3 hours ago

Whaou, j'ai trouvé à ma #mediatheque l'Exo conférence de @alexandreastier , inregardable sur le net (en entier ou de bonne qualité).
Des idées* pour le transformer sous #linux en films de vacances pour le mettre sur un #perturbe ?

* où la bonne ligne #cli pour #ffmpeg ?
#transcoding #dvd #geek #spectacle #partage

Photo du DVD collector de l'Exo conférence de @alexandreastier
Jesień Linuksowa
2 days ago

FFmpeg to "szwajcarski nóż oficerski" do przetwarzania obrazu i dźwięku. Niestety ze względu na zawirowania licencyjno-patentowe wykorzystywanych kodeków długo był dostępny w #Fedora tylko z nieoficjalnych repozytoriów. To zmieniło się w lutym 2022 i Dominik Mierzejewski na #JesienLinuksowa przedstawi nam z detalami, jak do tego doszło.

Więcej informacji:

#Linux #Fedora #FFmpeg

2 days ago

Wirf einen Stein in einen spiegelglatten Teich und beobachte wie die Unruhe das Gesicht des Teiches verändert und ihn schließlich wieder zum Ursprung zurückkehren lässt.

Das Video ist mit Hilfe von #Blender, #FFMpeg und #StableDiffusion entstanden. "Order To Chaos To Order".

Das ist/war erstmal nur ein Test. Mehrere animierte Projekte werden folgen.

Von Ordung zum Chaos zur Ordnung.
Mike Harrison
3 days ago

In the mid 1990's I built a real-time streaming video server for a project... the answer was some rocket science C and Java. Got handed a similar problem today. HLS, RTMP, etc.. are solutions, but still rocket science. Gotta stare at it all again tomorrow. Thank $diety for FFMPEG. #ffmpeg

3 days ago

@farooqkz Sounds interesting. I'm not familiar with the headless code on But depending on what you want to research, you might be able to do the necessary interactions with the Xvfb #minetest using #mineysocket and/or #ffmpeg.

5 days ago

Decided to look into finishing Jingle calls: to handle audio I/O (along with encoding and decoding), in addition relaying #RTP and RTCP packets over an established encrypted channel. Spent the weekend and some time today poking #FFmpeg, so far managed to setup transcoding and resampling of a file into a stream with Opus over RTP (mixed with RTCP, apparently demultiplexing of those should be done manually and afterwards, which is a little awkward), which can be sent through pipes: the idea was to run capture and playback child processes (or threads) separately, communicating with them over pipes, since FFmpeg's I/O functions seem to be blocking, and rexmpp provides an asynchronous API. Now was about to try audio output (using alsa or a similar driver, via libavdevice), and thought FFmpeg supports it after trying it out with its CLI tools, but failed to do it at first, went looking into the ffplay sources, and noticed that it uses SDL, apparently for audio playback as well.

I thought FFmpeg is quite complicated (probably necessarily so, handling all sorts of things), and it seemed unfortunate that it does not appear to accept receiver's RTCP packets while producing RTP packets, but at least it seemed to handle everything (including even SRTP, for which I currently use libsrtp2). But now I am more inclined to use just something like #PortAudio to grab PCM, and then libopus to produce an #Opus stream (and the other way around on the receiver). With a custom RTP implementation, perhaps.

But having to take a break to sort out some work-related tasks now. One of them actually involves FFmpeg, too, but video streams there, and invoking the ffmpeg CLI program instead of using a library. And there are some relatively boring SQL-based reports to debug.

Max Schmitt🦈
5 days ago

Who would have thought that working with video on a multi platform game would be such a pain.

Sure, we now hate #Unity anyways but I'm kinda disapointed that there are basically no supported video codecs on Linux (Yeah, I get it h265 is complicated on linux but VP9 would have been nice at least, especially nowadays with the Steamdeck)

Guess I'll do some transcoding today #ffmpeg

#gamedev #indiedev

Alain MICHEL 🤓
6 days ago

#FFmpeg, le guide ultime :

Un immense article qui explique les bases, l'essentiel à savoir sur ce #LogicielLibre excellentissime pour traiter l'audio et la vidéo, avant de donner de nombreux exemples de commandes expliqués en détail.

(Oui, j'adore FFMPEG même si je n'en utilise certainement qu'une fraction infime de ses possibilités, c'est juste d'une puissance incroyable et d'une rapidité inégalée.)

1 week ago

Adding chapters to mp4 using bash script and ffmpeg #bash #scripts #ffmpeg #videoconversion

1 week ago

Hele vette streaming server software dit: Voor als je low latency dingen wilt doen met rtsp, webrtc, rtmp en van hot naar her videostreams wilt pushen, pullen, en zo voort. #streaming #ffmpeg #webrtc

1 week ago

Mit der #App #FFShare kann man Videodateien vor dem Teilen/Hochladen auf #Android verkleinern und die #Metadaten entfernen. Im Hintergrund arbeitet #ffmpeg.

Erst mit ffshare teilen und dann mit z. B. #Fedilab. Auch der Dateiname wird unkenntlich gemacht.


Für #Fotos gibt es hingegen die App #ScrambledExif

Rachel Rawlings
1 week ago

The #WebP buffer overflow bug that caused all the major browsers to issue patches earlier this week (e.g. #Firefox 117.0.1) also affects applications built with Electron. #1Password issued an update today for their Mac build.

The CVE affects the underlying webp library, not just web browsers, so this will be an ongoing issue.


"Who uses #libwebp?
"There are a lot of applications that use libwebp to render WebP images, I already mentioned a few of them, but some of the others that I know include: #Affinity (the design software), #Gimp, #Inkscape, #LibreOffice, #Telegram, #Thunderbird (now patched), #ffmpeg, and many, many #Android applications as well as cross-platform apps built with #Flutter."

1 week ago

@michal recently i used a #NVIDIA 4060Ti with #ffmpeg 6.0 to encode a #dnxhr 4k video file to #av1 codec and the speed is amazing compare to CPU i tried before. It's even quicker during my tests to encode av1 than h265.

Michal :verified: :btw:
1 week ago

My 4c/8t 4.6GHz i7-7700K CPU burned almost for entire day to bring you this #AV1 encoder time chart - re-encoding the same 480p 75s video in different bitrates (kbit/s) and speed settings (different encoders use different #ffmpeg parameters for some reason).

This does not show you how the image looks, just what to expect in terms of encode time. "Realtime"-ish encodes at:

- SVT preset: 6+
- AOM cpu-used: 5+
- rav1e (the "fastest av1 encoder"): never for some reason...

AV1 encoder benchmarks - spreadsheet and charts screenshot. As the "preset" changes, so do encode times, but surprisingly also higher bitrates result in higher encode times, up to 1.5x going from 100kbit/s to 500kbit/s
Tod Robbins
2 weeks ago

“Could Richard Spencer getting punched in the face be the new default sample material for image and video processing demonstrations? Only time will tell.”

Thank you for everything, @samlavigne 🤣✊🏻 #ffmpeg #dip

2 weeks ago

#FFmpeg has released patch notes showing a performance boost of approximately 20% on Win64 and 14% on Win32 for the Apple ProRes codec. No improvement was reported for macOS, Linux, and BSD.

A gree gradient background with the FFmpeg white logo in the middle.
2 weeks ago

ffmpeg: how to bulk-compress videos into a subfolder, but only those >1Mb? #ffmpeg #anki

2 weeks ago

Two processes have different behavior while running with the same command and same binary file #ffmpeg #process

3 weeks ago

ffmpeg problem with audio device #ffmpeg

3 weeks ago

It appears #ffmpeg supports streaming via RTMP (say, to Twitch) so you should be able to write a program that produces raw frames + audio to stdout, then pipe that to ffmpeg to get it online 🤔

Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
3 weeks ago

60 Sekunden in der DEV-Konsole, 30 Sekunden am #ffmpeg Befehl getippt, 90 Sekunden gewartet, fertig.

Und das blöde Tool hat immernoch eine ETA von 30 STUNDEN...

defaultvlan :verified:
3 weeks ago

I wrote about the process of deciding which quality factor to use when encoding videos on #Apple silicon using #ffmpeg

Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
3 weeks ago

@Cyb3rrunn3r okay, es gab #ffmpeg, aber naja... Ist halt noch komplizierter^^

Felix Palmen 📯
3 weeks ago

Double-checking still in progress. So far, fixed an issues on 13.2/aarch64, another one on 14-CURRENT/amd64 (yep, didn't upgrade my #FreeBSD test builders to 15-CURRENT yet 🙈) and yet another one on 14-CURRENT/i386.

Now, test builds for 13.2/i386 are running. We will see. Once I'm sure the #Linuxulator version of #ffmpeg builds fine everywhere, I'll finally check #MakeMKV 😎

@botechiatales gerei-o em #ffmpeg com um sample da minha voz com um dos (muitos) filtros incluídos.

defaultvlan :verified:
3 weeks ago

Is someone knowledgable with #video #encoding? Whenever I convert videos with #ffmpeg I'm not sure about what the best settings for the output are.

I play with the quality settings until I find something where I don't notice a difference to the original anymore. This process is pretty subjective. I think it's weird that you can end up with a bigger size video than the source although you have a more efficient codec.

If I leave it at default settings the quality worsens significantly.

Is there a deterministic way that doesn't worsen the source quality but utilizes all the benefits a new codec (like h.265) brings?

Screenshot of hevc hardware encoding.

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c:v hevc_videotoolbox -profile:v main -q:v 60 ouput60.mp4 cli output
Alien BOB
3 weeks ago

Some recent package updates: chromium (-ungoogled), ffmpeg, handbrake, pipewire-jack

Chromium, regular and un-googled.

Google is speeding up its Chromium release cycle. Let's see if I can keep up since I also build the -ungoogled variant. The latest update is 116.0.5845.140 and addresses a vuln

#Slackware #Software #av1 #chrome #chromium #ffmpeg #google #jack #pipewire #ungoogled

Felix Palmen 📯
3 weeks ago

And now, the *real* dependency monster in my #FreeBSD #Linuxulator userland: #ffmpeg 🙈

That's #Linux port #151 I added, it has *almost* everything enabled that's in the default options of the FreeBSD port. I left out a few things that seemed (too) complex like vulkan ... 🙈

I guess now it's time to double-check the branch on other architectures and other FreeBSD versions first. And then, finally, check whether #MakeMKV will work fine with this!

4 weeks ago

Nice thread here from @glennf a little while back about #substack and their unethical business practices, mentioning some alternatives.

Reminds me also of the perennial “discussions” of cloudflare’s support for nazis that i see @jwz regularly point out in comments, and the recent thread about hacker news commenters being cranky on the post about @samlavigne’s #ffmpeg tool (which seems neat).

one thought: why are their brand colors all orange? 🤔

A screenshot of a post from Glenn Fleishman,
“People keep making new Substack newsletters. I keep pointing out politely that the founders are terrible enablers of transphobes, hate speech, vaccine denial, and more. They reap their reward from fear, hate, and disinformation.”
Jul 26, 2023, 13:59
1 month ago

OOOhhhh.... une interface graphique qui vous permet de "construire" visuellement des transformations audio et vidéo et qui vous donne la ligne de commande ffmpeg résultante.

Messing around with some video effects in #ffmpeg 📽️

#art #mastoart #drawing #flower #brandkopf #TraditionalArt

Time-lapse drawing of a flower which grows and blooms.
Joseph Zikusooka
1 month ago

🎬 Use the Linux command line to quickly create a 30 second video/audio recording using your PC's webcam #ZikTIPs #FFmpeg #CLI #Debian #Fedora #Ubuntu #Linux #Opensource

ffmpeg -hide_banner -f pulse -ac 2 -i default -f v4l2 -i /dev/video0 -t 00:00:30 -vcodec libx264 /tmp/zik.mp4

Jason Weatherly
1 month ago

Alright, I think I've done enough for today on the `sisyphus-ffmpeg` module for today. Documentation looks good, code makes some sense, and I've tested it out on Windows and Linux without issue. Did find an issue where Windows wasn't picking up the `ffmpeg.exe` binary, but got that sorted as well. #programming #python #ffmpeg

Jason Weatherly
1 month ago

After a few tweaks, I've pushed the code for the `sisyphus-ffmpeg` wrapper to Github. I still need to verify the output mapping as I think the per-stream specifiers work a smidge differently than I think they do. Won't be a code change, but there would be a slight documentation change. #programming #python #ffmpeg

Jason Weatherly
1 month ago

Okay, finally settled on `sisyphus-ffmpeg` for the package name, started in on the README, and finished up the schema file for the `load_from_file` method since this package becomes much more useful when you're grabbing JSON and throwing it at the encoder. #python #ffmpeg #programming

Jason Weatherly
1 month ago

Rewriting my Python `ffmpeg` module and packaging it up so I don't have to keep copying it to other projects. The cleanup is still ongoing, and it's back to actually outputting proper `ffmpeg` command-line options. Added the ability to load the `ffmpeg` configuration from JSON along with from a data object (dict). Still has a ways to go though... #python #ffmpeg #programming

Ok, so #Topaz Video AI has a pretty horrible user interface, with very limited options, but you can export the actual #ffmpeg command needed to run the AI model.

I spent a few hours last night writing a #Python script to loop over a bunch of episodes from my #StarTrek DS9 DVDs and generate 20 second samples at full HD #upscale using ffmpeg directly.

The samples look pretty good actually, so I'm gonna try and run through the first season to test properly.

DVD on the left, HD on the right.

DVD resolution screenshot from DS9 with Sisko and Bashir facing forward, talking to a third person. The image is grainy and noisy.
Upscaled HD resolution screenshot from DS9 with Sisko and Bashir facing forward, talking to a third person. The image is much cleaner than the DVD, although the coloured areas on their uniform look flatter.
1 month ago

wait you're telling me #ffmpeg does granular tiling / mosaics of video frames natively ? … you can even set threshold to grab screenshot when scene changes 🥶🤝 :mastodance:

a tiled mosaic of the first five minutes of the Polish film 'On The Silver Globe' created via cli using ffmpeg
Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
1 month ago

It is quite possible that "brew install ffmpeg" installs more software than "docker run busybox" 🙂

Houman Khosravani
1 month ago

@zeh This is excellent! Kudos! #ffmpeg #commandlineExcellence

2 months ago

@davidr Fair enough, #ffmpeg can do almost anything, but figuring out which options to use (and the correct order to use them in) is more work than many people want to go through.

Zeh Fernando
2 months ago

Aaand it's minimally working, so: is now live!

Use FFmpeg recipes without fiddling with the command line!

Consider this an early beta. There's still a ton missing:

- Ability to tweak the command line (i.e. hand editing, or selectors)
- Proper mobile styles
- About, disclaimers, etc
- Many more command recipes
- Better accessibility
- "Bug fixes and performance improvements"

But, it's doing the thing!

#ffmpeg #video

A video of in action. A search box is shown, asking "What do you want to do with FFmpeg today?". The user types "mute" and selects the "mute a video" option. A new form appears. The user drags a video to the window, filling up the form input video option. He then presses "start" and the video is processed, with a new "Save output.mp4" button appearing.

@Lunatech I actually am specifically looking for #commandline

#ffmpeg #linux

2 months ago

Narf #ffmpeg 5.1.3-1
"sidx reference_type 1 is not implemented"

beim Versuch einen HLS-Stream von #Arte zu dumpen.

#yt-dlp scheint es aber zu können. Also zumindest die Segmente zusammenzupappen, muxen dann noch mit ffmpeg von der Platte. Müsste klappen. Nerv ist das wieder ein Gefrickel. Aber ich hab' ja schließlich schon GEZahlt, wa?

u.a. (1080p)

The latest #animal friends on our #security camera

(And btw, I just learned how to crop #video with #ffmpeg, which I L O V E)

A fox chasing a possum in a dark driveway.
Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

Pro-Tipp: werft die *7.m3u8 aus der Dev-Konsole gegen #ffmpeg und ladet damit die 1080p Version eines #Wacken Konzerts von magenatmusik runter...

Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 months ago

Want to make some cool animated GIFs from #Shotcut, but hate its dithering?

Try instead outputting a video from Shotcut & using #FFMPEG to make the GIF.

In Shotcut:

• Reduce the resolution to a max width of 480 & half the FPS.
• Export as lossless video as input.mkv to your FFMPEG folder.

In FFMPEG, do the following:

ffmpeg -i Input.mkv -filter_complex "[0:v] split [a][b];[a] palettegen [p];[b][p] paletteuse" Output.gif

#AnimatedGIF #GIF

2 months ago

I read somewhere on here this week that #chatGPT’s ultimate usefulness is for generating #ffmpeg commands and they were absolutely correct

2 months ago

#ffmpeg is a powerful tool for manipulating audiovisual files. Unfortunately, it also has a steep learning curve, especially for users unfamiliar with a command line interface. This app helps users through the command generation process so that more people can reap the benefits of FFmpeg.

It's one of those days where I had to recompile a version of #FFMPEG (v4.4.4) on #intel and #arm64 - then lipo them into #universalbinary

Weird that some MP4's that *I* ripped will not encode using FFMPEG v6.0.0 but *will* on v4.4.4! (didn't try v5.1.2...)

Don't ask... 😳

2 months ago

This. I work in film-making and animation and I'm always hacking away in#VSCode.
In the Adobe #AfterEffects user community a good deal of the discussion is about #JavaScript, because that's the language it uses for automation. Similarly for #Blender, a working knowledge of #python is really helpful, #DaVinciResolve uses #Lua and of course there are command line tools like #ffmpeg and #ImageMagick that means having shell scripting skills becomes a superpower.

Could someone who's good with #ffmpeg and #golang help me out with something? I have two implementations of a gif maker that downloads a video and turns it into a gif. For some reason, my go implementation, while faster, produces slow gifs whereas the python implementation makes snappier ones. As far as I can tell, I massaged ffmpeg the same way in both implementations but something went wrong it seems. Python: Go:

@lisamelton So, this is my one-liner:

ffmpeg6 -i movie1.m4v -aspect 4:3 -vf 'scale=768:576:force_original_aspect_ratio=decrease,pad=768:576:(ow-iw)/2:(oh-ih)/2,setsar=1' -c:v hevc_videotoolbox -profile:v main -b:v 8M -c:a copy -tag:v hvc1 -f mp4 movie1-new.m4v

Does anything in this one-liner scream "he's doing it wrong!"? OR is anything here that I don't need?

TIA! #FFMPEG #scale #aspectratio

#FFMPEG users, Got a good one for ya! I have TV-captured videos that are all X:576. Most are good at 768, but some are 760, some are 758, etc.

I want to center horizontally the video in the frame and leave the vertical alone. I don't mind black bars filling in the left and right BUT I DO NOT WANT TO RESIZE - ie: stretch!

Yeah, I know. Don't ask why I want to make it this way, please. Also, I'll prob hevc not x264.

I *think* this will do it. Code in attached next msg in 🧵.


charlie :linux: :mastodon:
3 months ago

Finally I get it done!

You may wish to know how to enable #ffmpeg #codecs support for #Vivaldi / other #Chromium browsers on #aarch64 #Linux systems:

Sarah A
3 months ago

did they brake the links for this? I'm trying to install ffmpeg on my laptop and cannot as the now no longer support binaries, yet this article says to click the windows icon, I cannot as that icon is not labeled.

#FFMPEG #Windows11 #VideoTools

3 months ago

#ffmpeg people: I have a video and an audio file and I want to replace the default audio of the video with my file, but it should be placed at a specific second.

so, e.g. I have a 20 seconds long video and I want that the audio track is inserted at second 15 until the end of the video.

how can I do that? 👉👈

felix (grayscale) 🐺
4 months ago

magic incantation to squish the video was
`-vf "scale=iw/2:ih/2" -vcodec libx264 -preset veryslow`

-vf to rescale was the most important to get it under the 40M limit. -vcodec is so mastodon doesn't try to re-encode it. not sure the compression -preset is necessary, but it worked, and I didn't try other settings.

Mark W. Alexander
4 months ago

#NewRule: When googling how to #FFMPEG skip to, at least, the third page of results.

#ffmpeg stopped working on my #manjaro machine today!

ffmpeg: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I'm absolutely perplexed, apoplectic! I have searched furiously for a solution. UGH!


I installed the highway package that contains libhwy and it fixed the problem!

5 months ago

Say "no" to vertical videos! *)

Convert/rotate videos which are shot the wrong way.


ffmpeg -i in.mp4 -filter_complex '[0:v]scale=ih*16/9:-1,boxblur=luma_radius=min(h\,w)/20:luma_power=1:chroma_radius=min(cw\,ch)/20:chroma_power=1[bg];[bg][0:v]overlay=(W-w)/2:(H-h)/2,crop=h=iw*9/16' out.mp4

Vertical Video Syndrome is dangerous.

5 months ago

I wrote words that explain how to create and publish transparent video on the webs.

Please, enjoy.

#hashtag #html #video #hevc #vp9 #ffmpeg #mov #webm

Dan Jenkins
5 months ago

We’ve extended the cfp for CommCon as we don’t feel we have the right mix of talks just yet.

We’re going to be accepting some this week to give people an idea of what’s going to be talked about but I’d love to get more #openMedia talks; we’ve got loads of great Real Time submissions but if we finalised things today we’d be RTC heavy and lighter on the open media side of things.

This means I’d love to hear more from people using #ffmpeg / #gstreamer and the like!

#FFmpeg version 6.0 “Von Neumann” has been released on 2023-02-27:

n8chz ⒶⒺ
7 months ago

@vikxin @mcc Does it need more recompiling than PHP?

fwiw #ffmpeg is the steepest learning curve I know of in software. Virtually everything I do with it is cargo cult coding copypasted usually from one of the many stack exchange websites.

8 months ago

#Coding is a superpower.

I'm moving all of my photos from #Google Photos into #Apple's #iCloud, but some of the videos (mainly the .MTS files) need to be converted. Easy enough, just some #ffmpeg magic.

Timo Tijhof
8 months ago

FOSDEM talk notes (2/2):

VLC.js demo, no JS involved, WASM. Hardware decode, directly WebGL. 4K MKV. Demuxing, chapter support, subtitles (not WebVTT), WebM. TS used by US broadcasting directly In the browser. Software decoding. Korean TV interlaced, cannot do in hardware, shaders in software, old multicast format works unchanged. YUV 444. Other filters: 360 movie, on the GPU.

#fosdem #VLC #ffmpeg

Timo Tijhof
8 months ago

FOSDEM talk notes:

dav1d 1.0. 200k LOC handwritten assembly. Don't know any other open or closed project that large. Faster than any compiler. Used by Android, Apple, Windows, Firefox, Chrome. Really really fast.

#fosdem #ffmpeg #dav1d #vlc

Just finished RE-compiling #FFMPEG static binary from my bash script I used to compile #macOS #X86_64 & #arm64. I thought I had it solved yesterday. Ended up it worked on X86_64 to compile in #HDR10Plus and all relevant CPU optimizations, but something I did messed up ARM64’s compile - so it showed as no #NEON optimizations AND only 32-bit in the x265 section of ffmpeg!

Wha’??? 👀

Kristian Harstad
8 months ago

meet #fredmurpheg

he is an #ffmpeg enthusiast.

he is very enthusiastic.

are you as enthusiastic about a utility as fred?

do you use ffmpeg like fred

Don Melton
9 months ago

One of my hobbies is creating tools to #transcode my collection of Blu-ray Discs and DVDs for playback on #Plex servers. These are all cross-platform wrappers for #FFmpeg or #HandBrake. My most flexible script, focused on hardware video encoders, is here:

Feel free to message me if you have questions about my scripts, FFmpeg, #HandBrakeCLI, #MKVToolNix or other video nerdery. I've been doing this for over a decade so I can probably point you in the right direction.


Sylvain Jones :zia:
9 months ago

Does anyone know how to up the limits on video posting? Namely changing the max Bitrate or even changing the #ffmpeg settings to provide a higher quality encode.


First make it work. Then make it pretty.

[my prototype GIF maker front end]


This is the alt text for one of my images. Not sure if/how I'm going to store these, but for now just throwing it here. The image is a screengrab from Dec 4. 2022. it's of the GIFer tool with Freddie Mercury opening the closet door. 


This is the prototype interface of my GIF making tool called "GIFer". It's a vertical image roughly two and a half times taller than it is wide. The background is black with light gray text and form fields. The name "GIFer" is at the top followed by the line "A tool for making gifs"

Three images are under the text. They show three different snapshots of the Queen video for The Show Must Go On. The top image shows Freddie Mercury in drag. He's wearing a ping sweater and a short cropped wig. He's about to open a tan closet door behind him. 

The next image down shows Freddie turned around facing front with the door open. Inside it are sharp, semi-abstract, stylized cartoon drawings of two dancers. 

The final image shows a transition into an image with three of the cartoon dancers. 

Below the images is a series of form controls stacked vertically. They include cropping, scaling, dithering, and start and stop times. (I don't have space to list them all)

The Start and Stop time inputs are ranger sliders. The rest of the inputs are text and number form fields with their various current settings. 

The final button on the page is "Run It"