43 minutes ago
An orange cat with a very intense sort of look on its face
Leo :mastodon:
7 hours ago

< Non toccarmi, non ho voglia di coccole.
Ti avevo avvisato. >

(Mi ha morso)


Marilú, gatta bianca, mi guarda prima di mordermi.
Marilù, gatta bianca, mi guarda prima di mordermi.
Leo :mastodon:
2 days ago

Ciao, sono io. Dov’eri? Ti aspettavo 😻


Marilù, gatta bianca, mi aspetta sulle scale al rientro a casa.
Marilù, gatta bianca, mi aspetta sulle scale al rientro a casa
5 days ago

C'est l'heure de manger je pense, dit Tourou

Chat roux qui veut rentrer manger

Draw me like one of your French girls.
#YoshiOneEye #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #EveryDayIsCaturday

Yoshi One-Eye poses on the mat, showing off her luxuriant, orange highlighted belly. Note the patches of yellow snow near the ivy, which is pollen and flower petals.

#EmmaPeel #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #EveryDayIsCaturday
Far! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Near!

Emma Peel sits on the floor, peeping over the arm of the couch. Only her eyes and the top of her head are visible.
Emma Peel jumps up the couch arm, in your face, peering into the camera.

Draw me like one of your French girls.
#YoshiOneEye #CatsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday

Yoshi One-Eye snoring on the sofa.

A different "not our cat" comes to check out our place. I think it wants a drink from the fountain seen reflected in the door. I've moved the fountain closer to the door since I took the picture, in case it wants to come back.

There's also a cat that looks like Pussy Galore with long hair that I've seen in our kitchen, noshing from the cat food bowls.
#CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #EveryDayIsCaturday #NotMyCat

A cream colored siamese cross checking out our patio, looking intently at a water fountain in our living room.
2 weeks ago

Open thread to rate Louis


#CatsOfMastadon #everydayiscaturday

A dark grey cat with vivid orange eyes looking at the camera.
A dark grey cat with vivid orange eyes looking at the camera.
2 weeks ago

#pica the tabby cat has opened registration for her three week course on relaxing. Ideally you should have completed sleeping as a prerequisite… but she has been known to take bribes. Seating is limited. Tuition: 100 cans of “gravy centers” beef flavored cat food. (half paid in advance) #caturday #everydayiscaturday

Pica enjoys a scritch eyes closed and very happy
Pica has big eyes and uses them to manipulate you
pica shows off the beans a little
Jen McCulley :verified:
2 weeks ago

Guess who went to visit the neighbors and got himself on probation?

He’s become too good at taking off his collar, so I switched to his old single brain-cell-proof blue collar.
Neighbor says, “10/10 would do it again.” 🤦‍♀️🧡

#Cats #EverydayIsCaturday #NorwegianForestCat #CatsOfMastodon

Ginger Norwegian Forest cat sits atop a tree stump beside a tomato-raised bed that is surrounded by red trellises.
Kitty wears a blue collar and is looking up at a bird that teases him from a Japanese Maple. (not pictured.) Behind him, a black fence with red bricks beneath.

Draw me like one of your French girls...
#YoshiOneEye #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #EveryDayIsCaturday

Yoshi One-Eye sleeps soundly, sprawled on the sofa, limbs akimbo, big belly prominent.

Just because it's Caturday, and I like showing off my Stingkitty. 😜 Neener neener.

Blippy go boom boom!
#Stingkitty #HelloKitty #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #EveryDayIsCaturday #Bass #Bassist #Basstodon #BassistsAgainstRacists #BassistenGegenRassisten

Hello Kitty bass guitar, with actual kitty on a chair, and a cousin in the planter.
The back of Stingkitty, featuring Hello Kitty smoking a bong.

If looks could maim, I'd be leaving in a basket.
#PussyGalore #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #EveryDayIsCaturday

Pussy Galore looks extremely annoyed that I put a lion cap on her.
2 weeks ago

#caturday #everydayiscaturday #CatsOfMastodon

Fuji-san is planning to get a head in this world

Blue Point Sphynx resting his upper body on a woman's head. Face not shown. Cat looks like he is planning.
Jen McCulley :verified:
2 weeks ago

Here’s a vid of Jonesy being Jonesy.🐾🧡

#EverydayIsCaturday #OneSingleBrainCell #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Floof

Video of ginger Norwegian Forest cat playing with his interactive teaser feather toy.

Pussy Galore has rendered a bird family homeless.
#PussyGalore #CatsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday #TheCircleOfLife

Pussy Galore chews on a bird nest she proudly brought to show us what a mighty hunter she is.

In comparison, Yoshi's eye reflects blazing yellow white.

🤣 Kitty Hertzsprung Russell diagram!

#YoshiOneEye #OneEyedCat #CatsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday

Yoshi One-Eye sprawls on my office chair, eye blazing.

The one time (to date) I've gotten both Emma (L) and Pussy (R) to look at the camera at the same time, unfortunately before it could properly focus, to clearly show the difference in reflection color.

#EmmaPeel #PussyGalore #CatsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday

Emma (L, blue reflection) and Pussy (R, amber reflection) look at the camera before it could properly focus. It clearly shows the difference in reflection color.
There's a blurry red micro-bass in the background.
Jen McCulley :verified:
3 weeks ago

Every time any of your kitty overlords stretch for belly rubs, Venera stretches to get belly rubs too. It just dawned on me that she’s being raised by cats.😂

#Dogs #Cats #EverydayIsCaturday

I know I've posted it before, but now that I know #CatBellies is a thing, I can break it out once more.

#YoshiOneEye #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #Caturday #EveryDayIsCaturday

Yoshi One-Eye laying in the bathroom sink, big belly prominent.

Two years later, here's one of my favorite #CatBellies for ya!
#YoshiOneEye #EveryDayIsCaturday

Yoshi One-Eye channeling her inner basketball.
Åki 🐐
3 weeks ago

wenn es vibriert ist es an, oder?


eine schwarzweiße katze liegt entspannt auf der seite. Amit dem rücken hat sie sich an ein bein geschmiegt.


🎼 My butt smell
Brings the cats to my seat
Where they breathe in deep
Of my butt smell 🎵
They inhale deep
Then they go to sleep
In my butt smell 🎶

#YoshiOneEye #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #EveryDayIsCaturday #ButtSmell #PoultryCoroner 🦆🪿🐔🦃

Yoshi One-Eye sleeping in my butt smell.

A little jet lag insomnia is beautifully treated with coffee and a kitty on your lap.

#cat #cats #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #everydayiscaturday

Under normal conditions, the first picture is as close as I can get to Emma before she "does something". In the second, I used the back facing camera, so she could "see herself" in the screen.

I don't believe cats can recognize themselves in a picture or video, but we've all seen blooper clips where the cat splats while pouncing at prey on TV, so they see and process *SOMETHING* from our screens.

#EmmaPeel #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #EveryDayIsCaturday

Close up of Emma Peel on the back of the couch.
Camera flipped and turned on selfie mode so Emma Peel can see herself in the screen.
1 month ago

Very important cat update.
#catsofmastodon #everydayiscaturday

Two black and white cats. One sitting and looking at the camera. The other is laying on a brown sheet of packing paper in loaf mode, facing away from the camera.
Vertigo #$FF
1 month ago


This is why I can't have nice things. #CatsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday #Caturday

My cat, 6.5, absolutely insisting I drop everything in doing at work to cater to her perceived needs by crawling all over my belly and face-bunting.

Draw me like one of your French girls...
#YoshiOneEye #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #EveryDayIsCaturday

Yoshi One-Eye envelops the bed on top of the cat tree.

Draw me like one of your French girls...
#YoshiOneEye #CatsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday

Yoshi One-Eye snoozing on a gray shag rug, belly prominent.
2 months ago

Thomas examines a rodent tunnel.

Bailey has been enjoying the (slightly) warmer weather with outdoor sojourns that are getting longer and more adventurous.

She even walked on the snow for the first time! (which is funny because her fur and feet seem designed for snow walking)

#CatsOfMastodon #EverydayIsCaturday

A furry grey cat standing on a patch of sidewalk surrounded by melting snow and brown grass of a backyard. She is wearing a harness with a leash attached, and is looking back toward the camera (ish).
A furry grey cat standing on a melting pile of snow in a backyard. She is wearing a harness attached to a leash.
2 months ago

“if you think a few pets will set us right after what you did you are deeply mistaken, human. But uh do keep petting me.” #pica #cat #everydayiscaturday

Pica looks nonplussed as my husband pets her.
Niele 🦖🦕 Subtile
2 months ago

There are many things in life you can do without, but not cats or literature.

#SchönerWohnenMitKatzen #EveryDayIsCaturday #MastoCats #FediCats #AdoptDontShop #eatREADsleep #eatCATSsleep #ec #eyecontact

Black and white cat Mitra looking pissed, behind him on the wall there is a poster with a cat sticking it's tongue out, with the text "There are many things in life you can do without, but not cats or literature" in german

Draw me like one of your French girls...
#YoshiOneEye #OneEyedCat #CatsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday

Yoshi One-Eye, a very fat tabby cat, sprawls on the carpet.
Teresa 👩🏼‍🦯
3 months ago

@sindarina Yes, I realize that now. My Australian friends had already been observing it for hours, and my European friends had started as well. #EveryDayIsCaturday

Devin Pike :bona fide:
3 months ago

On 17 March 2006, around 4:30 am, my EXTREMELY preggo blue crème calico Mei Mei snuck under my bed, peeped a couple of times (which she rarely did), and gave birth to four gorgeous kittens. Two stayed with me.

Seventeen years later, there’s a Norwegian Forest cat who’s still with me. #Kieran is still the charming purr monster he has always been. My super-senior fluffy overlord wishes you all a fabulous St Patrick’s Day.

#CatsOfMastodon #Weigie #EveryDayIsCaturday

A fluffy blonde cat gazes at you, his loyal and worshipful subjects, on his 17th birthday. Your gifts of premium catnip and chunk white tuna in water are always appreciated.

Pussy Galore opened the towel drawer and made herself a fort.
#PussyGalore #CatsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday

Pussy Galore peeks out from the nest she made in the towel drawer.

Draw me like one of your French girls...


This is still one of my favorite Yoshi pictures.
#YoshiOneEye #OneEyedCat #FatCat #CatsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday

Ready... Aim... Fire!
(no editing was done, it's all Yoshi)
#YoshiOneEye #OneEyedCat #CatsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday

Yoshi One-Eye glaring at the camera. The eye reflexion is small.
Yoshi One-Eye glaring at the camera. The eye reflexion is larger.
Yoshi One-Eye glaring at the camera. The eye reflexion is large.
Devin Pike :bona fide:
3 months ago

Look, mah dude. I can’t get up and feed you tuna if you’re standing on my sternum. Plus, how is it you weigh 85 pounds right now? Oww. #CatsOfMastodon #Kieran #Weigie #EveryDayIsCaturday

A blonde Norwegian Forest cat stands on the torso of his human, in defiance of all laws of gravity and decency. Look, this cat loves to crush the life out of me. Someone please send help.
His & Hearse Press
4 months ago

🚨 Breaking News! If you’ve been following Kitten Watch 2023, we now have TWO kittens! There’s a black one and a calico one, and Belly is still purring away. Stay tuned 👀 🐈‍⬛ 🐈

#HisAndHearsePress #Cat #Kitten #LaborAndDelivery #Birth #KittenRescue #Catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #CaturdayEveryDay #EveryDayIsCaturday #KittensOfMastodon (art by the infamous The Oatmeal)

A black background with a purple damask frame. A cartoon cat lays on her back shooting out tiny kittens next to the words “pew pew!” Text reads, “Kittens! February 16, 2023, congratulations Belly!”
His & Hearse Press
4 months ago

Forget all that informative and educational funeral stuff I post… who wants to see more pics of this dumpling of a cat?!? 🐈‍⬛

Follow me on my book writing journey that is getting sidetracked by ***Kitten Watch 2023***

(And yes, that is a meat blanket. A blanket that looks like a side of beef 🥩)

#HisAndHearsePress #Funeral #Embalming #AmWriting #Cat #KittenWatch #IShouldBeWriting #AdoptDontShop #SpayAndNeuter #MortuaryScience #Catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #CaturdayEveryday #EveryDayIsCaturday

A very young and very pregnant tabby cat laying on her back and looking at the camera. Her tummy is huge and round compared to her dainty features. She’s laying half on a person’s blue Jean clad legs and half on a red blanket.

Unfortunately joining this video conference is currently impossible due to access restrictions.

#catsofmastdn #everydayiscaturday #catsfeeling

A black cat with white paws is sitting on the laptop‘s keyboard. He is purring and making his irresistible slow blinks.

Leonardo da Vinci: "The smallest feline is a masterpiece."

#CatsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday

An older grey cat with cream-coloured patches and polydactyl feet standing reared-up on a kitchen floor, tongue out covering its nose, generally looking absolutely ridiculous.
Erin Whalen
5 months ago

Contrary to all modern understanding of evolutionary science, I remain irrevocably convinced that cats are really just snakes that decided to give themselves a serious upgrade.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #Catsodon #tabby #cat #everydayiscaturday

A sleepy tabby cat lying stretched out against the arm of a chair, with his spotted belly and inward curled hind feet facing the ceiling and his head and outstretched front paws pointing forward.
Dr. Anna Latour
6 months ago

Reunited with cat (and dog!) after my trip!

#CatsOfMastodon #DogsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday #Cats #Dogs

Me (young blonde woman) sitting on a chair holding a young black cat in my arms, while a border collie is trying to stealthily drop his toy on my lap because he wants to play.
Gregory J. Rosmaita
6 months ago

"You'd be dog-tired, too, if you'd been as busy as I've been, working triple shifts, making delicious kneaded treats for the holidays! Good thing my contract stipulates double-overtime & plenty of nip 'n' nap breaks!"

#BCatPix #EveryDayIsCaturday #CatsOfMastodon #CatsOnMastodon #MastoCats #cats #ACatsWorkIsNeverDone #FairDaysWorkForAFairDaysWages

An animated loop of Baby Cat's face & forepaws as she vigorously kneads a green blanket that compliments her enormous sage green eyes. Her tan, tiger-striped legs pump like pistons as she extends & retracts her claws. 

BC is a predominantly brown, black & tan tabby. She has a tan face with black markings, white whiskers, a white milk muzzle & a dusty rose nose. In this picture, both a black W & a black M can be seen on her forehead. BC has a wide jet black stripe down her back which begins between her ears. Her back is a rich dark brown, through which her downier, tan undercoat shows as speckles of golden light.
Dr. Anna Latour
6 months ago

Going on a trip and leaving heartbroken because of this. 😭💔 #CatsOfMastodon #AcademicCats #MastoCats #EveryDayIsCaturday #Travel

Grey suitcase with on top of it a black young cat who looks at the camera, all cute with his little face twisted to the side as if asking to come along.
Gregory J. Rosmaita
6 months ago

"Good morning, everyone! I certainly hope you're in a better mood than my housemate is!"

"If not, climb into my nest—there's room for at least two & I have a lot of purring to do!"

#BCatPix #TheArtOfALT #EveryDayIsCaturday #CatsOfMastodon #CatsOnMastodon #cats #MastoCats

Baby Cat lying on her right side, looking back over her shoulder & directly into the camera with a welcoming gaze. BC's lying on a green blanket that complements her large green eyes. She is pointedly not cuddling with the closest available human, but would welcome cuddling from whomever needs to feel & hear the purr of a supremely contented cat who's been basking in the sun.

Baby Cat is a predominantly brown, black, & tan tabby. She has a tan face with black markings, a white milk muzzle, & a dusty rose nose. In this photo, the marking on her forehead is indisputably a rather fancy W, although one of my informants insists it is a trident. BC's coat is a rich brown, speckled with tan from her downy undercoat, which looks golden in the direct sunlight.
Gregory J. Rosmaita
6 months ago

"Look, Gregory... I can tell you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, & think things over."

#BCatPix #TheArtOfALT #EverydayIsCaturday #CatsOnMastodon #CatsOfMastodon #cats #ImageDescription #alt

Baby Cat, leaning on her left elbow on the edge of a desk, looking intently ahead with her large green eyes, a look of genuine interest &  concern on her face.

Although she's lying down on the edge of the desk, BC's  leaning towards me, balanced on her tiger-striped left forearm. BC's tiger-striped right leg curls around the corner of the desk. Baby's pose is calmly reassuring, inviting confidence & complete trust.

Baby Cat is a predominantly brown, tan & black tabby, with tiger stripes on her neck & chest. BC has a tan face with black markings, white whiskers, a white milk muzzle & a dusty rose nose. She had at least 1 black M & 1 black W on her forehead. Her black lynx-tufted ears are at full alert.
Gregory J. Rosmaita
6 months ago

"Yes, we're all really impressed you're getting such a positive response to your posts about alt & image description, but please—for the love of Bastet—could you close Masto, put down your phone & attend to my quite urgent needs?"

#BCatPix #EveryDayIsCaturday #CatsOfMastodon #CatsOnMastodon

In a photo taken from what would be my point of view, Baby Cat sits patiently on a red & white floor-mat on a tile floor—her designated "treat area"—regarding me with utter disdain. She stares directly up at the camera, her pupils dilated, a disapproving glower in her enormous sage-green green eyes. BC is NOT amused.

Baby Cat is a predominantly brown, tan & black tabby cat. She has a tan face with black markings, a white milk muzzle, white whiskers & a dusty rose nose. BC's ears & their jet black lynx ear tufts are at full, annoyed alert. She has at least one jet black W & one jet black M on her forehead. BC has  tiger stripes on her chest that look like necklaces of varying width & hue.
6 months ago

And now your moment of Looie-loo. It's been a long day. Time for sleepy-bye. #everydayiscaturday #caturday every day

Tuxedo cat lying relaxed on his back. His belly is fluffy and white. The top of his head to just below his eyes is black.His long thick tail is also black.

@ali_king Why? I share with the kitties often, since I was a wee tyke, and no harm ever befell me therefrom...
#CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #EveryDayIsCaturday

Sharing my ice cream with Meggie. (RIP)

*I swear to god, one more pic and I will throw up on her keyboard again*

#SchönerWohnenMitKatzen #caturday #EveryDayIsCaturday #MastoCats #FediCats #AdoptDontShop

Black and white cat Mitra lying in bed, looking pissed