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18 hours ago

From the #1500m to the #marathon, this year has seen seconds and even minutes shaved off race times. But what accounts for the change: #supershoes, #feminism or something else? 🤔
“giving #women the #power they needed to show their best when they #run
“Why are they starting younger? Because, simply, the rewards are greater”
“it is a golden age for east #African #women in the sport” #running #athletics #trackandfield #worldrecord #kenya #ethiopia

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22 hours ago

#Coffee is such a big part of the culture in #Ethiopia, and Haile is such a big name in international #running circles, so it felt natural to connect the two and present a quality product to #runners who love drinking #coffee” ☕️ 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♂️

3 days ago

Fresh fighting reported in #Ethiopia’s Amhara region between military and local militiamen

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4 days ago

She's fastest 🇪🇹🏃‍♀️💨
Tigst #Assefa smashes women’s world #marathon record in #Berlin with 2:11:53
"Assefa employed her warp drive boosters to take the #marathon mark to the outer reaches of what the #athletics universe believes is possible” #ethiopia

And he's still fast 🇰🇪🏃‍♂️💨
Eliud #Kipchoge Wins the 2023 #BerlinMarathon
The greatest marathoner of all time further cemented his status #kenya


Protracted negotiations over the dam have so far failed to bring about an agreement between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.#Africa #Egypt #Ethiopia #MiddleEast #Sudan
Second round of negotiations on Ethiopia’s mega-dam wrap up
SHUT Breaking News
5 days ago

Tigst Assefa sets new world record, Eliud Kipchoge claims 5th Berlin Marathon title: Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge wins fifth Berlin Marathon title, while Ethiopia's Tigst Assefa breaks women's marathon world record. #Paris #Berlin #Marathon #Kenya #Ethiopia

6 days ago

The ugly faces of war.
Residents of the town of Jewaha reside in an IDP camp set up at the Wobas Compund in the town of Shewa Robit on June 26, 2021.

#Ethiopia @Jamal_Countess

residents of the town of Jewaha reside in an IDP camp set up at the Wobas Compund in the town of Shewa Robit on June 26, 2021.

🚨 "26 IDPs passed away after suspension of food aid in Tigrai",coordinator at Axum cluster
⚠️ These are the consequences of #WFP's criminal politicized choice to suspend food support in #Tigray, #Ethiopia‼️ #ResumeAid4Tigray #Justice4Tigray

Prince Alemayehu, 7, was taken to England after battle of Magdala and died there in 1879 at the age of 18.#Conflict #History #Africa #Ethiopia #Europe #UnitedKingdom
Ethiopian prince’s hair, artefacts returned 155 years after British plunder
Harald Geyer
1 week ago

@jon @wrzlbrnft That's quite strange. AFAIK Chinese railway companies use #ETCS themselves. E.g. for the new #railway they built in #Ethiopia.

There has to be more in the background that isn't in the open yet.

brad m
1 week ago

“the market for high-quality low-#caffeine #coffee is slowly but steadily growing”
A "#coffee variety which is naturally low in #caffeine is AC1. First discovered in #Ethiopia
“Like other low-caf varieties, AC1 is naturally low in #caffeine. Comparatively, AC1 contains around 0.76mg of #caffeine per gram of #coffee, while #arabica contains an average 8 to 12 mg/“
"the value of the global #decaf #coffee market will reach US $28.86 billion by 2030” #decaffeinated

Human rights commission says atrocities in Ethiopia continue and urges Human Rights Council to renew its mandate.#Africa #Ethiopia
UN investigators warn of risk of future atrocities in Ethiopia
1 week ago

Nyakim Gatwech, often known as the Queen of the Dark, is an #American model born in #Ethiopia with roots from South #Sudan.

Nyakim Gatwech
Nyakim Gatwech
Rachel Strohm
1 week ago

#Ethiopia is looking to expand its port options beyond Djibouti, and may be warming up relations with neighbors like Eritrea, Kenya, and Somaliland in order to do so

1 week ago
UN experts say Ethiopia and its allies, including Eritrea, are still violating human rights in the Tigray region.#AbiyAhmed #Conflict #CrimesAgainstHumanity #Africa #Eritrea #Ethiopia
Cimes against humanity continue in Ethiopia despite truce, say UN experts

‼️EU temporarily holds back food aid in #Somalia after UN finds widespread theft
3 months ago the #WFP & #USAID (6 months ago in #Tigray) suspended food aid to neighboring #Ethiopia in response to the widespread diversion of donations‼️

Miro Collas
1 week ago

Tigray atrocities continuing almost a year after ceasefire, UN experts warn | Global development | The Guardian

Not that anyone cares.

#Ethiopia #HumanRights

8:31 PM
Gas Par
#Alphabet is SO FUCKED.

8:31 PM
Gas Par
#Abugida gonna CRUSH. #Ethiopia

#ethiopia Quoted message and the whole thread show the importance of press and international observers or aid workers in case of uprisings and civil war. In there absence the government engaged in #extrajudicial killings, #executions

Tyrone Slothrop
2 weeks ago

Go read this report from @zekuzelalem . #Facebook #Meta is enabling genocide *again*, this time in #Ethiopia .

Laceys House
2 weeks ago

Ugh 😑 hate being late but I’ve been feeling horrible 😞 #Ethiopia #LaceysHouse #LaceysHouseAfrica #News #HappyNewYear

Catherine Morris
2 weeks ago

#UN #HumanRightsCouncil | Climate tech and fighting racism: What’s on the agenda as UN rights body meets? Abuses in #Sudan and a clutch of other settings – from #Ethiopia to #Afghanistan, from #Burundi to #Russia – could come under the microscope. | By Irwin Loy
The New Humanitarian #HRC54

Projected population in 2100:

🇮🇳 #India → 1,533 Million
🇨🇳 #China → 771M
🇳🇬 #Nigeria → 546M
🇵🇰 #Pakistan → 487M
🇨🇩 #Congo → 431M
🇺🇸 #US → 394M
🇪🇹 #Ethiopia → 323M
🇮🇩 #Indonesia → 297M
🇹🇿 #Tanzania → 244M
🇪🇬 #Egypt → 205M
🇧🇷 #Brazil → 185M
🇵🇭 #Philippines → 180M
🇧🇩 #Bangladesh → 177M
🇳🇪 #Niger → 166M
🇸🇩 #Sudan → 142M
🇦🇴 #Angola → 133M
🇺🇬 #Uganda → 132M
🇲🇽 #Mexico → 116M
🇰🇪 #Kenya → 113M
🇷🇺 #Russia → 112M
🇮🇶 #Iraq → 111M
🇦🇫 #Afghanistan → 110M
🇲🇿 #Mozambique → 106M
🇻🇳 #Vietnam → 91M

- World of Statistics

Harald Geyer
2 weeks ago

@zekuzelalem I agree with everything you wrote, even though the current situation in Europe is peculiar: Until recently nobody could imagine having war again. - But let's not make this about Europe.

I want to point out, that nobody in Europe understands, what's going on in #Ethiopia and who is at fault. AFAIK there actually have been some sanctions, but the public can't tell whether they did good or harm.

Which European action do you think would have done the most good to Ethiopian civilians?

Alexander J. Stein
2 weeks ago

Raising the age of #marriage for females in #Ethiopia improves the #nutrition of their #children (more diverse #diets, esp. greater intake of fruit & #vegetables) by boosting #women's social status and decision-making power over sexual & marital relations:

⚠️ Unfortunately words for good intentions are not enough & the combination with #AI becomes even more risky because it can unintentionally discredit the cause of #Justice4Tigray. Why doesn't he post real photos/videos of people (of which there is unfortunately no shortage)?
I don't know whether reality is more macabre & atrocious or seeing the horror of artificial intelligence generating organic artifacts converted into realistic images can produce further pain💔 #Ethiopia #Tigray #DigitalRights

Claire Barnes
2 weeks ago

@zekuzelalem Thank you for the informative #InfoThread on this controversial, hard-to-follow, ambitious & potentially transformative #infrastructure project.

#hydroelectric #dam #water #irrigation #Ethiopia #Sudan #Egypt #Africa

Harald Geyer
2 weeks ago

@zekuzelalem Thanks for this very interesting thread! I'd like to read more about #energy in #Ethiopia here.

Do you know what's the level of the reservoir at this time? The wording "final filling" has me and many other experts scratching out heads as this was not expected. Also every media uses outdated images, which makes it difficult to see, what's actually going on.

Also do you know how many turbines are operational? The number of turbines is much more important then the fill level.

ቅኑዕ ነገር ክትገብር ብዙሕ ቃላት ኣየድልየካን እዩ። #RenewICHREE
ርሑስ ሓዱሽ ዓመት 2016 🌼
#Ethiopia 🇪🇹 #Tigray

CelloMom On Cars
3 weeks ago

"#Egypt has voiced anger after #Ethiopia announced it had filled the reservoir at a highly controversial #HydroelectricDam on the Blue Nile river.

Ethiopia has been in dispute with Egypt and #Sudan over the megaproject since its launch in 2011. Egypt relies on the #Nile for nearly all its water needs.

Ethiopia says the $4.2bn (£3.4bn) dam will not cut their share of Nile water."

The Egyptian foreign ministry condemns the move, calling Ethiopia's announcement to fill the dam 'illegal'.#Africa #Egypt #Ethiopia #MiddleEast #Sudan
Filling of Grand Renaissance Dam on the Nile complete, Ethiopia says
Tyrone Slothrop
3 weeks ago

Are you following @zekuzelalem who is reporting in-depth from #ethiopia and Eastern Africa?


Well, what are you waiting for???

Amnesty report details how Eritrean soldiers extrajudicially executed civilians and sexually enslaved women for months.
Eritrean troops ‘committed war crimes’ in Ethiopia, says Amnesty report
BRICS is alluring to aspiring members precisely because it does not require them to commit to an alliance.
BRICS expansion: A warning to the US, but not a ‘new Cold War’
Addis Ababa insists the dam will not harm its neighbours as another meeting is held with Egypt and Sudan.
Will Ethiopia compromise on its Grand Renaissance Dam?
Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan are back at the negotiating table.They are hoping to resolve a years-long dispute over Ethiopia's multi-billion dollar hydroelectri...
Will Ethiopia compromise on its Grand Renaissance Dam? | Inside Story
The BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are diverse, growing economies with big ambitions.The group has long complained about West...
BRICS is expanding, but can it rebalance the world order? | Counting the Cost
A new era for BRICS: the five-nation bloc has invited six new members.Joining Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa in 2023 will be Argentina, Ethiopia...
What will a bigger BRICS mean? | Inside Story
1 month ago

Breaking: The head of the restive #Amhara region in #Ethiopia has resigned amid ongoing violence that prompted a six month state of emergency to be declared. Yilkal Kefale led Ethiopia’s second most populous region for nearly two years.

Yilkal Kefale former leader of Amhara region of Ethiopia
Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and UAE invited to join the grouping of top emerging economies.
‘A wall of BRICS’: The significance of adding six new members to the bloc
:redstar: Spartacus
1 month ago

#BRICS has decided to invite six countries - #Argentina, #Egypt, #Iran, #Ethiopia, #SaudiArabia and the #UnitedArabEmirates - to become new members of the bloc, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said today.


Addis Ababa said the HRW report accusing Saudi border guards of killing Ethiopian nationals would be investigated.
Ethiopia to launch joint probe with Saudis over alleged migrant killings
1 month ago

Over the past year, Saudi border guards have slaughtered hundreds of migrants in cold blood, mostly women and children fleeing famine in Ethiopia.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #massacre #immigration #SaudiArabia #CrimeAgainstHumanity #ethiopia #women #children

Rights group has documented targeting refugees by firearms, explosive weapons when trying to cross into Saudi Arabia.
Saudi guards kill, abuse refugees at border with Yemen: HRW
Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

#BBCNews - #Ethiopia 's #Tigray crisis: Deaths from #starvation after aid halted - official

Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

#BBCNews - #Ethiopia #Amhara: Air strike kills at least 26 people in Finote Selam

2 months ago

The Daily Art app this week featured this fascinating, beautiful illuminated manuscript. I felt like it was worth sharing.

The illumination is from northern Ethiopia, some time around the late 14th or early 15th century.

The style is somewhat reminiscent of Eastern / Orthodox / Byzantine style, but obviously quite different too.

The writing around the edge is apparently Ge'ez - old Ethiopian church language. But I believe the script (or a derivation thereof) is used in modern Amharic.

I'm unsure of Daily Art's subscription model now (I've an old lifetime subscription from before they changed it), but I think it still has some free tier. It's a great way to see art from around the world, in styles you might not otherwise encounter.

#Ethiopia #Africa #Art #MedievalArt #Illumination #Manuscripts #IlluminatedManuscripts #Christianity

A medieval illuminated manuscript page.

In the upper half of the page, a haloed figure sits serenely in a circle, surrounded by four winged angels. Unusually, only one of the angels appears to have a human face - there is a bird, a horned almost bovine-like face, and something reminiscent of an ape with furry features.

Below the sky stand a crowd of solemn, bearded men, pointing up towards the haloed figure. In the centre of the crowd is a beardless figure, hands raised, with a scarf covering its head.

The illumination is visually very striking, with vivid red and yellow colours.

Around the edges of the  page are some words in Ge'ez script.
Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

The Equality Impact Assessment, released today by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, or FCDO, acknowledges that a third year of reductions in bilateral funding will also strip out specialized services for rape victims in South #Sudan, for #women and girls in Taliban-controlled #Afghanistan, and for students and #teachers in #Ethiopia.
The cuts started when current UK PM Sunak was Chancellor

2 months ago

‘Malaria resurgence’ feared in Ethiopia amid El Niño and climate change

Scientists are concerned that this year’s #ElNiño event, combined with warming from #ClimateChange, could cause a rise in #malaria cases in #Ethiopia.
New research finds that malaria outbreaks in Ethiopia often follow El Niño events – natural cycles of variability that periodically bring hot weather to the country.


4 months ago

US halts food aid to #Ethiopia over 'coordinated campaign' to divert supplies from needy: USAID

The Conversation Africa
4 months ago

The overthrow of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie in 1974 led to violent conflict that had a particularly heavy impact on musicians.


4 months ago

Tilahun Gessesse - Sima!
#vinyl @vinylrecords
#NowPlaying #Ethiopia

Sima! on the turntable
cory hughart
5 months ago

It's not just you: nobody can find that blueberry-tasting #SingleOrigin Yirgacheffe you had in 2008 anymore. This captivating article—book, practically—about #Ethiopia and its #coffee by Christopher Feran explains why.

Steve Herman
6 months ago
The Conversation U.S.
6 months ago

Remarkable Ethiopian #jazz pianist and nun Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou has died at the age of 99.

"She will remain in death as much as in life a figure of beautiful contradictions. Her legacy as a female instrumentalist, a religious composer of secular music and an ascetic who created work of astounding beauty requires of fans to listen for nuance."

She lived for decades in a convent in Jerusalem.

Here's an appreciation via @TheConversationAfrica:
#Ethiopia #Music

A nun reading a sheet of music.

Credit: YouTube/FeelBeit/Emahoy Tsegué - Live Tribute
6 months ago

A total of 33.5 million people across #Ethiopia, #Kenya, and #Somalia don't have enough safe drinking water. The hungriest people here are also the thirstiest.
One in five people in East #Africa don't have safe water to drink.

East Africa hunger crisis: America | Oxfam

3 young men lift a hungry cow in Kenya's North Eastern
Emergence Magazine
6 months ago

What represents a forest? Is it five trees? Five hundred trees? Could it be a degraded site, or does the forest have to be beautiful to justify conserving it? Watch “The Church Forests of Ethiopia,” by Jeremy Seifert.
#InternationalDayOfForests #Forests #Ethiopia

Aerial photo of a wide landscape of farmed lands and one cluster of trees at the center, surrounded by a wall, and encircling a church within.
Steve Herman
6 months ago

US determines all sides in #Ethiopia Tigray conflict committed war crimes, says Secretary of State Blinken.