2 hours ago

Guess they can smell the cracked corn being blown into the bin. #cattle #ontario #farm #ag #agriculture

1 day ago

Nighttime Harvests Protect Farmworkers From Extreme Heat, but Bring Other Risks

Farmworkers are laboring in the dark more often due to climate change. Experts say more data, and more protections against new risks are needed.

#CanAg #Agriculture #WorkplaceHealth #Labour #Farm #SexualHarassment #SafetyStandards #NightShift #LabourStandards #LaborStandards

Harshad Sharma
2 days ago

New wildlife sighting on farm: a wee crab!

I had "Will crabs thrive here?" in my list of things i wonder about, no more. This one seemed busy shuffling through the silt and feeding on something. Hope there's more than one and they stay.

#farm #wildlife #NaturalFarming

A reddish brown crab under water
2 days ago

Tuesdays from late spring to early fall, we pick up a #csa farm share and that night's meal is an improvisation on what we get. Tonight I made mideastern style tomato lentil soup. It has #farm share tomatoes, carrots, roasted red peppers, garlic and kale. From my larder, I added onion, veg stock, lentils, olive oil, sour cream and spices. #cooking #food #foodporn

A wide, low earthenware bowl with a serving of tomato lentil soup garnished with a dollop of sour cream
Mark B Tomlinson
2 days ago

Had a nice long walk around the village the other day and met some bovine grazers.
Original uploaded to Unsplash:
#mbt3d #farm #animals #rustic

A group of thatched roof farm buildings with two cows in front grazing in a field.
Roberta Heyer
3 days ago
Line drawing with thickened lines of a farm house and fields in Montana.
Tom Shaw
3 days ago

I had an old indoor type flush mount corbin latch on this but it couldn't deal with the vertical swing of the door as it dried or got wet and the wood moved and I got tired of adjusting it. The solution was making a 'simple' latch out of some 110+ year old black locust harvested from the property here about 5 years ago.

This is the night pen for the geese, 6 ft tall fencing electrified on top and small lean-to.

#farm #geese #woodworking #blacklocust

A wood door latch on the entrance to an animal enclosure. It is made from black locust. This photo shows it closed and latched. It has a swinging top mechanism that keeps the arm from lifting up, when that is pivoted out of the way the arm can be lifted up and the door opened towards you. It is made from black locust that has been coated with boiled linseed oil.
A wood door latch on the entrance to an animal enclosure. It is made from black locust. This photo shows it unlatched. It has a swinging top mechanism that keeps the arm from lifting up, when that is pivoted out of the way the arm can be lifted up and the door opened towards you. It is made from black locust that has been coated with boiled linseed oil.
IT News
5 days ago

Hackaday Prize 2023: Computer Vision Guides This Farm Mower - It’s a problem common to small-scale mixed agriculture worldwide, that of small ar... - #autonomousmower #robotshacks #greenhacks #mower #farm

5 days ago

#TinyEcosystems #ecology #azolla #permaculture #gardening #plants @plants

today's tiny ecosystem is a towering azolla forest that lives in a bucket of water.

azolla is an aquatic fern. on the #farm, it can be used as green mulch & as supplemental animal feed.

it can take over a pond, so i keep dedicated azolla buckets where it can form a 3D mat that can even climb the sides of the bucket!

it can multiply very quickly from even a few pieces. it seems to prefer shade.

closeup on one of my azolla buckets where the azolla has gone vertical
same azolla bucket, but from farther away.
jd 🔆
5 days ago

Check out the Sunday farmers markets this weekend. We’re getting near the end of the season for fresh produce, though judging from the forecast next week, we’ll likely have at least one more weekend before frost.
#Food #Farm #Ottawa

A stall at an Ottawa farmers market with lush looking tomatoes , cumbers, garlic, onions, leafy greens, corn.

Und die nächste Farm ist online :D
Birch, Oak, Spruce Wood gibt es jetzt in massen :3

#farm #minecraft

Deb Oppermann
6 days ago

Nothing symbolizes countryside as much as hay bales in the field after harvest. The stunning pink and gold sunset enhances the feeling of serenity that is part of rural life here in Rockwood Ontario Canada.
Check out the many options for purchase from wall art to home decor to apparel and lifestyle products
#farming #farm #sunset #sundown #landscape #LandscapePhotography #rural #haybales #countrylife #artforsale #BuyIntoArt #MastoPhoto #PhotographersOnMastodon

Glowing pinky sunset with hay bales in a farm field and trees
Matthew Kressel
1 week ago

New art! This one is called “On a Clear Day.”

On a clear day, you can see forever.

Playing some more with sense of scale and distance! This render was partly inspired from a dream I had in which I was on a ringworld.

Made with Blender and Photoshop (no AI).

#NoAI #ringworld #scifi #sciencefiction #space #future #field #farm #farmer #wheat #path #blender #blender3d #3drender #ringworld #oneillcylinder

A farmer walking a sunny path between fields of tall wheat. Clouds swiftly scud by overhead. In the background looms a ringworld structure, stretching far into the distance.
1 week ago

More chicken shenanigans with hiding eggs in the nettles between the fence and the shed.

Slapped together this barrier in 5 minutes, hope that will do the trick. If they're coming in from the other side, I'll have to cut away the brushes there and close it too. Currently somewhat inaccessible there, but hopefully also for chickens!

On the upside, the new hens integrated into the flock nicely. A pecking order got established and peace and togetherness reign.

#Chicken #VillageLife #Farm #Fence

A shed. Between it and the wire fence there's a bunch of raspberries and nettles and a 20cm wide gap that is now closed with a short piece of rough sawn wood fencing attached to the shed.
1 week ago

Skipley Farm, Snohomish, WA, USA #apples #chickens #upick #farm #grapes

Rows of small apple trees against a background of evergreens and blue sky with light clouds
Several adult hens inside a wooden shelf set outdoors
Brown grasshopper on a bright red apple
1 week ago

Off after #farm chores to visit my cousin in his nursing home. Taking him a surprise, a TV that will accept voice commands so he doesn't have to bother staff to change the channel 😁 #family

1 week ago

Great for young and old when you just want to go somewhere to enjoy the weather and farm atmosphere. There's a camping and lots of activities organized throughout the week.

#AlpacaFarm #Farm #Alpacas #Holland #Brabant #TheNetherlands #Vorstenbosch #Camping #ThingsToDo #Fun #Animals

Road sign saying: "Welcome to Farmcamps Alpaca Vorstenbosch". A cat is walking underneath the sign.
Thomas Herrmann
2 weeks ago


Surprisingly playful and curious.

#cow #farm #sunset #photography #pentacon

A bull and a calf that tries to animate the grown up to play. Sunset lighting as background lighting. Standing on a meadow.

Hello everyone, happy Sunday!🙂👋 How is everyone and everything today We went to a rescue farm that takes in animals about to be slaughtered or retired after they can no longer work. It was a wonderful experience, my wife and daughter got to hug the St. Louis Six. They are six steers who escaped the slaughter house years ago, five are still living in the farm, one passed and has a memorial pond. I recommend it if you're in the area.

#animalrescue #rescuefarm #farm #nature #Sunday #StLouis #STL

A black cow named Johnny Cash with another black and white cow named Eddie. Two of the famous St. Louis Six, six steers who escaped a slaughter house. My daughter is off to the right.
A pink pig named Petunia and a black and pink pig named Rosie.
My wife, daughter and myself with a cow named Roo. One of the St. Louis Six who escaped a slaughter house.
A black and white cow named Eddie, one of the famous St. Louis Six.
2 weeks ago

only_fun_topics: Agricola doesn’t quite feel like a point salad game, because at least you can usually tell what people are doing based on the board state. Usually the winner has a very nice looking farm, too.

AbacusWizard: From now on when I teach Agricola I’m going to start by telling people that the winner is whoever has the nicest looking farm… and here are the rules for determining that.

#BoardGames #PointsSalad #Agricola #Farm #Beauty #reddit

only_fun_topics: Agricola doesn’t quite feel like a point salad game, because at least you can usually tell what people are doing based on the board state. Usually the winner has a very nice looking farm, too.

From now on when I teach Agricola I’m going to start by telling people that the winner is whoever has the nicest looking farm… and here are the rules for determining that.
Jo's Adventures
2 weeks ago

The top of a US-made silo at a farm I was at. I like the look of it. It's not been used much as some important bit broke pretty early on several decades ago (mid-1900s).

#silo #farm #topshot #photography #germany #2023

Edits on the image: Small amount of sharpening.

Travis Southard
2 weeks ago

Went apple picking with Ruby’s mom and sister today! Gonna have to make some pies to help use them!

#dither #pixelart #farm #applepicking

A hand near some very young apples still on the branch with leaves and one ripe apple
A young apple tree covered in more apples than you would expect for a small tree
Ruby and Eva taking pictures together in the orchard
A vista of the farm and fields from the top of the hill
2 weeks ago

if you want to know what an #ActualSolarPunk shelf looks like, it might look something like this: resistors kit, fishing line, wire, multimeter, giant rock.

never underestimate the usefulness of a giant rock on the #homestead / #farm / #garden / #offgrid. (not to smash someone over the head, but to prop stuff up and hold things)


solarpunk shelf consisting of a resistor kit, fishing line, wires, multimeter, and a big rock.

Sunset pics from the Disney Family Farm in Marceline, Missouri #sunset #sunsetlovers #disney #waltdisney #farm #nature #sky #view #trees #missouri #waltdisneywednesday

Today we visited the Disney Family Farm in Marceline, MO. Walt Disney grew up in this town, and in this barn (constructed to Walts blueprints) people use Sharpies to sign their names and leave messages to Walt. Outside you can see the sun setting over the farm and barn. #disney #disneyfamilyfarm #waltdisney #barn #sunset #sky #farm #tourist #roadtrip #view #explore #wanderlust #Missouri #MO

BrightFlame 🌟☀️🌙
3 weeks ago

My dear friend, Farmer Yon, is a lead person at an amazing urban farm in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn (NYC food desert). Look for photos of this wonderful, #antiracist justice-focused cornerstone of community that is a model of #regenerative practice. Totally aligned with #solarpunk .

She was interviewed for a segment of (public radio) Morning Edition last week:

#sustainability #organic #herbs #farm #agriculture

Don Ray
3 weeks ago

#farm #dogsofmastodon #dogs #perros #iowa

The neighbors’ dog helped prepare the cows’ water tank in the small hayfield (now regrown enough for grazing).

A large, slender black dog drinks from a metal water tank.  

Above the dog, a bright yellow plume of goldenrod.   Goldenrod and rough sunflower in the background.
Water is not just for drinking!

The dog is stretched out in the half-filled tank.  Dog has tongue out and is smiling 🙂.
3 weeks ago

@nature @plants 11:19 pm here, just squeaking in for #SixOnSaturday lol
This one is all about #weeds +1 weed adjacent and a bonus illustration of the, er.. vegetative cycle?
#florespondence #BloomScrolling #foliage #Autumn #CountryLiving #WildflowerHour #Alberta
Top right and bottom centre are from garden/yard, the rest are from a #SlowWalk on the #farm Top centre: a fallen poplar leaf on a bit of dried cow poop ..
Bottom centre: sampling of fall colour on dandelion leaves. continued--

photo collage in six squarish panels, 3 across top, 3 on bottom. Framed in med golden green in centre, blending to a muted medium dark orangey pink top and bottom.
Top/bottom left, 2 views of Field Thistle, a few pink flower heads open, some turning to seed, and some buds. Buds and pre-seed heads showing purple/pink markings on bracts.
Centre top, a golden fallen leaf on top of flat, dried grey-brown cow poop(looks much like paper). Bottom  3 dandelion leaves laid on a grey wooden bench, showing varying degrees of autumn red. 
Top right,  a small whitish ball of seed/fluff and two more flower heads spent, florets dropped but seeds not yet developed/open. Botttom a single roundish white clover flower head, composed of many tiny white florets outer row open with pink tones, centre closed and showing green bases.
Lisa Neuman Watercolors
3 weeks ago

Foggy Farm

This fall colors and farm scene was inspired by a nearby pumpkin patch.

Prints available here:

#fall #farm #fallcolors #pumpkins #buyintoart #fedigiftshop

Watercolor farm with pumpkins and fall colors.
Colin Purrington
3 weeks ago

Another pony pic from my archives is of Butters at Evolution Stables in West Chester, PA. There was nothing he liked to do more than eat all day, which caused "difficulties" in clearing jumps at shows. Plus the judges would ding him on form. So he had to wear the muzzle of shame. 3/n #pony #horse #riding #equestrian #farm #equus #grazing #dieting

Pony with flexible basket attached to its mouth to prevent it from eating.
Colin Purrington
3 weeks ago

This is A.J. licking another pony's butt. It's the salt, not love. Hidden Valley Horse Farm, Edgmont, Pennsylvania. 2/n #SaltLick #pony #horse #riding #equestrian #farm #equus #licking

Pony licking another pony at a horse farm with fall foliage in the background.
Colin Purrington
3 weeks ago

A consequence of being a barn dad for over a decade is that I have thousands of pony photographs clogging my hard drive. This is Katie, a real sweetie, from Hidden Valley Horse Farm in Edgmont, Pennsylvania. #pony #riding #equestrian #farm #herbivore #equus #salad

Photograph of a gray pony straining to reach a pile of greens on a fence.
3 weeks ago

#MutualAid Please help 71 yr old Nui rebuild her #farm after the devastating #maui #fires Donations go directly to feeding her goats and chickens and supply the basics she needs to rebuild her farm after the Kula #Maui fires destroyed everything she had. Please help if you can. 🖤 #women #farmer

Elaine Anderson
1 month ago

Muckross Farm, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland. 2011. #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #MuckrossFarm #Killarny #Ireland #Museum #Farm

A vintage, rusted bike sits against a whitewashed stone wall house. There is a window in the wall of the house which is set back. It is painted red. Lace curtains are visible on the inside. The roof of the cottage-style house is dull red, corrugated metal. A clay pot sits on the outside window sill.
Yahia Lababidi
1 month ago

Our days-old calf can now stand upright & walk 🐄 🐮

#farming #farm #nature #colombia #animals #video #family #children #cute #funny #love

Travis Southard
1 month ago

Helped out at the urban farm around the corner from us this afternoon. Amanda needed help weeding and reached out on social media.

Was very nice to spend some time outside and help someone who has been providing excellent food to Ruby and me.

#gardening #urbangardening #farm #philadelphia

A vertical landscape photo of the hoop houses and garden rows at the farm and the lovely black walnut and paper mulberry trees making up the background.
Deb Oppermann
1 month ago

The autumn harvest of the bright orange Pumpkins is a festive time of year as both Thanksgiving and Halloween are just around the corner here in Ontario! The black and white version is complimentary to the vintage wood wagon with wooden wheels and spokes.
Old Farm Wagon And Pumpkins Black And White here
#fall #autumn #wagon #pumpkins #harvest #farm #farming #BlackAndWhite #monochrome #BuyIntoArt #artforsale #homedecor #wallart #GiftIdeas #ShopSmall

Black and white old farm wagon with stone foundation on barn and pumpkins
Deb Oppermann
1 month ago

At a farm in Ariss Ontario Canada on a lovely bright sunny day, I was just amazed at the beauty of the corn stalks ready for harvest and the bright green grass of the homestead.The path between the corn fields and the trees starting to turn their autumn colors really added a nice touch to this rural landscape.
Available here
#cornfield #harvest #fall #autumn #landscape #LandscapePhotography #farm #farming #agriculture #artforsale #BuyIntoArt #Ontario #photography

Cornfield at a farm with trees, green grass and leaves turning colors in fall
Jamie Levy 🦉
1 month ago

I did a talk on something different this year for @pancakescon on making making decisions in #cybersecurity and on your #farm and creating a functional ecosystem in both realms

#dfir #farming #jacobsheep #shetlandsheep

1 month ago

Says #Equine and #Farm Animal Assistant Manager Rachel Navarro, “We have some really amazing horses in our care who are no longer suited for riding. While their riding careers may be over, they’ll be wonderful friends for other horses, farm animals, and humans.”

This will be our first fee-waived adoption event for horses in five years. It’s being held jointly with the NHSPCA. We’re looking for homes for four horses, who, according to Navarro, all have really unique and special personalities 2/

A video of two horses in a paddock at Nevins Farm. It's a cloudy day. One of the horses is white/gray and the other is light brown with white spots. They're moving at varied paces down a small hill, toward the person filming
Jeremy Osborn
1 month ago

Watercolor- 8/22/2023

Holstein Friesian cow standing next to gray barn. Lilac Ridge farm, West Brattleboro VT. USA

#watercolor #watercolour #farm

(8x7 in, 20x17 cm)

In the foreground, a large white cow with black spotted patterns is standing on a well worn path in front of a partially open barn door. The cow is in side profile and her head is turned to the right looking at the viewer. The barn is weathered gray with a number of windows, some broken and some covered with plastic insulation.
1 month ago

my feelings on the third day of clearing these invasive vines.

@saltphoenix says goats love this stuff. but i don't have goats & this is what happens when you don't have large herbivores in your garden ecosystem: YOU become the large herbivore having to remove & stomp down the stuff you don't want.

at least they don't have thorns!

#gardening #homesteading #CleanUp #garden #ecology #environment #InvasiveSpecies #farm #garden #plants #TropicalAg #FoodForest

a meme. on the top left it says "pulling invasive vines" next to an image of thurston the cat looking agitated.

on the bottom left it says "realizing i'm the one who introduced the invasive vines" next to an image of thurston the cat losing it and screaming.
the vines in question
Brian Gettler
1 month ago

I spent a few minutes today wandering around the campus #farm at the University of #Toronto #Scarborough. It's a wonderful place dedicated to teaching and research. #BloomScrolling #gardening #permaculture #AcademicChatter

100+ anise hyssop plants featuring long purple flowers (that are a huge hit with bees).
A wide angle shot of one part of the farm featuring all sorts of different colored flowers and many fruit and vegetable plants growing in raised beds. The farm is surrounded by a wooded area under a cloud-dappled blue sky.
An overripe yellow cucumber bearing the word "seeds" written in black sharpie. A few cherry tomatoes on a the plant are in the background.
A black swallowtail butterfly perched on a pink and yellow flower.

Interrupting your timeline to show you this roumd chimkin.

May the chimkin bless you with her wisdom.

#chicken #farm #animals #silly #ROUND #bird #birb

A very spherical chicken.

🤫 shh, she's sleeping! 😴

she's a "broiler" hen: a chicken raised specifically for meat production. these are the bbq chickens you'll see at grocery stores in those black plastic containers.

they're genetically modified to grow to massive sizes, very rapidly, and are typically slaughtered at only 4-6 weeks of age. the unnaturally fast growth leaves them susceptible to a vast array of health conditions. those who succumb to these conditions or simply aren't expected to grow fast enough are gassed, ground up, or thrown out alive.

those who are unlucky enough to survive live in tightly packed, artificially lit factory farms, essentially wading in their own waste until slaughter. because their environments aren't cleaned for their entire lives, the buildup of ammonia constantly burns their skin and irritates their respiratory system. most will never experience fresh air in their lungs or the feeling of sunlight on their faces.

during slaughter, they're hung roughly by their legs onto the automated shackle line, dipped into the electric stun bath, with any birds who lift their heads proceeding fully conscious, and then have their throats cut open by a rotating blade. a worker stands by with a knife for any birds who missed the first blade.

each rescued animal i've had the privilege of getting to know at the farm sanctuary is so full of love, personality, and a deep desire to be alive. they live to frolic with their friends, explore their little world, bask in the sun, and take naps on laps like mine. how anyone thinks these sweet babies are any different from the dogs and cats we keep as companions is beyond me. i dream of a day where it is no longer normal to torture and murder them.

i'm #vegan for the animals, like her ❤️

#animals #cute #farm #meat #bbq #chicken #adoptdontshop #climate

A video of an all-white hen slowly getting petted by someone wearing a purple gardening glove. As she grows more relaxed, her eyes start to close, and she looks perfectly at peace.
2 months ago

living on a #farm, i am often confronted with that most inevitable of problems: TRASH.

we don't get garbage service, so all the trash we produce, we have to take to the dump ourselves. and since i'm pretty lazy, i try to repurpose & re-use as much stuff as i can (to minimize trips to the dump).

observing this "lifecycle of materials" led me to the concept of the GREAT GARBAGE CONTINUUM: a great swirling vortex of materials in various stages of use and function.

we are all in the continuum. items flow into our homes, are put to use for some time, and then flow out of our homes via weekly trash pickup, toilet flushes, and donations to the goodwill.

given how much trash humanity makes, it would serve us all well to understand how to navigate this continuum.

so i made a series of 6 zines dealing w/many aspect of the GGC: from an introduction to garbage flows, to descriptions of the creatures that reside there, and ways to deal with Too Much Stuff.

this 6 pack of #zines is available for $15 here:

(there is no online version yet, my apologies!)

#ecology #trash #recycling #environment #diy #homesteading #offgrid #garbage #zines #MastoArt #ForSale #ClimateChange #cyberpunk #solarpunk

Steve Henderson Fine Art
2 months ago
Canvas print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting a rural landscape. A narrow country road cuts through recently harvested wheat fields, and the road leads toward a small town in the back of the image, nestled amongst the hills and a small clump of trees. It has recently rained, and the road is dark grey from being wet. Two large deciduous trees are on either side of the road.
2 months ago

Wisconsin’s #Dairy Industry Relies on #Undocumented Immigrants, but the State Won’t Let Them Legally Drive

Undocumented #immigrants in the state can own and register their vehicles, but they aren’t allowed to drive them, forcing many #farm workers to risk fines and #arrest.

“It’s a Catch-22 for a lot of folks,” advocates say.

#Wisconsin #Immigration #Farming #Farms #Safety #Police #Driving #Cards #News

2 months ago

Flummoxed and downright stumped

#caturday #farm #red #photography #SilentSunday

A cat suns itself on a tree stump outside a bright red barn
2 months ago

This gulch doesn't usually run year round, but it's diverting some of the Ag water from the Hamakua Ditch, so they can work on the pipes downstream. The whole gulch is very green right now, when the rest of the farms in the area are pretty brown and dry. #hawaii #farm #agriculture

A rushing waterfall thru a lush green and wooded gully, panning up to see the ocean in the distance.
ken Tucky Swinson
3 months ago

For #portfolioday i wanted to share one of my favorites from my archive:

Party at Cleo's House
acrylic, pastel and colored pencil

This was early experimentation with materials and abstraction that led to my current style of painting.

I'm always looking for art opportunities. you can see more current work on my website

#art #dogs #kentucky #porch #folkArt #farm #mastoArt

an abstract folk art style drawing of a rural house on a hill with a porch. 4 dogs are running around the house
3 months ago

Watch out for the flirty goat. #grickledoodle #goat #flirty #farm #cartoon #art #drawing #humor

3 months ago

Maybe Related: I made Boris's Flan last night, only I used my very own #farm grown duck eggs and left off the cooked sugar sauce. 🤤 Yes, it's still very rich. #cooking this recipe absolutely has history and culture and spreading through the community and adapted, and it's only in it's 3rd generation! (Generation being how many hands the recipe passed through before landing in yours, not actual generations, tho it may be)

3 months ago

Coming to the full realization that foodies come in various forms.
MY type of foodies are of the "historic cookery" nerd #community type of foodies and people who cook what they grow, #EatLocal #garden #farm #forage #hunt etc and not the "I have money to make people wait on me, therefore I am a superior foodie" type of #foodie
#cooking #classism #FoodForAll #GrowSomeShit

Methane is a superheating greenhouse gas and a big part of NZ’s emissions profile. (#toomanycows)

Reducing methane is a huge opportunity that could give us the time we need to tackle C02.

Methane -The Ticking Time Bomb: A Key to #ClimateChange Mitigation #nzpol #climate #newzealand #farm #food #ClimateCrisis

3 months ago

Here is an analysis of all my #toots and #boosts in the past week

There is a fuzzy overlap between climate & politics and things unwind as you go down the list - from angst to hope! 😂

#climate #XR #energy 22
#garden #farm #Nature 4
#science 3

#politics #society #world 11
#NHS #covid 2

#earthquakes 7
#quirky 4
#autism 1

#photo #art #music 13
#sailing 3
#archaeology 1

#Wales 1

#Mastodon 6
#boosts 5

3 months ago

Love that some paying #farm tour clients of mine from a couple years ago tracked me down and requested another farm tour, even tho my services are not currently live on the platform they first found me on. They enjoyed it that much! I'm also not hard to find, lol, but I appreciate the loyalty, so I'm making special arrangements! 🐐🐐🐐
I'm taking them out to a different goat farm (not mine) this time, drier, bigger, more hiking, ocean views, very close to a fantastic beach with honu. 🥰

Group of kid goats behind a chain link fence. The earth is powdery sand and rust colored. Green trees and brush in the background. The Boer goats are of various sizes and markings. All with floppy ears, they are rust and white, silver and white, solid white and black and white.
GoldenEarth Video Game
3 months ago

GoldenEarth is a VIDEO GAME about a FURRY character living in a MOBILE FARM and EXPLORING a post apocalyptic world with fantastical CREATURES.

This independent video game features unique hand-drawn graphics made by a traditional artist (@Lorhus).

#videogame #indiegame #indiedev #wholesomegame #cozygame #gaming #farm
#unity #animation2D #unity #unitytips #devlog

LocalAreaKnitwork 🧶
4 months ago

She's finally off the nest!

#chicken #homestead #farm #bird

4 months ago

for no reason, tonight i'm once again thinking about the "russian cyberfarm." i've seen this video so many times & i *still* think it's funny. i was born in the former soviet union, and this is about as accurate a representation as you're gonna get 😂

also, i think anyone with a #farm or #homestead or #offgrid will recognize a lot of the situations portrayed... (eng subs in cc)

#solarpunk #cyberpunk #lols #EasternEurope #farming #rural #countryside

4 months ago

Fun day at Sunshine Lavender Farm creating a Lavender swag and enjoying time with friends!

#NorthCarolina #Lavender #flowers #sunshine #farm #butterfly

Bumble be on stems of Lavender in my hand.
Wooden table, outdoors, with scissors, lavender sprigs, and craft supplies.
Me, in an orange and white floral top, holding a lavender swag with a bow in the middle.
Orange and black butterfly on a lavender bush.