Eurovision, Seriously
1 month ago

The new Eurovision season unofficially starts tomorrow, but here's one last look back at 2023, in a lengthy blog post I originally planned to put together in late May, but... you know... things happen in life.

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The Liverpudlian
2 months ago

🎵 Modern Music Cities: A Eurovision Legacy Conference ignites inspiration in the Liverpool City Region.

👉 Article:

📷 Credit: Supplied By Publicist.

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2 months ago

I’m only now noticing that someone snuck a United Federation of Planets flag into the arena. Good job, that citizen.

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Andreas Harder-Matern
2 months ago

K2 (9) schwärmt immer noch vom letzten #ESC und singt, tanzt und malt ihre Lieblingssongs. Hier ist unschwer zu erkennen, um wen es sich handelt, oder? #Eurovision #ESC2023 #Eurovision2023

Mit Aquarellfarben gemaltes Bild vom belgischen Interpreten Gustaph, in ein Mikrofon singend beim diesjährigen Eurovision Song Contest: lila Hose und Hemd, weißes Jacket und weißer Hut.

Nasza bejba na nowo utworzyła Czechosłowację

#Blanka #Bejba #Muzyka #Music #eurowizja #Eurowizja2023 #Eurovision #Eurovision2023

Screen z IG Stories Blanki, gdzie są wymienione wszystkie kraje, w których jej nowy singiel jest dostępny w ramach „New Music Friday”. Wszystkie kraje, oprócz Czech i Słowacji, które są razem ujęte.

For #MusicMonday I gotta share a jam that's been in my head for days: #Belgium's #Eurovision2023 entry 'Because of You' by #Gustaph. Timed for #Pride with a brand new video!

#HouseMusic #LoveIsLove

Dimas T.
4 months ago

I think Käärijä works for Bolson Construction #ZeldaTearsoftheKingdom #Eurovision2023

aen 😐
4 months ago

I was watching through the Unser Lied für Liverpool performances and to be honest I think the televote and jury both made the right choices. Lord of the Lost won the televote and I think they had the most unique and complete performance. Will Church won the jury, and I think it could have done well in Liverpool too!

The others, I don't really see doing better than LOTL, although I really liked Anica Russo's song, and I'd love to see Trong represent Germany with a better song.

Also I would like to thank the international juries for almost unanimously tanking Ikke Hüftgold's points. Jesus Christ, that was bad. Plus, he has a history of racism and sexism, so I'm glad Germany didn't send them.

LOTL's Eurovision result was obviously very disappointing, and I think the jury robbed them! The televote, I can understand, as this year was a band-heavy year, but the whole point of the jury is to apply their musical expertise, and they failed to do that. Although I suppose they wouldn't appreciate LOTL's song since the majority of them only have pop or classical expertise. ThePeaceAround did a great video on this topic which I would highly recommend!

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4 months ago

You thought the #Eurovision2023 season was over?
Guess again! 🫵
We have updated the Eurovision #DSM contest, Europe's toughest competition in #copyright:

For #JukeboxFridayNight
#RockAndRollDivas, here's the popular winner of #Eurovision2023 Loreen with Tattoo

#Throwback to when @PantiBliss graced us with her presence for a #Eurovision2023 Trivia Party! And @niamhkavanagh93's voice has us spellbound!

Thanks for the memories @DeanArtstudio @ItsConorBehan @DonalMulligan @thisispopbaby 😘 #ThrowbackThursday #EuropeDay #europeday2023


4 months ago

Dix jours après #Eurovision2023 qu'en ai-je gardé ?
Cha Cha Cha de Käärijä en boucle avec tous ses remix et reprises. 💚💪🏻🕺🍹
Un peu Auto jää (la seule autre de ses chansons que j'ai appréciée), Mama ŠČ de Let 3 (pas envie d'enquêter plus loin sur ce groupe, lol) ,Who the Hell is Edgar (je dois encore regarder le clip et me pencher sur leur discographie).

Et enfin le groupe slovène Joker Out, dont j'écoute tout, et qui est juste ma tasse de thé, je vais acheter leurs albums si ça continue. 😍
(mais Cha Cha Cha reste le vainqueur de l'Eurovision)

Écran de Spotify, catégorie "Recently Played", avec la photo du groupe Joker Out et la pochette de Cha Cha Cha de Käärijä
Daryl Hornsby
4 months ago

Sweden winning #Eurovision2023 means we get Måns back as host next year, right?!?

Gif of Måns saying "Theatrical"
Konni Winkler :pika:
4 months ago

Ich hab den Gewinnersong des #eurovision2023 so oft gehört, dass er mir inzwischen gefällt. Danke, Privatradio.

So been radio silence for a bit now, mostly because for the last 5 weeks I was working on a job and NDAs and all of my energy was in it.

But now we're done, so I got the absolute pleasure (and pain) of working the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 as part of the sound team!

I'll share a little bit of the behind scenes stuff and try to explain what it was like.
Boosts welcome etc


Gal Hazor
4 months ago

It's been more than a week since the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 concluded, but my mind is working overtime and I'm working part-time so I wrote my thoughts regardless. Some of them actually make sense, I think. If you're deep into the world's oldest TV musical competition, maybe you'd like to look at my overlong analysis and fight over how wrong I am (my guess is 80%)

#Eurovision #ESC #Eurovision2023

Evie (SleepyCatten)
4 months ago

Got around to ripping my Eurovision 2023 CDs today.

I had honestly forgotten what a faff ripping CDs is!!!

Even more so when the CD data didn't load from a metadata provider 😖

I definitely didn't then make a playlist to put the songs in the grand final order 😅

& I'm definitely not going to make to further playlist that only contains the songs I liked...

... & possibly ones for the semi finals too 😅

#Eurovision #Eurovision2023

Shiny Games
4 months ago

@DHS We were there for the preview shows the night before each semi-final (same show but without real voting) and it was fantastic! An amazing experience. #Eurovision2023

4 months ago

Piccole curiosità spicciole non richieste: quei pochi (ma importanti? Decidilo tu) secondi persi nella diretta in Italia.
How TV stations join together for Eurovision – and who messed up via

Hanna Esmeralda
4 months ago

If you missed the live stream from Käärijä's gig in Helsinki Ice Hall on Saturday - don't worry!

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yleisradio recorded the gig, and you can watch it from this link for free. No matter where you are.

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Käärijä in his neon green bolero.
Hanna Esmeralda
4 months ago

Hello #Europe and the World!

If you love #Käärijä, his gig in #Helsinki Ice Hall will be streamed live by Finnish Broadcasting Company #Yleisradio tonite at 7 PM CET (8 PM EET in #Finland).


Yes, it can be watched absolutely anywhere for free.

#Eurovison #Euroviisut #ESC #Viisut #Eurovision23 #Eurovision2023 #ESC23 #ESC2023 #Yle #LiveMusic #live #keikka #show #musiikki #music #musique #musik #musica #Suomi #Finnland #Finlande #Finlandia

A photo of Käärijä in his neon green boloero.
4 months ago

Käärijä's combination of a banger song and the "disco Holy Roman Empire noble" shirt thing is an excellent one. #finland #eurovision #eurovision2023

Paul Fenwick
4 months ago

@sekhmetdesign @chrisjrn @DevRhiana : I'm pretty crook, so I'm not quite sure what was a hallucination, but my tops were Finland, Australia, Edgar (Austria?), and then anything which made me feel like my fever and wonky consciousness was from participating in a shamanic ritual with reindeer filtered substances, rather than my upper respiratory infection. #Eurovision2023 #eurovision

The Liverpudlian
4 months ago

💙💛 The elegant Soloveiko Songbirds dotted around Liverpool City Centre made a gorgeous addition for the Eurovision celebrations.

👉The Latest:

📷The Liverpudlian.

#TheLiverpudlian #LiverpoolCityRegion #Liverpool #Ukraine #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #LiverpoolEurovision #EurovisionLiverpool #ESC2023 #ESC

Ilmi Ilmfurter, The 🦊
4 months ago

Es kann nicht sein, dass die Jury des diesjährigen #ESC:s die Punkte fast ausschließlich an Schweden vergab. Es kann nicht sein, dass die #EBU eine Show fürs Publikum macht, jedoch nach der Punktevergabe der Jury gefühlt der Gewinner feststand. Für wenn macht man die Show überhaupt? Für die Jury oder fürs Publikum?
@janboehm #ollischulz #Eurovision2023 #eurovision #eurovision23

aen 😐
4 months ago
The fan reaction to Loreen winning was really disheartening... I get it, I wanted Käärijä to win too, but that doesn't excuse the vitriol she was thrown on social media. I think the conspiracy theory is fucking stupid too.

When Finland's entry was chosen, we all knew what it meant - massive televote victory, paltry sums with the jury. When Sweden's entry was chosen, we all knew it would win the jury and do relatively well with the televote. That's why the bookies got this right from the start - Loreen would clearly do better with the televote than Käärijä would do with the jury.

The idea that producers of Melodifestivalen, top Swedish songwriters, Loreen, and Martin Österdahl all conspired with each other to create a Swedish entry and then bribed the juries to vote for it is dumb, and it's baffling that people actually believe it

I'm not saying I like the jury, and it definitely needs reform, but it shouldn't be abolished (we don't need a repeat of the 2000s)

Anyway, this is unrelated, but my favourite Loreen song has to be her ATLAS version of Euphoria - it's hauntingly beautiful, and I wish she would release more songs like this!

#Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #Sweden #Finland #Loreen #Käärijä

This morning I clocked that my monkey paw wish which was granted in 2022 that Euphoria was no longer #esc250 number 1 fully had a round two. #Eurovision2023

The Liverpudlian
4 months ago

💙💛 The magnificent Royal Liver Building on Liverpool Waterfront, with the bustling Eurovision Village taking place in front on the Pier Head.

👉 The Latest:

📷 Credit: The Liverpudlian.

#TheLiverpudlian #Liverpool #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #LiverpoolCityRegion #EurovisionLiverpool #LiverpoolEurovision

These postcard videos of all 37 participating countries in #Eurovision 2023 are very pretty! 😍 Kudos to whoever conceptualized these!


Aurélien Pio
4 months ago

RT @Nintendark
Tout le monde a joué à #TLOZTotK ou regardé l'#Eurovision2023 hier.
Nous on a préféré se faire une très belle partie de 7Wonders par équipes (3 x 2j.)
Victoire avec 175 points et c'est pas parce que les voisins nous aiment bien 😁

Simon Lucy
4 months ago

There is no irony that a festival of Music in Europe (+Australia and Israel) united not only the people present but also a good part of those watching on TV, eclipses entirely a manufactured festival by a Govt celebrating a country turning its back on the major part of Europe, an act of self harm.

#Eurovision2023 #BrexitReality #Festival

Martin Trokenheim
5 months ago

The background singers for Pasha Parfeni at #eurovision2023 had a really cool design. Reminded me slightly of the KLF.
#eurovision #singing #music #musiccompetition #digitalart

Illustration of a singing woman with a weird headpiece.
5 months ago

Hispano diris al Käärijä (la finna partoprenanto en #Eurovision2023), ke por hispanparolanto la finna lingvo sonas treege simile al la japana :bc4: Mi neniam antaŭe pensis pri tio (ja mankas al mi ajna kontakto kun la finna lingvo). Käärijä mem iom konsentis, tamen.

Kion vi opinias laŭ via denaska lingvo? Bonvolu komenti :bc3:

#EKK2023 #Käärijä #VenkintoEnMiaKoro

Kelly Guimont
5 months ago

So I'm still listening to stuff from #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 and I was going to send my metalhead friend the song from Germany (Blood and Glitter by Lord of the Lost)


I discovered that Germany's entry did a cover of Finland's entry! This is the greatest thing I've heard today, and I share it with you now. #ChaChaCha

5 months ago

Mit „Guildo hat euch lieb!“ holte er 1998 den 7. Platz für Deutschland – jetzt kritisiert Guildo Horn den #ESC2023 und hat den Tipp: „einfach mal pausieren“.

#Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #eurovisionsongcontest #ESC

IFR (she/her)
5 months ago

I’m not gonna lie, one of the things that made me really happy #today was finding this playlist on #Spotify this morning. Almost as happy as #JDG bopping his head to the music in the car when I inflicted it on him. 😁

#100HappyDays #365HappyDays #Eurovision2023 #Day1

The Liverpudlian
5 months ago

💙💛 The attention to detail Liverpool businesses such as Nova Scotia Liverpool put into welcoming Ukraine and fully embracing Eurovision is incredible!

💙💛 The location of Nova Scotia is ideal, situated on Mann Island, which is only a short walk from Liverpool ONE and across the street from James Street.

👉 The Latest:

📷 The Liverpudlian.

#TheLiverpudlian #LiverpoolCityRegion #Liverpool #Ukraine #Eurovision #EurovisionLiverpool #LiverpoolEurovision #Eurovision2023

The attention to detail Liverpool businesses such as Nova Scotia Liverpool put into welcoming Ukraine and fully embracing Eurovision is incredible!
5 months ago

Every year Eurovision shows me a band to obsess over. This year it was Germany's Lord Of The Lost. Their latest album is a banger if you are into glam/industrial metal. #Eurovision2023 #LordOfTheLost #GER

Prasanta Kumar Dutta
5 months ago

Had fun creating the audio player for the #Eurovision2023 songs, especially encoding the song features like loudness, time signature and tempo from #Spotify to visual effects!

Check it out at 🎵

Made with
#sveltejs, #CSS animations and 🫰

5 months ago

Since this Eurovision song is stuck in my mind for the last week...
So will you all! Mouahhahahahhahha

My favorite song from Eurovision 2023, the one whom should I have won!!! 💚💚💚 (imho, no shade to Loreen/Sweden)

Cha cha cha, by Käärijä, from Finland

#eurovision #EurovisionSongContest #eurovision2023 #finland #kaarija #käärijä

5 months ago

Enkä pelkääkään tätä maailmaa, a-ha!

Quick artwork of me cosplaying as Käärijä

If you somehow missed it, here's the winner of Eurovision 2023 (jury votes don't count):

#Eurovision2023 #Kaarija #Chachacha #Eurovision #furryart #furryartwork

Today's mood after 6 hours at work.

#Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #esc

View of the Eurovision stage with Austria performing. The slide at the back reads "UGH".

Further reviewing of the detailed #Eurovision2023 jury results has resulted in me screaming about the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

The UK jurors placed Finland 16th, 21st (2 of them!!), 22nd, and 23rd place.

The UK public awarded Finland 12 points.

Fuck experts, etc. etc.

Evie (SleepyCatten)
5 months ago

There's a petition aimed at the EBU for jury votes to be removed from Eurovision in light of the controversy over their skewed voting in Eurovision 2023.

I doubt the EBU will listen, but it's worth a shot to make sure that future winners are also the public's favourite.

#eurovision #eurovision2023 #ScrapEurovisionJuryVote

Fellow #Eurovision fans: what songs are stuck in your head since the contest? I’ve had a constant rotation of Austria, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Germany & Malta stuck in my head for the past week.

A lot of songs is started off like ‘wtf is this’ and ended up ‘why can’t I get this song out of my head’ 😆

#Eurovision2023 #ESC

Sarah Brown
5 months ago

OK, so the dust has settled. I wanted Finland to win. Sweden has grown on me.

But only Norway has made it into my Apple Music library. #eurovision #Eurovision2023

Franco :gaysper: :verified:
5 months ago

BTW menuda Queen Ruth Lorenzo dando los votos de España en #Eurovision2023.

Eurovision, Seriously
5 months ago

As always, you can rely upon @escinsight to provide thoughtful, level-headed analysis of the results. Well worth 20 minutes of your time (podcast episode). Congratulations to the team on another season of outstanding coverage.

#Eurovision2023 #Eurovision #esc2023 #ESC23 #ESC :ESC2023:

Juno 🪐
5 months ago

Pues va a ser verdad que ha ganado #FlyingFree 😅​ ... @Leviatar

#loreen #Eurovision2023 #sweden #tattoo #abba

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
5 months ago
🇬🇧🇺🇦🇪🇺Russia targets home town of Ukraine entrant on night of Eurovision final (The Guardian News VIDEO) #Ukraine #UK #EU #Liverpool #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #NATO #Press #News #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

5 months ago

#EurovisionSongContest #ESC #Eurovision2023 

”Someone else would have won if the rules , that we were aware of in advance, were different.”

Isn’t that true about every game, sport or contest ever?

5 months ago

En av de kvarvarande känslorna från Eurovision igår är ändå när hela arean sjunger med i ”You’ll never walk alone”. Det är nästan så att man kan bli Liverpool-supporter bara för stämningen. #Eurovision2023

Jeremiah Lee
5 months ago

Somehow there weren’t any GIFs of Loreen’s #Eurovision2023 performance, so it was my duty as a new citizen of Sverige to make some.




Adrian McEwen
5 months ago

It was a big #Eurovision weekend special, but what if there were this many bikes on Liverpool's roads all the time?

Over 150 riders joined #PelotonLiv for a #JoyRide through the city, winding up at the #Eurovision2023 Village.

#Liverpool #BikeTooter #SlowRide

Peter Coles
5 months ago

The iconic image of #Eurovision2023

Mel Giedroyc churning butter at Eurovision.
Missing The Point
5 months ago

Periodic reminder not to hijack trending but unrelated hashtags to unashamedly amplify your post.


Turns out the democracy side was the correct side this #Eurovision2023.

🇸🇪 Sweden
340 👩‍⚖️ ➕ 243 🗳️ 🟰 583 🥇
🇫🇮 Finland
150 👩‍⚖️ ➕ 376 🗳️ 🟰 526 🥈

It’s time to end Juries, not just for the semis.

Felicity Martin
5 months ago

@SecurityWriter Great explanatory thread about #Eurovision2023. I don’t have a TV and haven’t watched it since childhood, so hadn’t understood some of the nuances.

For those who like numbers:
Eurovision votes in detailed views, graphs and stats.

One quick reflection is that the public vote and the jury vote are really similar, and where the biggest difference between the two vote types were for Norway and Croatia.

#esc #esc2023 #eurovision #eurovision2023
5 months ago

Just wanted to say from the day after #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #eurovision23:

* Finland was indeed robbed
* A massive thank you to to every server admin on the
#Fediverse who tried to keep their server going under the tsunami wave of posts about Eurovision - whether your server was #Mastodon, #Calckey, #Pixelfed, #Friendica, etc. You all did a fantastic job on the night, no matter the result. I would like to think everyone cannot thank you enough.
* Seeing everyone participate in Eurovision on the Fediverse was spectacular. I've never seen so much excitement and chatter before. I felt like I was part of a wholesome community - something I've longed for in other social media platforms, but never truly got with all the anger, aggression, and trolling. None of that was here, and it made the Fediverse absolutely beautiful!

Times Radio this morning - too much focus on Liverpool, nowhere near enough on Ukraine. C’mon folks, let’s remember WHY Eurovision was in Liverpool
#EuroVision #Ukraine #Eurovision2023

5 months ago

Me acabo de enterar que el concurso de karaoke lo ha ganado una tipa que desafinó notablemente, que lo oí en directo.

Es el clavo que faltaba al ataúd de #eurovision


Hanna Esmeralda
5 months ago
Hanna Esmeralda
5 months ago

Continuing the #FinlandWasRobbed -theme.

The semifinal results have been declared:

1. #Finland 177 points

2. #Sweden 135 points

3. #Israel 127 points

And as we know, this was purely the public vote.

So yes, #Käärijä was robbed by the juries in the final.

#Suomi #Finnland #Finlande #Finlandia #Euroviisut #Viisut #Eurovision #ESC #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision23 #ESC2023 #ESC23

Hanna Esmeralda
5 months ago
5 months ago

Congrats to #Finland, clear winner of the public vote by far -
#Eurovision2023 #ESC #eurovision

Jury Vote: Normal, a bit pale, a bit bland. Public Vote: Pink, extravagant, special, queer.
Anthony Steele
5 months ago

@jonty The Chalamet cheekbones Dune sci-fi whispering cosplay?
Come on, nothing doing on there. Could have left them in the semis and put Ireland through, that would have been more fun #eurovision #eurovision2023

Evie (SleepyCatten)
5 months ago


50th anniversary of Abba winning & the juries gave their biggest vote to Sweden 🤔

Coincidence much?

Jury vote needs to be resigned to the history books. It's not fit for purpose.

#eurovision #eurovision2023 #DropTheJuryVote

Kelly Guimont
5 months ago

I live in the US, so I just get to decide the voting results don't matter and Finland won the whole thing. Yup. Totally doing that instead. #Eurovision #Eurovision2023

Stuart Gibson
5 months ago

Ok, so that’s clearly a better song, but the public always want Boaty McBoatface. #EuroVision #Eurovision2023

Good night Europe. Stay strong Ukraine 🇺🇦 #esc2023 #Eurovision2023

Peter Coles
5 months ago

The true winner tonight #eurovision #Eurovision2023

A man with beard and moustache wearing a brown bowler hat and steampunk goggles. Curly brown hair is spilling out from the sides. He is grinning insanely
Kelly Guimont
5 months ago

For one brief shining moment the results were correct and then they gave the Sweden vote. It was fine not great! What is happening? #Eurovision #Eurovision2023

Hobbits Wife
5 months ago

So I totally missed the ‘rest of world’ vote - who did they vote for? #Eurovision2023

Katja Evertz
5 months ago

Nächstes Jahr ohne Peter Urban. Das wird ungewohnt.

Aber wir treffen uns hier alle wieder, oder? #ESC #ESC2023 #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 @esc

Jeremiah Lee
5 months ago

Yay Sverige!! 🇸🇪 🇸🇪 🇸🇪 #Eurovision2023

Congrats to all the contestants. What a ride! #eurovision #Eurovision2023

Evie (SleepyCatten)
5 months ago

I feel vindicated by seeing the high public vote for Norway & even higher for Finland.

Finland should have won. Sweden only got it due to the jury vote.

Jury vote needs to be thrown out.

#eurovision #eurovision2023

Catherynne M. Valente
5 months ago

From yellow and blue to yellow and blue #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision #sweden #ukraine

5 months ago

Graeme Norton and Hannah Waddingham reviewing the incoming votes #Eurovision2023

Jermaine | Concept Creator
5 months ago

Public voted so much for Cha Cha Cha!? Seriously tf!!!! Such a terrible song.... #eurovision2023

Hobbits Wife
5 months ago


Utterly boring song wins the #Eurovision2023

Stuart Gibson
5 months ago
Kef-Meister 🕵️‍♂️
5 months ago

The audience AT Eurovision was chanting for Finland's entry.


#Eurovision #Eurovision2023

Kelly Guimont
5 months ago

Australia I love your entry and I can't wait to keep playing that banger all summer. #Eurovision #Eurovision2023