10 hours ago

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good pdf manipulation app on Android? In looking for sth that can add text annotations (to fill out scanned in or photographed forms). #fedihelp

Suche eine stabile #Anwaltskanzlei mit den Schwerpunkten #Familienrecht, #Sozialrecht und #Strafrecht in #Dresden.

Für alle Hinweise, besonders jene, die ggfs. zur Erteilung von Mandaten führen, bin ich außerordentlich und von Herzen dankbar.

Meine DMs sind offen, bin aber auch verschlüsselt erreichbar (siehe Bio).
Boosts sind willkommen! :)

#jurabubble #fedihelp

Jey Dee
20 hours ago

Ist Mastodon for #iOS bei euch auch so langsam? Ich breche echt häufig ab, weil ich nicht so lange warten will. Bin im W-LAN. Am PC läuft's schnell. Danke für Tipps. #feditips #fedihelp #fediadmin

Josh Burke
2 days ago

The more I'm using mastodon the more I'm falling in love with it as a platform. Definitely still some things I need to get to grips with though.

For example, I follow a lot of hashtags, and despite filtering my language to English only, I am getting plenty of toots coming through in foreign languages. Is there anything I can do about that?

#mastodon #mastodontips #fediverse #fediversetips #feditips #techtips #mastodonhelp #fedihelp

Bosque Bill
2 days ago

Version 4.2 has made my Mastodon web experience sub-optimal on Safari.

First I noticed the posts column flashing/jerking and redrawing when scrolling. Just awful.

Next I noticed I wasn't getting notifications, then realized I wasn't getting pushes for notifications at all—I have to reload the page.

Now I find I cannot edit the Advanced Interface columns: no "x" to close a column and the hamburger does nothing.

All this so someone somewhere can do a search on our posts. Sigh.


2 days ago

@communist_kangaroo hot damn you made me remember a short sci-fi story I read eons ago just about that. Can't remember author or title, it was something like an old lady living alone in a huge city, waking up disturbed by a noise in the middle of the night and walking across the city to find a running tap, and then writing a letter to a friend of hers saying she was considering moving to a quieter town? #TOMT #fediHelp
I think the neon signs were alive too or something like that.

Juste //mastodon
2 days ago


#fedihelp hier wird eine Gegenüberstellung der Mastodon-Apps gesucht! Hat da jemand was im Angebot?
@gunchleoc, du bist immer meine erste Anlaufstelle...

3 days ago

I am using the @classifier app to build a collection of my LEGO sets. Does someone know of a website that has well documented product images? Currently I can only get a mix of official product shots, some box art and some have the building instructions. So far I know of and

#Fedihelp #collecting #LEGO

A screenshot of the Classifier app on macOS showing a few documented LEGO sets with cover images of mostly boxes and some showing the built set as preview
Hitch 怨霊
3 days ago

Ich denke mal von euch möchte aktuell niemand eine mobile Workstation loswerden?

So >7th Gen i7 oder ähnlicher Ryzen, 32GB RAM Minimum, Grafik 4GB Minimum, Bildschirm mindestens perfektes SRGB?

Bin demnächst länger stationär und naja - es wäre schön was zum "neues Leben bauen" zu haben.


3 days ago


My three columns are the same width.

How can I display the middle column wider than the other two, like in the screenshot below?

Am using a browser -

Screenshot of Mastodon with three columns - the two outside columns are roughly half the size of the middle column, the one displaying the posts
B. Quatscht
3 days ago

Was kann ich machen?!
Bei #Pixelfed erscheint stets eine (abgeschnittene) Fehlermeldung, wenn ich ein Bild herunterladen will:

'Für das Herunterladen von Bildern müssen sie eine Schreib...'

Passiert in #Pixeldroid mit Android 13 auf Fairphone 5, alle App-Berechtigung sind erteilt, auch Speicherzugriff

Kennt das jemand? Für Ideen bin ich dankbar.

#askfedi #fedihelp #followerpower

4 days ago

Is there any way to block that "this is your homebase find things to follow" toot/banner that now shows up ?


4 days ago

Not sure why, but in the 4.2 version of the #mastodon desktop, I am finding that I use the "Classic Web Interface" rather than the advanced web interface. Not sure why, but part of it may be that I don't know how to get back to classic from advanced . . . #fedihelp

4 days ago


Thanks for the tip about hiding particular lists from my home timeline. There are people I have in more than one list. If User1 is on ListA and ListB and I set List B to hide posts from my home timeline, what happens? Does User1 still appear in my timeline because they are in ListA?


Dani 🌻
4 days ago

When scrolling through my Home timeline on web desktop, if I click on a post and then click to go back, my timeline automatically goes back to the top of my feed and I lose my spot. Anyone having this issue?

#Mastodon #FediHelp #Fediverse

4 days ago

#Frage: Gibts im Netz irgendwo eine #Firefish Instanz, die auch die Develop-Version laufen lässt - aktuell 1.0.5-dev17? #fedihelp

Side note: Every time I try to use the hashtag “rocks” it crashes the Metatext app. Weird bug?? 🤔

#metatext #mastodonhelp #fedihelp #fediverse

Nils Weisensee
5 days ago

We're struggling with the 40 MB limit for sharing videos on #Mastodon and I'm wondering if there are any tools (preferably for #MacOS) that make it quick and easy to convert, resize, and compress a #video so it stays within these limits?

#fedihelp #news #media #journalism

Dr Pieter Peach
6 days ago

Is there a Mastodon client that does account discovery as well as the Bluesky app?
The ability to be offered a list of accounts that are followed by your network is very effective for onboarding.
#MastodonTips #FediHelp #FediTips

Ideal CH
6 days ago

#FediHelp @fairsocialnet
I don't understand how a certain account has all its posts reaching my instance, with no public follow or boost links between them, no group, no relay server that I know of.

I find it improbable that a genuine user on has looked up all these posts manually by their url. The account's content [@peterrsjensen] matches what a #Russian #influenceCampaign could try to propagate.

#feditips #federation #mastodon

1 week ago

And one more thing! Your home feed doesn't just have to be accounts that you already know about. You can follow the hashtag directly, and you will see posts with that hashtag regardless of whether you follow the user.

#FediTips #FediHelp #UserExperience

Screenshot of feed for #FediTips hashtag search.
Phil Tanner
1 week ago

I'm trying to automate as many of my repetitive work tasks as possible, using MS Flow (as we're a pretty much exclusive MS shop here).

I've got it updating my location in #MSTeams based on my calendar already. And auto setting up OoO replies, and stuff based on my Outlook calendar.

However, I would also like it to update my email #signature in Outlook with my working location.

Is this possible in #PowerAutomate? Or is this a desktop/machine setting only in #Outlook? Boosts welcome #FediHelp

1 week ago

So, es ist soweit, bei meinem 5,5 Jahre alten Wischkästchen macht der Akku schlapp. Etwas neu(er)es muss her, da ein bisschen mehr Leitung auch toll wäre; doch was kauft man da heutzutage?

Android ist gesetzt. Unter dem Strich State of the Art, aber bitte kein $2k-Topmodell mit 8 Kameras. Maße und Gewicht des jetzigen (Huawei P20) finde ich ganz schön - hoch lebe die Gewohnheit.

Jemand irgendeine Ahnung? #fedihelp #askfedi #smartphone #android

Cairo Braga
1 week ago

I need help, fedizens. :AAAAAA:​

first attempt to run my own @pixelfed instance on a Docker stack seemed successful, after many issues and resolutions to them. the stack is running, no errors on the logs of the containers. but when I access the URL on my browser, I get ERROR 500. when I access via the local IP and port, it opens the Pixelfed site, but on a "Sorry, this page isn't available" page.

I am honestly lost right now.

#FediHelp #help #SelfHostAdventures #SelfHosting

1 week ago

#Mastodon #MastodonHelp #fediTips #fedihelp

When choosing a perspective server, is there any way to check if the new server is federated with any given server?

How can I check if I will still be able to connect to my friends on other servers before making that new account?

1 week ago

#Mastodon #MastodonHelp #fediTips #fedihelp

If we're supposed to use camel case for our hashtags so screen readers can parse them, why do all the "suggested/autocorrected" hashtags on the website and the apps exclusively use lowercase letters?

There's some synergy missing here and it's frustrating, especially given how hashtags are basically mandatory

Hey #fedihelp can someone explain to me the difference between mute and block on #mastodon ? :frog_please:

I’ve never used either and want to be 100% sure I’m using the one I want. :frog_sus:

1 week ago

Anyone using neovim with Debian (Gnome) and telescope?

How do I enable CTRL-J / CTRL-K for the jumplist? The terminals shortcuts seem to interfere.

#FediHelp #Debian #vim #neovim #telescope


1 week ago

My Mastodon instance is closing and I have to move to another one. Any suggestion where to go? #mastodonmigration #mastodonhelp #fedihelp

Dark Sheep Arts
2 weeks ago

EDIT: I'm in the UK!

Okay, so there's something going on around me that I can't tolerate and I'm gearing up to take a run at it.

I've been asking for a lot of #FediHelp recently, but...

I'm looking for good quality investigative journalism, government white papers, scholarly articles, etc., about the abusive practises of:

* Cleaning firms
* Security firms (the sort that hire out security guards, rather than the ones who hire out mercenaries.)

Any recs would be welcome.


some years ago, somebody posted on mastodon that they produced a zine that contained simple graphical representations of different drum patterns. anyone remembers this? who was it? is this still available?

UPDATE (sorry for many edits):
thanks to @severak and @jellea these are some amazing resources:





EmpeRohr :firefish: :fednet:
2 weeks ago

Can someone #help me with handling #antennas on #firefish? I can barely make zhem work and need some tipps #fediverse #fedihelp

EmpeRohr :firefish: :fednet:
2 weeks ago

Hat sich s hon jemand mit antennas auf #firefish beschäftigt?
Ich bekomme meine nicht gescheit hin und brauche einen schubser in die richtige Richtung
#fediverse #fedihelp #antennas

#friendica #fediHelp

how do #groups, #community, #news and #forum pages integrate into #fediVers and #mastodon in particular?

* News Page
Account for a news reflector

Community forum:
* Public
Automatically approves contacts
* Private forum [Experimental]
Manual approval contacts

For now @rugby doesn't work as intended displaying posts and redistributing them.

Has this something to do with the config settings of that profile?

2 weeks ago

Hello you all!

Can I ask you for a bit of #FediHelp for a little fun project?

I want to create a #language #map for how people colloquially refer to the nether #underwear item.


English (England):
F: knickers
M: (under)pants

German (Germany):
F+M: Unterhose
F: Höschen, Slip, Schlüpper

Spanish (Argentina):
F: bombacha
M: calzoncillos

I think, you get the idea.

#Boost, if you feel like it.


(This will stay pinned for a week or so)

Has anyone figured out a way to make bookmarks on #Mastodon show up in #Pocket ?


@paolog @bri_seven I think that's why instance migrations are required. Followers are the one part of the account that migration handles.

I have no clue what the tech explanation for that is.

Anybody out there have enough knowledge and time to help us understand why, or maybe how we at least get a text file of our followers?

#FediTips #FediHelp

Huch, ist down. Was ist denn da los? Anscheinend nichts mehr, oder?

Edit: Geklärt. Der Eigner hat ihr ca. Anfang Mai den Stecker gezogen. Nicht gerade das, was eins gemeinhin unter Frühlingsgefühle versteht, aber nun ja. Rip. Mögen alle ein schönes neues Zuhause finden.
#fediverse #mastodon #fedihelp

Hannes Hauswedell
2 weeks ago

Does anybody use #GnuCash? I want to use it instead of the terrible online-banking of my different banks... but I am failing completely at this 🤯

I have got the AqBanking connection to the DKB set up, but what now?
I thought I'd get a list of the recent transactions and the current balance.
Shouldn't this maybe be the default thing to display? How do I do this?

#FediHelp #FollowerPower

What #Linux-first laptop do you buy in the 200-300 € price segment these days?

Something robust would be nice; should be able to run a standard KDE Plasma desktop with good performance, and support OpenGL graphics enough that simple Blender and Godot tasks can be done.

#FediHelp #Hardware

Joseph Riparian 🏳️‍⚧️
2 weeks ago

hey, I could use some #FediHelp and I'm starting at square one on Fediverse- and Mastodon-specific knowledge. I have okay, if outdated, general Internet knowledge.

I'm using the Mastodon app on Android, and don't know how to approve follow requests there.

Also, when I've tried to go to and the follow_requests page associated with my account, the page that loads is blank. Tried on Chrome and the DuckDuckGo browser on Android, Chrome on Chromebook.

The weird thing is that all functions used to work just fine on Chrome on Android, and now even trying to navigate to there loads a blank page. I think it's been like this for a few months, at least.

What's up with that?

Paolo Redaelli
2 weeks ago

#fediaiuto (o #fedihelp per gli anglofili): se ad una telefonata esordisco con "la telefonata sarà registrata" poi la posso registrare veramente o ci sono ulteriori vessazioni burocratiche per poterlo fare?

Paolo Redaelli
2 weeks ago

#fedihelp for #instantmessaging with a #telephone #number
Shall I donate to #signal or buy #TelegramPremium (aka unlimited #Telegram )?
In case of Signal is there a "suggested" donation?
Please boost and feel free to comment.

Jens Jäger
2 weeks ago

#fedihelp I set a filter to hide all toots containing the word “basketball”, but I still see toots containing hyphenated terms where “basketball” is the first part (namely “Basketball-Weltmeister”).
I set it to hide all toots in my timeline as well as public timelines. The toot in question was boosted by somebody I follow.

Is there a way to hide ALL toots that contain a certain word, even if it doesn’t stand “by itself”? #feditips

Brontë Grimm
2 weeks ago

My fiancée’s a trans woman who’s been job hunting for a year now. She’s a graphic designer, marketer, copywriter, narrative designer & is constantly adding new skills to her repertoire. She has a background in customer service management, project management & can even carve you a beautiful table for your morning coffee. She’s amazing.

#GetFediHired #FediHire #FediHelp

Phil Tanner
3 weeks ago

Is there a bot retooting @NZCivilDefence?

I'm looking to get access to toots like this: in here, as I very, VERY rarely go over there any more...

#botAccounts #nzeq #NZTwits #fediHelp

AdingTanya on twt
3 weeks ago

Could really use a hand-up at the moment to reach at least $200 so I get to pay my current outstanding bill before it's due on September 15th...🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️


3 weeks ago

Nobody answered my question on instagram, so my hopes are with mastodon now :blobbowing:
I make cross stitch and bead embroidered jewelry and I will sell my them at the Austrian comiccon next year. As my crafting time is limited I want to focus on items that might sell. So...which games or characters would you want to buy? Thanks in advance!
#gaming #jewelry #CrossStitch #games #anime #SailorMoon #SuperMario #FediHelp

Super Mario mushroom in cross stich on a colourful background
sailor moon brooch with beads
3 weeks ago

I'm having some issues with my #Pixelfed instance. I want to place a [ü] U-umlaut in my bio, as I want to say "I live in Düsseldorf".

Everytime I submit "Düsseldorf" it gets changed to "Dü@üsseldorf". I ended up removing it, but then the word is wrong.

That's my profile:

I also tried to submit "Düsseldorf" with no luck.

Does anyone have any clue?

#Fedihelp #help #ajuda #ayuda

Joel Carnat ♑ 🐘
4 weeks ago

My #Pixelfed instance’s federated timeline does not work ; in the sense that it only contains my posts. It seems to federate properly as Fav, Boost and Follow work inbound&outbound.

Any ideas on what I missed / failed ?

#FediHelp #FediQuestion

Lisa Hamilton
4 weeks ago

Can someone explain how I have 5 follow requests when I have never set my account to require follow requests?

I found them by accident looking at my account settings just now

Hitch 怨霊
4 weeks ago

If anyone is offering some work, in the next year or so, for a guy like me, please tell me.
Home office graphical (art)work, social media optimization, photography, archiving photos/books/art, documentation for endusers - things like that.

If no home office is possible, then it has to be somewhere between Leer and Bremen/Oldenburg (DE/GER).
Part time only
(I have 2 kids to raise by myself)

#fedijobs #newjob #fedihelp

Lia [she / her] 🏳️‍🌈
4 weeks ago

I'm refreshing my email signature and need your help! I've built aesthetic signatures in the past, but I never thought about accessibility. Time to change that! Any #hacks, recommendations or best practices?
I want my new signature to look good AND professional AND be screen reader friendly!
I currently plan to test it with Windows Narrator, any other tools I should use?

I really appreciate your help, thanks❤️
#CreateDesignsNotBarriers #accessibility #accessible #FediAsk #FediHelp

Commander KEEN 👾
1 month ago

Kann jemand einen Multifunktions #Drucker für #Linux empfehlen? Gerne Laser für eine Home Office. #fedihelp #LinuxHelp

Brontë Grimm
1 month ago

My fiancée’s Gender Affirmation Surgery was suddenly moved up to the 15th! This gives us no time to bring in more freelance work to cover the cost of living, necessary recovery items & outsourcing of manual labor Iris does at home as I’m disabled & she’s my caretaker. It also comes while she’s unemployed on the job hunt, which she’ll have to postpone while recovering.
We need your help to stay afloat while she heals!

#MutualAid #FediHelp #transcrowdfund #crowdfund

1 month ago

#Reminder that you don’t need a reason to mute or block an account. You don’t even have to explain it to anyone or announce it.
You can even mute entire servers.
You can filter words.
You can follow hashtags and make lists.
You can setup notifications for your favorite people, so when they post, you get notified.
Maybe what drives people from the
#Fediverse isn’t the #TonePolice, #CW #CultureWarriors, #ReplyGuys, server implosions, or #Trolls; maybe it’s the personal responsibility of the #ChooseYourOwnAdventure aspect?
Maybe, like using
#Windows instead of #Linux, a lot of people just don’t want to be given the reins?
#Observations #FediTips #FediHelp

Jürgen Hubert
1 month ago


1. What kind of #Fediverse platforms with no character limits for posts have comfortable scheduling tools (such as Buffer, which I currently use for Mastodon)? That is to say, I'd need to be able to schedule variable-length posts with images _and_ alt texts for weeks in advance.

2. Is there a way to auto-boost posts from a specific other Fediverse account on my main Mastodon account?


Brontë Grimm
1 month ago

My beautiful fiancée’s Gender Affirmation Surgery was suddenly moved up to September 15th! This gives us absolutely no time to bring in more freelance work to cover the cost of living, necessary recovery items & outsourcing of manual labor Iris does at home as I’m disabled & she’s my caretaker. It also comes while she is unemployed on the job hunt, which she’ll have to postpone while recovering.
We need your help to stay afloat while she heals!

#MutualAid #FediHelp

1 month ago

Does anyone know of a #FOSS or #opensource project that will #selfhost a #library card catalogue system? I'd like to start loaning out gear and items and such, including media and books. Could really benefit from a way to manage patrons and the contents of the catalogue.

Anything already existing?

#fedihelp #lazygoogle

Erik Uden 🦣🍑
1 month ago

Ich hoffe auf ein bisschen #FediHelp hier! Wir sind auf der Suche nach der Person, der "" gehört und fragen uns, ob sie an einem Verkauf interessiert ist :blobcat_flowercrown:. Ich habe bereits eine E-Mail geschickt, wovon ich annehme, dass es dessen E-Mail ist, denn es gibt keine Kontaktmöglichkeiten hinter der Domain oder der Domain, an die sie weiterleitet! Selbst die WayBack Machine listet nichts auf :blobcat0_0:​.

Falls jemand weiß, wer dahinter steckt, bitte ich um eine Mitteilung! Boosts erwünscht :boost_requested:.

Erik Uden 🦣🍑
1 month ago

Kinda hoping for a bit of #FediHelp here! We are looking for the person that owns "" and were wondering if they're interested in selling it :blobcat_flowercrown:​. I already sent an E-Mail to what I assume is their E-Mail, because there are no methods of contact behind the domain or the domain it forwards to! Even the WayBack Machine lists nothing. :blobcat0_0:​

If anyone knows who is behind this, please let me / them know! Boosts appreciated :boost_requested:​

1 month ago

Is there a directory of guppe groups? How can I find groups on a particular topic?

#fedihelp #MastodonHelp

Brontë Grimm
1 month ago

My beautiful fiancée’s Gender Affirmation Surgery was suddenly moved up to September 15th! This gives us absolutely no time to bring in more freelance work to cover the expenses of living while she recovers. It also comes while she is still on the job hunt, which she will have to postpone while recovering. I’m disabled so we’ll need to outsource a lot of the manual labor Iris does at home. So, we need your help to stay afloat while she heals!

#fedihelp #mutualaid

1 month ago

Meine Frau sucht was neues ab nächstem Frühjahr, Eckdaten: Grafikdesign (Print), #Lüneburg, halbtags. Festanstellung.
Sie war jetzt ca. 10 Jahre bei Tchibo, allerdings sind dirt Stellen abgebaut worden. #fedihelp #fedihire

1 month ago

can I somehow silence accounts on the startpage but still let them be visible in a list?
that would be very helpful for me moving through the fediverse…
#fedihelp #mastohelp
#feditips #mastotips


Jerry Levine
1 month ago

Just to be sure, when one creates a #pixelfed or #firefish account (for example), there's no real way to set that up through (again, for example) my Mastodon.Social account, right? I guess I'm really asking if there's any way to have a single sign on (without my own server, yes). #fedihelp

1 month ago


Is there a specific link for #Technology #Mastodon ?

I want to see comments/evaluations on this article from people who actually create/host Mastodon Instances.

#MastodonHelp #MastoAdmin
#Fediverse #FediHelp #Feditips

Gabriel H. Nunes
1 month ago

What could cause my #Mastodon account to stop following every account from another Mastodon server?

#FediHelp #MastoHelp

1 month ago

So, I wanted to do a client-site embed of my #Mastodon #RSS feed via #XSLT into a page of my website, without using #JavaScript, but I'm having serious doubts that this is possible at all … anybody had any luck with this? #askFedi #fediHelp

So yes, after using it for a bunch of days. I can highly recommand Graze for Mastodon:

It is a browser extension and let's you fav from your profile on remote instances, without the copy and paste link shenanigans.

#NewHere #FediHelp

A bunch of relays started federating with my instance all at the same time.

Is there like a shared relay list all of them use?
Don't you normally need to manually configure relays?
Is this normal?

It turned my federated timeline into a bit of a firehose lol

#askFedi #fediHelp #misskey #federation #relay

Misskey federation page showing 17 relays that srated federation at the exact same time

A bunch of relays started federating with my instance all at the same time.

Is there like a shared relay list all of them use?
Don't you normally need to manually configure relays?
Is this normal?

It turned my federated timeline into a bit of a firehose lol

#aksFedi #fediHelp #misskey #federation #relay

Misskey federation page showing 17 relays that srated federation at the exact same time
Zane Selvans
2 months ago

I set up an account for @catalystcoop and am now trying to manage being logged in to two Mastodon accounts simultaneously. The accounts are on different servers, so this seems to mostly work okay, but whenever I click on the follow button, it tries to follow as me, not Catalyst.

Is there some way to get it to ask who I want to follow as? It's doing this even with in a Firefox container tab or a private browsing window. #FediTips #FediHelp