5 minutes ago

I try and stay away from this, but #Elon saying he's going to "open source" the #Twitter algorithms and expect people to fix his code for free ~ presumably the same devs he shut out of the API ~ is just too much.

This isn't how #FOSS works lol

Elon Musk: Twitter will open source all code used to recommend tweets on March 31st
Our "algorithm" is overly complex & not fully understood internally. People will discover many silly things, but we'll patch issues as soon as they're found!
We're developing a simplified approach to serve more compelling tweets, but it's still a work in progress. That'll also be open source.
Providing code transparency will be incredibly embarrassing at first, but it should lead to rapid improvement in recommendation quality. Most importantly, we hope to earn your trust.
Boiling Steam
33 minutes ago

Just published by first libre source library: a small TOML library for Scala 3. :3

Triple Licensed under:

- Anticapitalist Software License
- Cooperative Software License, or
- Parity Public License (AGPL-like, bit stronger contribution requirments)


Still incomplete but a first release non-the-less (v0.1.0-M1)

"dev.librecybernetics.Monorepo" %%% "toml" % "lib-toml-v0.1.0-M1"

Still need to learn a lot about POMs, publishing, jars, etc.

#scala #foss #LibreSource #LibreSoftware #copyfarleft #OpenSource

Dave Lane 🇳🇿
2 hours ago

Can anyone remember an amazing early #FOSS graphical tile project with quirky branding from back in the mid-2000s - I can't remember the name (used the tiles on my desktop with glee, as they were rich and superb in their design). The branding featured weird cut outs of JFK driving a school bus making absurd statements about how great this library was. It was quite amusing & over the top...

Linux User Space
2 hours ago
Mark Chandler
5 hours ago

The person who came up with the term "WaterFragile" has definitely seen some sh*t.

#Software #SDLC #Agile #Waterfall #FOSS

Dave Lane 🇳🇿
7 hours ago

Listening to #RNZ on recent damage to the #telco network. @paulbrislen is featured... If we're wanting to improve communications resilience, surely it makes sense to exploit the fact that cellphones can talk to one another directly rather than depending on telco cell towers & backhaul... The telcos would probably fight it, as it limits their ability to 'clip the ticket', but gov't should mandate it as a civil defence/resilience measure. See (a #FOSS project) for details.

8 hours ago

Hallo #followerpower

Ich suche eine #FOSS Lösung für das, was anbietet, nämlich Lernkarten.

Wichtig ist mir vor allem, dass Multiple Choice unterstützt wird.

Anki kenne ich bereits.

Sollte unter Linux lauffähig sein bzw. self-hosted.

VM (Vicky) Brasseur
9 hours ago

📖 FOSS License Compliance Enforcement

When most companies think about #FOSS licenses, they immediately jump to the possibility of legal action for not complying with the license. In the latest excerpt from my upcoming book, I discuss the realities of FOSS license compliance enforcement.

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware

julia ferraioli :cc_by:
11 hours ago

New Open Source Story!

@vmbrasseur dives into how motivations within the Free and Open Source Software ecosystem(s) have changed over time, and how we might get back to our open culture roots.

#OpenSource #FOSS #OpenSourceStories #OpenCulture #Ecosystems

11 hours ago

🎉 We're growing! Our global #FDroid community is pleased to announce that we now have an official governance plan and a brand-new volunteer Board of Directors. We're excited to work with them to keep improving the leading all #FOSS mobile app catalogue!

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Android

11 hours ago

Marking its 10-year anniversary, @kalilinux has released defensive security-focused Kali Purple #KaliLinux #distributions #OpenSource #Linux #distro #security #tools #FOSS

silver padlock with a background of blue grid with binary code

What Operating System Does Co-Creator Of UNIX, Ken Thompson Now Prefer?

Raspbian (Raspberry Pi OS) :raspberrypi:

#programming #UNIX #Linux #RaspberryPi #Pi #sbc #singleboardcomputer #KenThompson #FOSS

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
11 hours ago

Articles laud a particular team at a #dotCon for finding vulnerabilities in a #modem.

The funny thing is the #vulnerability appears to be in the #firmware and not the modem per se. The firmware is likely #propietary, so this is *not* not the great success story for the dotCon as the #securityTheatre-hungry talking heads may suggest.

Modems will be safer when they are fully #FOSS

#routerFreedom #modemFreedom #RCE #gooGlE #remoteCodeExecution

Lucy 🏳️‍⚧️
12 hours ago

As computadoras tiñan todas que ser coma estas.
- Pequenas
- Baratas
- Libres
E coa potencia xusta para que mereza a pena crear software que aproveite ao máximo os recursos dela.

É máis divertido programar así.

--- English ---

All computers should be like these.
- Small
- Cheap
- Free open source
And with just enough processing power to force people to write software that takes advantage of the whole machine in the most optimal way.

It's way more fun to code that way.

@Raspberry_Pi #foss

12 hours ago

Tails 5.11 Boosts Memory Capacity with the Zram Kernel Module

Tails 5.11 has updated Tor Browser and Thunderbird versions and increased productivity thanks to the zram Linux kernel module.

#linux #opensource #foss #security #tor

13 hours ago
image of 3D boxes connected with rods of lights
Boiling Steam
13 hours ago
Precision Petition
13 hours ago

7 – #FortnightlyFOSS

#FOSS #Reddit client for #Android.

Multiple accounts, follow sub-Reddits without an account, custom themes, and more!

app screenshot of a link post and a title that says "Signal app warns it will quit UK if law weakens end-to-end encryption"
app screenshot which shows two posts on r/vegan
app screenshot of a link post and a title that says "Signal app warns it will quit UK if law weakens end-to-end encryption"
13 hours ago

#computers #programming #hacking #FOSS #software

I know almost nothing about computers

but I would be 100% behind a Dictator who said all computers and all Operating systems and all software have to have the same set of reserved characters, at least for #english
not sure how this would work in other languages

I have a temptation to go completely #FOSS :opensource:

#libre #opensource

JC Palmer
14 hours ago

I'd love to meet fellow technical writers here on #fediverse, especially those working on #FOSS projects. I'm thinking of allotting some free time to contribute to open-source #documentation needs.

#technicalwriter #technicalwriters #technicalwriting

15 hours ago

Thank's to the great "StreetPass for Mastodon" #BrowserExtension made by @tvler, I discovered that @compiler_explorer had a #Mastodon account!

The #addon scans websites you visit and collects their #fediverse handles if it finds any. It's here:

#CompilerExplorer #godbolt #cpp #cplusplus #programming #foss

🆘Bill Cole 🇺🇦
15 hours ago

Do you use #ASF #SpamAssassin?
Do you want to contribute to the fight against #spam?
Do you handle a lot of mail?

The ASF SpamAssassin project re-scores and validates our hundreds of rules every day, based on the manual verification of SA-checked ham and spam corpora by contributors who share their results with us. And we are running low on that help.

Please see for details of how you could help. If you can provide data, reach out.

#Ventoy is just wonderful if you're playing with bootable ISO images and operating systems.

In case you're not familiar, it preps a USB stick so you can dump a bunch of ISO images into a filesystem and upon boot gives you a menu to choose which one to boot as if each was their own USB stick/CDROM.

And it makes the whole experience smooth and easy, while also throwing in some diagnostic tools for troubleshooting wonky UEFI shit.


Linux News: tails 5 11 amnesic incognito live system switches to zram and linux kernel 6 1 lts #news #FOSS #linux

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
17 hours ago

@programming_discussions This is such an antagonistic opinion of the core-js situation.

Saying "pay me or I walk" is not holding the community hostage... it's refusing to *be held hostage*.

Missing from #FOSS dialog (I say this as someone who both publishes, contributes to & financially supports #OSS)... is recognition that writing code to share is a gift. And the second we look at maintainers like they owe us anything beyond good-faith effort on code quality... we've lost the point.

21 hours ago

@speed_dreams Yo! Amazing to see what you folks have been working on 😃 A great step in the right direction. And you have fediverse-accounts as well 👏 @speed_dreams_official
#LinuxGaming #Gaming #Racing #SpeedDreams #OpenSource #FOSS #Update

1 day ago

Leah Rowe has published a new version of the Libreboot BIOS to version 20230319. This new update adds support for two new devices; fixes issues with S3; bumps the Coreboot version used; and much more. The code is licensed using GPLv3.

The main website is here:

A full chnage log can be found here:

If you wish to help contribute financially to the Libreboot project Leah Rowe has a Patreon.

If you want to buy a system with Librboot preinstalled there are several stores that offer this:

Mini Free:



#libreboot #linux #bsd #patreon #foss

Devin Prater
1 day ago

Oh cool. Looks like Odilia is coming along pretty well. 0.1 is close to release! Wayland is going to have to be patched to, I think, allow some commands, but it's happening!

#accessibility #foss

Neil E. Hodges
1 day ago
Anyone know of a good #GinRummy app for #Android ? How about #Klondike #Solitaire ? Looking for something preferable #FOSS .
Josh Simmons
1 day ago

Submitted a "Community: Open Source in Practice" track to @conservancy for #FOSSY! Delighted to be working with @communiteatime, @juliaferraioli, and @alpacaherder on this ✨ 🤞🏻 #FOSS #OpenSource

1 day ago

#Linux Weekly Roundup for March 19th, 2023: #GNOME 44 on #Fedora Linux 38, #Firefox 111, #Kali Purple and 10th anniversary, System76 Meerkat mini Linux PC is back, #SteamDeck LAN transfers, and more #KDE goodies

#OpenSource #FOSS

9to5Linux Weekly Roundup
Paris B-A
1 day ago

Submitted a “FOSS at Play” track to @conservancy for #FOSSY! Fingers crossed. #gamedev #foss #opensource

Gabriele Svelto
1 day ago

Last week we fixed a 14 year old bug in #Firefox. It was a small thing, just a UI glitch in the crash reporter client, but it always feel good to close bugs that old.

Plus I didn't fix it myself, I walked a new contributor through her first patch. It's always nice when people want to help and I'm always delighted to see how happy they are about landing their very first patch in a #FOSS project.

@helge @amy

Another good opportunity to namedrop the #Fediverse Enhancement Proposal process, the #FEP, that is in place. And the #SocialHub developer community where #ActivityPub FEP's are discussed and improved..

Also have a look at these curated lists of fedi-related #FOSS projects:

Yes, boosts appreciated 😁

Giuseppe Guglielmucci
1 day ago

Alternativa Open Source a ChatGPT in via di sviluppo.
Cosa ne pensate?

Al di là dell'opinione personale su ChatGPT, la mancanza di trasparenza è un fatto chiaro (come in tutto ciò che non è FOSS). Ben venga un progetto libero.


2 days ago

NordVPN’s Latest Move: Open Sourcing Linux Client Code

Want to safeguard your online activity? NordVPN’s Linux client and Libtelio and Libdrop libraries are now open-source. Learn more here!

#linux #opensource #foss #vpn #security

2 days ago

GNU Jami, le logiciel de téléphonie et de messagerie instantanée distribué,
s'est vu remettre le Award for Project of Social Benefit par la FSF 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 :

@fsf @Jami
#GNU #Jami #P2P #FOSS #FSF #pairÀPair #LogicielLibre

Sébastien Blin (gauche) and Cyrille Béraud (droite) recevant le Award for Projects of Social Benefit pour le projet GNU Jami.
Rocky Carr
2 days ago

@nixCraft I use iOS, but #Apple seems to be doing its best to alienate me lately. Hoping to eventually switch to a #FOSS mobile OS.

2 days ago

A few fresh Liblast screenshots :)

#Liblast #Screenshot #Game #FOSS #OpenSource #IndieGame

2 days ago

NEW #raylib 4.5 is ready! 🥳

MANY big changes! Check release info:

NEW Windows Installer... made with #rInstallFriendly (made with raylib)! Play Snake game while raylib is being installed! No more boring installation waiting!!! 😱

Download Windows Installer from itchio:

Enjoy programming with raylib! 😄

#gamedev #indiedev #toolsdev #opensource #foss #enjoycoding #itjustworks #futureisnow

Boiling Steam
2 days ago
Aral Balkan
2 days ago

Excellent work on a holistic light mode for GNOME. Currently GNOME has a dark mode and a “mixed mode” and the “mixed mode” is used when the light colour scheme is active. If that sounds inconsistent, that’s because it is.

The design work presented here would fix that and provide a consistent light mode:

View the design:

Join the discussion:

CC @gnome #gnome #design #colourSchemes #lightMode #darkMode #linux #fedora #foss

Animation of the proposed light theme, transitioning from the current dark theme and showing the system bar, notifications panel, etc.

Some of my friends refuse to give up #Discord, oh the irony of it all... 😒

When I actually tried to show services such as #Matrix :matrix: or #Signal :signal: to them and explain about it, they reacted with disgust and proceed to preach about why Discord is so good and these #FOSS and #privacy respecting solutions are "malicious". Only a few decided to listen.

This is such a sad reality we're living in.. most don't seems to care about their #data at all😕

2 days ago

Minimalist designed blog built from nextjs and tailwindcss supports activitypub. It even has comments with avatars which is an advantage over writefreely.

Github repo here:

#tailwind #tailwindcss #nextjs #markdown #blog #minimalist #activitypub #opensource #fediverse #mastodon #pixelfed #misskey #pleroma #plume #writeas #social #foss #writefreely

3 days ago

Happy 20th anniversary WordPress! Limited edition swag for Wapuu coloring giveaway. Submissions close on April 17, 2023

More details here:

#wapuuwp20 #wapuu #wordpress #foss #opensource #software #cms #design #giveaway #swag

Neil Brown
3 days ago

I’ve only just noticed that @lproven is here!

If you are interested in #Linux and #FOSS, Liam’s writing for The Register is some of the best commentary around, IMHO.

Scott Jenson
3 days ago

Talking to a few open source folk after my FOSSback talk on #UX and we just shake out heads at teams that think any type of planning (or even joint team exercises) is just "capitalist bullshit"

Planning isn't evil

(By this I mean lightweight team coordination not old school "cathedral planning")

Fortunately there are lots of new exciting #FOSS teams doing amazing UX work! We just need to focus on the positive examples.

Nick Stefanski
3 days ago

I've been told that we're going to start looking at ways to utilize AI like ChatGPT at the school where I work. I recently became aware of OpenChatKit, and I figure if I'm going to have to be digging into this stuff, at least I can utilize a #foss solution. Unfortunately, this stuff is still way out of my league to implement. Is anyone aware of an AI for dummies that I can start with? #ai #opensource #edtech

Lars Bartsch
4 days ago

Am 21.03. findet das Format „B3 im Dialog“ statt, initiiert vom @inoeg via @littledetritus und @bkastl , gehosted vom @bsi - mit @grobmeier und @brianbehlendorf vom #OpenSSF moderiert von @mainec

Alle Interessenten willkommen!

#DiCySi #B3 #foss

Nicholas Dionysopoulos
4 days ago

When iMovie failed me, #kdenlive came to the rescue. What an amazing programme! I’ve always used it as the example of what FOSS should look like: intuitive, powerful, treats the user like a consenting adult (the exact opposite of iMovie which is counter-intuitive, borderline useless, and infantilises the user). #foss FTW!

Yes, self-hosting is work; yes, it's more expensive (on the face of it…) than relying on a freebie; and yes, not everyone has the skill, time, or inclination to self-host everything.

The point is not that every single 200LOC project needs to self-host everything.

The point is: as a community we need to find ways to create community-run hosting services that offer real alternative to the walled gardens which want to hold us and our code hostage to "maximize shareholder value".

#FOSS #Docker

Vesna Manojlovic
4 days ago

@aral something for you? Community Projects Fund for #foss #floss projects

Vesna Manojlovic
4 days ago

@rysiek there’s Community Projects Fundvthat #foss #floss projects can apply for:

Also also, *support #FOSS projects financially*. They need it. It's free as in freedom, *not free as in beer*.

Hosting costs. Infrastructure costs. People working on FLOSS projects deserve to a decent wage. Help them help you.

It matters less how much you support them, than how stable that support is. Support them in a way that is comfortable and sustainable for *you*.

One <local currency> every week or month is better than 20 once. Stability is as important in funding as it is in software!

Docker apologizes for trying to pull a bait and switch that people pushed back against hard enough for them to reconsider:

Fuck #Docker.

Projects need to self-host their container registries. You can get a perfectly cromulent server for a container registry for the money Docker asks for Teams.

Also, I saw suggestions #FOSS projects move to GitHub Container Registry. "Hey, we just got bitten in the arse by centralization, let's move to another centralized service!" 🤦‍♀️

James Bartlett :terminal:
4 days ago

@DonJones Yeah, #GIMP's #UI & #UX are definitely in need of a major overhaul. I often wish I had an extra day every week for contributing to useful #FOSS projects.

When the #4DayWorkWeek eventually goes #mainstream, I think there will be a huge influx of #commits and #PRs on projects like GIMP. At least I really hope so. 🤞

Cassidy James :endless: :gg:
4 days ago

I just had a super productive discussion with some talented designers and developers within #GNOME. I’m happy to see some long-wanted but often-delayed work being picked back up, and excited to be involved in the process!

I think we’re gonna get some things spiked out and prototyped, but spoiler alert: it’s to do with making GNOME feel more your own while considering the needs of app authors and distros, and even other toolkits. 🌈

#GNOMEdesign #FOSS #OpenSource #Linux #FLOSS

Hitch :yikes:
5 days ago

What #FOSS app can you recommend for activity tracking/#cycling /#running?
I'm using #opentracks since #Runtastic belongs to #Adidas
and I miss the feature of colored tracks, depending on my pace.
Also the accuracy is.....all over the place to put it nicely. I tried to tinker with it, but won't get satisfying results.

paul 🇬🇧
5 days ago
predator handshake meme



Devin Prater
5 days ago

You know, I'm gonna step back from Linux again after this, but I garuntee that if Fedora or another high profile distro decided to not ship the Gnome desktop for accessibility reasons, or even just put on their site that the Gnome spin may not work well for some disabled people, the Gnome team would go from "Well we just don't have time to work on a11y and we don't have enough man power for it. How dare you call us ableist!" to "Hey so we're working on Gnome 45 and we've set aside time to work on our accessibility stack. Can disabled people try it out? We're reaching out to the Orca mailing list, the audiogames forum, and several Reddit communities for other disabled communities to gather feedback." Meanwhile KDE would go "Yep, and here's our plan to fix it and we've already got a developer working on things. Thanks for pointing out our issues." Yes, this is a rant. Yes, I'm tired of even thinking about this crap. Yes, I forgot to take my anti-depressant today, and... yesterday, but I've rectified that. :)

#accessibility #linux #foss

TheEvilSkeleton :silverblue:
5 days ago

Worth reading: "Politics in your FOSS project? It's more likely than you think!" by @Samsai

#FOSS #OpenSource #Politics

5 days ago


I'm pretty sure that the #Fediverse is one of the first social networks I've been on that didn't ever ask me to betray any of the people in my address book.

#tallship #FOSS #ActivityPub #social_networking #DeSoc #Privacy #Pleroma #Friendica #Soapbox #Calckey #PeerTube #Misskey #Akkoma #Hometown #Mitra #Epicyon #Foundkey #Socialhome #MicroblogPub #Quanta #FunkWhale #Castopod #Hubzilla #Takahē #Bonfire


Fediverse logo
hannah aubry
6 days ago

Recently, there has been a lot of scary news about companies turning away from the open source community, like the mass layoffs that have hit OSPOs and OS-contributing eng teams at places like #Meta, #Google, #Twitter, and more.

Now this from #Docker:

So this post is just to say — I hold infinite space for maintainers and contributors. I'm here for a vent, a kvetch, or whatever.

#foss #oss #floss

6 days ago

Rudraksh Karpe has blogged about his experience with Season Of KDE 2023. Read more at the #KDEEco blog:

"Adapting Standard Usage Scenario Scripts For KDE Applications: My Journey As A Season Of KDE Mentee"


Screenshot of KDE's Konsole terminal while running KDE Eco Tester. The files in the directory containing the tool were listed with the 'ls' command. Now the tool is being used to run a test script with the command: 'python3 run --script KdeEcoTestScript.txt'
6 days ago


Hi Aral,

I call them #Minix licenses.

It's still questionable whether #Linux or Minix is the most ubiquitous OS in use today...

While #Luke_Smith calls them "Cuck" licenses.

Regardless of the terms of endearment that one prefers, the sentiment is the same:

#tallship #FOSS #licenses


Devin Prater
6 days ago

I’m so glad Element sends me emails with the latest messages in conversations. Otherwise I wouldn’t see them. Element on Mac is pretty awful to use, Element on iOS sucks as far as I’ve tried to use it, and on Windows it’s okay but sometimes focus jumps to an older part of the conversation. It’s like Discord but worse lol. Ah well. That’s where all the FOSS projects are so that’s where we have to be if we want to be a part of them. Oh, on Android Element is pretty good. Go figure. I have no idea about Linux. Last time I tried it, I had to press down arrow a lot for Orca to read a single message cause it would

just read

a line

like this.

So I bounced off that pretty quickly.

#accessibility #element #foss

6 days ago

Hey FOSS gals, the Fossified podcast is looking for women active in Open Source for a discussion on, you guessed it, women in Open Source. Thread here if you want to add thoughts / recommend someone / suggest yourself! Oh and please boost for better reach thank you :blobcatadorablepink:

#foss #fossified #womenintech #opensource

Aral Balkan
6 days ago

Petition to call “liberal licenses” what they really are: “enclosable by rich people licenses.”

#mit #bsd #mpl #liberal #openSource #gpl #agpl #copyLeft #freeSoftware #foss

Jens Finkhäuser 🌻
6 days ago

@rtyler With Docker being part of that ecosystem and now dumping its #FOSS users, there is a high chance that other #k8s component vendors will follow suit.

TL;DR is, major #DevOps tools are to be treated with caution.

It's been a smart move of this industry to convince folks that running web servers is hard, so you need tools to manage them.