Ugh, I really love #Valve and the #SteamDeck but today was just one of these days... My #ArchLinux #PC just doesn't open the steam overlay anymore, which is really annoying when using a controller.

Then I tried to play some #Everspace 2 using Remote Play on the Steam Deck. It wouldn't let me set the 1280x800 resolution, and apparently the game crashes when opening the Steam menu. Well, I tried to use the #SteamLink app which didn't crash but just went back to its own main menu.

Alright, I thought, and went to install Everspace 2 locally on the Deck, which went quick because of the new local network transfer feature. While that was downloading, I saw that there is a software update. Hoping that things would improve, I applied it immediately. The system rebooted and it didn't resume the transfer... BECAUSE THE SD CARD WAS GONE.

It actually destroyed the filesystem on the SD card and I had to reformat. Not that big of a deal because I could just redownload everything, but...

Jeez Valve... fix your stuff. They did some amazing stuff, but they really need to focus on bugfixes more.

#Steam #GamingOnLinux #LinuxGaming

0mega ☣ [hz]
4 weeks ago

Auch mal wieder ausgegraben: #Everspace. Der erste Teil ist ein Rogue-Lite Weltraumgeballer mit leichtem Crafting und spielt sich überraschend gut mit Maus + Tastatur. Früher™ habe ich solche Spiele bevorzugt mit Joystick gespielt.

#linux #gaming #debian
Screenshot from Everspace with a purple Colonial Scout escaping a couple of Okkar Interceptors. Their lasers didn't hit me because I was doing the "barrel roll" all the time xD
afreytes :godot:
1 month ago

Still waiting for #Starfield but meanwhile I decided to check out #EverSpace 2 and it's really fun (although I lowered the difficulty).

However it gave me that not-really-a-migraine-feeling-like-throw-up irking... But after disabling motion blur and lens flare it went away.

But it makes me wonder if having a VR headset just wouldn't work for me 🤔

1 month ago

@mrpablington @Azurakumo Trying to slam through the #Destiny2 Season of the Witch pass before #Starfield launches on the 6th.
#Caliper, this odd little platform game I got on #Steam for a buck
I might try to dip back into #Everspace even tho it crashed on me as I finished the first sector, but before the achieve popped which is never a good look for a game, even if it's a roguelike.

1 month ago

@mrpablington @Azurakumo
About to finish #HighOnLife
Picked #Firewatch back up on the #Deck after dropping out of it years ago
Still jumping into #ArcadeParadise
Trying to decide if I wanna start #TheBookwalker or #BrambleTheMountainKing
Or maybe #Everspace to get me into galaxy exploring mode as I've already "preloaded" #Starfield and need something to distract me from clicking an icon that won't work till September 6th.

1 month ago

Ein sehr interessantes Interview mit einem super spannenden Gast und tollen Hintergrundinformationen

#OKCOOL #gaming #developing #Spieleentwicklung #Everspace

OK COOL trifft: Michael Schade

Episode webpage:

Media file:

IGN Italia
3 months ago

Everspace 2 annunciato per PS5 e Xbox Series X/S: trailer e data d'uscita

Scopri di più! 👇

#Everspace #XboxOne #Notizie

May 12, 2023 - Day 132 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 148

Game: Everspace

Platform: Steam
Release Date: May 26, 2017
Library Date: Aug 15, 2022
Unplayed: 270d (8m27d)
Playtime: 42m

Everspace turns out to be a 6DOF roguelike space shooter.

The worst thing about it is that it's been sitting in my pile of shame for almost 9 months before I discovered it before work this morning; I was very nearly late to start work.

I've always been a fan of space combat games. From Descent, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, to Star Wars Squadrons, and Chorus, many hours and more than one joystick were lost as I spun and turned and tried to shoot before I was shot.

A roguelike space combat game? Turns out it works, really well.

I have yet to see if it will works with my joystick and throttle, but even with keyboard and mouse, I feel like I'm going to lose quite a few more hours.

Everspace is:

4: Good

#Everspace #Roguelike #SpaceCombat #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
5 months ago

Everspace 2 is like Diablo in space. I really dig it. #games #space #diablo #everspace

5 months ago

Who would have thought how big Everspace 2 has grown...
Check out sales data here:

Also 81 % on Metacritic:

Congrats to the whole Rockfish team 🏆. #everspace

AggroChat Podcast
5 months ago

Hey Folks! We ran a bit long this week as we got off on more than a few tangents.

Topics Discussed:
#DungeonsAndDragons #D&D
– Bel’s Life as a #PathOfExile Vendor
#StarWars #JediSurvivor
#Everspace 2
– Games Moving Away from Holiday Releases
– Arguing About the #GameBoy

AggroChat #432 - Breath of the Jedi

Nice runs in #Everspace. Still did not get past level 4, but enjoying it every time.

Everspace ship warping to the next level
Venn Stone
6 months ago

Halo: The Master Chief Collection enables EAC support on Linux! Naughty Dog puts #SteamDeck support at the bottom of their list, Intel Battlemage heads to TSMC, #Everspace 2 drops #Linux support, and remembering our first ATARI game.

7 months ago
7 months ago

Die Aufzeichnung des gestrigen Streams #Everspace #StellarEdition ist jetzt auf #YouTube veröffentlicht.
#Nintendo #Switch

7 months ago

After the first 2 hours of #Everspace I have to admit that I'm just bad at targeting attacking spaceships 🚀 😱
#Nintendo #Switch

7 months ago

Nach den ersten knapp 2 Stunden #Everspace muss ich feststellen das ich einfach nur schlecht bin beim Zielen auf angreifenden Raumschiffe 🚀 😱
#Nintendo #Switch

8 months ago

If you think that the 64 GB memory of the #Nintendo #Switch #OLED is a lot, you will probably order an #SD card after #Fortnite, #Everspace and #Bioschock #Infinite. 😀

8 months ago

Wer glaubt das die 64 GB Speicher der #Nintendo #Switch #OLED viel ist, der wird sich nach #Fortnite, #Everspace und #Bioschock #Infinite wahrscheinlich auch eine #SDKarte bestellen 😀

8 months ago

So bought a few games for the #Nintendo #Switch. On the one hand #Everspace #StellarEdition and a #Bioschock Bundle with 3 parts (offer).

8 months ago

So ein paar Spiele für die #Nintendo #Switch gekauft. Zum einen #Everspace #StellarEdition und ein #Bioschock Bundle mit 3 Teilen (Angebot)

10 months ago

#steamsale loot

#Everspace - Looked pretty and I like roguelikes and space.

#PhantomDoctrine - I really like #XCOM and this seemed to share some DNA, and the price was slashed to $3.99!

#RailwayEmpire - Buying to evaluate as a potential Christmas gift for my dad.

#TotalWarWarhammer - The Silence and the Fury DLC. My collection of lords grows ever larger! Hopefully the Chameleon Stalkers will open up some flanking + moral shock tactics.


Murray Nuttall
10 months ago

I was about to buy Skyward Sword for #switch because it's on special. I checked out dekudeals in case there were other specials.

I got 3 other #games instead. All under £15.

- #Everspace, pretty decent port. The zones without fog are a bit hard to look at but it's the best space shooter since x-wing vs tie-fighter.

- #Grindstone, my pick of the bunch. A very simple puzzle game presented extremely well. I played for hours.

- The last campfire, I haven't played it yet but it was only £2.55.

2 years ago

The game #everspace with 85% discount on

I'm excited!

Der Gaming-Livestream startet um 18 Uhr und ist dieses Mal ein Double-Feature. In Everspace 2 und Turrican Flashback erkunden wir fremde Welten.
heise spielt "Everspace 2" und "Turrican": Ballern in fremden (Retro-)Welten
3 years ago


Stadia Pro subscribers can redeem the game for
free starting December 1

#stadia #cloud #gaming #gamer #rockfishgames #everspace #stadiapro

Der Zufallsgenerator hat soeben einen der Kommentatoren des 21. Türchens des Holarse #Linux-Spiele-Adventskalenders in den kalten, gnadenlosen Weltraum von #Everspace geschickt.

Viel Spass bei diesem anspruchsvollen Spiel!

4 years ago
If you like space shooters, Everspace is one of the better modern ones. Now it's on sale at GOG, 85% off!

Pretty good deal, I might buy it.

#everspace #GOG #DRMFree #games #Linux
Linux ☑️
4 years ago

EVERSPACE 2 needs more help!

UNDER WEEK remaining to collect the money needed for this Linux supported game to happen.

The acclaimed games sequel is to feature even RPG elements & deep space exploration with a rich story +fantastic graphics.

Please assist if you can and let's squeeze this into production!

#linuxgaming #EVERSPACE #RPG #helpneeded #Linux

Linux ☑️
4 years ago

EVERSPACE™ / the acclaimed space sim's sequel / Kickstarter is indeed on!

Fast-paced combat with roguelike elements, great visuals & a captivating story.

EVERSPACE 2 adds open-world deep exploration, sophisticated RPG elements and an engaging sci-fi story; a truly progressed sequel to the original!

$229,000 / $495,697 goal has been raised to make this happen. Please assist if able.

#linuxgaming #Everspace2 #Everspace #RPG #spacesims

Destination Linux (Podcast)
4 years ago

Destination Linux 136 - Raspberry Pi, System76 Firmware Tool, OBS, IBM Open-Source POWER, EVERSPACE

#Raspberry Pi Now Runs Scratch 3
#System76 Launches GUI Firmware Updater
#OBS Studio 24 Release Candidate Features
#IBM Announces New Contributions To Open Source
#Mozilla & #Google Protect Users
#EVERSPACE 2 Coming To #Linux

#Linux #podcasts #Mozilla