2 hours ago

"‘Kōkirihia – The plan for removing streaming from our schools’ gathers research and evidence about the effects of streaming on students.

The research evidence is unequivocal that fixed ability grouping in any form does not work for the vast majority... Here in Aotearoa, those most detrimentally affected are Māori and Pacific, as they are more likely to be incorrectly placed in lower ability groups and streams than Pākehā and Asian students."

#education #Aotearoa #NZ

A parent in Queensland, Australia who is suffering from long covid speaks out against schools' failure to notify families about positive cases in classrooms.

The parent, whose own son was hospitalized after catching covid in 2021, says he feels "somewhat discriminated against and deprived of the information that I need to make the best choice for my family."

#SchoolsAreSuperspreaders #Covid #Covid19 #LongCovid #LongCovidKids #Education @novid

Yes, kids can and do get long covid.

A 13-year-old in Chicago got infected three times, and now she "spends most of her days in bed, too exhausted to do any of the things she loved before. She has missed half of this school year because of long COVID, according to her mother, who says it can take hours just to focus enough to tackle her school work."

Walk out, sick out, strike, shut it down.

#SchoolsAreSuperspreaders #Covid #LongCovid #LongCovidKids #Education @novid

Illinois' public health department plans to distribute 60,000 HEPA filters to public schools.

"Improving classroom ventilation with air purifiers is a proven method we can use to reduce the transmission of respiratory viruses, including COVID-19, the flu, and RSV, and, at the same time, reduce absences related to illness."

Still, that'll be enough to cover only about two-thirds of all schools in the state.

#SchoolsAreSuperspreaders #Covid #LongCovid #Education @novid

Union #education minister Dharmendra Pradhan chaired a high-level meeting to review the steps being taken by educational institutions to ensure mental health wellness of students and zero tolerance towards discrimination

(@iftikharfariha reports) #press

6 hours ago

Here’s a new extra curricular club for Woke Florida kids. #CultureWars #woke #schools #education #politics

Three school aged kids discussing their crimes in a jail cell. One kid on the bottom bunk says to a new kid, “Eli here mentioned his two moms, and I opened my fat mouth about a book I read about slavery. What are you in here for?”
Michael Murray
7 hours ago

I'd love to have a discussion with other professionals about escalation/de-escalation when students break things or take apart a classroom. I'd like the discussion because I don't think there are any obvious answers and I'm curious to hear about what people are experiencing and thinking. The most important thing is to keep everyone safe. It's also important to maintain a safe learning environment. A learning environment won't feel safe to the students if it might be violently taken apart at any time. These are some things to consider. Obviously it's important to follow whatever policy is established by the school or district.

This would be a great panel discussion at a conference given both the relevance and difficulty of the topic.

#education #k12

Auschwitz Memorial
7 hours ago

The Auschwitz II-Birkenau gas chambers and crematoria never became targets for Allied bombing.

Listen to our podcast in which Dr. Piotr Setkiewicz from the Auschwitz Museum Research Center who talks about the issue of bombing the camp.

#Auschwitz #history #allies #bombardment #podcast #boms #education #Holocaust #Jews #Shoah #ww2 #war

The aerial photo of Auschwitz II-Birkenau from 13 September 1944. Bombs that targeted a nearby chemical plant visible in top right corner.
Mark Dunk
8 hours ago
Texas Observer
8 hours ago

“Charter #schools have a right to turn their backs on kids and a part of the community. And if we start on that train ... these kids will be left behind in society.”

As the state takeover of #Houston ISD proceeds, advocates worry for the future of vulnerable schools in low-income neighborhoods. McHam Investigative Reporting Fellow @josephinelee uncovers the risks this poses to students:

#education #TXedu #TXlege #privatization #vouchers #news #USpol #politics

8 hours ago

Former #WHL player Norm Flynn started HEROS — the #Hockey #Education #ReachingOut #Society — more than two decades ago, to help #empower #marginalized & #AtRisk #youth on & off the ice.
“We started 36 boys & girls on the ice in the downtown Eastside of #Vancouver ” Norm explains. “Fast forward 23 years later, we’ve worked with over 17,000 boys and girls, and we have 29 programs in 13 cities in #Canada .”

#Sports #DTES #VictoriaBC #BritishColumbia #Nationwide #KidsProgram

Maureen Crespo
9 hours ago

Why do we waste time arguing about the “isms”? Capitalism, Socialism, Communism… Having Medicare For All & Debt-free college will not make the country communist.

We can invest in Social Policy or the well-being of society & capitalism will still be here. Look at Germany, they have capitalism, universal healthcare systems, tuition free college & affordable childcare.

#US #CancelStudentDebt #UniversalHealthCare #MedicareForAll #Socialism #Capitalism #Education #SVB #bailout #UBI #HumanRights #MIC #demilitarize #Climate #berniesanders #leftist

JH Amstelveen
9 hours ago

'Hoe kunnen lerarenopleidingen in het hbo zijn goedgekeurd terwijl de Onderwijsraad het taal- en rekenniveau van afgestudeerden alarmerend laag vindt?'
#onderwijs #education

Yahia Lababidi
9 hours ago

#education is going to have to change

People should be happy that we’re a little scare of #gpt

Inside the latest version with #OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman :


#opensource #artificialintelligence #Tech #news #ethics #Monday

10 hours ago
Human Restoration Project
10 hours ago

Should the student experience of #education resemble that of an Uber driver or Amazon warehouse worker? 😬

Our Q&A w/ game designer, author, & CEO @adrianhon on the gamification of education is up on YouTube! #K12 #ClassDojo

Marty Chan
10 hours ago

Nothing builds a presenter's ego more than when a grade 8 teacher emails you to say his students loved the virtual session. Phew!

#education #virtualvisits #teaching #kidlit #writing

JH Amstelveen
10 hours ago

‘Is het voor een cijfer?’ vragen leerlingen bij alles wat de leraar doet. Logisch, want met goede cijfers halen ze zo snel mogelijk een diploma. En zonde, want cijfers maken dat niet leren, maar presteren het allerbelangrijkst wordt.'
#onderwijs #education

Michael Miles ⛵️
10 hours ago

Set aside the fact that education has been at the center of the culture wars for a century or more, look at the people in the photograph: most are likely too old to have kids in school. Instead, they sit at home and get their news from Facebook pages managed by fascist tankies spreading disinformation. #CultureWars #Education #TransRights #1A

11 hours ago

The legacy of Bay Area high school teacher Henry Bens' #antisemitic lessons continues.

"It feels legitimate to them...because they learned it in school.”

Sophomore Myldret Vasquez "said students from Bens’ class were invited to participate in a restorative justice activity and that she joined the activity to offer some balance after she saw the participants were mostly defenders of Bens.

'They don’t understand how that text is antisemitic, Vasquez said. 'They said they read it, and they don’t understand there’s anything wrong with it.'"

#antisemitism #education #California #sfba #SFBayArea #BayArea

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
11 hours ago

Ofsted urged to pause inspections after head teacher takes her own life... 😔

#Education #Ofsted #Teaching #Schools

Queer Lit Cats
11 hours ago
12 hours ago

I took a photo at work today, a photograph that could come from any school. It shows a stack of teaching aids. First, a backboard has been screwed to the wall. A smartboard has been screwed to the wall in front of the blackboard. Behind the camera is a ceiling-mounted projector, which was used with the smartboard, but no one ever learned to use the smartboard, so it has been repurposed as a normal whiteboard (which also looks as if it must be difficult to erase). Since the projector is there, off camera, a projector screen has been added above and in front of the smartboard/ whiteboard.

Of all these teaching aids, the one I find most useful is the blackboard. Illustrating what I am talking about, making lists and mind maps on the fly with ideas from the whole class, making up and revising groups in the class, leaving reminders and messages for later – these are all tasks most naturally accomplished with a stick of chalk in my fist, instead of having to rely on electrical couplings, booting-up times, program updates, Internet access, or even special marker pens. However, because of the susceptibility of decision-makers to “exciting new ideas” and marketing/ advertising, the blackboard is the only one of these teaching aids I now cannot use.

@edutooters @edutooter #edutoot #education #teaching #ClassroomCulture

A photograph of a blackboard behind a smartboard that is now used as a whiteboard behind a projector screen.
Dan Adams
12 hours ago

Here is my latest for Concert Band...

"Nantucket Sound"

This spirited concert overture is a grade 2.5. As always, you can learn more about it at

#concertband #instrumentalmusic #composition #band #education

Concert band music playing... Nantucket Sound.
The Xylom
12 hours ago

Congrats to alum Katrina Miller for being selected to the New York Times Fellowship! We are so proud 🥲

From our archives, read Katrina's reported essay about why Black women are underrepresented in Physics, and if bridge programs are a solution:

#physics #science #education #blackwomen #womenshistorymonth

Yorkshire Bylines
12 hours ago

Changes to education have created a toxic environment of overbearing discipline, ‘zero tolerance’, and rote learning of a narrow curriculum | Dr Pam Jarvis

#Bylines #Education

Why are 'dubious' personality tests so popular in the workplace?

UL's Professor Kevin Murphy explains that, despite decades of use and millions of tests administered, there is little credible research to support their use

#StudyatUL #Business #Research #HigherEducationResearch #PersonalityTest #HR #Recruitment #Education #University

A photograph of a woman in a purple top, grey blazer and grey skirt. She is holding up a photo of herself in a photo frame making a puzzled expression. There are other head shots of her making other expressions alongside, including thinking, sad, smiling and laughing faces

#schoolphobia #schoolanxiety #schoolavoidance #schoolattendance #inclusion #exclusion #education #ymhc #schoolrefusal
Led by educator, child & youth mental health expert with 20 years focused on school phobia issues.

Michele Banks
13 hours ago

I probably should not have read "The End of the English Major" at the NYer but it was worth it for this quote from a premed student 😂 😭 #education #HigherEd

while being premed. “People involved in the humanities may not even need o go to school for what they’re wanting to do,” she said; she didn't see what studying “The ‘Waste Land” had to do with making it as a poet. “Also, because of the world were living in, there’s this desperation for being able to make money at a young age and retire at a young age,” she added.

I asked her what she meant.

“A lot of it has to do with us seeing—they call them ‘influencers’ online,” Harmanian said, pronouncing the word slowly for my benefit. “I'm twenty-one. People my age have crypto. People have agents working on their banking and trading. Instead of working nine to five for your fifteen-dollar minimum wage, you can value your time.” She and her peers had grown up in an age that saw the lie in working for the Man, so they were charging out on their own terms. “It’s because our generation is a lot more progressive in our thinking,” she told me.
13 hours ago

There's only one website solely devoted to the problem of #covid spreading in schools.

It's my weekly newsletter: SCHOOLS ARE SUPERSPREADERS.

In it, you'll find a roundup of news items all about covid, kids & schools.

Also, I serialize the experience of my family trying to work & survive in wildly unsafe conditions.

You can subscribe for $1, $3, $5, or $10 a month.

Or, read it for free:[tag]=covid%20and%20schools

#LongCovid #Education @novid

From: @pixplz

Screengrab of Emily Oster's infamous article, "Schools Aren't Super-Spreaders." The word "aren't" is crossed out and replaced with "are."

This week, I'm running a public radio-style spring fund drive in support of my weekly newsletter about covid & schools.

I'll be all up in people's timelines asking for donations. :)

Two ways you can support me financially:

You can make a one-time donation:

Or, you can become a paid subscriber to my newsletter:

Please boost. Thanks!

#SchoolsAreSuperspreaders #Covid #LongCovid #Education @novid
From: @pixplz

Mark Dunk
14 hours ago
Chris J. Karr
14 hours ago

Karpf tells the story of a student e-mailing him for a paper he supposedly wrote, but most likely was a fake citation most likely generated by a ChatGPT-type of algorithm.

I'm VERY thankful that I'm not a professor or other instructor in the business of grading essays in this day. I can see this making DOI (document object identifiers) mandatory, in order to automatically checks whether citations are legit.

#ChatGPT #LargeLanguageModels #Education #AcademicPublishing

Bob the Traveler
14 hours ago

Sir Isaac Newton, who died OTD in 1726, was one of the most influential scientists of all time #education #history

14 hours ago

Schools never teach you how to learn.

#education #failure

Prism & Pen
15 hours ago

Often my dreams are “big.” Technicolor, surround sound, vibrating-in-theater-seats experience.
Sometimes my dreams “reflect” or “remember” gay experiences, but this is not a sexual activity report, rather a recounting of two amazing big dreams I had last night.
#LGBTQ #Teachers #Education #Dreams

15 hours ago

The takeover will replace elected officials with a state-appointed "board of managers" as Gov. Greg Abbott tightens government control over schools.
#schools #texas #education #greggabbott #BookBans

Steve Thompson
16 hours ago

Principle 5 - join our community of co-operative learning
Lending Library, co-op archive, resource centre.

Sure there are ways to fix #grade obsession, but if #education continues to be #SurvivalOfTheFittest and not promoting equality through knowledge, changes like this wouldn't even put a dent to the problem. Still, it'd be good that more #feedback are provided to students through continuous formative assessments, but can it happen if teachers are already being stretched thin?

Paul Johnston
17 hours ago

This is vital. Make them aware of what you think about education.
RT @Lords11to16Ed
Our call for written evidence is now live!

Follow the link ⬇️ to see the key questions the Committee would like to explore during their inquiry and learn how you can submit your views on #education


Drea and Team
18 hours ago

Today's It's All Connected.

#Flashfiction on the #climatecrisis from
Arizona State University @asu presenting to creative writing students.

Climate researchers cited projection stats on
what the climate will be like in 2050 then asked their participating creative audience to utilize the data to write #Flashfiction pieces envisioning the future.

#STEM #education #SpringArtShare #artmatters #YouMatter

José A. Alonso
18 hours ago

Computer assisted proofs and automated methods in mathematics education. ~ Thierry Noah Dana-Picard. #Math #Education #CAS #DGS #ADG #GeoGebra

J. M. Guhlin
18 hours ago

Six Strategies for Boosting Reading Comprehension #edtech #education #TCEA #tceajmg @edtech

Howard Rheingold
1 day ago

Ten years ago, I gave a keynote in Utrecht on the subject of my 2012 book, Net Smart, about five essential social media literacies: attention, crap detection, participation, collaboration, network awareness.

#SocialMedia #media #literacy #education #learning

1 day ago

Legislation moving in the #Florida House would ban discussion of #MenstrualCycles and other human sexuality topics in elementary grades.

The bill sponsored by #Republican Rep. #StanMcClain would restrict public school instruction on human sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and related topics to grades 6 through 12.

#Women #Puberty #Education

James Noonan
1 day ago

I went on a walk today and had what I think is a real winner of an idea for a longitudinal research project on principal diversity. So, stay tuned for promising updates… in, like, 5-7 years. #education #leadership #diversity #research #academia @academicchatter

Bill Lamb
1 day ago

"Stop requiring college degrees for jobs that don’t need them: Employers are finally tearing down the 'paper ceiling' in hiring." #education #labor #college

Stimpunks Foundation
1 day ago

We expanded our “Evidence-based” glossary page with resources from @humrespro
and broke it into sections:

- Evidence-based Practice and Autism Research
- Evidence-based Practice and Education
- Complexity Reduction
- Adverse Events and Unintended Consequences
- Lived Experience Informed Practice

#education #edChat #autism

Yahia Lababidi
1 day ago

There’s nothing wrong with a parent deciding a #book is not right for their child…

#quotes #quote #education #books @bookstodon #bookstodon #gop #Republicans #school #libraries #politics #news #SilentSunday #Sunday #florida

1 day ago

So, an #introduction!
I'm Jade. I'm a software gal, and still a student - but I've done a few things. I use #JavaScript and other webtech, as well as #Rust. I use #gnome on my machines with #fedora.

I'm #queer. I have a small collection of brain differences - #ADHD, #dyslexia, #dyspraxia and maybe autism, but I haven't been assessed for that.

I like to talk about #education, #accessibility and occasionally #design, #tech and #music. I'll occasionally post about other things as well.

Boosts are welcome.

1 day ago

Texas plans to take over the majority Black and Hispanic Houston Independent School District; Mississippi is proposing creation of a separate court system for city of Jackson with majority black residents; Florida is trying to ban any references to diversity, equality and inclusivity. This is beyond racism and is facism at worst.
#Blackmastodon #Blackfediverse #BLM #Socialjustice #USpolitics #Racism #Facism #Diversity #Inclusivity #Education #Texas #Mississippi #Florida

💻 Ana DaLerd 🦊
2 days ago

Depuis 40 ans, le Lycée Autogéré de Paris (#LAP) offre une alternative au lycée traditionnel au sein de l’Éducation nationale : il est aujourd’hui menacé dans son fonctionnement par le Rectorat de Paris qui veut le placer sous l’autorité d’un chef d’établissement et briser son projet d’origine.

Réunion publique en soutien au LAP le 6 avril à 19h au lycée, 391 rue de Vaugirard.

Pétition à signer ici :

Newsletter du LAP pour se tenir informé'e :

#LycéeAutogéréDeParis #éducation #enseignement #ÉducNat #paris #autogestion

Grimethorpe Colliery Band 🎺
2 days ago


Grimethorpe Colliery Band are offering the chance for young Brass and Percussion players of almost all levels and experience to take part in a FREE Workshop with members of the band on Saturday 15th April at Barnsley Civic 🎺🎶

📆 Saturday 15th April
🕑 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
📍 Barnsley Civic

ℹ️ To find and more and register go to:

#BrassBand #Music #Education #MusicEducation #Barnsley #SouthYorkshire @classicalmusic

Poster for Grimethorpe Colliery Youth Band Day. These events are really popular, and best of all it's totally free! Open to brass and percussion players from any location 🎺
Sumana Harihareswara
2 days ago

March 21: "Foundations First: Improving C’s Viability in Introductory Programming Courses with the Debugging C Compiler" - a live talk, evidently viewable over Zoom

If you ever teach people C or learn C, this might interest you

#programming #C #teaching #EngineeringEducation #education

Human Restoration Project
2 days ago

ICYMI: We are fortunate to have added 2 incredible contributions to our writing page last week:

From @MrAleoSays on the Silent Crisis of the humanities:

And @Mathgarden on "The Wrath Without the Math": #K12 #education #edutwitter

A greyscale image of baroque dressed figures with blindfolds on
A 19th century headmaster looks grimly at the viewer, surrounded by white male students milling about.
The Conversation U.S.
2 days ago

3 out of 4 teenagers have seen online pornography – often before they became a teenager, according to a new report.

Here are 5 things parents and educators should known as porn and sexting become more commonplace:

#Parents #Parenting #Education

Alex Ip
2 days ago

RT @moreperfectus:

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has signed a law guaranteeing free breakfast and lunch for all students in the state, regardless of how much money their parents make. Tens of thousands of food-insecure kids will benefit.

#minnesota #politics #education #food #children

RiversideBryan 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

Palm Beach Atlantic University professor fired after racial justice lesson prompts parent complaint. Samuel Joeckel claims in Instagram post school influenced by 'anti-woke' crusade

#Education #Florida #PalmBeach #DeSantis

3 days ago

“Students asked why the curriculum didn't include texts about powerful people who looked like us rather than ‘sad stories that look down on Black people.’”

“We worked to improve the situation by compiling new resources, reshaping our lessons, and moving away from Eurocentric narratives in our classroom.” #detroit #education

David Golumbia
3 days ago

new Southern Poverty Law Center report on how private school vouchers don't just directly, but also indirectly, attack & deplete systems of public education

#education #fascism #racism #discrimination

Human Restoration Project
3 days ago


Join HRP & author, game designer, & CEO @adrianhon for a discussion of the potential advantages & pitfalls of #gamification in education! 🎮

Get the Zoom link @ #satchat #K12 #pblchat #education

Promotional image for Zoom event featuring Adrian Hon. 3/18 @ 11am ET. Virtual. Register @
Jonathan Wilson
3 days ago

One good thing politically conscious educators can do in this moment: Insist on widely sharing the *joy* of #education. Don't just warn about its threats or rail against opponents. Clearly and consistently speak for education as part of the good life.

3 days ago

#Texas officials announced on Wednesday that they would be taking over #Houston's #PublicSchool district, which is the eighth-largest in the #UnitedStates deepening existing tensions between local Democratic leaders and the #Republican majority-held statehouse.

#TEA #Education

They go after the teachers next.

In #Georgia, a woman took an admin role at one school system to help with a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program.

She got threats and stalking from a Facebook group accusing her of brainwashing kids with #CRT (CRT is never taught in k-12, btw) and had no institutional support.

So she left. But the group stalked her to the next town and got her forced out there, too. #education #politics

Outside groups, as well as some guy with a big Facebook following, were successful in driving up hate and anger over a trans kid existing (resulting in the child and their family leaving the state).

Then, outsiders moved into town so they could run for the board.

And every board member already there got investigated for any indication they were even remotely associated with Democratic beliefs.

Those who did, were threatened and SWAT’d until they left. #education #news #politics #texas

Yahia Lababidi
3 days ago
José A. Alonso
3 days ago

This professor asked his students to use ChatGPT. The results were surprising. (A professor at the University of Pennsylvania embraces AI use in all his classes and has seen an increase in student success rates. ~ Sabrina Ortiz. #ChatGPT #Education

Dr Julia Molinari
3 days ago

'Nobody asked artists or educationalists what they thought':

what's the technology for? How should we train it? Why? To what end? What problems is it resolving? Who is it harming? Why did you not ask us before letting it loose onto the world?

'We are in chaos'.

#StochasticParrotsDay #gpt #DALLE #HumanRights #Education #Art #ArtificialIntelligence #LLMs

Dr Julia Molinari
3 days ago

Fantastic final 'call to action" panel:

keep telling the stories of harm happening right now", keep interrogating the #ArtificialIntelligence, now.

Stop the academic silence. Make connections and have conversations across disciplinary boundaries.

The harm is already built in, now.

Build broad-based inclusive & diverse academic communities to address these challenges to avoid burdening people with more vigilance.

Education not vigilence.

#StochasticParrotsDay #AcWri #HumanRights #Education

J. M. Guhlin
3 days ago

Looking forward to learning more about #EduProtocols for Beginners from Lynn Behounek and Mindy Podraza, whose session I'm attending at #yourNETA today - #education @edtech #edtech #tceajmg

One of the presenters standing at the front of the room with a slide deck cover slide displayed on screen. See post for key information such as presenter names, session title, and website address link to materials
Japanned Steve McCarty
4 days ago

ResearchGate is featuring "Podcasting Reconsidered" as a Research Spotlight article that members may discuss, at
Non-members interested in podcasting can scroll down to just read the article at
Published by the Asia-Pacific Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning.
Podcasting originated as a new form of audio broadcasting, but by 2006, issues of ease of use, proprietary technology, and finances slowed its momentum. This short article traces the author’s pioneering and current podcasting projects, reconsidering the foundations and #pedagogy of #podcasting.
With #Indian collaboration, the award-winning #multilingual Japancasting channel is renewed. See free episodes on #Japanese #religions, #education, etc.:
Other works on #online #Education:
Relevant to 🦣 groups @OnlineEducation @Bilingualism @edutooters
#podcast #TEFL #ESL #bilingualism #OnlineEducation #OnlineLearning #OER #Japan

J. M. Guhlin
4 days ago

TCEA Announces All-New Scratch Computational Thinking Course #edtech #education #TCEA #tceajmg @edtech

4 days ago

A short 🧵

One of the benefits of students learning to use computers in school as a tool instead of a reward or exception is that it prepares them for the workforce where digital skills are increasingly important.

When students view computer use as a normal part of their learning experience, it removes the stigma around using technology and helps to close the digital divide.

#Education #Technology #EdTech #DigitalSkills

Stop the GQP & Fox News
4 days ago

Florida Republicans are introducing legislation to ban young girls from even *discussing* their periods in school. There is no telling how much this ban will impact teen pregnancy and suicide rates. Dark times.

#womensrights #womenshealth #healthcare #sexeducation #education #schools #students #teachers #politics #uspol #uspolitics #republicans #florida #desantis #gop #gqp #republican #periods #news

Young women in class.