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Iron Fish is hiring Senior Software Engineer

🔧 #javascript #rust #typescript #electron #react #node #cryptocurrency #seniorengineer
🌎 Remote; San Francisco, United States
⏰ Full-time
💰 $90k - $215k (Estimate)
🏢 Iron Fish

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#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

Arlotea :vf:
5 days ago

Cuando en Madrid andan ofreciendo playas en cada barrio, aquí, Contigo Zurekin nos ofrecen una misera Plaza del Castillo y una Avenida Carlos III (to cemento) por barrio, tendremos que seguir yendo a la playa de Oricáin.
#Elecciones28M #elecciones2023

Markus Günther
6 days ago

Ok the new #Whatsapp alternative in the school is called and is an #electron app.

The website is based on #TYPO3

My Whatsapp alternative at the moment was no chat with other parents at all :D
Worked also well until now.

Michael :verify:
6 days ago

playing arround with #electron and #tauri #rust for desktop app development. same app: electron build 185 MB, Tauri build 7 MB. I definitely go with Tauri

Scientific Frontline
1 week ago

Precision measurements reveal connection between #electron density and #atomic arrangements in charge-ordered states of a #superconducting copper-oxide material
#MaterialScience #Physics #sflorg

2 weeks ago

#PaulDirac formulated relativistic equation for #electron in 1928.
Dirac eq. admits solutions with negative energies and "Dirac sea" was postulated -it is explained very well in George Gamow's "Biography of #Physics" for example-
Anderson discovered #positron in 1932 in cosmic rays.
Antimatter are not particles of negative "mass in rest" because that -for the moment- does not exist
#Positron and electron have same mass at rest 511 keV each
#QuantumElectrodynamics was developed around late 1940s

La Antimateria by physicist Julio Palacios
Published in ABC  1966 Feb.15 pp.03
Los Anticorpúsculos by physicist Julio Palacios 
Published in ABC 1966 Mar.31 pp. 3
Klaus Jürgen :archlinux:
2 weeks ago

#DeezerEnhanced gefällt mir deutlich besser als der normale #Deezer Client. Es wird kein #Electron benötigt und den nervigen App schließt nicht Bug gibt's hier auch nicht.

Red Hot Rocket :verified:
2 weeks ago

Back to #launch #electron flew 3 times this quarter thus achieving an average launch cadence of 1 per month. They do need to step it up a bit if they want to achieve 15 launches by the end of the year. The majority of the launches will happen in H2 2023.

#HASTE is planned to launch in Q2 2023, which is blazing fast since #HASTE wasn't even on the drawing board a year ago. #space

It was an awesomely productive day today, even though I was again upset by PM/PO/Marketing deciding after months of not doing anything to now change the dialogs and we don’t even know to what. Worst of all: the designer provided some drafts but they are all using the OLD designs and we had agreed that we’d stick to Material Design with the new project. Now I see… nothing! No material design, absolutely nothing. Just the same old crap. And the reasoning? Well, the designer just quickly put something together...

Anyway, that is a different project I am working on and it is a little bit annoying at the moment with PM/PO/Marketing…

But back to good news: today I implemented AV-Call for the macOS-Version of #Ginlo / #Cicero (#Ginlo_II). We are using JitsiMeet and there is no native SDK for macOS or Windows for JitsiMeet. There are only SDKs for iOS & Android.

And Since I am doing #Flutter development, I can’t even use #Catalyst on macOS (which I don’t like anyway, but that’s another story).

So, how to integrate JitsiMeet then?

  1. I wrote a small JavaScript-“app” which ships with my native binary-app as an HTML-file (in the assets)*.
  2. I load this HTML-file, patch the necessary settings directly with String.replaceFirst and then …
  3. I save it to a temporary file
  4. Now I use to create a separate WebView-Window
  5. Tell this Webview to then load that file.

That file contains a final window.onload = function() {…} which then starts up Jitsi, i.e. loads it from our server, configures it, secures it, etc.

This is actually awesome, because this way I also have a two-window-solution for Flutter on macOS before Flutter officially supports it.

And since that new window/Webview runs in a separate isolate, it is even safer this way.


#macOS #Jitsi #JitsiMeet

*: Technically I had already written that “app” a long time ago for Ginlo Business Desktop-version, which is an #Electron-based app. Since it worked successfully there, I stripped it down to the bare-minimum necessary to get it working with my Flutter-app.

IT News
2 weeks ago
Gianmarco :archlinux: :kde:
2 weeks ago

I hate #Electron! I hate modern software stacks! I hate the Antichrist!

My terminal open running a PKGBUILD to compile and install IPFS Desktop.
Thomas Frederiksen
2 weeks ago

The workshop will focus on a range of topics including #magnetism in #graphene-based #nanostructures, organic #synthesis, #fabrication and #characterization, #electron #spin detection and manipulation, and computational #modeling.

3 weeks ago

We're celebrating the launch of our brand new website! Check it out today to learn more about our company, all the services we offer and the cool new design!

#appsec #Pentesting #cloudsecurity #security #graphql #mobilesecurity #SmartContracts #electron #javascript #websecurity

Kevin R Jones
3 weeks ago

@joelanman @joelanman I have never used #VS #Code. I have read that sighted people say it’s somewhat sluggish. I also hate #electron, but I’ve read that VS Code is the best behaved of just about any electron app out there.
I haven’t used #Windows since 2010 so I haven’t had much of a need for VS Code on the #Mac.

Jobs for Developers
3 weeks ago

Iron Fish is hiring Senior Software Engineer

🔧 #javascript #rust #typescript #electron #react #node #cryptocurrency #seniorengineer
🌎 Remote; San Francisco, United States
⏰ Full-time
💰 $90k - $215k (Estimate)
🏢 Iron Fish

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#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

Daniel Fischer
3 weeks ago

NASA, Rocket Lab Launch First Pair of Storm Observing CubeSats - the first pair of the agency’s #TROPICS (Time-Resolved Observations of Precipitation structure and storm Intensity with a Constellation of Smallsats) lifted off aboard an #Electron rocket from #RocketLab’s Launch Complex 1 Pad B in Māhia, New Zealand, today:

Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket lifts off from Launch Complex 1 at Māhia, New Zealand at 9:00 p.m., carrying two TROPICS CubeSats for NASA.
3 weeks ago


"Two #TROPICS CubeSats successfully deployed from a Rocket Lab #Electron rocket after launch."

"The team is working toward signal acquisition from the pair of TROPICS CubeSats. NASA will continue to assess data from periodic pass opportunities. It is not unexpected for CubeSats to take some time to establish communications. We will provide confirmation when signal is acquired."

#CubeSat #Satelliten #Spaceflight #Raumfahrt


Shelenn Ayres
3 weeks ago
Congrats to Team RocketLab and NASA!#Space #NASA #RocketLab #Electron…
3 weeks ago

#obsidian would be perfect with 3 mods: #emacs keybindings, #foss license, and no #electron.

idk why there's so much blind anti-fed sentiment

some feds probably deserve to starve
and #element sucks for using #electron (lol)

but teaching governments about digital sovereinty, and to value foss solutions?
that sounds pretty good for everyone

or im stupid idk

Jobs for Developers
3 weeks ago

Iron Fish is hiring Senior Software Engineer

🔧 #javascript #rust #typescript #electron #react #node #cryptocurrency #seniorengineer
🌎 Remote; San Francisco, United States
⏰ Full-time
💰 $90k - $210k (Estimate)
🏢 Iron Fish

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

Red Hot Rocket :verified:
4 weeks ago

Did you know? Of the 35 #Electron launches, only a quarter of them were for government entities!

This is bound to increase due to the new pad in the US and the new HASTE rocket.

#rocketlab #space

1 month ago

Wrote a post about using Vencord's injection methods with Discord client modding on Slack's desktop client. Gonna write some plugins for Slack within time :p

It took me 7 attempts get my meta tags correct :|

#vencord #slack #discord #electron

Benoît B.
1 month ago


Wouldn't that mean to have potentially one distinct #app for each type of service (video, private messaging, micro-blogging and so on)?

I would prefer to avoid that!

(and actually, I do not install one app per activity if there is a convenient web interface — especially if the dedicated app is #Electron based)

Ed Voncken
1 month ago

@0xC0DE6502 Soko-ban brings back many good memories, thanks! ;-) #retrocomputing #acorn #electron


Build lightweight cross-platform desktop apps with #JavaScript, #HTML, and #CSS

An alternative to #Electron, not based on #Chromium and #NodeJS. Neutrinalo uses the existing web browser library in the operating system.

John Freeman
1 month ago

#rocketlab #electron #industry #space

Rocket Lab to refly an engine from its Electron rocket: via @SpaceNews_Inc

1 month ago

is anyone else annoyed with the constant window resizing and being logged out issues of #electron apps?

I am 🙋‍♂️.

aburka 🫣
1 month ago

@pixelnull Let me guess, it's because there is no native app, it's just #electron.

Scientific Frontline
1 month ago

Perturbing #electron #spins in a #magnet usually results in #excitations called “spin waves” that ripple through the magnet like waves on a pond that’s been struck by a pebble. Rice University #physicists and their collaborators have discovered dramatically different excitations called “spin excitons” that can also “ripple” through a nickel-based magnet as a coherent wave.
#Physics #sflorg

Red Hot Rocket :verified:
1 month ago

#rocketlab has recently unveiled their new #HASTE rocket. Lets dive a little deeper.

#rocketlab first started with suborbital rockets, the Atea. They soon abandoned the rocket to develop an orbital rocket, the #Electron.

Now Rocket Lab has modified the the electron to be able to serve suborbital customers. They said in a recent tweet that the kickstage has been modified to be able to deploy hypersonic payloads. The electron booster can now also carry a payload of 700 kg! That is more than twice its normal orbital payload capacity.

Now the question is, why?

They have been selected by Dynetics to provide hypersonic test launch capability on HASTE under the MACH-TB project awarded by NSWC Crane on behalf of Department of Defense.

Fair to say that the current suborbital market for private companies is quite small. Thus HASTE will operate primarily under RLNS which is a subsidiary fully owned by Rocket Lab.

RLNS was created to serve the needs of the U.S. defense and int. #space

Ken the Bin
1 month ago

Rocket Lab makes HASTE ...

HASTE = Hypersonic Accelerator Suborbital Test Electron

"Rocket Lab’s new HASTE launch vehicle, derived from the Electron rocket, will provide high-cadence suborbital flight test opportunities to advance hypersonic system technology development"

#RocketLab #Electron #HASTE

1 month ago

Your periodic reminder that whatever vulnerabilities affect #chrome also affect #electron apps

R. L. Dane
1 month ago

Just heard that the #Midori web browser project switched from #WebKit to #Electron.

This kind of thing is bothering me more than politics today, TBH.

Forget being an awesome independent browser project, let's become another feckless #Blink droid. Why fight for the Rebellion when you can be a stormtrooper for the Empire? They even have cookies!

Argh. Good morning to you, too. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

Furqan Shah
2 months ago

Alien invasion!!! 👾 👽 Under in vitro culture, a #human #mesenchymal #stemcell crawls into an #osteocyte lacuna ( at the #bone surface, observed by scanning #electron #microscopy 🔬 🦴 Forget shape-memory #alloys! #Cells remember! (Arrowheads = bone #mineral)

#biology #electronmicroscopy #stemcells #imaging #bioimaging #biomimicry #biomineralization #invitro #apatite

After in vitro culture for 24 hours, a human mesenchymal stem cell not only attaches to the surface of intentionally deproteinised bone but also appears to enter an empty lacuna previously occupied by an osteoblastic–osteocyte at the bone surface. Observed by scanning electron microscopy in the secondary electron mode at 5 kV accelerating voltage.
Ken the Bin
2 months ago

Rocket Lab has announced TROPICS-2 (satellites 3 & 4) as 'Rocket Like a Hurricane' targeting Sunday, April 30, and TROPICS-3 (satellites 5 & 6) as 'Coming to a Storm Near You' targeting Monday, May 15.

Both will launch on Electron from Māhia LC-1 in New Zealand.’s-Cyclone-Tracking-Satellite-Constellation-from-New-Zealand/

#RocketLab #Electron #TROPICS #TROPICS2 #TROPICS3

I just made the #Flatpak for #ArmCord pull #Electron 21 binaries from upstream build servers; now, if you enable the legacy capturer, you can screencast on #Wayland again!

Builds will be on #Flathub shortly.


From the ArmCord Discord server's announcements channel:

Wayland screensharing (native or not) is still broken on Electron 24, whenever there's a new Electron version with a bugfix I'll push a new ArmCord update asap 
Temporary solution: use Electron 21 with legacy capturer turned on 

By visiting you can find both dev and stable builds of ArmCord with 2 Electron versions 21 (Wayland working ) and 22 (Win7/8.1 support). These builds are gonna be rebuilt at least once a week with latest git commits. Have fun!
Life is Tetris
2 months ago

Will #Tauri ¹ obsolete not just #Electron but also #WebOS / #LuneOS ?


2 months ago

"Our Desktop app uses Web technology (React, TypeScript), currently via Electron, but maybe someday via Tauri so there’s no need to ship a full browser with the app."

More about Tauri here:

#Tauri #Electron #WebUI #UI

Maciej Barć
2 months ago

I think it would be much more interesting if #VSCode ran on top of #Webkit-GTK or #QTWebEngine instead of #Electron.

Maybe even integration of features that had to be native would be easier.

(Oh, yes, VSCode has binary code other than Electron btw.)

that weird moment when you start feeling like #openbsd's choice not to support #electron apps really might be a feature

2 months ago

Recuperación del mar de la primera etapa del cohete #Electron de lanzado hace unos días.

2 months ago

#VSCode cannot even render text at 60 FPS on my 2013 laptop. Any other program does, even games.

#Electron is a waste of resources. A high price to pay for the convenience of easy multiplatform applications.

But sure, just go ahead and buy new #hardware. Everyone has so much #money these days, right? Just chuck your old stuff in the bin. Just look how shiny this new device is!

#javascript #typescript #webdev #apps #dev

Astra Kernel :verified:
2 months ago

✨ Intro to Tauri: The Electron alternative

👉 Build cross-platform native applications using virtually any web framework and a Rust back end

#rustlang #electron #programming #javascript #sveltekit

via @TauriApps

Tauri app screenshot
2 months ago

I love the idea of #OrgMode instead of a heavy #Electron based #PKM (ahem #Logseq, #Obsidian, etc). But I need to also use it on #iOS.

Do any of you have a solution or recommendation for using orgmode on iOS devices? I know orgmode is just #PlainText, but typing on iOS is already a high friction point for me, let alone the extra formatting.

Do you use another app or system for capturing on iOS that funnels into your orgmode system? I'd love to hear about it!

FWIW, I'm using Logseq atm.

Jupiter Rowland
2 months ago
@f4grx Sebastien @DeepBlue V7.X I guess that may be because they're #Electron apps. They're written in #JavaScript, and they require pretty much an entire built-in #Chromium browser to run.

Even #HelloWorld would be close to 100MB in Electron.
Ondine Bruch
2 months ago

Why it’s better not to use desktop versions of messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal

"- All of them are built on the Electron framework, which means that the Chromium browser may be outdated and have security vulnerabilities.

- The encryption keys can be easily stolen unlike their mobile counterparts

-RATs represent threats against which desktop messenger clients are practically defenseless."

#cybersecurity #signal #whatsapp #electron #vulnerability #malware

Daniel Fischer
2 months ago

NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility supported the successful launch of a #RocketLab #Electron rocket at 22:39 UTC March 16, from Virginia’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport on Wallops Island, Virginia: - the mission, named “Stronger Together,” carried two, 100-kilogram commercial satellites to low-Earth orbit for #CapellaSpace.

Picture provided by RocketLab
Daniel Fischer
2 months ago

Lift-off of the #Electron!

Daniel Fischer
2 months ago

T minus 5 minutes til the next #Electron launch from Wallops Island: webcast at

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 months ago

@gizmomathboy @ovid @mcgrew It’s that every #Electron app is its own #Chromium and #Node runtime and process. They don’t use a shared engine like the #WebOS apps likely did.

If you want to see the difference find some Electron apps that are also available in #PWA form and run them all via the same browser app.

3 months ago

@JHunt I’ve been using #OnlyOffice for the modern interface, but it because it’s #Electron, there are a number of frustrations. I kind of wish that #LibreOffice had a “lite” version. I don’t need the mountain of features that it offers.

Mark Moxon
3 months ago

Brand new release for the Acorn Electron!

You can now play enhanced Elite, with:

* Flicker-free planets and ships
* Escape capsule animation
* High-fidelity planets
* Improved stardust


* Download as SSD or UEF:

* Technical information:

* Info about flicker-free Elite:

If anyone manages to run this on real hardware, let me know how it goes!


#Acorn #Electron #retrogaming #retrocomputing #8bit #bbcmicro

Hendrik Mans 🚀
3 months ago

I have an idea for a small cross-platform desktop app that I'd want to build using #Electron. I'm a complete Electron newb – what are my options for data persistence? Can I just plop a SQLite in there or something similar?

Brett Kosinski
3 months ago

So now that the #Teams desktop client is deprecated for Linux, I've installed the PWAsForFirefox extension, installed Teams as a #PWA, and now my experience is *so much better*.

First, all the features.

Second, #Firefox has first class Wayland support, so it looks great.

Third, screensharing is functional again thanks to Pipewire integration.

I'm now fully of the opinion that #Electron (and similar) should die and PWAs should be the way of the future for non-native desktop app experiences.

Not a Wizard
3 months ago

Was watching an interview on Youtube with Tony Oakden (ABug 12 - How Acorn Electron games launched my career) when near the end they mentioned this book.

And then it dawned on me! Hey I own that! I had never even opened it.

haha how many times have you bought something, put it on a shelf to look at later, only to completely forget you ever got it?

Hm, that reminds me. I think I have a couple of recent(ish) Amiga books unopened too.

#acorn #bbcmicro #electron #retrocomputing #retrogaming

My hand holding up a copy of the book "Acorn - a world in pixels" published by Desine.

The cover image is a voxel version of the Acorn Computers logo with characters from various Acorn games climbing over or flying around it.
3 months ago

One of the fascinating things about discussing Electron as a way of delivering applications is that there are many people who don’t seem to be bothered by the lack of standard OS features in the platform.

There are many apps that I use specifically because I know I will want to use them as part of an automation workflow on my Mac. If I can’t do that then I won’t use the app.

Do other OSes not have that same uniformity of platform features?

#MacOS #Electron #Windows

I just already tried the client #Whalebird which is based on #electron framework... and works fine, it's a good option for the desktop. here's the webpage:

Scientific Frontline
3 months ago

A #laser pulse surfing in the wake of an #electron beam pulse could get upshifted from visible to extreme #ultraviolet light, simulations done at the University of Michigan have shown.
#Engineering #Physics #Technology #sflorg

3 months ago

New measurement of electron magnetic moment continues to agree with the Standard Model:
#electron #measurement #magnetic #particle #physics #StandardModel

3 months ago

Tinder für Hacker!?

Mit Alovoa gibt es eine Dating-App als Flatpak. Ein ungewöhnliches Genre in der Open-Source-Welt.

#Dating #Flatpak #Electron #Linux

Physics Magazine
3 months ago

The electron may be catching up to the muon in terms of its ability to test the standard model through "g-2" measurements.

And since I am sharing a g-2 story, I'm going to link to our cartoon about the so-called muon g-2 anomaly because it was our first cartoon and it was really good.

#physicsmagazine #sciencemastodon #physicsnews #sciencejournalism #sciencenews #physics #academicmastodon #g2 #muon #electron #fundamentalconstants #cartoon

R. L. Dane
4 months ago


Ahh, #Electron. Of course. That bloats everything.

Was the iOS version any slimmer?

Does anyone have experience to share making apps with Tauri? Looking for something that provides an easy way to develop cross-platform apps with slick UIs but also minimizes the security attack surface. Tauri looks like a promising option, but I don't know much about it.

#electron #tauri #code #software

David Runge
4 months ago

It's sad to see how terrible #electron is as a framework. I know of no stable desktop application using it. E.g. the #element #matrix client keeps on crashing randomly with a #SIGTRAP on one of my machines (with electron 21 and 22).

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
4 months ago

@davew @AbeEstrada @marcoarment It’s great for what it is, but the advantages of cross-platform abstraction diminish if and when you want more interop with the surrounding OS while maintaining feature parity. You write enough shims for native APIs, you might as well be writing native code.

And the processor, memory, and resulting energy suck is real. Users with many #Electron apps hate that.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
4 months ago

@AbeEstrada @marcoarment @davew Sometimes there’s a difference, sometimes not. The software world is littered with examples of the dream of cross-platform lowest-common-denominator development via web technologies. #Electron #Cordova #ReactNative

Baloo Uriza
4 months ago

@jollyrogue Though this does also remind me that #AppImage is also a turd, especially when deb and RPM exist. And I'm going to have to call out #Facebook for making the #Mapillary uploader an #Electron toy wrapped in AppImage, which gives an end result that is both worse and clunkier than the web uploader they dropped or the command line tools they stopped maintaining.

4 months ago

Context: if you follow #deltachat_desktop discussions on the #deltachat forum you might already know that we're planning to move #deltachat_desktop from #electron to #tauri in the future. But porting the desktop client is a big effort (our move to #jsonrpc was one step into this direction).
So I made this small sample project to check tauri out.
It's a nice side effect if the emoji picker is useful by itself, maybe we could even build a community for the emoji picker.

Well, I desoldered the socket from the Issue 6 #Acorn #Electron board, cleaned it up, fixed a couple of damaged traces and placed a PGA socket.

Turns out that with a replaced IC18 and a couple of repaired traces (and a cracked via filled with solder) it works just fine. The memory corruption and timing problems I saw with the Synertek gate array in the Issue 4 Electron don't seem to manifest.

I did replace the Rockwell #6502A with a Synertek one, just so it'd be in spec.

An Acorn Electron with its lid open and set back so that the mainboard is visible.  The machine is running the attract loop of Zalaga, Orlando's very fine clone of Galaga.

Goodness me... wrapping my head around context isolation and IPC in #Electron has been a pain, but I think I might have finally cracked it!

Patrick H. Lauke
4 months ago

you know what immediately pulls me out of the illusion of "hey, it's a native app!" that just turns out to be an #electron app? when things like text/content selection on the UI elements, and general image and link drag'n'drop behaviour from regular browsers is not suppressed. makes the whole thing feel weirdly brittle, and the artifice is exposed...

4 months ago

The Flatpak repo for Signal has instructions for switching Electron to Wayland, but it's buggy in some annoying ways:

#wayland #flatpak #linuxdesktop #signal #electron

Testing new feature in #Nozbe #Electron app. Multiple windows support 😍 Made by @radex 👏🏻

Coming soon in Nozbe for Windows and macOS 🤓

2 windows of Nozbe app on mac.
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
5 months ago

@supernovae @Migueldeicaza Right, but the OP was about desktop #Electron and the reply was about app stores which are mostly for mobile. There was a kerfuffle a few years back about #Apple rejecting Electron apps due to private API usage, but the framework and build process was fixed.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
5 months ago

@supernovae @Migueldeicaza Bit of an #Apple to orange comparison there, as #Electron is a desktop framework

Mauve 👁💜
5 months ago

BTW, if anyone is looking for a #gig to get @agregore published across some of the major platforms, I'd love to chat.

Ideally you'll have published an Electron app to either Windows/Mac OS/Ubuntu/AUR.

Boosts appreciated.

#jobs #windows #mac #ubuntu #aur #electron

Ed Voncken
5 months ago

@coregaze @erikarn What a great #retrocomputing story - another #Acorn #Electron saved ;-) Perhaps some folks over at StarDot could use a similar fix for their aging Elks.

5 months ago

Can anyone recommend a *supported* embedded database for #nodejs that works well with #electron and can work with structured data?

The main recommendation seems to be SQLite, but that's a pain to use in Electron because it has native components. Many other options I've looked at haven't been updated in years, or else explicitly say they aren't maintained any more.

Westport Observatory
5 months ago

The #RocketLab crew will try again tonight, 12/18, at 6 pm to launch an #Electron rocket from #NASA's #Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. If it stays clear, you may see it soar above New England about 90 seconds after launch.

I do not like #Electron but I'm also not a fan of #Emacs. However, I appreciate the self-deprecating humor.

"We are not the same" meme with actor Giancarlo Esposito from breaking bad. He's in a gray suit posing for the camera adjusting his necktie with a casual "I don't care who you think you are" look.

Three lines of text are overlayed. The top text reads "Your text editor runs inside a web browser" with the logo of Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

The middle text reads "My web browsers runs inside a text editor" with the logo of GNU Emacs.

The bottom text reads "We are not the same".
Peter Sterne
5 months ago

As some of you know, I'm helping to build a free and open-source transcription app for journalists called Stage Whisper.

Unfortunately, our lead front-end dev had to step away from the project a bit, so right now we're looking for some more #Electron, #Reactjs and #javascript devs to contribute:

6 months ago

What client for #matrix are you using on your desktop (preferable #FreeBSD and #Linux )? #Element seems to be the standard but it's made with #electron and this is not acceptable. I am mostly using #nheko but the UI is not to my satifaction. In short, I don't like it.

Pulsar Edit
6 months ago

Hello, world! This is Pulsar Edit, the community led hackable text editor! We are a team of people that used Atom, and in our desire to keep our favorite editor around, we've come together under this new name! If you want to keep up with us there's a few ways to do that, that are in our bio. We could use all the support and feedback you can give us to help us now and into the future!

#opensource #texteditor #programming #community #javascript #electron #node #nodejs

6 months ago

it's going to be super bad for Mozilla's legacy if it turns out that Jack fucking Dorsey builds the alternative mobile OS that challenges the Apple/Google duopoly.

#Mozilla should've been all over projects like #Electron, #ChromeOS, #KaiOS and the #Framework laptop. Mozilla Foundation should've researched the future they wanted to build instead of dumping money into making Youtube (owned by their biggest competitor) slightly less fascist.

We should never forgive the the 2010s tech activism grift, flush with cash dedicated to making huge companies "less evil" despite a constant slide towards a barbaric technofuture. And for what? Who gives a shit about your design ethics when the whole thing can be wiped out in an instant by a strategic purchase.

Mozilla Corp and Foundation had access to talent, goodwill and community to be the leaders of a true alternative to FAANG.

Instead, the world's best browser is stagnant; infused with a featureless password manager, a resold third party VPN and a 'me too' email relay plugin.

The Foundation is busy attending to "trustworthy" AI, "re-imagining" web monetisation thru tech (a legislation issue) and trying to make their unaccountable competitors ethical. "New approaches to data stewardship," an absolute surrender to the violent status quo of the serialisation of everything.

Robin Berjon
6 months ago

In #Electron, has anyone built a `BrowserView` that tracks a (custom) element's size and position? The docs strongly encourage avoiding <webview> but embedding is hard to beat.