Preston MacDougall
3 days ago

“Books 📚 don’t queer people!” 👉

Peter Private
3 days ago

Would you support or oppose a ban on new oil and gas developments in Britain's North Sea territory?
YouGov surveyed 2371 GB adults on 30th May 2023.
40% Support the ban
only 32% oppose it.
BUT why do 29% not know?

#JustStopOil #CivilResistance #A22Network #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis #FossilFuels #CivilDisobedience

40% would support the ban.
Only 32% would oppose it.
Preston MacDougall
6 days ago

An #Indianapolis man was NOT charged for shooting an autistic boy’s service dog 🐕‍🦺 when the two were playing on their OWN front yard! The unidentified man simply said he FELT threatened, even though video from the family’s security camera clearly shows that he was only barked at by the dog. 😡 👉

#EnoughIsEnough , let’s at least IDENTIFY this #snowflake #ammosexual.

#EnoughisEnough rally absolutely going off today in #Toronto 💥✊💥

#TOpoli #WorkersUnite

It’s 22 with a stiff breeze, so I am bundled up for the #EnoughIsEnough rally. Most of #Ottawa is in shorts and tees, but I just passed an octogenarian dressed just like me and I’m really pleased to be growing into my grandma looks

6 days ago

Rallies are planned this morning across Ontario! Join the local action at Kitchener City Hall at 10 am!

#EnoughIsEnough #Kitchener #Waterloo #Labour



Fed up with low wages, sky-high rent, and health care and affordability in crisis? Join us!


Saturday, June 3


Carl zehr Square, Kitchener City Hall 

200 King Street West

'This won’t look good for us’: Divided Conservatives fear explosive WhatsApps and ‘nightmare’ #CovidInquiry

Shouldn’t have put profits before people and killed well over 200,000 of us then, eh?

#ToryScum #EnoughIsEnough #GTTO

Listen To Your Gut Instinct
1 week ago

I am sick and tired of #Trump and his bullshit, and I'm sick and tired of the #DOJ allowing him to get away with his bullshit.


1 week ago


The march in Toronto starts at Nathan Phillips Square at noon.

#Toronto #onpoli #enoughisenough #labour



Fed up with lo sky-high rent care and affordability crisis? Join us! 

Saturday, June 3 
12:00PM 9 

Assemble @ Nathan Phillips Square ADDRESS: 100 Queen Street West, Toronto 
TTC: Queen or Osgoode
1 week ago

Boris Johnson knows where the bodies are buried.
He ought to - he put them there...
#EnoughIsEnough #GeneralElectionNow

1 week ago

Reminder, this Saturday at Queen's Park in #Toronto and at locations across #Ontario

#enoughisenough #onpoli #labour

Preston MacDougall
1 week ago

#ScotPeterson , aka the #CowardOfBrowardCounty is on trial today for felony child neglect when he cowered in the same spot outside #MarjoryStonemanDouglasHighSchool in Parkland, #Florida for 48 minutes (!) and failed to confront the shooter while he murdered 11 students and staff.
If convicted, he could serve time in prison AND lose his pension. 🆗


David Thomas Jackson
2 weeks ago

The passage below is taken from the Law for the Restoration of the Civil Service, passed by Germany's Nazi-controlled #Reichstag in April 1933.

#GTTO #EnoughisEnough #ToryGaslighting #ToriesUnfitToGovern #ToryLiars #TorySewageParty #ToryCorruption

Preston MacDougall
2 weeks ago

@petergleick ⬆️

#Insurance industry, now do gun sales!

Higher #LifeInsurance for gun owners, and #Liability insurance for sellers of #GunsAndAmmo.

A registry for convicted #ammosexuals would be good for #PublicSafety , too! 🙏


Oh looky! “Unemployment is a price worth paying” is back again!

Sure enough it’s yet another Conservative Government that’s pushing us into recession — just like Thatcher did all those decades ago while decimating what was left of British manufacturing with crippling interest rate hikes.

You’d think people would stop voting for the fiscally incontinent, but no…

#EnoughIsEnough #GTTO

Ana McKellar
2 weeks ago

Another very quiet U turn on a #Tory manifesto commitment, animal welfare this time.
#GTTO #EnoughIsEnough #AnimalWelfare

A chemical weapons expert has been disinvited from giving a keynote speech at a UK-run expert conference after civil servants discovered social media posts he wrote criticising Conservative ministers and government migration policy.

We really do live in an totalitarian state where criticism of the Government will not be tolerated and anyone engaging in it blacklisted and punished.

It’d be really quite pathetic if it weren’t so chilling…

#EnoughIsEnough #GTTO

Preston MacDougall
3 weeks ago

A 15 year-old student was arrested at a high school in Phoenix, #Arizonistan for bringing to campus an #AR15 and a backpack full of ammo. 👉

#EnoughIsEnough ; charge his parents, too!

Peter Private
3 weeks ago

At the #BeyondGrowth Conferene 2023, the EU President, Ursula von der Leyen, said:
"A growth model, centered on fossil fuels, is simply obsolete"
"Building a 21st century, clean energy, circular economy is one of the most significant economic challenges for our times"
"Only a sustainable economy can be a strong economy"
"For the first time in history, in 2022, we generated more electricity from sun and wind than we ever did from gas and oil."

For more, see

#JustStopOil #CivilResistance #A22Network #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis #FossilFuels #CivilDisobedience

Preston MacDougall
3 weeks ago

J’den McAdory is an #ammosexual in Severn, Maryland who is scaring schoolchildren by brandishing an #AR15 when they get off their school bus. 👉

#EnoughIsEnough !

Peter nails it yet again with his cartoon in today’s Times:

#SewageScandal #NationaliseWater #EnoughIsEnough

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman
3 weeks ago

If we were really a civil society interested in humans and humanity we would immediately ban assault rifles & examine everything having to do with guns. I refuse to believe it’s too late. We must. 2024: elect only pro-gun control candidates. Period. #gunviolence #guns #guncontrol #assaultweapons #enoughisenough

3 weeks ago

#EnoughIsEnough #Dahlias #HungryCritter

I've had it! I am growing specific dahlias for my daughter's wedding in October. I know we have critters, and a ground hog, in the past, has feasted, and indeed I've see it this year. I built an enclosure using dog crate panels, zip tied, and with metal posts. Something still got in as you can see. Then I used garden repellant, added chicken wire around, amd even used cayenne pepper all over.

No photo of today's carnage, but I'm done. My son loaned me his .22 and that will be the end of my trouble. I had to do it about three years ago, too. (Yes, I try to be an animal friend, but need to draw the line.)

A section of an enclosure planted with dahlias in large tubs. Many leaves have been eaten off.

Too poor to afford bread and cheap shit supermarket cheese?

Eat carpet dust, peasants!

If you can’t afford carpet then eat roadside verge grass, serfs!

#BrokenBritain #Widdecombe #EnoughIsEnough #GTTO

Preston MacDougall
3 weeks ago

An 18-year-old Deplorable high school student in #Farmington NewMexico used an #AR15 to murder three women, including a 90-year-old woman. 👉

#EnoughIsEnough #BanAssaultWeapons now!

High schooler Beau Wilson roamed his New Mexico neighborhood firing at random, murdering two women in their 70s and one in her 90s.

The U.S. is the only country that won't pass common sense gun laws, because the checks cleared. #EnoughIsEnough

Suck it up, plebs.

Can’t afford to feed your kids? Tough titty — Brexit was a lie and the only way prices are going is up from here on in…

#BrokenToryBritain #EnoughIsEnough #BrexitHadFailed #RejoinEU

DJ Saunders
4 weeks ago

Here we go AGAIN...

At this point, it's become routine.

React to the news, grieve, call for action, get your mind off of it, repeat.

React to the news, grieve, call for action, get your mind off of it, repeat.

Over 200 times this year has this been done. 200 TIMES, and it's still not even the end of the first half of 2023...

#EnoughIsEnough #NewMexico

Instead of re-introducing price controls to squeeze out the ongoing and colossal profiteering by food manufacturers and food retail from our economy, Conservative Ministers are calling for UK food prices to increase.

Which is fine, if you’re an obscenely wealthy Tory MP grifting bungs right, left and centre. Not so much if you’re a normal person already struggling to make ends meet:

#EnoughIsEnough #GTTO

Conservative psychodrama continues:

Jacob Rees-Mogg suggests voter ID law was ‘gerrymandering’ that backfired on Tories


Far right Little Englander will tell Neo-Fascist Conservative conference that Britons should train as HGV drivers, butchers and fruit pickers.

No clue what happens if and when they don’t or won’t… forced labour, perhaps?

#EnoughIsEnough #GTTO

No 10 blocked a vote-winning proposal to end leaseholding – wary of picking a fight with wealthy donors.

Profits ahead of people — it’s the Conservative Party modus operandi. Why are people so shocked and surprised? They killed well over 200,000 of us to keep profits pouring in during a lethal pandemic, after all.

Are #Labour any better on leasehold reform? (its hard to tell as they have absolutely no written down policies anymore).

#Leasehold #EnoughIsEnough #GTTO

1 month ago

I have no more thoughts
I have no more prayers


Head of anti-monarchy protesters says arrests ‘direct attack on our democracy’

He’s not wrong. We have become a #PoliceState at the hands of a far right Conservative Party and an AWOL Opposition.

We need to tear down the rotten edifice masquerading as a ‘democracy’ and rebuild it so that every vote counts with full STV PR for all elections and a fully elected, term limited bi-cameral Parliament.


Reports volunteers arrested over rape alarms on coronation day spark concern


From this…a mostly happy country largely at peace with itself to this.

A country where any dissent is to be crushed and silenced.

11 years under the Conservatives is all it took.


99% of us are being crucified by soaring energy bills, runaway food inflation, and our taxes are used to subsidise them.

All to protect this: Filthy fossil fuel shysters’ obscene profits:

Shell makes record quarterly profits of nearly $10bn

#WindfallTax #EnoughIsEnough #LeaveItInTheGround #VoteGreen2023💚

First they clapped for #Nurses and our #NHS
Then they vilified nurses as "greedy" and "selfish".
Then they told us the #PublicSector pay rises are the cause of inflation and are unaffordable
THEN they take nurses to #Court

#GTTO #TorySewageParty #ToryCorruption #TorySeaze #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis #ToryLiars #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis

Nurse holding a sign that states 
"who takes their heroes to court?
Shame on you."
1 month ago

> I said, “Joe, how does it make you feel
to know that our host only yesterday
may have made more money
than your novel ‘Catch-22’
has earned in its entire history?”
And Joe said, “I’ve got something he can never have.”
And I said, “What on earth could that be, Joe?”
And Joe said, “The knowledge that I’ve got enough.”
Not bad! Rest in peace!
#Enough with #JosephHeller of #Catch22 fame and #KurtVonnegut see #EnoughIsEnough and #老子, #老子44

Green Card Sunak: Parliamentary standards watchdog extends investigation into PM over second possible breach

Time to go. #EnoughIsEnough.

Steve :verified:
2 months ago

Billionaire King Charles Wants YOU To Pay For This...

#NotMyKing #EnoughIsEnough #DownWithTheMonarchy

GPLB: "According to the BBC’s Chris Mason, allies of the civil servants who complained about Dominic Raab are furious that no decision is being taken today about his future. Those representing the complainants are livid: many of them are in the Ministry of Justice, watching rolling news, knowing the deputy prime minister knows who they are."
#UKPolitics #RaabReport #FuckTheTories #EnoughIsEnough

How is it even possible that 128 people can be arrested for protesting about animal safety, yet 98.4% of sexual assaults DON'T EVEN GET TO COURT.
#FFS #ToryBritain2023 #SafeStreets #RightToProtest #FuckTheTories #EndViolenceAgainstWomen #GrandNational #EnoughIsEnough

Quick note: anyone who feels the need to "yeah, but" or "well, actually" me on whether the junior doctors deserve a pay rise can fuck right off cos you're getting blocked.
#SupportTheStrikes #SOSNHS #FairPay #UKPolitics #EnoughIsEnough

Next time some tosser tells you "well, interest rates were 15% in my day (and I'll bet they're the same people who moan about the strikes), show them this. h/t Trisha Greenhalgh
"In 1986, as a three-years qualified junior doctor on a salary of £15,000 pa and with £5000 saved, I bought a 2-bed flat in north London costing £50,000. Same flat is now selling at £600,000. Same junior doc post is paying £35,000."
#SOSNHS #UKPolitics #FuckTheTories #SupportTheStrikes #FairPay #EnoughIsEnough

Preston MacDougall
2 months ago

@rvawonk ⬆️

Maybe the reason #CharlieBaum was the ONLY #Republican in the #TNleg to vote No on the expulsion of ALL the #TennesseeThree is that as the MOST educated caucus member (Ph.D. in Economics) he is the only one who can do #MATH ?! 🤔

#EnoughIsEnough , #ProtectOurChildren not #GunsAndOil !

Nili Kaplan-Myrth
2 months ago

THIS IS NOT ABOUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH. IT IS HATE SPEECH. This vitriol does not represent #Ottawa constituents. If you think it won’t be attempted at your school board wherever you live, or you think it doesn’t affect you because you aren’t transgender or Jewish, you aren’t paying attention.

For anyone who's interested, the first part of Led By Donkey's expose of MPs' asking for TEN THOUSAND POUNDS A DAY from a fake consultancy firm is up on the other place.
To put that figure into context for anyone who's not aware - a single person claimant of Universal Credit benefit gets £4,038. A YEAR.
#UKPolitics #PovertyIsNotACrime #FuckTheTories #StopTheGrift #EnoughIsEnough #TaxTheRich

Boris Johnson: "I felt it was part of my job to thank staff and maintain morale [by allowing leaving dos in No.10 during lockdown]
#UKPolitics #Partygate #Covid #FuckTheTories #SOSNHS
💙 😭

Black and white photo of two medical staff in full PPE and visors, touching foreheads with their eyes closed.

What does 13 years of Conservative minority rule get you, apart from a trashed economy and the loss of the right to live, love and work in 28 other countries?

Food and non-alcoholic drink prices rise to their highest rate in over 45 years:


So we're at the "silencing dissent and everything we don't to hear or might make us look bad or might upset the people who give us money or vote for us" stage of Britain's descent into authoritarianism.
#ToryFascists #UKPolitics #TeamLineker #FuckTheTories #EnoughIsEnough #FightForDemocracy #SmallBoats #ClimateCatastrophe #NoOneIsIllegal #AsylumIsNotACrime #RefugeesWelcome #DitchTheBBC

"vindictive and dysfunctional" — just about sums up the past 13 years of Tory austerity wrecking Britain and the introduction of a ‘hostile environment’ for the those fleeing for their lives.


David Harvey
3 months ago

#Kiwis are losing $38 a week offshore to the four Aussie owned banks, and #EnoughIsEnough! #Debut #Bank is launching this year, and you can be a part of building it!

Europeans mock UK shoppers with photos of supermarket shelves full of fresh fruit and veg

#EnoughIsEnough #GeneralStrikeNOW #GTTO

Mike Bealing
4 months ago

Evenin' All,

What's for dinner, then?

#EatTheRich #GTTO #EnoughIsEnough Tees by Sillytees

"A fresh ballot of Royal Mail workers who are members of the Communication Workers Union showed almost 96% were in favour of more strikes unless the deadlock is broken." GPLB
#SupportTheStrikes #UKPolitics #CWU #EnoughIsEnough #FairPay #FuckTheTories #JoinAUnion

The Daily Edge
4 months ago

Doctor breaks down when speaking about the victims from the Michigan State University shooting via @NBCNews #EnoughIsEnough #MSU #MichiganStateUniversity

#Brexit: A far-right ‘think tank’ that argued for a hard Brexit and has been linked with Russian intelligence had monthly meetings with a leading Conservative Brexit minister.

Our Government is owned by Putin, lock stock and stinking putrid barrel.


Former Chancellor Philip Hammond Spells It Out:

'We've Got Poorer Because Of #Brexit'


4 months ago

You know it's cold indoors when your coffee goes beyond just cold to chilled.

Royal mail sacking union reps.

A court that won't let environmental protestors give their motivation for action in their address to jurors/judges.

A government that wants to kill our rights wants us cold, hungry desperate.
Well I hope they're ready for what cold desperate hungry people will do to survive .
#costofliving #EnoughIsEnough

Brexit Decoded:
2016 - "SOVEREIGNTY!!" (if you're brown, we'll let you drown)
2019 - "OVEN-READY DEAL!!"(whiny entitled threat "I'll take my ball and go home then")
2021 - "BREXIT'S GREAT BECAUSE WE WON VACCINES!!" (they're going to notice soon, sound optimistic)
2022 - "IT'S NOT BREXIT, IT'S COVID AND UKRAINE" (shit, they've noticed, lie even harder)
2023 - REPEAT 2022 (change all the laws so they can't do anything about it)
#BrexitBrokeBritain #FuckTheTories #EnoughIsEnough #SupportTheStrikes

@Geri The legendary "hardworking British public/families" no longer include nurses, hospital staff, teachers, ambulance drivers, train and border force staff, driving instructors, barristers, bus drivers, physiotherapists, civil servants, university lecturers and tube drivers. Or any people who have to claim benefits *as well as working* because of 10 years of wage stagnation. I may have forgotten some.
#EnoughIsEnough #UKPolitics #FuckTheTories #FairPay #SupportTheStrikes #TaxTheRich #FFS