Antti Peltola
17 minutes ago

Hello fellow #Emacs users.

Interview with an Emacs Enthusiast in 2023 [Colorized]:

#Editor #Lisp #OrgMode #Magit #Evil

Drake Blue
1 day ago

More playing about with interpreting strings, this time added through the editor - i.e. no tokens. It's "not-really-scripting".

I have a few tokens left still so hoping I can add a little bit of "API" so that I can make Oust's caverns more interesting. The video is pretty proof concept, of course, but I still had to rush through to the kitchen to explain to the gf when it finally worked and now you can nod and smile at it too! Backing away optional.

#pico8 #indiedev #editor

OustEd, editor for Oust, is used to tweak a crude script added to an object in a test level. This is saved then Oust is started in the same cavern level and a portion of the wall appears and disappears along with a particle effect depending on where the ship flies.
Mark W. Gabby-Li
1 day ago

This is more like it! Very happy with this selection and movement setup.

There are just one or two minor changes I would want to make.

After that, next is curve editing mode, and then some cleanup. The prototype has been pretty messy!

#NURBS #GameDev #Editor

Using selection and movement to create characters out of NURBS shapes.

Showcasing moving curves as a shape group and individually, as well as selecting shapes and moving them as a selection group.
2 days ago

Looking for the full path to Kate on Kubuntu 22.04 #kubuntu #editor #filezilla

Jennifer Dinsmore Editorial
2 days ago

There is a golden rule among editors: do no harm. What does this mean? It means we correct grammar and improve flow, and offer suggestions about character or plot, but above all, we work to ensure an author’s voice and vision remain intact.

Learn more about why this is my guiding principle as an #editor:

#AmEditing #Copyeditor #Proofreader #WritingCommunity #EditorsOfMastodon

Mark W. Gabby-Li
3 days ago

Well, this is not really how it's supposed to work, but I guess it's kind of an amusing glitch.

Gotta go to bed. I will continue cleaning this up tomorrow!

#NURBS #Editor #GameDev

A shape and curve editor. Clicking and dragging on shapes duplicates them in white.

There's a glitch where something gets a yellow outline in the middle of the video, then shapes are duplicated again by clicking and dragging.

If you've wondered whether anyone would want to be an #editor for life, take a look at the "Editor for Life" series of posts on BoldFace, the Editors Toronto blog: . Yours truly is the most recent interviewee: .

Jane Turner - SFFH editor
3 days ago

Let's do an intro!

Hello to all #SFFWriters!

I'm Jane and I'm an #editor and #sff fan who loves helping #authors and #writers. I'm always after a new favourite story!

I can help with #Copyediting #developmental #editing, #BetaReading or #Critiques. I also offer #HybridEdits - a mix of developmental and gentle copyediting.

Give me a ping to get a #freesample and find out exactly how I could help you.

Mark W. Gabby-Li
4 days ago

I made quite the detailed design document for how selection was going to work.

This is mostly following it, but naturally I don't like how it feels so I'm considering completely re-working it.

It is nice that there's a clear and easy way to select things that are overlapped by other things.

#GameDev #Editor #NURBS

An editor with shapes.

Video shows selection previews on mouse-over, moving a group and individual shapes within a group, and undoing everything and arriving back at the beginning.
Mark A. Rayner
4 days ago

This is for all my writing toots – if you're working on a manuscript, and you're ready to take things to the next level, then I'd recommend @chayce as an editor.

For example, I just had him do a developmental edit of one of my WIP and he's saved me MONTHS of trying to locate all the story and character issues. But he's great on line editing and proofing too, whatever you need! You can also find him on LinkedIn:

#writingcommunity #writing #editor #WIP #writinglife

old timey writers desk with a manal typewriter on the main desk, glasses of whisky on the shelf above and a stetson hat

Just completed my latest #fantasy novel, City of Onyx.

Very excited by this one. The opening line (and the whole chapter) came to me in the middle of the night in January.

I've spent the last 6 months, getting the story told. One final re-read and check before sending it off to my #editor.

Looking forward to seeing what my #illustrator has designed for its cover.

This is the exciting part of #writing!

6 days ago

Irgendwelche Empfehlungen für einen #Sieve #Script #Editor unter #Linux?

6 days ago

Anyone using #helix editor productively here?

Long-term #neovim user interested to know if it can be a real replacement.

#helixeditor #editor #vim #neovim

Mark W. Gabby-Li 🐌
1 week ago

One more... this is an example of replaying undo history.

#NURBS #Editor #GameDev #Snail #Abstract

A video where an undo history replays, snapping curve shapes into different positions and distortions, ending up with an abstract image of a snail.
Lynne M. Meyer
1 week ago
Tweet by @/ashleynhwarren on Aug 27, 2018:

"I have had an idea for a while that I think would be better served as a collaborative anthology. Essentially, I wanted to write a series of one-shots each centered on a female mythological archetype and the origins of those creatures."

Response tweet by me on Aug. 28, 2018:

“Oh, yes please!” Gif of a little girl with long brown hair standing in a princess-pink and white room. Behind her is a shelf full of sparkling tiaras. She flashes a huge, almost devilish smile that speaks of satisfaction and plans being made.
Screenshot of my Twitter handle, and a just-revised bio that now begins: “Editor @paizo”
Tanya Gold 💕🌈📚
1 week ago

Are you an editor from a background, culture, or community that's been historically underrepresented in publishing?

Want help making your business work better for you?

Then I hope you'll apply for the Diverse Editors for Diverse Books business coaching scholarship. I'm taking applications until June 20.

#editor #edibuddies @edibuddies #DiverseBooks #Scholarship

Open for 2023 scholarship applications until June 20
Business Coaching: A Service for Editors
Take your business to the next level with custom guidance and support

Just wondering if anyone had a good suggestion fair a #blog #post #editor for (Google) platform? I loved the #WindowsLiveWriter but it seems to have died. Suggestions?

1 week ago

#apps #fav #recommending #floss #freesoftware

#Geany - The Flyweight #IDE
«Geany is a powerful, stable and lightweight programmer's #text #editor that provides tons of useful features without bogging down your workflow. It runs on #Linux, #Windows and #macOS is translated into over 40 languages, and has built-in support for more than 50 #programming #languages.» -

Screen capture of Geany customized main window.

PSA: If you’re working on #opensource code, or basically collaborating on #code with anyone, make sure that your #editor or #IDE understands #EditorConfig!

It’s a really helpful way for teams to define basic style settings for the project, which ensures consistent files and reduces unnecessary merge conflicts.

#codestyle #collaboration #editing

Screenshot of an example EditorConfig file.

end_of_line = lf
insert_final_newline = true
charset = utf-8
trim_trailing_whitespace = true

indent_style = tab

indent_size = 2
indent_style = space

indent_size = 4
indent_style = space

indent_style = tab
1 week ago

Hail to Vim and Emacs 😂 🤣

#vim #emacs #editor #code #programming # memes #comics

2 weeks ago

You can now add CDN links to your p5cljs sketches 🥳

#p5 #p5js #js #webeditor #editor #webapp #webdev #cljs #clojurescript

a close up screen shot of the p5 cljs editor where a drop down is clicked, showing the new option 'add cdn link'
Kim Schebler
2 weeks ago

I'm late to the appreciation party, but everyone who works with fiction writers should read Craft in the Real World by Matthew Salesses. There are so many big and important ideas in this book. It challenges our ideas of craft and illuminates how they're tied to culture and power. As an editor who works with magical realism and genre-bending fiction, digesting these ideas will help me better support writers.

#AmReading #AmEditing #MagicalRealism #Speculative #Fiction #Editor #CraftInTheRealWorld

Cover of book, Craft in the Real World: Purple background with coral colored drawing of hand holding pen in the background with white text of title and author overlayed.
2 weeks ago

Hi, all! I've just heard about a terrific ghost/editing opportunity with a Black writer who is very well connected and has at least two books he needs help with. Any #editor/#ghostwriter in here, preferably #BIPOC, who is familiar with race theory and the hip-hop/rap scene want to be connected? Should also be LA based. Please DM me!

#AmEditing #EditingCommunity #BlackJoy #Bookstodon

Well, it's official. WordPress turned into the next myspace...
The more they add to their dumb block editor and how to customize blocks the more I recognize from shitty systems like CU2 and MySpace in terms of customizing profiles (websites) with generic overly complicated shitty code.
#wordpress #blocks #editor

Jane Turner - SFFH editor
2 weeks ago

I'm an #editor because I love stories.

I love escaping into other lives and worlds. And I'm in awe of #authors #writers and #storytellers!

I'm here to help with your stories. Tighten them up, remove the chaff, smooth the flow, and enhance the reader experience – get them coming back for more!

Drop me a line. Let's chat about your project and how I can help you.

#amediting #amwriting #sffh

Metin Seven
2 weeks ago

New AI-based background removal tool:

Right now it's still in beta and free, but looking at the future pricing info it will be very affordable.

#graphics #photo #photography #image #ImageProcessing #tool #tools #tip #tips #feditips #editing #editor

Want to have a good experience when an #editor is working on your #manuscript? These tips from Barbara Gastel—a physician specializing in #biomedical #writing and #editing—will help: #Bookstodon

Niels K.
2 weeks ago

nano-ism: discrimination because of the use of nano #linux #bsd #editor #sysadmin

2 weeks ago

Der #Review Prozess hängt nun schon fast 2 Monate beim #Editor, ohne Rückmeldung und ohne Vorabveröffentlichung des #Manuskript|s auf deren #Preprint Server. Da verlässt man sich einmal auf den Verlag...

Hier also jetzt wieder in Eigenregie auf #arXiv:

"The Complexity of Corporate Culture as a Potential Source of Firm Profit Differentials"

#CorporateCulture #Complexity #Corporations #Firm #Profits #Values #SocialNorms #Norms #Economics #TheoreticalEconomics #RUB

If you'd like to know more about the process of #SelfPublishing an #ebook and a #paperback version of the same #book through #Kindle, you might be interested in this 4-part series of blog posts by longtime #TechnicalWriter and #editor @mikepope: (see links to all 4 parts in that first part). #Bookstodon

Need to find an #editor? There are a great many editors’ associations listed, with links to their websites, on the Networking page of the Copyeditors’ Knowledge Base: . Plenty of those websites contain directories of #freelance editors. #Bookstodon

Hexler Heavy Industries
3 weeks ago

KodeLife #realtime #gpu #shader #editor update out now!

Second part of our major "under the hood" renovation, plus some much requested new basic examples for using audio, MIDI, game controller input and compute. Happy Koding!

P.S.: KodeLife runs natively on the #Valve #SteamDeck - setup instructions (for #TouchOSC only for now) up on the #hexler website ->

#hexler #ios #android #windows #mac #linux #gamedev #creativecoding #developer #shadertoy #kodelife

KodeLife running one of the included example projects on a Valve SteamDeck

It's always lovely to get an email from a #PhysicianResearcher saying that after I edited their #manuscript, it was accepted for publication in a #MedicalJournal. The #author of today's email attached a PDF of the article, which included acknowledgment of my #editing. 😃 #editor #Bookstodon

3 weeks ago

I have always used the editor joe since I learned Linux many years ago.

But I always have to install it since it’s not installed by default.

I’m now looking for another editor to learn/use.

I’m looking for one that’s easy to use, pre-installed on all (or most) *NIX systems (MacOS, Linux, BSD etc).

Which one should I learn?

(I see that both vim and nano is installed by default on MacOS and Debian).

Anyone got any tips?

#Editor #Console #Linux #BSD #MacOS #Unix

3 weeks ago

A rainy day off in Austria - good time to configure my editor of choice (

It took me a while to figure out how to use ruff ( with pylsp ( but there is a plugin (, to use it add to languages.toml

language-server = { command = "pylsp" }
config = { plugins = { ruff = { enabled = true } } }

#editor #helix #python #ruff #lsp

Tanya Gold 💕🌈📚
3 weeks ago

#Edibuddies! I've got news!

I've got a new workshop on exploring "passive" income 🎉

You can get it now 🎉

It's short and self-paced 🎉

It's got loads of photos of my editorial assistants 🦖🦕

There are scholarships available 🎉

Check it out! ⬇

@edibuddies #editors #editor #courses

Rich Lord
4 weeks ago

@Homebrewandhacking Good advice! Deadlines are June 7 for #health and #mentalhealth #reporter #job and June 21 for deputy #editor. #journalism #journalismjobs @publicsource

Mark A. Rayner
4 weeks ago

Typography: it matters!

"Greek Nathan's Yogurthot Dogs (Foot Long)"

#humor #humour #writingcommunity #writing #typography #proofreading #editor #signs #weirdsigns

sign in front of a store that says: "Greek Nathan's Yogurthot Dogs (Foot Long)"

Greek Yogurt | Nathan's Foot Long Hot Dogs
1 month ago

Learn about the whys and hows of inclusive language...on your own time, with loads of information and ideas to explore! I've made parts of the first two weeks available as samples at the course site, if you'd like to find out more :)

@edibuddies @bookstodon @writers #WritingCommunity #Writing #Editor #Editing #AmEditing #WritingAdvice #WritingCraft #Writer #QueerWriters #AmWriting

Photograph of a road surface painted with rainbow stripes, next to the text: Inclusive Language
Explorations; new online course!; asynchronous & on-demand; for curious people who care about the impact of our words;
1 month ago
Okay, it's #introductions time! Hi 👋

I'm Badri, a #writer and #nonfiction #editor at Snipette looking to explore and highlight the interesting aspects of our world 🔦

I also #read a lot, and am always on the lookout for interesting bits of #science, #culture, #history, or #philosophy which come out at some point or other in my articles 👀

I'm also @badrihippo, but this instance, Snipetteville, is a place for all Snipette editors to hang out. We may be talking in private, but if you see a public conversation you're most welcome to join. Feel free to tag me in deep and/or lighthearted #philosophical conversations about aspects of the world 💭

(If you want to write for Snipette, DM me now!)
1 month ago

Would you like to take a little time each week to learn more about inclusive language in lots of different areas? Check out my new course! (And please do boost or otherwise share with folks who might be interested.)

@edibuddies @bookstodon @writers #Editor #Editing #AmEditing #Bookstodon #WritingAdvice #WritingCraft #Writing #InclusiveLanguage

Photograph of a road surface painted with rainbow stripes, next to the text: Inclusive Language
Explorations; new online course!; asynchronous & on-demand; for curious people who care about the impact of our words;
1 month ago

I still like using vim more than I like something fancy like Sublime or VSCode.

Some days I can only justify using GoLand, RubyMine or that kind of very language-specific tool, but I don't enjoy in-betweens too much.

#editor #IDE #vim #sublime #vscode

Yahia Lababidi
1 month ago
Arlyssa D. Becenti
1 month ago

Hello, editors, out there! I’m training as an #editor for our publications daily focus desk. Please share any tips you may have. Thank you! This is really out of my comfort zone.

But, I will also continue reporting on #indigenous affairs in #Arizona.

Daryl Baxter
1 month ago


Hello there. I'm a #writer in #technology and #gaming, and I'm also the author of a book, The Making of #TombRaider.

I've also got a second #book, which is all done, due to come out early 2024.

By day, I'm the Features #Editor at #iMore where we cover everything about #Apple, so if you've got something to talk about, from an #app to anything else, or if you're a #freelancer, do get in touch.

Christof Schöch
2 months ago

Question for he #LIS #library folks on here: I'm looking for a simple way to embed #bibliographic #metadata into an #HTML page for consumption by tools like #Zotero. #CoinS / #OpenURL / #Z39_88 seems to be an option and it does work. But there appears to be no field for the #editor(s) of a #book and I'm having troubles with the #DOI. Documentation seems hard to find -- this seemed useful, but limited: – Where should I look? Or are there better alternatives to #CoinS?

2 months ago

Discovered via - “a high-performance, multiplayer code editor” written in Rust. Zed does look REALLY neat, but had to smile when I saw that the folks behind it are the people that created Electron. 😁

All in all, I absolutely like Zed so far, great first impression and can’t wait to see what’s coming next. #webdev #editor #coding

George Penney
2 months ago

I recently encountered one of those real-life monster #authors like the kind from the mid-20th century (Normal Mailer etc). A total dinosaur walking amongst us, roaring and stomping and parping out his wisdom to the unenlightened fluffy bunnies beneath his mighty feet.

Wow. It was like this guy was a house built of hubris, booze and narcissism, but at the same time, so incredibly fragile about any perceived slight to his work. I pity any #editor or #publisher who has to work with him. It would be a case of bring your own eggshells to walk on and some earplugs for the lectures about how "a real #writer writes," that were given AFTER a 1 hour lecture about how he's the Bob Dylan of writing... all orated during his morning manly "health" regime in his skivvies, which involved stretching elastics and doing the NY Times crossword at the same time.

The struggle (to disentangle yourself from a twanging exercise elastic while droning about the importance of plot and character, and nonchalantly solving a crossword clue) is real!

*Idea Note: An Anchor Man-style movie about a mid-20th century author? 😂

Rolf Lang
2 months ago

«Zur Medienethik gehört auch, dass Editoren sehr genau darüber nachdenken, wie man mit Menschen umgeht. Man darf den gefilmten Menschen, den Interviewpartner, den O-Ton-Geber nicht zum Ding und Objekt machen. Man muss, selbst wenn man seinen Stadtpunkt nicht teilt, seine Perspektive gelten lassen und seine Binnensicht erst einmal verstehen, ehe man ihn oder sie in Beziehung zu widerstreitenden Perspektiven setzt.»

#Film #Editor #Editing #Schnitt #Filmschnitt #Montage

3 months ago

My four-month-late #Introduction :
Work: #WordPress #hosting & #Security, #music #festival #IT, #Editor / #Filmmaker, #SmallBusiness

Life: #horror movies, music, #camping, curious and loves to learn, social justice, and to my surprise, a #runner who has #run 15,477 KM Jan 2020 - Dec 2022.

If you stop and look at something the more closely you examine it, the more amazing it becomes.

Married to the wonderful @TAV for over 25 years, furdad to Sprocket the #MinPin, (he/him) #Ottawa, #Canada

3 months ago

Polishing off the week with a long-intended reality: my website has a resource library! It'll grow, but it already points to lots & lots of wonderful books, podcasts, & websites of use to writers & editors.

@edibuddies #Writing #Editor #WritingCraft #Romance

Ronalds Vilciņš
3 months ago

Zed is a high-performance, multiplayer code editor from the creators of Atom and Tree-sitter.

#webdev #coding #css #javascript #programming #software #html #ide #code #backend #frontend #web #editor

3 months ago

💥 New episode of The Changelog! 💥

This week @adam & @jerod are talking with Nathan Sobo about his next big thing.

Nathan is known for his work on the Atom editor while at GitHub. But his work wasn’t finished when he left, so…he started Zed, a high-performance multiplayer editor that’s engineered for performance.

And today, Nathan talks us through all the details

🎧 #rust #vim #editor #vscode #zed #github

And speaking with you about how these things are constant works in progress helped me let go of needing everything to be perfect. There are so many more things I want to do, and the need to do it all at once was holding me back. So I'm looking at this as a first step.

I'm pretty happy with what I've done so far. It's completely rewritten and restructured, and is much more intuitive for users. And it will keep getting better.

#editor #translator @edibuddies

I have a new website!!

Thank you to my editor coaching clients for all our discussions about websites. You prompted me to finally make the changes that I'd been wanting to make for years.


#editor #translator @edibuddies

Screenshot from

Hi, I’m Tanya.
I’m a book editor, French to English translator, educator, and literary omnivore.
I work with authors and publishers, editing and translating SFF, horror, contemporary fiction, literary fiction, memoir, poetry, interactive/game books, and graphic novels.
I support editors and writers one on one, teach editors business and the craft of editing, and teach writers the craft of writing and revision. 
It has been suggested that I read too much for my own good. This might be true.

What I Do

Editing, Coaching & Courses for Creative Writers
I help authors develop their stories, prose, and writing skills.

Coaching & Courses for Editors
I help editors develop their editing skills and their businesses.

Literary Translation
I bring new French stories to English readers.
3 months ago

#Vim weekly tips #24 - How to change text between different symbols quickly

#shell #terminal #editor

#100DaysToOffload Day: 32/100

Narrelle M. Harris
3 months ago

I'm so delighted to see that Clamour and Mischief is on the Aurealis shortlist for Best Anthology 2022! I'm excited for all my lovely authors who made it such a wonderful book!

#anthologies #editor #Aurealis #awards #SFF