Adrian Segar
1 day ago

What's the best way to teach participation techniques? Here's a story about the power of experiential learning at a workshop…

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power of experiential learning: photograph of Adrian Segar facilitating a workshop with participants seated in circles of chairs
Georgia Museum of Art
2 weeks ago

Kimberly Gaitonde (AB '20 University of Georgia) says, "it was the experience of working hands-on with art objects [in her internship at the Georgia Museum of Art] that really ignited my passion for museum work specifically." Now she's working for the Yellowstone Art Museum, using the skills she gained from her internship here.

Read more:

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Kimberly Gaitonde, a young museum professional, wearing a gray and black patterned sweater, standing with her arms crossed in front of a large black and white painting
Adrian Segar
1 month ago

An explanation by Jerry Weinberg of why we strongly favor experiential learning over, say, lecturing or passive reading or writing.

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experiential learning: photograph of a young boy learning to surf in the ocean with his father standing just behind him. Photo attribution: Flickr user mikebaird
Sada Reed
2 months ago

The Scripps Howard Fund is offering one-time grants of up to $30,000 to universities and nonprofits creating #ExperientialLearning projects that engage and encourage post-secondary students from under-represented groups in journalism to pursue journalism careers. The deadline to apply is September 30. For details, go to
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The Big Data Cluster
3 months ago

Mandy Nix is a #CriticalZone scientist based at the University of #Vermont. This week she is taking part in a four day conference with a hundred fellow scientists who are all part of the ##NSF -funded Critical Zone Collaborative Network.

As part of the conference Network scientists guided field trips including one to the threatened #GreatSaltLake.

Nix describes how field trips like this contribute to the educational experience.

#ExperientialLearning #PlaceBased

Fredrik Graver
5 months ago

Makes me think of Dewey in How We Think: «One does not learn from experience. One learns from reflecting on experience». A bit of a travesty that his thought often is reduced to «learning by doing», since that simplification is in many ways antithetical to what he was writing about.

The practice-placements the author critiques here are examples of institutions attempting «learning by doing» and forgetting that it is the reflection, before, during, and after the doing that’s the key.

Deeper pedagogies are key to cracking open the black box of experiential learning

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❤️ HONEYMOON is a video game designed to teach young people about healthy relationships. Through gameplay teens can learn to safely identify some of the warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship.

Play in your browser or download from the App Store.


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The background is of an adult couple standing next to each other in a modern kitchen. They are the mother and father from the game 'HONEYMOON' and are looking at the viewer.

"This program went above and beyond my expectations . . . I look forward to continue using this product in the near future."
Professional School Counselor, El Paso Independent School District

A game for young people about healthy relationships.
The Science Nomad
6 months ago

#Sensors in #Science + #Tinkering 4 #Teachers. My new portable, bluetoothed, gas sensor modules, bringing biology, climate change & Air Quality into under served #school systems. My recent work has been developing #experientiallearning for #environmental #Education in #macedonia supported by UNICEF. Can be popped in a plastic bag & used to track rates of #photosynthesis outside in-situ. With a change of sensors we have used these to monitor airborne particle loads, and noxious gases.

A small daisy plant is housed inside a clear vessel. suspended above the plant is a small red sensor module, drawing gases up across the sensor electronics. Beside the clear enclosure are two bright LED floodlights illuminating the plant.
A small palm sized red sensor module sits on a desk. The red plastic case is slightly rough indicating it has been 3d printed. Visible on its sides are 2 access ports for usb cables - for charging and connecting to a computer. Visible on the modules conical top is a small opening with a fan enclosed. This draws air into the unit and pushes it over the sensors.
A graph is displayed on a large android tablet. The information has been sent via bluetooth from the sensor module. The graph has three lines, Red, Magenta and dark Blue. The red line represents humidity, this line is very nearly straight and horizontal. The magenta line represents the air temperature in the enclosure, at the start of the line on the left it is flat, but at the time the lights were turned on it begins to rise. At the time the lights were turned off it begins to slowly fall back but does not return to its original level. The dark blue line represents carbon Dioxide levels. The live representing the CO2 levels also starts of level on the left hand side, and begins to fall, a little after the lights have been turned on. At the time the lights are turned off the CO2 levels begin to slowly rise. The screen also shows buttons to connect the APP to the sensor module, and to save the data as well as email the data for further analysis.
7 months ago

Taste-testing Henry’s Law for co2 solubility in water as a function of temperature. 40 deg C on left, 0.1 deg C on right. #ExperientialLearning

Two ~1 litre bottles of water carbonized at 40 deg C (left) and 0.1 deg C (right).

Spiced orange tea bags for taste, salutatory effects expected to have the same offsetting effect.
Nathaniel D. Porter
7 months ago

In a love/hate relationship with my decision to teach a full-semester course this Spring, instead of just workshop like normal. It's great to work with the group over the full semester and build in #experientiallearning, but it also triples my average weekly prep time (plus grading).

8 months ago

Conservation, research, restorative justice, and more! #Middlebury student Josh Rosenstein '24 is currently a #PlanetForward correspondent. We're talking with him throughout his time in the role to find our about his work, his discoveries, and what this means for his classwork. See all 3 parts in this #Twitch Collection.

#EnvironmentalScience #EnvironmentalJournalism #ExperientialLearning

8 months ago
A list of workshops with dates and times over three weeks in January 2023.
9 months ago

This is the time of year that many young people are searching for summer #Internships or research opportunities. Although #Education makes young people compete, the truth is that meaningful #ExperientialLearning opportunities are everywhere. Here is a brief video tutorial on how to find or create a summer internship. Please amplify to help this find its people ❤️

10 months ago

#introduction. Hello Mastodon community! Just joined and excited to connect and engage within a kind and civil space. I live in #Buffalo and work at #UBuffalo as Director of the Experiential Learning Network. I connect students with the world through #experientiallearning and #digitalbadges. I focus on the UN #sdgs and collaborate with #ngos mostly in #africa through #projectbasedlearning. I look forward to connecting!

Shoshanah Jacobs
10 months ago

Today is the last class of IdeasCongress (ICON) for the last time.

Seven years, 12 community engaged projects, over 500 students from first year to graduate level, from over 26 different disciplines.

We're ending on a high note with @DrDanielGillis

#HigherEd #ExperientialLearning #ActiveLearning #SoTL

Check out what it was:

Nathaniel D. Porter
10 months ago

Observed: new electives need to be shiny to potential students, not just department/university goals. Either something jumps or I'll see 2 semesters of novel #experientialLearning courses cancelled via low enrollment, 1 grad, 1 UG. Looks like the revolution will be improving existing courses. #dataEducation #sociology

Alon Eisenstein
10 months ago

Glad to see many familiar people here.
As my first #introduction here’s a little bit about myself.

I’m a Humanist, feminist, socialist progressive son, partner, father, uncle, friend.
I am Teaching #technology #entrepreneurship #leadership and #CriticalThinking using #ExperientialLearning in Canada.
Living on the ancestral, traditional and unceded territory of the Syilx Okanagan people working towards truth and reconciliation as an uninvited guest.

A frozen creek surrounded by snowy banks with trees all around
Alejandra M. Pickett
10 months ago

Congratulations Dr. Mara Huber & Christina Heath !! #OLCAccelerate award recognizing the #ExperientialLearning Project Portal & digital badge system. #VirtualInternship #badging

Brian G. Rice
11 months ago

@Liveotherwise we #Homeschool our two teen kids, and have since we pulled our oldest out of kindergarten. We are also #ChildLed but not quite #unschooled. We are very focused on #ProjectBasedLearning and #ExperientialLearning.