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Standard eBooks just released an eBook of Metropolis. It's free & legal.

Set in a futuristic dystopian city, Metropolis revolves around the stark divide between the affluent ruling class, who reside in luxurious skyscrapers above ground, and the oppressed working class laboring in dismal conditions below. The city is run by the powerful Joh Fredersen, who oversees the vast industrial complex that sustains the city. The plot takes a dramatic turn when Joh Fredersen’s son, Freder, discovers the harsh reality of the workers’ plight and becomes determined to bridge the gap between the two classes.

As Freder delves deeper into the city’s secrets, he encounters Maria, a compassionate woman advocating for workers’ rights. The plot thickens as the city faces the impending threat of rebellion from the oppressed laborers. Joh Fredersen, driven by his desire to maintain control, enlists the help of the brilliant scientist Rotwang to develop a humanoid robot with Maria’s likeness. The robot is intended to manipulate and control the workers, escalating tensions and leading to a dramatic climax that explores themes of class struggle, technology, and the consequences of unchecked industrialization.

Metropolis was first serialized in the German magazine Das illustrierte Blatt in 1926 and published as a book by August Scherl Verlag that same year. Von Harbau also wrote the screenplay for the groundbreaking film of the same name directed by her husband, Fritz Lang. Both the novel and the film were developed simultaneously, with the screenplay closely following the narrative of the novel.

#free #ebook #Metropolis #dystopia #fiction #scifi

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I would like to share that my #ebooks will be promoted on the #SmashwordsEoYSale from December 25 to January 1.

Complete list :

#Smashwords #ebook #writer #writersofmastodon

heise Security
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Humble Book Bundle "Hacking" bietet bis zu 18 Bücher und unterstützt die EFF

Die Bücher aus dem US-Verlag "No Starch Press" decken ein Themenspektrum von Social Engineering bis Hardware-Hacking ab. Im Humble Bundle sind sie gebündelt.

#eBook #Hacking #Security #news

Jeremy P. Boggess
7 hours ago

"something is happening worldwide. - threshold of current society and maybe."



Free eBook WorldWide:

Free eBook USA:

#freeebook #freeebooks #ebook #ebooks

Matthew Loxton
7 hours ago

For the next five days, you can get three #eBook volumes of "The Screw Turns" for FREE, and two at reduced prices

Slightly #noire #shortstory collections for readers who enjoy the inevitability of the Greek tragedy, but want some modern technical details of how a bad act can lead to a gruesome end. They are kindred spirits to "The Monkey's Paw" and "Final Destination" - a little bit Roald Dahl, a hint of Hitchcock, and a sprinkle of a coroner's report.


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New #ebook @gutenberg_org: The Spanish farm by Ralph Hale Mottram

Project Gutenberg New Books
7 hours ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Laulu vaakalinnusta by P. Mustapää

Poesie und Prosa
13 hours ago

die @mikropoesie wird als online-anthologie zunächst einmal im jahr erscheinen. sie soll über eine pdf-version dann auch ausdruckbar und auf papier oder als #ebook lesbar sein. #Literatur #Poesie #Prosa

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New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Fifteen years of a dancer's life by Loie Fuller

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
16 hours ago

@johnshirley2024 @genehack N.B. #Amazon’s current “Send to #Kindle” system no longer accepts MOBI files but *does* accept EPUB:

So you probably can offer just one #eBook format.

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New #ebook @gutenberg_org: The influence of Greek ideas and usages upon the Christian church by Edwin Hatch

Project Gutenberg New Books
17 hours ago
John Shirley
23 hours ago

Okay so NOW this FREE cyberpunk collection (which is so old you can see on the cover that it was only $3.50 for a paperback copy), is available as an #ebook download (FREE, I said!) as well as just opening it to read on your device. If you want it in that format, you can go there and try out the two ebook download systems it's offered on, let me know if it's not working.

#ebooks #scifi #sff

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New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Egalité des hommes et des femmes by Marie de Gournay and Horace Walpole

Project Gutenberg New Books
1 day ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Jeunesse, suivi du cœur des ténèbres by Joseph Conrad

Project Gutenberg New Books
1 day ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: The love-affairs of the Condés by H. Noel Williams

Project Gutenberg New Books
1 day ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Nurhosen jälk. & Kumpp. by Antti Saarela

Project Gutenberg New Books
1 day ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Answer, please answer by Ben Bova

Project Gutenberg New Books
1 day ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Boy meets dyevitza by Robert F. Young

Project Gutenberg New Books
1 day ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Through time and space With Benedict Breadfruit by Grandall Barretton

Project Gutenberg New Books
1 day ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: The last days of the captain by Kate Wilhelm

Kat Kimbriel
1 day ago

Happy book birthday to THE RENEGADE DRAGON by Irene Radford! It's one of the Dragon Nimbus History stories. Now at Book View Cafe and other venues.

*The casualties of war must also include those who are left behind during a retreat.*

#bookstodon @bookstodon #fantasy #ebook #dragons #witches #BookViewCafe

[ALT TEXT: THE RENEGADE DRAGON, The Dragon Nimbus History #3, by Irene Radford. "The casualties of war must also include those who are left behind during a retreat."]

[ALT DESCRIPTION: The book cover shows deep blue night. In the front, the head and shoulders of a beautiful woman with white hair are glowing with magic. Behind her looms a huge black dragon with orange eyes, holding a glowing green nimbus in its claw.]
Márton Salomváry
1 day ago

So I broke my #Kindle, quite literally. What now? I hate #Amazon and #DRM but everyone else does that.

Should I buy a new #ebook reader or go back to printed #books ?

Two use cases where my Kindle was invaluable: reading while traveling, reading while my wife is sleeping next to me.

Thomas Rabenstein
1 day ago

🇫🇷 🇨🇦 NEBULAR Recueil 15: L ’Alliance de Clebs
Épisodes 59 à 61
Avant-Propos: 10 juillet 2128
Quelques jours se sont écoulés depuis la rencontre avec l’Ambassadrice de Neurotim, et la renaissance inquiétante de Maya Ivanova en tant que clone créé par O’zeris et conditionné par l’ennemi inconnu venu d’Andromède a choqué tous les responsables de l’Union Solaire. Ce qui a été jusqu’à présent négligé au milieu de la confusion générale est l’éloignement du Génorant de son antique façon de faire. Si le géant à la peau verdâtre se voit déjà dans le rôle de futur régent de la Voie Lactée une fois l’Humanité éteinte, il semblerait que l’Ambassadrice se contente de propos plus modérés, montrant sa confiance en indiquant qu’un évènement dévastateur pour la galaxie se produira bientôt.
Les choses demeurent cependant peu claires puisque personne ne sait s’il s’agit là d’une ruse visant à déstabiliser un peu plus la situation en semant la confusion parmi les responsables de l’Union, un consensus existant néanmoins au niveau des états-majors sur le fait que, en aucun cas, Neurotim ne peut être considéré comme un interlocuteur digne de confiance.
Magda Arkroïd, qui pour sa part n’est au courant de rien de tout cela, s’impose une mission qui la touche par son côté émotionnel, et qui la mènera aux limites de ce qu’elle pourra supporter. Ce n’est pas la Guerre Éternelle qui la fait bouger, mais avant tout, ses craintes concernant son père et tous ses chers compagnons. Durant ces tristes jours, Amura sera son soutien, sa conseillère et son amie, tandis que durant sa quête des Archives de l’Éternité, elle découvrira que sa mission de sauvetage la ramènera inévitablement à une époque où d’autres pouvoirs que la Fraternité Galactique régnaient sur la Voie Lactée, l’un d’entre eux étant l ’Alliance de Clebs.
#nebularserie #sciencefiction #spaceopera #canada #quebec #france #français #kindle #kobo #applebooks #googleplaystore #android #autorenleben #selfpublisher #iOs #ebook #epub3
Amazon FR:
Amazon CA:

Couverture: NEBULAR Recueil 15: L ’Alliance de Clebs
G. Wells Taylor
1 day ago

#FREE #eBOOK #Giveaway #Scifi #Horror THE VARIANT EFFECT SERIES Book One SKIN EATERS is available at your favorite online bookstore, and as "no strings attached" direct download @GWellsTaylor (Click link in bio.)

Andrzej Wąsowski🌻🕊️☑️
1 day ago

Just noticed that Springer runs a sales on the ebook edition of book:

It's about 7 EUR an electronic copy, depending where you pay VAT.

I don't know how long this will last, but it is likely black friday or cyber week related.

#dlsdesign #blackfriday #cyberweek #ebook
cc: @tberger

The yellow book cover with some pop-art geese
John Shirley
2 days ago

Good cyberpunk touch for cybermonday. A *free* book pirated by its authors. For many years in print, we decided to allow it to be free online...

The MIRRORSHADES cyberpunk story collection, the original, with stories by William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, Greg Bear, Lew Shiner, Marc Laidlaw, Pat Cadigan, Bruce Sterling, Tom Maddox, Paul Di Filippo , James Patrick Kelly, and, yes, me--

#scifi #sff #ebook #books #ebook #ebooks

Did I mention it's free?

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2 days ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Bits from Blinkbonny by John Strathesk

Project Gutenberg New Books
2 days ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Lettres de voyage by Rudyard Kipling

Project Gutenberg New Books
2 days ago
Project Gutenberg New Books
2 days ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: The willow weaver and seven other tales by Michael Wood

Project Gutenberg New Books
2 days ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Pakenevien parissa by Marja Salmela

Project Gutenberg New Books
2 days ago
Project Gutenberg New Books
2 days ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: A collection of Latin maxims & rules, in law and equity by Peter Halkerston

Magst du eintauchen in andere Welten zu früheren Zeiten?

Erlebe umfangreich recherchierte (Zeit-)Geschichte in spannungsgeladenen Romanen und Familiengeheimnissen. Verfolge große Gefühle und dunkle Geheimnisse, Liebe, Freundschaft und mehr

als #Ebook und #Taschenbuch

Ihr wisst ja: LESEN MACHT SCHÖN!

#Buch #Lesen #Buchtipp #Geschichte #Herstory #history

"Als sie das Leben träumten"
2 days ago

📌 Every week, we highlight an #openaccess #ebook or #journal from our collection. This week’s pick:

➡️ New issue of Krisis


Krisis is an open access journal for contemporary philosophy that publishes contributions that employ philosophy in understanding current societal, cultural and political developments 🌍📰🔍🤔. It's published by University of Groningen Press (UGP).

#librarycollection #openscience #philosophy #society #politics #culture #UGP

Black and white image displaying the journal title 'Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy'
Project Gutenberg New Books
2 days ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Peck's Bad Boy in an airship by George W. Peck

Project Gutenberg New Books
3 days ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: An open verdict, Volume 2 (of 3) by M. E. Braddon

Project Gutenberg New Books
3 days ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: The Cambridge natural history, Vol. 04 (of 10) by Sir A. E. Shipley, D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, Walter Frank Raphael Weldon, and Henry Woods

Rabi'a Elizabeth
6 days ago

I hear there will be an #eBook giveaway with this campaign! Follow #ReadPalestine and Insha Allah I'll use it to post more about the campaign next week.

"#Publishers for #Palestine is a global solidarity collective of more than 300 publishers. 

Join us November 29 - December 5 for #ReadPalestine week."

#Books #Reading



6 days ago

To assist you in your Black Friday rituals, I offer the eBooks of Water Against Chaos and The Amulet and the Dragon for less than 4 of your local currency units for both.


Paolo Melchiorre
1 week ago

Calibre 7.0 has been released 📚
The major features are:
- Category notes
- Audio EPUB books
- Store extra data files
- Private Recycle Bin
- Python minimum version 3.8
#Calibre #eBook #ePub #Python

Project Gutenberg New Books
1 week ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: The whirlwind by Eden Phillpotts

Robert Kingett
1 week ago

😀! Publisher gave the green light to have the expanded version of Off the Grid as a #CreativeCommons license EBook, but the print and audio will be standard copyright! YAY! #Publishing #EBook

Beneath Ceaseless Skies
1 week ago

BCS #396 ebook is out early today @WeightlessBooks & Kindle Store and for subscribers, featuring stories of mothers trying to look out for their children amongst interlopers lupine or fey by @aimeeogden and @jennyrae Rappaport, behind new cover art by Michal Kváč.
#fantasy #sff #shortstory #litmag #ebook

1 week ago

Aaaaaa me he comprado un ebook en penguin y sólo me lo deja leer en app o en web. Cómo lo paso al kindle?!?!

#ayuda #ebook #penguin #kindle

Luego que si la gente piratea... 1ª vez que tengo problemas con la compra de ebooks. De normal los.puedo descargar sin problemas desde el email de conpra. Esto es inaudito!!!

Your Pal Cal
1 week ago

Is there a good, free #ebook reader -slash- #ereader program out there? I have a couple of files I’d like to open but don’t want to muck with kindle

Project Gutenberg New Books
1 week ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: The silent invaders by Calvin M. Knox

Project Gutenberg New Books
1 week ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Second chance by Mrs. Robert Hoskins

Project Gutenberg New Books
1 week ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Hang head, vandal by Mark Clifton

Rich Rubin
1 week ago

The Challenges of Being Me is a contemporary young adult #novel coming out on December 1st. This is a coming of age story dealing with the challenges of not knowing who you are, yet still supposed to project confidence about yourself to those around you.

I’m excited about this book coming out and would love for you to join me on this journey

Amazon link: @bookstodon #bookblogger #writingcommunity #authors #bookstodon #books #selfpromo #ebook #readercommunity #readers

If you've been thinking about reading #TheAlgorithmWillSeeYouNow, it's only $0.99 on #kindle for one more day!

#ebook #deal #books #bookstodon #thriller #AI #MedMastodon

Mockup graphic of the book The Algorithm Will See You Now by JL Lycette with caption "Last Day" and subheader "$0.99 on Kindle"
Marine :autismcreature:
1 week ago

My Black Friday Sale starts in 10ish hours!

Have you been wanting to make a fansite but actually... what do you put on a fansite? What sort of things do you put on there? Where do I get fun graphics? How do I set up an RSS feed? How do I export my twitter threads?

Good news, I wrote a book on that!



#indieAuthor #OldWeb #Fansite #AuthorsOfMastodon #BlackFriday #indieCreator #Fandom

Book cover for Let's Make a Fansite and Populate it!
1 week ago

📌 Every week, we highlight an #openaccess #ebook or #journal from our collection. This week’s pick:

➡️ New issue of Historica


Historica is an academic and peer-reviewed Dutch-language journal for anyone interested in gender history 👩🏽‍🦱🧑🏼‍🦳👩🏻‍🦰👩🏿‍🦲🧑🏼‍🦱. It's published by University of Groningen Press (UGP).

#librarycollection #openscience #humanities #gender #history #feminisme #UGP

Cover image of Historica magazine featuring a 1932 monochrome photograph of Theresia Theodora Johanna Maria (Trees) Cikot, one of the first female notaries in the Netherlands.
History Shapes
1 week ago

Black Soup: the pig's blood delight from ancient Sparta. Turns out, not many other ancient (or modern) peoples agreed...🤢

Read this excerpt from the History Shapes Cookbook, out now:

The #DRM free #Ebook is pay-whatever-feels-good, and greatly supports the cartoon ❤️


#Histodons #History #Greece #Sparta #Spartan #Ancient #DidYouKnow #FoodHistory #DYK #TIL #TodayILearned #Comedy #Cartoons #MastoArt

Dom, a purple diamond, triumphantly thrusts a spoon in the air with a crazed look. He is dressed like a Spartan and holds a spear in his other hand. 

In front of him sits a pot of steaming soup made with blood, and pig parts float at the top. Blood is everywhere around, and smeared on Dom's face.
Juliet E McKenna
2 weeks ago

UK Kindle ebook daily deal alert - Naomi Alderman's The Power is on offer for 99p today. If you haven't read it yet, snap it up! Highly recommended read.

#SFF #SF #books #ebook #Bookstodon

Project Gutenberg New Books
2 weeks ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Mr. Replogle's dream by Evelyn E. Smith

History Shapes
2 weeks ago

Think you're tough? If you’re not pounding frosty pints of Cock Ale, think again, wimp. 🍺

Cock Ale was a type of beer fermented with the bones and meat of a rooster, along with spices and other aromatics for a little kick. 🐔

Read more with this excerpt from The History Shapes Cookbook, out now:

@histodons @bookstodon

#History #Histodons #Bookstodon #Ebook #DRMFree #NoDRM #FoodHistory #Comedy #Recipe #EnglishHistory #UKHistory #Beer #BeerHistory #Cartoon

A recipe card for Cock Ale. Morgan, a green oval, wears a hat from the 1600s and stomps a rooster down into a beer barrel. Illustrated ingredients are listed.

Copy reads:
Cock Ale
England, circa 1670s CE

    8 gallons ale
    1 large cock
    2 qts. sack
    1 lb. dates
    4 lbs. raisins
    2 nutmegs
    2 cloves
    4 flakes mace

    Take one large cock; the older the better.
    Properly caw and gut the bird.
    Grind the cock down with a mortar, making sure to split the bones. If you are using a live cock, skip these first steps and proceed to steps below.
    Place cock in a canvas bag, along with your raisins, nutmeg, cloves, mace, and dates.
    Set aside two quarts of the finest sack (fortified wine).
    Take eight gallons of partially-fermented ale and pour into a 10-gallon cask.
    Lower the cock bag, add your sack into the cask and seal.
    When fermentation is complete, unseal cask, remove cock bag and strain ale to remove particulates.
    Bottle and serve. Drink to absorb the characteristics of a cock.
2 weeks ago

The General's Gift by Omayra Velez is available to buy pre-sale over at Smashwords today. That's two days before it fully launches on Friday!

It's book 2.5 in Velez's The Vanquishers Of Alhambra series.

Take a look! 💜

#ebook #DRMfree

Project Gutenberg New Books
2 weeks ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: Dogs as home companions by Albert Frederick Hochwalt

Fab :verifiedpurple:
2 weeks ago

Any good #cybersecurity #books to recommend? Especially from #NoStarch publisher (or any DRM free #ebook ) ?

#infosec #books

2 weeks ago

📌 Every week, we highlight an #openaccess #ebook or #journal from our collection. This week’s pick:

➡️ Zeitschrift für philosophische Literatur (ZfphL) @zfphl


It's a peer-reviewed open access journal for German-language reviews of philosophical literature.
ZfphL is published by University of Groningen Press.

#librarycollection #openscience #humanities #philosophy #review #literature #AcademicPublishing #Philosophie #Rezension

A monochrome image of a cat perched on a pile of books
Project Gutenberg New Books
3 weeks ago

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: A study of mushrooms and mushroom spawn by Edward H. Jacob

River J. Hopkins
4 weeks ago

And you can find the sequel here! The paperback version isn't ready yet, but it will be soon, if you'd rather hold off:

#FediBookFair #TheOutcrossedSeries #UnderTheWolfMoon #DarkFantasy #DisabledAuthor #eBook #eBooks #Books
#author #WritersOfMastodon #writing #WritingCommunity #bookstodon #IndieAuthor
@authorindiespeak @writingcommunity

After Oli goes through a portal into the Forgotten Forest, her brother is left behind to answer to the Steward of the Limmikin Throne. And as she makes her way through the strange new world and beyond, she discovers new truths about her family—including the existence of a long lost sibling. Once reunited in their own realm, the Locklears make a pact to find out what their parents have been hiding from them.

Meanwhile, other players are moving across the board. Evienne and Merys worry what it means that they can't divine any possible futures in their realm. Beth, an Ageless vigilante is in town seeking answers. An Unseelie spy has infiltrated the Pack. Then there's the return of an old friend—or enemy, depending on your point of view. In secret, Veda practices with her powers with varying results, and Harper begins to see things she shouldn't.

With new allies and foes on both sides, it's a race to find the Four Treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann. If Oli and the Pack can get their hands on all of them, they may just have a chance at stopping the walls between realities from breaking down. And as the Outcrossed untangle their own pasts, the Shadow Queen is readying her forces for an invasion, and she's enlisted the help of a very old enemy who has no other choice but to take up her quest. But when the wolf moon rises over Birch Hollow, they'll all find out who is truly in control of the fate of the multiverse.
John Shirley
4 weeks ago


My newest story collection, available as paperback and #ebook

"In the brooding precincts of dark fiction, Byronic gangster John Shirley's writing is distinguished by swans and knives of style; divine menace. Twenty of his finest stories are gathered in this volume of poetic distress calls and whether horror, artful heresy, or a cosmos seeping bleak karma, Shirley's visions autopsy and awaken." - Richard Christian Matheson #horror #scifi

C. R. Collins
4 weeks ago


Somewhere far away, the improbable planet of Ardonna orbits its massive sun, along with three wayward moons, harboring an eclectic mix of life forms.

These are their tales.

For more information, including vendor and direct buy links, and maps, visit my site:

#Fantasy #HopePunk #FoundFamily #RomanticFantasy #Polyamory #Dragons #Trees #Magic #Adventure #FirstPersonPOV #Ebook

Tales of Ardonna book tree with its three levels of book covers, descending from earliest to latest timeline.
On the top branches, pointing left, are Mage Era books. River’s Roar is currently the only one
The middle branches, pointing right, are for Dragon Age books. Song of Jade: Red Wolf, the newest release, is there
The lowest branches, sprawling in the center of the tree, holds the Modern Era. The Woodspell trilogy is here, and the first sequel, Chasing Sunset, on the trunk beneath. Lower, and to its right, is a midnight blue placeholder with the words: Launching January 2024
1 month ago


I am pleased to announce a new version of my "Understanding JavaScript RegExp" ebook. This book will help you learn JavaScript Regular Expressions step-by-step from beginner to advanced levels with hundreds of examples and exercises.


* PDF/EPUB versions: (free till 05-Nov-2023)

* Web version:

* Markdown source, exercise solutions, etc:

* Short video about the book:

I would highly appreciate it if you'd let me know how you felt about this book. It could be anything from a simple thank you, pointing out a typo, mistakes in code snippets, which aspects of the book worked for you (or didn't!) and so on. Reader feedback is essential and especially so for self-published authors.

Happy learning :)

#JavasScript #regex #ebook

Cover image for my "Understanding JavaScript RegExp" ebook. Features a colorful dragon.
Michal Bryxí 🌱
1 month ago

#Ebook fans: Which of these platforms will allow me to buy a DRM (or generally vendor-lock-in) free ebook purchase? #Kindle / #Nook / #Kobo / #ibooks

Ebook available now on: kindle, nook, kobo, ibooks.
Form with pills for individual sections available.
1 month ago

Today I'm happy to announce I've published a new #story in the same universe of the previous one. It's available in #French at the same place :blobfoxthumbsup: (English version will arrive later)

Aujourd'hui je suis content de vous annoncer la publication d'une nouvelle #histoire située dans le même univers que la précédente. Elle est disponible en #francais aux mêmes endroits :blobfoxthumbsup:

#ebook #writing #ecriture

Earth, Wind and Wire🌪️
1 month ago

@cyberlyra @pluralistic @Incognitim @ohthehugemanatee I hope I didn't overlook this in the replies: #Boox is a solid choice. It's android, although the versions differ by device. Still, you can read anything with the standard ebook reader that it ships with. #ebook

See, and the subreddit for Onyx_Boox is excellent, too.

1 month ago


the 📖 #eBook 💎 "Crystal Programming" is part of the current @humble Bundle #programming bundle:

If you waited to get this book on #CrystalLang: now is the time!

Crystal Programming

Key Features The book uses an example-based approach for a better demonstration of the underlying concepts  Develop a thorough appreciation of the roles of the macro API and annotations  Leverage supportive tools – spec, documentation, deployment, and automation Who this book is forDevelopers who want to learn Crystal programming or anyone looking to improve their ability to solve real-world problems using the language will find this book helpful. Experience in application development using any other programming language is expected. However, prior knowledge of Crystal is not required.
1 month ago

Livres numériques, médias audiovisuels et #accessibilité : ce que prévoit la Directive européenne (UE) 2019-882.

Découvrez notre résumé des nouvelles obligations légales du secteur et comment vous y conformer.


#a11y #RGAA #réglementation #ebook #SVoD

Eric Johnson, Author
1 month ago

The Trials of Baromir (Tales of Baromir series)
In this fantasy story, Baromir goes on vacation for two weeks. He goes on adventures with a dwarf looking for a fight, a female mage, and a dragon who disguises himself as an elf.


#bookstodon #selfpromo #SFF #booklover #fantasy
#Books #Ebook #Readers #readercommunity #Ebooks #fantasybook
#readersofmastodon #SFFBooks #paperback #LGBTQ

The Trials of Baromir (Tales of Baromir series)
In this fantasy story, Baromir goes on vacation for two weeks. He goes on adventures with a dwarf looking for a fight, a female mage, and a dragon who disguises himself as an elf.
History Shapes
2 months ago

Howdy, all :mastodon:

I'm mert, an indie cartoonist on the Fediverse. I wrote and illustrated The History Shapes Cookbook, which is out now 💥

It's a 24 page, full-color ebook with gross and strange foods from history written out like recipes. You can read a preview here:

Life is rough for everyone right now, so the cost is "pay whatever feels good."

Boost (wildly) appreciated 🙏

#History #Histodons #FoodHistory #Cooking #Ebook #FediBookFair

A graphic promoting the History Shapes Cookbook. It features an iPad laying on a couch sitting on top of a smart cover. The screen shows the cover of the book, which features all nine shape characters surrounding a bubbling cauldron.

Headline reads: The History Shapes Cookbook - Bygone breakfasts, lost lunches, and disturbing dinners forgotten by time.

Copy at the bottom reads: The worst cookbook in history. 24 FULL COLOR pages featuring 9 strange recipes from the past. PAY WHAT FEELS GOOD.
2 months ago

The household for which I do tech requires an additional #ereader

What's a good one?


* Not locked to any seller of ebooks, and not connected to an account with anyone.

* will be used with calibre to read #DRMfree #ebooks #ebook

* large hi-res #eink screen

* not too annoyingly slow at page turns and searches and UI

* happy/prefer to buy used so need not be a current model

* if possible servicable and repairable

suggestions please!

please boost if appropriate to your followers!

#kindle #kobo #nook

@aral @joeycastillo +1 even if the name isn't that original...

But yea a cheap and ooensources #eBook reader is nifty and I really could use that one.

Maybe I've to see if I can find one with #EL (#LEC) or warm-white #LED backlight that one could turn on/off.

Maybe even add an amber / green backlight to it?

A night light based off light emitting capacitor (LEC) technology which draws less than 0,1W @ 230V AC from the wall...

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En cas de besoin mon #tuto éprouvé (sous #Windows uniquement hélas)

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avec un point levé qui brise les chaines d'un livre ouvert
2 months ago

Ya puedes conseguir "EL PLANETA DE PAPEL Capítulos 1 y 2" Una historieta autobiográfica de humor comprimida y fácil de leer. Desde que nací un día cualquiera de 1976 en Barcelona hasta finales de los años 80 ya en Madrid.

No lo hice para vender lo hice para mi pero igual también está a la venta 😅 🤗

Enlace al libro

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Portada de mi libro autobiográfico titulado El planeta de papel.
Imagen del libro en una de las páginas interiores.
Una página del cómic "El planeta de papel" donde me imagino que estoy pilotando una pedazo de nave flipante mientras me mira una chica.
Mark A. Rayner
2 months ago

Hey, if you enjoy dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction, there's 20 free reads here, including The Fridgularity -- my satire about a web-enabled fridge taking over the world!

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