dazfuller :rickwhoah:
1 day ago

Been busy working on updating our #ApacheSpark #Excel data source reader to support Spark 3.4

FileSourceOptions and SparkPath throwing up some changes needed, but prompted a rewrite of the options class which was needed anyway. Unit tests are all passing now for Spark 3.0.1 up to 3.4.0 which is good, now for some manual testing on #Databricks and #AzureSynapse

3 days ago

Perfect for new users of Excel, Excel Workbook For Dummies is also the ideal resource for those who know their way around a spreadsheet but need a refresher on some of the more advanced features. #Excel #Dummies #Free

Steven P. Sanderson II, MPH
3 days ago

📢 Data Pros! 🚀 Exporting data to Excel in R? Don't forget file size output! 📊💡 It boosts efficiency, saves resources, and optimizes network transfer. Check my latest blog for details! #DataManagement #Excel #Optimization


3 days ago

If you ever feel stupid, just remember that #excel and other spreadsheet programs localize functions. Aka "=ROW()" in english is "=ZEILE()" in German. And I hate everything about it.

Let me quickly google what function to use before having to fking translate it (I could change the language of the program ofc. OR NOT because my company will yell at me if I do. Amazing)

3 days ago

As a long-time #excel user, I have been conditioned to obsessively press Ctrl+S every minute or so.

Brian M
3 days ago

Dear Microsoft
If Excel knows that I'm missing a parentheses at the end of my formula, JUST ADD IT!!

#Excel #Microsoft #MSOffice #Office

4 days ago

Hoja de Calculo #excel Inventario de Finca ganadera Venezolana ➡️ ⬅️ #economia #administracion #agronomia #inventario #Contabilidad #agricola #cienciasagrarias #fcagrarias, #UDELAR #Uruguay #UDV #Guatemala

@niconiconi Shit like this is why I don't use #Excel... Basically everything in the #MicrosoftOffice package is Turing-Complete!

Chris :donor:
5 days ago

Ich suche (#FediHire) eine/n Mid-Level #Developer, der/die verschiedenste Aufgabenstellungen und Sprachen anfassen kann. Es gibt kleine Scripting- und Software-Projekte in #pyhton, #powershell, #bash, #php, #sql, #javascript, usw. Darüber hinaus brauchen wir häufig API-Connectoren zu Netzwerk- und Security-Produkten, die meist mit #xml (z.B. für SIEM-Themen) und #json (z.B. für Automatisierungen) als Austauschformat nutzen. Fokus-Hersteller sind #ExtremeNetworks und #Fortinet. Interne Tools gibt es u.a. mit #Excel #Macros (#vba / #dotNET). Also wirklich vielfältige größere und kleine Projekte...

Meine Kollegin/Mein Kollege sollte also strukturiert und mit Planung an Projekte herangehen können, anstatt, wie aktuell die Projekte laufen "jede/r, der/die ein bisschen Scripten kann, schreibt irgendwie irgendwas, was niemand anderes mehr brauchbar nutzen kann".

#Vollzeit oder #Teilzeit, #Deutschland (Hauptstandort #Pforzheim), zu großem Prozentsatz #remote möglich.
#Jobs #FediJobs #getFediHired

(Details zur Firma im übergeordneten Toot)

5 days ago

Huh, today I learned something new about #Excel. Apparently it only supports numbers up to 15 digits. Any digits you include over 15 will be changed to a 0. Only way to get it to show properly is to change it to be formatted as text.

5 different people at work looked at this spreadsheet before I did and couldn't figure it out.
I just googled "why is excel rounding big numbers when I don't want it to" and got the answer and solution within 2 minutes.

Mike (Multiverse of Badness)
6 days ago

My current #coding nightmare :

Having to rewrite a legacy #VB 2010 function that's over 1300 lines long with over 1000 lines of calculations and chock full o' #random number generations in #python

Bonus : code was written over 25 years ago almost completely "lifted and shifted" from #Excel VBA to its current home

..and while this is the ugliest of the functions, there's about 20 overall...

This is gonna be some fuuuunnnn #code to rewrite and #audit.. 😬

6 days ago

If you can do data consolidate and VLOOKUP in #excel you are better than 90% of people that work in an #office setting. I highly encourage anyone that wants to work in an office to learn Excel because you will be treated like a magician by those that haven't bothered to learn 😂

Paul O'Malley
1 week ago

📊 Did you know that PowerPoint can do more than just create slides? 🎉✨

📈 Today, I want to share a potentially game-changing tip with you! Have you ever considered creating your charts directly in PowerPoint instead of Excel and copying them over? 🤔💡

🔢 No need to switch between multiple software programs or use multiple files. By harnessing PowerPoint's charting capabilities, you can save time⏰ and streamline your workflow. Plus, it's an excellent way to keep all your presentation elements in one place and makes collaboration even easier! 🙌🌟

🎥 I've created a short video tutorial where I walk through these tips and tricks. 🎬


Don't forget to #boost and share this post with your connections who want to level up their presentation game!

#VisualizeData #PresentationTips #DataVisualization #LinkedIn #PresentationSkills #DataAnalysis #PowerPointHacks #ProfessionalDevelopment #BusinessTips #PowerPoint #Excel

YouTube Thumbnail Image highlighting the PowerPoint Logo with the caption "Insert and Edit Charts"

Multi-row dependent drop downs are not easy to create… or are they?

Here I use just 3 easy to understand formulas to deliver exactly what people need in the simplest to implement and understand solution I’ve seen.

Let me know what you think


Tom Slider
1 week ago

At work, I use spreadsheets almost all of the time. Generally, Google Sheets is my go to and it is the one that I'm most comfortable with. It works well every time and I never have a complaint.

However I am working on a new project that requires me to dust off Excel and about 30 minutes into using, guess what happens? Yep, it crashes and I lose my work that I had been working on for the last hour.

Thank you Microsoft for the experience. :|

#microsoft #Google #GoogleSheets #Excel #IT #tech #spreadsheet

1 week ago

How could I miss out on #VisiData for so long? This might become my new favorite #CLI tool.

If you do _anything_ with data and enjoy working in the terminal, check it out. It can

• provide a #TUI for viewing and editing data in #CSV, #Excel, #SQLite, #JSON, #YAML & #XML files and quite a few more
• sort, filter, join and edit that data, across files and across formats
• convert between the formats (interactively or not)
• record & play macros
• be scripted in #Python

David Napoli
2 weeks ago

@emilynordmann (and (many others on this site; this is just one example)

There are more, but these are great resources to start with.

Another resource: me and the courses on exactly this (#Excel #DataViz) I teach 😁

Agnew Hawk :bongoCat:
2 weeks ago

If you hand me a #spreadsheet of 5000 rows, where every other row remains empty and truncated to 5 pixels "for padding", I am genuinely concerned over your well-being. #data #dataprocessing #excel

2 weeks ago

Why the heck is it so complicated to have cells with check boxes in them in Excel? Am I crazy? Are we really in 2023?


2 weeks ago

FevaWorks 三大免費 Excel 應用工作坊 善用全方位技能提升工作效率
Excel 對於不少普通人來說,可能只是用作紀錄數據的文書軟件,但大家又是否知道,如果善用運動 Excel 當 […]
The post FevaWorks 三大免費 Excel 應用工作坊 善用全方位技能提升工作效率 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#生活科技 #Excel #fevaworks

Nueva entrada en el blog:

Planes de #aceptación unilaterales por variables con #Julia, #R y hoja de cálculo (#excel y #libreoffice)

(Me hace ilusión poder hacer un toot como este 😃.)

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
Screenshot of a Microsoft Excel table.
Matthias Eberspächer
2 weeks ago

Ich freue mich sehr, dass mein über 15 Jahre altes Excel noch so begeistern kann. Ich habe mich dazu mal mit ChatGPT unterhalten und wir sind einer Meinung: Excel als OPuLi ist soooo 90er ;o) - aber manchmal eben immer noch die einfachste Lösung. Lieber Excel, als gar keine OPuLi!

#Projektmanagement #Projektmanagementtools #Selbstorganisation #opuli #opl #lop #excel #chatgpt

"Another Classic of the classics.xlsx" 😂🤓

#excel #excelisnotdb #data #datanalysis

Converting an Excel spreadsheet into an org-table:

#emacs #orgmode #excel

2 weeks ago
Sistemare e pianificare l'#orto, anche quando progettato in piccoli spazi vuol dire fare tantissime scelte, in ogni modo la verifica della bontà dei #semi e il loro sviluppo è un passo fondamentale. Come fare,cosa osservare e tabella #excel gratis da scaricare

#ortourbano #agricolturasostenibile #agricolturabiologica #alimentazione #autoproduzione #autosufficienza #autosuffisancealimentaire

ts thank you ☕
2 weeks ago

#Microsoft how is it 2023 and we still don’t have a random sort option for table rows in #Office #Excel ? It would be so useful.

When I'm creating these thumbnails there's a dark-side saying "you look like a bloody idiot" and then the light-side says... ah well.. do it anyway🤣


I've created a useless, therefore indispensable, #macOS app to open multiple #Excel instances.

Use case: edit multiple files without screaming when undoing operations.

2 weeks ago

Dirty Data Dojo: Cleaning Data (Excel & Python): Learn to Clean Your Dirty Data in Minutes, not Months by Lee Baker is the featured course on the Leanpub homepage! #courses #Excel #Python #DataScience



#Excel #エクセル

Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK
3 weeks ago

The first part of this #VBA #Excel project (to automatically populate a spreadsheet with details of vehicles staff use and confirm they have tax and MOT (inspection)) was more straightforward than I expected..

(I nicked the JSON parser from a web, rather than roll my own)

I now just need to parse the dictionary it generates to warn of errors and (if data is good) populate an array (bearing in mind name/value pairs from DVLA can arrive in any order and total amount of them can vary)

VBA code that contacts UK's DVLA API server with a registration mark, and gets back JSON containing vehicle info. The JSON result which has been converted into a VBA dictionary object has been printed in the debug window (with some info scrolled off the top for privacy) using a helper app
Allwissende Müllhalde
3 weeks ago

Du machst bei der Arbeit einen #Fehler in einer #Excel-Liste mit der die Kundin weiterarbeiten will. Sie bemerkt den Fehler und wirft dir vor, dass du nicht sorgfältig genug warst (stimmt) und dass du hättest sagen können, dass du keine Ahnung von E. hättest (stimmt nicht).

Wie oft entschuldigt man sich, bevor man sich nach dem dritten, unsachlichen Vorwurf, die Zusammenarbeit beendet?

Wiredfire :BA:
3 weeks ago

I have a Google form we use to record raffle entries for a cat rescue. Supporters enter by adding a Facebook comment with how many entries they want then one of the rescue’s volunteers adds them to the form - name and number of entries.

Is there then a way to get Google Sheets to automatically duplicate each entry (name) for as many times as the number of entries given in the form?

#excel #googlesheets #spreadsheet #technicalsupport

Patrick O'Beirne
3 weeks ago

@Jbat @miriamkp
Ethan #Mollick on oneusefulthing is positive about #GPT4 #Code #Interpreter for #Python. But it's often the case that experts can ask questions that are not answered in the training data.

I found that #Bing solved an easy #Excel lookup question but anything more complicated could not be done.

Rogue file in your SharePoint Folder?

How to consolidate multiple files from a SharePoint / OneDrive folder AND how to debug issues when it doesn’t work… including creating an output table listing the problem files…


#Excel #PowerBI #PowerQuery

3 weeks ago

#microsoft #excel is such a piece of poop

in the descriptive statistics output, they don't include coefficient of variation (CV)

un believable

Slightly to the left
4 weeks ago

How can I apply the same conditional formatting rule to multiple rows separately ? For example, color scale for the first row, then a separate color scale for row 2, etc.

It's the same rule, I just don't want a value in row 2 to change the colors in row 1 which is what happens if range is comma separated, like A1:L1, D2:P2.

I could use separate rules, but it's 60 rows. If it matters, I'm using #GoogleSheets I just want a checkbox for "Apply to each column/row separately"

#Excel #Spreadsheets

4 weeks ago

#microsoft #office #office365 #excel

at least in my older version of office, you can't do a search for text in a text box

there are macros on the web, but in my experience they don't work well


Anthony Goubard
4 weeks ago

I've just released Applet Runner 2️⃣ NetBeans plugin.
What's new: PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, Powerpoint, JSON, XML and YAML Viewers.
Terminal, HTML Browser, MP3 Player and many more. The best is that you watch the video 🎞 below.

#NetBeans #plugin #free #pdf #excel #csv #terminal #browser

1 month ago

I currently have an M2 #MacbookAir but I've been considering switching back to Windows.

Mainly due to Office just works better (especially #Excel) but also I miss some of the "smaller" games that you can't get on MacOS

Part of me thinks it would be a foolish thing to do though so for now I'm holding off 😀

1 month ago

Trying to find a book or document on #python and #excel. I found this:

"Python for Excel: A Modern Environment for Automation and Data Analysis" , Felix Zumstein.

I guess this book will focus mainly in #xlwings since he is the creator and maintainer of xlwings.

Any other recommendation?

#dataanalysis #datascience

How to write better Multiple IF formulas in Power Query.

- parameter approach
- approximate match approach


#PowerQuery #Excel #PowerBI

I have a meeting coming up next week or so. A vendor brought in a product that wowed the CISO, but I have no idea what problem they are solving. They are simply taking the data we have and formatting it differently, making a picture out of it. We can do that already. We are doing that already. We are doing more than that, already.

Does anyone have a vendor or product that can handle this particular use case?

A single app server or web server have components that are the responsibility of three different teams, at a minimum. Depending on how the servers are used, it can go up to a dozen or more teams.
Our vulnerability scanner ties everything to a specific device, generally by IP address and sometimes includes a port number. Rarely, it includes the path to the executable in the results.
How do we create a repeatable, automatic process for parsing those vulnerabilities out to the respective responsible parties?

Right now, we have someone who builds a giant IF THEN ELSE object in Alteryx to split things out before he pumps it into PowerBI.
He has to make adjustments to the logic every single week when we meet because there are always new vulnerabilities.

Brinqa? RiskSense? Kenna Security? Aristotle Insight? Vulcan? ServiceNow?

Please tell me your success stories or your cautionary tales.

#InfoSec #ThreatManagement #VulneraiblityManagement #VulnerabilityScanning #PowerBI #Alteryx #Excel

Solver Max
1 month ago

Blog article: Price breaks in a linear programming model

Price breaks, or volume discounts, are common when buying products in bulk. That is, the marginal cost of additional products falls as volume increases.

In this article, we describe an example of how to represent price breaks in a linear programming model.

#orms #Excel #optimization #OpenSolver

Bowl of cranberries
Curt Frye
1 month ago

I just realized I haven't done an #introduction toot, so here 'tis. I create online training courses independently and for LinkedIn Learning, mostly on #tableau and #microsoft #excel, and do a bit of writing and #keynote #speaking as well.

I also dabble in #boardgames and #wargames, especially as applied to business strategy, and have been a professional #improv performer since 1993. Other performing interests include #magic and #mentalism, especially as they intersect with #law and #rhetoric.

"Emotions are like spreadsheets a.k.a. #Excel, no one teach you to use them properly... and then, everyone asks you to know how to use them as expert everywhere for everything". - Anonymous

In meinem Leben findet viel in Excel-Tabellen statt und ständig brauche ich neue um Dinge zu ordnen und zu sortieren. Das ist ja erstmal nicht schlimm. Blöd finde ich nur, dass ich seit Jahren dafür Google Spreadsheets nutze und einfach nicht wechseln kann, weil es einfach die beste Software ist und nichts dagegen ankommt.

Habt ihr eine viable Alternative?

#excel #spreadsheets #selfhosting

1 month ago

Here's a post on how to add #MachineLearning models to #Excel workbooks.

Read the post to find out how (and why) I bothered!

Slightly esoteric? maybe, maybe not. Whatever, I hope it's useful!

Comments welcome :-)


Colin Devroe
1 month ago

Let's say I have a dozen or so Excel spreadsheets that show how the business is doing - mostly order data with financials thrown in. Is anyone out there building their own data models for ChatGPT-like bots to provide chat based queries for data like this?

#ChatGPT #ai #excel

@kwf @b0rk I'd like to add more to it: Never use #Excel for anything - period!

#LibreOffice #Calc does the same but better...

Steven P. Sanderson II, MPH
2 months ago

Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis and visualization, but sometimes it can be limited in terms of formatting options. That's where the 'styledtable' package in R comes in!

#datavisualization #dataanalysis #excel #Rprogramming #collaboration #excel #tables #style #r #rstats #opensource #github #innovation #technology



Coding Gardener
2 months ago

Been working with an almighty #Excel workbook that needs converting to #PowerQuery format and ultimately #PowerBI

It is so big it barely functions

There are multitudes of data redundancies, formulae with errors, circular references, and tens of thousands of columns with random bits of unnecessary data

Every sheet needs to be checked, validated and cleaned before going into Power Query for further work and transformation

When it comes to Excel: just because you can, doesn't mean you should

Zane Selvans
2 months ago

Looks like maybe XLWings is one option:

And they have a git plugin that allows you to diff VBA code embedded in spreadsheets:

#pydata #Excel #datadon #git #testing #python #vba

Father Roderick
2 months ago

Would you like to see what's going on in #London at the #StarWarsCelebration? Check out my news vlog in which I travel to the #ExCeL Centre and visit a cool #StarWars filming location:

Jeff Fortin T.
2 months ago


Oh now they've done it! 🧐

They made me "dnf install gnumeric", and slap @s3phy awake at 2 AM to boot up a corporate laptop to test with #Excel !

Both apps can open the file in less than 15 seconds, and this puts LibreOffice Calc's performance to shame in comparison.

If someone tries to dodge the cow, I shall taunt them a second time!

2 months ago

A nice comparison of descriptive #statistics methods in #Javascript, #Python, #SQL, R, and #Excel from

I can't help but point out the syntactic consistency of the SQL implementations relative to the others.


David Napoli
2 months ago

And following up on yesterday's Data Wrangling comparisons across #Javascript, #Rstats, #Python, #SQL, and #Excel by @allison_horst, here is a dive into Descriptive Statistics across the same set of tools

2 months ago

Hier hat mal jemand eine schadhafte Excel-Datei auseinandergenommen. Es nutzt eine Schwachstelle im Formeleditor (CVE-2017-11882) aus und lädt schadhafte Inhalte nach.

#Shellcode #Excel #OLE

Where are the overlaps and what are the considerations in choosing to use Power BI for reporting v Excel

#PowerBI #Excel

KC Lemson
2 months ago

I work on #Excel, and this still cracks me up every time I see it

A Venn diagram showing three circles labeled:

Me eating a fig 

The intersection of all the circles says “Incorrectly assuming something is a date”

Does anyone have a good solution for turning an #Excel worksheet into #MarkDown? The only thing I've found ( doesn't handle ALT-Enter newlines within cells gracefully...

Leigh Dodds
2 months ago

This People Make Games video about Microsoft Excel eSports is brilliant:

#data #excel #esports

Martin Steiger 🙏🏻
2 months ago

«Für das Schreiben von Texten oder das Erstellen von Tabellen braucht es weder #Word noch #Excel. Es gibt einige kostenlose Alternativen – zum Beispiel #LibreOffice

2 months ago
An Excel spreadsheet. Column headings have been rotated up by 45 degrees.
Kaspar Manz
2 months ago

It's 2023, and #Excel for Mac still saves a TSV using … MacRoman encoding (and insists on using a .txt extension).

#Why #JustWhy

Want to be a surprise source of value for your company?

Go around to different departments and find out which ones are regularly updating spreadsheets to track the information they need. These are frequently a mess and difficult to maintain.

Those are prime candidates for building a new internal application that can significantly reduce costs.

One of our clients has a product with a large and growing market. That product started out as an #Excel document.

KC Lemson
2 months ago

Too busy to keep track of a bracket during NCAA #MarchMadness but still want to play along?

Check out this #Excel mini-game:

A zoomed out view of a basketball bracket in Excel
2 months ago


holy moley 👀👀👀...😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

#Excel #CoPilot #LLM

Stefan Zitz
3 months ago

@eloquence What puzzles me is that although modern #capitalism is all about efficiency, people in charge ignores won't believe these study results.

It's like "but I want larger numbers on my #excel chart..."

Jonatan Hildén
3 months ago

So Excel’s find-replace is as you may now limited to say the least. Just tried using #Pandas to find-replace in a multi-sheet #excel file. Read in and reconstruct. Bonus: replacements clearly listed:
import pandas as pd

d = pd.read_excel('myExcel.xlsx', sheet_name=None)

for key in d.keys():
d[key].replace(regex={'foo':'bar', 'baz':'new'}, inplace=True)

with pd.ExcelWriter('myCleanedExcel.xlsx') as writer:
for key in d.keys():
d[key].to_excel(writer, sheet_name=key)

# python code snippet:

import pandas as pd

d = pd.read_excel('myExcel.xlsx', sheet_name=None)

for key in d.keys():
    d[key].replace(regex={'foo':'bar', 'baz':'new'}, inplace=True)

with pd.ExcelWriter('myCleanedExcel.xlsx') as writer:
    for key in d.keys():
        d[key].to_excel(writer, sheet_name=key)
Sharon Machlis
3 months ago

From Todd Wallach: "Here's my tipsheet for using Excel for stats at #NICAR23 today. I tried to pack a lot in an hour. The key takeaway is that Excel's Analsis ToolPak can generate a bunch of standard 'descriptive' stats on any column faster than typing in formulas and you can do more sophisticated functions, like correlation charts and multiple regression."


Sample #data

#Excel #ddj #stats

3 months ago

Essential Excel Skills For Researchers, Parts 1 & 2 and Not my thing, but very good stuff here! #excel #research #spreadsheet #data #tips

3 months ago

I'm in tears. This is hilarious. Poignant. And timely.

Please, take the profanity for what it is, a way to make you laugh, and remember, don't you dare use a spreadsheet.

#Engineering #Automation #Security #InfoSec #Spreadsheet #Excel

David Chartier
3 months ago

Alright #spreadsheet nerds, here’s your next challenge. 😄

#Excel #MicrosoftExcel #painting

Eric R. Franklin
3 months ago

Anyone here an #Excel guru? I could use a hand.

I have a list of cards from multiple sets/expansions, and I need the ability to pull a random card.

That much I have already, using INDEX and RANDBETWEEN.

What I'd like to be able to do is tell Excel, "Only pull from expansions X, Y, and Z" instead of having it pull from the full roster of cards.

Currently, each card listing has its set as one of the columns on the data page. Each tab currently is a card type.


3 months ago

@neil Hah. Speaking of #Microsoft #L10n, there is also (where the "update definitions" button was translated as a compound noun (i.e. "definitions of 'update'"), not a command ("update the definitions").
Or the Excel documentation where the list of #excel built-in functions was first sorted alphabetically, then translated, so entries like UND and ZÄHLENWENN appear very high up in the list (corresponding to their position in English, AND and COUNTIF).

Screenshot of German version of "Microsoft Security Essentials". A button labeled "Updatedefinitionen" is highlighted.
NV Access
4 months ago

Lots of tips for you to read in our In-Process blog this week! How to use Tables in #Excel, reporting table headers (in other apps too), Open Source month - #FOSSFeb, (with more links than we posted here!) and lots of info on RSS readers:

Kaspar Manz
4 months ago

No, #Excel will not recognise 2022-01 as a valid date format (even though this is part of the ISO standard), but immediately applies it's own date formatting once it's presented with 1/22. #facepalm

4 months ago

Hoping, although it's not a solution, I've found reason for Excel just hanging every so often. I believe it's related to conditional formatting! This has been happening for months, and it shortly unhangs, and I can save the file, but really frustrating. Finally, a search today suggested CF was the culprit. So now I will need to verify, but I hope it's the case (I can undo CF for now), and Microsoft makes a fix for it, or I figure out why soon. Grrrr. #Excel #Microsoft #O365

Sharon Machlis
4 months ago

Useful resource for understanding how to make spreadsheets more machine readable and accessible to people with low vision, from the UK gov't, via @mattdray in his @NHSrCommunity webinar on the {a11ytables} R 📦
#Excel #spreadsheets

Frank der Entspannende 🥾👟🇺🇦
4 months ago

Womit und wie schreibe ich mein nächstes Buch?

In ein paar Wochen werde ich mein Buchprojekt über „Weinglücksorte“ in #Rheinhessen abgeben. Hier erfährst Du, wie ich mit #Excel, #Todoist, #BaseCamp, ON1 Photo Raw, #Scrivener, Microsoft #Word und Microsoft #Editor das #Buch schreibe:

#fotografie #schreiben #autor #wein

Oder Du kommst am nächsten Freitag, 12:30 Uhr, zu #VirtuellesKaffeetrinken:

Sonnenuntergang bei der Weinprobe im Kloster Jakobsberg
KC Lemson
4 months ago

I work on the #Excel team at Microsoft and I play a *ton* of #sudoku, and I just created something that marries those two things.

Excel has soooo many awesome features, but navigating the menus to find out about & then use those features can be a challenge.

So here's an excel file with sudoku games in it, showing how cells can automatically change color based on what number you put in.

Save a copy and then use the (free) web app to try it out.!AukeCQdwJqyp7sgIC0-SuJ94UhqhAw?e=9pcA44

Screenshot of the excel web client experience with the linked file open, showing the sudoku game.
Dave Guarino
4 months ago

“Excel is pretty dang cool”

A programmer’s lens on modern-day #Excel affordances


ricardo :mastodon:
4 months ago

Interviewer: "Are you proficient in #Excel?"
Me: "Absolutely"

Super Mario made in Excel
Kingsley Uyi Idehen
5 months ago


I would hope an ability to query your #RSS and #OPML feeds directly using Text Search, #SQL, #GraphSQL, or #SPARQL would fit that bill re data flow and connectivity :)

End-users, power-users, and developers who are happy to work with a #Hyperlink as a Data Source Name (#DSN).

App Examples?

1. Spreadsheets (#GoogleSpreadsheet, #Excel, #Airtable)
2. Various notebooks (#Jupyter, #Observablehq etc..)
3. Data Visualization Tools
4. Content Management
5. etc

/cc @judell