My annual tradition of hoshigaki. So much this year hard to get it all in frame. Delicious of course but I also find them to be very festive decorations :)

#countrylife #farming #gardening #homesteading #self-sufficiency

My annual tradition of hoshigaki. So much this year hard to get it all in frame. Delicious of course but I also find them to be very festive decorations :)

My Hugleculture-Cold frame is still giving my daily salads at 4500′, Zone 6b! Is anyone experineced with adding compost to heat things up??

#countrylife #farming #gardening #homesteading #self-sufficiency

My Hugleculture-Cold frame is still giving my daily salads at 4500', Zone 6b! Is anyone experineced with adding compost to heat things up??
Alexander J. Stein
18 hours ago

(2/3) #Plantbased foods typically have a much smaller #carbon footprint and have far lower water & #landuse. What can be done in wealthy countries to change #diets? Changing which food groups get preferential treatment in #farming & food policy:

21 hours ago

A lovely north Wales buarth (multicellular sheepfold), the form of which has been strongly influenced by step platforms in the ~454 million year-old Eigiau Formation sedimentary beds and the slaty, long, flat rocks for building it yields.

No official record or report - of which there are only a small number - discusses the role of landscape and geology on the form of our folds.

Located on the base ridge of Moel Siabod, Capel Curig.

#heritage #mountains #photography #sheep #farming #geology

Oblique view of a 5-cell buarth (sheepfold) built on a ledge/platform in metamorphosed sedimentary beds in Eryri,
Oblique view of a buarth (sheepfold), highlighting the stepped ledges of the sedimentary rocks against which it is built.
Vertical view of the 5-celled buarth (sheepfold), highlighted in low winter sunlight. It is built on a narrow ledge in the rockface.
3 days ago

#Farmers allege link between popular #herbicide and #Parkinsons disease

November 29, 2023

"It is against the law to use #paraquat in China, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and dozens of other countries. Many countries have banned the herbicide due to its extreme #toxicity, while others have expressed concerns over the possible risk for Parkinson's disease.

"Yet the herbicide, manufactured by a #Swiss company that is owned by the #Chinese state, is still widely used throughout the #UnitedStates in part because it is a highly effective way to kill weeds.

"The company, Syngenta, says that paraquat, which it produces under the name Gramoxone, 'is safe for its intended and labelled use.'

"Clayton Tucholke, who used Gramoxone for years on his farm in LaBolt, #SouthDakota, and has since been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, says otherwise.

"'It should have been pulled, I think, you know, so it didn't happen to somebody else,' Tucholke told ABC News.

"A 76-year-old father and grandfather, Tucholke lived on his farm with his wife Denise, but as the symptoms of #Parkinson's have worsened, he says he was forced to give up his career in #agriculture and had to move to the nearby town of Milbank to be closer to medical professionals.

"Daily tasks have become arduous for Tucholke, who now has to travel to physical therapy three times a week to slow the progression of his symptoms.

"'This man was so independent,' Denise Tucholke said. 'And his independence has been taken from him, which is unfair.'

"The Tucholkes are among the more than 4,000 Americans who have filed lawsuits as part of a multi-district litigation against #Syngenta, which currently manufactures #Gramoxone, and #Chevron, which distributed it in the U.S. from 1966 until 1986.

"Although Syngenta and Chevron told ABC News that there is no scientific evidence that supports a causal link between #paraquat and #Parkinsonsdisease, the Tucholkes and other plaintiffs allege that such a link exists, arguing that Syngenta and Chevron knew or should have known that the #herbicide could 'cause severe #neurological injuries.'

"'Our daughter and son-in-law are still #farming. I think any time [a] chemical is applied to the fields that they have to use, they should know what's going to happen,' Denise Tucholke said.

"'All the generations that are coming up afterwards need to know,' she said."

Read more:

#SyngentaKnew #ChevronKnew #Herbicide #Toxins #WaterIsLife #EnvironmentalPollution

Keith D Johnson
3 days ago


What AP didn't say:

"Wolverines range widely, up to 15 mi / day, & need lots of habitat. Home range can vary from 100 to 600 sq mi. They live primarily at high altitudes with alpine vegetation, but can venture to lower elevations."

We need to grow complex forest and grassland mixes with wetland-speckled landscapes again for all the wildlife, for all the watersheds
Especially in the endless wastelands of cornsoycornsoycornsoycowpigchickenfactories,

which are a blight on the earth. A wound, a poison, a defilement, a pox, a pollution, a malignancy, a corruption, a pestilence, an infection, a plague.

We can do MUCH better.

#permaculture #ecoforestry #agrorestry #polyculture #gardens #relocalization #bioregion #community #cooperation #farming #gardening #silvopasture
#restoration #rewilding

Janusz Wojciechowski
3 days ago

RT by @jwojc: 🙌In his speech @jwojc stated that we need food systems that strengthen “security, stability, sustainability and solidarity”.
He mentioned #precision #farming and the need for a “modern approach” that promotes innovation.


[2023-11-29 17:03 UTC]

Keith D Johnson
4 days ago

1/ "Sobering yet hopeful, ‘Common Ground’ exposes the toxic interconnections of American #farming policy, #politics, & #health, by sharing stories of destruction & healing across the United States & beyond, & how regenerative agriculture & #soil health plays a vitally important role in changing these systems for the better. At it's root, it explores how people from different walks of life, different political backgrounds, & different places share one thing in common – the very soil beneath their feet."

Paula Whyman
4 days ago

If you don't know about neonic-treated crop seeds, I recommend this book, Restoring Eden by my friend Elizabeth Hilborn, whose farm and its wildlife, from insects to tadpoles, were poisoned by accidental contamination from a neighbor's pesticide-treated corn seed.

#bookstodon #books #conservation #neonics #farming #crops #pesticides #wildlife #insects #amphibians #birds #pollinators

4 days ago

Roqi, from the Emerald Woods #farming #roguelike discord, shares a bit of this lovely dwelling built in the middle of the mountains. It even has an underwater reservoir for Hibax, and a place for Cheaks to shelter and sunbathe. Share yours in the comments!

IT News
4 days ago

Mother plucker: Steel fingers guided by AI pluck weeds rapidly and autonomously - Enlarge / The Ekobot autonomous weeding robot roving around an onion field in ... - #machinelearning #theenvironment #machinevision #environment #herbicides #pollution #5gonions #science #farming #biz#ekobot #robots #sweden #telia #weeds #ai

Rupert Brackenbury
5 days ago

Could we, as New Zealanders do something to tell other countries about how shitty (literally) our #environment is becoming?
Maybe if our "clean green" marketing strategy stopped being viable & started affecting the bottom line of #tourism & #farming industries, we might see some progress?

Open Forum
5 days ago

Calm your farm

Every Australian teenager living in a rural area has a gruesome story about a farm injury so several universities have joined forces to create a free, online, educational game called ‘Calm Your Farm’ to help teenagers learn about potential hazards and find ways to reduce the risk. #farming

1 week ago

A new version of Emerald Woods, the #farming #survival #crafting #roguelike is out! much improved container UI, and the first appearance of underground locations! get it now, it's free (for now) for desktop and mobile. Full info at

Keith D Johnson
1 week ago

@bezmiar My partner, Peter Bane (previously publisher / editor of Permaculture Activist Mag - now Pc Design Mag) wrote a book a while back, The #Permaculture Handbook: #Garden #Farming for Town and Country.

Keith D Johnson
1 week ago
1 week ago

Does anybody know of any successful permaculture market gardens? I know Jean-Martin Fortier incorporates permaculture design into his farms but I don't know of other successful examples.

#Permaculture #MarketGarden #Farming #Horticulture

Keith D Johnson
1 week ago

5/ "Many people are now as much estranged from the lives of domestic plants and animals (except for flowers and dogs and cats) as they are from the lives of the wild ones. This is regrettable, for these domestic creatures are in diverse ways attractive; there is much pleasure in knowing them. And #farming, animal husbandry, #horticulture, and #gardening, at their best, are complex and comely arts; there is much pleasure in knowing them, too.

It follows that there is great displeasure in knowing about a food #economy that degrades and abuses those arts and those plants and animals and the soil from which they come."

Karen Kaspar
1 week ago

For the art lovers in Europe - my watercolor painting "Colorful cow" is now available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Für die Kunstliebhaber in Deutschland - mein Aquarellgemälde "Bunte Kuh" ist nun auch bei Art Heroes erhältlich (kostenloser Versand).

#cow #farming #animals #MastoArt #art #painting #FediArt #FediGiftShop #artist #MastodonArt #contemporaryArt #ArtForSale #watercolor #watercolour #colorful #aquarelle #aquarell #nature #natur #happy

1 week ago

Wild pigs is the latest result of people who've stupidly chosen to follow carnivorous diets.

"While they've roamed parts of the continent for centuries, Canada's problem dates back only to the 1980s when it encouraged farmers to raise wild boar, Brook said.

"The market collapsed after peaking in 2001 and some frustrated farmers simply cut their fences, setting the animals free."

#vegan #farming #wildlife

Nick Young :verified:
1 week ago

Greenpeace has slammed the decision to give the Oceans & Fisheries portfolio to NZ First after Shane “the apostle for industry” Jones landed the job and says Luxon has made a grave error letting ACT’s “dinosaur of delay” Andrew Hoggard near Agriculture and Environment.

#nzpol #nz #politics #ocean #agriculture #farming

John O Loughlin
1 week ago

I don't think this is behind a paywall and I also think it's well worth a read for anyone interested in food and the environment. Some will say it's on the IFJ and they would say that anyway but read the article and check the writers qualifications. #farming #environment

Q. has #AngloAmerican see the future of #farming?

The firm plans to invest around $9bn in #Yorkshire mine that produces an under-used #organic #fertilizer called #polyhalite.

It requires no processing & is less damaging to #soil, but remains largely untested at mass levels in a market where #potash is the dominant product.

This could be a enormous 'white elephant', or it could be a major shift in #farming and prompt an #extractiveindustry boom for Yorkshire.

Time will tell!

A Person
1 week ago
a tiny mitsubishi tractor in a farmer's field
1 week ago
2 weeks ago

Ulu season! I'm hoping to barter away whatever I can't fit in my freezer after processing.
#gardening #foodforest #growsome #FarmToFace #farming #homesteading #cooking #breadfruit

Pile of breadfruit in a wire basket.
Stack of raw and cooked breadfruit in my fridge.
2 weeks ago

What Is The Ogallala Aquifer And Why Is It Running Out Of Water?
-- <-- shared media article
"Millions of years ago, sediment from the Rocky Mountains was deposited in the High Plains. Over thousands of years, water dripped below the surface creating an underground water deposit called the Ogallala Aquifer. The water — which spans from South Dakota to Texas and was once the size of Lake Huron — at one point accounted for 30% of the crop and animal production in the U.S…
Although the water source stretches across several states it moves very very slowly. As a result, no interstate compact exists to manage the water in the Ogallala. Instead, neighbors have to band together if they want to restrict pumping…”
#GIS #spatial #mapping #hydrogeology #waterresources #watermanagement #modeling #ogallala #OgallalaAquifer #water #hydrology #watersecurity #pumping #mining #irrigation #farming #agriculture #midwest #aquifer #overpumping

map - model - groundwater aquifer depletion - Kansas
graphics - maps - cross-section - groundwater / aquifer depletion over time - SouthWest Kansas
photo - aerial view - irrigation circles - midwest - groundwater pumping
graphic - cross section - schematic - Ogallala Aquifer  with groundwater & pumping wells & map of depletion
Flipboard Science Desk
2 weeks ago

With 8 billion people to feed every day, demand for protein — especially meat, which takes by far the biggest toll on the environment — soars as the population grows.

AP reported from five continents to explore the future of sustainable foods in a new series:

#Food #Agriculture #Farming #Meat #ClimateChange #Climate #Sustainability

Anna Anthro
2 weeks ago

What I see today in #Canada is the exact system of plantation labour that has ravaged the #Caribbean.

« Chris Ramsaroop says when we go to a grocery store or farmers’ market and celebrate eating local, we perpetuate the ‘big lie’ about our #farming industry. »

Ana McKellar
2 weeks ago

What’s your view of the headlock supermarkets have on food producers? Have a look at Riverford’s
who are campaigning for fair trading with growers — buy what you agreed at the price you promised. Growers can only produce food if they’re paid enough to at least cover the cost, otherwise we have no food. And if we want them to produce with minimal impact on the planet, it costs more.
Sign the petition?
#Food #Farming #SustainableAgriculture #Wildlife

2 weeks ago

Finally tasted a local tea and it is EXCEPTIONAL!! Let me recommend - they are currently sold out but check again in spring 2024. #asheville #northcarolina #farming #tea

2 weeks ago

“Scientists have spent decades trying to untangle puzzling questions over falling sperm concentrations. A new analysis of 25 studies of pesticides shows a clear connection, researchers say.“

Reefer, briefs, darkness, soybeans ... oh wait it’s actually #pesticides that hurt #fertility #farming

Kent Brewster
2 weeks ago

New lambs here today! Provisional names are Bart and Lisa. #farming #lambs #kauai #animals

An hours-old baby lamb, hiding out in the bushes where he was born. His face and ears are black with some white mottling; his chest is golden brown; his body is mocha brown with white spots. He'll be ready for mischief as soon as he figures out how to operate his own legs....
An hours-old baby lamb, hiding out in the bushes where she was born. She's staying close by mom (whose chin you can just see, top left.) Her face is white, her ears and body are light reddish brown, and her nose and lips are pink. She looks like she's ready to rule the world!
Jon Woodhams Art and Photo
2 weeks ago

After the cotton harvest: a recently picked stalk is featured with its husk left behind, while two rolls of cotton wait in the background, ready for transport. Shot this misty, foggy morning along rural roads north of Memphis, TN. I can't decide if I like the black-and-white version or the color version better. What do you think?

More of my work here:

#photography #BlackAndWhite #rural #farming #autumn #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #TheGiftOfArt #FallForArt

Shown in black and white, a photograph by contemporary artist/photographer Jon Woodhams. After the cotton harvest, a recently picked stalk is featured with its husk left behind, while two rolls of cotton lay in the background, ready for transport.
Shown in color, a photograph by contemporary artist/photographer Jon Woodhams. After the cotton harvest, a recently picked stalk is featured with its husk left behind, while two rolls of cotton lay in the background, ready for transport.
Flipboard Science Desk
2 weeks ago

A celebrated startup promised Kentuckians green jobs. It gave them a "grueling hell on earth."

@grist reports: "The inside story of how AppHarvest's indoor farming scheme imploded — and took its blue-collar workforce down with it."

#Green #Agriculture #Farming #Hydroponics

Erin Whalen
2 weeks ago

I enjoyed this Fast Company article on "Why Regenerative Farming is Taking Hold in Red America."

Especially the part saying that climate-smart agricultural incentives are "the most popular piece of climate policy across constituents of both political parties, with 82% of respondents expressing support for funding of cover crops and other soil carbon-boosting practices."

Bipartisan support for soil health is a good thing to see! 🌱 ✊

#regenerative #farming #environment

Kent Brewster
2 weeks ago

After much patient waiting and watching, our first rack of red Cuban bananas is ripe! They start out purple, turn green, then back to purple again. Then they show a whole rainbow of red, yellow, and green, and finally go dark reddish orange.

Peels are thin, fruit is golden when backlit. They are huge (at least twice as heavy as your basic mainland grocery-store kind) and very, very flavorful.

#farming #bananas #kauai

A rack of 75 red Cuban bananas, safely ripening indoors away from rats. It's braced in a corner with a striped towel around it; the individual bananas are rainbow-colored, red towards the main stalk, yellow in the middle, and green at the tips.
One perfect red Cuban banana, peeled, in hand, and ready to eat. It's about twice as fat as regular bananas, with a golden color.
Damon Thomas
2 weeks ago

Child labor is in the news again. In small town Florida there was no debate. They just sent us kids out into the tobacco fields. All sand and snakes. Paid a few bucks in cash we'd spend on toys. Something that will always be true... the less a job pays? The harder you'll work. #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #farming

Two stylish people model sunglasses.
3 weeks ago

#OSHA Investigates Small Dairy #Farms So Rarely That Many #Worker Advocates Don’t Bother to Report Deaths and Injuries

Worker advocates say the federal agency’s patchwork of enforcement across the country is fundamentally unfair.

Many don’t contact OSHA over #safety incidents because they’ve heard so frequently that small #farms can’t be investigated.

#Farming #Immigrants #MigrantWorkers #Workers #WorkplaceSafety #News #Dairy

Collage of illustrations of a farm, farming equipment, an ambulance, and multiple pieces of OSHA inspection reports.
John Timaeus
3 weeks ago

We survived the weekend. Beds prepped and dibbled, 2200 garlic cloves separated, sanitized, marinated in fertilizer and probiotics, and planted.

There's still one bed that needs mulch, but it can wait until later in the week.

@plants #gardening #farming

A garden bed, about 30 meters long, by 1 wide. It has 5 rows of holes punched from one end to the other; seed garlic sits next to it in primary colored mesh bags.

In the background is a forest in fall colors, to the left is a row of winter greens

who else is attending the Veganic Summit?

it’s been fascinating (horrifying) learning about the history of modern agriculture as a result of the Green Revolution: a movement fuelled by war and violent colonialism under the guise of humanitarianism. conventional pesticide and fertilizer essentially have their roots in nazi germany and before WWI, all food grown was organic.

the Green Revolution is ongoing and promotes the overexploitation and domination of the natural work and its resources, human workers and their communities, and non-human animals. it believes that soil, plants, and animals are merely non-living machines that require massive external inputs (e.g. fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, and manure). it has dreadful effects on the environment and creates food insecurity in the Global South to line the pockets of billionaires in the global north (like bill gates whose seemingly innocent mission to end world hunger is a corporate and colonial mission first and foremost). seeds are proprietary, farmers have no control of what they’re growing or what they’ve grown, and farms are large-scale to compete on the global market (vs. nurturing local communities who need food). it’s shocking: the largest portion of those who are food insecure are the farmers growing the food. the system is beyond broken.

there is a solution to this horror: agroecology and food sovereignty. they promote small-scale community farms that work with the natural world, not against it. they directly oppose over-extraction and exploitation, instead prioritizing growing with few or no external inputs and growing only what is needed to nurture their communities. they promote seed sharing and strive to cut out the middleman when selling food, instead opting for farmer’s markets and CSAs. while agroecology isn’t inherently vegan, veganic farming fits beautifully within its framework and there is a growing veganic agroecology movement which has the potential to not only help local communities across the globe thrive, but save the world.

animal and conventional agriculture is killing us all through mass environmental destruction, pollution, natural resource depletion, nutrient-scarce, contaminated and disease-causing food, a profit over live itself ideology, and zoonotic disease affecting not only us but greater animal biodiversity (see avian flu). in general, food today has far less nutrients than food grown a hundred years ago.

a better world is possible, with less hunger at far less expense to living beings and the planet we call home. it starts on our plates but requires our advocacy at the grassroots and government level.


#vegan #veganic #organic #agroecology #gardening #foodsovereignty #farming #homestead

Helen Czerski
3 weeks ago

It's just occurred to me that in medicine, we have clinical trials that consider the effect of a drug on the whole system - a whole human body. If you get a brain tumour from a kidney treatment, they'll notice.

But for food/farming, that's not the case. We never do trials on the whole system - the natural environment. It's only ever local - effects on yield in one field. And maybe that's why modern food systems cause problems, for the climate, human health etc.

#food #science #climate #farming

Peggy Collins
4 weeks ago

He might be the black sheep of the family but he knows enough to stop and smell the flowers. This is my latest attempt to create artwork with a quilted effect...not a real quilt!

Prints & products at

#animal #animals #sheep #black #flowers #landscape #farm #farming #mountains #whimsical #art #arte #artist #gifts #wallart #wallartforsale #interiordecor #homedecor #fedigiftshop #mastoart #mastodonart #fediart #buyintoart #ayearforart #Defaidodon #SheepOfMastodon

Colorful artwork with a quilted effect of a black sheep surrounded by flowers with a mountain landscape in the distance, by artist Peggy Collins.
Kent Brewster
1 month ago

Cracking a few macadamia nuts. Our tree is either the sole survivor or one of the children of Jay and Eula Kuhns' 1939 farm, which was one of the first places mac nuts were planted on Kaua'i. (The PDF linked below says the orchard was a total loss after Hurricane Dot, but satellite photos from the 60s suggest otherwise.)

#kauai #farming #nuts

A crude macadamia nut processing facility, involving a box of nuts, a hammer and stone anvil for whacking, a tiny screwdriver for prying open, a bin for shells, and a big white bowl full of lovely, lovely nut meat.

"Besides the #climateCrisis, beekeepers in #Gaza also face other challenges. #Honey production is fast declining as a result of Israeli attacks on the enclave, which are killing off native vegetation."

#farming #food

"Making Traditional Olive Oil Soap in Nablus, Palestine | UNESCO Ramallah"

#farming #cooking

The Conversation U.S.
1 month ago

Why do fewer younger people want to go into #agriculture?

To start, there are real barriers to entry for young people (it takes generational wealth or a lot of money to have land for a farm).
#farming #food

Significant Figures: 57.5 years old: Average age of a US farmer, according to the USDA
Kent Brewster
1 month ago

More coffee-production nerdery for everyone! Here's the full process of roasting 60g of green beans in a popcorn popper. (Sorry for crummy sound; next time I will attach headphones and try to speak more clearly.) #coffee #roasting #farming #kauai

Kent Brewster
1 month ago

Coffee-curious people are asking about other steps in the process. Here's the one before we roast: removing the hard yellow parchment shell from each bean. #coffee #farming #kauai

Kent Brewster
1 month ago

First roast of our homegrown coffee for 2023. 60g green beans on the left; 55g roasted on the right. 3 minutes in the air popper; first crack at 1:45 or so; trying for a medium roast. Next we give it 72 hours to develop; tasting Thursday! #coffee #farming #kauai

Two bowls of coffee beans, one green and one roasted.
Kent Brewster
1 month ago

Tiny tarragon flowers send aloha! #bloomscrolling #farming #kauai

Tiny yellow five-lobed tarragon flowers over a background of green leaves
Sally Strange
1 month ago

Llama poop helps restore ecosystems teetering on disintegration as glaciers retreat.

'“[Looking through feces] doesn’t sound like fun, but when you see vegetation sprouting out of that, and you recognize that the whole ecosystem goes back to this latrine,” [Geography professor Tim] Beach said. “Because the llamas go to graze there too … you see that these are little islands of fertility, that then lead to the stabilization of this ecosystem.”

...The work was done in collaboration with Llama 2000 Asociación, an organization of local Peruvian farmers whose land and communities had been negatively impacted by the receding glaciers."

#Climate #ClimateChange #resilience #Peru #llamas #farming #ecosystems #GlacierRetreat