Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 hour ago

"Never argue with an idiot and/or #fascist

They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Therefore, Make Punching #Nazis Cool Again."


Should I punch this nazi flow chart gif with characters from Rick and Morty.

If you're not close enough to punch them,  move closer.
3 hours ago

Pure appeal for a #fascist strongman: ‘Red Caesarism’ is #RightWing code – and some Republicans are listening | @jasonwilson

“For the last three years, parts of the American right have advocated a theory called Caesarism as an authoritarian solution to the claimed collapse of the US republic in conference rooms, podcasts and the house organs of the extreme right, especially those associated with the Claremont Institute thinktank.“

Caesar (looking tired of all this shit)
5 hours ago

Quando cheguei em casa, falei ou melhor pintei o quadro de terror que presenciei, mas me disseram que tudo era coisa da minha cabeça e dos outros "20" estudantes.

A feia #nazis me seguiria até o almoço no São Miguel da Baixa dos Sapateiros do IPAC de 97.

Antes, o vizinho Marco Antônio me indicou para um trabalho na barraca depois do IRDEB, então trabalhando na barraca;

Por vezes avistei as #fascist blazer passarem devagarinho, tipo #police.


#Brasil #brazil #stj #stf #pf #sc #crime #law

5 hours ago

@upsidasium Good time for reminder: "I like Ted Cruz better than anyone in the Senate does, and I hate Ted Cruz!" -- Sen. Al Franken. Certainly if any Democrat bragged of cocaine use, got implicated as to 17 yr old female as w Gaetz, we would hear about nothing else. Santos, Boebert, MTG, Gozar, oh they're sitting pretty #scum #fascist

11 hours ago

Eis que o Gago, ainda me falou que outro dia próximo daquele dia, em quase 150 metros foi abordado três vezes por #military do mesmo batalhão que me obrigou a limpar sangue e resto de pele humana.

Pois na 1ª os #police #militar viram suas moedas, #money !?

POR FIM, aqui🖕🏼para os #nazis mandantes dos Chuck assassinos em Brusque, Aracaju, no Uruguai de Salvador e todos os outros mais!

6`⁶ FIM

#Brasil #brazil #law #crime #leaks #stj #g1 #pf #pm #racism #stf #religion #fascist #twitter #justica

Ramon Taback
14 hours ago

@TheEuropeanNetwork Robert #Fico is not just strongman, he's a leader of a major #fascist party in #Slovakia .
Let's call a spade a spade.

20 hours ago

#McCarthy finally came to his senses and rejected the #ProPutin, #fascist, #MAGA faction to work with #Democrats. A #shutdown has been postponed.

America needs to reject the MAGA ( formally the #GOP ) party and what it stands for, which is a pro-Putin, #nazism party. They want our children to not be educated, intelligent, woke, and adjusted individuals. Instead, they want our kids to be dumb, unaware, disinterested, and submissive so they can subjugate them and have them be docile.

Anyone who is still with the former #GOP is part of the problem and should immediately re-register to either be an Independent, Democrat or some other party. If you're a #Republican, then you adhere to their anti-democratic ideology. Period!

23 hours ago

This thread by Alec Karakatsanis is full of receipts of frankly alarming behavior from California's Democratic Governor, #GavinNewsom; given that he has presidential ambitions, it's really worth paying attention to all the #fascist shit he endorses--especially when it comes to "crime".

In the past few months we've seen THREE high profile Democrats switch parties as soon as they've won an election, lets try to avoid that shit:

Beginning of thread mentioned in my post:
The recent behavior of Gavin Newsom on the issue of homelessness is among the most alarming things I've seen from a Democratic party politician in recent years. If you haven't been following, I collect four examples here,

First, he recently spoke openly about how he was so mad about federal judges protecting the constitutional rights of homeless people that he thought about doxing the personal contact information of judges so mobs of angry people could intimidate them.

Quoted tweet (beginging of a thread) dated August thread, by Alec Karakatsanis:
Yesterday, the sitting governor of California, a Democrat, was so angry that judges applying basic constitutional principles wouldn't let armed government agents clear homeless people off the street that he began talking about inciting vigilante mobs against the judges
/end quoted tweet (includes screenshots from news outlets)
Continuation of thread linked to in my post:
Second, he is trying to get the right wing of the Supreme Court to overturn a bedrock constitutional principle in order to permit the government to put homeless people in cages for simply existing on the street *even when there's no shelter space*

Quoted tweet by Alec Karakatsanis dated September 28:
The legal issue here is whether the government can put human beings in cages for living on the street "even if there is no available shelter" Pretending this barbaric attempt to criminalize the poor is new or a "rare" agreement between political parties is a lie
/end quoted tweet (includes screenshot from a headline in the New York Times reading: "In rare alliance, Democrats and Republicans seek legal power to clear homeless camps"
Continuation of thread linked in my post:

Existing law, which outrages Newsom, is government can jail people for being on the street, but only if there's available shelter such that people are choosing to be on street instead of shelter. If people have nowhere to go, the courts said it's unconstitutional to cage them.

Third, Newsom quietly did something remarkable. He created an entire new court bureaucracy in California, marketed with the acronym CARE, that seeks to dramatically expand the power and capacity of courts to coerce treatment of mentally ill people.

Quoted tweet beginning a thread, by Alec Karakatsanis, dated September 7, 2022:
California politicians are about to complete an epic charade, called "CARE Court" which stands for Community Assistance Recovery and Empowerment Court. It's a story not getting enough attention.
/end quoted tweet

Continuation thread linked in my post:
Incredibly, this massive new initiative targeting homeless people with mental illness does not provide any new housing or any new mental health services.
End of thread linked in my post:
Fourth, after stoking fear of homeless people shoplifting, Newsom announced what he billed as the largest ever single investment in police to target them.

Quoted thread by Emily Hoeven, dated September 12 2023:
New: Gavin Newsom says California is poised to make largest-ever single investment to combat organized retail threft: $267 million to 55 law enforcement agencies.
/end quoted tweet

End of thread linked in my post:
At a time of rising authoritarianism, the thread people like Newsom post is extraordinary. Not only is the content of what he is saying monstrous, but the moment in which he is saying it is one of great peril for a society struggling to maintain basic democratic values.
1 day ago
1 day ago


"Both sides do it" is a false narrative. One of the major U.S. political parties is objectively #fascist. The #Republican plan is to end democracy. You can't both deny those facts, and claim to have critical thinking skills.

Does that make the Democratic Party perfect? Of course not. It just makes them the alternative to #fascism in our lifetime.

@ClintBarton @TonyStark

If there’s no #Ukraine aid, shut the shit down. Do it Sen. Bennett!!! 🇺🇦+🇺🇸🟰💪

Make McCarthy and Putin’s other puppets own their disaster. Fuck these #fascist minority rule terrorists.

1 day ago

I don't think I'm going to give them credit for secretly wanting to moderate the party's positions.

They had their chance to get rid of the party leader, twice, at impeachment trials and they chose to acquit. They've had multiple chances to turn away from the #Republican program of #fascism and they've doubled down, over and over.

Their behavior is precisely what you'd expect to see if they were #fascist true believers. And they should be judged on those actions.

sollee (e/acc) 🟨⬛
1 day ago

#fascism is an overloaded term stop calling everything you dislike #fascist please please please


1 day ago

@Peg33 It is reductive to view these as just buffoons, as is so often done. They are purposefully creating chaos to benefit their #Fascist / #Christofascist endgame. They are unfit to govern in so much as they are committed to other than democratic governance. The chaos they create works to cause disillusion and voters drop out giving the #Fascists the upper hand in our uniquely anti-democratic democratic republic.

1 day ago

This is just another example of how #Biden is hog-tied by the #DemocraticParty's decades long adoption of rabid #Capitalist #Neoliberal ideology. He may talk the talk, but there always seems to be pressure release valves in place to protect the #CorporateOligarchy. Unless elections put true #WorkingClass progressives in control the US is fated to continue a downward spiral into ever more #Authoritarian, if not outright #fascist control. We will fail to address the #ClimateEmergency as well.

2 days ago

Em 2006, no pela porco para mais de 💯, Geovane falou: "quando forem numa delegacia apresentar um preso à autoridade policial!"

Jamais, deem seus endereços ou deem com os números errados, talvez de uma residência próxima a sua.

Assim os advogados, delegados ou outros na delegacia não passarão seu endereço, para o #crime em vingança lhes matar!

A tragédia é que desde 1999, os #nazis🖕🏿#fascist🖕no meu encalço sabiam, os endereços na imagem, trágico!

#Brasil #brazil #pf

2 days ago

@ajsadauskas @CelloMomOnCars Now, even thought #Biden talks the talk, the #DemocraticParty remains crippled by continued power of #Neoliberal #Corporatist members that the truly fundamental changes needed are slow-walked at best. Unless the coming elections give true progressive #WorkingClass representatives sufficient majorities the US will continue its fall into failed state status, probably with ever more #Fascist / #Christofascist control.

If you are (still) using X/Twitter, then you are openly supporting a platform spreading and, even worst, supporting #racist and #fascist propaganda.
Think about that and draw your conclusions.

ZZ Bottom
2 days ago

#Slovakia is choosing between freedom or a dictator ally to #Russia
#Europe must make sure that if they choose the 2nd, there will be serious economic repercussions.
But who im kidding, if #Ecc can not even agree on the refugee crisis, and more countries are becoming di facto #Fascist ones like #Italy and to many to name right now, will they be able to stop #russia ?

Somerset Bob 🇬🇧
2 days ago

Have to go straight on with the second #podcast episode of this fascinating mini-series on the British #fascist movement with #Goalhanger’s #TheRestIsHistory with the ever-informative and entertaining Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook. They discuss the rise of Sir Oswald #Mosley as the leader of the fascist movement in the 1930s. #Spotify

Dyadya Boris 🩷💜💙
2 days ago

Elon Musk attacked German support for migrants and promoted a call to support a far-right extremist political party #elonmusk #xenophobia #racism #racist #fascist #farright

#honoroak #se23 #turningpointuk #fascist #nazi #misogynist #transphobia #dragstorytime #gbnews #ukpolitics #lozzafox

Tomorrow is TurningPointUK's monthly outing to demo Drag Story Time at our Honor Oak Pub.

Poster child this month is Laurence Fox newly banned by the far right GBNews for being too far right with his shocking misogynist attack on a jourmalist this week. Also banned was Calvin Robinson GBNews personality and TurningPoint organiser.

Will they dare to pollute our neighbourhood?

TurningPoint poster with Honor Oak announcement banner pasted in front of supporters carrying a banner of black MP Diane Abbott calling her a racist,
3 days ago

DJT has just one card left to play to keep himself out of jail: #civilwar.

take a guess who the only real 'winner' will be if that happens.

and that, just as #fascist cosplayer #Musk is so eager to have the MAGAts buying their boner pills again from his only remaining advertisers, that he has fully disarmed #Xitter's #election #disinfo monitoring...

brace yourselves for 2024.

3 days ago

OK, people on probably have heard about Joe Kent, but he's still a dangerous extremist, and it's good to see mainstream-ish media notice.

"Joe Kent Is The Most Extreme House Candidate You Haven’t Heard About "

Mitex Leo :verified:
4 days ago

🎉🥳 Happy Birthday to PM Sheikh Hasina, the queen of irony! 🎂

May your day be filled with surprises as unpredictable as your path to power. Here's to celebrating another year of unique perspectives and, of course, lots of cake! 🍰😄

#BirthdayWishes #SheikhHasina #Fascist #FascistHasina #Politics #bangladesh #bangla #bdgovt

A shot of a newspaper called "NewAge". In which the title says " The unelected Govt can never deliver on the people's will - Sheikh Hasia".
4 days ago

O Gago, ainda falou-me que outro dia próximo daquele dia, em menos de 150 metros foi abordado 3 vezes por policiais do mesmo batalhão que nos obrigou a limpar sangue e resto de pele humana, pois na 1ª os #police viram dinheiro.

POR FIM, aqui🖕🏼para os #nazis mandantes dos Chuck assassinos em Brusque, Aracaju, no Uruguai de Salvador e todos os outros mais!


#Brasil #brazil #law #crime #stj #twitter #g1 #pf #pm #racism #stf #family #leaks #religion #fascist #ethics #lawyer #unesco #justica

4 days ago

#Shutdown #MAGA are #Fascist chaos agents. It is what they do. Our biggest problem is that the MSM so rarely calls them out for what they are. In this case, shutdown distracts from Trump's juridical woes, but it also may not hurt them much in the next election. Again, non-MAGA MSM will not make it crystal clear that this is s GOP rooted problem. While the GOP crowd gets 24/7 #FascistPropaganda.

4 days ago

#Trump's #MAGA Party is NOT your father's or #Lincoln's or #Reagan's or #Eisenhower's #Republican party! Trump's MAGA party is a #NeoNazi #WhiteSupremacist #Fascist party! #America, beware; at least 40% of Republican #voters agree with these #FascistGOP #politicians!

Hear ye, hear ye. September 26, 2023 will forever be known and celebrated each year as


It’s not every day that a common criminal can bankrupt the biggest & most corrupt autocratic #fascist fuckface the US has ever called its President, Donald #Trump.

Photo Michael Cohen, former personal attorney to Donald Trump and one who brought about Trumps financial demise.

Call him Elon Moscovite.

#RussianAsset #fascist #musk

Preston MacDougall
6 days ago

@fulelo However, I’m guessing that #Cruella #SuellaBraverman would look kindly on immigrants fleeing anti-#fascist discrimination. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Tut Willy 🔱
6 days ago

Cheerleading the Apocalypse

Why a coalition of fascists is intentionally driving us off a cliff

> Tim LaHaye’s beliefs stem from the childhood trauma of losing his father at nine years old and being promised by a minister that his father will rise from the dead during the “Rapture.”

#fascist #christofascists @jimstewartson

This kid with his young brother were brutally murdered by #Azerbaijan military, #stabbed with a #knife. This is normal and encouraged in a #Fascist regime of Azerbaijan. #holocaust #genocide

1 week ago

#AffirmativeAction: So long as there is an underclass that is denied full participation in societal intercourse it will be necessary to bolster that group from the common wealth of society as a whole. Otherwise, we are accepting the bigoted notion that some groups are sub-human. Is that not the very foundation of the #Fascist ideology? Am I just being simpleminded?

I cannot fathom the energy that must go into being a #fascist piece of shit. Lies and hostility - that's what leads to heart disease and cancer.

1 week ago

#GOP has zero in terms of policy proposals supported by a majority of voters polled
They can't win a fair #Election promoting their actual #Fascist agenda (like ending #SocialSecurity #PublicSchools & #Libraries)
So they use dirty tricks, lies, #VoteSuppression, #gerrymandering, & #MoralPanic to distract folks from the issues

Sadly for us & luckily for them, #CorporateMedia is happy to let them as long as the #Advertising 💰💰💰 keeps flowing


Queen of the Crone Age
1 week ago


Oh son, be as BOTHERED as you can be, #Fascist

#Students Confront #RightWing #Bigot

Right-Wing pundit #CharlieKirk visited the campus of #NorthernArizonaUniversity and was met with numerous students flipping him off to his face while chanting “F—K YOU, #FASCIST!"

1 week ago

"Rupert Murdoch stepping down as chair of Fox and News Corp"

No one person has done more to promote #rightwing #fascist #propaganda since 1996 when Fox first started broadcasting in the #unitedstates

Fox, the #republican answer for #cnn and #nbc,
Likely will be #bankrupt soon. A reflection of it's #shabby self.


Rupert Murdoch stepping down as chair of Fox and News Corp


The distinction between being a #Fascist or a #FascismFondler stops mattering when the chips are down

2 weeks ago

Been arguing this for some time. IMO, it is probably linked to our history of genocide of the indigenous, slavery, and subsequent and continuing dehumanizing of outgroups. Once you dehumanize one group it is easily transposed to other groups. This is part of the very disturbing #Fascist (what is fascism but a cult) tendency that has always infected the US. Like TB, the healthy body may keep it in check, but weaken the body and the infection becomes rampant and deadly.

2 weeks ago

@ThomHartmann or @FAIR might have some useful receipts to clarify who the money partners are in this emerging #CorporateMedia behemoth

I smell a nasty #Fascist #billionaire behind this somewhere. #LeonardLeo? 🤔

KBSez ✅
2 weeks ago


As white supremacists from as far as Canada revel in intimidating Sunshine State residents, critics blast DeSantis for his silence.

What a surprise... #Desantis has been using the1930's Germany playbook & no one in #Florida seems to care... He's a nazi and the other #nazis love him.

Am I wrong? I'm not seeing citizens in Florida fighting him on his #fascist bullsh!t.

Has anyone explained to hispanics that they are next on his hit list?

2 weeks ago

Saddest part of all is that the whole of US society has also been so tightly confined within the #Neoliberal #CorporateOligarchy control that voter's desire to fight the #Christofascist #Fascist is circumscribed such that it forces them to choose a #CorporateTotalitarian #InvertedTotalitarian party. That turns huge numbers of potential voters in non-voters or even fits of nihilism resulting in votes for the #Christofascist #Fascist candidates.

2 weeks ago

I don't begrudge #Boebert getting consensually fondled in general or fondling back. The venue is a problem because parents should choose the time and place to bring up sexual activities with their kids in case any kids could see them messing around. The vaping is a big problem for me, secondhand exposure is real whether it's #Nicotine or #THC so she's dead wrong with that.

I do begrudge her being able to go out in public as a #Fascist without being constantly hassled.

#NazisRaus #EndFascism

2 weeks ago

@gdeihl @tuckerteague Posted last night about the current #Christofascist House GOP and how their apparent clownishness is actually promoted by the elites in the #fascist factions. Fascism thrives on chaos. The chaos of #ClimateDisasters and the increase in civil protest goads even the alleged liberals into ever more illiberal actions that are antithetical to civil rights and freedoms, usually to protect the interests of the #Capitalist rulers in the #CorporateOligarchy. Thus feeding fascists.

2 weeks ago

@KimCrayton1 Every single #fascist #collaborator should lose their reputation permanently.

J Davis 🫂🕊️
2 weeks ago


#Harassment by the Collector for calling them out on their #German language #Russian #propaganda. Silly #fascist.

Oooh they mad. So this is what they do instead of ignoring me. #Russia go home. Slava #Ukraine.

The Collector is weak so he sent a lame meme with 4 maniacally, crying, laughing emojis. He tagged me and 

Two Frames
1st Frame - Cartoon of Easter Bunny - "FAKE NEWS"
2nd Frame - Cartoon of Santa Claus "REAL DEAL"
Along the bottom AND SO IT'S COME TO THIS
Robert M
3 weeks ago

@w7voa Does the MSM know what will happen if #Trump gets elected again? Trump is a #fascist and a #criminal. Do they ever think about what they are normalizing? #meetThePress #uspolitics

Trump vows to lock up political enemies if he returns to White House

3 weeks ago

@fraying The problem isn't that we have #old politicians, the problem is that we have #fascist politicians, young and old. Devaluing pro-democracy leaders who are experienced probably won't get us where we want to go.

Don't get me wrong; Joe Biden wasn't in my top three favorites during the 2020 primary season. But the 2024 winner is going to be #Biden or #Trump. We don't help ourselves at this moment if we echo bad faith Republican talking points like "Joe Biden is too old."

Queen of the Crone Age
3 weeks ago

Still, great hair for a #Fascist

Has there ever been a time when men of great wealth and power, were presented with a morally crystal clear opportunity, to intervene on behalf of humanity and for the sake of justice, and they ACTUALLY DID THAT?

Or do they ALWAYS choose wrongly?

#musk #fascist #ukraine

Rui Malheiro
1 month ago

@juergen_hubert can't find a single point in your argument where it's better to stay on twitter, enabling a #fascist platform.

You know that the backers of twitter, not only the "owner", have now free access to all the information there?

A retired teacher in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to *death* based on criticism posted shared in *private groups* on #Twitter.

Just #fascists doing #fascism. Don't enable them, don't support them. Opose them always, anytime, everywhere.


Rui Malheiro
1 month ago

@juergen_hubert all the work is done by setting up the Fediverse protocols. Now people need to move. Fast. #Twitter has turned into a #fascist heaven. If you stay, you're just providing positive press relation to their owners.

There are no grey areas about #fascism. You're either against it, or you're enabling it.

Pete Orrall
1 month ago

@CStamp @JoshuaHolland

Sadly, this country is sliding into the #fascist cesspool the right wing has been embracing for a while now. It's a slow motion trainwreck.

The Allied forces may have won WWII, but #fascism and #hate were never defeated. Instead, these toxic and violent ideologies were driven underground and spread quietly throughout the US until recent.

The American-brand of fascism is just a different strain of the same toxic sociopolitical #disease which plagued Germany and Italy last century.

Fascism infects society just like HIV infects the body; the #American brand of #Christofascism is an evolved strain of the same disease.

The right wing endorses violence because they lack power and only know cruel oppression. They align themselves with the real owners of this country (billionaires and #corporations for their own self interests.

We cannot and must not grow numb to this, nor is there room to be afraid. Fascism occurs because #democracy is weak.

Robert M
1 month ago

@murshedz Unbelievable. #ElonMusk is not just a #fascist. He's also an imbecile who failed upwards because he was born into money.

Elon Musk Proves Yet Again That He's Just Not Very Bright

1 month ago

In a #fascist regime, a person can be arrested, jailed, tortured, and even executed, for

1. Owning the wrong book
2. Wearing the wrong clothes
3. Being openly gay or trans
4. Worshipping the wrong religion
5. Attempting to campaign for the wrong political party or the wrong candidate
6. Engaging in activities that are prohibited for certain genders or castes
7. Drinking the wrong drinks, eating the wrong foods
8. Saying, writing, texting, or posting the wrong things
9. Being of the wrong race

1 month ago

@petersuber Can we just finally admit that the ideological differences between the #CorporateOligarchy/#PMC and #Christofascist #Fascist #MAGA are de minimis compared to the hatred/fear they harbour for #labor #WorkingClass #Poor #Socialism or anything left of rabid #Neoliberal #Capitalism.

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 month ago

Of course you're anxious or depressed. The planet is burning and the billionaire fascists are tightening their control.

Fuck 'em.

Do something today to piss off a #fascist.

Spread love and kindness. Help someone who needs it more than you.

Bend and/or break norms and stereotypes.


Make #art.

Just don't let them win. There are WAY more of us than them.

#FuckFascists #MPNCA #ArtFED

& as always...

If you saw someone stealing food (or baby formula);

No you didn't.
1 month ago

New Report From Pen America: Surge of Intrusive Legislation to #Intimidate #Teachers, Drive Self-Censorship in Schools. Proliferation of Nearly 400 “Educational Intimidation Bills” Nationwide; Missouri Leads, Followed by Texas and Oklahoma. #censorship #freespeech #libraries #education #CivilLiberties #legislation #LegalResearch #bookbans #fascist

1 month ago

#Greece: The #Fascist vigilante who boasted on social media about rounding up 25 migrants from the woods around #Alexandroupolis, has been arrested, according to police. Meanwhile several politicians from Greek Solution in the area say "we are at war" and blame migrants for the fires.


Peter Nimmo
1 month ago

A company owned by a #fascist billionaire American is getting #NHS contracts in #England- and there are questions about the tendering process
#health #tech #Thiel

1 month ago

@amaditalks @bkm the scope of his #antidemocractic and #fascist actions may be tied to $$$ on the payroll of nation states once fought by #GOP but now under thumb. Interesting how the #militaryindustrialcomplex is not an enemy of #GOP along w #FBI #CIA never could have conceived of this until it became reality in 2000s. #Prestidigitation - look here, no here, now here....poof - democracy - what happened?

Greg W.
2 months ago

‘That’s How Fascists Talk’: Matt Gaetz Slammed for Threat of Violence

Speaking before a crowd at the Iowa State Fair “Mr President I cannot stand these people that are destroying our country. They are opening our borders. They are weaponizing our federal law enforcement against patriotic Americans who love this nation as we should,” before adding, “But we know that only through force do we make any change in a corrupt town like Washington, D.C.

#fascist #Gaetz #trump