C-suite are rolling in mega-yachts.

1 week ago

Sonofabitch...I'm not seeing ANY news of this posted anywhere, and that should tell you that the billionaires already have absolute control over what propaganda we're exposed to.

#AmazonStrikes #Amazon #EatTheRich #BlackFriday

@Npars01 @GottaLaff
#EatTheRich (figuratively, not literally)

Two masked and hooded people kiss in front of a burning building. 

What if we kissed in the smoldering ruins of the ruling class?
Dinosaurs say Raawr
2 weeks ago

I don't think the complaint is to imply the YouTube'rs shouldn't be remunerated for their time.

The concern is that paid reviews are fundamentally biased, and untrustworthy. If I'm watching a review and the presenter says they were paid to do it, well this just became a waste of my time because it's just a paid for advertisement at that point.

A good reviewer is independent. So if I have to pay you to review my product, doing so invalidates the review's impartiality. Because I care about the subtlety around this issue I agree with them, it is icky, so why would they?

Roger Ebert wasn't paid by studios to review their films, he worked for independant news organizations who paid him for his critical analyses.

That a reviewer cannot make ends meet running a channel is YouTube's fault entirely, and passing the costs ever lower only cements the capitalist grip on us. I don't know what the solution is (*cough #EatTheRich *) but throwing away key moral pillars of your profession shouldn't be.

2 weeks ago

I know I don't shut up about this but frankly not enough #people are angry about the 5-day/40 hour workweek (and I am AWARE a lot of people #work even more than that). I feel like a lot more people should be absolutely furious that we only really have two days a week and some occasional hours in the evening to socialise, run errands, do chores, or relax.

It's no wonder so many people are profoundly lonely and disconnected from their #communities when maintaining a social life in what little free time we have is incredibly difficult. If you have kids, a second #job, a very long commute, or other responsibilities, it's nearly impossible.

We literally aren't meant to live like this and I'll never stop being shocked how many people just take it as the natural state of things and don't want to throw a brick through a #billionaire's window every time they think of it.

#slavery #wageslavery #capitalism #fascism #imperialism #eattherich #ausgov #auspol #tasgov #taspol #politas #poverty #jerkmillionaires #jerkbillionaires #jerktrillionaires

2 weeks ago


"It may be that the climate denialists, even in the 1980s, knew this very well. They denied global heating because they saw it meant social and political change on a scale never seen before. An economic system that had made millions rich and billions at least comfortable would collapse. For those who’ve benefited from the system, death is less frightening than poverty.”

#ClimateCrisis #EatTheRich

2 weeks ago


Is there such a thing as a progressive billionaire? Soros may be the exception that proves the rule that all billionaires are bastards - ABAB.

"Conservative Group Accidentally Reveals Its Secret Donors.

"Some of Them Are Liberal Orgs.”

#EatTheRich #TaxTheRich out of existence - they are a pox on humanity.

🦋 Benjamin West - 🐒🌻
2 weeks ago

Billionaires are a Menace to Society...

"Let me put it this way: if you made $10,000 a week – a princely sum by the standards of most people – you would have to work every week from the year of Jesus’s birth until this week to earn over a billion dollars. To earn as much as Elon Musk’s net worth at that rate – currently $180bn, according to Forbes – you’d have to work every week for more than a third of a million years – that is, since before Homo sapiens first emerged in Africa....

... billionaires are a menace to the rest of us: their sheer political size warps our public life. Disproportionately older, white and male, they function as unelected powers, a sort of freelance global aristocracy who are too often trying to reign over the rest of us. Some critics think that the supergiant tech corporations that have spawned so many modern billionaires operate in ways that resemble feudalism more than capitalism, and, certainly, plenty of billionaires operate like the lords of the Earth while campaigning to protect the economic inequality that made them so rich and makes so many others so poor. They use their power in arbitrary, reckless and often environmentally destructive ways."

- Rebecca Solnit

#billionaires #inequality #EatTheRich #TimeForChange #Elon #BirdSite #poli #society

2 weeks ago

@jd #EatTheRich then make sure ro puke them up because they are empty calories and could possibly be diseased and you wouldn’t want to get too sick

2 weeks ago

"I have cochlear implants and I can only buy parts to fix them or upgrade then from 1 #corporation bc of tech exclusivity. upgrades to get new processors for both ears cost $23k & insurance only covers 90% (and it’s “good” insurance)"

#Cyberpunk #dystopia is already here for the disabled.

#classwar #eattherich #ausgov #auspol #tasgov #taspol #politas

"I have cochlear implants and I can only buy parts to fix them or upgrade then from 1 corporation bc of tech exclusivity. upgrades to get new processors for both ears cost $23k & insurance only covers 90% (and it’s “good” insurance)"

Cyberpunk dystopia is already here for the disabled.
2 weeks ago

I'm rapidly approaching an #eattherich frame of mind. I often deal with moneyed individuals for work, and what really pisses me off is a) the assumption that if they pay a bit over the odds they can get their order quicker and b) the rest of us don't need any time off, particularly at Christmas, so what the hell are we doing have a cut-off time for big, bespoke orders so we can get them all out before Christmas?

Tadzio Mueller
2 weeks ago

#Klimagerechtigkeit heißt u.a. #EatTheRich:

"12 der reichsten Milliardäre (Musk, Bezos, Slim, Gates...) der Welt verursachen mit ihren Yachten, Privatjets, Villen & Finanzanlagen mehr Treibhausgasemissionen als 2 Mio. Haushalte jährlich ausstoßen."

Tadzio Mueller
2 weeks ago


"Das reichste 1 % der Menschheit ist für mehr Treibhausgasemissionen verantwortlich als die ärmsten 66%. Diese 'Elite' aus 77 Millionen Menschen war 2019 für 16 % aller CO2-Emissionen verantwortlich."

#EatTheRich for the climate!

John L. Roberson
2 weeks ago

Someone today told me hating the rich was a "tired old trope."
First of all, like most people on the internet, you have no idea what "trope" means.
Secondly, true things can also be heard many times, and the rich being monsters is one of those true things. I fail to see what's "tired" about despising greed. This sounds like a person who thinks politics should work like fashion
So I guess what I'm saying is fuck off, and #eattherich.

2 weeks ago
PaulaToThePeople :VeryQueer:
3 weeks ago

Because I just saw an article "#TaxTheRich pros and cons" here are my pros and cons:

➕ because eating the rich is illegal
➖ mimimi


3 weeks ago

text: #gaza has #oil, #congo has #cobalt, west #papua has #gold. all these #genocides are happening because the only #god #colonists #worship is #money.
#classwar #eattherich #killyourlocalfascist

text: gaza has oil, congo has cobalt, west papua has gold. all these genocides are happening because the only god colonists worship is money.

@breadandcircuses It looks to me like a worldwide collective outcry of rejection of two things:
A. untrammeled brutality
B. the veils being ripped off of the hollowed-out mechanisms and institutions of democratic inputs to the power structure, as demonstrated back in 2014 by Gilens & Page:

#stopthewar #democracy #peoplenotprofit #eattherich #powertothepeople

Leftist Lawyer
3 weeks ago

@cstross brings an incredibly important diary post, linked below.

Know this acronym: TESCREAL

It stands for:
"transhumanism, extropianism, singularitarianism, cosmism, rationalism (in a very specific context), Effective Altruism, and longtermism."

And know the names of the billionaire tech-bros advocating for these insane ideas that benefit them specifically, and harm the rest of us intentionally.

They are: Timnit Gebru, Émile Torres, Ray Kurzweil, Nick Bostrom, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Sam Bankman-Fried, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Zuck, Marc Andreesen, Nick Land, and Peter Theil.

These people are DANGEROUS. They are bullies. They are thieves. And they are just fine with the implicit murder of millions to achieve their goals.

And, because they're insanely rich, their speech is issued from giant orbiting megaphones. Yours? Not so much. Meaning that, when they saturate the airwaves with their techno-propaganda, we must collectively scream back loud enough to overwhelm their message.

I vehemently oppose TESCREAL. And I vehemently oppose concentrations of capital that allow such minority ideas to drown our majority opinions. Every TESCREAL is a policy failure. #Enough.

#EatTheRich #NoWarButClassWar

Leftist Lawyer
3 weeks ago

I'm tired, boss.

Tired of bein' on the road, lonely as a sparrow in the rain.

Tired of hostile billionaires occupying and laying siege to our country.

Tired of them wrapping their tentacles around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming their blood funnels into anything that smells like money.

Dog tired, boss.

#EatTheRich #NoWarButClassWar

4 weeks ago

es geht wieder loohooooooooos!
#Dönermarx #doenermarx #eattherich #aufbauost #solidarity

quote @brandsatzbodo (auf xhitter):
"die spenden verteilen sich zu jeweils gleichen teilen auf folgende projekt:

dorf der jugend, grimma
atomkinder e.v., schwarzenberg
zelle79, cottbus
rock am berg merkers, merkers
rats, obhausen"

@Sheril Thank you for sharing this. Education as a public and societal good has always been the rhetoric, but we have to acknowledge that the system has always had, at its core, the goal of preserving the status of elites.

Once again, what's good for the elite is bad for everyone else.

The problem here isn't so much that different income levels have different outcomes. It's that the disparity in income is so great that it distorts *everything*.


1 month ago


Plastic covers 4,5% of global CO² emissions according to a study in Nature of this year and is slated to triple in amount by 2060 according to the OECD.

So yeah, it obviously needs a strict legislation. The rich countries need to put in a lot more effort into recycling and circular economies.

Unfortunately, there're big lobbies working against it, backed by rich capitalist oligarchs. So, if you ask what's next, we'd need to talk about #eattherich

Megan Lynch (she/her)
1 month ago

It pisses me off how often corporations try to make customers join them in hating regulations by highlighting each tax as they pass those on to their customers. My ISP bill has several, but this phrase stood out: "Regulatory Recovery Surcharge" #EatTheRich

Mike | Raymond Tec
1 month ago

You aren’t, and will never be part of the 1%. Advocating for them is a waste. Advocate for yourself.

#AntiCapitalism #FuckCapitalism #EatTheRich #WorkingClassSolidarity

I'm getting a little fed
up with people who
make $2,500 per hour
trying to convince
people who make
$25 per hour
that the people
who make $15
per hour make
too much
1 month ago