6 hours ago

How #Elon #Musk knocked #Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ off course #FSD (free gift article)

chris actually
6 hours ago

I gotta say, #elon actually built something, despite himself, that is as nearly as fun to use as #chatgpt

#twitter #autoreply #elonmusk

Coffee Pinewood
8 hours ago

I really don't understand why some people do not get it.

if your latest retelling of whatever #Elon did starts with "Today, I logged on to #Twitter and...." then YOU are the issue.

Sorry, I cannot fucking mince words about this anymore.

Mark Coggins
10 hours ago

With the all the talk of #svb and the role of #venturecapital in the bank run, I thought of my novel VULTURE CAPITAL which I wrote in the midst of the dot-com meltdown.

Check out this review of the book in

It's very complimentary, but I have to laugh at the comment about the "unbelievable futurism of the chip implants" as #Elon is doing exactly that with his company #Neuralink.

Here's the cover & sample illustrations.

#crimefiction #noir #siliconvalley

11 hours ago

@willoremus @drewharwell

Like #ChatGPT you just need to know how to ask the right questions.
#Elon #Twitter #Press #PoopEmoji

Twitter responding to "How do you feel Elon is doing as the boss of Twitter?" with a poop emoji.

Ach, jetzt ist also #Elon indirekt auch noch am Ende der #CS schuld? #Neuland ...

"Finma-Verwaltungsratpräsidentin Marlene Amstad sowie CS-Verwaltungsratpräsident Axel Lehman haben in der gestrigen Medienkonferenz zum CS-Aus auf einen «Twitter-Sturm» im vergangenen Herbst verwiesen, der zu erheblichen Geldabflüssen bei der CS geführt habe. Das sei ein schwerer Schlag gegen die CS gewesen, den sie damals noch überstehen konnte, aber der sie nachhaltig geschwächt habe."

Downshift 🚴
14 hours ago

#Elon #Musk now responds to all journalist requests on Twitter with a single 💩 emoji

19 hours ago

Seriously? #Elon keeps spitting on the press by announcing that Twitter's press email now auto-responds with a poop emoji 💩

Philip Cardella
1 day ago

My gift to you. #Elon #Musk is a money obsessed juvenile delinquent who makes Ed Norton's character in Glass Onion look like an actual genius.

Free to read. Feel free to cry.

Twitter's press office thinks Elon Musk is poop
#Musk #Elon #ElonMusk #Twitter #SpaceKaren #BirdSite

Asking what they think about Elon Musk. The response is a poop emoji
2 days ago

For those keeping score, #Elon has gone full anti-Semite conspiracy theorist now.

2 days ago

One need not wonder what #Musk is planning for #Neuralink after reading about the brain surveillance already being used by thousands of companies across the world. It's about taking control of the employees. There will be no #FreeWill at #Elon's companies.

#BrainSurveillance #AI #Neuroscience #Neuroethics #Labor #HBR

DerAutomation ッ
2 days ago

Twitter: Das sind die nächsten Schritte von Elon Musk

„Man bekommt, wofür man bezahlt.“

So werden zukünftig Antworten, die ihr erhaltet, priorisiert. Die höchste Gewichtung haben Nutzer, denen ihr folgt, dann die verifizierten (Twitter-Blue-) Konten und danach kommen die verifizierten Konten.“

#twitter #elon #musk #twitterblue

2 days ago

Ye gods, I’m glad #Elon’s not on #Mastodon … !

Kevin B 🇺🇸🇺🇦
2 days ago

@ThomasKnight I still don’t get why people think tweetstorms accomplish anything. To get something trending for a few hours is a waste of time and just helps #Elon line his pockets by increasing usage, making it more attractive to the advertisers, plus what average people who want 2FA pay. But they’re apps for that, even built in to iOS. Personally I just keep a “placeholder” account, hoping one day something happens. I don’t tweet though.

Thomas Knight
2 days ago

@DXMacGuffin Yep, it's absolutely insane. It's even worse than I said, as well. Check out this article which makes it more clear exactly how much the new #Twitter policy is going to screw over their users, especially ones who rarely log in. If you rarely log in, you might want to think about deleting your account today like I did, or you could lose access to your account for good to either hackers or to #Elon. It's a good day for a #TwitterMigration

Thomas Knight
2 days ago

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that #Elon has decided that the best way to force people to pay for #Twitter is by making them pay to have their accounts secure. If you don't start paying him starting today, you can no longer use two-factor authentication. As a result, I just deleted my account for good. I have no regrets. I am free of the #hellsite forever. No loss, given how often #TwitterDown is happening & how it's swarming with #nazis, #WhiteSupremacy, #Fascism & #Conspiracy nutjobs.

2 days ago

#Twitter owner #hypocrite #tyrant #liar #sociopath #fascist #racist #Elon not so
"free speech" #Musk needs free #gullible workers #developers #programmers.
Read his hypocrite #blablabla from Elon;

Our “algorithm” is overly complex & not fully understood internally. People will discover many silly things , but we’ll patch issues as soon as they’re found!
We’re developing a simplified approach to serve more compelling tweets, but it’s still a work in progress. That’ll also be "open source".
What he really means is volunteer work,
He hopes to earn your trust. Really????
Consider this;
Have you considered that you probably fired the people who understood it internally Elon "not so smart" Musk!?

#RIPtwitter #TwitterMigration #Congo #Tesla #slaves #cobalt #mining #childlabor #dictators #Neuralink #Followfriday #animalcruelty all to do with #psycho Elon Musk.

Babs E. Blue
3 days ago

@mmasnick Note to #Elon: Your tweets aren't compelling-- you racist malignant narcissistic hideous human...and you're not smart, either.

Roger Lovato :scbr:
3 days ago

O que #Elon aprontou que eu não estou sabendo?

Wayne B. Carlson
3 days ago

If we could get Elon to buy the Tic and the Toc ... wouldn't that solve it all? #Elon #TicTock

Khris Soden
3 days ago

The timeline is populated with ads for tacky products (a coffee mug with a full paragraph of unhinged text starting with a fragment sentence in double font size: "My daughter is special because.") and weirdo goofs promoting themselves ("I'm the person who correctly predicted the EPIC disruption in the American air freshener market. You'll be amazed about what industry is next! Follow the link to purchase my new eBook full of my horrible thoughts about women. #airfreshener #NFT #elon #ww1wga").

Ej, co #Elon znowu odwalil na #twitter, ze sa takie wzrosty? Przez kilka ostatnich dni bylo niemrawo, po pare tysiecy dziennie, a dzisiaj widze, ze znowu dobijamy prawie do 30 tys. za ostatnie 24h? 🤔

3 days ago

I really haven't been on #Twitter for long, but I guess it's very fast clear things are falling apart.

Didn't QA catch this? How did this pass to production? Didn't #Elon get all the amazing #Tesla or #SpaceX engineers to fix all this?

Broken @ mention #UI

Broken @ mention UI
4 days ago

@atomicpoet Was #Elon today 10x more the narcissistic sociopathic fascist jerk than he usually is?

Democracy Matters :verified:
5 days ago


#Elon is such a douche. Unless he’s trying to destroy twitter.

RS, Author, Novelist
5 days ago

@mshelton Only phone number (i.e., Text Message) 2FA of the three provided is being taken away, the one that SIM shenanigans can make useless. Why, if it is a problem, T-Blue users get to use it is baffling, but there you are.

#security #2FA #twitter #elon

Nicolas :verified:
6 days ago

Elon: maybe soon Twitter will stabilize and everyone will forget

Mastodon: haha, well, an elephant never forgets

#elon #musk #twitter #Mastodon #tweet #toot

6 days ago
1 week ago

1e9: "Elon Musk will jetzt eine eigene Stadt bauen."

Die #Regeln dort:
- Jeder #Bürger darf sagen, was er will. (Also er, #Elon.)
- #Namensschilder an Tür und #Briefkasten gibt es nur im #Abo, zusammen mit dem blauen #Haken.
- #Straßenreinigung, #Müllabfuhr, #Stadtwerke, etc... werden von nur jeweils einer Person betrieben. (Viel zu teuer)
- Morgens und Abends laufen Schreier durch die Straßen und verkünden Elons lustigste Sprüche. #ElonMusk

Bild von Elon Musk, darunter der Text  " Elon Musk will jetzt eine eigene Stadt bauen - Der umstrittene Tesla- und SpaceX-Chef Elon Musk hat ein weiteres Projekt. Er will in Texas nun eine eigene Stadt errichten."
1 week ago

@malwaretech hey! Don’t underestimate the guy, huh!

If there’s anyone who can #MuskItUp more, it’s #Elon. 🤣👍🏼

Al Wirtes
1 week ago

Dear #Elon #Musk,

#CitizenKane is not a how-to film.

2 weeks ago

@schmutzie To be fair, unfortunately for #elon, the inside of his mind and formative life experience is a dystopian horror. There's a reason why Part 3 is named "Dystopias and Dystopians."

Yet another #halli #elon what-have-you take…

Another thing that got to me - besides the GLARINGLY OBVIOUS - was the response to Halli listing out his contributions as design director. Tech bros ripped them apart and dismissed them as meaningless.

As a veteran UX designer, that just makes my heart sink. The struggle is never done for us as long as jagoffs like that are in the mix, or - worse - in charge.

#ElonMusk #Twitter #UXDesign

Rod Hilton
2 weeks ago

I keep thinking there's nothing else #Elon can do or say that would surprise me but yesterday the CEO of Twitter publicly stated, in a Tweet, that #Twitter is a poor tool for communicating.

I keep thinking about how when I was at Twitter all the rage was trying to get people to "hire Twitter" for different jobs and the actual CEO is here admitting that Twitter sucks for talking to people compared to videoconferencing, a service Twitter doesn't offer.

"Better to talk to people than communicate via tweet" -@elonmusk
2 weeks ago

"Regardless of his lemming army of loser-minions laying supine and mewling admiration uncontrollably at his Imperial bareassedness, [#Elon] has turned every opportunity leading up to, during, and since the sale of Twitter to his stewardship to be a one-man show equivalent to piping Animal from the Muppets full of mescaline and letting him loose to restock shelves at a Hallmark Store." take on the recent #Halli storm.

#twitter #elonmusk #stupidepicfailure

Peter Stolmeier
2 weeks ago

#Elon's excuse for his 100 million dollar mistake is to say his 44 billion dollar communication platform is bad to use for communication.

2 weeks ago

@JoParkerBear Well, there is something called ‘hate watching’. I’m not sure what that has to do with self esteem but lots of people seem to enjoy it when #elon tweets or appears. #tedcruz splits the atom between disgusting/hideous. It’s an accomplishment previously achieved only by #mitchmcconnell & #trump.

I'm surprised the recent BS from Space Karen hasn't lead to a spike in Mastodon sign-ups.

The numbers from @mastodonusercount are looking relatively flat.

What's different this time?

#Twitter #SpaceKaren #BirdSite #Elon #ElonMusk #Musk

Graph showing user growth on Mastodon.
9,817,812 accounts 
+7,439 in the last day
+58,034 in the last week
Jeremy :bat_boy:
2 weeks ago

Mastodon is different from #Twitter. 99% of the trending topics are people talking about #Mastodon or #Elon.

Ted Curran M. Ed. 🐘
2 weeks ago

This song reminds me of #Elon now:

"I built a little empire out of some crazy garbage
Called the blood of the exploited working class
But they've overcome their shyness
Now they're calling me Your Highness
And a world screams 'Kiss me, Son of God'

[Verse 1]
I destroyed the bond of friendship and respect
Between the only people left who'd even look me in the eye
Now I laugh and make a fortune
Off the same ones that I tortured
And a world screams 'Kiss me, Son of God'"

Stefan :veritrek:
2 weeks ago

Just read the thread of #Haraldur on #Twitter discussing with #Elon whether he is still employed or not. Very sad to read this and be even more desillusioned by Elon.
🤦🏻‍♂️ 💩
How can someone manage to change from someone you look up to to someone so despised this fast?
Maybe Twitter just made his true nature more transparent.

Mikko Alasaarela :equel:
2 weeks ago

So, an award-winning Icelandic design entrepreneur who sold his company to #Twitter in 2021 asks #Elon about the situation with his employment after not being able to access internal systems for 9 days (likely because Twitter's SaaS bills remain unpaid). Elon publicly ridicules the entrepreneur and fires him.

2 weeks ago

@atomicpoet I'm just waiting here with my Bon Bons and popcorn for the release of that deprecated code to be open sourced.... Like he said he wanted.

#Elon is doing great things and I'm among his tens of millions of fans for things like #Starlink, #Neuralink, the #Boring_Company, #PayPal, #SpaceX, flamethrowers, #Tesla, and other #visionary achievements...

And although it's not his fault - #Twitter is s shithole and needs to be extinguished, along with #Faceplant, etc.



2 weeks ago

Expect another inflow of #Twitter emigrants. I see more posts about Mastodon over there today than I have before. I think we're approaching a true 'huddled masses' situation thanks to #elon.

If you just arrived, Welcome. Pull up a chair and rest. You have all the time in the world to figure this place out.

Follow @feditips and ask questions. There is always someone here to answer you.

#TwitterMigration #TwitterDown #JohnMastodon #HaveFun

@janboehm Alle Links und Bilder gehen nicht. Selbst wenn man einen Link aus der offiziellen Twitter-Mail anklickt, kommt immer die gleiche Fehlermeldung. Hat #Elon wieder toll hingekriegt.

2 weeks ago

@caseynewton So #Elon fires staffers who take care of stuff, and then, surprise, that stuff breaks. It's basically the #Republican governing philosophy in action.

h o ʍ l e t t
2 weeks ago

It's #Sunday, time for me to recap my week! Here's a summary of the most notable links I shared:

🖝 Companies are already replacing #workers with #ChatGPT

🖝 We are dropping the Dilbert comic strip because of creator Scott Adams’ racist rant: Letter from the Editor

🖝 'Just Another Hype Cycle': #Elon #Musk Reportedly #Building 'Based AI' Because #ChatGPT Is Too #Woke

#HappySunday #Sunday #SundayRead #MustRead

I've concluded that #Elon Musk is a product of AI. I'm now not that sure that he exists, but is a confection of a computer scientist somewhere!

First Dread Pirate Roberts
3 weeks ago

@w7voa What about all of those promises back in 2016 to flee the country that never happened?
#twitter #twitterblue #elon #elonmusk #musk #promises #deletetwitter

Cees Grootes
3 weeks ago

For years, Twitter was at its best when bad things happened. Now, the social-media platform’s crisis has become a real-world crisis.

"Elon Musk Has Broken Disaster-Response Twitter"


#twitter #elon #musk #elonmusk #SocialMedia #crisis #disaster #realworldcrisis #news #NewsChannel #TheAtlantic

Matt Chase / The Atlantic; source: Getty
Mastodon Migration
3 weeks ago

@tess Elon spent $44 billion dollars for a company that now has about 1300 employees. That's more than $33 million dollars per employee.

Let that sink in...

#twittermigration #twitter #elon #musk

Elon's latest position contains surprises for some...

#Satire #Meme #Humour #Funny #Elon #Musk #Twitter

Incel Inside
written in the style of the Intel logo
Coffee Pinewood
4 weeks ago

Okay, from now on, I am starting to make mental notes of people who constantly post about #Twitter dis or #Elon dat, and will eventually unfollow them.

Folks! The man is a fucking fascist, and Twitter is now his shitshow. We DON'T need constant moaning about it here. We know.

Let go of Twitter and move on!