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1 hour ago

Meta and Twitter are charging people for blue verified ticks! Kind of defeats the point of the way verification used to work!

#SocialMedia #Verified #Twitter #Meta #Facebook #Instagram

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2 hours ago

I don't check my #Facebook account very often, but when I do, it always surprises me to see that people are still posting there! Everyone just needs to come over to the #Fediverse already so I can delete my FB account entirely.

2 hours ago

I haven't used #Facebook in so long that I've sort of forgotten why.

Took me a minute to recall the cesspool of lies and hate that it has become under Mark Zuckerbug's leadership.

Writing this as a note to my future self.

2 hours ago

Policing the online public square is a daunting task. The world’s three largest social media platforms—#Facebook and Instagram, owned by Meta, and #YouTube, owned by Google—removed or blocked 11.4bn posts, videos and user comments. Automated filters zap the bulk of it, but #Meta and #Google also employ more than 40,000 content reviewers between them.

3 hours ago

Beim #LikeFarming aka #CommentFarming“ versuchen Seitenbetreiber, durch Likes, Kommentare und Shares hohe Interaktionsraten zu erzielen, um die Sichtbarkeit oder Popularität ihres Profils oder ihrer Seite auf #Facebook zu erhöhen.

The Nexus of Privacy
3 hours ago

Another FediblockMeta poll!

#Meta (who owns #Facebook and #Instagram) is working on a new project with some interoperability with Mastodon. We don't know the details yet, but suppose it involves federation just like any other #ActivityPub instance.

Do you think your instance will federate with Meta's instance?


For a poll about what you *want* your instance to do, see

More polls at

#P92 #FediPoll @fediversenews

3 hours ago

#Sicherheitslücke in #GitLab, #Zyxel und #Barracuda, #Cyber Angriff auf Rechenzentrum, neue #Malware #COSMICENERGY, aktuelle #Phishing Warnungen, Betrug durch #Deepfake und #Facebook erhält historische Geldstrafe - das sind die Weekly #Hacker #News.

Connewitz Fritz
4 hours ago

@Korallenherz Vergiss nicht, dass Dir eventuell auch die "Betrachter" fehlen, die Du ohnehin nicht haben wolltest. Also Rechte, die Dir auf Twitter gefolgt sind. #Reichweite ist messbar und wichtig, aber sie verleitet auch zu Trugschlüssen.

Und wenn alle Stricke reißen, und Du weiter unzufrieden bleibst, dann gibts ja auch noch #Substack oder #Facebook ;)

The Nexus of Privacy
4 hours ago

A #FediblockMeta poll:

#Meta (who owns #Facebook and #Instagram) is working on a new project that will have some interoperability with Mastodon. We don't know the details yet, but suppose it involves federation just like any other #ActivityPub instance.

If that happens, do you think will federate with Meta's instance(s)?

[This poll asks what you think .social will do. Other polls coming soon in the replies - and see the list at for more!]

15 hours ago

Habt einen guten Start in die neue Woche - und bleibt sicher 😉🔐👍⭐️⭐️⭐️

(c) Harm Bengen #Facebook #DSGVO #Datenschutz

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #21/2023 is out! It includes, but not only:

‣ 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 #NHS data breach: trusts shared patient details with #Facebook without consent
‣ ☁️ Severe Flaw in #Google Cloud's Cloud #SQL Service Exposed Confidential Data
‣ 🇨🇭 💰 US govt contractor #ABB confirms #ransomware attack, data theft
‣ 🦠 🤖 #Predator: Looking under the hood of Intellexa’s #Android spyware
‣ 🇦🇿 🇦🇲 Hacking in a war zone: #Pegasus #spyware in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict
‣ 🦠 🎮 Dark Frost #Botnet Launches Devastating #DDoS Attacks on Gaming Industry
‣ 🇷🇺 🦠 Mysterious #malware designed to cripple industrial systems linked to #Russia
‣ 🇧🇷 🇵🇹 ‘Operation Magalenha’ targets credentials of 30 Portuguese #banks
‣ 🩹 #GitLab 'strongly recommends' patching max severity flaw ASAP
‣ 🇮🇷 🇮🇱 Iranian hackers use new #Moneybird ransomware to attack Israeli orgs
‣ 🇺🇦 Cyber Attacks Strike #Ukraine's State Bodies in Espionage Operation
‣ 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 Chinese state hackers infect critical infrastructure throughout the US and Guam
‣ 🐍 👨🏻‍⚖️ #PyPI was subpoenaed
‣ 🇰🇵 🦠 N. Korean #Lazarus Group Targets #Microsoft IIS Servers to Deploy Espionage Malware
‣ 🦠 🤖 Data Stealing Malware Discovered in Popular Android Screen Recorder App
‣ 🇩🇪 Arms maker Rheinmetall confirms #BlackBasta ransomware attack
‣ 🦠 New ‘GoldenJackal’ APT Targets Middle East, South Asia Governments
‣ 🇺🇸 🇰🇵 Treasury Department sanctions entities tied to North Korean IT scams, hacking
‣ 🇺🇸 📰 Cuba ransomware claims #cyberattack on Philadelphia Inquirer
‣ 🇺🇸 🏥 After ransomware attack, state’s second-largest health insurer says patient data stolen
‣ 🇯🇵 🇮🇳 🏍️ #Suzuki motorcycle plant shut down by cyber attack
‣ 🇺🇸 🪖 #Pentagon explosion hoax goes viral after verified #Twitter accounts push
‣ 🇺🇸 🇪🇺 #Meta Fined Record $1.3 Billion and Ordered to Stop Sending European User Data to US
‣ 🦠 🎬 Cloned #CapCut websites push information stealing malware
‣ 🇰🇷 🇺🇸 Warning: #Samsung Devices Under Attack! New Security Flaw Exposed
‣ 🍏 #Apple fixes three new zero-days exploited to hack iPhones, Macs

#hacking #cyber #cyberdefense #security #health #cloud #infrastructure #OT #ICS

📚 This week's recommended reading is: "Cyber Defense Matrix: The Essential Guide to Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape" by Sounil Yu

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Jan Tobias Muehlberg
20 hours ago

"Multiple [#NHS] trusts said they had originally installed the tracking pixels to monitor recruitment or charity campaigns and were not aware that they were sending #patient #data to #Facebook." Ugh.

JuneSim63 💚
1 day ago

Only just spotted this.
Twenty #NHS trusts are sharing intimate details about patients’ medical conditions, appointments & treatments with #Facebook without consent and despite promising never to do so.
"The data includes granular details of pages viewed, buttons clicked and keywords searched. It is matched to the user’s IP address – an identifier linked to an individual or household – and in many cases details of their Facebook account"

#Meta #DataPrivacy #MetaPixel

KilleansRow 🇺🇦
1 day ago

#Ebikes ! Only $29.99 . It's incredibly sad #Youtube , #Facebook and others play host to these scams. We need #FTC and #Antitrust protections more than ever. It would also help if people were not #DumbAsRocks, but alas...

A Moose. Has a private jet. Says he's sorry
2 days ago

#NHS #dataBreach: trusts shared patient details with #Facebook #meta without #consent

Reading this makes my blood boil. "We didn't know..." "we didn't think that.." Wake up! If you let #surveillanceCapitalism on your site, this is exactly what you can expect them to do to your users. "But we want to know our ad worked" is no excuse. You're buying seeds from a lumberjack.

It's true, there are all kinds of dodgy vulgar #adverts and products on #Facebook & #Instagram - there doesn't seem to be any pre-vetting before they are made live and just rely on users to report them. Most of them even get through the Ad Blockers now.

Kean Bean
2 days ago

Facebook/Meta is doing what it does best: getting rid of their content moderators.
They recently laid off their Kenyan team consisting of 180 people. The team was being paid absolute shit, have no savings, and have been barred from re-submitting applications. They have a fundraiser that is currently only at 7% of its goal.

Meta obviously hasn't learned from what happened in Ethiopia. In 2020–2022, an estimated 385,000–⁠600,000 (the conservative count) died in the Tigray war. This war was largely fueled by a desire for ethnic cleansing, which was exacerbated and spread by Facebook posts. These posts containing hate speech would have been caught if Meta had an adequate content moderation team.

With about half a million people dead and 13 million affected by the resulting famine, Facebook is currently being sued for 1.6 billion. And instead of making sure that their social media site doesn't insight violence, they're laying off moderators and pouring money into virtual worlds that no one actually wants.
If you have the money, please donate to the ex-moderator's legal fund. The more legal pressure put on Meta means a lower chance of another genocide.

Link soup ahead:
#facebook #meta #metaVerse #tormentNexus #markZuckerberg #Tigray #TigrayWar #kenya #ethiopia #genocide #ethnicCleansing #donate
#affirmativeAction #legalFunds #fundraiser #fundraising #contentModerator #contentModeration #employment #poverty

Jake Skeleton
2 days ago

Finally deactivated Facebook. Fuck that place made me miserable. It's like it's designed to invoke depressed rage

#socialmedia #facebook

2 days ago

TikTok, Youtube, Facebook bị cấm ở Việt Nam nếu không hợp tác
Cục trưởng Cục Phát thanh, Truyền hình và Thông tin điện tử Lê Quang Tự Do đã thông báo rằng không chỉ TikTok, mà các nền tảng xuyên biên giới không hợp tác với cơ quan quản lý đều bị cấm.

Trong Hội thảo kết nối mạng lưới quản lý đa kênh (MCN) do Cục Phát thanh, Tru
#CngNgh #KinThc #CngNgh #Facebook #KinThc #TikTok #Youtube

Jim Parsons
2 days ago

@scenario @edgeoforever

Corp owned & controlled media always been a factor but yuuuge now

MSNBC was “#TechBros in #Media” BigBang (‘96)

#Facebook #Brexit shit-show courtesy of ‘Stanford Persuasion Lab’

Oligarchs (#Elmo / MBS-Hows of S’aud) owning & controlling a critical #SocialMedia channel + its behavioural exhaust data = 😱

#AI now shooting out 🍑’s of all of this

Much citizen #attention & work needed to save #democracy from #BigTech #VC’s

InfoWorld :press:
2 days ago

On the next #TodayinTech, #EuropeanUnion goes after #Facebook parent #Meta for its data transfer practices, while #TikTok takes on Montana’s ban of the social media service. Tune in as we unpack the tech news whirlwind, including more #AI image foolery. #press

Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 days ago

#UK #NHS #DataProtection #Privacy #Meta #Facebook: "NHS trusts are sharing intimate details about patients’ medical conditions, appointments and treatments with Facebook without consent and despite promising never to do so.

An Observer investigation has uncovered a covert tracking tool in the websites of 20 NHS trusts which has for years collected browsing information and shared it with the tech giant in a major breach of privacy.

The data includes granular details of pages viewed, buttons clicked and keywords searched. It is matched to the user’s IP address – an identifier linked to an individual or household – and in many cases details of their Facebook account.

Information extracted by Meta Pixel can be used by Facebook’s parent company, Meta, for its own business purposes – including improving its targeted advertising services."

Max Guadagnoli BS1
2 days ago

Oggi bloccati 389 tentativi di #tracking da parte di Google News e i miei dati vengono regalati a:

🔹 #Facebook
🔹 #Microsoft
🔹 #Amazon
🔹 The Trade Desk
🔹 Verizon Media
🔹 Integral Ad Science
🔹 PubMatic
🔹 Taboola
🔹 #comScore
🔹 #Twitter
🔹 Index Exchange
🔹 Criteo
🔹 Double Verify
🔹 Magnite
🔹 #Oracle
🔹 LiveRamp
🔹 TripleLift
🔹 Quantcast
🔹 Simplifi Holdings
🔹 Parsely

In navigazione #web, questa settimana, sono stati bloccati SOLO 1600 trackers e ADS.
Tutto a posto No?

2 days ago

Yet enough consequence of health done on the cheap and without due diligence.

Don't blame #NHS staff for cocking up, ask the #Tories why they want to deregulate the protections around health records and encryption!! (read #OSA Bill and #DPDI Bill that they are forcing through Parliament with Labour nodding approving like they could never understand anything complicated)

The Guardian: NHS data breach: trusts shared patient details with #Facebook without consent

2 days ago

(UK) "NHS Trusts are sharing intimate details about Patients’ medical conditions, appointments and treatments with #Facebook without consent" (Meta Pixel)

2 days ago

"NHS data breach: trusts shared patient details with Facebook without consent"

Please let this be a wakeup call which leads folk to use privacy-respecting web browsers and tools that block tracking technologies such as #Facebook's #MetaPixel. #Firefox with #uBlock, for example. Let's take responsibility for ourselves, and not trust the institutions.

#DataSecurity #WebTracking #DataProtection

Dave Rahardja
3 days ago

Don’t know how I missed the transition from #FAANG to #MANGA when #Facebook renamed to #Meta.

Khurram Wadee ✅
3 days ago

#NHS #DataBreach: trusts shared #patient details with #Facebook without consent | #Health | The Guardian

Why would any public body want to give private information to Facebook?

#UK #DataProtection #Meta

They are called 'trusts' 🧐

'#NHS trusts are sharing intimate details about patients’ medical conditions, appointments and treatments with #Facebook without consent and despite promising never to do so.' :blobnom: 😔

Leon Paternoster
3 days ago

@themarkup has covered this already, but it’s good The Guardian is also presenting an everyday website practice – embedding the Facebook Pixel – as a privacy problem:

#privacy #facebook #nhs

3 days ago

@misc @atomicpoet and regarding the communal aspect - that's some real value that #Facebook and #Meta have an opportunity to bring into the #Fediverse.

I and most of my communities have just given it up for now. But I'm sure we would gladly re-engage if the protocol and privacy policies were right. It's really about transparency to rebuild trust, at this point. Considering that #Meta is a big contributor in #OpenSource there's reason to think they might swing it.

3 days ago


"Before hitting the share button, practice a thorough check. These crucial questions will guide you:

✔️ WHO is behind it?
✔️ WHAT is the source?
✔️ WHERE did it come from?
✔️ WHY are you sharing it?
✔️ WHEN was it published?

Together, we will triumph over #misinformation, one click at a time.

#FactsMatter #EUvsDisinfo #PledgetoPause

The Hindu :press:
3 days ago

#Britain's competition watchdog said social media giant #Meta had offered to limit its use of other businesses' advertising data for its #Facebook Marketplace service to address the regulator's competition concerns. #press

3 days ago
#Meta y la doble moral de la #UE

#Facebook se ha convertido en un muy buen ejemplo del doble rasero aplicado por #Europa en temas de #privacidad de las personas.

Desde hace poco mas de una decada, las megaempresas de Los Esclavos Unidos vienen recibiendo castigos monetarios por las constantes violaciones a las leyes locales, con pruebas fehacientes de que NO TIENEN interes en respetar a nadie.

Los datos personales se siguen transportando y enviando al #pentagono y a la #NSA, pasando por encima de las autoridades locales. Esto lo hacen todas las #GAFAM, solo que cuando es demasiado obvio y escandaloso, es entonces cuando las autoridades despiertan de su tranquila aletargia y deben actuar para interponer las demandas y aplicar los respectivos castigos.

Hasta aqui queda mas que clara la desidia generalizada de las estructuras de la #UE, que siguen permitiendo y tolerando estas actitudes, cuando las empresas son de #USA, pero en cambio se vuelven osados y hacen como que defienden a brazo partido los derechos ciudadanos cuando los "victimarios" son empresas de #China. Ahi de golpe sacan la voz, despotrican, se hacen los ofendidos y exigen las penas del infierno...

Sin pruebas, y solo con denuncias muy vagas, las autoridades actuan de manera tajante y radical: Se debe prohibir totalmente el uso de #RRSS o tecnologias que provengan de ese pais dentro de la infraestructura sensible y mantener una campaña propagandistica mediatica para convencer y enaltecer la estupidez generalizada de los europeos y los inmigrantes indeseados, pero tolerados de mala manera.

Para ser mas precisos, las pruebas que una y otra vez nos muestran las respectivas autoridades, en la mayoria de los casos son meras "opiniones" emanadas de los "servicios secretos y de espionaje de Los Esclavos Unidos", los mismos que comprobadamente vigilan a todo el planeta... reafirmando ese viejo dicho de que los ladrones ven ladrones en todas partes.

Hay investigaciones muy serias que demuestran entre otras cosas que p.e. dispositivos electronicos de fabricacion china, conectados a internet, envian una buena cantidad de datos con destino a China, pero en ningun caso demuestra nada. Esto en razon de que los similares fabricados en USA hacen exactamente lo mismo, es decir, envian datos con destino a Los Esclavos Unidos. Todo esto porque una serie de servicios dependen entre otras cosas de servidores localizados ahi o en otras areas geograficas. O sea, en vez de acusar y apuntar con el dedo, seria mas interesante hacer investigaciones comparativas y analisis de trafico de datos de manera profesional y no simplemente gritar tonteras.

En todo caso, no me cabe duda alguna que TODOS los dispositivos conectados a internet, red de telefonia movil, o GPS o cualquier otra forma de rastreo de seguro almacena nuestros movimientos y comprotamiento y cuando tiene oportunidad envia esta informacion a sus respectivos servicios de vigilancia social de sus paises de origen. La cuestion verdaderamente relevante discriminar en los hechos que hace cada pais con estos datos y cuando los usa en contra de nosotros. De Los Esclavos Unidos se descubren a diario noticias que demuestran sus malas acciones, pero preferimos cerrar los ojos y seguir creyendo en sus propaganda...

Si alguien cree otra cosa, que siga viviendo feliz en su burbuja, tomando su dosis diara de SOMA*.

* droga consumida en "un mundo feliz" para mantener a la pobla en total sometimiento.
heise online
3 days ago


Milliardenstrafe für Meta: Eine knallharte Warnung an die US-Anbieter

Die Milliardenstrafe für Meta ist eine Art Geburtstagsgeschenk für die Datenschutzgrundverordnung, analysiert Falk Steiner. Im Beschluss steckt noch mehr drin.

#DSGVO #Datenschutz #Facebook

A. Hofmann :mastodon:
3 days ago

#GuteNachrichtenSamstag :mastodon_oops:

🇪🇺 "EU-Strafe gegen Meta: Europa regelt"

"Zum fünften Geburtstag der #DSGVO verhängt die #EU eine Milliardenstrafe gegen den #Facebook-Konzern #Meta. Das zeigt: Gesetze können das Internet besser machen."

:mastoread: #Kommentar (22.05.23)

I've joined a #Facebook #parody group called "Christian mom's against Tiktok" and omg it's hilarious.

Every other post is marked "#WAP" because of a running joke that it stands for "worship and pray", with people responding to posts saying "I'm #WAP for you!"

But the funniest part is that every now and then someone turns up who was actually looking for a non-parody group like this,and start answering posts earnestly..

Like someone posted a picture of a wand vibrator talking about how they bought a new mic for karaoke, and someone responded "Ma'am, that's a s*x toy!" and now everyone is replying to them asking why they would say something so awful to the OP.

..I'm in tears it's so funny.

4 days ago


Disinformation pads Facebook's bottom line, people know and that's why they're leaving the platform.

#Facebook #Disinformation

Chris Trottier
4 days ago

Point blank, a mass Fediblock isn't going to work with #Meta.

The cold truth is that people will use
#Barcelona whether it federates or not. Even if it fails, Barcelona will probably have more users out of the gate than almost every project save Mastodon. Hell, it will probably eclipse #Bluesky too.

And even if you convince every server to defederate -- which you won't -- this will not be a PR coup for the Fediverse. Newspaper headlines won't blare "Fediverse successfully resists Meta." Instead, they will probably follow take with "Open source zealots complain that an open protocol is open."

Again, as I've said countless times, I'm not saying you should federate with Barcelona or any Meta-owned property.
If you want, defederate. The joy of the Fediverse is freedom of association.

But a mass Fediblock doesn't solve a few important problems with Meta, and perhaps makes them worse.

The most critical problem is that Meta users need to migrate away from Meta-owned social networks. Until now, a migration path has simply been unfeasible to most. But when Barcelona gets launched, it is
possible that many of them will become aware of a greater Fediverse.

How to build that awareness? By interacting with them through services beyond Barcelona.

This approach works. I've interacted with many Mastodon users through services beyond Mastodon, and this has resulted in adoption of other Fediverse software.
#Calckey is a case in point.

However, there's a bigger problem concerning Meta: Fediverse replacements for Meta-owned social networks aren't getting mass adoption. And it's not because these apps aren't good.

#Pixelfed is an #Instagram replacement. It is also one of the slickest apps on the Fediverse. Yet, Pixelfed only has 150,000 registered accounts.

#Friendica is a #Facebook replacement. It's been around since 2010. It is a mature product that does many things very well, but Friendica only has 17,000 registered accounts.

The software is great but we are
failing to effectively market the Fediverse beyond Mastodon. Now I'm trying my darnedest to change this, and so are many people. But facts are facts. Fediverse alternatives to Meta are a blip on the radar.

Refusing to federate with Barcelona won't change this. How do I know?

Because we don't federate now, and the status quo remains intact.

Meanwhile, Meta is practically gifting Pixelfed and Friendica an opportunity for federation, and it would be foolish to not consider broader implications.

How is it that more people aren't considering this opportunity?

Dare I say that most people -- including devs -- suffer from myopia concerning what the Fediverse is. The Fediverse is not Mastodon, and it is wrong to view the Fediverse solely through the eyes of Mastodon.

And I'll go further: by focusing Barcelona on text, I suspect that Meta is likewise making the same mistake of viewing the Fediverse as a "Twitter killer".

What they may not be considering is that the Fediverse might be a "Meta killer" too. And connecting Barcelona to the Fediverse is opening a can of worms Meta hasn't entirely considered yet.

If Barcelona is indeed text-based, what will happen when a Barcelona user encounters Pixelfed and asks, "Why does this post show reels? And why can't I do the same?"

Believe me, this is the kind of content that triggers migration.

We need to think bigger than Fediblock. Yes, for your own mental health and safety, you may not want to federate with Barcelona. However, there needs to also be a means for Barcelona users to encounter content outside Barcelona.

Perhaps there needs to be "lobby" servers that help Barcelona users enter the greater Fediverse -- helping them make the switch beyond Meta.

ms. liz
4 days ago

user facing copy.

#facebook #ux #ui

Facebook iPhone app UI when access to photos is disabled reads:

Please allow photo access
This allows you to share photos from your library and save photos to your camera roll.
1. Open iPhone Settings
2. Tap Privacy
3. Tap Photos
4. Set " <FBI18nFbtParam:
0x284ddc240>" to ON
Airikr :endeavourOS:
4 days ago

"We have to remember: If it's free, you are the product."

I truly hope Tutanota means Fecesbook, Google, and more, and not services like Pixelfed, Mastodon, etc. You are not the product at Mastodon, as of one example.

#tutanota #privacy #facebook

4 days ago

One of least-sensical objection I've had to my other thread(s), worse than the uninformed “oh but we still use #RSS‌/‌#XMPP” or “that's not the reason why they failed”, is “the products #Facebook and #Google used to allegedly sink #XMPP just flopped”.

This objection completely misses the point that the purpose of these products was _never_ to succeed. Their _entire purpose_ was to die and bring down the competitors with them.

And this is absolutely the case with #P92‌/‌#Barcelona too.


4 days ago

The single most important thing to look out for is the difference between actually adopting a technology and “adopting” it. And this must be looked at not from the perspective of the user, but from that of the Big & Famous: how can they best use it to serve _their own_ interest?

And here's the thing: #Meta‌/‌#Facebook has _literally nothing_ to gain from _actually adopting_ #ActvityPub, exactly as it had nothing to gain from #RSS or from #XMPP


Jim Naureckas
4 days ago

Interesting how corporate interests mirror state interests: #Facebook points the finger at #TikTok to distract people from criticism of Facebook, while the US attacks #China spying to distract from much more ubiquitous US spying.

#surveillance @FAIR

5 days ago

There’s no question in my mind that Elon Musk is a poor excuse for a human being. The problem I have with your comparison, is that the financial model on which #twitter, #facebook, #linkedin, and probably all corporate, monolithic social media companies are based was pioneered, and zealously, aggressively defended by #google. Sergey, Larry, and Eric may cry, “De Debbil made me do it!” But they had a choice whether to sell their soul. Sell, they did.

Max Pearl
5 days ago

I've been on the #fediverse daily now for over 6 months (I joined a few years ago, but only visited occasionally.) In general, it's been a replacement and enhancement for whatever I was doing on the #birdsite. But almost all of my real life friends and work community are still *only* on Meta, and I don't see them moving anytime soon. So I'm resigned to having to spend a little time on #Facebook for the foreseeable future (I've ditched IG, though.)

Trillian ✅✝️ 🇬🇧👍
5 days ago

What good is #facebook for anybody or anything?
It's increasingly stuffed with intrusive adverts and doesn't remove offensive material, even when it's reported.
Also, I reported a fake account (set up in my name, for what purpose I don't know but not a good one) and reported it with the choice of "pretending: to be me" and guess what, got a swift response that it didn't contravene their company standards.

#5yrsago #Facebook is worth much less to its users than search and email, but it keeps a larger share of the value

#5yrsago The paleocomputing miracle of the 76477 #SpaceInvaders sound effects chip

#5yrsago Texas high-school principal fires award-winning, nationally famous journalism teacher to rein in critical student newspaper reporting


heise online
5 days ago
Terminator T-800; Donnerstag: KI-Warnung, KI-Profit, Drohnen-Regeln, Playstation-Handheld, China-Spione & #heiseshow
heise online
5 days ago

#heiseshow: DSGVO und Meta, Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung, A Sign in Space

Diese Woche in der #heiseshow: Nach fünf Jahren DSGVO bekommt Meta eine Rekordstrafe, Spanien will Verschlüsselung verbieten und Aliens nehmen Kontakt auf.

#heiseshow #DSGVO #Verschlüsselung #Facebook #news

heiseshow - Jeden Donnerstag LIVE um 17 Uhr
Jason Perseus
6 days ago

You'd never know that #Twitter only has an active user base which equals 4% of the global population based on how everyone is behaving towards it.

#Facebook has 2.98 billion monthly users, or almost 40% of the global population.

#Youtube has 2.5 billion. #Instagram has 2.35 billion.

Even #Snapchat and #Reddit are somewhere around 750 million to a billion, more than twice that of Twitter.

Twitter isn't some unassailable behemoth, it is actually quite small compared to other social media.

blake shaw
6 days ago

What other #distro includes a system service for blocking #facebook out of the box?


the result of running "guix system search facebook", ie the block-facebook-hosts
6 days ago


I’ve never had a Twitter account.

The sad fact is Twitter, Facebook and the rest of social media is owned by a corporation as well as the viral content. Your voice has little to zero impact exactly when it will be needed most in the future.

You’ll be turned “off” and cancelled exactly at the perfect time.


Tutanota ✅
6 days ago

Huge win for privacy: Record fine against #Facebook thanks to Max Schrems & @noybeu! 🥳

#Meta must pay 1.2 billion euros for violating the EU #privacy regulation #GDPR. 👌



Roni Laukkarinen
6 days ago

What other (centralized) social medias you are using? (even the slightest)

You can select multiple answers (not on Ivory in case it still has the bug where it picks the one you touch)

Boosts appreciated.

#Twitter #Bluesky #Meta #Facebook #Instagram #LinkedIn #YouTube #SocialMedia #Blueskysocial

1 week ago

#Facebook und #Meta drohen seit längerem mit ihrem Rückzug aus Europa.“

Dann mal hurtig! Verpisst Euch. 🥰👋🏻👋🏻

Steve Herman
1 week ago

The first fake image of the purported explosion near the Pentagon appears to have been posted by a #QAnon account on #Facebook, which saw little engagement, according to Bloomberg technology reporter Davey Alba. Then it was picked up by #TwitterBlue verified accounts and RT, and exploded online, briefly driving down stock prices.

Ricky de Laveaga
1 week ago

#Facebook / #Instagram planning to leech off of #Mastodon. Notice how, “Users on [Mastodon] will be able [to] search for, follow and interact with your profile and content” but no mention of following Mastodon accounts, a la “The plan as of now is that the MVP (minimum viable product) will definitely allow our users to broadcast posts to people on other servers. It may or may not enable our users to follow and view the content of people on other servers.”

1 week ago

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#SGGQA 300: Meta Fined $1 Billion, DoorDash Charges iPhone Users More, Adults Don't Use Twitter, Right to Repair in France

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Nemo_bis 🌈
1 week ago

@neil They could also start by outright removing certain components. For example there's zero need to keep serving Facebook pixels and Facebook like buttons in the EU; their logs can be deleted and at least the most obvious places their data went to purged. Ghost accounts are presumably easy to delete entirely.

Doing everything is hard, but doing something is very easy, and #Facebook has done nothing at all.

Neil Brown
1 week ago

The Irish data protection regulator orders Facebook:

- to pay €1.2 billion

- to suspend any future transfer of personal data to the US

- to cease the unlawful processing, including storage, in the US of personal data of EU/EEA people

Or, in other words, to commence even more expensive litigation.

#GDPR #Facebook #Meta

Jan Penfrat
1 week ago

So, today #Facebook was slammed with a record #GDPR fine of 1.2 billion EUR for illegally transferring personal data to the U.S.

While this and the fact that #Meta was ordered to stop doing this by November is good news, let's not forget that the company makes 2 billion EUR in net #profits every month.
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heise online
1 week ago

DSGVO-Rekordstrafe gegen Facebook: Meta soll 1,2 Milliarden Euro Bußgeld zahlen

Seit zehn Jahren tobt der Streit über Facebooks Weitergabe von Nutzerdaten in die USA, wo sie nicht ausreichend geschützt sind. Jetzt folgt ein Rekordbußgeld.

#Datenschutz #DSGVO #Facebook #news

Facebook-Logo vor Unternehmenssitz


Meta hit by record fine of €1.2 billion by Ireland's Data Protection Commish.

No word yet (I think) on any orders to cease transfers - which would effectively mean ceasing ops


Meta has also been given

- five months to “suspend any future transfer of personal data to the US” and

- six months to stop “the unlawful processing, including storage, in the US” of transferred personal EU data



Erlend Sogge Heggen
1 week ago

When #facebook first came out with React, I was super suspicious. I’d been directly affected by their XMPP/Jabber bait & switch, and was expecting a similar play. But React turned out to be one of the most popular open source projects in history, in large part thanks to Fb’s custodianship.

The product dynamics of #P92 is closer to XMPP than React, but on the other hand #ActivityPub is an inherently more connected and coordinated (albeit loosely) network than XMPP was, because it’s one big room.

demï7en 🎗
1 week ago

⬆ Funny how all the 'Mao Haris' and 'Mata Rasputinovas' quite accidentally end up bedding the most influential foreigners possible... 👀


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Jim Parsons
1 week ago


Tech/Media ‘BigBang' was ’96 launch of MSNBC

Once end user #surveillance analytics & monetization models kicked-in, next logical “innovation” emerged from Stanford Behaviour Design Lab (Persuasion Lab)
(#Facebook #Brexit 💩)

Todays media #enshitification brought to you by #BigTech #SiliconValley #VC oligarchs who’ve successfully weaponized it and no longer need Vice & Buzzfeed data harvesting – which has satiated their #AI’s

Roni Laukkarinen
1 week ago

The opinion is divided. There is no consensus. #Meta #Facebook #Instagram #Fediverse #SocialMedia

Stefan Bohacek
1 week ago

I wonder if people threatening to block Facebook's/Meta's new ActivityPub-compatible social media network also automatically block emails coming from

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1 week ago

@aral I've seen that Meta thinks in an Instagram app compatible with Mastodon -I guess ActivityPub-based?

I hope this is not going to happen, big tech on assault to the fediverse? I will join the first instance that blocks that monster!

#facebook #surveillanceCaptalism #peoplefarming

Aral Balkan
1 week ago

Facebook to be fined £648m for being Facebook.

In other news, Facebook gets to keep being Facebook.

#dataProtection #GDPR #privacy #facebook #SiliconValley #surveillanceCapitalism #peopleFarming #thisIsFine