The Japan Times
2 weeks ago

Equinox, the world’s top-ranked horse, dominated over the home stretch to win the 43rd Japan Cup on Sunday, four lengths ahead of this year’s winner of Japan’s Triple Crown for fillies, Liberty Island. #moresports #equinox #japancup #christophelemaire #libertyisland

Inked Goddess Creations
3 weeks ago

The Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials Book Set is a must-have for any pagan's book collection. Chock full of information, this set can give newbies a simplified overview or help veteran observers add depth to their celebrations.
#WheelOfTheYear #Sabbats #Pagan #Witchcraft #Solstice #Equinox #QuarterDays #CrossQuarterDays #Festival #Magick

A photo of the "Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials Book Set" product from Inked Goddess Creations.
magicaprojecteuropeJPI Climate
3 weeks ago

A step in #Madrid towards the next #Equinox #Summit - The #Think2030Dialogue is set to take stage on 16 November '23 in Madrid, and will host three Science4Policy sessions. JPI Climate has been invited to convene the session on #science and #policymaking.

Guy Dudeman
1 month ago

Today is a #Sports #Equinox — the only day in 2023 where all four major U.S. sports leagues (#NFL, #NBA, #MLB, and #NHL) hold games on the same day. This is just the 29th day it has ever happened.

@nfl @nba @mlb @nhl

2 months ago

Whether you're a horse enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates the sublime, this masterpiece will leave you inspired and in awe. #interiordecor #interiordesign #equineart #Horses #animals #equestrian #dressage #horsegirl #dreamfanart #EQUINOX #ArtistOnTwitter #artcollectors

Angemeldete Nutzer des #C64Wiki können jetzt für den Artikel des Monats November abstimmen. Mit #BMXSimulator, #MilkRace und #Equinox stehen diesmal drei äußerst interessante #retrogaming Titel für den #C64 zur Auswahl. #lang_de

Hier 🕹️​

Animation aus dem C64 Spiel Equinox. Im oberen Viertel des Bildschirms Statusanzeigen den Hauptteil macht ein Farbenfrohes Plattform Spielfeld in Seitenansicht aus.
Animation aus dem C64 Spiel BMX Simulator. Man sieht einen BMX Parkour in Braun aus der Vogelperspektive. Darauf drehen zwei Fahrräder ihre Runden. In der Mitte des Parkour ist ein Hotdog-Stand.
C.S. Mills
2 months ago

The October installment of 'Polylith' has arrived, bearing a few autumnal images to consider:

#towardThePolylith #iChing #equinox

Sean Murthy
2 months ago

Turns out I have seen a "better" autumn equinox back in 2020, one that did not require rounding, at least from display perspective.

(Different time zone, a few days earlier in September.)

#autumn #equinox #autumnEquinox

Black text on white background, showing times of sunrise and sunset. The information about "Solar noon" and "Length of day" have a red-line rectangle around them.

Sunrise             Sunset
6:45 AM            6:45 PM

Dawn         Solar noon     Dusk
6:17 AM      12:45 PM      7:13 PM

Length of day 12h 0m
2 months ago

If we get some #clearing of the #clouds in parts of the #Northland tonight, enjoy the latest #Full #Moon.

This one is called the #Harvest Moon (also known as the #Corn Moon), as this one coincides with the Autumnal #Equinox. This means get those crops in before it gets too cold!

#wxtooter #weather #wx #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

A graphic showing some clouds covering up the Full Moon over the Northland on September 28, 2023.  This full moon is the Harvest/Corn Moon, given that it is the closest one after the autumnal equinox.
Sean Murthy
2 months ago

After a few years of monitoring, I think this is the closest I'll come to an actual "equinox".

Length of day 12h 0m

It comes down to rounding but I'll take it.


White text on black background, showing times of sunrise and sunset.

Sunrise             Sunset
7:20 AM            7:21 PM

Dawn         Solar noon     Dusk
6:56 AM      1:21 PM        7:46 PM

Length of day 12h 0m
2 months ago

Never imagined
Stomping things in a dumpster
As evening fell

#Haiku #OneHaikuADay #WritersCollective #writingcommunity #Autumn #Equinox #Fall #Seasons #Change #Family #Lake #Cottage #Home #Bigfoot #Yeti #Sasquatch

September 28, 2023

Color image of a sunset in Northeast Ohio, fired clouds in green, gray, orange, blue and yellow shades, sunbeams lighting up a hillside with the trees in black shadows.
2 months ago

hope y’all had a happy equinox


calligraphic druid calendar
circles in white paint on window
sea creatures in purple filter
2 months ago

Rainy gray days dim
The light of Autumn's changes
We know what's coming

#Haiku #OneHaikuADay #WritersCollective #writingcommunity #Autumn #Equinox #Fall #Sol #Sun #Seasons #Change

September 27, 2023

Júbilo MX
2 months ago

We have been told lies all this time, in reality the equinox is not the day where the hours of day and night last the same... it is the day where the axis of the earth's inclination is perpendicular to its orbit... how it looks in this table actually today is the day where the night lasts two minutes longer than the hours of sun… at least in Vancouver

#autumn #equinox #axis #day #night

2 months ago

Sunray angles change
As does Sol's benevolence
Northern cool waxing

#Haiku #OneHaikuADay #WritersCollective #writingcommunity #Autumn #Equinox #Fall #Sol #Sun #Seasons

September 26, 2023

@antiquidons Hipparchos concluded that the star Spica, part of the constellation #Virgo, had moved 2° relative to the #AutumnalEquinox.
When he compared the time it took the Sun to return to an #equinox with the time it took the Sun to return to a fixed star, he found a slight discrepancy. The equinoxes were moving ("precessing") through the zodiac, and that the rate of precession was at least 1° in a century. In other words: a full cycle through the zodiac is completed every 36,000 years.

Graphic showing Earth against a starry universe with the circle of the zodiac around its equator with the symbols for the 12 constellations as well as a small depiction of each constellation.

Today's #MythologyMonday theme is #Equinox. The #SeptemberEquinox marks the beginning of autumn for Greece and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. #Persephone says goodbye to her mother #Demeter and #Hermes guides her on the way to her infernal kingdom, where her husband #Hades awaits her.

Inktober 10: Pomegranate by Li Österberg

#mythology #GreekMythology #GreekGods #indieArt #indieArtist

2 months ago

Autumn arrival
Sun falling away too fast
Toward the solstice

#Haiku #OneHaikuADay #WritersCollective #writingcommunity #Autumn #Fall #Equinox #Solstice #Time

September 25, 2023

Timothy Andrew
2 months ago

Another during the brief storm


#SilentSunday #Fall #Equinox #Michigan #Photography #Clouds

Vertical photo. Bottom half is the rain spattered lake. Above that, a line of partly sunny trees splits the frame. Top frame is an interesting cloudy sky. Some bright puffy clouds, and about 3 different darker type storm clouds.
Timothy Andrew
2 months ago

From shore during said downpour

#SilentSunday #Fall #Equinox #Michigan #Photography #Clouds

Landscape orientation photo of the lake. There are a mix of dark storm clouds and puffy white sunlit clouds above the dark tree line across the lake. The foreground is the lake surface littered with raindrops.
J. M. Smig
2 months ago

A belated "On This Day":

September 22, 2020: I released the single "Swiss Lorraine" for the #Equinox, one of my few attempts at #crooning. This was meant to be a demo for something I envisioned in a style a la #Danzig but I liked it as is.

To celebrate the equinox, the single will be available as a free download through #Halloween. Also streaming on all music services. Download what thou wilt.

#Salem #witch #goth #dark #electronica

Timothy Andrew
2 months ago
A large red and green maple leaf rests on a moss and lichen covered wooden fence
2 months ago

Visited the sacred burial site #CairnpappleHill yesterday without realising that it was September #equinox. Hope the auldern gods are looking down favourably on me now 😊

Mound and holes of where the ancient wood post circle would have been
View of the inside of the concrete dome covering the burial chamber
Alaska Native News
2 months ago

The varying colors of fall equinox
[the_ad id="30587"]

Birch and Aspen glow orange in September in the Chena River State Recreation Area east of Fairbanks. Photo by Ned Rozell.

We are at fall equinox, a day of great equality: All the residents of the entire world — from Tierra Del Fuego to Rome to Coldfoot — will live their lives amid 12 hours of daylight, 12 of darkness on Sept. 22,...
#equinox #fall #uaf #fairbanks

BrightFlame 🌟☀️🌙
2 months ago

Final of 3 pics of my photo essay for today, a day after #Equinox in Northeast #TurtleIsland. This being was on my hand when I came back inside. (yuck) They must have some environmental benefit, no? Anyway, I put them back outside. #Nature

closeup of a two-inch long slug silhoutted on a white background. Their antennae are prominent on front of their banana-shaped body. (Not a banana slug!)
BrightFlame 🌟☀️🌙
2 months ago

Here's the colors of the day: gold and purple. Closeup of yellow goldenrod and "blue" asters. #Nature #Equinox #TurtleIsland

Closeup of bright yellow goldenrod next to blue asters that actually appear purple. Both are set off by rich green leaves.
BrightFlame 🌟☀️🌙
2 months ago

box #turtle hatchlings emerge for #Equinox! My partner protects nests and these little ones emerged within the last day. #Nature

Closeup of two tiny box turtles still covered in mud from their nest. A bit of yellow exposed on a shell. Green violet leaves lend color to the wet brown earth.
Equinox :Equihold:
2 months ago

#Autumn #Equinox was yesterday, which means it's time to reshare this gorgeous piece by Funa (on Twitter) again!

Solstice and Andromeda (character by Bec-de-Gaz) having a lovely tea party <3

#gryphon #griffin #avian #art #furry

Solstice and Andromeda the gryphon having a cozy tea party in Andromeda's tree house. Solstice is listening to the stories told by Andromeda as she is holding her cup of tea. On the tree in the center there is a series of small pictures depicting Andromeda's husband, Bec-de-Gaz (gryphon form), learning how to carve wooden sculptures with Andromeda. On a shelf on the right, there is a couple of wooden sculptures, including Bec's. Art is by Funa on Twitter.
2 months ago
Conan the Sysadmin
2 months ago

The Druids have aligned their #megaliths for the #Equinox, now we hoist tankards in the taverns. #travel #prehistory

Conan the Sysadmin
2 months ago

The Druids were up at dawn aligning their #megaliths. Now 'tis the time for feasting! #Equinox #travel #prehistory

Zak Reviews
2 months ago

Arbitrary List of Popular Lights - Fall Equinox 2023 Edition

In honor of Fall Equinox, I've made an updated list of popular lights. Days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer - it might be time for a new flashlight.

#flashlight #flashlights #EDC #EveryDayCarry #equinox @flashlight

2 months ago

Happy First Day of Fall!

Celebratory activities:

🔶 Finding the first carrot sprout
🔶 Eating "Sunburst" variety popcorn (with dill pickle seasoning)
🔶 Realizing the compressional heating ahead of the cold front did not care about the equinox
🔶 Getting pumpkin custard (with brownie bits) as a fall-themed compromise

#food #gardening #equinox #autumn

A tiny sprout in a planter.
A bowl of popcorn with yellow & red kernels, dusted with seasoning.
Screenshot of weather widget showing a temperature of 95°F, with a heat index of 102°F.
A cup of pale orange custard, with brownie bits mixed in, topped with whipped cream.
The Public Domain Review
2 months ago

Happy first day of autumn!!! (In the northern hemisphere at least...). ⁠

Pictured here: Maple Trees at Mama (1857) by Utagawa Hiroshige.

More works by Hiroshige → #autumn #fall #equinox

Colour Japanese print of orange leaves against a  receding landscape leading to sky.
2 months ago

Autumn Equinox at Stonehenge this morning.

Photo credit Stonehenge Dronescapes on FB

#equinox #autumn #stonehenge

cynthia rose
2 months ago

Happy #Equinox to all life on Earth!

Autumn is here. And soon, rumor has it, rain. Real rain. Meaning we might just have an October where I don’t have to be hypervigilant about fire!

It is my sincere hope that #ClimateChange means that our rainy season will shift too and maybe even cancel the fall fire season. Hey, a girl can dream.

In the meantime, Lucy demands admiration. So admire her! 😁♥️

#Caturday #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

A black cat wearing a teal harness is rolling around on sun-warmed bricks adjacent to a tiny patch of grass.
Dan Vieira
2 months ago

'Objects are concealed from our view, not so much because they are out of the course of our visual ray as because we do not bring our minds and eyes to bear on them; for there is no power to see in the eye itself, any more than in any other jelly.' #autumnaltints #perception #equinox

2 months ago

Sophie wishes everyone a Happy Autumnal #Caturday!
#Equinox #WitchyCats #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

A black cat with fluffy fur, sitting between sun and shadow, surrounded by leaves and flowers. The cat's fur is reddish in the sun, and her eyes are open and looking at the camera.
2 months ago

It is the Autumn Equinox! We saw a beautiful sunrise in northwestern Illinois today against rapidly changing trees. Spending the day at UW Platteville and then homeward bound. #equinox #fall #autumn #nature #college

2 months ago

As it's Spring Equinox here in Australia, I think poetry is in order. Here's Spring, The Sweet Spring by Thomas Nashe, a contemporary of Shakespeare....

Spring, the sweet spring, is the year’s pleasant king,
Then blooms each thing, then maids dance in a ring,
Cold doth not sting, the pretty birds do sing:
Cuckoo, jug-jug, pu-we, to-witta-woo!

The palm and may make country houses gay,
Lambs frisk and play, the shepherds pipe all day,
And we hear aye birds tune this merry lay:
Cuckoo, jug-jug, pu-we, to-witta-woo!

The fields breathe sweet, the daisies kiss our feet,
Young lovers meet, old wives a-sunning sit,
In every street these tunes our ears do greet:
Cuckoo, jug-jug, pu-we, to witta-woo!
Spring, the sweet spring!

#Spring #poetry #equinox #australia

the merry leftist⛄️
2 months ago

Happy first day of #fall in the northern hemisphere. The darkness is coming, but today day and night are equally balanced. #autumn #equinox #meme

A lovely picture of a park in fall. It appears to be dusk. There's a row of trees with park benches and lit streetlamps. Orange leaves are covering the trees and ground. Text says HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND. SOON YOU'LL START AT 5:00 P.M.
Joe Murphy
2 months ago

NEW: This piece about northern lights activity, why there's more of it during the fall equinox and why there will be more this coming year. #dataViz #equinox #northernLights

An illustration that shows how northern lights are created. The sun, during coronal mass ejections, emits particles that are carried outward by solar wind. Most of those particles are deflected by the Earth’s magnetic field. Some make it through the field and get trapped; those particles find escape where the magnetic field is weakest at the North Pole and South Pole. When the escaped particles collide with the upper atmosphere, auroral lights are created. Atop the diagram is the text “How the northern lights work: The answer is blowing in the solar wind.”
Players' Patchwork Theatre Co
2 months ago

The kitties of the Patchwork Palace and Dalek Skarino implore you to have a wonderful first #Caturday of Autumn!

#cat #cats #kitty #kitties #Dalek #DoctorWho #ScienceFiction #SciFi #parody #Autumn #Fall #Equinox

A black & white Maine coon mix looks at the camera while sitting on a cat climbing tower. Behind the cat is a green & purple parody Dalek from "Doctor Who" wearing a mohawk in his own colors. Off to the side is a grey & white cat on a smaller tower looking at the window.
2 months ago

Happy Fall Equinox! Having some yummy foods. #food #equinox

2 months ago


kono aki wa
nan de toshi yoru
kumo ni tori

This autumn,
why do I grow older?
In clouds a bird

(26th day, Ninth Month, 1694)

transl. Hiroaki Sato

#Equinox #Autumn

The Flight Attendant
3 months ago

Happy Autumn equinox my fediverse friends! 🌞🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁
#autumn #equinox #fall

David Allan
3 months ago

Croxdale Viaduct spanning the River Wear just south of Durham in North East England.
Autumn will be knocking at the door soon and this is a favourite spot of mine to visit to see the season's golden hues.
The viaduct carries the East Coast Mainline between London's Kings Cross and Edinburgh's Waverley Stations.
The location is also passed by the old Great North Road that also linked the two capitals, albeit at a much slower pace.

#England #Durham #equinox #autumn #countryside #photography

Croxdale railway viaduct spanning the tree-lined River Wear, just south of Durham in North East England. As the summer season winds down the countryside is already adopting the warmer palette of the new season that's almost here.
Joe Vilas
3 months ago

Before I forget, the September equinox is Saturday, 23 September at 06:50 GMT (1:50 a.m. EDT). Fall begins then in the northern hemisphere, and spring in the southern. Enjoy your last few days of summer. 🍂 #autumn #fall #equinox #astronomy #calendaring

3 months ago

Enjoy the last week of Summer!
Fall Equinox is this Saturday -
#equal #parts #day & #night #fall #equinox #days #time #daytime #still #getting #shorter #final #week #go #get #some #summer

Ashenwave 🌱
3 months ago

🍃Summer is ending, Fall approaches🍂

This is my favorite time of the year, when the hot weather at last goes away and I can wrap myself in a cozy blanket :bunhdcomfyhappy:

#mastoart #AshenwaveArt #equinox #autumn #digitalart #fantasy #illustration #Procreate #creativetoots

Portrait of a woman in green tones, representing summer’s ending and the fall equinox. She has green skin and long, wavy hair and she wears a flower crown made of red roses.
David O'Brien
3 months ago

#Equinox is coming.

Fire is lit.

3 months ago

Okay. The New Moon's tomorrow the 14th. The Fall Equinox is a week from Saturday, the 23rd. And the full moon is two weeks from Friday, Sept. 29.
#full #fool #harvest #moon #new #phase #fall #equinox #seasons #change #september

3 months ago

I noticed a new thing for my #ClimateDiary The #sun position feels wrong for the #weather!

The weather is "summer". But it's almost equinox now. The sun rises much later and sets much earlier than in June or July. And it doesn't rise up as high into the sky at midday. So the angles are different.

We have summer things and summer habits for hot weather. A few days ago I set up the table under a tree and an umbrella for lunch, just as I would in summer. But the shade from the tree was wrong. I had to put the umbrella in different place so the shade would fall on the people eating.

Now that I've noticed it, I see it all the time. In the morning, the sun is much lower than it should be in "summer". In the evening, it sets in an "autumny" way, but it's hot like a summer evening.

The plants that need a many hours of sunshine are starting to shut down, because there's only a bit more than 12 hours of daylight left, even if those hours are very bright and hot.

I guess this must be more obvious closer to the poles? Anyone else feeling this way?

(I'm at 48° N. We have about 16 hours day and 8 hours night at summer solstice, and 8 hours day and 16 hours night at winter solstice here.)

#solstice #sunPosition #equinox #elevation #seasons

David Allan
3 months ago

For the avoidance of doubt, in the Northern Hemisphere, today is not the last day of summer 2023 and autumn does not arrive tomorrow. The first day of September is the start of 'meteorological autumn', which is just an invented term and convenient way to mark the change of seasons as one month ends and another begins. In reality, autumn arrives at the equinox, which is another three weeks away on 23 Sep 2023 at 07:50am.

#summer #autumn #equinox #seasons

As August comes to an end, the season of summer continues for another three weeks until the solstice. This photograph shows the seafront at Roker, Sunderland in North East England, where summer is very much still hanging around.
Olly Womump
9 months ago

September #equinox 3/4

The same view as previously with an autumn feel to it
J.K. Ullrich
9 months ago

Happy #equinox (#spring or #autumn, wherever on #Earth you may be)!

My friends here in #Australia may not enjoy colder temperatures, but I love frosty mornings and colorful foliage reminiscent of my childhood in the U.S. mid-Atlantic.

My favorite local bird, the magpie, looks especially striking against russet leaves.

#Nature #Photography #Birds #NaturePhotography #Wildlife

A black and white Australian magpie perches amid a spray of red autumn leaves, its amber eye matching the foliage.
Some Geek Told Me
9 months ago

Today marks the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. An equinox occurs twice a year, when the Sun sits directly over the Earth's equator. This means both hemispheres share the Sun's light equally at the equinox. #Equinox

An illustration of earth during an equinox. Shayanne Gal/Business Insider.