Grand Admiral Shaun Duke
20 hours ago

What moment in your #fandom history would you consider to be the most significant? This is a personal one. It can be big or small. No right answers!

1 day ago

Got #crunchyroll and been watching #girlfriendgirlfriend and as corny as this show is, I love it.

I loved the premise of Season 1 but since they introduced Shino in Season 2, Def on the Team Shino! #anime #fandom

Untold Tales
2 days ago

He often faltered in small talk, not because social graces eluded him,but because he quickly became invested in other people’s lives, ensuring that little remained purely cursory.

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Our Flag Means Research
2 days ago

New Single Chapter Fics Under the #OFMD Tag on #AO3, comparing 2022 & 2023 / S1 & S2

The number of new single chapter fics under the OFMD tag on AO3 has been under observation since July. It's time to wrap this up and post the finalised graphs.

On Pillowfort:

On Tumblr:

#OurFlagMeansDeath #Fandom #FandomStudies #Fanfic #Statistics

Our Flag Means Research
2 days ago

An update for the number of new single chapter fics under the #OFMD tag on #AO3, comparing 2022 and 2023.

The line graph shows the daily numbers during Sep-Nov. The total number of new fics during this period in 2023 is 43% more than the previous year.

The bar graph shows the weekly comparison during 1 July - 1 December. The total number of new fics during this period in 2023 is 5.4% more than the previous year.

#OurFlagMeansDeath #Fandom #FandomStudies #Fanfic #Statistics

A line graph showing the number of daily OFMD single chapter fics that were posted on AO3 between 1 September and 30 November 2022 and 2023.

The total number of new fics during the observation period was 2,906 (daily average 32) in 2022 and 4,160 (43% more than the previous year; daily average 46) in 2023.

In September, the lines of both years are overlapping (between 13 and 47, daily average 25 in 2023 and 26 in 2022). 

After S2 trailer on 14 Sep there’s a noticeable spike in the numbers.

Both years, there’s a spike at the beginning of October because of Kinktober (2022: 74 fics, 2023: 62 fics). In 2022, the daily numbers drop rapidly after the initial spike.

S2 aired between 5-26 October. During the same period in 2022, the number of daily fics was between 27 and 73 (daily average 45). During the airing of S2 the daily number was between 55 and 102 (daily average 72).

After the finale of S2 (27 Oct -30 Nov), the numbers decline rapidly, ranging between 17 and 100 (daily average 45). During the same period in 2022, daily number was between 12 and 45 (daily average 24).

After mid-November, the lines of both years start overlapping again (between 12 and 47, daily average 31 in 2023 and 20 in 2022).

Data was collected by Tikli on 3 December 2023.
A bar graph showing the number of weekly OFMD single chapter fics that were posted on AO3 during the 22 week observation period between 1 July and 1 December 2022 and 2023.

The total number of new fics during the observation period was 5,000 (weekly average 227) in 2022 and 5,272 in 2023 (5.4% more than the previous year; weekly average 240).

In July and August, the weekly numbers were higher in 2022 than in 2023.

The first two weeks of September 2023 exceeded the previous year, but the last two weeks were higher in 2022 than in 2023.

Both years, there’s a spike at the beginning of October because of Kinktober. 

In 2022, the weekly numbers drop rapidly after the first week of October and in November, the weekly numbers were below the weekly average.

After the first week of October, there were more weekly new fics in 2023 than in 2022.

During the airing of S2 (5-26 October 2023), the weekly numbers grew steadily each week. The numbers declined the week after the finale aired, and in November, they were below the lowest week of October. During the last two weeks of November 2023, the weekly numbers were below the weekly average.

Highest weekly number in 2022 was 485 (30 Sep - 6 Oct). In 2023, it was 581 (21-27 Oct, the week when the final episode aired).

Lowest weekly number in 2022 was 142 (25 Nov - 1 Dec). In 2023, it was 84 (1-7 Jul).

Data was collected by Tikli on 3 December 2023.
Our Flag Means Research
2 days ago

Comparing the number of daily new single chapter fics under the #OFMD tag on #AO3 during and after seasons 1 and 2.

The observation period starts from the air date of the first episode of the season and ends five weeks after the season finale.

The average number of daily fics is counted separately for fics that were posted during the season and for fics that were posted after the season finale.

#OurFlagMeansDeath #Fandom #FandomStudies #Fanfic #Statistics

A line graph showing the number of daily OFMD single chapter fics that were posted on AO3 during the 8 weeks starting from the air date of the season, comparing seasons 1 and 2.

Season 1 started streaming on 3 March 2022 and Season 2 on 5 October 2023. New episodes aired weekly on Thursdays and the final episode aired three weeks after the season started.

The total number of new single chapter fics during the observation period was 3,088 in 2022 and 3,164 in 2023 (2.5% more than the previous year)

During the three weeks when the new season was airing (counting the air date of the final episode), the daily average of new fics was 7 in 2022 and 72 in 2023.

During the five weeks after the final episode, the daily average of new fics was 84 in 2022 and 45 in 2023.

The highest daily number in 2022 was 125 fics 17 days after the finale aired. In 2023, the highest daily number was 102 fics on the day the finale aired.

The lowest daily number after the finale of season 1 was 56 fics the next day after the finale. After the finale of season 2, the lowest daily number was 17 fics three weeks after the finale aired.

Five weeks after the final episode, the number of daily new fics was 68 in 2022 and 25 in 2023.

Data was collected by Tikli on 3 December 2023.
2 days ago

I wrote 1,300 words today and finished my short story for the Secret Santa exchange!

Last night I also got a good deal of plotting done for my sapphic Valentine's fest entry. Once I get the secret Santa gift beta'd and posted, I can finally get started. I think this one will end up being quite longer because there's no word limit and I have over two months before the deadline.

#AmWriting #WritingCommunity #Fandom #FanFiction

Untold Tales
2 days ago

The warm whispering of the Force called to her before she bolted; swarthy hands pushing and shoving anyone she could to try and get ahead. The voice called stronger still- beating with her now pounding heartbeat.


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Autistic Goblin
2 days ago
2 days ago

Huge congratulations to Teavin and the Red Ajah!

#Fandom #TarValonNet

The background is in a light red colour. Covering the middle of the image is TVN's logo with two teardrops entwined like a YinYang without the dots, surrounded by the colours of our 11 Senior Membership groups. Text:
Congratulations Teavin Calayna, Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah.
Magic Ninja Robot
2 days ago

Tonight, We are back from being sick and other things. Reaction to #godzilla minus one. the hell is a "Tradwife?" #fandom and scott pilgram. And Ili has trailerpalooza. All this and more on the 1/2 assed show. Starting in one hour on #youtube
#podcast #gaming #popculture #movies

Hapy birthday Rook!!!

I have been busy on other characters bdays. ahahaha... He does get special treatment from me 🧍​
#twst #twistedwonderland #rookhunt #hbd #saippuaillus #aethyart #artistsonaethy #drawing #art #chibi #fandom

Twisted Wonderland's Rook and Grim with my OC Nomi, Chibis on a lilac background. Rook is holding a slice of a birthday cake that has a bow and arrow decoration on it. Grim is reaching for the cake, don't give it to him.
Untold Tales
3 days ago

"Are you asking me to stand on the side and do nothing?" Luna would have preferred just that.

If anyone closest to her were lost, she wasn’t entirely sure what she’d do. A lot would burn.

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Untold Tales
3 days ago

The warm whispering of the Force called to her before she bolted; swarthy hands pushing and shoving anyone she could to try and get ahead. The voice called stronger still- beating with her now pounding heartbeat.


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4 days ago

Our theme for December is Amnesty! That means you can make recs for any of our past themes, from any year. #recs #fandom

A photograph in shades of blue and white. Against a deep blue background, vertical streaks of bright blue-white light stretch from the top of the frame almost to the bottom, ending in a row of blurry white, periwinkle, and blue dots, like the camera was tilted down just as the picture was taken. It has a cheerful vibe, and suggests warmth despite the cool colors. Text: Amnesty, at Fancake.
Moreau Vazh
4 days ago

The challenge of the idea of a 'TTRPG community' beyond the people you actually play with is that there will always be tensions between how you imagine a game and how that game is imagined by other people (that you will never meet let alone play with)

This is a good thing; it is literally where innovation comes from, but nerd/fan spaces have *never* been good at handling those tensions. #TTRPG #fandom

5 days ago

Wise words from one of our favourite characters, as always. Without cheating, can you recall who said it? The accent and metaphor should make this one pretty easy 😆

#AesSedai #BrandonSanderson #Community #Fandom #Fansite #Fantasy #FantasyBooks #RobertJordan #TarValon #TarValonNet #TheWheelOfTime #TheWhiteTower #TootersOfTime #WheelOfTime #WheelOfTimeSeries #WoT #WoTOnPrime

Background is a dark-haired woman in white and blue, with her hood halfway drawn. She wears jewelery in ears and on her forehead. She is holding a glowing circlet. The woman is Moiraine Damodred from The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. The artwork is the same as on the cover of The Fires of Heaven, and done by Dan Dos Santos. Text reads: Just because I can hook a shark from a boat, I do no offer to wrestle it in the water.
haboo 🧊 (Haobo12)
5 days ago

My day is ruined and my disappointment is inmensurable #fandom

Untold Tales
6 days ago

"We need a bard." In she leaned, effort to be heard without shouting like the rest of this hive, "Someone to regale crowds with a rousing rendition of our legend." Hand motioned to bar, "They'd find us a room after hearing that, I bet. And drinks too."

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Revista Xenite
6 days ago

🇧🇷 Sonhei que Xena ia ganhar Reboot e que iam colocar a Adriene Wilkinson de rainha das amazonas.

🇦🇺 I dreamed that Xena was going to get a reboot, and they were going to cast Adriene Wilkinson as the queen of the Amazons.

#xena #xenathewarriorprincess #fandom

A creepy done for @NaraMoore

Based on the Japanese painting on the right. I can do a wide variety of style to suit your taste.

#Commission #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt #FediArt #Fandom #FanArt #DigitalArt #Anime #Horror #Patreon

Woman in red kimono with a creepy behind her.
Japanese woman with summoned monsters.

#JIdol: Morley plays 百物語 Hyaku Monogatari

あなたは何を ももしきやさんに召喚したのか?
What have you summoned Momoshikiya-san?

Artist @Maisensei
Image: Morley from Planckstars

#もーりー #Momoshikiya #ももしきや
#YABACUBE #Planckstars #プランクスターズ #地下アイドル #アイドル #Idol #MastoArt #FediArt #Fandom #FanArt #百物語 #HyakuMonogatari #Yokai #Youkai

A woman in a red kimono is kneeling and snuffing a candle. Behind her is a appropriation. There is a small title in the upper left that says 百物語

Myślicie, że instancja Mastodon/Firefish dla fandomu konkretnej gry ma sens?

#giereczkowo #gry #fandom #fedi #fediwersun #Mastodon #Firefish

Daniel Dvorkin
1 week ago

#Alien3 is canon, get over it.”

“Excuse me while I nail these #theses to David #Fincher’s door.”

God help me, I do love #fandom so.

1 week ago


Hey #fandom #convention lovers! I want to give you a word of advice about meeting celebrities at cons. I’ve learned this after years of running a green room and speaking to guests.

I dropped Twitter but I’m still going to do CON EXPLAINERS ❤️

A gif of three talented Spider-Man cosplayers dancing
Cheryl M.🦄🐲🏳️‍🌈
1 week ago

It's #SmallBusinessSaturday! My shop has 15% off select items through Monday. A great time to buy gifts or treat yourself. And you will support a #Black, #queer, #disabled artist! Discount is automatically applied at checkout.

#ShopSmall #ShopHandmade #SupportSmallBusiness #Jewelry #3DPrints #Gaming #TTRPG #lgbtqia #fandom #geek #gemstones

Really glad the snow has let up. Sidewalks and roads even in the neighborhood are melting on their own.

Was not thrilled about my drive down to the Tech Center for GalactiCon.

Fingers crossed the weather doesn't deter SF/F fans from coming out this weekend.

#ScienceFiction #fandom

Xie Lian's Big Naturals
2 weeks ago

I’m talking with a friend who does fanfic commissions, and I suggested that here might be a good place to be active, considering how positive the Fediverse is about independent artists selling their work.

But I don’t know how fandom here feels about fic comms, specifically. I know I’ve heard it’s a gray area legally. So, how do you feel about seeing fanfic commission posts? I’m curious!


Humanist Trek Podcast
2 weeks ago

#DENVER! Meet Sarah, Allie & Becca @ GalactiCon -- THIS WEEKEND!

Catch "Is There in Star Trek Podcasting No Beauty?", a Humanist Trek Live Show on Saturday; our "Humanism in Star Trek" Panel on Sunday; and meet & greet with us all weekend at our table! for tickets
#StarTrek #Convention #Podcast #Fandom #GalactiCon2023 #Humanism #Scifi #ScienceFiction

Image promoting Humanist Trek at GalactiCon 2023 in Denver, Colorado November 24-26. Features cartoon artwork of hosts Allie and Sarah.
Narrelle M. Harris
2 weeks ago

I'm so thrilled to have an essay in this gorgeous book that celebrates fans and fandom and the incredible creative communities we make.

And it's 20% off at the moment too!

#fandom #fans #creativity #community #fancommunities @bookstodon

Marine :autismcreature:
2 weeks ago

My Black Friday Sale starts in 10ish hours!

Have you been wanting to make a fansite but actually... what do you put on a fansite? What sort of things do you put on there? Where do I get fun graphics? How do I set up an RSS feed? How do I export my twitter threads?

Good news, I wrote a book on that!



#indieAuthor #OldWeb #Fansite #AuthorsOfMastodon #BlackFriday #indieCreator #Fandom

Book cover for Let's Make a Fansite and Populate it!
David Chartier
3 weeks ago

Another large corner of the web that has thankfully begun rebelling against corporate abuse: wikis.

#Fandom (a large, for-profit wiki platform) has gotten aggressive over the past few years pushing intrusive ads, awful AI garbage content, and recently allowing companies to completely take over and rewrite wikis for fucking marketing stunts (see: McDonalds Grimace shake, covered in this video).

It’s nice to see more efforts to switch to community-supported spaces.

Hey #furry (and I suppose general #fandom) con attendees!
What things make you attend a con early - that is to say, sleeping at the con hotel the night before the first full day of convention programming?
I'm gathering some data :cheetah:​ 📋​

3 weeks ago

As I sit typing this (on the month Bandcamp announced its pivot and decline in service) into Mastodon, a federated, non-owned platform that’s risen to popularity partly because a billionaire bought Twitter & killed its audience, I can’t help feeling these bands tell us something good about cultivating our own online platforms. /end

#music #bandcamp #twitter #greenlung #kinggizzardandthelizardwizard #goatband #fandom #indie #mastodon #heavymetal #graphicdesign #streaming #vinyl #vinylrecords

Damon Thomas
3 weeks ago

Can a person win at fandom? Likely not in any objective way. But many try. Bitter exchanges online for Pop Culture X vs. Pop Culture Y. "Sanitary" is about how we construct ourselves through media and dialogue. With Fandom, Batman, and Pornography. #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #comics #fandom #batman

Fandom is a full-contact sport. You toss on a Bat-Shirt. You make a casual comment about Crime Alley. That is all it takes. Minutes later someone is telling you they are a bigger Batman fan. This involves a story of some sort. Subjective claims always do. There is no Bat-SAT after all. I have my own story here. In the summer of 1989 I visited my Tennessee family. Batman movies were not dark and gritty then. The comics had made the shift but cartoons were Silver Age silliness. Batman gets a rainbow costume to distract from Robin having his arm in a cast? That was all the grit we could expect. That summer was when things would change. Tim Burton and Michael Keaton giving us a Dark Gotham. I was 12 and beyond excited! Loitering in the Sanitary Foodliner magazine side room I flipped through every Bat-Everything. I shared the room with teens doing the same with the shelves of pornography. Someone behind a two-way mirror monitored it all. Voyeurs watching voyeurs in a Sanitary way. Once a teen told me they'd sell anyone porn as long as it wasn't "too good." I asked a cashier with my pre-puberty voice squeaking and she feloniously confirmed the claim. I walked to the magazine room and quickly returned with my pick – Batman. The cashier smirked but asked no questions. All she deserved was Murray Head's reply – "I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine."

This tweet got me LOL because it's so true. If you say out loud that these traffic/idol actors are less than perfect, it's like drawing a bullseye on your tweet for the superfans to come out of the weeds and eat you alive.
Predictably this poster got lots of hatred as a result, but she's amused about it.
This is one thing I cant stand about fandom. I often have to censor myself as I do not have the mood to deal with these parasocial superfans.

#Cdrama #Fandom #Cdramas #Kdramas #Kdrama

🍉 田里的猹
Nov 9
So... any unpopular C-ent opinions that'll get you like this?
Victoire Soule de Lafont
Zhao Lu Si sucks 
Wu Lei is neither good looking nor talented 
So is Zhao Li Ying and Tan Song Yun
Ju Jing Yi stopped progressing as an actress since she became famous 
Li Xian and Yang Zi are physically meh
There ! It’s out !
 (scared of what’s gonna happen to me now 😅)
Gif of a woman running away
4 weeks ago
Ein Frachtschiff namens KOBAYASHI MARU mit schwarzem Rumpf liegt mit offener Ladeluke im Hafen.
Lyssa Chiavari
1 month ago

Recently I listened to the #372Pages We’ll Never Get Back podcast episodes from 2018 about The #EyeOfArgon. For the uninitiated, EoA is a short fantasy novella in the vein of Conan the Barbarian that was published in the Ozark Science Fiction Association zine, #OSFAN, in 1970. The novella is hilariously bad, and thus developed cult status in the SFF community. This is all pretty well documented online. What I want to talk about is its less-documented author, #JimTheis🧵 1/

#Fandom #History

On parle également un peu du #fandom dans ces pays.

Il y a plein de festival #sf locaux en chine mais ils sont très politisés, noyés sous la promotion des autorités et entreprises locales, et il y a peu d’espace pour vraiment échanger autour des œuvres.

En Corée il y en a beaucoup de festivals de littérature classique, mais niveau #sfff c’est moins développé (ponctuel, petit, sans continuité) mais avec le même esprit que les #utopiales. #utopiales2023 #mesutos2023

1 month ago

»Zmarł Piotr Rak«

Dziś rano dotarła do mnie wiadomość o śmierci Piotra „Raku” Raka. Działacza fandomowego, jednego z założycieli Śląskiego Klubu Fantastyki, [...] chciałbym podzielić się z Wami moimi prywatnymi, osobistymi wspomnieniami o Piotrze.

#Fahrenheit_zin #fandom #PiotrRak

Piotr Rak
Autor fotografii: Michał Dagajew
Minecraft Wiki
1 month ago

The Hollow Knight wiki moved away from Fandom yesterday, congratulations from us!

If you're wondering what's wrong with Fandom and why so many wikis are moving away recently, Hollow Knight YouTuber mossbag made an excellent and in-depth video about the topic:

#Fandom #Wiki #Fork

Cheryl M.🦄🐲🏳️‍🌈
1 month ago

Watched Babylon 5: The Road Home finally. I liked it. Such a small production. Warner Bros just doesn't know what a potentially great property they have.

#Babylon5 #Fandom

LCWebsXOXO [mod]
1 month ago

Mastodon remains undefeated for avoiding spoilers. You love to see it.

#fandom #ofmd #goodomens

Headshaker Kingbreaker
2 months ago

Somebody should create something like an action plan of getting #fandom people on fedi... I'm not going to be that person bc project management gives me anxiety but there has to be somebody out there who knows how to do this stuff and actually likes doing it, right?

I would definitely take over some regular tasks as long as I don't have to organize everything...

2 months ago

Since the #reddit rebellion has been quashed and things have gotten quiet. I have been tossing around the idea of setting up a #lemmy #instance for #Fandom to share links and stuff like the old days of reddit.

Anyone have any thoughts on that?

#fanfic #fanfiction #writing #ao3 #iamwriting #community

Delighted to announce that my book about superheroes, their fans, and the radical imagination has been published by punctum books, an independent non-profit press, and a rather brilliant one at that!

It's open access with 3 easy ways to grab a copy (link below)!

* buy a copy (a great way to support me and punctum books)

* donate and download a copy

* download a free copy (and, if you enjoy it, buy a copy and support an awesome OA press)

@bookstodon #Comics #Fandom

Book front cover: Recovering the Radical Promise of Superheroes: Un/Making Worlds by Ellen Kirkpatrick

Bright yellow front cover with an image of an exploding planet. The book's title is set at an upward angle in red all caps, and it's subtitle is underneath in black all caps.
2 months ago

Some time ago, on Reddit, I posted that there are only maybe like 5 good games on the Nintendo Switch. Of course that post got downvoted pretty hard so I deleted my comment because I didn't want to loose too much karma.

This might have been exaggerated from my part, like there are maybe 20 or 30 that are actually good and I'm talking about first-party games here, like Mario Kart or Breath of the Wild and stuff.

But for every game on there that is also available on another platform, guaranteed that the other version is superior somehow.

#nintendo #switch #fandom #hottake

Untold Tales
2 months ago

With a warm and polite tone, he glanced toward her and said, "I apologize for not asking earlier, but I don't believe we've been properly introduced. What's your name?"

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milli/hit_the_books :spn:
2 months ago

If you haven't already seen this...

Fearing AI, fan fiction writers lock their accounts | TechCrunch

#Fandom #WritingFanfic #FanficWriting #AI

2 months ago

This is a most excellent video by ColyeDoesThings about Kinktober and Fandom - with helpful (mostly Safe For Work) description of Kink terms:

"Fandom's Naughtiest Time Of the Year" - Youtube 14.31 minutes.


#Kintober #Fandom #ColeyDoesThings #Youtube

She gets all the kisses!! (Part 1)

Art requested by Gurren Prime

Commissions always Open
Rate sheet in my profile.

#Commission #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt #FediArt #Fandom #FanArt #DigitalArt #Anime #Yuri

Three girls are kissing Bocchi.
Ami Angelwings
2 months ago

#QuestionOfTheDay: what's your fandom, fanfic, content creator/creation hot take? Like an actually scorching hot take that you actually believe and would cause controversy.

#fandom #fanfic #writing #TikTok #YouTube #instagram #memes #Twitch

*As an example of the kinds of takes i mean you can check out the responses to the previous 4 Question of the Days:

anime/manga & video games:

TCGs, TTRPGs, & board games:

books, comics, & general writing:

TV, film, & music:

The Video Game Library 📚
2 months ago

Struggling to attract more people to your library❓

This practical guide will educate you on opportunities to build #VideoGame (and other) Fandoms right into your programming 💪

Thanks to new volunteer, Snivets, for getting this one catalogued! 🙏


#Library #Librarian #VideoGames #Gamer #Gaming #Nintendo #Xbox #PlayStation #Fandom #HarryPotter #DrWho #Pokemon #Furry #Cosplay #Sherlock #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #Guide #Librarians

The cover of Teen Fandom and Geek Programming - A Practical Guide for Librarians.
Colin 🐈🌱
2 months ago

To all #minecraft players that don't want to support the #fandom wiki, but are annoyed that search results don't point to, I've got a solution for you: use Redirector with the following rules:

  • Redirect (Regular Expression): https?://minecraft\.fandom\.com(/.*)?
  • to:$1
  • Example:
  • Applies to: Main window (address bar), IFrames
Daily Dose of Pony
2 months ago

Have you seen this amazing animation by Vilord Studio? It portraits an epic battle between scary Shadow Wolf against... Trixie? It surely is worth a watch!

#mlp #brony #animation #fandom

2 months ago

It's such a good thing nowadays that the worldwide web has allowed fandom to realise there are opinions outside of what DWAS or DWB or certain individuals thought (and in some cases still think) and it's okay to like Time and the Rani or Delta and the Bannermen - or Jodie Whittaker - and there's nothing wrong with thinking the Hinchcliffe era has some distinctly dodgy stories and that Season 5 is hugely repetitive.


#DoctorWho #fandom #SciFi

Ankaret Wells
2 months ago

In a discussion elsewhere it came up that the ship name for Apostle Peter / Apostle Paul fic should be 'Rocky Road' and I feel like I cannot be the first person to have thought of this. #fandom

"taco, how can i go about this?"

ask about how #AffirmativeAction is being accomplished by the teams that are running your conventions!

and don't settle for "we're a diverse team of queer people", most of the #furry #fandom is #queer. we need more #bipoc voices explicitly, or we're going to fall prey to the clutches of #whiteness and #christofacist sanitation. ask why there isn't more information talking about race in the fandom and why it's important!

i fear we, as "intersectional "allies"" are falling into this same exact trap of #whiteness with #fursonas in the #furry #fandom. more and more #white people who are affluent purchase fursuits, and we forget that the creation of this key piece of fandom history, the #fursona, is a product of #black #queer history.

we need to make sure this is corrected at an #institutional level. and by the #institutions, i mean the #conventions that we host and the 501c3s that we run to host them.

...which are mostly run by #white people.

if we, as an "#inclusive community", wish to make our conventions less... pale, we really need to start talking about the #black and #queer history of the #furry #fandom loudly. i am really proud of the documentation done on the fandom, but most of the participants i see in video documentaries, interviews, and other media are desparately #white.

#fursonas were literally invented by a black queer man, Ken Cougr. i fear we are forgetting the racial side of the roots of our creativity just like we have with other mediums, see: #rap and #hiphop.

we can do better.

we as #furries should be working to elevate #bipoc voices both within and outside of the fandom regarding peoples lived experiences because they also affect us but they affect others who are a part of these intersectional experiences in a way worse way.

this may sound weird, but i actually think we should be working on #AffirmativeAction for #leadership positions within the #furry #fandom.

hear me out.

2 months ago

In my little corner of #fandom the Barbie/Gloria ship is going strong. Just saw this image liking them to the gayest #Barbie movie. Can't you hear them singing? "I'm just like you! "

Image I borrowed from someone on discord.
On top, the main characters from Barbie Princess and the pauper. Bottom Margot Robbie and America Ferrer

The #HadesGame #fanzine I wrote a hot #Charmes fic for was released today!

21 writers and artists contributed over 100 pages 😍

Get it here:

#Hades #fanfic #fanfiction #fanart #fandom

S Callisto Burwitz
3 months ago

@jenniferplusplus i couldnt vote because it was easy for me. It was easy, because friends recommended the instances I use. First one for roleplayers, which I now barely use and then one for writers, which I enjoy very much. I'm not sure I would have found these places had people not said "this place might be for you". I dont think "word of mouth" will work for everyone. I never know what to recommend for fandom people who just want to squee about their tv shows. #fandom where are you?

Hello, my name is Mai and I am a professional #GraphicArtist.

I was invited here by Nara Moore and do illustrations for her novels.

Please be kind to me.

My specialty is #Yuri but het doesn't bother me. I have done drawings for #OthersidePicnic, #ImInLoveWithTheVillainess (#ILTV), #SpyXFamily, #BocchiTheRock, #LycorisRecoil, #lLttleWitchAcademia , and lot of others. I have also done #Idol #FanArt . I do #SFW #NSFW #Ecchi but nothing illegal. Don't ask me.

Below is a sample of my work, displayed with Nara's permission.

#Introduction #Intro #MastoArt #Commission #CommissionOpen #Fandom

Two girls dancing. One has rabbit headphones on. Both are wearing dresses of matching design, one teal the other black.
3 months ago

Speaking of #fandom i have a LOT of them, and they change frequently... right now im a little obsessed with #goodomens and rewatching #doctorwho from my teenhood(which is wild) might get back into #supernatural since im kinda going through a nostalgia trip rn
recently also got into #transformers especcially #mtmte and am watching #transformersearthspark as it releases
#homestuck is my formative media so that will never leave me
occasionally watch #anime like #trigun #TRIGUNSTAMPEDE ...

David Chartier
3 months ago

No idea why I was at the #Fandom page in #Firefox for Boneitis but it was hilarious when I closed a tab and saw it. 😄

3 months ago

Kinda old news by now but, still. Damn the OTW is terrible with money. And decision-making. And conflict resolution. And governance. And–

It’s also weirdly secretive and has the kind of bureaucracy that no-one who’s ever actually worked in a bureaucracy thinks is bureaucracy. And I suppose on the one hand none of this is unusual for volunteer community organizations1 but there’s something about the AO3 that made it feel . . . somehow apart from, say, your local community field hockey team except, oh. Nope. Same hat.

  1. Funny story: this is my husband’s . . . side gig? Hobby? Thing-he-loves-doing-but-doesn’t-pay-as-much-as-his-day-job? Basically helping stabilize and mature community and volunteer organizations. ↩

#ao3 #fandom

Our primary mode of engaging with just about everything in late-stage whatever is #fandom.

Which is kinda terrible because fandoms have this habit of being incredibly toxic.

Kevin Payravi
3 months ago

The Verge published an interesting interview with the CEO of #Fandom, Perkins Miller.

Some of the nonsense includes Miller referring to wikis as "blogs" twice, as well as calling Fanatical "the leading online commerce platform if you want to buy an online video game".

Fynn Becker
3 months ago

Interesting interview with Perkins Miller, the CEO of Fandom.

Key take away for me: Miller has a trans child.

(There’s also some other interesting stuff in the interview, though 😅)

#Fandom #LGBT #LGBTQIA #Queer

I. E. LaBailey
4 months ago

#LateNightAdvice part 6

Don't diss anyone's
#fandom, no matter how much that show sucks.

Curious Loth-cat
4 months ago

I went through my following list to remove inactive accounts and found so many people from the "Star Wars" fandom and Lucasfilm who signed up here last year and then ghosted. Disappointing.

#StarWars #Fandom #SocialMedia

4 months ago

Here’s my #introduction!

- I am here for #fandom, #anime, #manga, #webtoons, #danmei, #fantasy novels, #genshin
- I write fanfic sometimes! It is very much fueled by #fanart , meta analysis, lore, and fic challenges.
- You can find me at AO3 on
- I am extremely multi-fandom. Some of my fandoms are #TowerOfGod 🌰❄️, #orv 📚🌟,#durarara 🔪🚏, #myheroacadema 🍀💥, #bluelock, #tgcf, #mdzs,#2ha,#svsss 🌸, genshin 🍅, and #arcane 👊

It’s nice to meet you!

4 months ago

I have a website collection of my #MastodonTutorial stuff and other resources.

Currently it has a section that focuses on Mastodon, and a section that focuses on #fandom.

- Getting Started With Mastodon
- The Phone Analogy a.k.a. Why Are There So Many Servers?
- How to Mastodon: Visibility Levels
- How to Mastodon: Opening Links
- Izzy Canyon Group on Mastodon
- This Is Not a Story About Hanging Out in Bars


Getting Started With Mastodon
A short tutorial of the basic functions of Mastodon. The whole tutorial is available as text, and the same information is also presented in a more visually appealing form (read: eye candy) as eight infographics.

The Phone Analogy
a.k.a. Why Are There So Many Servers? What is a Mastodon server, what does it do, how do they differ from each other and how to choose one. And why are there so many apps?!

How to Mastodon: Visibility Levels
What's the difference between Public, Unlisted, Followers Only and Mentioned People Only? What's the point of tagging your posts?

How to Mastodon: Opening Links
Opening linked Mastodon posts so that you are logged in and can interact with them.

Izzy Canyon Group on Mastodon
A short tutorial on what Mastodon group accounts are and how they work, followed by specific information regarding the Izzy Canyon group.

Comparing Mastodon and Twitter
A comparison between several features of Mastodon and Twitter (PDF).

This Is Not a Story About Hanging Out in Bars
Why we should be brave and just try out Mastodon, instead of clinging on to Twitter.

Fandom PSAs
A collection of Ye Olde Fandom Rules as plain text and also infographics. Contains the following:
Don't Like, Don't Read
Ship And Let Ship
Your Kink Is Not My Kink
Be Kind

Be Kind
Because it bears repeating, I made separate infographics of each bullet point of the Be Kind Fandom PSA.

Fandom Vocabulary
Fandom terms explained, both as plain text and as infographics. Currently contains the following:

Terms Related to "Shipping" and Their Usage
Text and infographics explaining how proshippers and antis each use the following terms:
6 months ago

The fact that AO3/OTW seems like it’s the latest content silo to fall victim to . . . whatever the current zeitgeist is that’s rotting out content silos from within really is something, huh.

Like maybe it’s wasn’t (just) the “for profit” part of the walled garden internet era that was the problem . . .

#ao3 #fandom

7 months ago

Really feel the SPN fandom missed a trick by not leaning more heavily into the slogan of the 1381 English Peasants’ Revolt, i.e. "that there should be no law within the realm save the law of Winchester."

#fandom #popCulture

10 months ago

So does Hallmark sell a "sorry so much of your identity is tied up in a corporate media franchise that became the de facto face and major funding source for a global hate group seeking to terrorize one of the world’s most vulnerable groups" card or . . .?