Chrysa Katsogridaki
23 minutes ago

"Lukács interestingly documents the extent to which some Nazis even acknowledged the absurdity of their own doctrines, cynically admitting its use as an ideological justification for imperialism on a vast scale. What mattered was less the “truth” of the Nazi race doctrine and more its capacity to “elevate” the German people."

An insightful review of The Destruction of Reason via:

#Politics #Philosophy #GeorgLukács #Fascism #Socialism #Marxism

32 minutes ago
Hannah Celsius
40 minutes ago

So... previous concentration camps warn us, there are many more fascists vandalizing their memorial sites, and those neonazis are more and more open about their nazism, fi showing off their nazi symbolism tattoos and such.

And where do you think they post their posts about this?

Don't they have any clue? Or what?

(German article non-paywalled with the post on.... )


2 hours ago

Telangana: City Set To Go The Telangana Way In Tackling Cybercrime | Gurgaon News - Times of India

Gurgaon is going to become the new fascist city ruled by cops.

#gurgaon #gurugram #acab #fascism

Tadzio Mueller
3 hours ago

"For Northern climate activists, the fascist threat changes everything: #fascism will dramatically worsen the basic conditions of any kind of progressive activism, & the accelerating collapse will be used to establish 'X for Germans only' as a principle."

4 hours ago

Hans Scholl was born on 22 September 1918. He was, along with Alexander Schmorell, one of the two founding members of the White Rose resistance movement in Nazi Germany The principal author of the resistance movement's literature, he was found guilty of high treason for distributing anti-Nazi material and was executed by the Nazi regime in 1943.

#HansScholl #WhiteRose #Germany #Nazis #Fascism #OnThisDay

Head and shoulders shot of Hans Scholl.
Porquerias | 1312 🏴🌵G@K
5 hours ago

Taking people to a warehouse to torture them is just business as usual for cops in Louisiana #Policing #fascism #torture

6 hours ago

Even if we were never told [divorce pleadings] about Hitler's speeches on Drumpf's nightstand, you kind of know. Of so many similarities, didn't see this one: giving the same responsibility to various people, see who executes more blindly; everyone mistrusting everyone else [duh?] and oh yeah everyone is raking off every nickel they can. #deporttrump #treason #fascism

Steve Davidian
13 hours ago

Republicans are fascists because they...

#GOP #republicans #fascism #trump

PS - I'd add "all of the above" but I'm unable! 😞
Please boost and forward! We can't fight what we don't know.

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A story of how #trans / #drag hate and #fascism gets stirred up by the conservative media lie factory, this article from the North Coast Journal by the wonderful @jenniferfumikocahill is definitely worth your time.

New Research Reveals How the Nazis Targeted Transgender People

One of the hallmarks of historical fascism is its control of the body. We’re seeing this now in the assault on women's rights over their bodies, and in the use of trans issues as "wedge" issues. This is happening in the USA and in Canada.

#cdnpoli #trans #fascism #nazi

Bob Jamieson
15 hours ago

Europe is sleepwalking into a far-right trap. Who will sound the alarm?
Across the EU, once-taboo ideas are becoming mainstream, as refugees and Muslims are demonised. But change is still possible
A Eurocentric, xenophobic and inward-looking Europe is at risk of replacing the hopeful vision that once inspired me and so many people around the world.

#EU #fascism #FarRight #politics

Express Scripts, f right off. No way I'm going to give you my personal medical data in your deranged "wellness" app. We've all talked about it. Please no one use these apps, especially related to women's health.

#Capitalism #Cops #Exploitation #Predation #Fascism #MedicalData

Katrina Katrinka :donor:
16 hours ago

Well done, #Canada! This is how you counter #fascism and #hate.

They are the minority and must be countered by active, large resistance.

Robert M
18 hours ago

@Green_Footballs Mostly their vision though. Trump just cares about money and staying out of jail. But that's not really important. The fact that these reactionaries want to destroy the country as we know it is. #uspolitics #fascism

18 hours ago

@alkatandan also the #BehindTheBastards episodes on Modi are really good. He has been a fascist literally since he was a kid.

#fascism #India #Nationalism

There's no two sides that media should be reporting on many issues that this country is in the POTUS 45+ years.

For instance either you're either a Nazis hating anti-fascist, you're a blissfully or willfully ignorant ostrich, or you're a fascist.

Any media org trying to present the pro fascism POV is part of the problem. It's anti-human, un-American, and no one should be tolerating Nazi appeasement. Didn't work work before and won't work now.

#fascism #antifa #neofascism #nazi

Greg Dance
18 hours ago


Identity: its so complicated now!

Male Fascist Bastard
Female Fascist Bastard
Non Binary
Non Binary Fascist Bastard
LGBTQ Fascist Hating Human Beings

#identity #fascism

Greg W.
18 hours ago

'Eating Away at the Foundations of Our Democracy': Book Bans Spiked 33% Last School Year

"More kids are losing access to books, more libraries are taking authors off the shelves, and opponents of free expression are pushing harder than ever to exert their power."

Republican-led book banning movement is intensifying nationwide, with U.S. classrooms and libraries prohibiting more than 1,500 unique titles during the 2022-23 school year.

#censorship #fascism

Senator Brownshirt
19 hours ago

nī′ə-lĭz″əm, nē′-

1.The doctrine that nothing actually exists or that existence or values are meaningless.

2. Relentless negativity or cynicism suggesting an absence of values or beliefs.

3. Political belief or action that advocates or commits violence or terrorism without discernible constructive goals.

Remind you of anyone?

#GOP #MAGA #ChaosCaucus
#Shutdown Speaker #MTG #Boebert #mccarthy #democracy vs #Fascism #Biden

Mike Smale 🎹
20 hours ago

#Fascism makes you smell.

20 hours ago

It's no coincidence that three of the most unequal countries in the world are where billionnaire oligarch Rupert Murdoch wields his most pernicious influence.
His companies in the US, the UK and Australia lied, cheated and hacked their way to becoming major players in making and breaking politicians, companies, people, and our planet.
Good riddance, Rupert.
#RupertMurdoch #Oligarchy #UK #US #Australia #Fascism

Destroying the Great Barrier Reef natural wonder wasn’t enough harm for that deranged fascist oligarch, now she’s coming for the Rocky Mountains and has the Corrupt Canadian Conservatives (the CCC, aka Canadian KKK) in her back pocket, just like she had corrupt Aussie conservatives under her thumb.

Conservatives are the enemy of the earth, the youth and the future.

#ConservativeSickness #Fascism #EnemyWithin #StandUp

Criticism over Great Barrier Reef deals for Gina Rinehart’s mining company

Australia’s environment protection system is called ‘broken’ over reports of concessions on conditions and payments

Wed 20 Aug 2014 01.35 BST
21 hours ago


Today Anthony and Ron UNCOVER Lauren Boebert’s hypocrisy, Ron DeSantis’ religious extremism, Kristi Noem’s denial, Donald Trump’s cognitive decline and Kevin McCarthy’s MAGA mess. Former Republican Ron Filipkowski brings his experience as a prosecutor and now far-right investigator to these essential weekly conversations with journalist and broadcaster Anthony Davis. Remember to subscribe to ALL the Meidas Media Podcasts: MeidasTouch: Legal AF: The PoliticsGirl Podcast: The Influence Continuum: Kremlin File: Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen: The Weekend Show: The Tony Michaels Podcast: American Psyop: Burn the Boats: Majority 54: Political Beatdown: Lights On with Jessica Denson: #Legal #politics #Podcast #trump #trumpindictment #trumpindictments #indictment #indictments #jacksmith #doj #FaniWillis #fultoncountyda #electioninterference #fakeelectors #obstruction #criminalconspiracy #specialcounsel #trumpisguilty #trumpisacriminal #TrumpIsATraitor #trumpisarapist #lockhimup #trumpprosecution #TrumpLies #maga #MAGAts #GOP #GOPLies #rightwingextremism #Christofascism #fascism #refusefascism #authoritationism #autocracy #AlvinBragg #VoteBlue #VoteBlue2024 #SaveDemocracy #BidenHarris #bidenharris2024 #biden #bidenwins #nyag #leticiajames #tanyachutkan #insurrection #jan6 #january6 #jan6th #rico #conspiracy #disqualifytrump #14thamendment #crew #gagtrump #trumptrial #trumpfraud #trumptrial #trumptrials

22 hours ago

Listening to Legal AF by MeidasTouch (Trump DESTROYS Entire Defense on LIVE TV & Prosecutors LOVE IT):

Michael Popok joined by Ben Meiselas filling in for Karen Friedman Agnifilo, are back with a new episode of the Midweek edition of LegalAF. On this episode, they discuss: Developments in the Georgia Criminal Prosecution of Donald Trump and his co-conspirators, including Judge McAfee allowing grand jurors to be interviewed if they want to be by the defense, and disgraced former DOJ official Jeff Clark’s terrible day in Federal court in his efforts to get his case transferred; Rudy Giulani being accused by Cassidy Hutchinson of sexually assaulting her; Hunter Biden hitting back in two recent new lawsuits about his privacy rights as an American citizen; Rupert Murdoch and his family getting sued for Billions of dollars in new Delaware case brought by huge pension funds because they allege they presided over a corrupt business model, and other breaking legal news from around the US. DEALS FROM OUR SPONSOR! EIGHT SLEEP: Go to and save $150 on the Pod Cover HUMANN: Thanks to our sponsor HumanN! Get a free 30-day supply of SuperBeets heart chews and 15% off your first order by going to and use promo code LEGALAF SUPPORT THE SHOW: Shop NEW LEGAL AF Merch at: Join us on Patreon: Remember to subscribe to ALL the Meidas Media Podcasts: MeidasTouch: Legal AF: The PoliticsGirl Podcast: The Influence Continuum: Kremlin File: Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen: The Weekend Show: The Tony Michaels Podcast: American Psyop: Burn the Boats: Majority 54: Political Beatdown: Lights On with Jessica Denson: MAGA Uncovered: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit #Legal #politics #Podcast #trump #trumpindictment #trumpindictments #indictment #indictments #jacksmith #doj #FaniWillis #fultoncountyda #electioninterference #fakeelectors #obstruction #criminalconspiracy #specialcounsel #trumpisguilty #trumpisacriminal #TrumpIsATraitor #trumpisarapist #lockhimup #trumpprosecution #TrumpLies #maga #MAGAts #GOP #GOPLies #rightwingextremism #Christofascism #fascism #refusefascism #authoritationism #autocracy #AlvinBragg #VoteBlue #VoteBlue2024 #SaveDemocracy #BidenHarris #bidenharris2024 #biden #bidenwins #nyag #leticiajames #tanyachutkan #insurrection #jan6 #january6 #jan6th #rico #conspiracy #disqualifytrump #14thamendment #crew #gagtrump #trumptrial #trumpfraud

Diane Bruce
23 hours ago

Listened to a CBC radio on the LGBTQ protest/counter protest. WTF are our CBC doing giving the fash any coverage at all? Bothsideism run rampant.

#Ottawa #CBC #Fascism

1 day ago

Good news from rural Washington State! A court has tossed out a local ballot measure that, if passed, would have closed down a county's only library because right-wingers don't like some on the books on its shelves.

#libraries #WashingtonState #censorship #fascism

Hannu Ikonen, MD
1 day ago

Friendly reminder Incels are easily incited into bullying, terrorism, and fascist action.

Gamergate is what happened when the reactionary rejects of 4chan teamed up to be the personal army of an abuser and attack women who make and write about video games with a molecule-thin veneer of being a consumer movement for "free speech" and "ethics in video game journalism".

#Gamergate #fascism #MensRights #MensWrongs #Misogyny #Thiel #Incels

Comrade Ferret
1 day ago

New rule of thumb seems to be that "to protect children" means "because #fascism". It's really fucked up what these shitheads will appropriate.

1 day ago

#NSW parliament passes new laws bringing harsher penalties on #protesters

By Heath Parkes-Hupton
Posted Fri 1 Apr 2022

"The NSW Parliament has passed tough new punishments for protesters the state government says wish to wreak 'economic chaos' on #SydneyAustralia.

"Under legislation that cleared both houses today, people could be fined up to $22,000 and/or jailed for a maximum of two years for #protesting illegally on #PublicRoads, #rail lines, #tunnels, #bridges and #industrial #estates.

"The new offence applies to #ports in #Newcastle, #PortKembla and #PortBotany, but the government says it intends to add more facilities.

"Attorney-General Mark Speakman said the laws applied to activities that 'shut down major economic activity'.

"It comes after a string of demonstrations by #ClimateActivists last month disrupted operations around Sydney's Port Botany, the largest container hub in NSW.

"Members of #BlockadeAustralia staged protests on bridges, roads, freight rail lines and a crane to call for greater action on #ClimateChange.

"This morning, four people were arrested after blocking peak-hour traffic on the Princes Highway in Sylvania.

"#FireproofAustralia has claimed responsibility for that incident, which saw traffic blocked by people holding banners across the road."

Read more:

#Australia #Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism

so i boosted this earlier

got me down a rabbit-hole of #LongCovid #COVID19 articles and papers; but their mention of a "COVID collaborative" got me curious about who they were. HOOOOOBOY!

this list does not spark joy.

there's some real Gs in there, but just these 7 (there's less known ghouls in there) are peak #corporatist #MIC #fascism #eugenics

Tom Ridge
Robert Gates
Chris Christie
Stanley McChrystal
Howard Schultz
Rick Warren
Frank Luntz

2 days ago

20 arrests made during #ClimateChange #protest outside #BankOfAmerica in #BryantPark

By Eyewitness News WABC Tuesday, September 19, 2023

"At least 20 people were arrested during a climate change protest outside Bank of America on Tuesday.

"Police said 11 women and nine men were charged with civil disobedience and most are expected to be processed and released.

"Critics say that the bank is the third largest financier of fossil fuels.

"On Monday more than 100 people were arrested on Wall Street during a climate change demonstration and protest.

"A total of 114 protesters were arrested and taken into custody in #LowerManhattan. Those arrested were charged with civil disobedience.

"Despite the arrests, the group is promising more activism this week during the U.N. General Assembly.

"'This is our last resort,' said Alicé Nascimento of New York Communities for Change. 'We're bringing the crisis to their doorstep and this is what it looks like.'

"The aim of the protesters is to demand an end to fossil fuel financing.

"On Sunday, yelling that the future and their lives depend on ending fossil fuels, tens of thousands of protesters took to the Upper East Side in a march.

"Organizers estimated 75,000 people marched Sunday."

#Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #FossilFuelIndustry #Oligarchy

Hannu Ikonen, MD
2 days ago

Biden uses executive power to create a New Deal-style American Climate Corps

"In an announcement Wednesday, the White House said the program will employ more than 20,000 young adults who will build trails, plant trees, help install solar panels and do other work to boost conservation and help prevent catastrophic wildfires."

#ClimateCorps #ClimateChange #Fascism #AntiFascist

Joshua Holland
2 days ago

It's important to note that GA doesn't have one of those fascistic 'Don't Say Gay' laws, and this is an example of how their existence can have a ripple effect on schools in other states.

"A Batman researcher said ‘gay’ in a talk to schoolkids. When asked to censor himself, he quit"

#fascism #gop #lgbtq

2 days ago

#Mexico: Land, territory and #environmental #defenders are being criminalized for exercising their right to #protest

September 13, 2023

"The disproportionate use of criminal law is one of the main threats facing the right to protest peacefully in defense of land, territory and environment in Mexico, Amnesty International said today upon publishing a new report. Mexico: Land and Freedom? Criminalizing defenders of land, territory and environment documents the disproportionate use of the justice system to deter, punish and prevent defenders from protesting in demand of their rights.

"The disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters forms part of a broader strategy of disincentivizing and dismantling advocacy for land, territorial and environmental rights. It is alarming to see that Mexico ranks among the countries with the highest number of murders of environmental defenders and yet, far from the State addressing and preventing this violence, other serious human rights violations are also being committed such as stigmatization, harassment, attacks, assaults, forced displacement and disappearances, said Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International.

"This report focuses on four cases: (i) Colonia Maya in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, where a diverse group of people came together to protest against the construction of residential housing in a protected area where it would cause #environmental damage; (ii) #Zacatepec, where Miguel and Alejandro, #Nahua communicators and defenders, opposed the construction of a drain in Ciudad Industrial Huejotzingo, Puebla, that would flow into the Metlapanapa River, polluting it; iii) Chilón, #Chiapas, where César and José Luis, Tseltal defenders, were criminalized for opposing the construction of a National Guard barracks in their territory; iv) Sitilpech, Yucatán, where residents such as Jesús Ariel, Arturo and Juan Diego are opposing the activities of a mega pig farm in their territory because of the #pollution, water contamination and health problems it is causing.

"The disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters forms part of a broader strategy of disincentivizing and dismantling advocacy for land, territorial and environmental rights.

"Criminal prosecution and stigmatization

"Our report highlights the use of vague or ambiguous offences that ignore the principle of legality, such as rioting, obstruction of public works and variations on the offence of attacks on roadways. It was also noted that events occurring during protests have been conveniently adapted to fit other crimes through broad interpretations of criminal offences and statements that misrepresent the facts. The accusations are largely fabricated on the basis of statements made by public servants and company workers directly related to the events being denounced by the communities. There is no hard evidence in any of the criminal files that would enable any crime to be established.
#AmnestyInternational observed some alarming similarities in these cases. The complaints filed are overwhelmingly directed at people who are considered leaders, or those who are most visible in the protest movements, and they are being prosecuted for vague offences, without hard evidence and solely on the basis of their peaceful actions. The proceedings often drag on for various reasons, and there is a constant worry that cases could be revived or new crimes fabricated.

"Criminal proceedings against defenders are intended as a deterrent to others advocating for the same causes as it leads them to fear that their legitimate demands may end in stigmatization, repression or threats to their lives and safety. While we’ve observed the hope and dignity of some who are being unjustly criminalized when they enjoy the support of their communities, we’ve also seen others who have decided to abandon the struggle to demand their rights, said Edith Olivares Ferreto, executive director of Amnesty International Mexico.

"Differential impacts of state pressure

"These processes are often accompanied by a stigmatization of defenders and serious problems for their security and physical and mental health. This situation also affects their legal representatives and people who support them on an ongoing basis. The use of the criminal justice system against those who dissent or speak out in relation to local government projects and #corporate interests takes place without consequence and with complete impunity. Other violations that occur in the context of protests have also not been investigated, such as violations of the right to liberty and security of defenders, as well as the excessive use of force.

"The unjust #criminalization of defenders who protest peacefully has both individual and collective impacts. Some of the most common effects on an individual level are physical, psychological and economic, such as illness, physical pain as a result of blows received, fear, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, stress, impotence, feelings of injustice at what has happened to them, and effects on their work defending their rights.

"Collective impacts include the intimidation or repression of demands for rights to land, territory and the environment among people advocating for the same causes.

"The unjust criminalization of #HumanRights defenders draws attention away from the root causes and challenges facing land, territory and environmental defenders. The right to protest must be handled in such a way that recognizes that punishing those involved in social conflicts generally only exacerbates the problem rather than resolving the substance of the issue. Defenders’ demands must be properly heard and analysed and their right to protest guaranteed.

"Amnesty International’s report offers a number of general recommendations for addressing the disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters, in addition to other recommendations specific to the cases documented in the report. Among the former, the authorities must recognize the valuable work done by land, territory and environmental defenders; refrain from stigmatizing them; guarantee their participation in issues affecting their communities; strengthen the Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists; and refrain from using militarized security forces, such as the National Guard, to monitor protests.

"Among its specific recommendations, Amnesty International calls on the state to immediately cease the criminalization of protest and to properly investigate the human rights violations in the cases documented in the report in order to ensure that the defenders receive full reparations.

"The report accompanies the launch of the campaign #ProtestarNoEsUnCrimen, which seeks to raise awareness of the problem of the unjust criminalization of human rights defenders and its impact on the defence of land, territory and the environment."


#Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #WaterIsLife #Oligarchy

2 days ago

‘Not What You’d Expect in a Democracy.’ How #Britain Is Waging War Against #ClimateProtesters

By Yasmeen Serhan/London
December 16, 2022

"As the #ClimateCrisis worsens, and as the international efforts to mitigate its effects continue to fall short, activists like #CameronFord have become more daring. Over the past year and a half, the 32-year-old British carpenter has blocked highways by gluing himself to roads and chained himself to an oil tanker.

"Like most #environmental campaigners, Ford never wanted to do anything that could land him in jail. 'I was hoping to emigrate to Canada one day,' he says from his home in Cambridge. But Ford changed his mind about the need for bolder activism after attending a talk hosted by the climate group #InsulateBritain last summer. 'It made sense to make that stand earlier, whilst there was still a chance that we could actually mitigate the worst of it, rather than once it’s too late,' he says.

"Ford is hardly alone in that view. Other British protesters like him have gone so far as to tunnel under major infrastructure projects, throw soup at famous works of art, and scale a 190-food bridge—all in a desperate bid to draw the public’s attention to the looming climate catastrophe.

"But their democratic right to protest is now at risk as the British government declares war on tactics that it regards as disruptive and, ideally, illegal. Draft legislation that the House of Commons approved in October [2022] would pose unprecedented restrictions on the right to #protest in #England and #Wales.

"'When [#ClimateCollapse] is what we face, I believe the only thing that would curtail us is the death penalty,' says Ford, 'because the alternative to us not standing up is death.'"

#GreatBritain #Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #WaterIsLife #Oligarchy

2 days ago

#Iran passes stricter #headscarf law days after #protest anniversary

20/09/2023 | 16:30 PM

By Associated Press Reporters

"Iran’s parliament has approved a Bill to impose heavier penalties on women who refuse to wear the mandatory Islamic headscarf in public and those who support them.

"The move came just days after the anniversary of the death of #MahsaAmini, a 22-year-old woman who had been detained by the so-called morality #police for violating the country’s dress code.

"Her death in custody ignited months of #protests in which many called for the overthrow of Iran’s theocracy.

"The 70-item Bill extends punishments to business owners who serve women not wearing the mandatory headscarf, known as the #hijab, and #activists who organise against it. Violators could face up to 10 years in prison if the offence occurs in an organised way.

"The Bill, which was approved by 152 politicians in Iran’s 290-seat parliament, requires ratification by the Guardian Council, a clerical body that serves as constitutional watchdog. It would take effect for a preliminary period of three years.

"The demonstrations sparked by Ms Amini’s death on September 16, 2022, died down early this year following a heavy crackdown on dissent in which more than 500 protesters were killed and around 22,000 detained.

"But many women continued to flaunt the rules on wearing the hijab, prompting a new campaign to enforce them over the summer.

"Iran’s clerical rulers view the hijab law as a key pillar of the Islamic Republic and blamed the protests on Western nations, without providing evidence.

"The protesters said they were motivated by anger over the dress code as well as what they see as the corruption and poor governance of the country’s ruling clerics."

#WomensRights #ACAB #corruption #Fascism #HumanRights

2 days ago

#BLM protesters were targeted by federal government with stiffer punishments, an analysis shows

By Christina Carrega, CNN
August 20, 2021

"The Justice Department targeted more than 300 #protesters by charging them with federal crimes for their roles during the civil unrest last summer after the murder of #GeorgeFloyd, according to a new report from The #MovementForBlackLives, a coalition of #Black advocacy groups.

"The report found that more than 90% of federal cases against Black Lives Matter protesters could have been charged in state court – and that in 88% of those cases, the federal charges carried more severe penalties than similar state charges.

"'This persecution resulted in hundreds of organizers and #activists facing years in federal prison with no chance of parole,' the report read. It was co-authored by CUNY School of Law’s Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility Clinic.

"The report also contends that federal officials have tried to suppress Black social movements going back decades. For instance, at the direction of former #FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, officials spied on and interrogated leaders associated with the #BlackPanther Party as well as #AngelaDavis, #MartinLutherKingJr and #MalcolmX.

"According to the report, this was done 'in a deliberate bid to infiltrate, penetrate, disorganize, and disrupt the Black movements for rights, power, and freedom, and to preserve the established #WhiteSupremacist order.'

"The report, which focused on the period of nationwide civil unrest sparked by Floyd’s death in May 2020 at the hands of police in #Minneapolis, was released this week. It was first reported by The Associated Press.

"Federal officials filed a litany of charges against racial justice protesters over five months after Floyd’s death, including 105 for arson, 49 for civil disorder, 45 for assault against an officer and 30 felon-in-possession of a weapon cases.

"According to the report, the 'vast majority of charges brought were for non-violent offenses or offenses that were potentially hazardous but were restricted to #property destruction, not violence against people.'"

Read more:

#BLMProtesters #CivilRights #Fascism #ACAB #Racism

2 days ago

#ACAB #Fascism #Racism Louisiana police are being accused of holding people in a “torture warehouse.”
What to know: Police in Baton Rouge detained Ternell Brown and subjected her to strip and body-cavity searches in a warehouse called the “Brave Cave” in June, a new lawsuit alleges.
What else to know: Baton Rouge’s police department was previously sued by another resident, who alleged he was beaten in the warehouse, leading to its shuttering in August.

2 days ago

#ACLU Condemns Unprecedented #RICO Indictment of People #Protesting Construction of Controversial Police Training Center in Georgia

September 5, 2023

"Georgia’s attorney general has obtained indictments against more than 60 people, alleging violations of the state’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) law over ongoing efforts to halt construction of #Atlanta’s planned $90 million police training center, known by many as 'Cop City.' Some are also facing additional charges of #DomesticTerrorism and #MoneyLaundering.

"'We are extremely concerned by this breathtakingly broad and unprecedented use of state terrorism, anti-racketeering, and money laundering laws against protesters,' said Aamra Ahmad, senior staff attorney with ACLU’s National Security Project. 'Georgia law enforcement officials are disproportionately wielding these overbroad laws to stigmatize and target those who disagree with the government.'

"Since late 2021, protesters under the banners of 'Stop Cop City' and '#ProtectTheWeelauneeForest' have raised concerns over #ClimateJustice, displacement of #Black communities, and increasing #militarization of #police forces. #Protesters have camped out in the #forest, staged marches, and hosted community events. At times, a small minority of protesters have allegedly damaged property.

"'Democracy requires dissent and our state’s officials should not be exposing individuals to potentially decades in prison for engaging in protest,' said Christopher Bruce, policy and advocacy director at ACLU of Georgia."


#StopCopCity #CopCity #Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #WaterIsLife #Oligarchy

Joshua Holland
2 days ago

Wild that all of our institutions are responding to this absolute flood of right-wing bullshit and the violence that flows from it by throwing up their hands and saying, 'let's just stop even trying to mitigate the flood of bullshit.' And that includes law enforcement.

#fascism #disinformation #gop

2 days ago

#US States Take Aim at Protesters’ Rights

Right to Peaceful Assembly at Risk

by Jonathan Pedneault, February 16, 2021

"#Peaceful #protests are protected by the #UnitedStates Constitution’s First Amendment as well as #international #HumanRights law. But a legislative assault aimed at eroding these protections is underway in several state legislatures.

"It’s nothing new. Various states have long-tried to curtail the right to #protest. They do so by legislating wide definitions of what constitutes an 'unlawful assembly' or a 'riot' as well as increasing punishments. They also allow police to use catch-all public offenses, such as #trespassing, obstructing traffic, or disrupting the peace, as a pretext for ordering dispersals, using force, and making arrests. Finally, they make it easier for #corporations and others to bring lawsuits against #protest organizers.

"While proportionate restrictions on the right of peaceful assembly, like creating buffer zones around abortion clinics to ensure access, may be necessary, the use of catch-all offenses against peaceful #demonstrators or the imposition of increased penalties to deter assemblies are not.

"At a time of large mobilizations across the US, attempts by states to deter and impose criminal penalties on peaceful protesters should be stopped.

"According to the US Protest Law Tracker, created by the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, there are currently 51 bills under consideration in 24 state legislatures, including as many as 10 in #Oklahoma, that they warn would threaten the right to assemble peacefully.

"Among the proposed laws are nine, including three in Oklahoma, that the Tracker reports would provide civil and/or criminal immunity for drivers injuring or killing protesters unlawfully disrupting traffic and one stand-your-ground bill in #NewHampshire that would allow deadly force against protesters 'likely' to use 'any' degree of unlawful force during a riot.

"Other bills would increase penalties for participating in unlawful protests, something that happens automatically in many jurisdictions once someone marches without a permit, or for committing an offense – including jaywalking or trespassing – while in an unlawful assembly.

"International human rights law protects the right of peaceful assembly and requires authorities at all levels to facilitate such assemblies and avoid unnecessary or disproportionate restrictions on them. The mere act of planning or participating in a protest should not be criminalized. Authorities are also required to protect people participating in such assemblies – bills that encourage or allow violence against protesters are inconsistent with those obligations, and states should abandon them."

#Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #WaterIsLife #Oligarchy

2 days ago

‘They #criminalize us’: how #felony charges are weaponized against #PipelineProtesters

Twenty states have passed laws that criminalize protesting, including on infrastructure including #pipelines. In #Minnesota, at least 66 felony theft charges against #Line3 protesters remain open

Alexandria Herr for Floodlight
Thu 10 Feb 2022

"Last summer [2021] Sabine von Mering, a professor of German at Brandeis University, drove more than 1,500 miles from Boston to Minneapolis to protest against the replacement of the Line 3 #OilPipeline that stretches from #Canada’s #TarSands down to Minnesota.

"Along with another protester, she locked herself to a semi-truck in the middle of a roadway, according to a filed court brief, as a means of #peaceful #resistance. But when she was arrested, she was charged with a serious crime: felony theft, which carries up to five years in prison.

"'It’s very scary that they criminalize us like that, and to face jail time,' said Von Mering, 54, of her June arrest. 'But what can I do? I feel responsible to my kids and #FutureGenerations.'

"The felony charges come as more than a dozen states have passed laws to criminalize #FossilFuel protests, and as the federal government has ramped up its own tactics for surveilling and penalizing protesters.

"Von Mering is one of nearly 900 protesters who were arrested in Minnesota for protesting against the pipeline’s construction, with the vast majority of arrests taking place during the summer of 2021, and one of dozens facing felony charges. Construction on the Line 3 pipeline was finalized in October 2021 and carries 760,000 barrels of oil per day across northern Minnesota. But its construction for years has stoked fierce protests and legal challenges, led by #Indigenous activists in northern Minnesota who worried about potential impacts of oil spills and the pipeline’s threat to #treaty rights to gather wild rice. While most of the arrests have led to misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor charges for crimes including 'disturbing the peace' and 'trespassing', felony charges like Von Mering’s mean protesters are facing years of jail time.

"Legal advocates say that in Minnesota the elevated charges are a novel tactic to challenge protest actions against pipeline construction. They see them as furthering evidence of close ties between Minnesota’s government and the #FossilFuelIndustry. It follows reporting by the Guardian that the Canadian pipeline company #Enbridge, which is building Line 3, reimbursed Minnesota’s #police department $2.4m for time spent arresting protesters and on equipment including ballistic helmets. Experts say the reimbursement strategy for arrests is a new technique in both Minnesota and across the US, and there’s concern it can be replicated.

"'I do a lot of representation for people in political protests and I’ve never seen anything like that,' said Jordan Kushner, a defense attorney representing clients charged in relation to Line 3 protests.

"Two of Kushner’s clients were charged with felony 'aiding attempted suicide' charges for crawling inside a pipe. The charge is for someone who 'intentionally advises, encourages, or assists another who attempts but fails to take the other’s own life', according to Minnesota law and carries up to a seven-year sentence. Authorities alleged that the protesters were endangering their lives by remaining inside the pipeline."

Read more:

#StopEnbridge #NoLine3 #Protestors #ClimateActivists #Fascism #WaterIsLife #ACAB #IndigenousNews

2 days ago

Judge dismisses #pipeline #protest charges against 3 #Native women

Kirsti Marohn
Brainerd, #Minnesota
September 18, 2023 3:45 PM

"Opponents of the #Line3 oil pipeline are celebrating an Aitkin County judge’s decision to dismiss charges against three Native women related to a 2021 protest.

"Activists #WinonaLaDuke, #TaniaAubid and #DawnGoodwin helped lead rallies as #Enbridge began work on a new #OilPipeline across northern Minnesota more than two years ago.

"The charges against them stemmed from a rally on Jan. 9, 2021, when a large group gathered at a pipeline construction site near the #MississippiRiver in Aitkin County. 

"The opponents, who called themselves #WaterProtectors carried signs and walked down a county road. Some Native women danced in jingle dresses, a healing tradition.

"Some group members later moved to another Aitkin County location, where they walked along U.S. Highway 169 and refused to leave a Line 3 construction site.

"LaDuke, Goodwin and Aubid were not arrested on Jan. 9. Authorities charged them weeks later by summons after identifying them in social media posts. They faced gross misdemeanor charges of trespassing and harassment, as well as misdemeanor unlawful assembly and public nuisance.

"A jury trial was scheduled to begin this week. But in a forceful opinion filed Sept. 14, District Court Judge Leslie Metzen dismissed all the charges.

"Metzen’s order noted the government’s historical mistreatment of #Indigenous people.

"'In the last 20 years I have come to a broader understanding of what we, the now dominant culture, did to try to eradicate our indigenous neighbors,' she wrote. 'We moved them by force and power and violence off the land where they lived for thousands of years. To make peace, we signed treaties with them that promised many things they never received.'

"Metzen wrote that she finds it 'within the furtherance of justice' to protect the defendants who were peacefully protesting to protect the land addressed in those treaties.

"She wrote that as respected members of #Anishinaabe tribes, LaDuke, Aubid and Goodwin were exercising their #FreeSpeech rights and #spiritual beliefs, including 'their heartfelt belief that the waters of Minnesota need to be protected from damage that could result from the #pipeline.'

'To criminalize their behavior would be the crime,' she added."

Read more:

#IndigenousNews #LaDuke #StopEnbridge #NoLine3 #Proestors #ClimateActivists #Fascism #WaterIsLife #RespectTheTreaties

2 days ago

Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy

Institutions of the old capitalist democracy remain, but internally corporations have seized all the levers of power to:

* accrue ever greater profits & political control

* create a global supreme court

* fund private militias to crush labor movements, & intimidate & even murder activists

Interview with author Matt Kennard:

#USPol #UKPol #AusPol #Fascism

Vic McFizzlesticks
2 days ago

"What we see are tyrannical governments using education as tools to control the masses," Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters said.

As usual, the fascists have projected their plans onto their enemies. Make no mistake: Ryan Walters is a fascist and only has fascism in mind for Oklahoma childen.

Walters wants to be the tyrant controlling the masses. That's why he's so upset: he's jealous of China.

#oklahoma #education #fascism #RyanWalters

Joe Hill
2 days ago

@mos_8502 @georgetakei And there lies the rub: Annihilating #Fascism looks a lot like #Fascism.

2 days ago

~50 years of worship of a #Neoliberal #AntiWorkingClass #CorporateOligarchy and the unbridled inequality, destruction of jobs supporting a large prosperous #WorkingClass have weakened the nation. The #DeathCult that is #Fascism / #Christofascism festers and threatens turining whole sections of the country gangrenous.

"In general, the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 discredited #fascism: either because #Europeans came to see fascism as a moral disaster, or because fascism claimed to be about winning and lost" - #TimothySnyder in 'The Road to Unfreedom' (p. 70)

The same can be said about Xi, Putin, Trump, Netanyahu, Orbán, Erdoğan, and other authoritarian leaders: they will eventually lose because of their inhumanity or because of their inability to win as propagandised.

#democracy #autocracy #Ukraine #UN

Joshua Holland
3 days ago

I don't think there are enough wingnut school teachers and ob/gyns to keep these red states running.

#fascism #gop

Wokebloke (call me Doug)
3 days ago

A UK judge stripped the right of defendants to defend themselves in London court.
"... a judge imposed restrictions on defendants in a series of climate trials that prevented them from mentioning climate change, insulation, fuel poverty or their motivations for taking action during their trials."
#CivilLiberties #Justice #Fascism #ClimateDenial #UK

Alexander Hay
3 days ago

While everyone's focussing on one seedy little creature turned moral entrepreneur (#RussellBrand), another development today bodes ill for my favourite seedy little etc, #Farage.

"#NigelFarage fury as regulator finds no evidence of bank account closures due to political views

"The one-time #UKIP leader hits out at the #FCA's findings following an investigation into the so-called de-banking row that cost the chief executive of #NatWest her job."

#Fascism #UK #News

Jack of all trades
4 days ago

Christian Ehring played a clip of Weidel [leader of the far-right AfD party] delivering a speech to party members against political correctness.

“And we as democrats and patriots will not be silenced. Because political correctness belongs to the dustbin of history,” Weidel had said, after which the moderator commented: “That’s right! Let’s put an end to political correctness. The Nazi slut is right. Was this incorrect enough? I hope so!”

#fascism #Germany

Cindy Weinstein
4 days ago

@GottaLaff. I take it he didn't add Shana Tovah?


Hannu Ikonen, MD
5 days ago

The most appropriate equivalent of Capitalism is cancer.

1) Directly Invasive
2) Resource thief
3) Competitive escalation without regard for sustainability
4) Growth-minded only
5) Enabled by Regulatory defects (mutated Suppressor Genes or Discarded Anti-Trust laws and Taxation policies)
6) Kills complex systems it colonizes
7) Metastasizes to colonize other vulnerable, interdependent systems

#Sustainability #LateStageCapitalism #fascism

6 days ago

See, what I find so absurd about the winger argument that stochastic terrorism "isn't real" and amounts to a political smear job, is the fact that on a semi regular basis these violent nazis just straight up admit that they're doing a race war/stochastic murder spree and yet this has absolutely no impact on whether or not mainstream discourse, particularly in the Anglosphere, is willing to hear out reactionary apologists for this violence; folks who are themselves, more often than not, simply crypto-fascists. Take for example the nazi that murdered a whole family, in Canada with his car, just you know, for being brown and Muslim.

And to be clear, the story here is not "the fascists propagandists, media minions, and pols are all lying" because we fucking knew that, they're fascists. The issue here is that mainstream for profit media, is still having these people on, and letting these people publish, counter arguments and apologia for stochastic fascist violence, even though the damn nazis doing the murders, are straight up admitting that's what this is. Often. Regularly. They INSPIRE each other.

#Fascism #Media #WhiteSupremacy #RecReads

Labour Activists: Use your power right now. Revoke your labour from Twitter/X. Refuse to be captured and your energy used for the benefit of this fascist tycoon. Bring your siblings to the decentralized social universe where we can all organize and advocate freely. #labour #workersrights #Solidarity #fascism #unions #decentralized #twitter #TwitterMigration #musk

6 days ago

The Economist no longer rates the USA as a full democracy. I don’t blame them. #usa #politics #fascism

Tim Gatewood
6 days ago

@JamesGleick They're not failing at their job. You just don't understand what their job is. It's not to inform the people in an unbiased manner. That hasn't been their job since the oligarchs bought MSM. Their job is to advance the pro-fascist agenda of the oligarchs, and they're doing great at it (great at helping evil). #notall journalists, of course, just the ones who have a national platform or work for MSM.

#journalism #fascism #oligarchy

Joshua Holland
1 week ago

Every accusation is a confession and of course that includes indoctrinating school kids.

"Bible-based personal finance textbook written by right-wing evangelical used in Florida schools"

#fascism #florida #education

"Odessa mother Jessica Wright said the Ramsey textbook was just as wrong for schools as state-approved videos distributed by the right-wing outfit PragerU, which is supported by a conservative radio host Dennis Prager who has acknowledged it was intended to indoctrinate children with its civics and government lessons.

“'I really wanted to hear what evidence do you have that I am despicable, and all I heard was, ‘Well, because you indoctrinate kids,’' Prager told a conference this summer in Philadelphia. 'Which is true. We bring doctrines to children. That is a very fair statement. I said, ‘But what is the bad of our indoctrination?’'""
Joshua Holland
1 week ago

Alt headline: "Some small businesses under attack by fascists face financial woes, employee fears: 'Never been as bad'"

#fascism #gop #lgbtq

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 week ago

@TonyStark @GreenFire

I couldn't agree more. Fighting fascism is my raison d'etre.

That means #VoteBlue and we'll figure out the rest later. #Fascism is the existential threat of today.

Anyone who thinks fascists will be the same on #ClimateChange are off their rocker, too.

Joe Hill
1 week ago

@wdlindsy Remember: #NBC and the rest of the #Oligarch owned #CorporateMedia is 100% onboard with #fascism. They have a vested interest in normalizing extremism.

As #PigEmpire charter member #RupertMurdock confirmed, “It’s not about red vs blue, it’s about green.”

Fynn Becker
1 week ago

In the German state Thüringen (Thuringia), the far right opposition party CDU was able to pass a law with the help of the neoliberal FDP and the fascist AfD, both also opposition.

That’s how it starts folks. The conservatives and neoliberals think they can use the fascists for their benefit. This won’t end well.

We’ve already been there 90 years ago. But this is of course the deliberate plan of the conservatives and the far right. This is no “accident”.

#Thüringen #CDU #FDP #AfD #Fascism

Joshua Holland
1 week ago

If I were advising Dems on messaging I’d tell them to talk about the GOP impeaching Biden “without any credible allegations” instead of “without evidence,” and to constantly hammer the point that this is just a continuation of January 6 and their refusal to accept that their guy lost. #biden #maga #fascism #gop

From @parkermolloy:
#transphobia #ProtectTransKids #fascism

Democrats are sleepwalking into a trap.

Parents of Trans Kids Urge the U.S. Senate to Reject the So-Called Kids Online Safety Act

Mark Wyner :vm:
1 week ago

About 44 years ago the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (Sandinista National Liberation Front) overthrew the Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua. It was known as the Sandinista Revolution.

One third of the rebels were women. They were at the forefront of the movement and integral to its success.


#Women #Rebellion #Socialism #Fascism #Dictatorship #Nicaragua #Uprising #Sandinista #Revolution #Liberation #Photography

A group of women in solid green camouflage suits holding automatic rifles and aiming down sights in a grassy field in front of lush green hills. One woman is close to the camera in front, lying down with her gun pointed directly into the camera. 7 additional women are positioned in the background, aiming into the distance beyond the camera.
Joshua Holland
1 week ago

I'm no fan of Mitt Romney but the former #GOP presidential nominee's effective ouster from the party is yet another victory for fascists over conservatives. I really don't see how the vicious, conspiratorial #MAGA toothpaste can ever be shoved back into the tube. #fascism

Joshua Holland
1 week ago

Terrifying stuff that’s routinely glossed over by horse race journalism.

“The Right-Wing Conspiracy-Fest Is More Openly Bloodthirsty Than Before”

#maga #fascism #gop

From @ErinInTheMorn:
#transphobia #genocide #fascism

It's mind-boggling to me that pseudoscience is triumphing over science here. But not surprising.

No Longer About Kids: Florida Judge Allows Trans Adult Ban For Large Swaths Of Care