Kosmos Jdr
3 minutes ago

Kristina Ghermann est une illustratrice allemande dont le travail aborde des sujets historiques et/ou merveilleux et de fantasy, dont l'Antiquité. Vous croiserez sur son site une belle illustration de Didon, reine de Carthage, un face à face spectaculaire entre Thétis et Pélée, un flirt entre Achille et Patrocle jeunes, etc. Bref, de jolies inspirations pour "Kosmos". Mais aussi des scènes romaines, des Tudors, des dragons victoriens et pas mal d'autres choses.

Kristina Gehrmann est présente sur Mastodon : @kristinagehrmann

#art #MastoArt #fantasy #histoire #jdr #littérature #lgbtiq

Sara Marie Reine
41 minutes ago

This is the romance* central to my gothic fantasy book.

*It goes very badly.

#amWriting #AmWritingFantasy #fantasy #GayElves #ATTBTM #AtopTheTreesBeneathTheMountains #cartoons #cartooning #webcomic

A cute short elf is plastered against a tall scary elf. The short elf says "I can fix him <3" while the scary elf says "literally I murdered your best friend and like a port city"

Loving “The Priory of the Orange Tree.” Great world building, compelling narrative and characters, and good to see some fantasy cliches turned on their head. It seems rushed somehow, though; I wonder if it could have been two volumes with a little less speeding through some of the story. About eighty pages to go and can barely put it down to toot #fantasy #samanthashannon #fantasybooks #sff #reading #fantasyfiction

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Aw crap, it's the LAST DAY for this promo! 👀 Meant to give more time!

Is the winning mood a Tasty Nibble🍪over a Huge Binge? 📚

#Sample #Free
30 #IndieAuthors of #SciFi & #Fantasy 💫

#Novellas & #Anthologies Only!

Interested in "Carl Sagan's Hunt for Intelligent Life in the Universe" by C. Gockel 😁

#ShortStory #Novella #SFF #Humor #Android #DarkFantasy #EpicFantasy #AlternateHistory #Dragons #Aliens #FreeReads #BookToot #Bookstodon
@sffbookclub @scifi @sffbipoc

A planet rising above a shortline futuristic city with the sunset peeking behind clouds. Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories/Novells May 10-June 10, 2023

Worlds of IF (February 1974)

My mind has been so poisoned by eating disorders rebranded as fitness regimes that I see this magazine as "Worlds Of Intermittent Fasting".

Everything about this is ugly and awful, but somehow not reaching the standard of "so bad it's good". I'm honestly impressed how bad it is.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Worlds of IF magazine cover from the 1970s; a person in a space suit in a desolate setting is staring at the viewer; an object with a sign reading "Ranger VIII Camera" is behind them.

Worlds of IF (1974/02).
Sarah J Hoodlet
4 hours ago

#WritingWonders 10June- How would you describe your book?

Don't make me do this. 😅

Descriptors: heartwarming, romantic, tropical, funny, sad, philosophical, uplifting, rebellious.

As text: An epic fantasy tale about a young woman searching for a way to help her people. What she finds is knowledge, love, self-acceptance, and the one thing that will save not only her people, but Tredania as a whole: her destiny.

Is that alright?

#WritingCommunity #fantasy #FantasyRomance

Michael Frasca
4 hours ago

#AsimovsScienceFiction #FavoriteStories Jul/Aug 2023
#SF #Fantasy

Dark Horses by #DavidEbenbach

Selling the idea of a lifeboat on a sinking ship—should we use a theme or a motif? What’s the difference? Discuss. An exercise in surreal marketing. 

Casey Peel
4 hours ago

I read So This is Ever After by FT Lukens on my flight to Chicago after my 17yo niece recommended it to me.

It is a delightful YA m/m fantasy romcom (with other m/f and f/f relationships present too). Light, funny, and very romcom trope-y in all the best ways. I like how the book modeled supportive friend relationships (effectively chosen family) and that in the world everyone is effectively assumed to be bi which opened up some really cool story bits!

#sff #fantasy #queerBooks #books

Michael Frasca
4 hours ago

#AsimovsScienceFiction #FavoriteStories Jul/Aug 2023
#SF #Fantasy

Hope Is the Thing With Feathers by Karawynn Long @karawynn

Having one’s intelligence underestimated can be both painful and a terrific advantage. A touching tale of cross-species friendship, communication and collaboration.

4 hours ago

From the main trio of Harry Potter series I think Hermione Granger is the only one who could have, under different circumstances, ended up on the dark side. I decided to ask the mighty AI how that would look like.

#fantasy #fantasyart #aiart #stablediffusion #hermionegranger #harrypotter #darkwitch #atmospheric

A dark version of Hermione Granger standing on a dark cemetery. Wearing leather clothing, dark makeup, serious facial expression.
Zenta Brice
4 hours ago

Drawing cats (header for charity anthology Purranormal tails)

#fantasy #MastoArt #caturday #mastocats

Drawing of a cat sitting at the table. There are books and a cup of coffee on the table
MoonWard | by Slate Games
6 hours ago
Long Starbird
8 hours ago

"Starburst" Issue #1, 1978.

Jeff Hawke is back!!! 🤔😁

#SciFi #Fantasy #Magazine #70s #StarWars

8 hours ago

The Finn are such interesting characters. While the Aelfinn answer three questions, the Eelfinn grant three wishes. Both questions and wishes come with a price.... If you could visit one or the other, which would you choose? What questions or wishes would you ask?

#AesSedai #BrandonSanderson #Fandom #Fantasy #FantasyBooks #RobertJordan #TarValon #TarValonNet #TheWheelOfTime #TheWhiteTower #TootersOfTime #WheelOfTime #WheelOfTimeSeries #WOT #WoTOnPrime

Background is the cover art from WoT book 4, The Shadow Rising. A man is walking towards us with an open coat, white shirt and dark trousers. He is carrying a long spear slumped over his left shoulder. Two ravens are flying away from him, one on each side. TarValon.Net's logo at bottom. Text says: "Courage to strengthen, fire to blind, music to daze, iron to bind." Birgitte Silverbow, from The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan
Máire Brophy
8 hours ago

It has only taken 5 years 😬 but I’m finally up to 50 reviews/ratings on Amazon 🎉. If you like discovering new things, different fantasy, orcs, indie fiction or novellas this could be for you. If you do read please leave reviews so other people can find it.


#fantasy #fiction #fantasyBooks #indieBooks #reviews #sff #orcs

Cover of After the World by Máire Brophy showing 50 Amazon ratings with a score of 4.6 stars
Amalia Zeichnerin
8 hours ago

#Fantasylandkarten #Schreibcommunity #Phantastik #Fantasy #MastoArt

Ab Juli 2023 habe ich wieder Kapazitäten frei - ich gestalte Fantasylandkarten für Autor*innen. Weitere Details könnt ihr hier lesen:
Im Video könnt ihr mehrere Arbeitsproben sehen:

9 hours ago

Going to do something wild for my #fantasy story and completely cut out do-support for dialogue. What does that mean?

It means 'do' won't be used to form negative sentences or questions, so the sentences:

"I don't know." -> "I know not."
"Do you know him?" -> "You know him?"

Why am I doing this? Because it's fun! (I have a good in-universe explanation, I swear!) #WritingCommunity #AmWriting

Riza Bunansa
10 hours ago

#writingWonders 10/6 how would you describe your story: fun, epic, dark, sad, etc.? Why?

I like to describe it as grimdark. May not be the correct term, as my story does exude *some* hope, but all of the important characters (even the villain) are *all* morally grey, are always fuelled by their own desires rather than the greater good and there's an underlying air of despair too.

... And lots of people die gratuitously.

#amWriting #writing #WIP #gaslamp #fantasy

Astounding vol. 22, no. 6 (February 1939)

Is that a cross, lower right? They crashed and already buried someone? Lead guy is telling rear guy to hurry up but he's not going to make it.

Their spaceship is clearly modelled after those four-colour pens we all loved when we were younger and may still love don't judge me OK.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Astounding Stories magazine cover from the 1930s; two men in torn clothing are walking away from a damaged space ship over red rocks under a red sky.

Astounding vol. 22, no. 6 (1939/02).
Steve Frenzel
12 hours ago

My top artists in #May2023 on #Tidal

Started listening to #lambert again after a long time as it's great music for focused work. #open and #false are great records!

Surprised #m83 didn't make it to the top, as I was listening a lot to #fantasy such a great summer record 🌞

I really like the new #SleepToken album but it does have a couple of fillers. #chokehold is probably the best song they've ever written.

Also jammed some #converge and new #paramore because why not 🤷‍♂️

My top artists in may on Tidal:

- Lambert, 88 streams
- M83, 55 streams
- Sleep Token, 54 streams
- Converge, 47 streams
- Paramore, 23 streams

When this one came to life it asked, 'Why am I green?' I couldn't answer that question, it's just mystery of the universe that can't be answered for the stuff I render.... 'I just like green, and sometimes I go, what if (insert thing that's normally not green)... but instead it's green,' is what I replied, knowing such an answer would never truly satisfy. 😂

#aiart #generativeart #midjourney #generativeAI #scifi #fantasy #sciencefiction #aiartcommunity

a green cyborg with kind of a skeletal look to him, he has some beady orange eyes and a green faceplate that looks like the upper part of a skull.   Lots of wires and mechanical parts are coming out of him.

Rewatching Dungeons and Dragons. Oh man it is so much fun! Everyone is cast so well... this is destined to be a classic no matter what it did in the theaters.

#Cinema #Fantasy #DungeonsAndDragons

16 hours ago

Sorry my Mastodon acct. can be pretty deserted, lol. I'll try to post more often but am focused on other platforms a little more... but not Twitter!! lol... eww.... that's why I'm on Mastodon.

Something yellow instead of green for a change 😂 .... but worry not, more green things are in the queue anyway.

#aiart #generativeart #midjourney #generativeAI #scifi #fantasy #sciencefiction #aiartcommunity

a yellow-tinged cyborg, he has lots of tubes and wires going in and out of him.
Eric Johnson, Author
18 hours ago

61293 words for Days of Baromir. I don't know but this one seems almost done, I say by the middle of next week I'll be closing this up. Had some words with my editor and we're not vibing right now, so there's that. I'm going to see how things go in the next couple of weeks before I decide to keep using her for editing. I can do it myself but I figure another set of eyes helps, but I don't know right now.

#fantasy #fantasybook #writing #amwritingfantasy

19 hours ago

🤔 I've been thinking about how I have been using #AIs that follow a prompt to make an image for inspiration for my #fantasy setting, and I wonder if it is still okay to use it if you are only using it for inspiration

Please boost if possible


Astounding vol. 34, no. 1 (September 1944)

The more I look the more questions I have—what's happening on the left of his chest? What's around his shoulder? Why did he sit down in a hedge (at twilight?) to adjust his weirdly fragile looking raygun? Are those patches of white at the bottom his legs or damage to the magazine?

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Astounding Stories magazine cover from the 1940s; a man holds a raygun-like device, surrounded by plants.

Astounding vol. 34, no. 1 (1944/09).
J. Dianne Dotson
20 hours ago

Fantasy Author Chat: J. Dianne Dotson Interviews Lou Anders via YouTube. Fantasy and RPG fans will LOVE this interview chock-full of brilliant world-building and advice! #fantasy #fantasybooks #rpgs #writingcommunity

20 hours ago

WIP map. Added some more trees. Added swamp. Changed the city, castle icons to be more generic. Added rough color. I do not think players know how much work a GM goes through to make content for a game!

#rpg #dnd #osr #map #fantasy

Fantasy for the Ages
21 hours ago

New YouTube Short regarding my reading habits. Am I insane? #fantasy

Michael Frasca
21 hours ago

#AsimovsScienceFiction #FavoriteStories Jul/Aug 2023
#SF #Fantasy

The Death Hole Bunker by #KristineKathrynRusch

Excavating dangerous Death Holes containing age-old exotic artifacts for fun and profit…what could go wrong?

Pairs well with Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s Roadside Picnic. The story also uses the word "stalker" on several occasions.

Angela Miller
22 hours ago

I have a first chapter in a new #wip tonight! Feeling very excited about it.

#writing #writersLife #writersOfMastodon #fantasy

I luuuuv that style! Rime An-Elderin, beautifully done by concept artist Jacqueline Pichardo from the US. A blue heart, in character 💙

#FanArt #FanArtFriday #fandom #FantasyArt #TheRavenRings #OdinsChild #fantasy #FantasyBooks #bookstodon #Norse #NorseMythology #illustration

Manga style drawing of Rime, holdings his sword, tail curving from his back.
Angela Miller
22 hours ago

Here's the second story in Aithne and
Keir's #Thread Glentrool.
And here's a chapter of story to go with it.
#writing #fantasy #urbanFantasy #alternateReality #magic #fiction #dragon #dragons #Scotland

Glen Trool,  in Dumfries and Galloway. A narrow Glen of steep mountains around a long, thin Loch.

#WritingWonders 6.n — Do natural calamities play a role in your story?

In one sense, the entire world is a natural calamity, but if you and your parents have lived your entire life in a climate disaster, are you going to think that?

Translated into the deep background of the #sff universe, there's really only this: A high-heat storm kills a secondary character's mother—who will incidentally be another secondary character's second love-of-his-life. His life is totally tragic. [Any more would be spoilers.] The main character experienced the steaming storm in her childhood, but from safer ground, and helped cleanup in the aftermath, which provides a sense of commonality within the story.

Maybe I should name the storm Cyclone McMuffin?


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon

#climatecrisis fiction
#climatedisaster fiction

22 hours ago

#gayBookReview "Deception" is an Arabian Nights #erotic #menage #fantasy by Grace R. Duncan.

Cyrus and Nadir are palace pleasure slaves, but also lovers, which is complicated. When an assassin threatens King Bathasar's life, his lover Teman convinces him to bring Cyrus and Nadir into their relationship to help protect him. If things were complicated before, they're even more so now, as the four men do more than pretend to be lovers.

Book cover art for "Deception"
The Fabulist Magazine
23 hours ago

"Kazti Girls," by Sciascia DeKay.

They have a tradition in the City of Azturaj of inviting Kazti girls into their homes to celebrate the year’s end.

The Kazti people live outside the city walls in turf huts with no material possessions but the plain, frayed dresses that leave their arms and ankles bare, and the earthen pots they use for cooking over open fires.

#fictionwriting #fantasy

Angela Miller
23 hours ago

9. Do natural calamities play a role in #Threads ?
There's a number of 'calamities' but they are either caused by humans or by Supernatural powers.
There's a dragon related calamity at the end of book one. ( no spoilers)
#writing #fantasy #urbanFantasy #alternateReality #magic #fiction

Angela Miller
23 hours ago

8. What are weddings like in #Threads
As it's set in an #alternateTimeline to our world (Imagine there was no American War of Independence, plus magic) weddings are much the same as in our world. I.e. There's a *huge* variety of traditions and cultures around marriage!
I haven't thought much about weddings in Threads, beyond the one that takes place in the second boo, but I'm not saying *anything* about that!
#writing #fantasy #urbanFantasy #alternateReality #magic #fiction

Angela Miller
23 hours ago

7. Char POV. Name a place you avoid!

Siona: usually I'd say anywhere the Emperor is, but it's surprising how things can turn out.

Tara: I dunno, I haven't been anywhere I hated that much yet.

Aithne: Anywhere Edan is.

Rachael: Anywhere crowded, particularly where people have been drinking or taking drugs. Like nightclubs, but really anywhere it's hard to block people's thoughts out.

#writing #fantasy #urbanFantasy #alternateReality #magic #fiction #Threads

Angela Miller
23 hours ago

4. Char POV When did you last travel?
Aithne: Well we're travelling now, but I don't want to say where. Not with him after us..

Rachael: Does travelling from Stirling to Edinburgh for Uni count?

#writing #fantasy #urbanFantasy #alternateReality #magic #fiction #Threads

Angela Miller
23 hours ago

4. Char POV When did you last travel?
Tara: Well, I'm touring right now, aren't I?
I've been everywhere- New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, Barcelona - we'll be in Rome and Milan next week!
That said, is it really traveling when you don't get to see anywhere? All I see is tour bus, stadium, hotel room. Every day.
It'll be nice to stop and get into the studio when the tour is finished!
#writing #fantasy #urbanFantasy #alternateReality #magic #fiction #Threads

dance along the edge 💬
1 day ago

Virgil Finlay cover painting for Swords and Sorcery, Pyramid Books, 1963.

#FinlayFriday #VirgilFinlay #SwordandSorcery #WeirdTales #Illustration #VintagePaperbacks #Fantasy @fantasy

A sword-wielding Knight confronts a witch and three demons before the gates of Hell.
Action, magic, enchantment -
eight novelettes by masters of heroic fantasy 

Selected and with an introduction by 
Illustrated by VIRGIL FINLAY
1 day ago

My webcomic, The Thread of Caona, a fantasy BL with an ace MC, has finally launched!

Here's the cover for Episode 1.

You can also become a SuperFan by donating $3 to read a week ahead.

#GlobalComix #Webcomic #TheThreadOfCaona #Fantasy #BL #Asexual

Illustrated cover of Elpis holding a sword with his eyes closed. The face of a white wolf with glowing yellow eyes and exhaling teal smoke is mirrored on its blade. Teal-colored wind swirls around Elpis.

✂️ Fold Up Club June : Citrus Cyborg ✂️

Join my monthly toy club by becoming a $5+ supporter n Patreon and get instant access to the last printable toys and a new toy ever month.

👏 :

#Papertoys #Papercraft #FoldUpToys #illustration #fantasy

A photo of a papercraft depicting an orange robot
A photo of a papercraft depicting an orange robot
Michael Frasca
1 day ago

It's slow, summer thread with short #TooteReviews of my favorite stories in the July/August 2023 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction
#AsimovsScienceFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy

Cover illustration showing a young woman holding a Tribble-ish animal.  In the background are a few people and a mysterious structure.




Garth Nix
Robert Reed
Sarah Pinsker
Karawynn Long
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Rick Wilber & Lisa Lanser Rose
Barry N. Malzberg & Robert Friedman

Tried drawing something in a more realistic style and ended up with this magic stone thing. #art #DigitalArt #MastoArt #fediart #clipstudiopaint #Fantasy #illustration

magic stone thing?
Paul "Princejvstin" Weimer
1 day ago

Microreview [book]: The Book of Gems by Fran Wilde
The Gem Universe trilogy concludes with academic shenanigans and more talking rocks
Adri Joy has our NOAF review


JenJen :heart_sp_pan:
1 day ago

Phew, okay I think I'm allowed breakfast now :hammyblush:

#Skal #Comics #DeskShot #MastoArt #Fantasy #WorkInProgress

A fully painted comic page on the top while a partially drawn one is resting on a lightbox. It's a fantasy comic set in a tavern-like space. A muscly boy is busy getting his kit off
Isobel necessary on a bicycle?
2 days ago

Y'all, I have a cover reveal booked for July 6th! No going back now. 😱

#WritingCommunity #AmWriting #Romance #Fantasy #FantasyRomance

Beneath Ceaseless Skies
2 days ago

BCS #384 ebook is out early at @WeightlessBooks & Kindle Store and for subscribers, featuring stories of epic fantasy and the characters in it by returning BCS authors Chris Willrich and Margaret Ronald, behind cover art by Roberto Nieto.
#sff #fantasy #ebook #litmag

Stephanie Burgis
2 days ago

OK! I've written 676 words of a new short story, and it's time to rest before my 9-y-o's school pickup...but! Not before I let you know that Chapter 4 of Claws & Contrivances is available on my Patreon now. (In Which Events Take a Catastrophic Turn...)

Just subscribe to my Patreon at the Dragon Ruler level ($5/month) to catch up on the first few chapters and join in the early group read in fantastic company!

#FantasyRomance #Fantasy

The front cover of Claws & Contrivances, by Stephanie Burigs, showing a mischievously smiling young woman in Regency dress balancing one dragon on her shoulder and another on one forearm, while more dragons cluster by her feet
Peggy Collins
2 days ago

I've been hearing from some US friends asking if I'm alright because of all the wildfires in Canada. There is a "fire of note" nearby and this morning we can smell the smoke. They say it's only going to get worse as the season goes on. It's pretty scary.

Tree Spirit art -

#trees #wildfires #BritishColumbia #Canada #Canadian #artist #art #abstract #fantasy #AYearForArt #MastodonArt #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #PeggyCollins

Artwork of a tree spirit growing from a tree, by artist Peggy Collins.
Stella Coulson
2 days ago

Shout-out for this talented comic book #writer. I love the 'Scarlett Vs' comic so much, that I cosplayed as 'Scarlett'.
Scarlett Vs #comicbook
by Graeme Buchan & art by @felixander_009
A weird & wonderful tale of a Scottish #gothgirl girl vs a rather villainous bunch.
I've backed it. You can too on #Kickstarter

#book #books #writer #comicbooks #books #fantasy #comicbookreader #comics #paranormal #writerslift #goth

Stephanie Jane
2 days ago

I've got a new #5OfAKind cover art collection to show you today 😊

Each of these #books, all of which I have reviewed on My #WorldReads ko-fi, features a #sword in their cover design.
Well, it's four swords and one dagger actually, but it is a pretty big dagger!

The books are:
They Met In A Tavern by Elijah Menchaca (Puerto Rico)
Elektra by Jennifer Saint (England)
Winter Dragon by Olena Nikitin (Poland/England)
Second Chance by Knots Of Ink (Portugal)
Sankofa: Born Equal Only by Beenie T Mel (Ethiopia)
and each of these links goes to the individual #BookReview page

#Fantasy #Afrofuturism #Mythology #WebComic

Five book covers, each of which feature a sword in their imagery, plus my #5OfAKind logo which is a black typewritten 5 within the words My WorldReads in a red text horseshoe.
Martin Rundkvist
2 days ago

#Tolkien makes *a lot* of knowing winks to philologists in his fiction. In a letter he confesses, for instance, that the dragon Smaug's name is "a low philological jest". It is the past tense form of the old Germanic verb *smugan*, 'to creep, crawl'.

Swedish still has this verb, *att smyga*. And it is the etymological background to the name of a fishing village and resort town on the country's SW coast. Smaug should thus be named SMÖGEN in Swedish translation.

#fantasy #books #language

Julia S.
3 days ago

SPECTACULAR FANTASY THRILLER replete with magic, angels, demons, witches, and bloody revolution. Tense, beautifully paced action and an engrossing, vividly envisioned world. A MINUS


#book #Books #bookreview #bookreviews #novel #novels #fiction #fantasy #thrillers

hybrid havoc :1m: :rm:
3 days ago

George R. R. Martin and refusing to write. Name a more iconic duo.

@memes #fantasy

Famous author George R. R. Martin standing next to two people holding up signs for the writer's guild strike.
Jess Mahler
3 days ago

First Came Trust

"I know there will be future books in this series, and I just wish I had ALL of it, Right this second."

#ShortStories #fantasy #QueerFiction

3 days ago

📚 Finished reading Crooked Kingdom, which is the second book in the Six of Crows duology.

This book settled it! This one of my favorite fantasy series, perhaps ever. What an epic, action-packed conclusion to the journey of these flawed, yet lovable, rogues! If you're into fantasy and somehow haven't read this series yet, put it to the top of your reading list!

My review:


@bookstodon #BookReview #Bookstodon #SixOfCrows #Books #Fantasy

3 days ago

@georgepenney has a great new book coming out and I took some time from reading it to jot down a few comments. Its bloody great fun so far.

#OverLondon #Books #Fantasy #Humour

Stephanie Burgis
3 days ago

This afternoon I got through an important but stressful appointment... so it was the perfect moment for my last two birthday gifts to arrive and be AMAZING! 🤩 #fantasy #ink

A hardcover copy of Kate Elliott's The Keeper's Six next to a bottle of Sailor Manyo Konagi
Cassandra Lee
3 days ago

@aethelshane #haiku #575prompt


Thought I'd wear a ring
To feel like I'm married but
Found wristbands instead


Baby in White Dress With White Headdress
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels:
SciFi/Fantasy Magazine Covers
3 days ago

Creepy no. 142 (October 1982)

I love this stone-age guy's ambition; he's got one shot and he thinks he can take out an entire dinosaur. Dear stone-age guy, there are two dinosaurs so be ready to reload. Also the one you shoot will fall into the ravine and take that convenient bridge with it, you really didn't think this through.

Original magazine:

#Dinosaur #Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Creepy magazine cover; two large yellow dinosaurs are one side of a ravine being fired at with a bow and arrow by a man on a green dinosaur on the other side.

Creepy no. 142 (1982/10).
Morris Wayts
3 days ago

#kofi #wipwednesday #fantasy #snippet #writing

Hey, long story short, another glimpse into my #wip #novel

enjoy, and comment, yes? would love to hear your opinion, especially if you don't like it!

Stephanie Burgis
3 days ago

It's Day 3 of my Claws & Contrivances early group read, and Chapter 3 (In Which a Momentous Meeting Occurs...) is up on my Patreon now! Subscribe at the Dragon Ruler level to catch up on the 1st 2 chapters and read & chat about the new one in good company:

Or preorder:

#Fantasy #FantasyRomance

You are cordially invited to join Stephanie Burgis's Patreon at the Dragon Ruler level to read Claws & Contrivances...
A madcap Regency-era romantic comedy involving a most determined heroine, a baffled scholarly hero, and a surprising number of dragons.
Posting 1 chapter per day June 5 - July 3
3 days ago

Going through a few older drawings for fun. It’s always amusing when you find an older artwork and go “right, I drew that! Well done, past-me!”

Some are really just such fun memories to encounter again~.

#drachenmagier #traditionalArt #traditionalMedia #MastoArt #angel #creature #fantasy #guardians #masks

Masked pan-like creature with antlers that look like branches and glowing owls sitting in them
Masked creature with antler branches, tied up with red strings
Armored floating figure with sword and cape
Warrior angel with glowing halo

I've added a sneaky bonus page to Skal, chapter 5 (my patrons and studio members know why 😂)

You can read the whole of Skal for free here:

#webcomic #comics #fantasy #MastoArt #TraditionalArt #gouache #comic #webcomic

A lady in fantasy garb (A hood and cloak), is sitting by a bar, filling up a small cup while looking thoughtful. She says "hmm."
4 days ago

you can now get the retrofuturism artwork in my kofi shop even if you're not a member 💜

i can send just one print with 2.50 EURO discounted shipping fee, but you have to message me first before ordering so i can set it up for you!

#artwork #art #scifi #fantasy #drawing #cyborg

A listing photo of an art print depicting a cyborg female being sitting on her bed and swiping away on her holo tablet. Her room is full of old TV monitors and cables which are also coming out of her back as she's charging. There's a huge window behind her with the view on a black hole.

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Photo of me behind a marketstall table, selling my comics and prints IRL. I'm wearing little devil horns, an adidast tracksuit jacket and drinking a beer. I look quite happy :D
comic cover of my smutty comic called Artemisia. A lady in shibari is on the front, looking ever so surprised by the incoming tentacles!
Comic cover of my webcomic Skal. A veiled lady stares at us. Her hand is held up with her palm facing us. It has bodypaint on it that looks like an eye. She mysterious~
Comic cover of my horror comic Signatur: A woman is sitting by a messy art desk, her back turned. She looks like she's making comics. Something's under the desk. The mood is uneasy.
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
6 days ago

The 2022 Aurealis Awards were presented last night.

For those of you unfamiliar with them, they are Australia's premier juried award for speculative fiction. I had the great honour of judging the Best Fantasy Novel panel.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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John Shirley
1 week ago

Stephen Colbert to Produce ‘Chronicles of Amber’ TV Series Adaptation

[I've always said that Nine Princes in Amber by Zelazny, et al, should be adapted. And I see now it's been set up as of January. I missed the announcement. But that's great. Colbert will see it's reasonably faithful and high quality.]

Roger Zelazny and I were friendly and I am his fan.

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🍌Lana Banana 🍌
1 week ago

Have a great Saturdey, #fediverse
Here is my favourite FFXIV commission duo from 2021. I was doing flat designs only back then and sometimes I miss intricate simplicity of these. :)
I guess both are very summer-themed. Which team are you? Team sun or team sea? :D

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Art nouveau illustration of miqote (cat folk) girl. She has tan skin, peach hair and brown stripes on her face. She is dressed in a golden gown. She holds a rose in her hand and there are some sunflowers in the background.
Art nouveau illustration of au'ra (dragon/lizard folk) girl. She has lavender skin, iridescent white horns and scales on her face and neck. She has dark hair decorated with small flowers. She is dressed in a purple kimono with flowery pattern. She holds a blue pendant in one of her hands. In the background there's a sea and some seashells with corals.
Paul "Princejvstin" Weimer
1 week ago

Review: Master of Samar by Melissa Scott
Melissa Scott’s Master of Samar brings us a rich story of a secondary world Venice.
My NOAF Review: