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@BylinesScotland @ScottishGreens
I also have a 'perspective' piece published in the first issue of the new Middletown Centre for Autism Research Journal, on autism and scientism.

So much of the reason why borderline-abusive practices like ABA have been allowed to proliferate is that policy-makers have prioritised anything claiming to be scientific over the constant objections of the people having these things done to them.

Science is an incredibly powerful tool, but that just makes bad science all the more dangerous. No court would dismiss someone's testimony of their own pain just because there are no peer-reviewed studies to show it's real - so why do politicians?
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Nick Byrd
4 days ago

Starting at 10:00 EST (16:00 CET) is the #ExperimentalPhilosophy session in the FREE, virtual #ISPSM conference in Room D.

Join us via #Webex:

This xPhi session’s got lots of fun stuff! #AI, #science, #softwareDevelopment, #rationality (and probably more):

Here's the full program:

Thanks to the Neural Mechanisms Online team for showing us the gold standard in international conferencing!

#openAccess #philosophy #cogSci #psychology #epistemology

A screenshot of the program (see second URL in the post for the full program, with link to a PDF version).
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@imperfectcognitions @philosophy I read that as a scientific philosopher, mainly epistemologist, suffering from AD, and beacuse of that immersed somewhat in neurology, psychology and philosophy of memory.

Does not sound convincing. You pick up exceptions and make a case based on those. Reliability condition supported with some kind of robustness may still be a valid choice.

Also, I'd like to read about the more general epistemological percussions of the proposal. It's easy to rock the boat if you are not one of the rowers. (The article-link shows only the Abstract.)

#memory #philosophy #epistemology #reliabilism

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Cailin O'Connor, Sanford Goldberg, and Alvin Goldman have updated their SEP-entry on Social Epistemology,

The former version of Reflective Equilibrium has been replaced by Carl Knight's new entry,

#SEP #new #philosophy #epistemology #socialEpistemology #reflection #equilibrium #reflectiveEquilibrium #moralphilosophy #ethics

Gregory B Sadler
1 week ago

One of the first online academic classes I designed and taught is World Views and Values. I developed an open enrollment version for the general public, offered in Study With Sadler Academy
#Online #Philosophy #Course #Ethics #Theory #Metaphysics #Class #Epistemology #Politics #Society #HumanNature

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"The role of the artist is exactly the same as the role of the lover. If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see."
—James Baldwin, American novelist

#literature #books #art #philosophy #aesthetics #epistemology

James Baldwin portrait
2 weeks ago

Philosophers are rocking the boat of society and the captain of the ship rarely rocks the boat. So, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the most innovative philosophers—not 100 per cent, but many of them—were outside of the university system.

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Prism & Pen
3 weeks ago

I say, “The sun rises in the east.” But astrophysics tells us that the sun doesn’t rise at all, therefore my statement is incorrect, false. Of course this is nonsense. “The sun rises in the east” and “The sun does not rise” are both true statements.

#LGBTQ #Epistemology #Transgender #Transphobia

Doug Belshaw
3 weeks ago

Yep, still blogging all the MSc things. @epilepticrabbit reckons she'll get the equivalent of another Bachelors by following all of this (if indeed she still is)

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JB Meybeck
3 weeks ago

Vaucluse (84)
La Crognote Rieuse: 40, rue de la Bonneterie, 84000 Avignon
Librairie de l'horloge 12 rue de l´Evêché, 84200 Carpentras
Librairie Mot À Mot: 68 Place Mirabeau, 84120 Pertuis

#Épistémè #Eurêka #ÉpistémèEurêka
#épistémologie #epistemology #Histoiredessciences #vulgarisation
#BD #BandeDessinée #RomanGraphique #BookStagram
#alpesdehauteprovence #hautesalpes #alpesmaritimes #var #vaucluse

Doug Belshaw
3 weeks ago

Lorraine Daston highlights the lack of a systematic approach to knowledge (epistemology) in the humanities, unlike in the sciences. This gap affects the perception and value of the humanities in education and society. Daston suggests the emerging field of the history of the humanities could lead to exploring this area, stressing the importance of developing an […]

DALL-E 3 image: An abstract representation of the concept of epistemology in the humanities and sciences.

#Science ostensibly seems pretty clear-cut and illuminated. If you follow the science, you walk down a relatively safe liminal space that's revealed through the path of epistemological light.

#Philosophies and #metaphysics outside the boundaries of empiricism are a bit darker; however, #empiricism does not solve all problems, so it is necessary to wander outside of those safe confines sometimes.

#Philosophy #epistemology

Doug's Dharma
3 weeks ago

Today's video: early Buddhist theory of knowledge

#epistemology #buddhism #philosophy

Believe in the Farce of the Excluded Middle at your own curse. Simplifies your Maths to diluted utility or outright inability.

As a Remedial Effort, I recommend one Include the Middle in a 7-value system, pioneered by Jain logicians:

Beyond that, I'm sporadically working on mapping out the TrioLogics, all of which necessarily eschew the Infinite and Endless Hubrises of Ignoring the Middle.

#Maths #Logic #Epistemology #TheMoreYouKnow

Nick Byrd
4 weeks ago

@felipedebrigard's first #substack
post about the Integrated Information Theory of #consciousness has something for everyone:

- Backstage #sociology of science (ft. Giulio Tononi)
- #Neuroscience geekery
- #Philosophy of #science icons
- #PhilosophyOfMind idols
- Thoughts on "the letter"

#consciousness #PhilSci #CogSci #Epistemology #Demarcation #Falsification #Verificationism #Popper #

sofia ☮️🏴
4 weeks ago

is there a moral duty to make sure that the beliefs that you act on are true?

#morality #epistemology #poll

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4/n I like Nigel Warburton, who does "Five Books..." website. Not pretentious or using arcane and unintelligent diction. A podcast about ideas and philosophy.

David Edmonds (Uehiro Centre, Oxford University) and Nigel Warburton (freelance philosopher/writer) interview top philosophers on a wide range of topics.

#philosophy #ethics #metaphysics #ontology #epistemology #logic #reasoning #politicaltheory #rationalism #history

1 month ago

3/n Americans have very poor education. They know almost nothing about history, political theory, the origins of the enlightenment or philosophy. If you want a primer on topics, here is "Talking Politics: HISTORY OF IDEAS"

#Podcast #philosophy #PoliticalTheory #politics #ideas #ontology #metaphysics #epistemology

Ivan R Manuel
1 month ago

#Introduction post!
I'm a PhD student working on #sustainability and #energy modelling at TU Delft. I'll be looking at how nations can transition into renewable systems sooner rather than later, and at the effects of political inaction.

My previous work evaluated business climate initiatives and #greenwashing. Give it a look if it sounds interesting!

I'd like to post on modeling #epistemology, recent studies, and Latin American trends.

Here is my lovely Robbie. Thanks!

My tabby cat Robbie looking out the window. She looks very regal.
Nick Byrd
1 month ago

Thanks to @DailyNous for posting and especially to Alex for contextualizing the initial claim about argument mapping (from the pull quote):

TLDR; there are least 4 problems with the claim that "Argument mapping is about twice as effective at improving student critical thinking as other methods".

#CriticalThinking #argumentMapping #Logic #UX #software #webDev #edu #higherEd #teaching #PhilSci #Epistemology #Philosophy

Problems 1 and 2.
Problems 3 and (the first part of) 4.
The rest of problem 4 and caveats.
1 month ago

Some minor adjustments, so a self-boost.

#introduction #philosophy #epistemology #criticalthinking #degrowth

Nick Byrd
1 month ago

🚨 Free book alert!

Once $195, the Handbook of Rationality (@MIT, 2021) now has an #openAcess (free) digital version:

It can be downloaded as one file — all 879 pages and 300MB — or chapter-by-chapter for offline reading.

You can also read it online — does anyone actually prefer that?

#book #deal #freeStuff #JDM #DecisionScience #Neuroscience#CompSci #Psychology #Epistemology #Logic #PhilMind #Ethics #Economics #CriticalThinking

Nitin Pai
1 month ago

The reason the Wikipedia model is better than the Twitter model is because Truth and Popularity are different things.

Truth has no obligation to be popular. And popularity doesn’t care much about truth.

#Epistemology #InformationAge #SocialMedia #Philosophy

T. T. Perry
2 months ago

“Parents’ Rights” Rhetoric Is Rooted in Radical Conspiracy Theories
by Michelle Cyca for The Walrus

#Heteroactivism #QAnon #ParentsRights #Conspiracy #Epistemology #Ideology #Patriarchy

Symbolic City
2 months ago

I've actually read a great deal about the Gettier problem(s), and barn color is a pretty common hypothetical in epistemic demonstrations, but I don't think I'd come across this specific example. If nothing else, the paper is a good deal more recent than most of my reading on the subject. Just a somewhat unlikely coincidence, rooted in the fact that Kripke's reputation is built on the epistemic significance of naming. #TTRPG #epistemology

2 months ago

We love get the cognitive science community discussing foundational issues.

If you or a colleague have published something about foundational cognitive science issues, pitch us!

Note: we like to prioritize ideas that can include multiple perspectives. So feel free to pitch as pairs or groups of people who disagree about something. :)

#CogSci #Neuroscience #Neuhrophilosophy #NeuroscienceOfPhilosophy #PhilMind #Epistemology #PhilSci


Kris Inwood
2 months ago

In a new Social Science History article Daniel Scott Smith uses natural language processing of Parliamentary debates to argue the diffusion of functionalist social theory created the context allowing British political elites to promote mass schooling. Open access!
@socialscience @sociology @politicalscience @geography @anthropology @economics @edutooters @edutooter #history #histodons #education #Britain #epistemology #SocialTheory #NLP #Parliament

2 months ago

An attempt to #introduction in addition to my homepage (in finnish):

A (re)tired academic professional interested in thinking, knowledge and understanding, and the obstacles for such at any level. Epistemic security, for instance, is a serious concern for me,

My intellectual toolkit stems mostly from philosophy of science, epistemology, and teaching critical thinking at university-level. Deep learning and inquiry has been a constant lifeline for me, which a slowly progressing AD is (not so mercifully) severing. My physical toolkit stemming from a few martial arts and long hikes is eroded by other ailments.

I tend to listen carefully, think and respond slowly, forget way too easily, value silence, and have no more time for identity-politics or other ego-defensive pastimes. What I don't understand is why all the pain near and far hasn't stolen my incongruence-based sense of humour yet? 🤔

#esittely #introduction #philosophy #epistemology #ai #psychology #thinking #knowledge #understanding #criticalthinking #old

Answers in Reason
2 months ago

Uncovering the Truth about Conlusions & Belief: What You Won't Believe and Don't Know! by AnswersInReason
#Belief #Epistemology #EpistemologyTopic #Knowledge #Truth #highlight

Nick Byrd
2 months ago

How should this site choose what to put in your feed? Simulated chatBot networks indicate that toxicity may be lowest on platforms that "highlight posts that are liked by people with opposing political views" (compared to highlighting posts from all users or from only followed accounts).

Free preprint:

I'd be curious to see how these platform designs impact the quality of reasoning and debate in online social networks.

#socialMedia #discourse #epistemology #psychology

2 months ago

"When it comes down to it, the thing I believe most deeply about deference epistemology is that it asks something of trauma that it cannot give ... it asks the traumatized to shoulder burdens alone that we ought to share collectively." - Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò

#philosophy #epistemology #politics

Being-in-the-Room Privilege: Elite Capture and Epistemic Deference:

2 months ago

Hey there! I’m a student currently struggling with the differences between ontology, epistemology and methodology. I’ve read articles, book chapters, etc. but something’s still bugging me.

The question I have right now is:
Can some ontology assumptions be out of reach of epistemology? (i.e., can assumptions about what we think there is out there to know be out of reach of the way we may acquire it?)

#socialscientist #socialscience #ontology #epistemology #methodology #method #Science

New from me, a blog post about seeing Saturn’s rings

** Shaky Saturn, you're my guy:
Seeing and knowing what you're seeing **

#blog #astronomy #epistemology

A lit up sign against a dusk sky with some color still in it. The sign says “TO TELESCOPE”.

This picture was taken at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA in 2018.
Ariel Kroon
2 months ago

In my latest article for Unsustainable Magazine, I unapologetically brought my #academic research on #affect to bear on our current #ClimateEmergency. I hope it contributes to the discussion of how we react to the #climate #apocalypse in a good way.

#writer #writing #article #hyperobject #feelings #publishing #epistemology #postapocalypse #solarpunk #dread #luxury #literarytheory @academicchatter

2 months ago

what is a good (text? syllabus?) guide and/or introduction to epistemology and truth? (anyone plz help)

¿Qué es una buena guía (¿texto?, ¿programa?) y/o introducción a la epistemología y la verdad? (cualquiera por favor ayuda)

#philosophy #filosofia #literature #epistemology #epistemologia

2 months ago

@gilhova Turns out #epistemology is important, who knew?

Travis F W
2 months ago

I wonder what papers might be at the intersection of #epistemology and #categoryTheory?

Andrew Brandt
2 months ago

Having a discussion about #epistemology with a friend:

ChatGPT and other generative AI text models have the ability to, and have already begun, the #enshittification of collected human knowledge that the internet was supposed to be able to bring to the world.

If we don't start to curb the generative AI stuff in places like Quora and Bing, we could end up smearing our grand collection of human knowledge with feces.

Pay attention! Cory @doctorow is trying to warn us all about an impending infopocalypse.

Gregory B Sadler
2 months ago

Been hoping and promising to get to core concept videos on Kant's Prolegomena To Any Future Metaphysics for a while. Shot the first one yesterday. Here it is!
#Video #Kant #Metaphysics #Prolegomena #Science #Problems #Critical #Philosophy #Epistemology

Jeff Greene
2 months ago

Spent a fab Friday & Saturday at the 2nd workshop of UNC's Applied Epistemology Project, focused on The #Epistemology of #Science Communication. Great talks, thoughtful discussion, & good opportunities to connect #philosophy, #psychology, communications, #education, & more. #EducationalPsychology @edutooters @psychology

"Facilitates an in-depth understanding of data-intensive methods

Is the most advanced survey of data practices across the sciences

Presents a ground-breaking and comprehensive framework for data studies".

Leonelli, S., & Tempini, N. (2020). Data Journeys in the Sciences. In Springer eBooks. #OpenAccess #Data #DataScience #Science #Ethics #Epistemology #Philosophy #Book #Books #Ebook #Ebooks #Bookstodons @philosophy @science @bookstodon (59)

"Facilitates an in-depth understanding of data-intensive methods

Is the most advanced survey of data practices across the sciences

Presents a ground-breaking and comprehensive framework for data studies"

Leonelli, S., & Tempini, N. (2020). Data Journeys in the Sciences. In Springer eBooks. #OpenAccess #Data #DataScience #Science #Ethics #Epistemology #Philosophy #Book #Books #Ebook #Ebooks #Bookstodons @philosophy @science @bookstodon (59)

Nick Byrd
3 months ago

Interested in today’s one-page, 100+ signatory letter arguing that Integrated Information Theory of #Consciousness is “pseudoscience”?

Then you’re probably interested in the 4-part series we had about #IIT on the Brains blog earlier this week:

#neuroscience #cogSci #philSci #epistemology

Cory Doctorow
3 months ago

It's not beliefs, it's #epistemology.

Because most of us aren't qualified to sort good reforesting programs from bad ones. And even if we are, we're probably not also well-versed enough in cryptography to sort credible claims about encryption from wishful thinking. And even if we're capable of making *that* determination, we're not experts in food hygiene or structural engineering.


Mike Smith
3 months ago

Using alternate terminology

A short post about why I sometimes describe things using alternate language, and why it can be beneficial.
#philosophy #epistemology #reason #rationalism #science

Alexander Hay
3 months ago

It turns out that 2 + 2 = 4 isn't quite as simple as we were lead to believe. Having dealt with more #STEM bigots than I'd have preferred, I can vouch for the - ahem - *fact* that even numbers can be rather subjective.

Oh, and there are some interesting musings on #AI and #MLMs too.

#AndrewGranville #Maths #Mathematics #NumberTheory #Epistemology #Philosophy #Science


Jonathan Livingston Seagull

* 1st read as child
* novella, ~35' read
* allegorical fable
* seagull learning about flying

Concepts (+ hashtags):
* pursuit of excellence
* personal growth
* self-identity
* personal reflection
* self-realization

#birds #dogmatism #egalitarianism #epistemology #excellence #fables #freedom #metaphsics #novel #ostracism #philosophy #religion #RichardBach #SelfHelp #spirituality #truth

Preston Werner
3 months ago

Hey philosophers,
I'm preparing a syllabus for an advanced undergrad course on the a priori -
Any suggestions about readings or sub-topics? I have taught the course before but I think its time for a refresh.

#philosophy #epistemology #teaching #academia

Large language models converge toward human-like concept organization

* large language models show human-like performance in knowledge extraction, reasoning and dialogue
* LLM organize concepts strikingly similar to how concepts organized in KB such as WikiData
* KB model collective, institutional knowledge
* LLM seem to induce such knowledge from raw text

#LLM #LargeLanguageModels #concepts #epistemology #semantics #KnowledgeBases #WikiData #KnowledgeGraph

Title: Large language models converge toward human-like concept organization

Figure 1: A simplified sketch of our experimental protocol.

A vocabulary of 20K words is encoded using a language model and the corresponding entities are fetched from a pre-trained graph embed- ding system.

The resulting vector spaces are then aligned.

After alignment we evaluate retrieval performance in the target vector space.

If retrieval performance is perfect, the spaces are (nearest neighbor graph) isomorphic.

Ben Waber
3 months ago

Next was an engaging discussion with David Wolpert on the no free lunch theorems and #epistemology at @sfiscience. The central point here - that assumptions are baked into every model of the world - is one often ignored in science and tech, and Wolpert convincingly argues that acknowledging those assumptions is the only way to make real progress (7/9)

Prof Felipe Gusmao
3 months ago

A #fake #journal, algorithmic plagiarism and tricking #Google #Scholar

>A case of a fake journal that was picked up by Google Scholars bots and #algorithm, containing articles that were completely #plagiarized but assigned new titles, abstracts and authors.

#Science #ethics #philosophyofscience #epistemology

Teaching, circa 2023—compliments of Neil deGrasse Tyson

#ProfessorProblems #Epistemology #EndOfEducation

In this rueful cartoon, a white coated maths lecturer is attempting to teach the Pythagorean Theorem to his class. After giving the formula, he’s greeted with a swarm of objections, like: FAKE NUMBERS! 
Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
4 months ago

Today I'm thinking about LLMs and disinformation & how common it is for people to believe nonsense. LLMs don't have an #epistemology and I think the meat based ones don't either.

What we have is an environment that gives us feedback (e.g. visiting Myrtle Beach in August is as sensible as visiting Venus). When we have no feedback from reality, we can believe any trash & there is no mechanism to dislodge our hallucinations and lies we've been told.

Gaël Varoquaux
4 months ago

📕Why statistics tend not only to describe the world but to change it

Great read for statistician: aggregate quantities to reason at the population level have no absolute meaning & result from loaded choices

Summary of Alain Desrosières' work
#statistics #econometrics #datascience #epistemology

Prof Felipe Gusmao
4 months ago

Access to #knowledge is a #human #right

"restricting knowledge behind paywalls is a violation of #HumanRights. In other words, #Sci-Hub never was merely a ‘pirate website’ but a website with a #political #agenda, fighting for a more #just #society"

"Now they [#Z-Library] want you to sign the petition to join their fight for free knowledge as a basic human right"

#scihub #zlibrary #epistemology #ethics #science #philosophy

Sign the Petition

Access to #knowledge is a #human #right

"restricting knowledge behind paywalls is a violation of #HumanRights. In other words, #Sci-Hub never was merely a ‘pirate website’ but a website with a #political #agenda, fighting for a more #just #society"

"Now they [#Z-Library] want you to sign the petition to join their fight for free knowledge as a basic human right"

#scihub #zlibrary #epistemology #ethics #science #philosophy

Sign the Petition
Nick Byrd
4 months ago

🚨 Free book alert!

Reason and Less: Pursuing Food, Sex, and Politics via #MITpress:

Dr. Goel follows arguments and evidence from multiple fields in cognitive science to some challenging conclusions about common beliefs. An #openAccess gem!

#neuroscience #psychology #cogSci #epistemology #decisionScience #xPhi #politics #religion #diet

Prof Felipe Gusmao
4 months ago

"Described as #hallucination, confabulation or just plain making things up, it’s now a problem for [anyone using] #generativeAI system[s]

“I don’t think that there’s any model today that doesn’t suffer from some hallucination,” said Daniela Amodei, co-founder and president of #Anthropic #AI

#Tech experts are starting to doubt that #ChatGPT and A.I. 'hallucinations' will ever go away: 'This isn’t fixable'"

#ethics #aiethics #epistemology @philosophy @ethics

"Even OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was skeptical a few weeks ago: "I probably trust the answers that come out of ChatGPT the least of anybody on Earth."
Daniele de Rigo
5 months ago


@AndreaSaltelli noting [1], a point on the search for a "public square for scholarly discourse, impervious to private takeover" which maybe could trigger some #epistemology reflection..

Again from [1]:
"Historically, scholarly communication has always taken many forms: letters between individual scholars, meetings, journal articles or monographs. From the early days, the scholarly record is sketchy, later, only the journal and monograph portion is retained"

Nick Byrd
5 months ago

Catarina Dutiful Novaes' 2023 Aristotelean Society paper asks whether John Stuart Mill is right that arguments change minds for the better.

Novaes proposes a “three-tiered model” of conditions that partially determine whether this happens.

So Mill is partially vindicated by the model: “engaging with dissenters may allow for the correction of errors” under certain necessary (but not sufficient) conditions.

#philosophy #epistemology #decisionScience #religion #politics

@johnwehrle "Potentials" seem to me to have much in common with Aristotle's "future contingents", and amongst various classes of knowledge, assertions as to future states are ... interesting in numerous regards.

For the present we can rely on direct (or indirect) observation. For the past we can rely on records, impressions (as in discernable tracese left by some phenomenon), interpretation, inference, etc.

For the future the ultimate test is "wait and see", which might be feasible when addressing an immediate promise (or threat) ("pick up that chair and I'll straighten the rug" or "get out of my sight or I'll break your face"), or tomorrow's weather forecast, quarterly financial projections, or election polling. It's a somewhat less viable proposition for predictions of life 100 years in the future, climate in 1,000 years, geological events over the next billion years, or the Heat Death of the Universe. Though I suppose if you're sufficiently patient there's some hope of empirical verification.

Mostly, though, we have to rely on similar small-scale events which occur with some frequency, where "small scale" generally means "multiples over the span and stretch of space and time. House fires, vehicle accidents, actuarial mortality data, flood risks, hurricane and earthquake predictions, stellar life-cycles, etc. Even where a specific even has no direct comparison (say, potential extinction of h. sapiens), we can look to similar events (other hominid, great ape, primate, mammalian, or animal extinctions, say) to make some degree of inference.

I want to do some closer reading on just what it is that the Longtermists themselves have to say (and I'll note that the SEP doesn't seem to have an entry, or even mention, of the topic). But I will note that Longtermists seem ... extraordinarily willing to place extreme significance to prospects with little or no evidence whatsoever in any historical or observable record or phenomena.

Which ... gives me pause.

(As I'd noted in my commentary on Torres's critique of the concept, I'm not defending Longtermism. But I'd really like to see a stronger case made as to why it might be questionable.)

#Longtermism #FutureContingents #Truth #Epistemology #Philosophy

Nick Byrd
5 months ago

"structured reflection can effectively increase behaviors to reduce public health risks"?

Reading statements "providing structure" and recommending up to 2 (sometimes opposing) desiderata increased "intentions to reduce business capacity (experiment 1)[,...] avoid large social gatherings (experiments 2 and 3)[, and] donat[ions] to provide vaccines to refugees". (N = 12,995)

#publicHealth #cogSci #decisionSci #xPhi #Epistemology #metaphilosophy #edu

Nick Byrd
5 months ago

Emily Liquin presented “The Origins of Information-Seeking Questions”

1. re-used previously seen “question templates”
2. even “novel" questions were similar to templates.

This anchoring decreased with age.

Curiously, older kids and adults didn’t ask questions that could reveal more information.

Collaborators: Barron Tsai, Marjorie Rhodes, & Todd Gureckis

Dr. Liquin’s on gScholar:

#xPhi #Epistemology #Rationality #Intelligence #Psychology #CogSci #SPP2023

Dr. Liquin introducing the talk and her team.
The anchoring result
Question utility across age (no relationship)
Question novelty increased with age
Nick Byrd
5 months ago

Drew Johnson presents a “Needs-Based Account” (NBA) of attention, develops some desiderata for “need”, considers two objections, and considers future directions in evolutionary psychology, clinical psychology, and epistemology.

You can find/follow Drew on PhilPeople:

#SPP2023 #philosophyOfMind #CogSci #epistemology

Drew and the talk outline
The sketch of the needs based account of attention
Some of what we need to consider when thinking about what counts a "primary need"
Future directions of Drew's NBA account of attention
Nick Byrd
5 months ago

In "Rethinking (In)Voluntarism", Dr. Laura Soter points out that voluntarism has focused on the process of appraisal and then turns our attention to a “backend” or “indirect” control (evidence gathering, inquiry, etc.) of belief formation.

Soter argues we have this backend/indirect control and then responds to some objections, thereby reinvigorating doxastic voluntarism.

You can find/follow Laura research on gScholar:

#xPhi #Epistemology #PhilMind #Psychology #SPP2023

Laura and doxastic involuntarism.
Part of the belief-forming pipeline.
Evidence of what Dr. Soter is imagining by "back-end doxastic control".
Dr. Soter's reasons for caring about the topic and the arguments.
Nick Byrd
5 months ago

Eric Mandelbaum won the #SPP2023 Stanton Prize. 🎉

Eric thought Noam Chomsky might attend, which explains why Eric's prize talk was about #propaganda: if it’s getting worse and the (bounded) rationality of how we consume it.

It was very Eric—i.e., very Fodorian and very funny.

Chaz Firestone’s introduction of Eric was immaculate.

You can find Eric’s work (including recent ventures into empirical research) on gScholar:

#philMind #PhilosophyOfLanguage #Epistemology

Eric and the title of the talk.
Some of Eric's underlying views.
Eric's analysis of fake news research.
Eric's conclusion.
Nick Byrd
5 months ago

Kevin Dorst then presented “#Polarization is Not (Standard) #Bayesian

Why not? Because most people violated Bayesian “Martingale updating”.

Why? “Intuitively, we often are (instrospectively) unsure what our probabilities/credences are."

Kevin proposes, “If we want adequate Bayesian models of polarization, they must incorporate introspection failures.”

See photo for the handout.

#math #probability #rationality #epistemology

Nick Byrd
5 months ago

Paul J. Kelly opened the "Reasoning & Explanation" session at #SPP2023 with "Dynamical Models, Scientific Understanding, and Explanatory Unification".

After some objections to accounts of the explanatoriness of explanatory models, Kelly refers to the notion of "model transfer" in which one model can explain multiple phenomena using the same "state space"—an idea that traces to Kitcher (1989).

Paul can be followed on PhilPeople:

#PhilSci #Metaphysics #Epistemology #CogSci

Paul and the outline of the talk.
The "3M" or the "model-to-mechanism mapping requirement" from philosophers of cognitive science.
Diagram depicting explanatory models as a subset of predictive models, which are depicted as a subset of descriptive models.
A sketch of the explanatoriness of explanatory models that appeals to "model transfer", Kitcher, and "similar state space".
andrea patrice
6 months ago

I'm so glad I did the deep dive into #philosophy and serious philosophical thinking for two years- I could honestly do a PhD research project on the social #epistemology of metaphor based on what I learned & the ideas generated as a result. I even thought about it for a bit. But honestly I want to go even further- I'm hoping I can come back and write up my thoughts on sense making and knowledge and #metaphor later, even in less rigorous form. But for now, I will apply my learning to my own life!

T. T. Perry
8 months ago

By participating on both sides of the ritual (as aggressor and as victim), men and boys become enmeshed in the toxic masculine double bind. Because they deny or minimize the reality of the trauma they experienced, it is easier to deny or minimize the trauma of other men (or other people). Complicity keeps men in a loop. Men want to see themselves as good, but they must constantly justify their toxic beliefs by denying real harms.

#Masculinity #Trauma #Epistemology

T. T. Perry
8 months ago

Denial of trauma is the core of the lesson. Cultural masculine attitudes about toughness are near the center of this principle. The ritual of toxic masculine toughness is that men and boys inflict pain, deliberately, on a person while simultaneously denying that the pain is real or worthy of concern. This teaches boys and men to devalue their physical and emotional well-being. "We don't care" - message from the world.

#ToxicMasculinity #Feminism #Trauma #PTSD #Epistemology

Nate Gaylinn
8 months ago

Anyway, I just thought this was cool. If you’d like to learn more, I totally recommend this podcast interview ( with Dr. Briana Toole, about her work in standpoint epistemology. She’s also the founder of a program called “corrupt the youth” ( which sounds _awesome_. Wish I could have done that as a kid. (🧵 4/4)
#philosophy #epistemology #socialjustice #podcast

Nate Gaylinn
8 months ago

I also like the idea of “conceptual resources.” That just means that having access to the right ideas can help you to make sense of your experience and to raise awareness with others. For instance, “sexual harassment” is a conceptual resource that groups and names a wide variety of common experiences for women (and men) in our society. That label makes it easier to pinpoint more precisely what’s wrong with a situation, and to link together many past experiences as examples of a single pattern. Engaging with a problem constructively, especially in a group, is often a matter of building up the right set of conceptual resources. (🧵 3/4)
#philosophy #epistemology #socialjustice

Nate Gaylinn
8 months ago

One cool idea from this space is “epistemic privilege.” I experienced that first hand growing up queer and Jewish in a conservative Christian space. There was always a wide gap between what my community expected me to be and what I actually was. This was super uncomfortable, but it also gave me insights into how society works that others didn’t have. What for them was just “the way things are” for me was “one story, and definitely not my story.” I learned there are many stories, and that being marginalized gave me access to stories others could not see. (🧵 2/4)
#philosophy #epistemology #socialjustice

Nate Gaylinn
8 months ago

TIL about “standpoint epistemology,” which seems like a really useful framework for collaborating with others to fix our broken social systems. The basic idea is simple: by virtue of a person’s circumstances and role in society, they will naturally have their attention drawn to different things and learn different life lessons. This means that two well-informed, rational people might draw different conclusions from the same observations. They might even both be right, from their standpoint. This is a radical departure from traditional epistemology, which assumes there’s only one correct way to interpret facts, and disagreement means someone must be misinformed or irrational. (🧵 1/4)
#philosophy #epistemology #socialjustice

Priscilla Stuckey
8 months ago

Brand new at Nature::Spirit!

"The Knowing Inside"

Or, how hard it is to listen to your own heart in a world that demands that you listen to everyone else first.

#knowing #InnerKnowing #epistemology #authoritarianism #GoodMind

Cognitive Confinement In Narrative Prisons

"We all have concepts that come to mind when we hear certain words, these naughty implicit biases that have been innocuously hammered into our brains. It isn’t pleasant to hear that your experience is only a subset of the human one, and that it may not be universal."
#cognitive #epistemology #phylosophy #language

10 months ago

@bencourtice @pluralistic #qualitiatve Insights cash-poverty translates into #TimePoverty. The social privilege gradient is also a time gradient: #science #scicomm #epistemology #qualitative

Deborah Elizabeth Finn
10 months ago


Well, I'm only 250 pages into it, which isn't much for a #NealStephenson #novel.

However, it seems to be addressing (among many other things) our culture's current struggle with applied #epistemology. This is really interesting for me, although @epistemology is very far above my pay grade. Thus I am having trouble finding words with which to discuss it.

@sciencefiction @bookstodon

Deborah Elizabeth Finn
11 months ago

I put this #chart together almost 10 years ago to help #nonprofit orgs think about their relationship to #data and #InformationTechnology .

I'm posting it here, because there seem to be a lot of conversations about #epistemology - ranging from the #practical to the #theoretical Perhaps this chart can be adapted to #contexts beyond the original one.

Creative Commons license 3.0 attrib-noncommercial-no derivs.


The wisdom cycle 

Data to information to knowledge to wisdom to good decisions to mission success.
Jewish conversations
11 months ago


First we need to define a word to describe the system we have been describing: an #epistemology. Having an epistemology is crucial to all religious thought if we want to be sure that our #beliefs are well grounded.

Consider: Epistemology always precedes #theology, even when we are not fully aware of it.
No one can understand and analyze ideas without first having a system to accept and analyze such information in the first place.

Jewish conversations
11 months ago

Are our religious #beliefs justifiable? In other words, which of our faith claims are #ontological claims? Which are subjective claims?
We must ask because we usually have faith that our beliefs are true, yet faith is not synonymous with #knowledge.
And now an even deeper question: How can anyone know that any of our claims about beliefs or knowledge are true? We feel like we have knowledge ("I know that such-and-such is true") but how did we come to know this?


Deborah Elizabeth Finn
11 months ago


I suspect that everything we know is eligible to be supplanted by more cogent data, or information, or knowledge, or #wisdom. If so, then "known" and "unknown" are always only temporary categories.