1 hour ago

@glyph @jack @gvwilson Otherwise, I encourage you to visit this blog:

While focused on #emacs the author is predominantly preoccupied with #KnowledgeManagement and how to get at information effectively.

He repeatedly returns to the concept that in order to learn one must describe ones understanding.

In that respect the blog is not only for us but an approach at self development.

1 hour ago

@jack @glyph @gvwilson I myself obsess about annotating everything.

Ive developed a shorthand approach, #qiuy - which could be compared to Pitman Shorthand.

As such, Im focused on ascribing what something is, what its state is and whether its expected to be altered (and how).

Its had a curious rewiring of my brain, as Im perceiving information systems more in a philology than an engineering domain

Heres my rig if you are interested

It goes into the flow within #emacs

2 hours ago

Now *that* was a computer! Loved those VT100 terminals - perfect for #emacs

A DEC VAX 11/780 computer from the late 1970s
Luka Prinčič
3 hours ago

tfw you press C-space in #Renoise in order to start a marked region

#emacs #MuscleMemory

7 hours ago

@solenepercent @solene

I wonder if #arch or #Gentoo and #emacs instead of a #gui would do 🤔

Charles Choi 최 민수
8 hours ago

Wrote a post on adjusting #Emacs to appearance changes (light, dark) on macOS. It's doable, but with a caveat.

Daily Notes for 2023-06-04
Denote and encrypted notes plus the whole mobile angle. Hugo preview server and ox-hugo. What happened to V.
#daily #denote #gpg #populism #heterodoxy #hugo #emacs #v

@alexshendi @solene

until 2 months ago i used a Thinkpad X32 Dothan Pentium M 1GB RAM daily to run #Emacs Elfeed #RSS feeder using mpv/yt-dlp to watch videos [at 720p] or listen to podcasts as the big 3 browsers were pretty unusable on that machine even with trying to mitigate JS to a minimum. Even gutebrowser was struggling tbh which is why i retired it, i miss the great sound from the audigy card in it's dock.

12 hours ago

#emacs thought: is there a function that returns a list of keypress combos that are unbound? If not, why not?

possible why nots:

1: emacs supports a lot of keys and mod keys, many/most keyboards don't have them all. It would be unhelpful to return a list dominated by keypress combos that remain unbound, but are also not on the keyboard(s).

Adam Jackson
13 hours ago

So in some kind of yak-shaving I have been using my free hours in the last couple of weeks to work though the dependency tree of

- improve my framework for dot-files
- re-write my #emacs configuration
- migrate some of my notes to #orgroam
- get back on the wagon of #orgmode TODO
- add a section for parenting-related projects
- Zotero integration
- get my life back under control

It's going surprisingly well but I'm worried about the Zotero bit 😓

oatmeal 🐧
17 hours ago

#emacs #orgmode ox-odt exporter… does anyone knows how to have images aligned/floated to either sides of a page… default is centered … hopefully I don’t need to inject customs styles to do something so basic 😳

Choan Gálvez 🐐
20 hours ago

Finally got #emacs and #lilypond collaborating!


Screenshot of an Emacs frame with three windows. The first one shows Lilypond code for a score; the second displays the compiled result, a PDF with a ukulele arrangement of Aloha Oe; the third one contains the compilation log.
Devin Prater :blind:
23 hours ago

A little showcase of Emacs with Emacspeak, reading some fanfic. Shows how it shows italics, and bold too I think, and punctuation, although other screen readers can do punctuation fine.

#accessibility #Emacs #Emacspeak #blind

Andros Fenollosa
1 day ago

¡Qué cantidad de reglas hay que seguir para publicar en Melpa! (Paquetería de Emacs): formato, pruebas, linters, documentación… y ojo que si hay ya hay algo parecido ya publicado se va para atrás.
La cosa es que no me desagrada, es la única manera de garantizar calidad.

Emacs [RSS Bot]
1 day ago

Irreal - Blog

Warp Refactoring With Emacs

Daily Notes for 2023-06-03
Poking at Mimestream. Picking at Emacs.
#daily #mimestream #emacs

Abhiseck Paira :gnu: :gnuhurd:
1 day ago

Trying out #Bongo (Music Player for GNU #Emacs).

John Bokma
2 days ago

Mypy 1.3, shell scripts in Nushell, and Get Started with Tree-Sitter

#python #shell #emacs

👉 Please retweet if you ❤ Plurrrr. Thanks! 👍

2 days ago

me: man my #emacs is so janky it breaks all the time

also me: man the emacs in nixos-UNSTABLE is not new enough, let me get the emacs-UNSTABLE from the community overlay


oatmeal 🐧
2 days ago

#emacs great addition to emacs’ #ux and usability, especially for those who prefer a more subtle approach than a total look overall provided by package like org-modern and others, which might clash with their theme of choice and opinionated frameworks like #doom and similar

NperTen :arch: :neovim:
2 days ago

Bring everything in to the editor.


A video featuring Aaron Bieber saying ->
"It's within my editor, everything is in the editor now. Bringing more things into the editor. That's sort of the emacs approach is like put everything in emacs. The kitchen sink goes in emacs. All of it.
2 days ago

Execute #emacs commands repeatedly.

Running `org-attach-url` numerous times could be a bit tedious. `C-c C-a u S-INSERT RET` for each URL. There's a `repeat` command under `C-x z` but it's a bit fragile while copy-pasting all the time.

I wrote some #elisp to automate this, not specific to `org-attach-url` but for any command that accepts a single argument. The function `my/execute-command-repeat` will:

- Ask you which command to execute.
- Then it will gather your inputs one by one.
- The chosen command is executed once for each input you gave.

Actually I was thinking of a solution with #Embark (select region, act on each line). But I couldn't find something that worked.

Here's the code I came up with.

Andros Fenollosa
2 days ago

Practicando Currying en Elisp he acabado haciéndome un convertidor de formatos para kebab-case, camelCase, PascalCase y snake_case.
Son cosas que pasan.
#emacs #elisp

(webdev Tory) :emacs:
2 days ago

#emacs #orgmode org-agenda-fortnight-view. When did this happen!? It so happens that some of my schedule makes more sense that way, though.

(webdev Tory) :emacs:
2 days ago

I just recently discovered #emacs #Gnus `gnus-summary-next-unread-article`, default to `N` and hops from the end of one mail group (like my webdev email) to the next unread in any other group. Great addition to my #email workflow!

Edward Hervey
3 days ago
A sad, but realistic, decision today was to *not* use org-mode for GTD. Or rather not "entirely". Spent quite some time reviewing the various options (org-gtd, orgzly, organice, ...), but they only really work if you only want to GTD stuff on your own and only on your computer. I would have loved a different outcome, but need to be realistic.

I will definitely be spending a lot of my time on the computer within #emacs. Including for setting/reviewing/listing next actions and projects. But I need all of this to be available everywhere (ideas/tasks might pop up when not in front of cimputer) and also shareable (with wife for example). And I need "one" system (and not 10 different ones).

The orgzly/organice options for on-the-go usage are just not streamlined enough for me (imagine less tech-savy person...). They're not bad per-se, but requires too much additional parts.

So the solution is.... org... (Wait, didn't he say he wasn't going to use org-mode?).. with org-caldav backed by #nextcloud. The module is still not bulletproof but it does the job amazingly well for now (synchronization of calendar and task list). And it's waaaay easier to improve that module if/when needed (and let caldav/nextcloud/davx5/ handle the heavy lifting) than attempting to tackle a rubber-band combination of systems (which would be required for orgzly/organice).

The result is that all tasks and calendar entries are in nextcloud. Org-caldav takes care of converting caldav to org-mode. Add a to-do in the associated org file, sync, it's now available on your phone, nextcloud, etc... And when in emacs I still have the beauty of org-calendar, fast capture to inbox, etc..

For work/hacking/computer projects, most "project support material" is in org-mode, git-backed. For the rest (other project support material and all non-work reference docs) it's all markdown, synced to nextcloud. You get the awesomeness of editing markdown in emacs (outline editing ftw ! Fast ripgrep occur), while also having everything nicely available everywhere , easy to edit (including by others), easy to share/review.

Spending more time reviewing #nextcloud for such usages has definitely proven worth it. The full text search has made leaps. The in-browser and android markdown editor work really well. Same as the in-browser calendar and tasks. And this is running on a #synology ds918+ 🤣

Sadly, this doesn't make all my actions go away. But having an effortless fast filing/organisation system is a key point that the GTD book talks about ... and I couldn't agree more. It's possible with selfhosted FOSS 🤘
Ross A. Baker
3 days ago

Exciting development for the dozens of us Scala developers on Emacs: a new, tree-sitter mode!

#Scala #Emacs

Yang :owi:
3 days ago

现在能补全 tag 了 (
#Emacs #MastodonEl

completion-at-point-functions of mastodon.el "new toot" buffer
Dave Braze
3 days ago

Just took the #emacs 29 pre-release (29.0.91) for a quick test spin on Windows 11, and wow!

Gergely Nagy 🐁
3 days ago

Upgraded to #Debian 12 for the time being. Surprisingly, only a handful of things broke. Even my custom virtual PulseAudio devices continue to work, despite switching to PipeWire!

I do need to recompile my #Emacs, but I can live with that. It's probably done by the time I finish writing this toot.

Will play with #NixOS in a couple of weeks time, when I have a bit more free time.


just use #emacs & #elfeed -your fingers never need to leave the keyboard ;)

I've been thinking about the possibility of using named Emacs daemons for different contexts. An example would be a main context and an agenda context. The benefit seems to be limited to not having both instances hang when the main instance is doing something that locks Emacs. Any thoughts?


r/emacs - Top [MONTH]

Do you also write small guides for yourself to remind you of your own emacs workflows?

Curious how to get started contributing to Emacs? Colin Woodbury has written a helpful blog post on just that topic, including instructions for copyright assignment: #emacs #CopyrightAssignment

Sylvain Soliman ☕️
3 days ago

No idea what "warp factor" means, but this is a good example of the power of the tools a good editor provides

(by @wiersdorf )

[this is #emacs but TBH could have been #neovim as well]

blake shaw
3 days ago

When @spritelyinst closes in on their work on #Guile's wasm compiler (maybe later this year?!), it'll certainly become the easiest way to target optimized #wasm. Tree-IL has gotta be the simplest intermediate language to compile to, and you get all the optimizations Guile offers for free.

Considering Robin Templeton, the author of Guile's #elisp compiler, is one of the engineers behind it, I can't help but speculate that this will put #emacs in the browser within reach. If I can handle my org-agenda online by 2025, I will cry.

It's called #Scheme because it allows just a few friends to plot a CONSpiracy to build amazing things.

Curious how to get started contributing to Emacs? Colin Woodbury has written a helpful blog post on just that topic, including instructions for copyright assignment: #emacs #CopyrightAssignment

3 days ago

@lispi314 @natty

I'm using #TRAMP for "everything". IMHO, it works, but it also has its issues. Esp. it can be horribly slow sometimes, and its interactions with other packages are strange for me, i.e. #magit.


Hello all!

My name is Michał. I am a programmer from Kraków Poland. I was torn between joining this instance and, but after some consideration I use #Emacs for a few hours per day more than #FreeBSD I'm therefore more or an Emacser than BSDer. In my pastime I watch #anime or #StarTrek (as comedies are dead to me since nothing compares to #seinfeld

I blog on

I have no idea how active I will be since I am a sworn enemy of social media, so we'll see :-)


We ordered 15,000 Emacs Logo stickers so you don't have to. Order a pack of 10 at #Emacs

#ChatGPT might be a potential tool to help with project management.

I ran a brief test with a wrong order of tasks and asked it to generate an #orgmode representation + dependencies for #orgedna:

I'd hope for dependencies similar to the ones mentioned on

However, the output from the AI is not working org-edna syntax and it even forgot one ":PROPERTIES:" start in the second output I requested.

Let's see how that develops over time.

#PIM #emacs

Edward Hervey
4 days ago
* thinking you need a note taking system
* realizing it would be great to have it available everywhere
* discovering that there's a #nextcloud app for that (can have them shared with wife or others if needed)
* notes use markdown (inter-operable format)
* getting more excited that there's a android app for it (can create/review/edit from everywhere, on the go)
* notice that there's a REST api for it
* ...
* you know where this is going right ?
* ...
* OBVIOUSLY there's an #emacs package for it (can also edit/read them from emacs)

Assigning your copyright to the FSF helps defend the GPL and keep software free. Thanks to Sean Farley, Eli Qian, Roman Rudakov, and Andrea Giovanni Monaco for assigning their copyright to the FSF! #GNU #Emacs Learn more at #CopyrightAssignments

Assigning your copyright to the FSF helps defend the GPL and keep software free. Thanks to Jacob First, Joel Pettersson, Peter Stiernström, and Wilhelm Hugo Kirschbaum for assigning their copyright to the FSF! #GNU #Emacs More: #CopyrightAssignments

BKSTRM :anti-verified:
4 days ago
#vi #vim #evil #emacs users - what finger do you use to type "h"?
I keep my index through pinky on my right hand on HJKL at all times. wondering how others do it
4 days ago

@sergio_101 @kentborg I had been using #vim for 15 years when I first started using #emacs, so I'm of using #evil, but I've been using more and more emacs bindings, escpecially in insert mode. So I really like both vim and emacs, and evil-mode gives me kind of both. It's by far the best vim emulation layer I've used!

Christian Tietze
4 days ago

#Emacs has built-in thread macros

I'm thinking of these as "piping" operators in other languages, but they're "threading" expressions in a list, so that's also a good metaphor. Didn't know we have these!

Álvaro Ramírez
5 days ago

@ctietze @wilfredh‘s looks great for #emacs list and variable editing

@dekkzz76 @shelenn @deadbeef I fully agree. My predictions:

Twitter will stay the dominant media-fed and media-driven social platform at least in the US.
Bluesky won't make it. Investors will soon realize that it is a scam, nothing else.
The Fediverse will grow slowly and organically. More from Europe than other parts of the world.
#Mastodon will blow up because all its major instances will be hit by a simultaneous multi-day spam bot attack leading to Amazon #AWS blocking all traffic to&from Mastodon instances and there is nothing they can do about it because Eugen was busy implementing #Twitter UX into Mastodon Mobile Apps
The instance will move to a self-developed #CommonLisp fork of Mastodon (with a Non-Mastodon logo due to a trademark feud) that employs AI algorithms from the PAIP book, get's rid of all #JavaScript (because it is non-free) and is mainly used by users of the #mastodonEL #Emacs package
Its operator will launch a second donations page begging for money to be able to buy two expensive #LispWorks HobbyistDV licenses because lispm from Reddit told him that this unparalleled, magical Lisp productivity is only gained with a superior IDE
There will be heated discussions between factions of the Common Lisp and the Emacs Elisp community about their Lisp being the better, faster and "most free" one
@amszmidt will chime in and do another "Emacs Lisp is not a Lisp - Bite me" post which generates so much traffic that the instance will blow up in flames and its operator will eventually convert to a #Microsoft fanboy running an ancient fork of #FidoNet written in Omicron Pascal (but converted to #Delphi), hosted on a WinXP machine with IIS and #SQLServer2008.

End of story.

1 week ago

@pragprog git bisect is an amazing tool, and so easy to use from #Emacs #magit

r/emacs - Top [MONTH]

Is Ement.el the Best Matrix Client? - System Crafters Live!

David Wilson
1 week ago

🔴 Today on #SystemCrafters Live, we'll take a look Ement.el, a package by prolific Emacs coder Alphapapa. Ement.el is a great client for Matrix which provides rich chat experience from the comfort of Emacs.

If you're interested in joining the System Crafters Matrix rooms, definitely give this a look!

Join us on YouTube or Twitch:


🕐 in your time zone:

#gnu #emacs #matrix #freesoftware

yugaego 🌻
1 week ago

@jai_oh I didn't check _much_ the code, but #fishshell, a very interesting project by itself, is being ported to #rustlang

I see there's a wrap up on this at

As a #Emacs lover, I also followed for some time, but the project isn't maintained anymore. Still could be interesting for users of Emacs.

Daily Notes for 2023-05-25
The Leica Q3 and some absurd back-of-napkin X100v comparisons, Denote silos.
#daily #denote #emacs #LeicaQ3 #fujifilm

2 weeks ago

Hi, first post on Mastodon. I'm a self taught software developer using #guix, #stumpwm, #emacs, and currently experimenting with #nyxt.

I'm fond of #foss, and do some drive-by contributions to various projects as I encounter issues.

By day, I'm working as a consultant mostly using #windows, #dotnet and #csharp, but I use #fsharp whenever I get the chance.

Looking forward to meeting likeminded people on Fosstodon!

2 weeks ago

Ok... running #emacs 29 on two machines at the moment, messing with #orgroam again... I can add tags to an org-roam node, but I'm not seeing a way to be able to do anything with them... maybe after some sleep I'll figure it out. #foss

2 weeks ago

i switched to #emacs. before you get your pitchforks ready, i'm ready for a Q&A

Gene Pasquet
2 weeks ago

Just watched the @daviwil 's #youtube livestream on #emacs #dired on the system crafters channel. There are so many uses and so many nifty tricks I didn't know about with Dired!

Panicz Maciej Godek
2 weeks ago

There seem to be many #Emacs users here in the fedi, so maybe some of you could help me find an answer to my question.
In 1981 Emacs paper, Stallman made the argument that "formal parameters cannot replace dynamic scope", which was an argument for elisp's preference for dynamic scope.

Yet to my knowledge (and I think I read that in HOPL paper by @sperbsen and @monnier) elisp eventually gravitated towards lexical scoping.

I wonder whether this decision was based on some refutation of Stallman's argument, and if so, can the counterargument be found anywhere in the web?

Konrad Hinsen
2 weeks ago

@eaton The only other software system I know that offers this smooth transition from everyday tool for well-understood tasks to malleable power tool is #emacs

#Nyxt ( has the potential to transform the well-known browser into a malleable power tool, even though it is still a bit too bleeding edge for use as an everyday browser.

Luis Felipe
2 weeks ago

I recently worked with SWWS ( developing a minimalist CSS theme for their websites.

I think this is the first time I get to work a paid job using libre tools (GNU Guix and its packages) and be able to release the resulting work as a libre cultural work. It feels great 🙂

Check the theme in action:

It styles basic HTML elements and Org components.

Get the source:

#gnu #guix #emacs #orgmode

SWWS Theme in dark mode applied to an Org document.
SWWS Theme in light mode applied to an Org document.
2 weeks ago

The eternal fight between #emacs, #vim and #vi.

#linux #sysadmin #unix

I am regularly amused by this hackerish encouragement every time the RNG prints it. /cc @fasterthanlime

(this is a reference to, for y'all #lisp #emacs folks out there)

INFO 🎉 Applied node_modules/ in 0.456s. Fasterthanlime-fame is but a hack away!
blake shaw
2 weeks ago

Everytime I've heard a #Vim user say something to the effect of "can your emacs do THAT" the answer has always been yes of course thats a one-liner, but there's still no serious #noweb programming modes for vim that allow polyglot literate programming, while there are several for #emacs

David Wilson
2 weeks ago

🔴 Today on #SystemCrafters Live, we'll explore the depths of Emacs' Dired feature to see if we can discover some of its lesser-known capabilities. We'll try to figure out bulk file operations, file previews, advanced Dired buffer tricks, and more.

Let's figure out how to use this package properly!

Join us on YouTube or Twitch:


🕐 in your time zone:

#gnu #emacs #dired #freesoftware

2 weeks ago

Say it with me #emacs :
`C-h k`...
"C-g runs the command keyboard-quit (found in global-map), which is an
interactive byte-compiled Lisp function in ‘simple.el’."
Every. Time. I want to check a key binding, and then remember straight away what it was. Sigh.

3 weeks ago

One #elisp tip for profiling non-interactively when using #emacs --batch:

(require 'profiler)
(profiler-start 'cpu)
;; ...
(let ((filename (format "%d.profile" (truncate (float-time)))))
(profiler-write-profile (profiler-cpu-profile) filename))

You can then use M-x profiler-find-profile on the file.

I've moved some of the request objects outside the drawing loop and resorted to reusing one object per type of request, then mutating the fields as necessary before sending the request. Now the performance hotspots left seem to be inside the data marshalling code. I can't do much about it unless I were to rewrite it to avoid creating/walking objects in the first place.

System Crafters - @daviwil - Youtube

Exploring the Depths of Dired - System Crafters Live!

Tyler Wolf
3 weeks ago

Just realized I never did a #introduction post, and since I have been getting back into Mastodon I guess it is time I make one.

Hi, I'm Tyler (he/him), and I am a student of #computerscience, #math, and #linguistics. I hope to work in the field of #computationallinguistics. I am very interested in the aforementioned fields as well as #freesoftware, #emacs, #linux (currently using #guix), leftist politics, and film.

Christian Tietze
3 weeks ago

positron-solutions/transient-showcase: Example forms for transient UI's in Emacs

Excellent! A collection of #Emacs Transient.el menu setups. This is the interactive menu of Magit -- and it's very versatile, so you can write your own Hydra-likes with it no problem.

Thinking about an #Emacs package where you can instantly share a whole buffer (or region). You get back a link, i.e.


and can either enter that in another Emacs instance or directly view the buffer on a website.

There is so much amazingly interesting and clever software that I just couldn't get into because they have either no, poor or just impenetrable documentation. I can use an LLM to actually inch my way towards an understanding of what the author is building and what their vision actually is.

Current examples: transient.el in #emacs lisp where the documentation is exhaustive, but giving me a really hard time.

Great newsletter from #SystemCrafters with latest news on his work and tips from the #Emacs community!


3 weeks ago

I often think of that scene in Hellraiser II when Dr. Channard emerges from his lamentation cocoon newly transformed into a cenobite, musing, "And to think, I hesitated."


Anyway, I'm still very much digging #emacs. I just discovered calc-mode in all its RPN glory! I believe this officially ends my quest for "What if an HP-48sx but also a text editor?" Roll credits while Glenn Yarbrough sings "The Greatest Adventure."