Paula Kirman
6 hours ago

Day two of Knowsy Fest took place at the Churchill LRT station and featured lots of ways to interact with the stories we collected from Edmontonians who talked to us over the past couple of months about their experiences with transit and connections to well-being.
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Jeff Samsonow
6 hours ago

Cowboy country in the middle of #Edmonton. 🤠 For unknown reasons. 🐎 #yeg #CowboyStuff

A horse statue outside of a walkup apartment.
Wooden apartment sign for Bonanza Village
No parking sign written in marker on a garage door right next to a mattress with a horse doll on top.
Vintage Edmonton
7 hours ago

November 29, 1934 and it's City News In Brief at Vintage Edmonton:
#yeg #yeghistory #yegheritage #Edmonton

Hey everyone! Just a heads up from @Daveography – the Funicular is all set and moving! Perfect for anyone looking to spice up their daily walk or cycle to work. Enjoy the ride and those sweet, sweet views! :funicular: 🚴‍♂️🌞

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Agenda Review Committee - 2023/11/28


  • Agenda Review Committee List

  • December 12/13, 2023, City Council

  • December 15, 2023, City Council - Non-Regular

#yeg #yegCC #edmonton #alberta #abpoli

Vintage Edmonton
1 day ago

November 28, 1987 and it's A New Canadian Game at Vintage Edmonton:
#yeg #yeghistory #yegheritage

FuniBot :funicular:
1 day ago

Hey folks, great news! @Daveography says the Funicular is up and running for your daily walk or bike commute. Time to hop on board and enjoy a scenic route to start your day right! Happy commuting! 🚶‍♀️🚴‍♂️

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GroguTheGreen :mstdn:
2 days ago

Damn, Majesty and Friends in Manchester Square is closing for good. It was one of our favourite shops and we would go at least once a month. This is terrible news. #YEG #edmonton

Solarpunk Presents Podcast
2 days ago

If you could live in any ideal solarpunk living arrangement, what would it be?

In this episode, @arielkroon talks to Hermina Joldersma, professor emerita at University of Calgary, about alternative housing arrangements, focusing on co-housing. They discuss not only Hermina’s experiences living in different types of housing, but the mindset necessary to co-housing and communal life, and the way that community often has to be intentionally created. Tune in now!

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Good news for all daily walkers and bike commuters! According to @Daveography, the Funicular is up and running. So, hop on and enjoy a scenic ride for your daily commute. No more boring routes! #Funicular #CommuteUpgrade

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Paula Kirman
3 days ago

November 26, 2023
March for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the Alberta Legislature.
#yeg #yegdt #Gaza #Palestine #Ceasefire #CeasfireNow #photojournalism #yegphotographer #edmonton #politicalphotography #ProtestSigns

Nancy Marguerite Anderson
3 days ago

In 1826, David Thompson's clerk, Finan McDonald, left the Columbia in the outgoing Fall Express, and spent his winter at #Edmonton House. For one or two years afterward, the outgoing express men searched for a boat or canoe he had abandoned somewhere along the Athabasca River. They found it eventually, and for twenty years after the place was known as McDonald's Cache. #ABHistory #HistoricJourney #Blogpost

A demonstation of the power of the flintock guns the fur traders used, attended by plenty of smoke and noise.
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
3 days ago

"Before reaching Sturgeon River we were met by the #Edmonton Horse Guard, who brought us word that Mr. John Rowand was anxiously waiting for us. We arrived at Edmonton House about 5 o'clock. Almost all the boats of the #Saskatchewan Brigade have already left,and Mr. Rowand does not intend to leave his establishment until the arrival of Mr. George McDougall from #LesserSlaveLake with his returns and who is now momentarily expected. #ABHistory #HistoricJourney

A working post and sill building, not whitewashed, but with shingle roof. This is the blacksmith'sshop and cooperage, as you can see from the firewood and barrels stacked along the side of the building.
Vintage Edmonton
3 days ago

November 26, 1900 and F. Mayerhofer Will Dye For You at Vintage Edmonton:
November 26, 1900 and there's a Fire In Strathcona at Vintage Edmonton:
#yeg #yeghistory #yegheritage

Vintage Edmonton
4 days ago

November 25, 1952 and it's A Ghastly Tragedy Near Consort at Vintage Edmonton:

#yeg #yeghistory #yegheritage #edmonton #Consort

4 days ago

Frazil pans are finally starting to form on the North Saskatchewan River.

Taken yesterday afternoon (the sun is currently setting just before 4:30pm here in #Edmonton at this time of the year).

#yeg #yegWX

A photo of the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The sun has just set and the twilight sky is reflected on the river. Flat pieces of ice have formed on the river surface, rounded like lily pads as they are carried by the current, while a more solid skirt of ice is forming along the banks. Part of the downtown skyline is just visible at the top-right.
A photo taken nearly straight down at the frazzlepans - pieces of ice formed on the river surface, rounded like lily pads as they are carried by the current.
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
4 days ago

"Arrived at the lodge about 7 am and got some dried meat and a few tongues from one of the Freemen, named Baptiste, who embarked in our boat for #Edmonton House. Made about eight miles today. Clear weather in the forenoon, but somewhat cloudy towards evening with appearance of rain.
"Friday. The river having risen considerably last night, we were enabled to travel all day without encountering ice of any consequence. Saw two moose deer,.. #ABHistory #Alberta

A wide river hemmed in by trees winds through its valley toward the east and north.
5 days ago


A1: Joining from #yeg / #Edmonton / #amiskwacîwâskahikan / #Treaty6

No holiday traditions that involve cycling to speak of, but regular cycling is a good excuse to indulge a bit on the holidays. 😁


5 days ago
A solid effort by the boys in the alAmerican Nation's happy for this prairie boy
Vintage Edmonton
5 days ago

November 24, 1967 and it's the Hank The Hobo Show at Vintage Edmonton:

#yeg #yeghistory #yegheritage #edmonton

robyn ✨
5 days ago

heyo #edmonton peeps. #boostOK

super silly question. what sort of lockers do City rec centres have? I'm assuming I have to bring my own lock? or is it the type of lock that needs a loonie?

so far I've only been able to find out that they have lockers, but not what I need to bring to be able to use them.

#fitness #exercise #yeg

Screengrab of an web page on Change Rooms and Washrooms at rec centres.

« Finish eating and drinking before you enter the change room. Please use the garbage bins provided.
« No glass containers are allowed in the change rooms.
« Remove shoes before entering the change rooms.
« No spitting.
« Physical exercise can create body odour that can be offensive to others. Similarly, excessive amounts of scented hygiene products, perfumes or colognes can trigger allergies in other patrons. Please be considerate of other users when practicing your personal hygiene.
[this part highlighted] Protect your belongings by securing them in a locker. Small lockers are available in the lobby of facilities for your wallet, keys, or jewellery. We recommend that you do not bring any valuables into the facility.
« Please turn off and store cell phones, PDAs, cameras, and other recording devices when using change rooms or washrooms. Taking pictures within change rooms or washrooms is against the law.
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
5 days ago

"Left our encampment at broad daylight and put ashore at the next point, that being the utmost extent of our progress today. After breakfast we were visited by a couple of freemen from a lodge a few miles below us. Fine day. Weather tolerably warm. The ice drifting down slowly.
"Thursday. Arrived at the lodge about 7 am and got some dried meat and a few tongues from one of the freemen, named Baptiste, who embarked in our boat for #Edmonton. #ABHistory #Books

Book Promo: Anderson offers incredible first hand accounts of the HBC brigade canoes that paddled from the mouth of the Columbia to Hudson Bay and back -- all in seven months."
Jeff Samsonow
5 days ago

When you read this you have to think, wow, if only our provincial government provided proper housing and healthcare we'd be living pretty darn good. Congrats to this city council for getting a lot done without much of a spotlight on their successes. #yegcc #Edmonton #yegTransit

Good news, folks! The Funicular is up and running for your daily walk or bike commute, as confirmed by @Daveography. Time to hop on and enjoy a convenient and scenic ride to start your day right! :funicular: 🚶‍♂️🚴‍♀️

#yeg #yegWalk #yegBike #yegFunicular #yegFunicularStatus #yegDT #Edmonton

LA Legault ✌🏻
6 days ago

#Edmonton showed up:

Palestinian Liberation protest in Edmonton
Coffee Outside ☕
6 days ago

Join us this Friday for another Coffee Outside at Constable Ezio Faraone Park! Whether you prefer coffee or tea, come and hang out with us from 7-9am. It doesn't matter if you walk, bike, or roll, everyone is welcome! See you there, #yegDT! ☕️🚶‍♀️🚴‍♂️

#yeg #yegWalk #yegBike #yegDT #CoffeeOutside #Edmonton

Hey folks! Great news for all the walkers and bikers out there. According to @Daveography, the Funicular is up and running today. So, hop on and enjoy a scenic ride for your daily commute! 🚶‍♂️🚴‍♀️ #GetMoving #FunicularFun

#yeg #yegWalk #yegBike #yegFunicular #yegFunicularStatus #yegDT #Edmonton

Vintage Edmonton
6 days ago
robyn ✨
1 week ago

..... why on earth would a municipal Senior Data Analyst role require a valid drivers license?? there's nothing in the roles & responsibilities that would make this a necessity!?

(that said, this posting is bloated generally -- what they're looking for according to the Qualifications section is a DA + Project Manager + Data Engineer.....)

#data #dataAnalyst #dataAnalysis #carCulture #Edmonton #yeg

Screenshot of (very long) Qualifications section, which exceeds character limit of Alt Text.

The "Valid Alberta Class 5 driver's license (or provincial equivalent)" part is highlighted.

Full list is available via LinkedIn link in post.

Good news! The Funicular is up and running for your daily walking or biking commute, just as @Daveography mentioned. It's a convenient way to get around and enjoy the scenery. Give it a try and make your commute a little more exciting! :funicular: 🚶‍♂️🚴‍♀️

#yeg #yegWalk #yegBike #yegFunicular #yegFunicularStatus #yegDT #Edmonton

Hey everyone! Great news for those wanting to add some fun to their daily commute! According to @Daveography, the Funicular is up and running, perfect for walking or biking to work. Enjoy the ride and start your day off with a little adventure! :funicular: 🏃‍♀️🚴‍♂️

#yeg #yegWalk #yegBike #yegFunicular #yegFunicularStatus #yegDT #Edmonton

1 week ago

A human rights group is expressing concern that its #CourtApplication to pause the City of #Edmonton’s dismantling of #homeless #encampments won’t be heard until the new year, well after #winter weather has settled in.

“We are disappointed that the injunction hearing was scheduled for mid-January and another holiday season will pass while the city continues to regularly #displace #unsheltered people,” said Sam Mason, president of #Coalition for #Justice & #HumanRights.

1 week ago

Less than 30 yrs ago, estimates put the amount of #PurposeBuilt #RentalBuildings that #RealEstate operating companies (#REOCs) & #RealEstateInvestmentTrusts (#REITs) owned in #Edmonton at just 1.6%. That proportion reached 47% by 2022, indicates a recent study by the #AffordableHousingSolutionsLab; #partnership between #CityOfEdmonton & #UniversityOfAlberta. That’s one of the highest percentages in #Canada.

#HousingCrisis #ABpoli #CDNpoli #Alberta #AffordableHousing

Hey folks, great news for those who love a scenic commute! According to @Daveography, the Funicular is up and running. Perfect for your daily walk or bike ride. Enjoy the fresh air and stunning views! 🚶‍♂️🚴‍♀️

#yeg #yegWalk #yegBike #yegFunicular #yegFunicularStatus #yegDT #Edmonton

Amadi Lovelace
2 weeks ago

Can anyone in #Edmonton speak to any repercussions from the University of Alberta Sexual Assault Center signing on to a letter denying that #Hamas engaged in rape on October 7, a letter co-signed by an organization that denies the Holocaust?

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in #yegquest - whether you played along online, in person or just re-boosted. Here are a few photos from one of our doughty questers, Linda Hut, who set out wearing one of the original #yegquest T-shirts from 2013! (I still have mine, too.) #Edmonton #yeg #ValleyLine #LRT

A slim blonde woman with shoulder length hair and round glasses poses with her bicycle in her back garden, while wearing a black T shirt that reads “free range Edmontonian”
A mural showing the old Edmonton street car, outside the Davies Street Station
A row of strange surreal animal heads along a grey stucco wall
A cobalt blue brick wall with colourful stars
Coffee Outside ☕
2 weeks ago

Join us this Friday for another #CoffeeOutside at Constable Ezio Faraone Park in #yegDT! Whether you prefer coffee or tea, walk or bike, everyone is welcome from 7-9 am. Start your day with good company and a hot drink. See you there! ☕️🚶‍♀️🚴‍♂️

#yeg #yegWalk #yegBike #yegDT #CoffeeOutside #Edmonton

Thanks to Ryan Jespersen for having me on today to talk about the fall of X, the future of Mastodon, the fate of Bill C-18, the problems with an Alberta Pension Plan, the troubling rise of antisemitism and Islamophobia sparked by the tragedies in Israel and Gaza, AND the #yegquest Henday chicken hunt. #Mastodon #C18 #CPP #AlbertaPensionPlan #yeg #Edmonton #Alberta #SenateofCanada #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg #LRT

Great news for walkers and bikers! According to @Daveography, the Funicular is up and running for your daily commutes. Get ready to enjoy a scenic ride while getting some exercise. Who needs a car when you have this awesome option available? #Funicular #HealthyCommute

#yeg #yegWalk #yegBike #yegFunicular #yegFunicularStatus #yegDT #Edmonton

Brian Hawthorne
2 weeks ago

@Daveography @ned @mastermaq Yeah, edm wouldn’t be any clearer for me. How about #Edmonton? Or is it a goal to be understood by locals but not by the uninitiated?

Hey folks! Good news! The Funicular is up and running for your daily walk or bike commute, as reported by @Daveography. Time to ditch the car and enjoy a fun and scenic way to get around town. Let's embrace the outdoors and stay active! 🚶‍♀️🚴‍♂️

#yeg #yegWalk #yegBike #yegFunicular #yegFunicularStatus #yegDT #Edmonton

Hey folks! Great news from @Daveography - the Funicular is up and running for your daily walk or bike commute! :funicular: 🚶‍♀️🚴‍♂️ Enjoy the scenic ride and add some adventure to your day. Time to hop on and start exploring! 💪😁 #Funicular #DailyCommuteAlternative

#yeg #yegWalk #yegBike #yegFunicular #yegFunicularStatus #yegDT #Edmonton

Paula Kirman
2 weeks ago

Ceasefire Now Pan-Canadian Day of Action
November 12, 2023
Once again, thousands take to the streets of downtown Edmonton to call for a ceasefire on Gaza.
#yeg #yegdt #CeasefireNow #Gaza #Palestine #Protest #PoliticalPhotography #ProtestSigns #Edmonton #photojournalism

You find all six clues right here in my feed. Solve one, solve a few, solve them all? Post your photos here with the #yegquest hashtag - and tag me, just to be sure I don't miss you. So far, the only person on Mastodon to tackle the challenge has been @jfmezei - all the way from Montreal! Surely one of you lovely #yeg residents is up to the task? On this lovely holiday Monday, I throw down the gauntlet! #Edmonton #yeg #Mastodon

Congratulations to Jennie Lambert, the first person to solve all the #yegquest clues - via Instagram. Jennie and her little bear have participated in all the last 3 quests! Here are some photos from their adventures to inspire you! Come on, Mastodon! Time to catch up with the folks on Instagram! Solve the six clues & post your pics! #yeg #Edmonton #EdmontonTransit #ValleyLine #Diwali

A small yellow/orange teddy bear with a red scarf poses with an Edmonton Transit ARC card
A tiny bear sits atop the seat of a bicycle: behind is a wall of mounted sculpted “heads” of fantastical animals
The tiny teddy with the red scarf poses against a mural painted on a cobalt blue brick wall.
The teddy bear with a red scarf poses on a bench outside a restored brown brick heritage building
robyn ✨
2 weeks ago

Robyn Takes The Train

hi I am, but needed more characters for this one 😁

finally took the new train (the
#ValleyLine in #Edmonton) from end to end.

Here are my observations (the good ones first):
+ we didn't have to wait long for a train. operation seemed very efficient, no incidents or delays.
+ the ride itself feels good. very smooth.
+ I like the interior of the trains. bright and colourful. felt almost like a regional train / Strassenbahn in Germany.
+ tapping on and off with the ARC card worked well.
+ I love that you can see your card balance and transaction history at the ARC machines

Here's what could have gone better:
- the electronic sign boards / arrival boards / whatever those are called were broken at every single stop. seriously. every last one. this thing has been in service for a week, how is this already not working...? and I swear I've seen those on before??
- THE DOOR BEEPS ARE WAY TOO LOUD oh my god. like many others have pointed out, these NEED to be dialled down!! I didn't have my noise cancelling earbuds with me and immediately regretted that. (or wait is that one of those hostile things so people don't sleep on the train? what if I want to take a nap
- would love it if the ARC terminals showed you your balance when you tap o or off (but can see privacy concerns etc with that, so not sure if this has legs). my main concern is, will it notify me if I am running low?
- like others have said, it feels odd to have to wait a couple seconds to tap your card after the next person - it felt like it had to clear the screen first...?
- uhm why is there literally no signage on track level at Churchill for where to go for the new train? or that the Valley Line even exists? we did spot signage on the concourse level, but... seems like a no-brainer to put this at track level as well, especially for tourists, newcomers, etc!?
- [nothing to do with the new train] OF COURSE the escalators were down at Churchill. some things legit just never change

anyways I love that we have this option now, years ago when I was looking for a new apartment I
almost moved to Bonnie Doon, but didn't since it was too far out of the way in terms of my workplace and social life. now this would be no problem with the swanky new train right there!!

#yegtransit #yeg

the Churchill Connector stop of the new Valley Line at dusk. the space looks clean and tidy, there are several passengers waiting for trains. in the background the Milner library. the electronic arrivals boards are not working though. :(
Looking towards the Citadel from the Churchill Connector stop as a Valley Line train arrives.
A train waiting at Mill Woods (? I think it was Mill Woods) station. I like the arching roof and the art on the glass panels to the left. Note the arrivals boards are broken here too. :sadness:
the escalators at Churchill cordoned off with yellow ETS barricades because of course they're not working. some things never change

A #yegquest update. Big big props to @jfmezei - who despite not living in Edmonton at all, was the first person to post his #yegquest answers! Since I can't quote-toot (one feature, I confess, that I do miss) I will shortly reboost an assortment of his quest answers. I hope that will inspire you those of you who ARE in Edmonton on this glorious weekend to get out there in person and post photos of your own! #yeg #Edmonton #valleyLine

Headed out to #yegquest? Bragging rights to the first person who posts all six correct answers with matching photos. But don't despair. You have until Friday at midnight to finish posting your answers! But mostly, I hope this will be an inspiration to people to get out to explore their city and to enjoy the new Valley Line. (All clues are easy walking distance from Valley Line stations. But not inside the stations, so if you'd rather bike or walk or drive, that works too. #yeg #Edmonton

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Here that answer’s an easy one.
A road without cars is much more fun.
If you’re a hen, or so I’m told.
With names on the double, a hen’s delight
(Even though she can’t take flight.)

#yegquest #yeg #yegdt #Edmonton #EdmontonTransit #ValleyLine #yegheritage

Angels here can mark the way.
Near irons flat and trees times two.
Where multicoloured snowflakes fall
Against a wall of cobalt blue.

#yegquest #yeg #Edmonton #ValleyLine #yegdt

We’re in a land of folk and flowers
Of pointy glass with mythic powers.
Can you find this work of art?
(I’m sure you can. You’re very smart.)

#yegquest #yeg #ValleyLine #Edmonton #yegarts

A strath is a valley, broad and wide.
In Gaelic, the language of Scots
Here we earn a chance to share our thoughts
With a gallery strange on a building side.

#yegquest #yeg #Edmonton #ValleyLine #yegarts

A chicken, you know, isn’t built for flight.
But in this spot, even Henday finds height.
Up in the air, where her wings won’t reach.
And back in time, with lessons to teach.
Once, this city was linked by rail.
Now we’re back to the future. So let’s not fail.
#yegquest #yeg #Edmonton #ValleyLine #yegheritage #yeghistory #EdmontonTransit

A world of wisdom you’ll find inside.
Where cultures combine and words collide.
Whether this is your start or this is your end.
On a Valley Line quest, you’ll find a new friend.

#yegquest #ValleyLine #Diwali #MillWoods #yeg #Edmonton

Good morning, Edmonton! In honour of Diwali, the opening of the Valley Line South, and my own 1st anniversary on Mastodon, I invite you to join me on a #yegquest! Henday the free range #yegchick has left a half dozen clues along the length of Valley Line, connecting the #yegdt with Mill Woods. Figure out where Henday has been, take a photo in the same place, and post it here with the #yegquest hashtag. #yeg #Edmonton #Mastoversary #ValleyLine

It's YEGQUEST DAY! At noon MST, I'll drop a half-dozen clues for you to solve. Figure out where Henday was, take a photo in the same spot, tag it #yegquest and have a marvelous time, exploring our new Valley Line South LRT route. (All the clues are easy walking distance from Valley Line stops - but you don't need a ticket, if you'd rather travel by bike, car, or foot.) Join me in celebrating the Valley Line opening, Diwali, and my one year Mastoversary! #yeg #yegquest #Edmonton #EdmontonTransit

Anna Anthro
3 weeks ago

Univ of #alaska has issued an #auroraborealis alert for most of #Canada for tonite & tomorrow morning..

Weather permitting, highly active auroral displays will be visible overhead from #Inuvik #yellowknife #rankin and #Iqaluit to #edmonton #vancouver Helena, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Bay City, #toronto #montreal Montpelier, and #charlottetown and #newfoundland.

It will be visible low on the horizon from Salem, Boise, Cheyenne, Lincoln, Indianapolis and Annapolis.

Map of north america with green semi circle over canada showing aurora location
1 month ago

Hey #Edmonton, how strongly do you believe the valley line will actually open on Saturday as planned?

#yeg #yegtransit

1 month ago

Neat article about the history of a little corner store near me. Had no idea!

#yeg #Edmonton #Urbanism

1 month ago

:oldets: :ets: :oldets: Valley Line LRT set to open on November 4! :oldets: :ets: :oldets:

#yeg #yegTransit #yegLRT #Edmonton

Vintage Edmonton
1 month ago

October 24, 1939 and it's Situations Wanted at Vintage Edmonton:
#yeg #yeghistory #yegheritage

The War on Cars
1 month ago

We're very excited that we'll be doing a live show at the 2024 Winter Cycling Congress in Edmonton, Alberta in February. We can't wait to meet officials, planners and advocates from all over the world.

Save 10% on registration with code WARONCARS.

#thewaroncars #edmonton #alberta #canada #cycling #wintercycling #thewaroncars

Solarpunk Presents Podcast
1 month ago

Hey all, just a reminder that we have a YouTube channel, and that we're uploading our season one episodes biweekly so they can be found at our very own Acast feed.

This week, we uploaded Season One episode Four, which features @arielkroon 's conversation with Gabrielle Gelderman (aka @GabTheChaplain) about climate grief chaplaincy, what that is, and how it's relevant to movement work.

#YouTube #ClimateGrief #ClimateAnxiety #solarpunk #SolarpunkPresents #SolarpunkPresentsPodcast #Edmonton #Alberta #Canada #MovementChaplaincy #Spirituality #Hope #Grief #Despair #Emotions

1 month ago

Privileged to have been invited to Peace Hills Trust's 40th annual Indigenous Art Show here in #yeg / #Treaty6.

Amazing talent on display, and a great opportunity for the artists to not just showcase but also sell their art.

My budget is pretty modest but there's a couple of smaller pieces I have my eye on.

#IndigenousArt #PHT #art #ArtShow #Edmonton #amiskwacîwâskahikan

A photo of the podium with the three winning paintings on display, with a Peace Hills Trust flag and pair of ceremonial staffs.
A couple of the art pieces on display, one of an indigenous man, another a more stylized representation of a family under a dynamic prairie sky.
A photo of a mixed media art piece of a pair of Inuit ice fishers under an aurora.
A photo of a set of art pieces on display at the art show, showcasing a variety of styles from different artists.
Thomas Wong Matthews
1 month ago

Here's a curious fellow poking its head in and posing for a Kodak moment. Taken in August 2021 at Fort Edmonton Park.

📷 Canon AE-1
🎞️ Kodak Tri-X 400 B&W

#35mm #Photography #BlackAndWhitePhotography #FilmPhotography #Kodak #Horses #Horse #Stable #BelieveInFilm #AnalogPhotography #Edmonton #Alberta #Canada

This is a photograph of a horse poking its head into its stable, facing the camera. Its ears are perked. Other than the bright light from the stable's window (with some out of focus trees in the background), the wooded stable is shrouded in shadow.

The good news? Today, Albertans can start registering for the new COVID 19 vaccine, the one designed to fight the latest variant. Vaccines are available Oct. 16. The perplexing news? So far as I can tell from the website, only 10 pharmacies in all #Edmonton that are providing the vaccine. Surely I'm misreading this? (I tried calling 811 for clarity, but their lines were overwhelmed this morning.) I'll see if I can find more answers. #COVID #COVID19AB #yeg #AHS

Ximena González
2 months ago

In my latest story for @thetyee i take a closer look at the tensions between those who support Edmonton’s new zoning bylaw, and those who’d rather see it delayed.

While each camp accuses each other of portraying self-interest as public good, reality is much more complex.

#yegcc #edmonton

Just boarded my completely full WestJet direct flight from #yeg to #yow. It was also completely full last week. And the week before. Yet WestJet is cancelling its direct Edmonton/Ottawa flight at the end of the month. When I asked them about this last week they said, “Just because a flight is full doesn’t mean it’s profitable.” I’m still mulling this zen koan. #WestJet #Edmonton #Ottawa #Alberta #Canada

Vintage Edmonton
2 months ago

Very honoured to be at the Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society to mark this Truth and Reconciliation Day with dance and music, stories and difficult memories. #TruthandReconciliationDay #TruthAndReconciliation #NationalDayForTruthandReconciliation #OrangeShirtDay #Edmonton #yeg #Alberta #Canada #SenateofCanada #cdnpoli #Abpoli

Mariah Dumont from Cold Lake First Nation, in an ornate orange ribbon skirt, her hair in elaborate braids, stands next to an orange sign that reads Every Child Matters.
Mariah performs a fancy shawl dance, spinning and leaping in an elaborately embroidered orange shawl and ribbon skirt.
Alberta Lieutenant Governor Salma Lakhani, in an orange shirt and navy blazer, sits next to Cheryl Whiskeyjack, the CEO of Bent Arrow who also wears a bright orange shirt that reads Every Child Matters.
A selfie of me, in an orange shirt, brown tweed blazer and white N95 mask, taken with Métis MP Blake Desjarlais, .the member for Edmonton Griesbach in his orange shirt
Sarah Rainsberger
2 months ago

I can't believe I'm cross-checking the World Series schedule against a #5pinbowling tournament in #Edmonton. Though weird, I will say this is a sign of positive life events on multiple fronts. #BlueJays

robyn ✨
2 months ago

Heyyy #runners of Mastodon. quick (silly?) question. #BoostOK

I've got this
#Garmin #Forerunner 35 that I use for my runs. As you can see, one of our cats got ahold of the strap and chomped down on it. Like, a lot. It looks like this in several places, such that it's very nearly coming apart.

So I purchased a new strap -- and it turns out the screwdriver included in the set doesn't fit, so I can't get the screws out to replace the strap. We don't have a screwdriver this small with that star-shaped head at home.

What's my best course of action here?
Buy a set of precision screwdrivers?
Go to a jeweller, since they may have the tools available - Screwdriver-as-a-Service kind of thing?

I've already tried a running store that sells Garmin products, they weren't able to help.
😢 I don't want to replace the watch yet - it's not the fanciest, but still working great.

#yegRun #yeg #Edmonton #running

Dyde House is a remarkable early work by Canadian modernist architect Arthur Erickson, hidden deep in the woods of the University of Alberta Botanic Gardens. I've been fascinated by it for years. Now I'm excited for the release of a new documentary about the building - in which I get to play a small part. Here's the trailer - to whet your appetite. #architecture #ArthurErickson #UniversityofAlberta #Edmonton #ParklandCounty #yeg #DydeHouse #yegheritage #yeghistory