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May 14
TechnicallyRon @technicallyron

Eurovision: United by music

Europe: United in fury over the Eurovision results

Robert Hampton
1 hour ago

Just saw the #Eurovision train at Liverpool Moorfields and it made me sad once more that it’s over 😞

Eurovision liveried Merseyrail train with bright yellow, blue and purple “heart” motifs. Seen in Moorfields underground station
1 day ago

🇧🇦 Bosnia y Herzegovina: BHRT reconoce que lo más probable es que no participe en #Eurovision 2024

bossito 🇪🇺📺🎶
2 days ago

- Are you guys popular?

- In the wedding environment.

😅 #Måneskin #Eurovision

Jew Of the Day
2 days ago

Dana International

Sharon Cohen, an acclaimed Israeli pop artist, is best known by her stage name, Dana International.

Dana International has a thirty year career as a pop artist with eight albums, three compilation albums, and seventeen singles. Her first album, Dana International went gold in Israel, and her second, Umpatampa, went platinum.

She's best known for winning the 1998 Eurovision song contest with her song "Diva". She is the first trans person to win Eurovision and her success paved the way for Eurovision to be the queer cultural event it is today as well as helping challenge and shape Israeli norms around gender and culture.

✡️ 🇮🇱 🏳️‍🌈

#Jew #Israeli #trans #lgbtq
#Singer #Eurovision #musician

Photo of Dana International
2 days ago

I missed this video about this year's Eurovision Song Contest, showing seven European broadcasters tuning in to show the contest… and of course Italy's RAI comes in late and has to cut part of the intro:

#Eurovision #ESC2023 #RAI

bossito 🇪🇺📺🎶
2 days ago

"Douze points I'm not asking
Even so, all of Europe has already fallen on my network
I'm not ashamed"

😳 #NoaKirel #Eurovision

Ann S
2 days ago

I can see a four... but it's in Spanish... #eurovision

3 days ago

Is #wwdc the revenge for #eurovision ? I should've seen this coming.

Ste Cook
3 days ago

Interestingly, #Eurovision and - even more so - this #Apple product launch thing are the first time on Mastodon that I’ve had the old birdsite experience of a decent amount of live commentary plus amusing shitposting in my feed, which is something I have actually missed.

aen 😐
3 days ago

Here are the questions without my answers:

  1. What will be the date of the Grand Final?
  2. Who will be the Host City? (Pick 3 cities in order):
  3. If your first city of choice is picked, what will be the arena?
  4. Pick 5 people you think could present the show:
  5. What will be the slogan for 2023?
  6. How many countries will compete?
  7. Predict 5 countries that will advance to the Grand Final:
  8. Predict 5 countries that will not advance to the Grand Final:
  9. Which of the Big 5 will do the best in the Grand Final?
  10. Which country will win in 2023?
  11. What slot number will the winner perform in?

#Eurovision #Eurovision2024

aen 😐
3 days ago

EuroVoix did a thing where they guessed what the next contest would be like months before anything was confirmed, so I'm going to do that for Eurovision 2024! We'll see how right I am in 11 months time...

I'll post the questions without my answers as a reply to this toot if anyone wants to do it themselves!

  1. What will be the date of the Grand Final? 11th May 2024
  2. Who will be the Host City? (Pick 3 cities in order): Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg
  3. If your first city of choice is picked, what will be the arena? Friends Arena
  4. Pick 5 people you think could present the show: Petra Mede, Måns Zelmerlöw, Farah Abadi, Oscar Zia, Edward af Sillén
  5. What will be the slogan for 2023? Together as One
  6. How many countries will compete? 38
  7. Predict 5 countries that will advance to the Grand Final: Lithuania, Norway, Finland, Ukraine, Moldova
  8. Predict 5 countries that will not advance to the Grand Final: Ireland, Romania, Georgia, San Marino, Latvia
  9. Which of the Big 5 will do the best in the Grand Final? Italy
  10. Which country will win in 2023? Norway
  11. What slot number will the winner perform in? 17

#Eurovision #Eurovision2024

4 days ago

Not so #SilentSunday at Mighty Hoopla in Brockwell Park, London.

This year’s #Eurovision winner Loreen on stage now, will be followed by Jake Shears, Róisín Murphy and Years & Years.

#BrockwellPark #London #MightyHoopla #Loreen #RoisinMurphy

Singer Loreen on stage at Mighty Hoopla festival in Brockley Park, London.
Flippin' 'eck, Tucker!
4 days ago

I can't remember who it was here that I saw posting a recommendation for Space Opera by @catvalente but whoever you were, thank you so much.

I bought it pretty much on a whim based on that post and it's terrific. It's kind of as if Douglas Adams was still around and was writing about an intergalactic version of Eurovision.

Perfect fodder for a Sunday afternoon lazing in the garden - especially as one of my neighbours seems to have decided to soundtrack themselves doing the same by playing George Michael's entire musical output.

May Monday morning never arrive!

#Scifi #eurovision #books #comedy

A paperback edition of Space Opera by Catherynne M Valente resting in the sunshine next to a glass of water and a pair of sunglasses
Martha Crimson
4 days ago

Spending my day of rest watching weird Eurovision songs and doing reckless experimentation with chocolate.

#eurovision #sunday #chocolate

4 days ago

🇸🇰 Eslovaquia: RTVS descarta participar en #Eurovision 2024 y debutar en #JuniorEurovision 2023.

Ahaa they're playing Euphoria at the #Pride in my city #Eurovision

bossito 🇪🇺📺🎶
5 days ago

Podemos sempre contar com a @gretathunberg para encarar as duras verdades. #Eurovisão #Eurovision


Print da notícia (tradução automática) sobre a opinião da Greta, a Finlândia devia ter ganhado a Eurovisão.
Eurovision, Seriously
5 days ago
5 days ago

¡Están de regreso!🥳

🇸🇮 Eslovenia participará en #Eurovision Jóvenes Músicos 2024 #YoungMusicians🎼

Catherynne M. Valente
5 days ago

Bastian (4 years old, Maine) has just informed me of his current top 5 favorite #songs and I had to share this BANGER PLAYLIST. (Yes he always attributes the artist it’s so adorable)

Let Loose by Loosey LaDuca
Radio Gaga by Queen
Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas
“Then it’s a TIE between 9 to 5 AND Jolene by Dolly Parton”
“That one that goes Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe…” (That would be Austria’s 2023 #Eurovision entry Who the Hell Is Edgar”

6 days ago


You got me:

I've got 2:​

Sunstroke Project - Hey Mamma (Moldova) LIVE at the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

#SunstrokeProject #HeyMamma #Moldova #Eurovision #ESC

Has anyone decided which #server they're gonna move to? V. sad about the decision to close douzepoints, but I totally get it if the cost is getting too much.

Are there any other Eurovision servers?

@esc @eurovision #Eurovision

Nick Cotterell
6 days ago

My radio show Very Very Vintage: Eurovision 2 goes out on Sunday 4th June 2023 at 1800 BST (1700 GMT/UTC) on Frome FM, 96.6 MHz in Frome and at

A 2nd look at the Eurovision Song Contest down the years, with special attention on songs that draw on a country's folk music heritage.

#eurovision #eurovisionsongcontest
#nostalgia #nostalgicmusic #communityradio

#FreddyQuinn #DschingisKhan #zdobsizdub
#pashaparfeni #KalushOrchestra #vesna @albina_kelmendi

aen 😐
6 days ago

I was watching through the Unser Lied für Liverpool performances and to be honest I think the televote and jury both made the right choices. Lord of the Lost won the televote and I think they had the most unique and complete performance. Will Church won the jury, and I think it could have done well in Liverpool too!

The others, I don't really see doing better than LOTL, although I really liked Anica Russo's song, and I'd love to see Trong represent Germany with a better song.

Also I would like to thank the international juries for almost unanimously tanking Ikke Hüftgold's points. Jesus Christ, that was bad. Plus, he has a history of racism and sexism, so I'm glad Germany didn't send them.

LOTL's Eurovision result was obviously very disappointing, and I think the jury robbed them! The televote, I can understand, as this year was a band-heavy year, but the whole point of the jury is to apply their musical expertise, and they failed to do that. Although I suppose they wouldn't appreciate LOTL's song since the majority of them only have pop or classical expertise. ThePeaceAround did a great video on this topic which I would highly recommend!

#Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #ESC2023 #LordoftheLost #Liverpool #Germany

6 days ago

I ordered these two #Eurovision CDs from an independent record shop because I don't use #Amazon.
Ironically, the shop used Amazon to deliver them! 🙇‍♂️

Eurovision, Seriously
1 week ago

I'm very sad to see that DouzePoints is closing down this month, but many thanks to @MedPlex for setting this place up and keeping it going for as long as he could. It has certainly has helped me familiarise myself with the fediverse, and I'm here to stay.

I guess I'm looking for a new, ideally Eurovision-friendly server though. Any suggestions?


aen 😐
1 week ago
My #Eurovision 2024 prediction is that the televote winner comes 4th with the jury

(This has happened 3 times in a row now with Italy, Ukraine, and Finland, only that this year they didn't also win overall)
1 week ago

For those of a #eurovision persuasion, I made a playlist of my favourite songs of the last 10 years of competitions. Which is also the time that I've been concentrating a bit more on the competition ahead of time.

Does include Latvia's 'cake to bake' which is indefensible yet I find it strangely alluring. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

bossito 🇪🇺📺🎶
1 week ago

May is almost over, but #Eurovision blues last forever. Example, this comment left a month ago to the Portuguese entry of 2010 😅🇪🇺🎶💙


On the youtube video of the Portuguese song of 2010 someone wrote a month ago that Portugal should have instead sent Catarina Pereira with "Canta por mim"
1 week ago

I love everything about this. Check out the bus number! #Loreen is awesome, but I would have also gladly seen Käärijä win.

#Eurovision #ChaChaCha #kaarija

bossito 🇪🇺📺🎶
1 week ago

I want to thank to the juror E from #Portugal, also the E from #Iceland. Well done, well done. #Eurovision

Table with the position theat each juror gave to Loreen's Tatoo. Jurors E from Portugal and Iceland were do was ranking her the lowest at 17th.

I loved this behind-the-scenes video someone shared, "Käärijä’s Journey to Eurovision pt.3 // The Grand Final." Wish it was easier to find similar videos for the other performers. #eurovision

Calvin Lin
1 week ago

Was streaming and someone requested a chibi Käärijä so I had to draw that! My favorite Eurovision 2023 performance!

#eurovision #art #MastoArt

A digital drawing of Käärijä in their Eurovision 2023 outfit!
ESC Insight
1 week ago

One year on from their #Eurovision victory in Turin, Kalush Orchestra have been on a unique and powerful journey. Tymofii Muzychuk sat down with John Lucas to reflect on the events of the past twelve months...

Kalush Orchestra, promotional image for interview with band post Eurovision
Simon Young 🏳️‍🌈
1 week ago

I'm like weeks late. Just now catching up on Eurovision. I'm in love with this song. Also doesn't hurt that Käärijä is 🥵

#EuroVision #Käärijä #Finland

1 week ago

Thank you all for joining me today in the Tulip Garden, was as always a lot of fun! #TulipGardenShow #Eurovision

1 week ago

Choose the song round 3: Johnny Logan hold me now, or, Dana all kinds of everything. Which is your favourite? Let me know! #TulipGardenShow #Eurovision

1 week ago

Here we go, the gates to the Tulip Garden on Ultimate Radio are now open, come on in! #TulipGardenShow #Eurovision

1 week ago

Singer of the Australian band Voyager, who represented the country in #Eurovision on being ‘Jew-ish’ and a lawyer (didn’t know he’s a lawyer too!)

1 week ago

Heute vor 13 Jahren gewinnt Lena in Oslo mit "Satellite" den ESC. 🙂🥳

Für die damals 19-jährige Hannoveranerin war jenes Jahr ein rauschendes Fest. Beim Vorentscheid "Unser Star für Oslo" legt sie einen nahezu glatten Durchmarsch hin, sie macht ihr Abitur, erobert die Charts, gewinnt Europas größten Musikwettbewerb und wird mit Preisen praktisch nur so überhäuft.

Ein Blick zurück auf eine magische ESC-Nacht und eine beeindruckende Karriere: 📝▶️,lena429.html?at_medium=mastodon&

#ESC #Eurovision

Das Foto zeigt den ESC-Sieg von Lena. Dazu der Text: Wir habt ihr den ESC verfolgt?
Steve's Place
1 week ago

Interesting. Top locations for my #music on #SoundCloud over the past week are Cairo, Giza and Jakarta. The world map indicating where music is played is filling in, but nobody in western #Europe or #Africa has listened to a single tune yet. Same for #India. #Pakistan has listened, lol.

I have 1 play from Iran. Guessing they banned the rest.

Western Europe, eh? I should tag all music posts with #Eurovision, lol.

1 week ago

Today in the Tulip Garden on Ultimate Radio, Discover Music is about Finland in the Eurovision song contest. There will be 3 rounds of choose the song, and we will also be remembering Tina Turner who passed away last week. Lots of room for your requests and Eurovision favourites old and new. It's all happening live, 1 to 4 PM UK time, 8 to 11 AM USA Eastern, See you there! #TulipGardenShow #Eurovision

2 weeks ago

Sorted through all of my #Eurovision arena photos and collected those all here:

2 weeks ago

@jonGhull @atomicpoet

Tried to find an even better sax player, but only found this:

Epic Sax Guy Comeback! [Ultra Sax Guy] [HD]

#EpicSaxGuy #ESC #Eurovision

2 weeks ago


Time to celebrate, then:

Epic Sax Guy Comeback! [Ultra Sax Guy] [HD]

#EpicSaxGuy #ESC #Eurovision

2 weeks ago

@jonGhull @atomicpoet

and then, there is 2017 with better choreography:

Sunstroke Project - Hey Mamma (Moldova) LIVE at the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

#SunstrokeProject #HeyMamma #Moldova #Eurovision #ESC

2 weeks ago


Not bad, however more of a prank and often off-key.

Of this saxman, in contrast, Europe is still talking about, even though it was in 2010:

Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira - Run Away (Moldova) Live 2010 Eurovision Song Contest

#Eurovision #OliaTira #SunstrokeProject #Moldova

2 weeks ago

Turns out that loads of #Eurovision 2023 stuff is being auctioned off, loads of cool stuff! Costumes and stage props!

Sue Smith
2 weeks ago

Less than 51 weeks until #Eurovision

byJannik :GER:
2 weeks ago

This year’s #Eurovision songs are making waves across the charts 🔝

Wolfie 🐺
3 weeks ago

Solo by Demi Lovato just came on a random YouTube playlist and it reminded me that I'd been meaning to check if anyone had mashed it up with Blanka's Solo from #Eurovision, and yep they have, this is truly excellent 😂

Stefan R. Schmid
3 weeks ago

Der #Eurovision Song Contest 2023 ließ viele enttäuscht vor dem Fernseher zurück. Die Zuschauer vor Ort waren dabei so frustriert, dass sie protestierend Käärijäs Lyrics “Cha Cha Cha” riefen, während Loreen Punkte erhielt. Selbst die Moderator*innen wirkten hilflos mit ihren Versuchen, die gute Stimmung in der Halle aufrechtzuerhalten.

Wie konnte das nur passieren? #ESC

La Zarra zeigt den Mittelfinger in die Kamera
Roni Laukkarinen
3 weeks ago

#Käärijä thanking the crowd for everything. "I just create some songs, but YOU did this." #Eurovision

People watching Käärijä gig
Käärijä speaking
Roni Laukkarinen
3 weeks ago

Many of his songs remind me of Bomfunk MC's. So much drum n' bass. It's like being in the 90s and 2020s at the same time. #Käärijä #Eurovision #KäärijäLive

Käärijä on gig.
Pasi Kallinen
3 weeks ago

So #Käärijä (of #EuroVision #ChaChaCha fame) is doing a live stream right now:

Expect #Finnish #rap

Roni Laukkarinen
3 weeks ago

Haven't heard much of other songs by #Käärijä. I'm not big on rap music, but this is something else. He combines guitars and electronic music in very unique way to his other songs too. Very energetic. Nice!

Sold out gig, watch LIVE right now: #Eurovision

Käärijä performing for the crowd.
Kriszta Satori
3 weeks ago

‘I was born to do this’: #Ukraine ’s 2016 #Eurovision winner #Jamala on why #Putin fears her people, #Crimean #Tatars

Jamala tells how her 2016 song shone a light on #Stalin ’s deportations and helped to dispel the myths that Crimea is historically #Russian

Roni Laukkarinen
3 weeks ago


That's Finnish for "never forget". #Eurovision :eurovision:

Eurovision Final Resutls Grand Final


Cha Cha Cha 

Noa Kirel

Due vite 
Marco Mengoni

Queen of Kings 

Heart of Steel 

Because of You 



My Sister's Crown 

Monika Linkytė

Break a Broken Heart 
Andrew Lambrou

Mama ŠČ! 
Let 3

Future Lover 

Who The Hell Is Edgar? 
Teya & Salena

La Zarra

Blanca Paloma

Soarele și Luna 
Pasha Parfeni


Remo Forrer

Carpe Diem 
Joker Out

Albina & Familja Kelmendi

Ai Coração 

Samo mi se spava 
Luke Black

United Kingdom	
I Wrote A Song 
Mae Muller

Blood & Glitter 
Lord Of The Lost
Paul Fenwick
3 weeks ago

@sekhmetdesign @chrisjrn @DevRhiana : I'm pretty crook, so I'm not quite sure what was a hallucination, but my tops were Finland, Australia, Edgar (Austria?), and then anything which made me feel like my fever and wonky consciousness was from participating in a shamanic ritual with reindeer filtered substances, rather than my upper respiratory infection. #Eurovision2023 #eurovision

Paul Fenwick
3 weeks ago

... and I've caught the leurgy. It's dreadful, but I'm grateful I've got all my vaccinations up to date.

On the upside I get to spend the weekend catching up on #Eurovision with @DevRhiana, after spending the last week studiously avoiding spoilers.

This is the #Eurovision content, I didn't know I needed.

Chris Bond
3 weeks ago


It's time for the grand final of the Eurovision Peel Contest. These are the four Peel Session tracks which made it through the two previous rounds. Vote for your favourite and the winner will be declared in 3 days time. The YouTube videos for all four will be posted below. #Eurovision #PeelSessions #MyBloodyValentine #Cornershop #TheSugarcubes #FireEngines

Sam Santala
3 weeks ago

Still got Cha Cha Cha on the mind and can't help but think Fortnite would only be improved with the addition of Eurovision

Käärijä deserves something!

#kaarija #eurovision #fortnite #games #conceptart #fanart

Claire Miller
3 weeks ago
Claire Miller
3 weeks ago

You can make #FOI requests about pretty much anything.

That's the whole point.

It allows anyone to ask about anything from any public body*.

Even #Eurovision...

#journalism #FreedomOfInformation #JournalismTips #InvestigativeJournalism

@johnhood Where was the #eurovision tab over the last few weeks?

Kriszta Satori
3 weeks ago

79 years ago, on this day, at #Stalin 's orders, the #deportation of the #Crimean #Tatars was launched - thousands died on their way to #Uzbekistan in the cattle wagons and those who survived were not allowed to return home for decades

#Jamala has performed a #Eurovision winning song about it a few years ago:

#Ukraine #Crimea #OTD

Kohan Ikin
3 weeks ago

@eddie @SecurityWriter I'm 2 days late, but I wonder if you're both UK based? The "no-sponsors" seems to be a BBC thing, not #Eurovision itself. There's loads of sponsors & logos, and countries go to ad-breaks even during the live broadcast.

This video shows how different broadcasters blocked sponsors live during the 2023 broadcast credits. At 1:30 it shows BBC & Das Erste blocking sponsor logos that the other countries saw. BBC replaces it with their own credits:

Flippin' 'eck, Tucker!
3 weeks ago

Surplus #Eurovision hospitality food was given out free to families, schools, children’s groups and care homes across Liverpool and Wirral.

#GoodNews #Liverpool

3 weeks ago

Who the Hell is Edgar? has no right to be this catchy. Same with Solo. #eurovision

Kelly Guimont
3 weeks ago

So I'm still listening to stuff from #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 and I was going to send my metalhead friend the song from Germany (Blood and Glitter by Lord of the Lost)


I discovered that Germany's entry did a cover of Finland's entry! This is the greatest thing I've heard today, and I share it with you now. #ChaChaCha

Jan Wildeboer 😷:krulorange:
3 weeks ago

And #Eurovision introduced me to #NewFlamenco with the unbelievably underrated and undervoted Spanish entry by Blanca Paloma. So now I can just grab a bunch of CDs with New Flamenco at my local library, rip them to my music collection, bring them back and enjoy. And yes, that is a perfectly legal use case.

Klingon Pop Warrior
3 weeks ago

I was once asked if I'd ever do a Klingon translation of a #Eurovision song and I said probably not.

Now I'm like "I need someone from Finland to help me out."


It's funny how some people try to dismiss very legitimate suspicions on the #Eurovision jury vote as some sort of wacky conspiracy theory. I mean, this literally happened one year ago. There's nothing crazy about being suspicious on the jury vote, it's actually only rational and logic to be it, considering the precedents.

3 weeks ago

Since this Eurovision song is stuck in my mind for the last week...
So will you all! Mouahhahahahhahha

My favorite song from Eurovision 2023, the one whom should I have won!!! 💚💚💚 (imho, no shade to Loreen/Sweden)

Cha cha cha, by Käärijä, from Finland

#eurovision #EurovisionSongContest #eurovision2023 #finland #kaarija #käärijä

3 weeks ago

OK one more #Eurovision recap, if you want to hang out with #käärijä #chachacha

Poke if it isn't allowed in your country!

Jan Wildeboer 😷:krulorange:
3 weeks ago

Ah, damnit. I can’t just give up. Comparing the national finals[1] and the #ESC grand final performance[2] shows me how #Eurovision can elevate a performance to the next level. Please ignore :)


Rob Atkinson
3 weeks ago

Been down a bit of a YouTube wormhole after work and seen someone with a Who the Hell is Edgar? shirt.



Kohan Ikin
3 weeks ago

@gerritvanaaken It's difficult when there's only 20 votes to share, you need to be in someone's top 5 #Eurovision songs to get any televotes. I liked Germany's song, but only voted 1 televote point, because I needed to save lots of points for Finland & Sweden & Norway & Croatia.

Germany's song wasn't good for jury votes, no difficult singing & choreography & staging to reward.

I'm still sad Unheilig didn't win Unser Song! Es ist vielleicht mein Lieblingsband.

Kohan Ikin
3 weeks ago

@scott As @Bossito mentioned - Australia's SBS TV is an Associate Member of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), and has broadcast #Eurovision in Australia for 40 years now. Associate Members can participate if invited.

Canada's CBC is also an associate member of the EBU....

3 weeks ago

@scott over the years #Eurovision expanded. Australia came to the party and never left. Love the diversity 🌎

Watched some #eurovision last night and it was fun! Also curious how Australia and Israel got to participate, I thought it was a contest exclusive to Europe?

Fellow #Eurovision fans: what songs are stuck in your head since the contest? I’ve had a constant rotation of Austria, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Germany & Malta stuck in my head for the past week.

A lot of songs is started off like ‘wtf is this’ and ended up ‘why can’t I get this song out of my head’ 😆

#Eurovision2023 #ESC

Gerrit van Aaken
3 weeks ago

Ich glaube, wir sind einfach unbeliebt. Ein deutscher ESC-Act muss schon extrem sympathisch und mindestens ein bisschen demütig-unschuldig daherkommen, um nicht ganz unten zu landen. #esc #eurovision

Sarah Brown
3 weeks ago

OK, so the dust has settled. I wanted Finland to win. Sweden has grown on me.

But only Norway has made it into my Apple Music library. #eurovision #Eurovision2023

Paul "theaardvark" Taylor
3 weeks ago

As much as I enjoyed #Eurovision, live-tooting my snark and reading the hashtag stream... The retrospective analysis was a bit of a downer. I happily unpinned the hashtag from my client this morning.