Ken Kousen
2 hours ago

This week's Tales from the jar side, about how Google's Bard is stupid, Anthropic's Claude is better but can't do math, this week in Elon, and the usual silly tweets, toots, and skeets
#java #claude2 #openai #bard #elon

Chris Vitalos ✅
8 hours ago

I suspected this was what was really going on.

>The people who were most afraid of the risks of #artificialintelligence decided they should be the ones to build it. Then distrust fueled a spiraling competition.

How #Elon #Musk and #Larry #Page’s #AI Debate Led to #OpenAI and an Industry Boom - The New York Times

#LargeLanguageModels #LLM #aiethics


Al Wirtes
1 day ago

@fraying @tchambers Serious question: Is there any analysis out there by people who have experience with these things as to what happens next with #Twitter? Presumably the money runs out soon, if not already. Does #Elon throw good money after bad? Do banks force a fire sale? Is there a tax benefit to banks if they tank it before December 31? What are the pressures and what are the likely outcomes now that major ad dollars have vanished?

Al Wirtes
1 day ago

Oh, if this is the best they can do, #Twitter is sunk.

“Walmart didn’t quit advertising after #Elon cursed them out because they’d ALREADY quit advertising,” isn’t the defense you think it is.

X says Walmart pulled ads in October, weeks before Musk rant
intermobility_berlin 🌻🇪🇺
2 days ago

Ich gehe da in weiten Teilen mit: Der Cybertruck ist das Auto-gewordene „go fuck yourself“ (Antwort von Elon Musk auf Kritik der Werbetreibenden bei Twitter). Rückblickend hat Musk mit der Vorstellung des Cybertrucks 2019 schon viel seiner persönlichen Entwicklung seither vorweg genommen.

#Tesla #Cybertruck #ElonMusk #Elon #Musk

2 days ago



#Candid and #profound seem to be the new words of the alternative facts crowd for "somewhat unhinged".

Need to keep my translation table up to date....

#elon #musk #x #twitter #tesla

2 days ago

I found the breakdown of #ElonMusks comments by @MattBinder Emma Vigeland & Brandon Sutton on the The Majority Report
yesterday pretty good. But they didn't get how #Musk was associating himself with X. Advertisers leaving will destroy the company, which will lead to the the end of the Earth (humanity) because #Elon sees himself as the savior of humanity. Only he can get us off the planet. Therefore, if you hurt X, you hurt humanity. (Earth)

2 days ago
Preslav Rachev
2 days ago

“Undoubtedly, Musk continues to benefit from legions of devoted fanboys — many of whom I’m sure will be letting me know how amazing he still is and how garbage I still am — but it’s hard to deny any longer that his influence is on the wane, and the crowning moment of his stupidest idea made flesh in the form of the Cybertruck seems like a meaningful bookend on his era of power.” 🚀👌

#elon #elonmusk #tesla #cybertruck #twitter

Old Tall Guy
2 days ago

LOL! #Twitter is too low life for even #Walmart to advertise on. The largest retailer in the US if not the World won't use #Elon's disaster any longer.

Anyone who helped him finance the purchase of Twitter has to be shitting bricks.

Michael Schramm
2 days ago

#elon #musk zum #cybertruck
»Wenn Sie einmal in Streit mit anderen Autos geraten, werden Sie gewinnen.«
Der Mann lebt in einer Comic-Welt.

2 days ago

Aaaaaaaannnnnnnddddd it's gone...

Twitter's sales team that is.

After Musk cussed out advertisers for not wanting to be a part of his tour of the toilet bowl he calls a platform, his sales reps saw their careers flash before their eyes and bid him adieu.

When cybertruck? 🤔

#riptwitter #twitter #x #musk #elon #tesla #birdsite

Mary Austin
2 days ago

How do you play clean up after your boss tells all the advertisers literally "GFY?" I'm guessing.

"#Elon is concerned that corporations who buy ads on X may not feel as screwed as Jews, Muslims, LGBT people, racial minorities, Ukraine, and Twitter's former users in general. Here at #Twitter we don't want anyone to feel left out. Not even overt Hitler stans! Elon just wants to encourage a healthy practice of masturbation to those who aren't getting screwed hard enough."

Petar Toushkov
2 days ago

Damn it, now I feel bad for #Elon 😔

a.d. 
2 days ago

Go fvck yourself gingerly elon musk!!! 🖕

Closedmy account & removed his #x sh’t out of my phone. In the appeals process for over a year and no result on the matter.

You fvcking murderer! Killed the best thing on the internet 🛜 that being #Twitter. I hope your soul burns for an eternity in internet hades.

#SpaceKaren #musk #Spaceship #elon #elonmusk
2 days ago

#Twitter's revenue death is firmly sealed at this point. #Elon clearly has no interest in addressing advertisers' valid issues. His response should be brands' cue to depart. We recommend Threads, Mastodon, and Bluesky instead -, all integrating across the open #fediverse. Our team will now be leveraging Mastodon as our primary short form social platform. Have you left Twitter? What platforms are you focusing on now?

3 days ago

#Elon doesn't want OR need your silly #ads on the #BirdSite, thank you very much.

In fact, Elon would prefer you not to #advertise on #Twitter. so it's best to follow his advice. He knows best. In this specific case.

Während des Live-Events zu den ersten Auslieferungen von Teslas Elektro-Pickup Cybertruck wurde auch offenbar, dass der Wagen deutlich teurer wird als gedacht: Bis zu 100.000 Dollar wurden genannt. Robin Hornig, Chefredakteur von AUTO BILD, spricht bei WELT TV über die Folgen der Preiserhöhung.#Musk #Elon #Elektroautos #TeslaMotors
Musks Elektro-Pickup: „Kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass der Farmer in Texas auf dem Feld mit Cybertruck unterwegs ist“ - Video - WELT
3 days ago

While the public seems to hail #Elon with being "...a Champion of freedom and free speech by giving a middle to advertisers" and "...not selling out (to advertisers)", I wish Alex knew that there's a thing called the Fediverse. #Twitter #X

Link to video for those interested:

Comments from a YouTube video called " Elon Musk hits out at X advertisers at New York Times DealBook summit"

1) This interview made me want to subscribe to X! Finally a man who values what he stands for more than the money he could make for betraying it. 

2)  As a side note: I'l love to use an internet or even just a few websites, where advertising does not exist. Advertising and the cookie law really kills the internet for me.

Öffentlicher Untergang eines Größenwahnsinnigen. Kein schönes Spektakel. Aber auch nicht überraschend. Nachdem er Twitter geschrottet hat, dürfte er sich jetzt Tesla zuwenden.
#Elon #Musk #Twitter #Tesla

3 days ago
If #Elon was smart, he would sell off #twitter. then spend the next 20 years working in charity 50% of the time making things worse and 20 years from now people would view him as a wise kinds sage, just like what Bill Gates did when he was exposed as a childish asshole. Elon is not smart.
3 days ago

I just realized that Elon Musk is just following Google's best practices of buying a thing and destroying it.

#elonmusk #elon #Twitter #x #musk #google #corporations

In der heutigen Folge „Alles auf Aktien“ sprechen die Finanzjournalisten Laurin Meyer und Philipp Vetter über Gewinnmitnahmen bei Nvidia und Alphabet, Monsterzahlen bei Salesforce und Analysten-Lob für die Deutsche Bank.#Eckert-Daniel #Börse #Vetter-Philipp #Meyer-Laurin #AllesaufAktienPodcast #TeslaMotors #Musk #Elon #Nvidia #DeutscheBank
Börsen-Podcast: Shein: E-Autobauer Tesla: Die große Cybertruck-Show von Elon Musk
Elon Musk hat die ersten Cybertrucks an Kunden ausgeliefert. Mit dem elektrischen Pickup will er den lukrativsten Kern des US-Automarkts erobern. Um die Robustheit des Fahrzeugs zu demonstrieren, hat sich Musk wieder etwas Besonderes einfallen lassen – mit einem Baseball.#Meyer-Laurin #zwick-daniel #TeslaMotors #Musk #Elon #Pickups #Ford
Cybertruck: Dieser Pickup soll Musk den nächsten Tesla-Moment bescheren
Mono 🍂
3 days ago

#Instagram está atascado de anuncios, pero voy a #twitter (x) y ya casi no hay anuncios. #Elon hizo algo bueno o algo malo.

3 days ago

More Elon truth & nonsense here about #AI & #LLM

Elon: “These AIs are all trained on copyrighted data. Obviously.”

ARS: “So you think it's a lie when #OpenAI says that...none of these guy say that they’re training on copyrighted data."

Elon: “Yeah, that's a lie" ... “Straight up lie.”

Yes indeed #Elon is right about this, but the bonkers part is he later states “…by the time these lawsuits are decided we will have *Digital God*”.

Smug asshole says what?

Kevin Russell
3 days ago

@Champagne @MeanwhileinCanada

An arrogant needy ego created it. Which is fine. But the needy arrogant ego accepts no improvement or criticism, and the result is grandly flawed design.

#elon #musk #xitter

Design fail. Access ramp beside the staircase cannot be entered because the concrete stairs block the ramp entrance completely.
3 days ago

What #Tesla could have made.
...wait, what am I thinking, no, they literally could not have made this. #Elon would never have allowed it, because it actually worked.
#Truckla #SimoneGiertz #Musk

Je erfolgreicher Elon Musk ist, desto mehr verunglimpft ihn die linke Lauchbourgeoisie als Helfershelfer von Nazis. Ängstliche Werbekunden meiden daher bereits seine Plattform „X“. Nun hat Musk in drastischer Weise geantwortet. Und damit sein wahres Unternehmertum unter Beweis gestellt.#Poschardt-Ulf #Musk #Elon #Twitter #SozialeMedien #ElonMusk #Israel #UlfPoschardt #Raumfahrtpläne #Auto
Ulf Poschardt zu Elon Musk: Ein „F*** them“ als Triumph über die Woken
Old Tall Guy
3 days ago

#Elon: “What this advertising boycott is gonna do is it’s gonna kill the company, that is what everybody on Earth will know."

“We’ll be gone, and it’ll be gone because of an advertiser boycott.”

No Elon, Twitter will be gone because you destroyed it with bad business decisions and your attempts to spread your racism and hate. Enjoy your 44 billion dollar tax write off and go blow up some more billion dollar firecrackers. #Musk

Mike Taylor 🦕
3 days ago

It's actally a bit sad watching #Elon #Musk's mental breakdown in real time. I assume there used to be a time when he genuinely was brilliant, and that the wild success of Tesla and Space X wasn't by accident. But whatever drugs he's been on are visibly taking their toll, and he now comes across as literally deranged.

4 days ago

I bet Linda #Yaccarino, X's chief executive, is refreshing her CV.

She must have cringed when
#Elon #Musk proclaimed his advice to advertisers.

#twitter #x

fanta ☑️
4 days ago

"¡Vete! ¡Que te Jodan!" ha dicho Elon Musk refiriéndose a los anunciantes que, según él, están matando twitter.

Lo ha comentado en una entrevista en Dealbook.

#elon #technobros #musk #elonmusk

foto de archivo de Elon musk fumandose un tremendo leño en una entrevista
Andi Popp
4 days ago

#Elon #Musk so: "Freie Meinung ist absolut! Lügen ist Meinung! Moderation ist Zensur! Jeder darf nach seiner Überzeugung reden und handeln!" 😤😤😤

Auch #ElonMusk: "Firmen, die keine Werbeanzeigen mehr auf #Twitter schalten, nur weil ihre Anzeigen neben Nazi-Posts auftauchen, sind böse. Das ist doch Erpressung" 😭😭😭

Jakub Rojek
4 days ago

Parę dni temu pisałem, że #ElonMusk niczego ostatnio nie odwalił. No to już odwalił, choć niebezpośrednio użytkownikom Ćwierkacza.

To jest jakiś poziom działań PR-owych, którego nie ogarniam.

#Twitter #X #Elon

ᴚ uɐᗡ
4 days ago

go cheeze yourself, space karen 🧀

#BrieBest #elon

elon's TIME magazine cover

he is hit with a massive volume of liquid cheese
Mina Hanse
4 days ago

#Elon #Musk, instead of taking responsibility over what he said, tells the advertisers to "go fuck themselves". 🤦

#ElonMusk #Twitter

4 days ago

A few moments later: I think the fact that #Elon expressed losing ad revenue as being blackmail against him suggests he’s experiencing a distorted sense of reality now.

So it looks like there’s no plan behind this, unlike when he stopped paying office rent to squeeze owners for better rates. It looks more like he’s having a #Kanye moment, spiraling out of control in some semblance of a manic episode, wrecking himself. If so, good. Fuck that ruinous gutter prick.

There's definitely something wrong with the #ElongatedMuskrat

“Go f*ck yourself. Go. F*ck. Yourself.”

-- #ElonMusk to advertisers threatening to boycott #X today

No, #Elon. YOU go f*CK yourself

Video courtesy of: #AlexThompson, National Political Correspondent at #Axios

4 days ago

Elon when asked about losing advertisers.
#Elon #Twitter #X

RS, Author, Novelist
5 days ago


[#ChatGPT replies to an request for evil organization names and returns #Elon, Starlink, Tesla, Amazon, Meta, and Fox.]

Just goes to show you #AI is /not/ creative. It statistically pattern matches from discriminate or indiscriminate training information and vomits up not creative ideas but statistically relevant ones. You /must/ investigate everything it gives you for plagiarism, or in the case of asking for results you want to cast in a bad light, stuff that might be libelous.

Makes you wonder what a lot of people "statistically" are saying about Elon, X, Tesla, and Meta. We understand what they say about Fox, of course...

Kathy E. Gill 🇺🇦
6 days ago

It’s Monday night … and #Elon #Musk is still recommending Jack in the Box and Linda Yaccarino as the first hit on a #heilhitler search

#birdsite #TwitterFail #ElonMusk


Screenshot of Twitter search result on the hashtag heilHitler
Monday, Nov 27, 2023 @ 6.27 pm
Moment Magazine
6 days ago

“Billionaires who throw their money at creating safe spaces for fascists and terrorists should not be rewarded by advertisers, or by you.” #Twitter #Elon #ElonMusk #X #SocialMedia #Tech #Technology #Opinion #TimeToExit- @sarahposner

Bruce Mirken
1 week ago

@Hey_Beth @MarkMaguire I am still waiting for the parade of "respectable" mainstream journalists leaving #Elon's racist hellsite.

1 week ago

#Antisemitism-amplifier #Elon #Musk to meet #Israel president & hostage families.

He does not "run" #Tesla. He does not run #SpaceX. He does not even run #Twitter, but he has run it INTO the ground & renamed it #X.

Musk amplified a false post that #Jewish people were stoking hatred against #whites, saying #GreatReplacement conspiracy theory was "actual truth"

#WH condemned that as "abhorrent promotion of antisemitic and racist hate" that "runs against our core values"

1 week ago

Organisierter #Arbeitskampf geht auch international – Schwedens Arbeiter*innen machen‘s gerade vor und blockieren die #Tesla Produktion. Und #Elon is not amused …
Solidarität mit den Streikenden in Schweden und anderswo!

Martin Nutty
1 week ago

6) Interesting to see #ElonMusk taking an interest in #IrishPolitics. I’m sure is astute analysis will make him even more beloved in the West’s most liberal democracy

Of course #Musk’s inherent #racism and #homophobia couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick a fight.

If I was #Elon, I’d be treading very carefully, I’m guessing that some rapier Irish with wit is forthcoming for the chief Twit

#EuroPolitics #SocialMedia #HateSpeech #Mastodaoine

Mina Hanse
1 week ago

The Crimean Bridge encore. SBU Victory special operations.

The #SeaBaby marine drones uses a special connection to avoid relying on #Elon #Musk's #Starlink satellite communications as a single point of communication.

#Ukraine #Russia #ElonMusk

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
1 week ago

Good analysis of the latest #Elon and #MediaMatters lawsuit kerfuffle:

“Congrats To Elon Musk: I Didn’t Think You Had It In You To File A Lawsuit This Stupid. But, You Crazy Bastard, You Did It!” by #TechDirt @mmasnick via @mike

#MediaLit #edtechSR #BirdSite

Karsten Johansson
2 weeks ago

Elon Musk has lost tens of billions of dollars embracing the mediocrity of Brand X.

X is that person you vowed to never love again.

X means "DO NOT ENTER."

X is what you call a has-been.

Hell, even Linux is abandoning X for Wayland!

It is surely why more than a year later, people keep calling it "formerly known as Twitter." Elon is the only person who likes it being called X.

#elon #elonmusk #muskyodor #twitter #X #wayland #linux

2 weeks ago

Gonna take this opportunity to ask why, in addition to enduring #Elon’s repulsive personality and abhorrent worldview, must we also repeatedly gaze upon his gross, patchy, sad, mid-life-crisis attempt at a jowl-covering beard? #blargh

Demonstrating that lack of self-awareness can be funny as hell.

2 weeks ago

Coming soon ;-) #Elon #Tesla #Birdsite #X #TheOnion #Satire :birdsite: 💩 😜

Screenshot of an article from satirical website The Onion, with the original headline "Marilyn Manson Now Going Door-To-Door Trying To Shock People". Article has been sloppily modified to read "OVERLAND PARK, KS–Stung by flagging Tesla sales and Threads supplanting X as Middle America's worst nightmare, perpetual wanker Elon Musk has embarked on a door-to-door tour of suburbia in a desperate, last-ditch effort to shock and offend average Americans."
🦋 Benjamin West - 🐒🌻
2 weeks ago

Billionaires are a Menace to Society...

"Let me put it this way: if you made $10,000 a week – a princely sum by the standards of most people – you would have to work every week from the year of Jesus’s birth until this week to earn over a billion dollars. To earn as much as Elon Musk’s net worth at that rate – currently $180bn, according to Forbes – you’d have to work every week for more than a third of a million years – that is, since before Homo sapiens first emerged in Africa....

... billionaires are a menace to the rest of us: their sheer political size warps our public life. Disproportionately older, white and male, they function as unelected powers, a sort of freelance global aristocracy who are too often trying to reign over the rest of us. Some critics think that the supergiant tech corporations that have spawned so many modern billionaires operate in ways that resemble feudalism more than capitalism, and, certainly, plenty of billionaires operate like the lords of the Earth while campaigning to protect the economic inequality that made them so rich and makes so many others so poor. They use their power in arbitrary, reckless and often environmentally destructive ways."

- Rebecca Solnit

#billionaires #inequality #EatTheRich #TimeForChange #Elon #BirdSite #poli #society

2 weeks ago

When #elonmusk lawyers told him the "Thermonuclear" lawsuit wasn't ready to file, he resorted to name calling.
How does #Musk define evil? What makes it pure?
His reach is huge. Of the 11.6 million accounts that "saw" THIS how many are bots? How many humans?
Like how he defines #freeSpeech, It's not the same for others. #ELON defines the TERMS to meet his needs.

Elon Calls Media Matters pure evil
2 weeks ago


Speaking of #Elon and courts, where’s that thermonuclear lawsuit he was blabbering about? Did he get all whacked out on ketamine again?

Martin Nutty
2 weeks ago

48) Looks like a new record broken by #ElonMusk.

Apparently #X the #SocialMedia network formerly known has #Twitter has lost more major million dollar advertisers in one day, than any other social media company

Congrats #Elon. I’m relying on you to improve on that performance. I’m sure you can be even more bigoted with a little practice.

Maybe tune into #DonaldTrump rally to get a few pointers?

IBM, Disney and Lionsgate are among the companies that've stopped advertising on X after a report said its ads were appearing alongside material praising Adolf Hitler and Nazis.
Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP
2 weeks ago

#Elon is confused again. #Advertisers choosing to spend their #ad dollars elsewhere is an example of #freespeech, not #oppression of free speech. Elon has a right to spew and amplify #antisemitic #bullshit, and companies have a right to decide they don't want their #brand associated with #hatespeech. This is literally how free speech works. #Musk is just #buttHurt that his actions have #consequences.

Mina Hanse
2 weeks ago

Musk sure likes to dig his hole deeper 🤦

"The split second court opens on Monday, #X Corp will be filing a thermonuclear lawsuit against Media Matters and ALL those who colluded in this fraudulent attack on our company"

- #Elon #Musk

#Ukraine #Russia #US #Twitter #ElonMusk #MediaMatters

2 weeks ago

@WIRED reports:

"IBM, Disney, Lionsgate, the European Union, and, reportedly, Apple have all pulled advertising from X following Elon Musk’s apparent endorsement of an antisemitic conspiracy theory."

Because they suddenly found out that Twitter is a Nazi hell-hole? Are we meant to trust these companies/governments with anything if they didn't see that before?

#IBM #Disney #Lionsgate #Europe #EU #Nazi #Twitter #ElonGate #MelonMusk #Elon #Gate #Wired

Martin Nutty
2 weeks ago

46) Another day and more advertisers are fleeing #Twitter on the back of #ElonMusk’s endorsement of #FarRight #Antisemitic posts on #X. This time, #IBM has pulled the plug

The troubled #SocialMedia company has been hemorrhaging cash since the #Musk takeover a little over a year ago

Twitter is no longer a viable business. Its ability to continue to service its debt is highly questionable. How much is #Elon willing to spend to continue its operation?

ᴚ uɐᗡ
2 weeks ago

IBM suspended advertising "while we investigate"????

how about forever or AT LEAST until there is NEW MANAGEMENT

Kinda feel like a giant corporation with a 1.6 BILLION net profit in 2022 could cobble together a FREE MASTODON INSTANCE

#ibm #deadtwitter #elon #mastodon #fediverse #TeamBlewIt

ᴚ uɐᗡ
2 weeks ago

hey Apple, why don't you ask someone at your Genius Bar about #Mastodon 🐘

#apple #DeadTwitter #elon #abandontwitter #xitter #fediverse

ᴚ uɐᗡ
2 weeks ago

I'm old enough to remember when Apple had the "Think Different" slogan

now they can't even extricate their advertising from Nazi Space Karen

#apple #xitter #DeadTwitter #poisonfruit #elon

I heard that #elon is in China with Biden. How the fuck did that happen?

#IBM Immediately Suspends Advertising From #X/ #Twitter After Discovering Its Ads Appeared Next to Pro-#Nazi Content

#elon #musk #elonmusk

cowboyminer :coolified:
3 weeks ago


Makes you wonder if #Elon is a Russian compromat.

ᴚ uɐᗡ
1 month ago

I for one refuse to allow Elon Musk to tarnish the essential nature of "grok" with his vulgar & cynical playthings. #grok #xai #elon

🦋 Benjamin West - 🐒🌻
1 month ago

Took a peek in Threads, saw a screenshot (with no CW) featuring range bait of transphobic comments from Elon, take the bait and go to 🐦 dumpster fire site and unblock him so I can post angry comments.... stop myself before I hit send. Come back here to rant about it here. hahah

Experiences like this just reinforce why im happy to be here.

#birdsite #elon #twitter #threads #cw #transphobia #ragebait #fediverse