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2 months ago

Repost from pb4p on Twitter:
Like Darragh Adelaide says, far right grifters want to direct your anger away from the super rich and their Government pals and onto minorities. Ná lig dóibh.

📣 Join the cost of living and housing demonstration called by Cost Of Living Coalition Ireland.

📍Oct 7, Parnell Square Dublin, 1pm

#CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfLivingIreland #Clondalkin #HousingForAll #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP #IrelandForAll #RefugeesWelcome #FáilteRoimhTheifigh #gaeilge #Gaeilgeoir

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6 months ago

Great collection of anti-racist activists from various groups in Galway sharing a message of love, solidarity, and welcome to the refugees due to be housed in Ballybrit, Galway.

We were in sunny Castlepark today and had numerous great positive conversations with folks on the doors with only a few tough conversations. But those need to be had too.

#FáilteRoimhTheifigh #IrelandForAll #AllTribesWelcome #GalwayForAll

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9 months ago

Hitting the streets of Bohermore this evening in the rain with our newest newsletter. Highlighting topics including #RefugeesWelcome #FáilteRoimhTheifigh, as well as the crisis of housing, healthcare, and the climate and our solutions to them.

#PBP #PeopleBeforeProfit #EcoSocialism #Socialism #Galway

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10 months ago

Really amazing to see so many socialists & trade unionists on the streets pushing true working class solidarity with the oppressed in Dublin yesterday. We must continue our fight to push back the racists & fascists stirring up hatred & division in our communities.

The housing crisis, healthcare crisis, and cost of living crisis is not a refugee's fault, but the fault of the government and their policies.

#IrelandForAll #RefugeesWelcome #FáilteRoimhTheifigh #antiracist #antifascist #NoPasarán

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10 months ago

Martin Leahy, Jimi Cullen, & crew leading Solidarity Forever at the #IrelandForAll march in Dublin yesterday.

I marched with my union & alongside this musician group as well and joined in the singing.

Working class solidarity on the streets with our trade unions must beat back the racists & fascists. The anger of the housing, healthcare, & cost of living crisis should be pointed at the govt & their failure, not refugees

#RefugeesWelcome #FáilteRoimhTheifigh

Video by Irish Iranians activists

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10 months ago

Galway bus to Dublin for the #IrelandForAll Solidarity March. Text me at 0851646655 if you'd like a seat. We're leaving from Merchant's Road near Kinlay Hostel at 9:30 with a pickup in Ballinasloe at Portiuncula Hospital at 10:45.
We'll be heading back to Galway from Dublin around 17:00.
€5-€10 donation if you can, but if you can't afford for any reason join us for free.
#RefugeesWelcome #FáilteRoimhTheifigh

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10 months ago

March in Dublin this Sat 18 Feb 1:30. There is a bus from Galway. Contact me (Denman) at 0851646655. We request €5-€10 donation if you can afford it, but if you can't for any reason at all you may join us for free. #IrelandForAll #RefugeesWelcome #FáilteRoimhTheifigh

Solidarity March
Stronger Together
Homes for All / Healthcare for All / Services for All
Parnell Sq to Customs House
Sat 18 February 1:30om
Diversity Not Division
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10 months ago

Fantastic article by Paul Murphy TD about the rise of the far-right in Ireland and our duty to challenge it.

The blame for our cost of living, healthcare, and housing crisis is the government, not refugees fleeing war or looking for a better life.

#RefugessWelcom #FáilteRoimhTheifigh