Morag Perkins
5 days ago

Here's my favourite #FP4Party frame from the other roll - this time the film was 20 years out of date! (Thanks @FaithfullJohn)

Exposed at ISO 64 & pushed one stop in processing and it seemed to work rather nicely.


Since I'm only trying for 12 Art Advent Calendar posts I'll use the in between days for FP4 Party posts and you can have alternating colour and black & white to look at.


Ilford FP4 Plus
Minolta Dynax 404si & AF 50mm f2.8 macro lens

#BelieveInFiIm #BlackAndWhite #ExpiredFilm

Atmospheric, soft, grainy black & white photograph of a single dried out Physalis lantern.

The 'lantern' part of the plant is in sharp focus and occupies most of the frame, with the background falling away to a soft blur with hints of other plant material behind.

It is a complex transparent cage-like structure, with clear skeletal patterns like the veins in a leaf. In the centre of the structure a round dried out black object can be seen.

The structure is gently backlit, making it appear to glow softly.
Ale Di Gangi
2 months ago

"The reader"

Camera: Holga GCFN
Film: expired & cross processed Kodak Ektachrome 64T

#Lomography #Holga #Ektachrome #expiredfilm #analogphotography #filmphotography

A woman on the beach seen from the side and behind, sitting by herself on her towel, wearing a straw hat and reading a book in a timeless fashion. Taken with analog expired & cross processed Kodak Ektachrome 6x6 film on a Holga GCFN camera.
Emmanuel Veneau 📸
3 months ago

The people who stand on the other side of the light. Angé, France, August 2023.
📷 Emmanuel Veneau (cc by-nc-sa) #AmbulationsPhotographiques #LoFi
🛠 #DianaPinehole #IlfordPanFplus50
#photography #backlight #silhouette #pinehole #BlackAndWhite #ExpiredFilm #BelieveInFilm #lomography
📫 #HeyLomography

At the bottom of a cellar and in small, 2 silhouettes against the light in front of an openwork door. On the left side the film is veiled as if there had been a source of light.

“It seems to me I am trying to tell you a #dream — making a vain attempt, because no relation of a dream can convey the dream-sensation, that commingling of absurdity, surprise, and bewilderment in a tremor of struggling revolt, that notion of being captured by the incredible which is of the very essence of dreams.”

—Anaïs Nin, Children of the Albatross

Shot with a #Holga using #Kodak #Ektachrome 100 EPN, expired 10/1987, and cross-processed

#FensterFreitag #PDX #MediumFormat #FilmPhotography #ToyCamera #AnalogPhotography #ExpiredFilm #Dreamscape

Dreamy, slightly blurred photo looking out through a window barred with ornate cast iron designs, including silhouetted birds in flight and filigree hearts. Across the bottom of the image what looks like a ghostly gradient of orange flames licking the window. This is the result of a light leak, where the camera film was accidentally exposed with extra light.
4 months ago

Pic of the day: Agfa Clack and Agfa Isopan IF film that expired in 1974, developed in 2016.
#BelieveInFilm #FilmPhotography #ExpiredFilm

Five people standing on a beach, almost in the water. Two of them are kissing, the others are looking out to the horizon. It's a rather bad print from an office printer. A big stylised sun is embroidered on the horizon with red yarn.
4 months ago

"Die Dreckschleuder" (picture 2 of 2)"
#throwback2009 #archive

The 2nd picture of our didsgusting #WasteIncinerationplant / #DistrictHeatingPlant, taken from the very expired #FujiC100 roll. I decided to edit a bit, so I have scanned the poor negative to bnw and after that I've tinted it a little bit. Otherwise, the result corresponds to the original negative - no further processing. 😉

Camera: #AgfaOptima II (1960)
Film: #Fujicolor100 #veryexpired #135film

#believeinfilm #analogfotografie #filmphotography #AgfaOptima2 #AgfaOptimaII #onfilm #grainisgood #expiredfilm #gelbstich #farbstisch #Fujicolor #c100 #bnwscan #c41toBNW #BuyFilmNotMegapixels #filmismorefun #keepfilmalive #analoguelove #analogliebe #Müllverbrennungsanlage #Fernwärme #kiel

5 months ago

Pic of the day: Lomography Diana Mini and very expired Fuji Sensia 100 film.
#FilmPhotography #BelieveInFilm #ExpiredFilm

A grainy green image with some kind of neon green looking array of wooden beams or something on the beach, it's hard to tell. The weird colours are due to very much expired side film.

"We all live in a kind of continuous dream… When we wake, it is because something, some event, some pinprick even, disturbs the edges of what we’ve taken as reality.”

@jeffvandermeer, #Annihilation

Shot with a #Holga using Fuji Tungsten T64, expired 5/07, and cross-processed.

#PNW #FilmPhotography #MediumFormat #ToyCamera #AnalogPhotography #ExpiredFilm #Dreamscape #FotoMontag #Mosstodon

Photo of a temperate rainforest populated by scraggly evergreens growing at peculiar angles and thoroughly coated in thick, shaggy moss. There is no trail through these woods. The ground itself is obscured by fallen trees and broken branches - also covered in moss. Judging by the slenderness of the trees, these woods are not ancient, but they are wild all the same. Because of the type of film used to create this photo and the way that film was developed, what would ordinarily be a scene of green and brown colors is instead an intense gradient of vibrant reds.
Anne • アン
5 months ago

Got given a very expired roll of slide film a while back and finally got around to using it (which is the first time I've used slide film in a while since dabbling with Ektachrome and Fujichrome).

🎞 Lomography X-Pro Slide 200, expired (shot at 50 ISO).
📸 Canon EOS 30.
🧪 Dev and scan by Kirklees Photographic, Halifax, UK.

Colour-corrected post-dev, as this Lomo slide film has a heavy green colour cast.

#FilmPhotography #FilmIsNotDead #Photography #SlideFilm #ExpiredFilm #Lomography #35mmFilm

A colour film photograph showing a close-up of a folding bicycle frame. The bicycle is painted a bright shade of yellow with black fittings and brake cables.
A colour film photograph showing morning sunlight streaming through the windows of a London Underground 'Tube' train. The seats to the right of the photo are unoccupied.
A colour film photograph some Union Flag bunting blowing in the wind in the middle of the photo, in front of an old pub sign for the 'Magpie and Crown', which shows an illustration of a magpie next to a crown. In the distance and out of focus is the roof of the old Brentford County Court.
A colour film photograph showing a close-up of some colourful street art on a wall outside a pub.
5 months ago

About to send this expired oldie that I completed over the weekend off to be developed and scanned. #photography #35mm #ExpiredFilm

A 35mm film cannister. Deep blue with mustard circle and white lettering: konica 800asa Centuria 24 exposure film
6 months ago

More with a Smena Symbol.
#ExpiredFilm #ShittyCameraChallenge

Thick foliage obscures a small, white house with a metal roof. A large palm tree is beside it.
Jim Rohan
8 months ago

The 25th Annual Krappy Kamera show, as well as my "Film is Dead" exhibit, end this Sunday at Soho Photo Gallery in NYC. But In the future, you will still be able to check out the show online on the gallery's website
#ExpiredFilm #PhotoExhibit #BlackAndWhitePhotography #FilmPhotography

A lone figure walks along the ocean shore. The sun is reflecting off the water's surface. The black and white image has a somewhat dark and ominous feeling as the result of being shot on 45-year expired film.
Jim Rohan
9 months ago

If anyone in the Fediverse happens to be in New York City, my "Film is Dead" series of images will be opening at Soho Photo Gallery on March 16 and run through April 2. The exhibit runs alongside the fantastic and annual Krappy Kamera Show. This is the 25th annual version of the show that celebrates plastic cameras and I am honored to be this year's guest photographer. All the show info and my images can be found at
#ExpiredFilm #BlackAndWhitePhotography #FilmPhotography

A black and white image of an upturned building in rural Prince Edward Island, Canada. The image was made with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera with a reversed lens that creates an overall blur. I used forty to sixty year expired film for all the images in this exhibit.
Felipe Tofani
9 months ago

In the summer of 2022, I bought some expired #Kodacolor 100 from the early 2000s.

This was my first time shooting an #expiredfilm, and I didn’t know much about what to expect, so I just went around my neighborhood with a Lomo LC+A…

"Everything was there and around us. We knew exactly who we were and exactly where we were going. It was grand."

— Stephen King, The Body

Multnomah Creek #Dreamscape for #Mosstodon shot with a Diana F+ using Kodak Ektachrome 100 Plus, expired 08/89 and cross-processed

#FilmPhotography #ToyCamera #ExpiredFilm #ColumbiaRiverGorge

A very grainy, dreamy glimpse of a forest creek peppered with moss-covered rocks and fallen trees, fed in the distance by a slim waterfall. The water is shallow, but the current still strong enough to create white water where it flows around the rocks. Heavily moss-covered skeletons of evergreen trees line both sides of the creek. There is a narrow hiking trail off to the right, along which two human figures are walking together into the distance. Intense light leaks have caused bright gradients of light to bleed toward the center of the scene from the top and bottom of the frame, giving the impression that this scene is dissipating before our eyes, or perhaps we are the ones who are vanishing.
Ben Hutchings
1 year ago

Archive: We visited Bristol Zoo in August before it closed. This Blue Monitor was a beautiful thing, it’s skin textures and colour perfectly complimenting its perch. There was some decades-old poorly stored TudorColor in the camera and I’m amazed how well it held up. No colour edits, just a flat scan and some recovered shadows.
📷: Pentax ME Super + Tamron SP 90mm
🎞: Tudor 200, long expired
💡: Plustek 8200i + Silverfast 8
#FilmPhotography #ExpiredFilm #BelieveInFilm #Reptiles

An blue monitor lizard stands on a log perch facing the camera and shot from front and above. The green-blue scales the colour of a Mediterranean bay, with texture like some Turquoise stone with uniform veins contrasts beautifully with the terracotta coloured highly textured wood. The photograph is shot through glass and the low light makes for very short depth of field.
Jim Rohan
1 year ago

Hi Fediverse. I am a B&W film photographer using mostly plastic cameras, although I do use my Hasselblad much of the time as well. I experiment a lot with extremley expired film stocks and alternative digital printing methods. #holga #filmphotography #expiredfilm #introductions