An Rabharta Glas-Green Left
1 week ago

The Green Party have stood over homelessness, evictions, screwing over institutional survivors and migrants, and much more.

They justified all this to themselves by saying it would all be worth it because if they went into government, they could reduce emissions.

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Ireland sees largest rise in greenhouse gas emissions in the EU

Findings show Ireland's emissions rose by more than 12% at the end of 2022
1 month ago

In the wake of the ending of the #EvictionBan by the FG/FF/Green government during a #HousingCrisis, @CaseyExplosion is doing a #Twitch charity fundraiser for #PeterMcVerryTrust, one of Ireland's #homeless charities.

Go, donate what you can!

CATU Belfast
2 months ago

They didn't have to do this - they chose to do it.

What we can do is choose to fight for each other.

#CATU #EvictionBan

Terry Lingwood
2 months ago 🎶

To the members of #DáilÉireann who voted in favour of the lifting of the #EvictionBan I have one question. Where did you sleep last night? #HomelessCrisis

Terry Lingwood
2 months ago

#EvictionBan #Homelessness #HousingCrisis 🎶 'Now my cheque is spent and I can't afford the rent. There's one law for the rich one for the poor' 🎶 #mastodaoine

An Rabharta Glas-Green Left
2 months ago

The Greens have disgraced themselves over the eviction ban.

If only there was a party that cared about both the environment and homelessness...

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P Gurgel-Segrillo
2 months ago

Clodagh Finn: Medical pioneer’s fire lit by childhood eviction trauma

"There are few words that carry a more visceral charge in Irish history than ‘eviction’, other than perhaps, ‘famine’ and ‘emigration’." #eviction #evictionBan #HousingCrisis #Ireland #HousingfForAll

Michaele Cutaya
2 months ago

A great summary of the forces at play in the housing crisis by #Sally Rooney. As a homeowner – and I appreciate what a luck and privilege that is everyday – I wholeheartedly stand in solidarity with tenants and the homeless population. the market value of my home is of no consequence to me whatsoever. let's bring it down now. #evictionBan #HousingCrisis #EatTheLandlords

2 months ago

If I defect to Russia will they give me a place to live? I could spy on Ireland for them.

7.00am: Eamon Ryan launches new campaign for people to heat their homes using their ovens. But could be it's trialing a new secret weapon to collapse the motherland with oven radiation! #ireland #evictionban #russia

Access to justice in environmental matters is designed to protect the environment, because the public has a duty to enforce environmental law under the #Aarhus Convention
RT @Trickstersworld
Here’s @FredPLogue on why advice from the Attorney General is not always correct. Full episode The #EvictionBan and Planning to Fail is out now.

I've not seen a lot of coverage of this so posting here.

If you live in #Scotland the #EvictionBan has been extended to the end of September 2023 (with the possibility of further extention).

You can check with #Shelter to find out how this applies to your own circumstances.
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Liam Ward
3 months ago

The Phoenix nails it


Photo of Leo Varadkar and Daragh O'Brien with speech bubbles.

Varadkar: We need to help those who get up early
O'Brien: Landlords and their bailiffs!
Terry Lingwood
3 months ago
Dedicated to all the #Irish politicians who think it's a good idea to lift an #EvictionBan in the middle of a #HousingCrisis #homelessness Tell me again how this is the fault of #Refugees 🤷‍♂️🤬

3 months ago

So the Irish government is getting rid of the #EvictionBan during a housing crisis and record homelessness.

The Green Party, in government has gone along with this and today has also said that you can't have free #PublicTransport as people will take "unnecessary journeys". During a #ClimateCrisis.

The absolute, fucking gall of it all. What's the point of the @greenparty_ie? Why would any sensible person ever #VoteGreen ever again? Neoliberals on Bikes!

Réada Cronin TD
3 months ago

Clinics on Friday were particularly 💔 and calls to Kildare County Council today were without hope. Local Authorities are dreading the lifting of #EvictionBan next month.

Sinn Féin has tabled a motion tomorrow calling on the Govt to extend the Ban until the end of the year and take emergency action to tackle homelessness now.