Bob the Traveler
10 hours ago

Today is the feast day of Æthelberht II of East Anglia, who died in 794 #travel #England #history

Solar London
12 hours ago

The sun will rise in #London #England tomorrow at 4:51, 55 seconds earlier than the day before.
It will set at 21:05, 71 seconds later than the day before.

Pete (he/him)
14 hours ago

Excuse me, the south west of #England.

Current weather for “Spithead” England
Jonathan Matthews
16 hours ago

I went on a mini-hike today with an old friend from uni, along part of the #Ridgeway, walking North from Swyncombe Church. It was glorious! The church was lovely, too, but I didn’t snap any photos inside. #hiking #walking #TheRidgeway #oxfordshire #england #countryside #nature

Blue skies with wispy clouds above a rolling green and yellow hillock.
The sun shines down on lush green slopes.
A woodland area becomes grassy, under white clouds and blue skies.
A spur of sunlight penetrates into a woodland area, with many trees, branches and leaves in the foreground and midground.
SubtleBlade ⚔️
17 hours ago

Plan to scrap specialist #SexOffenderTeams ‘a danger to #PublicSafety’, says #probation union

Highly skilled officers in #England and #Wales to be replaced by less qualified staff under #MoJ proposals

Ian Cylkowski Photography
18 hours ago

It was time to capture the last of this year’s bluebells.

Barkbooth Lot is always a solid local favourite for photographing glorious bluebell displays.

You can see more photos waiting for you here -> 👍

#landscape #nature #travel #spring #uk #britain #england #bluebells #photography #photo #photographie

A trio of trees forming a triangle are surrounded by a carpet of bluebells interspersed with dappled woodland light.
A fallen tree is propped up, sheltering the carpet of bluebells beneath it.
Morning light streams through the woodland, highlighting moss-covered boulders and pockets of bluebells.

"Richard Hooker defends the religious and political settlement of Elizabethan England using rational arguments and appeals to the natural law." #History #Philosophy #Podcast #England #English #C16th #histodons #histodon @histodons @histodon @philosophy


David Howell
20 hours ago

20% OFF ALL MY PRINTS – The Find Your Thing Sale is on!


Prints available here -

#redbubble #london #england #monument #cityscape #urban #streetphotography #photography #iphone14pro #iphoneography #printsforsale

A colour photo of the commonly named Eros status in central London during a rain shower.
1 day ago

Outsourced #care means more #children being moved further away

Oxford University research reveals 17,000 out-of-area placements in #England can be attributed to the corporate takeover of care

Lesson: Don’t privatise the care of children.

Bob the Traveler
1 day ago

The Spanish Armada, with 130 ships and 30,000 men, set sail OTD in 1588 from Lisbon, Portugal, headed for the English Channel #travel #England #history

1 day ago

Since this post received no boosts, I thought I'd better edit it so as to dial down the message somewhat + I added a photo of a #sports #car (the #tech affect)

A photograph of a landscape in #Cumbria , #England that will be hammered by droughts (summer) & floods (generally autumn) as the effects of climate change intensify.

But, the fewer greenhouse gases people emit today & tomorrow, the less #ClimateChange will "hammer".

#ClimateHeating isn't a holiday in a hot country.


A photograph of a U-shaped valley in Cumbria, England. The flat bottom of the valley is a floodplain. Notice how many area's have been historically deforested for timber, & sheep farming. Also, most of the larger wooded areas are conifer tree plantations. Though, compared to many areas in the county, at least there are fragmented tree stands. 

Most of the income in the area is related to tourism. The development that can be (just about) seen near the top middle of the photograph is a Farm \ Caravan \ Campsite. Tourists like to burn diesel pulling their caravans to the area. The campers also like to burn charcoal and wood in their BBQs or campfires. The farm is a sheep farm. Sheep "like" to belch methane into the atmosphere. 

The sheep have no idea, therefore, don't care how climate change will effect their lives.
A photograph of a car. Many men like cars with big engines! Boys like playing with cars too.
Solar London
1 day ago

The sun will rise in #London #England tomorrow at 4:52, 58 seconds earlier than the day before.
It will set at 21:03, 73 seconds later than the day before.

David Allan
2 days ago

Looking through some photograph files and picked out this as one of those moments when you're out and about and really pleased you had your camera to hand.
Walking along Hendon Beach in Sunderland and you come across a passing tall ship – not something that happens every day!

#tallship #sunderland #england coast #seascape

A tall ship photographed off the coast at Hendon, Sunderland in North East England.
2 days ago

A photograph of a historically deforested & now over grazed landscape (I.e., sheep wrecked).

When out walking on the highlands in the Lake District, #Cumbria , #England , l like to play the "spot the tree?" game (spotting, or counting sheep is too easy. Plus, makes you fall asleep ;) )

To be accurate, there are some patches of older growth conifer tree plantations in the area. Also, some tree's have been replanted.

The general politics of the area isn't promoting eco #sustainability

A photograph of a deforested & over grazed landscape. Maybe you can see the small stand of conifer trees in the valley bottom.
2 days ago

A photograph of a historically deforested & now over grazed landscape (I.e., sheep wrecked).

When out walking on the highlands in the Lake District, #Cumbria , #England , l like to play the "spot the tree?" game/(spot, or counting sheep is to easy. Plus makes you fall asleep ;) )

To be accurate, there are some patches of older growth conifer tree plantations in the area. Also, some tree's have been replanted.

Though, the generally politics of area isn't promoting eco #sustainability

A photograph of a deforested & over grazed landscape. Maybe you can see the small stand of conifer trees in the valley bottom.
Bob the Traveler
2 days ago

Royalist troops under the command of James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby, massacred up to 1,600 defenders of Bolton OTD in 1644 during the English Civil War #history #England

Bob the Traveler
2 days ago

The Archbishop of Canterbury declared the marriage of King Henry VIII of #England to Anne Boleyn valid OTD in 1533 #travel #history

Ridiculous that #Ukraine, who are in the middle of a war, has built more onshore wind turbines that the #England has in the last year. #Conservatives may say they care about energy security, but the truth is they don’t.

Stingray's Badger Friend
2 days ago

Under First Past The Post #FPTP we are stuck with an unfair system, and people's votes don't count.

We want a better #democracy in the UK .

We want Proportional Representation #PR

Sorry to hear that #Starmer isn't listening, he doesn't care about democracy


2 days ago

Charles, show us you’re truly a modern king and return the remains of the stolen prince

There can be no more excuses for #England refusing to return Alemayehu to his native #Ethiopia

2 days ago

30 water treatment works released 11bn litres of raw sewage in a year, study suggests
Exclusive: Researchers analysed works run by nine water and sewerage companies in #England and #Wales #BREXIT

Bob the Traveler
2 days ago

Margaret Pole, Countess of #Salisbury, was executed OTD in 1541 at the command of Henry VIII, son of her first cousin Elizabeth of York #travel #England #history

Jack 💥
2 days ago

#england has wrecked so many homes, it's a wonder that the half the entire world hasn't burned London to the ground.

Courtney Herber, PhD
2 days ago

#OnThisDay in #history - in 1199, John "Lackland" became king of #England after the death of his elder brother, Richard I.
Richard had named John as his heir, skipping over his nephew Arthur (as the boy was only 12 and John was an adult), but Arthur rallied forces to fight against John to take his inheritance.
After being taken captive, Arthur disappeared, like several other English princes, never to be seen again. John ruled until his death in 1216.

#OTD #histodons @histodons @royalhistory

A painted portrait of King John.
Stingray's Badger Friend
3 days ago

In #SouthWest #England we've had 2 weeks of dry hot weather, and at least another week with no rain.

Will the #drought and #HosepipeBan come earlier again

We need massive action by all to leave this planet habitable for future generations & the #biome


Dried up stream bed surrounded by trees alongside a path. Blue sky just visible through the trees.
Bob the Traveler
3 days ago
3 days ago

The castle and river in Clun, Shropshire.
This small border town is dominated by the ruins of the medieval ruined castle, situated on a bend of the River Clun.

#Photography Castle #Ruin #Clun #Shropshire #UK #England #WelshMarches #River #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #History #Motte #Bailey

The river Clun winding it's way around the base of Clun Castle. Narrow and shallow after a little rain trees overhang it virtually blocking out the sky
A view of the remains of the great keep viewed fro the base of the mound, trees can be seen on the other side of one of the defensive ditches with clouds in a blue sky
Looking up at the rounds of the ruins of Clun castle viewed from near the top of the motte, a blue sky with several clouds
looking up at the castle ruins from the path at the bottom of the motte with a somewhat cloudy sky
Bob the Traveler
3 days ago

Ēadmund I was King of the English from 939 until his murder OTD in 946; his epithets include the Elder, the Deed-doer, the Just, and the Magnificent #travel #England #history

Bob the Traveler
3 days ago

Today is the feast day of Fugatius and Damian, send to #England in the 2nd century to preach the Gospel #travel #history

David Allan
4 days ago

Durham's stunning Ushaw Historic House, Chapels and Gardens is well worth a visit at this time of the year, especially as the gardens burst into a riot of rhododendron blooms.
The former Catholic seminary is now a heritage and cultural tourist attraction, known for its Georgian and Victorian Gothic architecture and listed nineteenth-century chapels.

#Durham #England #religious #historic

Rhododendrons adding springtime colour to the grounds of Ushaw Historic House and Chapels, near Durham in North East England.
Claudia Zahn
4 days ago
Jorge 🇪🇺 🌍🛰️
4 days ago

Someone is very excited about #camping in the garden.
#Summer is less than a week away, and Duran Duran fills the air.


#England #BankHoliday #WestSussex

Csmping in the garden. Tent in the background. Sunny evening  in the foreground, garden teka table, with book, beer and speakers.
ZZ Bottom
4 days ago

#England, there is a city called #Boston ? 😂

David Allan
6 days ago

Another day, and it's blue skies again along Sunderland's stunning coast and how lucky are we that Seaburn and Roker have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag and Seaside Awards – again!
Our lovely beaches are two of 77 beaches to win the prestigious Blue Flag Award, and this is the twelfth consecutive year that the beaches have also won a coveted Seaside Award!

#Sunderland #England #coast #beach #seaside #photography

A view of Sunderland's seafront at Seaburn of a fine warm Spring day. Taken on an ebbing tide with the fine, golden sandy beaches being revealed.
6 days ago
Ian Cylkowski Photography
1 week ago

Crina Bottom is a 400-year farmstead in the Yorkshire Dales, situated above Ingleton and below the peak of Ingleborough.

Around here you can also enjoy some fantastic limestone rock formations, known in local dialect as "clints" and "grikes".

More photos are awaiting your eyeballs, here -> 👍

#landscape #nature #travel #photography #photo #photographie #spring #yorkshiredales #yorkshire #uk #britain #england

A line of blancmange-shaped rocks zigzag their way towards a lit up flat-topped mountain. Halfway along the rocks, a female figure with curling hair is perched, enjoying the view.
Strong evening side light from the left illuminates a scene of limestone boulders, each with their own glaciated curves and form, with a flat-topped mountain rising in the distance.
A farm track leads to an old Yorkshire farmstead, with a drystone wall pointing the rest of the way towards the flat-topped mountain.
Flipboard Culture Desk
1 week ago

Photographer Tom Wood has been taking photos of everyday people in Liverpool, U.K., for 50 years. Here's a look at his humorous, intriguing work, which features in a new exhibition, Photie Man.

#Photography #Culture #Liverpool #England

Classic Cars In Cyprus
1 week ago
1 week ago

@adamcr I'm more interested in the upcoming Ajayi-Farouk ship. I hope there's sufficient scenes of them. #Heartstopper #English #England

1 week ago

@leetxdd I voted for independent (left leaning) candidates for the Council and the Parish where I live. #England #English

David Allan
1 week ago

The old Fulling Mill, on the banks of the River Wear in Durham, forms part of the 'classic view' of Durham Cathedral.
Originally a water mill and house, it dates from the C17, but may have incorporated parts of an earlier building.
Sadly, it’s ten years this summer since the building, which had become the Durham Museum of Archaeology, had its contents moved to a new home at Palace Green. Such a shame that since then, it has stood empty.

#Durham #England #hisitoric #photography

The Old Fulling Mill on the banks of the River Wear in Durham, North East England (look carefully, you might just be able to spot a resting heron!).
The Old Fulling Millwhich has stood empty for a decade, is an integral compositional element in the 'classic view' of the city's majestic Norman cathedral.

This #DigitalArt #Painting is based off a memory of a train ride from London to Canterbury. Coincidentally yesterday was 18 years after that trip... Prints here:

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #MastoArt #England #MarkOnArt

Digital art based on a memory of a train ride from London to Canterbury - the fields of rapeseed (canola) were flying past the train windows which is what this digital painting depicts. - Portrait image, lower half is motion blurred and the top half is blue and white skies similarly blurred.
"The Eddie Show" 😎
1 week ago

🎧 My wee mind's in 80s Britain this morning—the movies and music.

The (English) Beat's "Sooner or Later" (1982) got a "meh" reception on release, but is probably the band's most-remembered and loved song.

Here's the official lyric video with #HQ sound.

> Clip Plays Within This Toot <

#TheBeat #TheEnglishBeat #music #ska #80s #British #UK #England

1 week ago

The Way It Was

paduasoy posted "English Historical Fiction Authors," a group blog that has been going since 2011, where researchers and novelists post about British history. "There are posts about wool and war, Schools of Gardening for Ladies, beds and bugs, aspirin, theatrical censorship, magazines, tours of Ruthin and Snowdon, slipcoat cheese and posset, subversive fairy tales, and The Learned Pig," and more fascinating linked selections. Lovely.

#blog #BritishHistory #details #England #facts #GreatBritain #history #information #lore #past #trivia

Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK
1 week ago

Don't give me a home where the buffalo roam - A retired couple in #Essex #England finally got a payout for damage after escaped water #buffaloes got into their garden and trashed their swimming pool (these are not normally native to the UK, even the Fire Brigade though it was a hoax call at first!)

Deborah League
1 week ago

Originally, this building was the grammar school for the town of Bampton, in the Cotswolds, England. Today it houses the Bampton archives. You may recognize it as the hospital for the popular tv series, Downton Abbey.


#AYearForArt #England #photography #digitalart #mixedmedia #mastodon #mastoart #artwork #artist #art #travel #architecture #painting #buyintoart

You may recognize this building from TV as it served as the hospital in the popular Downton Abbey series. Originally this building was the grammar school for the town of Bampton and today it houses the Bampton Archive.

As well as housing an extensive archive that includes an impressive collection of old photographs of Bampton and Bampton people, the Archive hosts a number of exhibitions each year. There is also a shop, selling a variety of books, audio CDs, DVDs and cards, including a small selection of Downton Abbey memorabilia including cards, booklets, mugs, pictures and prints.

Back in #england boo! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

The sign welcoming us back to England from Wales. The Welsh version of the message is at the bottom of the sign.
2 weeks ago

EN: For fans of #classicalmusic #baroquemusic here is the video/audio record of our recent concert in #Ramsgate

CY: I ddilynwyr @baroquemusic @classicalmusic dyma record fideo/sain ein cyngerdd diweddar yn #Thanet

DE: Für Fans von #Barockmusik und #klassischer #Musik gibt es hier die Video-/Audioaufzeichnung unseres letzten Konzerts in #England

JP: #バロック#クラシック #音楽 を好む方のために、最近 #英国 #ケント州 で行った #コンサート のビデオ/オーディオを紹介します。

#Bach, #Handel, #Vivaldi

Khurram Wadee ✅
2 weeks ago

#Water cascading down the #spillway of #Meldon #Dam created these fascinating jagged fronts which moved down at constant velocity.

#MyWork #MyPhoto #CCBYSA #Android #Spring #Devon #England #UK

Downs stream face of a dam.
"The Eddie Show" 😎
2 weeks ago

🎸 RIP #AndyRourke

#JohnnyMarr, Andy's mate since school in mid-70s Manchester announced his passing this morning.

"Andy will be remembered as a kind and beautiful soul by those who knew him and as a supremely gifted musician by music fans."

Rourke, who organized the #VersusCancer concerts (2006-2009), died from pancreatic cancer.

#music #UK #Britain #England #Manchester

📷 Johnny Marr | Instagram

a black and white photobooth shot of marr and rourke in the 1970s. both have long hair. marr is on the left, cigarette to lips. rourke on on the right, staring directly at the lens looking happy.
Flipboard Culture Desk
2 weeks ago

Eels had a surprisingly important role in medieval England. They were essentially currency, used to pay rent and make other transactions. Here's a look at their historical significance and sad decline — these days, they're a Critically Endangered Species.

#History #England #NaturalHistory

2 weeks ago

#OTD 18May1822

The Champion of #England, Tom Cribb holds a Sparring Benefit at the Fives Court where he formally retires from the #PrizeRing handing the Championship to Tom Spring.

Tom Cribb was Champion of England from 1808-1822 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🥊

#HarryHolt #Holt #Genealogy #Bareknuckle #Boxing #Pugilist #Regency #Georgian #C18th #C19th #History

Jack Yan (甄爵恩)
2 weeks ago

I might not have made it there in person, but my mug was shown in #London last night as Panos: My Life, My Odyssey received its Highly Commended prize at the Business Book Awards. #BusinessBookAwards #England #UK

Panos Papadopoulos receives the prize at the Business Book Awards in London on May 16.
2 weeks ago


"...why we got perm residency status in #Canada,..."

A #Canadian, Dr. Stephen #Marche, thought of #TheNextCivilWar a couple of years ago and published his opinion in his book, released Jan. 2022:

And we all know that the makers of the #Netflix series, #TheHandmaidsTale, moved the #Canadian (!) author Margaret #Atwood's original 1985 setting in a near-future #England to a...

2 weeks ago

Exclusive: Users were directed to “crisis pregnancy centres” affiliated with anti-abortion networks for antenatal, carer and mental health support.
#reproductiverights #abortion #CrisisPregnancyCentre #UnitedKingdom #england #NHS

Jessie (they/she)
2 weeks ago

I've made the choice that I'm going to put myself on the #GIDS waiting list. Its pointless, its very long and I probably wont get anywhere anytime soon, given the state of the NHS rn... But I need to do something.

Only thing is, im an enby transfemme... Anyone got any advice or good resources on talking to your doctor about this? #UnitedKingdom #england #nhs #trans #lgbt #transgender

Sara Kathleen
3 weeks ago
A close up of a fully extended snail crawling along a dead tree trunk that’s for moss on it
A snail shell hanging upside down from a thin branch, the snail tucked up inside presumably having a nice nap or maybe watching a film
A closeup of a cluster of 50 or so (at a guess) tiny pale cream coloured mushrooms clustered together and growing in the moss of a tree
A closeup of a field of bluebells in green grass, they are wet from recent rain but the weather is bright
3 weeks ago


Well I'd choose #snp or #alba or #green - whichever is most likely to win certainly in #holyrood elections which are not just #fptp. I think #scots are nuts sticking with a dominating partner like #england

In #2024GE I'd vote whoever might displace a sitting #toriesOut MP - if sitting MP is not a tory I'd vote my preferred candidate - Tories are unlikely to win new seats in #scotland any election soon

But #labour will likely win some seats from SNP - see polls

3 weeks ago

British Pakistani heroin users tell VICE News they've been shunned by their families and are too afraid to get help.
#Drugs #HEROIN #england #bradford #britishpakistanis #addiction

Richard Peat 
3 weeks ago

Dear #BBCNews, #WestminsterAbbey has not “hosted every British coronation since 1066”. They hosted most but not all #English coronations from 1066, and none of the #Scottish coronations. Even after the Union of the Crowns in 1603 Scotland continued separate coronations until Charles II, not least because of the #EnglishCivilWar resulting in Charles II being crowned King of #Scotland in 1649 at Scone Abbey, and didn’t become King of #England until the restoration of the monarchy in 1660.

SubtleBlade ⚔️
4 weeks ago

#LocalElections in #England live: campaigners claim ‘countless examples’ of would-be #voters being turned away over #ID issue -
With polls closing at 10pm, more than 8,000 council seats in England are up for grabs but Electoral Reform Society calls for change to rules on IDs

History of Art
4 weeks ago

This painting, a celebration of the English language, was created by a British painter Ford Madox Brown in 1847-1851. Chaucer, the ‘father of English literature’, is reading lines from The Canterbury Tales to King Edward III, who first championed the English language over the French.

#art #arthistory #England #history #English #MastoArt #Chaucer

The painting of Chaucer at the court of Edward III is reading The Canterbury Tales to King Edward III and his Court.
dr elmyra
4 weeks ago

#mecfs folks in #England, what kind on ongoing care, if any, are you receiving from your GP or specialist services? Anything I should be asking for?

1 month ago

Time for a #Introduction

Hello there! My name is Liam, I'm 38 and from #Derby in #England. I've been on #Mastodon since April last year but sometimes I do like trying different servers out.

I work full time but I do enjoy some #Warcraft, #Hearthstone and even some retro gaming on my #DSLite from time to time.

#Tech enthusiast but will natter about anything, so drop me a toot whenever!

Be good! And if you can't be good then be kind!

David Allan
1 month ago

Oldest building standing in my home city of Sunderland in North East England. Here you can physically touch ancient history and walk in the footsteps of saints at the Grade I listed St Peter's Church in Monkwearmouth, parts of which date back to 674AD.

#Sunderland #England #historic #church #Saxon #religious #night #photography

The Saxon church of St Peter's in Sunderland, North East England. It's west wall and tower date back to its foundation in 674AD.
History of Art
1 month ago

Detailed historical map of England, 17th century. The map is titled as follows: "A New and Exact Mappe of England described formerly by Christofer Saxton, Extracted and reduced into this Form, ingraven, by W.Hollar, Bohemian in London. Anno 1644". The map also contains portraits of the Kings and Queens of England from King William I the Conqueror to King Charles I and their reign dates.

#history #England #map #1600s #English #Kings

Detailed historical map of England 17th century.

Friends. This is an extremely important message for women (or anyone) who may be a victim of domestic abuse in the UK.

They are conducting a country-wide mobile alert to test an emergency system. People with hidden phones must disable alerts or turn their phone off during this time.

Please boost for visibility.

About the event:

Image credit:

#UK #UnitedKingdom #England #DomesticAbuse #DomesticViolence #EmergencyAlert #Privacy #Safety

Warning icon surrounded by text that reads: Do you know at 3pm on 23rd of April 2023, a UK-wide test of an emergency alert system will take place on EVERY MOBILE PHONE in the country. This loud alarm will sound on your phone and make it vibrate, even if it is switched to silent or notifications are off. If you’re living with domestic abuse and you have a mobile phone hidden in your house “just in case”? Please remember to switch it off on Sunday 23 April 2023. Your hidden phone must be switched off completely during this time to avoid discovery. Even if this post doesn’t apply to you, please support/ share/repost. You will be connected to someone who is living with domestic abuse right now, even if you think you’re not. Sharing this information could help keep them safe.
Ian Cylkowski Photography
1 month ago

My first set of images taken on my new Sony a7II.

Overall, pretty damn happy.

Read the story about these images, and getting the camera, here 👍

#landscape #photography #photo #photographie #nature #travel #spring #yorkshiredales #uk #britain #england

Two white spring lambs tumble about in the grass.
Reflective light gently bounces around a narrow gorge as a waterfall crashes down with soft light emerging above.
Waves of textured rock point towards a waterfall crashing over a lip with light bleeding in from the top right.
Twin falls carve out a steep gorge with soft light streaming in from above.