Fellow #webdev folks, can I get a hand #LookingForWork? #FediHire #FediHired #GetFediHired

Looking for a front-end web development position. The more focus on accessible, well-formed HTML and CSS, the better.

Part-time or full-time, either works. Part-time must have flexible schedule.

Must be either remote or in the SLC, Utah area.

My background: #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, static websites, #jQuery, #Bootstrap, Mustache/Handlebars, and also LAMP stack, #JAMstack, #WordPress, #PHP, and SQL.

Nicolai von Neudeck
3 days ago

Paid help with chores in a single #household needed

Where: #Berlin #Kreuzberg #Südstern

What: #Cleaning, laundry, changing bed sheets, …
Nothing medical or disgusting.

Why: Had a traffic accident, can't overuse my left arm.

How much: 17.50€/hour

How often: 2 x 1 hour per week

How long: at least three months

What else: please be respectful

If you are interested in such things, I could also teach you some tech skills in addition to the pay in €

Retoots welcome.

#fedihire #job #cleaner

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
3 days ago

I'll be available starting July, so if you know someone that is hiring full-remote Rust freelances/contractors and is not scared away by me working a 4-day week, let's get in touch 🙌

More info on my LinkedIn post:

#rust #rustlang #FediHire

just adrienne
5 days ago

also, folks, my MOM needs a new job. she's a career helpdesk tech (Windows & apps). anyone know of any companies looking for helpdesk stuff? #FediHire #FediJobs

Dan Staples
5 days ago

We're hiring at the National Network of Abortion Funds for an IT Coordinator! The role includes documenting, maintaining, and administering IT systems and accounts, and resolving helpdesk tickets, among other duties.

Four-day work week (32 hrs), 100% remote (with optional travel), no degrees or certifications required, salary is $65,396 - $68,666.

Benefits include paid health insurance, 5% retirement match, 3 weeks vacation, 12 weeks parental leave, and a 3-month paid sabbatical (!) for every 5 year of active employment.

Please share widely! Deadline to apply is June 11.

Apply here:

#jobs #itjobs #hiring #FediHire #getfedihired #it #abortion #reproductiverights

I really miss working with Rust, so if you know someone that is hiring freelances/contractors and is not scared away by me working a 4-day week, let's get in touch 🙌

After 15 years, I just can't bear writing JavaScript full time anymore 🥲 I'd like to transition from web to low-level / systems programming for the next stage of my career.

My CV:
My GitHub: (I maintain various small projects in Rust and other things)

#rust #rustlang #FediHire

Alexi Chepura
1 week ago

Hello fediverse, 

I made an introductory video about Bevy Garage, gamelike car simulation playground. - Main video, project walk-through. - Deep Q-Learning car training for 1 hour.

You can play it in browser
#RustLang #BevyEngine#GameDev #IndieDev #DeepLearning
And.. maybe #FediHire me.

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
1 week ago

Do you want to work for a large organization for a meaningful mission?

I'm hiring again a Python Developer for my team.

#fediwork #FediHire #remotework #pythonjobs
We can hire if you're in DC, VA, MD, PA, TX, NC, GA, TN, RI, NM, WI, FL

See Python developer job listing here:

Jürgen Gmach
2 weeks ago

@rennerocha Canonical has been remote first for 19 years. Despite these rough times we are still hiring. #Python is a first class citizen. We have a couple of CPython core devs and in general there are tons of brilliant engineers around. We work on interesting projects which have a lot of impact.

I am happy to chat.

#fedihire #jobs

I'm dealing with significant depression and anxiety right now. Having more income coming in would help.

If you appreciate my writing, please consider:

- Supporting me on #Patreon:

- Reading and sharing my stories on @medium:

- Leaving me a tip:

- Giving me leads to part-time, remote employment:

You'll be supporting a queer Black #trans person. Thank you.

#BlackMastodon #FediHire #GetFediHired

Chris :donor:
2 weeks ago

Ich suche (#FediHire) eine/n Junior #Infosec #Defensive #Generalist / #Analyst, der/die uns auf unserer Reise zum Aufbau eines #SOC as a Service begleitet. Interesse und ein bisschen Kenntnis im #Security-Bereich ist notwendig, aber ich lerne auch gerne in die Details ein - es ist ohnehin eine Lernkurve in die Netzwerke unserer Kunden (deren Größe ist ca. 500-5.000 Mitarbeiter/innen). In jedem Fall wird es eine enge Zusammenarbeit mit mir persönlich sein... :)

#Vollzeit, #Deutschland (Hauptstandort #Pforzheim), zu großem Prozentsatz #remote möglich.
#Jobs #FediJobs #getFediHired

(Details zur Firma im übergeordneten Toot)

Chris :donor:
2 weeks ago

Ich suche (#FediHire) eine/n Mid-Level #Developer, der/die verschiedenste Aufgabenstellungen und Sprachen anfassen kann. Es gibt kleine Scripting- und Software-Projekte in #pyhton, #powershell, #bash, #php, #sql, #javascript, usw. Darüber hinaus brauchen wir häufig API-Connectoren zu Netzwerk- und Security-Produkten, die meist mit #xml (z.B. für SIEM-Themen) und #json (z.B. für Automatisierungen) als Austauschformat nutzen. Fokus-Hersteller sind #ExtremeNetworks und #Fortinet. Interne Tools gibt es u.a. mit #Excel #Macros (#vba / #dotNET). Also wirklich vielfältige größere und kleine Projekte...

Meine Kollegin/Mein Kollege sollte also strukturiert und mit Planung an Projekte herangehen können, anstatt, wie aktuell die Projekte laufen "jede/r, der/die ein bisschen Scripten kann, schreibt irgendwie irgendwas, was niemand anderes mehr brauchbar nutzen kann".

#Vollzeit oder #Teilzeit, #Deutschland (Hauptstandort #Pforzheim), zu großem Prozentsatz #remote möglich.
#Jobs #FediJobs #getFediHired

(Details zur Firma im übergeordneten Toot)

2 weeks ago

Scouring for future work. I'm not desperate in any way and just looking around for now. I've been programming professionally for over 20 years so I have a pretty good understanding of software engineering in general.

I wouldn't mind changing career paths within or outside tech and can see myself spending time on absorbing new areas outside of my current comfort zone.

Preferably part time. Free software, open hardware, sysadm. Fast learner #FediHire

2 weeks ago

My sister-in-law is a #freelance video editor (and all things video; post-production). She's #Singaporean, but usually based in #Paris, #France.

Anyone looking to hire a video editor, or know agencies/corporates/individuals that do? She's done a lot of cool work for the Michelin Guide and other brands (

#singapore #hiring #helpfreelancers #fedihire

2 weeks ago

our engineering is #hiring again!

- Data Solution Architect
- Senior Infosec Engineer
- Senior Software Engineer


Sebastian Walla
2 weeks ago

We at CrowdStrike are looking for a colleague that helps me study threats to the cloud! We are a remote first company, have a great data set, and I need some help to handle this influx of cloud cases. You would work as my direct counterpart in the Global Threat Analysis Cell which is focused on finding trends and clusters activities to adversaries with the intent of producing threat intelligence. The next SPIDER/…/PANDA/BEAR could carry a name that you chose:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via direct message.

I know the job description states USA-Remote but I’m sure we are more flexible on the location as I am based in Europe.
#cloudsecurity #cloud #threatintel #hiring #aws #azure #gcp #FediHire #fedihired

John Timaeus
2 weeks ago

We will soon have open positions for cyber-instructors/course developers.

Full time, on contract to US Air Force.

On-site in Little Rock AR, relocation negotiable.

Must be security clearance capable.

No nights, weekends, or on-call (you can actually get a full night's sleep).

Good work environment that encourages professional growth & learning.

DM me for the details.

And please boost for reach.

#fedihired #fedihiring #fedihire

Jarek Samic
2 weeks ago

come work with me on the Filling & Saving team @1password! we're looking for a frontend-oriented senior dev and we've got a ton of interesting challenges to tackle :) #FediHire

2 weeks ago

@anthropunk try adding the #FediHire and #FediHired hashtags, they may help with spreading the word. Sorry, and good luck.

Anthropunk (Dr. SA Applin)
2 weeks ago

I've helped so many people in my career to find work. Now it is me. I've been looking for a job for a long time. As a a person who calls on #tech and #ai to be accountable (and offers to help do that) you'd think they'd want me. But nope. Is *anyone* in my network hiring? Please. #fediverse #FediHire #fedihired

Kris Hardy 🧐
2 weeks ago

My Security team at #Plexure, in #Auckland, #NZ, is #hiring for a #SecurityAnalyst and #SecurityEngineer. We are a cloud-native organization that delivers APIs for some of the world's leading fast-food restaurants, and are looking for people with experience in #appsec, #compliance, #GDPR, and reviewing and improving security posture. #fedihire #hiring Security Analyst:
Security Engineer:

Antonio J. Delgado
3 weeks ago

@duane Hashtags will help a lot like #forhire #fedihire

3 weeks ago

(Fast) #PostDoc in #Informatik oder etwas verwandten , Freude an der Lehre und Infrastruktur (Linux-Server)?
Ich hätte hier ein #Stellenangebot:
(der Übernahmewille auf unbefristet ist wirklich ernst gemeint.)
Ich behaupte die Kollegen sind ganz gut, aber muss da einen Interessenkonflikt offenbaren 😂

Fragen beantworte ich gerne.

#FediHire #FediJobs #Job #Universitat #University

velocitux UG
3 weeks ago

Gesucht: #PHP-Entwickler*in mit Kenntnissen in #Symfony und ein paar Tagen Zeit, um als #Freelancer ein paar mittelgroße Kleinigkeiten im ERP Dolibarr für uns zu fixen/zu erweitern

Wir zeigen alles fachlich relevante und wie die Umsetzung sich in den Rest von Dolibare integrieren soll.

Interesse? Dann Mail an 📬!


I guess I should follow this up by asking if anyone knows of any companies who may be interested in hiring a graduate developer!

I've got experience working with Python, PHP, Java (both desktop and Android) and JavaScript including React Native.

Whilst I would like to move into mobile application development, I'm definitely open to any software development type roles.

I'm based in South-West London UK, so would be looking for roles that are commutable from there (or hybrid/remote).

#FediHire #FediHired #GetFediHired #Graduate #SoftwareDev #SoftwareDeveloper

Justin Myers
3 weeks ago

Are you interested in telling the stories of Americans' experiences with the #HealthCare system? Want to help hold institutions and systems accountable?

The Associated Press is starting a reporting team focused on #PublicHealth, and we're hiring two people to help kick things off:

A reporter:

A data journalist:

I'm the hiring manager for the latter role, and I can put you in touch with my counterpart for the former.

#FediHire #JobPosting #Job

3 weeks ago

My decades-long friend and colleague Zarf (@zarfeblong), with whom I have co-founded many projects in the world of #InteractiveFiction and digital games, just got laid off.

This means that you have the opportunity to hire one of the most creative, empathetic, diligent, and wide-ranging minds in the field of software-driven narrative.

It's important to me that you consider the possibilities that this opens up for your game studio. #Fedihire

4 weeks ago

Wondering if #FediHire might have some advice. Chucking this out a second time.

Looking for a <= 20h/w part-time job for a disabled software engineer. Location South Australia.

Primary background: Hardware, Firmware (C/C++), Python, Rust and SQL.

Experience with Lua, Java, Bash, Google Cloud Services, Firebase, Common Lisp, Guile (Scheme), Bash & Guix.

Mixed rolls (varied task) would work well.

If anyone has some thoughts or ideas for where to look or jobs available, feel free to give me a buzz :blobfoxnerd: .

aburka 🫣
4 weeks ago

My employer is #hiring a #FieldEngineer. We're a series B #startup making fully #autonomous survey #drones.
Looking for 2+ yr exp in HW, SW, and/or mech.eng., Linux familiarity, comfortable in customer-facing roles. You'll be a product ambassador to customers, writing training materials, testing new products, and more.
$75k + equity/benefits. US employment elig. req'd; role is in-person in #Philadelphia with up to 40% travel.
DM for details! (follow me first so I see it) #FediHire #HachyJobs

Doing a bit of consulting work here and there as I look for the right fit in a new position. I need to figure out where to put "Project management and technical consulting for an eight-figure multi-million dollar government project, selected for clear and efficient communication skills as well as outstanding tech and PM abilities" on it. I threw in some information security recommendations for them as well.

(Yes, I can do more than pentesting. Quite a lot more.)

#work #informationsecurity #pentesting #fedihire #fedihired #getfedihired #projectmanagement #jobseeker #jobseeking #tech

Niraj Tolia
1 month ago

Hey folks, Alcion is #hiring and looking to bring on engineers in Europe and we have #openings in Backend, Platform, and Distributed Systems engineering. Please do apply or share with folks you know who might be looking.

#FediHire #fedijobs #hachyjobs

Jenna Recruits
1 month ago

Finally #hiring again!

Looking for fullstack #software #engineer with 4+ yoe, stack is React/Typescript/Python. Consumer facing product experience a plus.

Email for more info!

#getfedihired #FediHire

Jordan Sissel
1 month ago

Hello #FediHire friends! A programmer with perl and linux experience just finished an internship and is looking for a new role - Meet Nicholas! They worked with me through their internship on some pretty wild-and-cool perl-related fpm improvements. I would absolutely work with Nicholas again. Resume here: #perl #programming

Sally Strange
1 month ago

Avondale PA: nonprofit is hiring a coordinator and summer interns for agriculture and wetland restoration work. Emphasis on the creation and restoration of riparian buffers on privately owned farms in southeastern Pennsylvania.

#FediJobs #FediHire #GetHired #MastoJobs #JobOpening #EnvironmentalScience #AgriculturalScience #Conservation #Agriculture #WetlandRestoration #InvasiveSpecies

1 month ago

This worked well last time so I'll try again!

My friend is a lead mobile developer (primarily Ionic) and his company just got bought. Fun times right? Well no, it's payday tomorrow and the new owners have said nobody is getting paid, but please still come in to work... Think it's time to move on!

He's UK based, super dedicated and looking for fully remote positions. Who can help me get him #fedihired?!

#fedihire #layoffs #ionic #android

Ben Cotton (he/him)
1 month ago

If you're looking for a talented early-career person based in Germany with #OpenSource experience for a #ProductDesign, #UI, or #UX role, I have a great candidate for you. #FediHire

Jencel Panic
1 month ago

Searching for an interesting Web development project to tackle. The most important criteria is for it to be interesting and meaningful, willing to work for smaller fees for non-profits.

I have lots of experience with
Front-end tech: #Javascript #typescript #purescript #react #angular #html #css
Back-end tech: #nodejs #ruby #rails #sql #mongo
Also: #ux #ui #scrum #projectmanagement #design

#fedihire #fedijobs

Could really, really, really use a new job like yesterday.

Current recent experience is pentesting (gov contract, not consulting), interested in moving to threat hunting/threat intel, mostly interested in full remote + paycheck that covers mortgage and bills + health insurance.

DM for resume. NOT looking for senior. #fedihired #FediHire #getfedihired #hireme

Note: I am not wedded to infosec. Open to a LOT of stuff. It's all skills breadth, and I know the market may be a wee bit saturated right now.

Ariel Richtman
1 month ago

Canonical hiring remote for Rust

Not interested in discussions about Canonical on this post, just sharing opportunities.

#RustLang #Rust #Rustaceans #FediHiring #FediHired #FediHire

1 month ago

It's easier to fix prod than it is to fix trust.

Always remember that.

#SRE #DevOps #FediHire #Tech

Scott Galloway
2 months ago

My company may be looking for an ASP.NET Core & Angular dev (mid-senior) fairly soon. Remote, contract role (potentially PERM) GMT +-3 ONLY.
If you know anyone looking email me at for more details. (NO RECRUITERS)
#fedihire #aspnet #angular

A new beta of my book on Programming WebRTC is out today:

And hey, while I’ve got your attention: I’ve been quietly searching for my next FT role (this toot is me getting a little louder).

I’m looking for a remote role in front-end engineering or an engineering-aligned DevRel role. I’m a practiced communicator, generous collaborator, and champion of the web platform in all its browser-native-API glory. #FediHire #FediHired #GetFediHired #FediJobs #OpenToWork

2 months ago

Ahhh well. So it looks like due to a budget crunch I’m going to need a new job when I finish up with cancer treatment towards the end of May. Please boost and help me find my next role:

I’m a data analyst with a MS in #DataScience. I also have a background in web development and automated testing. My various tech skills make me a good fit for data analyst, junior data scientist/engineer, and some full stack roles. My skills include #Python, #RStats, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Adrianna Tan
2 months ago

My team at work is hiring a full stack architect for our SF affordable housing site at if this sounds like you, or someone you know, please submit / pass it on! (Union job, 1x/week at work in downtown SF, diverse team, led by the wonderful @cydharrell, good City benefits and pension)

#FediHire #SanFrancisco #CivicTech #GovJobs