Airikr :endeavourOS:
1 day ago

I have now decorated my laptop's wallpaper with a winter themed one 🙂 Before I had a picture from on mountain tops.

The new wallpaper is my own and I took it last week. We got a little more snow few days after I took the photo.

Haven't changed the start icon yet, though. But soon! Details, details, details.

#unixporn #endeavouros #xfce #laptop #sweden

4 days ago

Gestern Abend bin ich aus Neugier spontan von #lmde zu #endeavouros gewechselt. Dabei dann auch von Cinnamon zu KDE Plasma. Bisher gefällt es. Hatte KDE das letzte Mal vor >10 Jahren getestet und fand es damals viel zu verspielt und überfrachtet mit Design Features.

Nur Mullvad-VPN und Balena Etcher haben sich etwas gesträubt. Mullvad läuft und Balena bekomme ich bestimmt auch noch hin...

Linux Is Best
5 days ago

Someone asked for my complete hardware profile for my Dell Precision T3600.

I do not recall who, but I see no harm in sharing -- EndeavourOS

#EndeavourOS #Arch #ArchLinux #Linux

Bueno, a hacer esto de nuevo, ahora en mi nueva Laptop/"Netbook"

#ViernesdeEscritorio #EndeavourOS #Linux

Mi configuración personalizada de EndeavourOS KDE en mi PHASER (Lenovo Chromebook 100e Gen2) con Coreboot de MrChromebox
5 days ago

@InCameraNet Download a couple of #Distro Live-Images (maybe top 5-8 from distrowatch) and put them on a USB-Stick with #Ventoy installed:
For #Linux Starters I highly recommend #LinuxMint or #EndeavourOS

Linux Is Best
6 days ago

Has Google blacklisted Mozilla Firefox and Vivaldi Browser for Linux?

It does not matter what Linux distro I install. A fresh install equals the same outcome:

"Widevine Content Decryption Module provided by Google Inc."

Does not install.-- WTF?! 🤔

#Linux #Mozilla #Firefox #Vivaldi #Google #Widevine #EndeavourOS #ArchLinux

Screenshot showing the latest version of Mozilla Firefox inside EndeavourOS (Arch Linux) with Widevine Content Decryption Module provided by Google failing to install.
Linux Is Best
6 days ago

EndeavourOS does not seem to work with Bluetooth at the moment either.

Going into settings, there is no add option. It only lists that there are no paired devices. Ironic, since the LiveUser on the ISO had no issue. 🤔

I performed the offline install, so there should be no change from the LiveUser.

#EndeavourOS #Arch #ArchLinux

Linux Is Best
6 days ago

EndeavourOS will not boot using EFI/UEFI. 🤔

I burned the ISO to a USB and booted into their bootloader menu, but that is as far as I can go, because upon picking any option, it reboots my computer.

Legacy boot works, but I realy... Really... Dislike Grub.

#EndeavourOS #Arch #ArchLinux #Linux

1 week ago

@royal That's one of the reasons I don't like #Snap and #flatpak. I will try to stay #native... on #endeavouros 😉

1 week ago

#wayland and multi-monitors are not friends. Under #endeavouros , with #hyprland, I launch a #8 workspace, which appears rightfully on the external monitor. I go back to another workspace, then on workspace #1 which always open on the laptop screen, then switch to ws #8 which now opens and sticks to the laptop. Wtf!!

How can I tell hyprland to stick to the external monitor when one is connected, and stick everything there?

Eddie B.🐔
1 week ago

@fschaap @gamingonlinux if it works, it works! Manjaro and the nvidia drivers never worked for me, which is why I switched to #EndeavourOS

1 week ago

#EndeavourOS rolling rolling #LOL

1 week ago

I am seriously, seriously vibing on #EndeavourOS. This is a really fun OS.

That's my good news.

Asking for a friend why does #inotifywait hate them and refuse to do anything? Why?

Linux TLDR
1 week ago

Linux Weekly Roundup: EndeavourOS Galileo with KDE, Rocky Linux 9.3 Updates, Proxmox VE 8.1 Enhancements, and More!
#EndeavourOS #RockyLinux #Proxmox #FreeBSD #OpenMandriva #KDE #LUKS2 #Calamares #SecureBoot #CephReef #OpenSSH #Plasma

Do it Your Web :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

ormai è quasi un mese che uso #endeavouros e devo dire che non me ne sono pentito affatto, anche se non ero propenso ad usare derivate #arch. Non ho riscontrato ancora nessun problema o incontrato chissà quale difficoltà e mi sento di consigliarla a tutti gli utenti Debian e derivate che vogliono provare qualcosa di diverso e vogliono riscoprire il vecchio e sano gusto di smanettare

2 weeks ago

Gibt es hier Leute, die #EndeavourOS und #Manjaro verwendet haben? Kann mir jemand über die Vor- bzw. Nachteile der jeweiligen Distribution berichten? #Linux

2 weeks ago

Jetzt ist EndeavourOS Galileo da

Die Arch-basierte Distribution reduziert sich aus gutem Grunde.

#Endeavour #EndeavourOS #Arch #Galileo #Linux

2 weeks ago

👨‍🚀 EndeavourOS Ditches Xfce for KDE Plasma with the Galileo Release | @9to5linux

"The devs explain the switch from Xfce to KDE Plasma as a way to make EndeavourOS development and maintenance easier for them as they have a more native experience with the Calamares installer"

#EndeavourOS #Xfce #KDE #Linux #Opensource

2 weeks ago

EndeavourOS “Galileo” to nowa wersja tego systemu! Co wnosi?


Die Entwickler der auf Arch Linux basierenden Rolling-Release-Distribution haben neue Startmedien veröffentlicht und dabei gleichzeitig einige Änderungen vorgenommen. Unter anderem dient jetzt im Live-System KDE Plasma als Desktop-Umgebung.#Distribution #Ende #EndeavourOS
EndeavourOS aktualisiert Startmedien und streicht Community-Editionen - LinuxCommunity
Der Pepe
2 weeks ago

EndeavourOS Galileo KDE-vel - Magyar Linux Honlap

#linux #eos #endeavouros #arch

2 weeks ago

#EndeavourOS, an Arch-based distro, has launched a new version named 'Galileo', featuring #KDEPlasma as the Live environment and offline install option. This version also enables Local Hostname Resolution on new installations and robust LUKS2 encryption.

A pink/purple gradient background, with the EndeavourOS logo in the middle.
2 weeks ago

My current #Linux distribution of choice, #EndeavourOS (based on #ArchLinux), has finally released a new ISO featuring #Plasma instead of #Xfce as default desktop.

As a long time #KDE user: Much appreciated from my site! It looks awesome and is a good opportunity to finally move my Desktop PC from #Manjaro to EndeavourOS. 😎 (Was too lazy to make the switch there because I use that system mostly for #LinuxGaming these days.)

#Linux #Arch

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

The last time I wanted to fix a bug in Arch Linux, I gave up trying to go through Arch directly, provided the fix to EndeavourOS, who happen to pass it along.

It was just easier.

#EndeavourOS #Endeavour

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

More so, EndeavourOS makes it easy to submit bugs and supply fixes.

I cannot express how frustrating, generally, most Linux distros can be in that department.

That is not the case with EndeavourOS. If you have a problem, they want to hear about it, and they want to help.

Many Linux distros, make you jump through hoops to file bugs and supply fixes, if you're able. --- I never understood why, especially, if you're supplying the fix.

#Endeavour #EndeavourOS #Linux #OpenSource

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

"I use Arch by the way" -- Is one of those memes that can be funny, ironic, and sad, but it does often convince newbies to try, Arch Linux.

The big problem with Arch Linux is how toxic vanilla Arch's community can be. I have witnessed and experienced people who were trolled by the staff, for helping newbies. And despite what they would like to believe, their Wiki is not to be all, above all

That's where EndeavourOS shines -They're friendly & helpful

#Windows #ArchLinux #Endeavour #EndeavourOS

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

EndeavourOS 11-2023, code-named "Galileo", has been released.

This is a major update of the project's Arch-based Linux distribution. In this release, the live ISO image ships with KDE Plasma desktop (instead of Xfce), Linux kernel 6.6.1 and an updated Calamares system installer.

In my opinion, EndeavourOS is the most friendly "out of the box" Arch distro for anyone looking to try Arch. Most notably, how helpful and friendly their community is.

#EndeavourOS #Arch #ArchLinux #Linux #Endeavour

Airikr :endeavourOS:
2 weeks ago

EndeavourOS Xfce was the first Linux dist. on my laptop.

After maybe 2 months, I installed elementary OS to give it a try. Didn't feel like home so I tried Linux Mint Xfce. Couldn't try it fully because the WiFi drivers were not installed (not even in Live CD).

So I installed EndeavourOS Xfce again. Now I feel like home again 😌

Having to do some finishing touches before I am very pleased with my laptop. Stickers on the lid is the biggest piece that are missing.

#endeavouros #linux #xfce

2 weeks ago

EndeavourOS Galileo Release: Linux Astronauts Face Challenges

EndeavourOS Galileo rolled out, switching from Xfce to Plasma as the default desktop, and dropped some community editions.

#linux #opensource #endeavouros #archlinux

2 weeks ago

I found out that Discord in my EndeavourOS install (KDE) just can’t produce notifications and isn’t supported anyway. Is there anything I can do about it, seeing as how it’s proprietary software, or just switch to Fedora or Kubuntu that have these notifications working after testing? #linux #linuxhelp #endeavouros

Drew Naylor
3 weeks ago

Sometime before #Windows10 support ends, I'm going to be installing #Linux on my #desktop again. Generally I use #LinuxMint for bare-metal installs, but I was thinking about running #ArchLinux via #EndeavourOS since it seems pretty nice in a #VM. I'd also messed with #Fedora #KDE and it's decent. Then I saw stuff about #NixOS and thought it was pretty cool how it avoids dependency issues, so I thought about getting into that even though I've never even tried it. What do you think I should run?

3 weeks ago

Would you look at that? PopOS is giving me tons of artifacts, locking up and is now completely unusable for no reason at all. Let's give #manjaro or #endeavouros another try.....


@fasnix Wir haben bei Arbeit auch die Wahl zwischen #Windows #Mac und #Linux
Ich nutze aktuell #EndeavourOS also #ArchLinux

3 weeks ago

> #EndeavourOS Update
> Rechner neu Start
> #Surface startet nicht mal mehr den UEFI-Loader


Just completed a fresh re-installation of my OS. (EndeavourOS)
I have everything installed, every program I need, all my apps, all my documents copied over backups restored etc.

That is a 921 GB hard drive
I have 871 GB left.

That's 50 Gig for the whole OS and every program I'll ever need (minus games) According to a more accurate program that would have been more awkward to screenshot the exact usage is 56.3 GB

This makes me happy.

#EndeavourOS #Linux #Happy #JustMe

Screenshot of Dolphin File manager properties Dialogue: showing disk-space use for the main hard drive
4 weeks ago

È arrivato il nuovo piccolino (Think Pad x280). Ricondizionato, praticamente nuovo, sembra funzionare molto bene.
Inoltre non ero più abituato a una batteria che dura così tanto 😅

EndeavourOS già installata ma, prima di copiare la vecchia config di i3, si fa un giretto fuori perché è una bella giornata 😆

Il vecchio Acer invece, dopo 15 anni di onorato servizio, lo userò per esperimenti vari ma con i dovuti giorni di riposo, povero 😉

#linuxITA #linux #endeavouros

4 weeks ago

So far, I have on my list of possible distros:

- Fedora Workstation 39
- EndeavourOS
- Straight up Arch

I still want to keep up with the latest video drivers but I also want more stability than anything else. Maybe even BTRFS so I can always roll back if needed?

EndeavourOS is making some big changes, Fedora has the latest Gnome. All good options.

#linux #archlinux #EndeavourOS #fedora

1 month ago

It's still really weird that my #DualShock/#DualSense controllers still don't work with #Bazzite (#Ublue/#Fedora) on #bluetooth. They work fine wired. My bluetooth mouse works fine with it too. Definitely isn't an issue on the controllers' side since they work fine on bluetooth on my #ArchLinux PC out of the box, and also my #SteamDeck. They even work on said PC when it was on #EndeavourOS before I switched to Bazzite. It's the only thing holding me back from recommending or installing Bazzite on more systems.

1 month ago

I have done next to nothing all weekend, and whilst part of me is loving it, the other part of me is screaming at me to do something more productive.

So I'm going to backup my home folder in readiness for a nuke & pave of my laptop to go from #KDE to #Sway, still on #endeavouros (or should I try a new Distro? 🤔) ah, somebody stop me!!!

#linux #distroHopping #wayland

Linux Is Best
2 months ago

Shout out to those using, Arch, by the way. 😅

As a community, who often uses the latest technology and may see things before most people realize they want or need them.

Your voice can be valuable.

openSUSE for the past 2 years as lacked direction. They're currently holding an anonymous survey asking people how they use Linux. It's open to everyone.

-- Why don't you give them your thoughts? 😉

#Arch #ArchLinux #EndeavourOS #Manjaro

@atoponce I'm from #Indonesia, and I'm using #EndeavourOS since last year

2 months ago

Does anyone know how to fix this? Ive tried removing it but it always tries to reinstall. I could uninstall the apps that cause this but they're pretty essential e.g., Discord, Telegram and so on.

OS is EndeavourOS w/ XFCE #EndeavourOS #Linux

Installed #EndeavourOS a few days ago and as someone coming from #Fedora, I have to say that having a package manager that is actually fast is amazing. The difference in speed between pacman and dnf is HUGE

Thinking of distro-hopping, any suggestions? Thinking of going for either an arch-based distro such as :artix: #artix or :endeavourOS: #endeavouros or some immutable distro such as :nixos: #nixos.

3 months ago

The #EndeavourOS site indicates they're not able to be as active on the OS as they'd like, because of real life. I get that, absolutely. Does this mean it's not worth trying yet?

Booting my new #Slimbook into the #EndeavourOS installation liveUSB …here it goooooeeees!! (Wish me luck)

3 months ago

This is really bugging me lol cos so far all my debugging seems to show that I should be able to pair with these controllers via bluetooth but they still just couldn't.

I've verified that they do work on
#EndeavourOS/#ArchLinux, but somehow not on #Fedora or rather #UBlue/#Bazzite. Both are using seemingly the same version of the #Linux kernel. The only thing indicating/pointing towards the issue are these logs but googling them returns nothing useful/relevant.

Until I manage to figure this out, I'm left with a really nice desktop but not able to use it for couch

bluetoothd[988]: src/service.c:service_probe() input-hid profile probe failed for 7C:88:DE:8C:03:40
bluetoothd[988]: profiles/input/server.c:connect_event_cb() Refusing input device connect: No such file or directory (2)
bluetoothd[988]: profiles/input/server.c:confirm_event_cb() Refusing connection from 7C:88:DE:8C:03:40: unknown device

Bluetooth connection to my Logitech K380 keyboard (which requires a PIN) was successful. Connection to my
#DualSense and #DualShock4 controllers fail.


My #Slimbook / new laptop adventure continues! And with it a new blog post:


• why I decided for #EndeavourOS on a #Btrfs #RAID-1 on two #LUKS encrypted SSDs and not something else
• how I intend to mitigate the challenges this combination brings with it
• how to leverage #Tmpfs to make your SSD live longer and make your browser much faster
#Borg is a great backup tool
#Wayland … I hope

3 months ago

Been setting up and testing #Bazzite (which is essentially #UBlue/#Fedora with a #SteamOS like experience). Haven't really gotten to gaming on it yet but for general desktop use and content consumption, I've been loving it.

One big issue though, it's not able to pair/connect to any of my controllers via
#bluetooth that I know do work perfectly on my #EndeavourOS/#ArchLinux PC as well as my #SteamDeck. These controllers include the #DualShock4 as well as the #DualSense.

Pairing them in
#gaming mode would show as if they're paired successfully, and they do get in the paired list, but they couldn't stay connected at all. Every time it "connects", it doesn't really connect (not usable) and it'd disconnect after 1 second.

Pairing them in desktop mode would give an error saying that the setup wizard or something like that had failed to complete. They do still get added into the paired list, but gives similar behaviour when attempting to connect to them.

Any ideas?

Screenshot of the KDE Plasma Desktop of a Bazzite OS installation on an AMD-based Mini ITX PC. The desktop has some shortcuts to certain apps/utilities installed by the OS including Steam and Lutris. The Konsole (terminal) app is also open showing its neofetch output. The application launcher is also open on the bottom left.
3 months ago

oh just casually accessing my pinephone via ssh for ricey cakes

#pinephone #pine64 #arch #endeavouros #ssh #sxmo #sway #tui #rambox #linux #puppylinux #weechat

R. L. Dane
4 months ago

Should I distro hop my work (!) machine to #OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (and fight with its lack of polkit setup and "hurr durr durr just use the root password" attitude),

-- or --

Should I make a fair attempt at troubleshooting the problems I'm having with #EndeavourOS?

I'm getting some strange behavior with #sddm, #KDE #Plasma, and #Wayland.

My login (selecting Plasma Wayland session) dumps me into an Xorg screen with 3 xterms. I then have to 'sudo systemctl restart sddm' and log in again...etc..

4 months ago

@SinclairSpeccy My journey with Debian began with potato... I did a lot of Distro Hopping until I found #LinuxMint and #EndeavourOS. These are my go-to Distros now.

Linux Is Best
4 months ago

While I still think everyone should use, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi Browser appears to now offer an official installer for Arch Linux.

No need to depend on a 3rd party AUR anymore.

#Vivaldi #ArchLinux #VivaldiBrowser #EndeavourOS

4 months ago

@itsfoss #EndeavourOS all the way!! Newbs can still use it and you have all of the power and latest software at your fingertips.

Tecno & Soft 🐧:mastodon:
4 months ago

A ver cuántos aciertan.

¿Es posible prescindir de yay como asistente de AUR en la terminal?

#ArchLinux #Manjaro #EndeavourOS

Место окупљања корисника ГНУ/Линукса

Ћаскамо и коментаришемо теме везане за GNU/Linux, FOSS, хардвер и софтвер, са повременим дигресијама на друге теме.

#linux #srbija #archlinux #gnulinux #fedora #ubuntu #endeavouros #manjaro #debian

5 months ago

I am running #EndeavourOS #Linux on my circa 2009/2010 HP Compaq Elite 8000 SFF pc. Using the Cinnamon desktop.

Performance is peachy. Real smooth. I am not rendering video or modelling 3D, but everything web and app runs just fine, including YouTube in HD. On the Intel integrated graphics! No dedicated video card.

You can get something like this for €40 to €80 and do all the normal stuff without thinking about it and it is Good Enough(tm)!u

5 months ago

I think I've found my new distro to call home! :ablobcatbongo: But before I say what it is, I thought it'd be fun to give some quick thoughts on the ones I tried along the way:

- #GarudaLinux : Much neon, very gamer! If you're the target audience, it's brilliant. But a bit too bloated and specific for me.

- #EndeavourOS : Arch with a pre-installed GUI, and that's it. Opposite of Garuda, comes with too little out of the box for me :rofl:

5 months ago

Haven't broken #EndeavourOS yet while updating a couple of times so that is promising.

5 months ago

#EndeavourOS installed.

5 months ago

Installing #EndeavourOS.

5 months ago

Hoy un #viernesdeescritorio algo distinto, porque doy por concluido mi proyecto de #upgrade de mi #thinkpad #T440p:

- Pantalla IPS 1080p
- SSD 512 GB
- Caddy de DVD reemplazado por un caddy de HDD (SSD extra de 512 GB)
- Procesador actualizado a un i7-4712MQ
- Pasta térmica Grizzly Kryonaut
- Teclado US reemplazado por otro con layout ES (original, de eBay)
- RAM actualizada a 12 GB
- Batería original de 9 celdas nueva

No puedo estar más contento, con #kde #plasma en #endeavouros vuela :)

ThinkPad T440P con EndeavourOS

Whew! I'm back. Just dropped #Pop_OS in favor of a fresh install of the #ArchLinux based #EndeavourOS with #KDE Plasma. It's so pretty 💜 😍

So now I just have to learn the diffs between #Debian based distros and #Arch.

And how to customize KDE to my liking.

Also thought I'd try out the #Fish shell over my usual #zsh.

Yay, most of the shortcuts I have committed to muscle memory currently open something else! :ablobcathappypaws:

EndeavourOS desktop screenshot showing the Fish shell in Konsole and the Emoji Selector app against a purple-themed space wallpaper.
R. L. Dane
8 months ago


As of today, I'm fully switched over to #EndeavourOS.

I don't feel the need to diss #Manjaro (which seems to be an internet pastime these days, lol), but I'm happy in my endeavour. 😄

R. L. Dane
8 months ago

Hey #AskFedi,

Bit of a #TechnicalMayday over here.

Anyone know how to troubleshoot systemd-boot on #ArchLinux derivatives (#EndeavourOS)?


Description of problem:

8 months ago

@thelinuxEXP #LinuxMint is my number one choice for a distro that “just works.” #Cinnamon is my DE of choice for its easy customization & simplicity.

I wish that there was an good #Arch distro that was simple and easy like #Manjaro, because I really enjoy using it. #EndeavourOS makes me build all my apps, Arch makes me build my entire OS, #Garuda leans too heavily on the AUR.

At this very moment I’m installing #ArcoLinux, which I’m hoping will be a good Manjaro alternative.

R. L. Dane
8 months ago

Hey #Askfedi,

I'm running #XFCE on #EndeavourOS.

For some reason, my tut.desktop shortcut won't work from the whisker menu or xfdashboard, but I can run it with gtk-launch, and from the command line. :/

~ $ cat .local/share/applications/tut.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Name=tut CLI Mastodon Client
Comment=tut CLI Mastodon Client


Gabratta 🐐
8 months ago

Alla fine ho deciso di fare il grande salto sul mio Thinkpad T460p. Bye bye Windows 10, e benvenuto #EndeavourOS
Tanto per browsing di base, scrittura ed eventualmente un po' di gaming leggero (Steam + Lutris) va più che benone.


Desktop del mio Thinkpad T460p con EndeavourOS

Here's another curious poll... :blobthinkingsmirk: Experienced Linux users! Which advance distro do you use on a daily basis? :linux: (sorry for having a bit too much hashtags)

#linux #archlinux #gentoo #voidlinux #distro #poll #endeavouros #guix #slackware #nixos #foss #redhat #debian #rhel

I'm now on 99.9% #FOSS for professional creative work in the web industry and I absolutely love it.

I use #Krita for all general image editing and creation, plus the #KDE app Spectacle for image capture.

When I need vectors I use #Inkscape. If I need to prototype a UI I use #PenPot.

For making videos to embed in webpages I use #Kdenlive, editing recordings captured with Simple Screen Recorder.

All on an #EndeavourOS system.

Clients see no difference at all on their end, everyone's happy.

9 months ago

Time for my #introduction post!

My name is Emma (Em or Emmy is also fine). My pronouns are she/her/hers. I'm a #trans woman who lives in Awabakal country (Australia). I've had this account for some time, but only recently moved here from 🙂

Some of the things I like are #gaming including #retro gaming, #tech and #linux
I use #EndeavourOS
Games I keep going back to include #warframe , #GuildWars2 , and #titanfall2
I enjoy watching various #speedrun

I like #reading but I easily get distracted when I try to. Anything #space related is always very interesting especially #astrophotography !!

I am also white and have very left leaning politics

I hope to meet some more lovely people :blobhajheart:

Random Geek
10 months ago

Fresh install of #EndeavourOS QTile Community Edition with everything still default.

Posting here to see if an image upload issue I had was specific to my Akkoma instance. Alas, that appears to be the case.

Tiled desktop with terminal in left half showing update status, and right half showing my Akkoma view in Firefox

For those to whom this might mean something; very sad news, we've lost one of our best penguins. At the very least, forum members of distros #archlinux , #manjarolinux , #endeavourOS & #garuda were extremely aware of his talent & generosity.

Vale Jonathon Fernyhough 😭


Since I upgraded my PC, I can't access my local web server from within the network using the local IP address. I haven't altered any default settings more than making Apache work for me (for an example, changing `/srv/http` to `/srv/http/html`).

Anyone who knows what the issue can be?

#network #networking #endeavouros #arch #askfedi #askfediverse #xfce #apache

Can you save the configurations for the keyboard settings and the mouse theme settings, and other general settings, like choice of fonts and window opacity through compositor?

See the screenshots for what settings more specific I mean.

If you can save these configurations for restoration purposes, what files do I need to backup?

#arch #endeavouros #config #askfedi #askfediverse #xfce

R. L. Dane
11 months ago

Installing #OpenSUSE #Tumbleweed on my new LG Gram 17.

Came really close to using #Zorin, because it's *SO* windows-like, to the point of even showing the lg logo while booting (!!)

But the fractional scaling was a total eyebleed when viewing any images in Firefox. Newer Gnome versions are probably better at fractional scaling, but they're still on a three year old Ubuntu LTS base.

Still a very cool distro, though!

Hoping Tumbleweed works out. #EndeavourOS wasn't usable on this hardware :-(

I guess it's time for an updated #introduction.

I'm a 43 year old #transfem #nonbinary demigirl married to a cis female. I have #ADHD with #photophobia.

I'm a #linux enthusiast, currently running #Archlinux and #EndeavourOS.

I have a Masters degree in #mathematics and I work as a statistician. I play a lot of #boardgames.

I'm a #musician who plays guitar and mandolin, primarily.

After my latest #Windows AMD driver update, my install broke, I'm through lol I'm moving to Linux and running Windows in VMs from now on.

#EndeavourOS, here I come! ♥

1 year ago

Any suggestions for a #linux distribution for work with a tiling window manager #twm preconfigured (mostly)? Base distro preferably arch or debian? But also open to anything else. I used #endeavouros last time with #i3wm. #sway is out of the question regarding the need to for #rdp compatbility.

Sam de Leve
1 year ago

Now I've settled into #EndeavourOS on my main rig, I wanted to shift off Manjaro on my laptop too. Rather than sensibly keep both computers on the same distro, I decided to learn #NixOS.

(It's DANGEROUSLY easy to install...)

NixOS reminds me of #Emacs: a learning curve that pays off (eventually). Nix docs are fragmented, if plentiful, and while advanced tasks are A LOT, a basically functional system was surprisingly achievable.

Overall a fascinating #Linux timesink!

1 year ago

I am installing #EndeavourOS.

After all these years, I still run Linux on my desktop.

1 year ago

Time for the usual #Introduction post after the move!

I'm Sar (he/him), a professional IT Nerd (I'm an engineer in MECM) who is into the following:

#WorldofWarcraft / #Warcraft / #wow
#PS5 / #Steam / #Switch / #Gamepass
#Linux #endeavouros #archlinux
#Starwars / #Startrek / #Babylon5 / #Marvel & #DC

I'm also a self-diagnosed #autistic person with #adhd who reads up lots on #autism

Hi there!

Frank Fajardo
1 year ago

I run #EndeavourOS :endeavourOS: as my daily driver and thought of it as a way to learn more about Linux, while at the same time avoid distractions (particularly from video games...).

Here's a screenshot of my desktop (KDE/Plasma + WhiteSur Dark + Latte Dock):

A screenshot of Frank's desktop, which uses KDE/Plasma and is customized to use the WhiteSur Dark theme and icons and Latte Dock. The wallpaper shows a black and white photo of a man walking aimlessly from a sea with the view of a city - generated using DALL-E 2.
Airikr :endeavourOS:
1 year ago

Want to order my new gaming PC now, but not sure if the motherboard and the CPU I've chosen works perfectly with Linux.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 3.4 GHz
Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-Plus

Will Linux (EndeavourOS more specifically) work flawlessly with these components?

#linux #arch #endeavouros #askfedi #askfediverse #gaming

Sar :verified:
1 year ago

Ok, time for a new #introduction post after the move!

I'm Sar (he/him), a professional IT Nerd (I'm an #SCCM engineer) who is into the following:

#WorldofWarcraft / #Warcraft / #wow
#PS5 / #Steam / #Switch / #Gamepass
#Linux #endeavouros #archlinux
#Starwars / #Startrek / #Babylon5 / #Marvel & #DC / #drwho #doctorwho

I'm also a self-diagnosed #autistic person with #adhd who reads up lots on #autism

Hi there!

go run steve.go :this_is_fine:
1 year ago


I'm Steve. I started my career doing #windows things in 2005 and last year I stopped and jumped into the #linux world head first. I like #golang, #k8s, #infra, #automation, and #learning. I'll talk about #neovim, #endeavouros, #asahilinux, #adhd, #trauma, and my family. I'm a big fan of @sigstore and @chainguard. I currently do #devops work for a #healthcare #startup called Machinify.

1 year ago

I'm getting ready to wipe #manjaro from my computers. These are the two contenders. Please, help me make up my mind. #linux #endeavouros #opensusetumbleweed #opensuse