Rewilding Magazine
8 hours ago

"#California and the country should bring back a #redwood landscape, not just groves.

"Save the Redwoods League calls for protection and #restoration of 800,000 acres, representing half the remaining 1.6 million.

"They estimate that over 300,000 acres are already in some sort of #conservation status, so an additional 500,000 acres need protection.

"We should do it."

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Paula Borchardt
8 hours ago

In today’s blog post I shared my Perpetual Journal art of a Bobcat & a Coyote, plus described a standoff between a Bobcat & 2 Coyotes that we saw in our Tucson, AZ yard!

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Curtis "Ovid" Poe
9 hours ago

Bacteria which eat plastic sounds like something we desperately need.

But what happens when it invetably escapes into the wild and starts eating the plastic we currently use?

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11 hours ago

I missed the memo when this came out a few weeks ago: 23-AUG-2023
Scientists solve mystery of why thousands of octopus migrate to deep-sea thermal springs
MBARI’s advanced technology offers new insight into the “#OctopusGarden” off Central California, the largest aggregation of octopus on Earth.

#science #cephalopods #MarineBiology #octopus #ecology

It's official: @mathonco receives $10.4 Million to Develop Treatment Strategies to Overcome Drug Resistance in Lung Cancer. Happy to be project leader with friend and college Andriy Marusyk in a grant led by @sandy and Bob Gatenby. #Cancer #Evolution #Ecology$10.4-million-to-develop-treatment-strategies-to-overcome-drug-resistance-in-lung-cancer

Trying to infer biotic interactions from species co-occurrence? Re-upping this paper that shows it's complicated...

#ecology #biogeography #ecopubs


There is a rich amount of information in co-occurrence (presence–absence) data that could be used to understand community assembly. This proposition first envisioned by Forbes (1907) and then Diamond (1975) prompted the development of numerous modelling approaches (e.g. null model analysis, co-occurrence networks and, more recently, joint species distribution models). Both theory and experimental evidence support the idea that ecological interactions may affect co-occurrence, but it remains unclear to what extent the signal of interaction can be captured in observational data. It is now time to step back from the statistical developments and critically assess whether co-occurrence data are really a proxy for ecological interactions. In this paper, we present a series of arguments based on probability, sampling, food web and coexistence theories supporting that significant spatial associations between species (or lack thereof) is a poor proxy for ecological interactions. We discuss appropriate interpretations of co-occurrence, along with potential avenues to extract as much information as possible from such data.
13 hours ago

Ecologists use satellite images to predict wheat yield with 98% accuracy via satellite imagery

"Low crop yields are usually associated with disturbances in agro-climatic conditions, improper or untimely tillage, diseases, and pests. Laboratory analyses require a lot of time and equipment, and cannot provide a complete spatial picture. To solve the problem of yield instability we need new approaches. One of them is satellite monitoring."


13 hours ago

Excellent video. Still having trouble with wi-fi, but I'd rather watch you on peertube anyday and support you there as well as support peertube
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Carl T. Bergstrom
1 day ago

Here's a great job opportunity for somebody. The U Penn department of biology is hiring a tenure track assistant professor position in the broad area of #ecology

Flipboard Science Desk
1 day ago

Scientists will unleash an army of crabs to help save Florida’s dying reef.

Vox reports: "The key is in the crabs’ diets: These critters consume enormous quantities of seaweed, also known as macro algae. Algae has been choking reefs throughout the world and especially in Florida."

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2 days ago

Today in Labor History September 27, 1962: Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring was published, ushering in the modern environmental movement and the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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Cover of the first edition, with yellow title against a green background. By, Fair use,
Max, an ant whisperer
2 days ago

Folks on #HRT, I have a revelation.
You have been lied to when you were told you were using hormones. By definition, hormones are produced by your body. When this signal molecules are produced by another member of your species, then we call them pheromones. It really doesn't matter if they're the exact same molecules.
I think it's pretty cool to think that you're using pheromones.
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2 days ago

"According to the research, earthworms contribute to 6.5% of the worldwide grain yield, which is roughly equivalent to the annual cereal grain production of Russia, the fourth-largest producer globally." worm power!

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Silver Dory
2 days ago

Caladenia orchids in forest west of the Ulladulla, NSW. Probably ticking more C. carnea (pink fingers) boxes than anything else encountered along the coast on this trip north. Several other Caladenias nearby were probably closer to C. hilmanii - but all flowers at this location were slightly different.

#Orchids #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField #Caladenias

Caladenia orchids west of the Ulladulla, NSW - spring 2023.

.@alexwild should like this - native plant restoration person mentioning that we need ants to be part of habitat restoration. #Botany #Ecology

Your loved one did enough damage to the planet while they were alive, don’t fuck it over again by buggering up fragile ecosystems with their ashes — there’s a love…


3 days ago

About a million animals are killed on roads every day in the U.S., and globally that number is much higher.

Author Ben Goldfarb’s latest book, “Crossings: How Road Ecology is Shaping the Future of our Planet,” details the problem of roads. He joins Mongabay’s podcast to discuss the havoc they have wreaked upon the natural world and the wildlife-friendly solutions that are now emerging.

by @MikeDiGirolamo

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5 days ago

How climate warming could disrupt a deep-rooted relationship
Researchers from Syracuse University and the University of Minnesota find that warming trends will likely result in major disturbances of networks of fungi potentially harming forest resilience

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5 days ago

#TinyEcosystems #ecology #azolla #permaculture #gardening #plants @plants

today's tiny ecosystem is a towering azolla forest that lives in a bucket of water.

azolla is an aquatic fern. on the #farm, it can be used as green mulch & as supplemental animal feed.

it can take over a pond, so i keep dedicated azolla buckets where it can form a 3D mat that can even climb the sides of the bucket!

it can multiply very quickly from even a few pieces. it seems to prefer shade.

closeup on one of my azolla buckets where the azolla has gone vertical
same azolla bucket, but from farther away.
5 days ago

2022's features in #CurrentBiology now in the #OpenArchives (15/24): As #DeepSeaMining is moving closer to becoming industrial practice, I've had another look at the impact on marine ecosystems, including this time the noise issue. #science #ProseAndPassion #ecology #MarineBiology

Photo of a polymetallic nodule of the kind which are found on the seafloor at depths between four and six kilometres and which are becoming the target of planned seafloor mining operations. Formerly known as manganese nodules, they also contain cobalt, nickel, copper and rare earth metals. (Photo: James St. John/Flickr (CC BY 2.0).)
Christophe Neff
6 days ago

I will present my fieldwork in Azores on Wednesday 27.07.2023 in #Horta at the #Okeanos department of the University of the Azores:
“Capelo mon amour” -
Fajã Grande, #Flores, #Capelo, #Faial 1999 – 2023
24 ans de recherches écologiques et géographiques aux #Açores
24 anos de investigação ecológica e geográfica nos Açores
24 years of #ecological and #geographical research in the #Azores #FajãGrande #geography #geographie #Macaronesia #ecology #fieldecology @geography

“Capelo mon amour” -
Fajã Grande, Flores, Capelo, Faial 1999 – 2023
24 anos de investigação ecológica e geográfica nos Açores
Marc Robinson-Rechavi
6 days ago

Last week to apply for the open position @dee_unil for a professor in Evolutionary Ecology! Assistant prof level, associate prof possible. #Ecology #Evolution #ecoevo #TenureTrack

Gif illustrating the fields studied at Lausanne department of ecology and evolution: fish in water, equations, ant, Petri dish with microbes, flower bud, owl
Silver Dory
6 days ago

Conospermum (smokebush) in coastal heathland near Jervis Bay, NSW. A lot of different forms of the well named variable smokebush - Conospermum taxifolium - out at this location and further south near Ulladulla.

Conospermum are one of the lower profile NSW Proteaceae (compared to Waratahs, Grevilleas and Bankias growing nearby!) and not as showy as some of the more well known WA species. But still interesting when in flower. Unfortunately Conospermum are generally difficult to propagate and not often stocked by nurseries.

#Conospermum #Proteaceae #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Conospermum (smokebush) in coastal heathland near Jervis Bay, NSW
Conospermum (smokebush) in coastal heathland near Jervis Bay, NSW
Sabrina Schalz, PhD
6 days ago

Really happy to share that I passed my PhD viva today! 🥳

I studied eavesdropping on speech in wild carrion crows in the UK, you can read the main paper here:

#academicchatter @academicchatter @phdstudents #ecology

Greg Dance
1 week ago


On Easter Island there are the stone heads that remain as if grave stones of a race that destroyed its ecology in pursuit of its beliefs, & so ended its own civilisation.

Sunak & the Tories are the high priests of a similarly obsessed belief system that will destroy ours!

#history #capitalism #climate #ecology #emergency #sunak #truss

Molecular Ecology
1 week ago

Please RT!

⌛️ 2 weeks left to apply!

We offer a 4-year PhD-position @Mol_Ecol
with a focus on #ants

Announcement & application:

Info on Working Group:

#ecology #evolution #Austria

People with gardens should be obliged to keep a percentage of their land planted with trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and plants, not just grass.
We should also make it a rule not to "maintain" everything, to leave wild areas.

When you have the privilege of "having" a piece of nature for yourself, you have a duty to keep it habitable for other living species.

(I say this because the neighbours have razed almost all the land next door).