@tayredgrave Why’s that? How many hashtags are you following? How many people are you following? Take a look at #feditips

20 hours ago


Agree with the advice to follow more people if your timeline feels too slow

Other ideas:

* Follow hashtags for topics that interest you. Yes, some folks spam hashtags with unrelated posts but I just mute those folks

* Look at what's trending to get more ideas for who to follow

* Do an # introduction post to find like-minded folks

* Follow accounts like Mastodon Migration and Fedi.Tips to get more suggestions on how to improve your mastodon experience

#Mastodon #FediTips

21 hours ago lets you see what’s trending in your own feed. It’s helpful for people who follow a lot of folks but don’t get to see all their posts every day. shows news that’s trending in the fediverse.

#introductions #feditips

Graham Downs
23 hours ago

Another interesting thing I've discovered about #Mastodon is that #Boosts don't show up in the Local Timeline (or "Live feeds" / "This server" as it's now called on the web).

That kind of makes sense, I suppose; you want the Local Timeline to only show posts from people on your instance. Not boosts of posts from people on OTHER instances.

Still, I might've expected it to show boosts of posts from other people on the same instance. 🤷‍♂️

It's not bad. It's just... interesting, as I said.


Metin Seven 🎨
1 day ago

Have you got a @linkstack page yet? It's a free, open source Fediverse alternative to commercial link page services like Linktree.

Here's my page:

#fediverse #FediTips #OpenSource #links #link #free #website #tip #tips #FOSS

Fedi.Tips 🎄
2 days ago

You can customise your Mastodon profile page to include text, images, animations and links to websites, other accounts etc. Links can also be verified as belonging to you, which makes them handy in verifying your identity.

More info on doing all of these at:


You can also expand your introductory material by creating a post about yourself using the hashtag #Introduction, and then pinning it to your profile. (More info on pinning:


Kaylie and Lizie
2 days ago


1. Develop unhealthy lifestile that involves horible sleep schedules.
2. Shit post anytime you're sitting at your desk.
3. Make new friends on the other side of the world!
4: Ask yourself a week later how you got followers in...Where ever...
#FediTips #MakingFriends

Sally Strange
2 days ago


1. Download an app that allows scheduling of toots (this function in web browser when??)

2. Regularly schedule toots for when you are fast asleep

3. Make friends with people on the opposite side of the world!


Anne Dorko
2 days ago

Still very new to the #Fediverse and getting the hang of things. Could use some #Feditips!

I made an account over on the main #Pixelfed instance last week but later realized there should be the option to simply register using this account so I could keep things connected, however, after finding said instructions I'm seeing that the register link is no longer present at Pixelfed that disabled for now or just an error or misunderstanding on my side? 😅

Good news: I need a new instance.

My current one just removed a whole bunch of posts due to illegitimate reports. (See attached image for sample.)

Could anyone recommend an instance where illegitimate reports are ignored?

#mastodon #FediTips #fediverse

Prepared for the next #bitcoin #news #mediaCycle?

Well, fasten your seat belts and adjust your #filter's accordingly.

#fediTips #journalism

Weekly index stock's graph of bitcoin value measured in USD since 2020.

A variation from round about 15k to 69k is visible. The actual bitcoin price of 37.8k is shown after several weeks of green candles that indicate a steady price rise while the volume candles of negotiated bitcoins show an increase in trade of btc.
  1. create a Mastodon 'List'; mine is named 🆕 Harbor; extra credit: create 1-2 subdivisions, like 🆕 Harbor #philosophy but your subjects of interest, the ones you post about
  2. edit the 'List'; change it to hide the posts from your main Timeline (P.S. I have no ideas what the "show replies" options do; you aren't alone if that screen confuses you)
  3. when you follow someone; a) mute their boosts; b) add them to 'Harbor' or a harbor subdivision c) optional: temporarily mute them for 3-7 days, leaving their notifcations enabled so you know when/if the interact with you
  4. peruse your harbor lists from time to time; see how you feel about each person over time; gradually prune them from that list so that they will now show up in your main timeline; unfollow those who you have second thoughts on; you can always go through this with them again in the future
  5. over time, unmute 'boosts' for a select few of these folks; pick the best of the best


One of the negative results of following #hashtags is that sometimes a #toot appears in your #home #timeline that is not in a #language that you understand. How do you deal with such #toots? Do you mute the account; do you block the account; or do you take some other action?

#Mastodon #Fediverse #AskMastodon #Feditips #AskFedi

Fedi.Tips 🎄
3 days ago

Do you want your posts to be as easy to discover as possible? You might want to opt into the "full text search" system.

By default, posts on here are only searched by hashtag. However, if you opt into full text search, all the words in your entire posts will become searchable by other people.

Instructions on how to opt in are here:


(If you don't want this to happen, don't worry, it's off by default.)

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon

Graham Downs
3 days ago

A few weeks ago, I asked how to turn off all push #notifications from @Tusky, *except* for when your favourite users (i.e. the ones for whom you've "rang the bell") post.

Well, I figured it out. If you click your profile picture, then click "Account preferences" , you'll see "Notifications" Click that, switch on the main "Show notifications slider, then under your account name, switch on the main slider again, but underneath *that*, un-tick all boxes except "New posts".

I guess that means "Show notifications when your favourite people post," but to me, it wasn't immediately obvious.

Anyway, if you want to receive push notifications whenever people for whom you've rung the bell post, that's the option to do it. 😁

Also note that I'm on #Android. Your experience may be different on #iOS.

#FediTips @feditips

Paul O'Malley
3 days ago

🚀 Today's Tip is for the #Excel Enthusiasts! 📊✨

Tired of images floating on top of your Excel sheet? Say goodbye to the struggle! 🖼️ With the revolutionary IMAGE formula, you can seamlessly insert images into your worksheet cells.

👉 Learn how to use the IMAGE formula to keep your images neatly within cells, maintaining that perfect aspect ratio. 📏💡Explore sizing options, from fitting to the cell to creating custom dimensions with a breeze! 💻📐

No more copy-pasting woes! 🔄 Watch my video to discover the ultimate way to insert those images into your worksheets!

#ExcelTips #DataManagement #IMAGEformula #TechTuesday #ExcelHacks #ProductivityBoost #YouTUbe #Feditips

YouTube Thumbnail Image highlighting the Excel logo with the caption "Best Way to Insert Images into Excel!"
Fedi.Tips 🎄
4 days ago

Do you need help with using Mastodon and the Fediverse? Especially if you're a beginner or unsure about techy things?

You can ask by messaging me or replying to this thread, and I'll try to help or find someone else who can help. Don't worry if a question seems silly or basic!

You can also look things up on the guide at, which has an "essentials" section at the top and a complete list of answered questions below that.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

Matt Ferrel
4 days ago

Help! Mastodon started making sounds when I use it, and it appears to be trying to Airdrop something. Any idea why or how to turn it off?


Metin Seven 🎨
4 days ago

Would you like to just play fun mobile games without annoying ads and/or in-app purchases?

Check this out:

#game #games #gaming #ios #android #mastotips #feditips #tip #tips #iphone #samsung #galaxy #pixel

Metin Seven 🎨
4 days ago

If you're bothered by "reply guys", here's a response option. 😉

#mastodon #fediverse #mastotips #feditips #tip #tips #book #books #cover #art #artwork #humor

Humorous fake retro science-fiction book cover, featuring the title "Talk to the hand" and subtitle "Because the face is too busy being awesome".
4 days ago

I've lost count of the number of people I've actually unfollowed for one simple reason.


I don't mean some one who boosts half a dozen different and interesting posts in a row.

I mean people who will do dumb things like boost every single post in a single thread.

Having your stream suddenly filled with 50 boosts from the same person, swamping over any actually interesting boosts from more sane people. Is a bit of a dick move.


Jay Baker
5 days ago

Does anyone know if the #FediMonster folks have an account on here? #Fediverse #hosting #FediTips #AskFedi

Would you ever #boost your own #toot? Do you mind following others who #boost their own #toots?

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Etiquette #AskMastodon #Feditips #AskFedi

5 days ago

I occasionally hear chatter on the Fedi re large instances shutting down because the mods become (understandably) exhausted/fed up with it.
I have some questions:

-How difficult is it ~really~ to spin up my own instance?
-What can I expect, cost wise, for a small server with 25-30 ish users?
-Is having an instance specifically for me and my friends considered cliquey?
-If it's just a handful of folks on the instance, will that make federation difficult?

#Fediverse #FediTips

5 days ago

J'ai mis à jour l'annuaire Peertube

Grace au partage de @ploum j'ai eut beaucoup de contributions ! Merci à tous·tes :blob_aww:

Le contenu de l'annuaire est publié ici :

#peertube #feditips #fediverse #videos #france #libre #opensource

Bread and Circuses
6 days ago

#Mastodon still is not functioning properly for me in Firefox. It runs fine in Chrome (which I do not want to use) and in Vivaldi (which I'm using now).

Anyone else experiencing similar problems? Or can recommend solutions?

#FediTips @Gargron

Lars Kasper
6 days ago

@PurplePistachio Es ist hier schon mehr Arbeit.

Ganz wichtig ist es, passende #Hashtags zu verwenden, damit man über die Suche oder das Folgen von Hashtags gefunden wird.

Schreibe über Sachen, die Dich interessieren. Nutze dabei Hashtags. Habe Geduld.

Folge Leuten und Hashtags, die Dich interessieren. Beteilige Dich an Diskussionen.

Möglicherweise kommen auch Gruppen in Frage. Siehe dazu etwa und .

Lies auch (von @feditips) und dort besonders und .

#Feditips #Mastodontips

6 days ago

How do you get instantly muted or blocked (by me at least)

Create an account on a UK based instance to advertise a product/company on the otherside of the world... Don't follow anyone and be a carbon copy of every other social media account where you shitpost links for likes and expect everyone else to do your job for you.

Then after being ignored on the platform... complain that there's 'no engagement' because you refuse to engage with the platform at all.

Welcome to 'mute'


1 week ago



Yes, I have wondered this. Thanks for the info.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon

1 week ago

Can't publish public when mentioning forum pages

Gif scene of the movie "The Martian".

The lonely main actor is sitting on a stone on the inhabited planet he was left on alone.
A text reads:
"First day in the diaspora of the fediVerse .."

The astronaut is depicted how he opens the solar panels of his equipment, presses a big button on it and the hashtags #hola, #neuHier and #newHere appear.

In the last scene he sits again on his stone and the text: ".. wait .." is displayed.

In the first scene that reads the text about the first day in the fediVerse the probably oldest logo of the fediVerse is displayed at the bottom left of the scene. At the horizon on the right the actual logo of the the fediVerse rises behind the landscape.

In the last scene, while our hero is awaiting the outcome of his intent to make contact with the outside world, the old Federated Social Web logo appears in front of the sun.
Horace Young
1 week ago

刚发现的使用小技巧,开启advanced web interface之后可以把多个列pin到同一页,同时可以看好多内容

Petra van Cronenburg
1 week ago

Find everything about #groups in the #Fediverse here:
If you can't find your favourite #topic there, type @yourTopic in a post and wait if the auto-complete proposes a #group or start one yourself.
Groups are like bots sharing everything adressed to them into the Home timeline of their members. (Therefore, don't spam the members by marking the group in every single "great!"-comment.)

#beginners #twitterMigration #feditips #interest #connecting #followfriday #timelines

Petra van Cronenburg
1 week ago

@dhiparis Spannender und reichhaltiger Überblick über #SocialMedia ! Super, dass du @Mareike2405 etwas sehr Wichtiges machst, das viele Medien "übersehen": die politischen Ideen Dorseys anzuschauen. Und wer #Demokratie wirklich liebt, beschäftigt sich dann gern mit offenem Web und dezentralisierten Möglichkeiten. Ich bin dann immer überrascht, wie viele es im #Fediverse neben #Mastodon gibt.

#feditips #openWeb #decentralization

Fedi.Tips 🎄
1 week ago

If someone recommends an account to follow and it looks blank to you, it probably isn't actually blank! It probably just looks that way when you view it from your server.

If you follow the account, future posts will start showing up on your server.

It is confusing, but there are really good reasons why it happens. You can read more about it (including how to check what a profile really looks like, and how to prevent your own profile looking blank) here:



Graham Downs
1 week ago

If the instance you call home ever becomes problematic, or you just grow tired of it, you can migrate your account to a different one fairly easily, and keep all your followers. Here's how:

From a desktop computer, sign into your current instance (the one you're migrating from):
1. Click Preferences, then Import and Export
2. Export everything you can. You'll import it later once you've migrated (Unfortunately, you can't migrate posts)
3. Go to your profile, and save/copy everything there, including your header and profile images, your bio, and any meta fields you have

Don't worry about Followers. Those will be automatically copied across when you're finished with the process.

Then, create an account on your new instance (the one you're migrating TO). Log into it:
1. Click Preferences, Account
2. Under "Moving from a different account", click the link to create an account alias
3. Type the handle of the old account, in the format "", and click "CREATE ALIAS"

Back into your current account:
1. Click Preferences again, and then Account
2. Under "Move to a different account", click the link to configure it
3. Type the handle of your new account (in the format as above), and for security reasons, re-enter the password for your current account

And you're done. Your old account will be locked, and anyone viewing it will see a message directing them to your new account. If you log into your new account at this point, you will see that everyone who was following you is still following you in your new home!

Now you can edit your profile and re-add your header and profile pics, and bio, and meta fields.

You can also click Preferences, then Import and Export, and Import Data. Upload all the files you exported in the very beginning. This will follow everyone you were following from your old account, as well as any lists you had, as well as re-mute and re-block anyone you had muted or blocked from your old account.

#Mastodon #FediTips @feditips

Fedi.Tips 🎄
1 week ago

Your timeline will show all posts by everyone you follow. However, if you follow a lot of people you may not have time to read it all.

To make sure you don't miss an account's posts:

1. Log in on your server's website, or third party apps like Ice Cubes, Toot!, Tusky, Fedilab etc
2. Go to profile of the person you follow
3. Click bell 🔔 icon

Their posts will appear in your timeline as usual, but you'll also get a notification.

More info at:

#FediTips #Mastodon

Brian C Young
1 week ago

If you use Mastodon via browser, are you finding that the advanced web (i.e., multi-column) interface appears inconsistently? I have had it turned on in my preferences for some time, but lately (1-2 months?) I find that I have to go into preferences, untick it and save, then tick it and save again in order for it to appear,

#fosstodon #feditips #EnhancedWebInterface #help

I've only been using @pachli for half a day, but I can say it has been a great experience. The UX is great, and It does solve the problem from my original post: when I open the app, the feed starts exactly where I left off, even if I completely kill the process (swipe up).

On top of that, their explanation as to why they forked #Tusky, and their ties to @nivenly (maintainer of my Mastodon instance) make me very comfortable about using them.

#FediHelp #MastoHelp #FediTips #MastoTips #Pachli

1 week ago

Kann man bei #Mastodon einen #Feed einrichten, der ausschließlich #OC und keine #Boosts derjenigen anzeigt, denen ich folge? Soweit ich weiß, geht das auf individueller Ebene pro Account, aber ich hätte das gern nur in einem extra Feed zum gelegentlich durchscrollen. #feditips #fedihilfe

general gentle reminder for #UnionPlace (and also #FediTips and #Fediquette I guess):

while we are about unions and organising, we are just one instance in the broader fediverse. moreover while we are a topical instance we are not strictly so, and our members may post on any subject within the code of conduct.

when complaining and/or reporting, please look whether you are reporting a local or a remote (with something other than our server after the @) account.

Hier auf mastodon wird dein geboostetes Thema wie im Screen den ich beifüge angezeigt.
Der Unterschied liegt an dem Titel den du auf #friendica für dein #neuHier #hola toot gesetzt hast. #mastodon kann #Titel nicht, nur #CW was bei euch als [spoiler]-Option existiert.
Wenn du willst das die Texte eines post von dir auf dieser Plattform angezeigt werden solltest du Titel vermeiden. Sprich für "tweets" keine Titel, für elaborierte "Blogbeiträge" Titel.


Ein screen von Barbaras Thema publiziert auf friendica wie es auf mastodon in diesem Falle als "boost" dargestellt wird .

Das Thema wurde als link eingebunden, der Titel wird als normaler Text dargestellt.
Ein screen von Barbaras Thema publiziert auf friendica wie es auf friendica dargestellt wird .
Streamansicht einiger toots von Barbaras Profil auf Mastodon.

Tags in Titeln werden als Tags angezeigt.
Im Falle dieser Publikationen erscheinen gar keine Anrisse von Texten.
Should Be Writing
1 week ago


If you're boosting frequently (as you should!), use the "schedule boost" feature if your app has it.

This helps you avoid monopolizing others' timelines with your boosts, and it gives the posts themselves greater visibility, especially in other time zones.

#fediverse #Mastodon #feditips

@aks #feditips Also, third party clients are often much more featureful than the official, even for mainline or close-to-mainline Mastodon. I can personally vouch for #elk for web and #tusky for Android. :Blobhaj:

Aks :aks_boomer:
2 weeks ago
#feditips use a mastodon fork or akkoma for more fun experience

:aks_boomer: :drgn_smug:
FediFollows ☃️
2 weeks ago

Are you unsure how to find people to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse?

There are lots of ways you can discover interesting people, I've done a complete list of all the methods at:


If there are other methods you think should be added to the list, let me know.

(Sorry if you've seen this before, but I have been tagged in a lot of threads recently asking how to discover people, so seemed worth posting about the list again.)

#FediTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

Paula Borchardt
2 weeks ago

Today is the 1-year anniversary of my migrating here from the bird site and I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone here who’s made Mastodon a very positive experience for me! Thanks for your insightful posts, beautiful art and photos, alt text, humor, favorites & boosts! Here are some goofy happy faces I drew, appropriate for the occasion!

#MastodonAnniversary #Mastodon #fediverse #FediverseTips #FediTips #happy #happiness #smile #thankful #positive #positivity #art #illustration #sketchbook

30 goofy smiley faces I drew in pen.
Tomas Ekeli
2 weeks ago

ok, #mat #norsktut og #jul

jeg har kjøpt inn en svineribbe, og har tenkt til å prøve å ta den i trykkokeren. finner mange oppskrifter som gir baby-back-rib -stil, men ingen på "norsk" ribbe.

noen som har prøvd noe sånt?

#oppskrift #ribbe #feditips

Tomas Ekeli
2 weeks ago

do you people have a nice way of putting videos you want to watch into a "watch-it-later" queue?

right now i'm using (which i find better than - but it's not ideal

looking for some #fediTips

Quantium 40
2 weeks ago

Dear #Fediverse experts: Is there a tool that allows to follow a #Youtube accout from #Mastodon? What I have in mind is that I can "subscribe" a youtube account and whenever this account posts a new video, I am notified (ideally with the title of the video). Looking for an easy, out-of-the-box solution. I don't have (or want) a youtube account. :boost_ok:

#fediTips #AskFediverse #FediverseTips

Can anyone suggest a good Mastodon mobile app that doesn't move the timeline every time I open it? I want to just continue reading from where I left off, but when I open #Tusky (after a few hours) it jumps to the top (or somewhere close). There's an open RFE for it, but the comments make it look like it's not gonna happen.
#FediHelp #MastoHelp #FediTips #MastoTips

Petra van Cronenburg
2 weeks ago

Yes, Mastodon is #nerdy and I do love it. All these #hashtags to discover! Do you already know hashtags with the ending "odon" from Mastodon? Like in bookstodon, histodon mushtodon, mosstodon etc. You can build more and fill them with life.

But did anyone know that after WoodlouseWednesday comes #PterosaurPtuesday?! Get your #drawing pens and #animation programmes ready, people! #paleoart #MastoArt #dinosaurs #feditips

Stefano Marinelli
2 weeks ago

One of the 'hidden' (but not too hidden) gems of Mastodon is the ability to receive email notifications either always or, more interestingly, when you're not actively using Mastodon (digest emails).

This means that as long as we continue to log in multiple times a day or have apps with active notifications, everything will function as usual. However, if we happen to not log in for a while and miss notifications, we'll receive email updates about our account.

This feature is excellent because there can be situations, as in the case of the @announcements account, where I don't monitor notifications daily, and receiving them via email is definitely convenient to avoid missing potential mentions or responses.

#Mastodon #EmailNotifications #Convenience #FediTips

2 weeks ago

Does the dot-before-the-@ trick actually do anything on #mastodon? #feditips
Great article BTW

Did you know that, in the browser, you can set the Local and Federated feeds to only show media? Especially nice here on if you want to dial back the info overload and just look at the pretty pictures on our local timeline ^.^


Screenshot showing how to enable 'media only' mode at the top of the local and federated feeds
Petra van Cronenburg
3 weeks ago

Many say they don't like #algorithm-free platforms because they can't read everything at the time they check in.
I'm always astonished how often my very old #posts are boosted, liked or commented especially on week-ends.
The secret behind are #hashtags.
Often people subscribe their favourite hashtags or #groups. (My dog's fans e.g. take # BilboToday). On a cosy Sunday afternoon, they watch what came in ... Hashtags make your posts a kind of more timeless! #feditips #realTime #timeline

Leftist Lawyer
3 weeks ago

If you build a better #SocialMedia trap the #Mastodons will beat a path to your door.

Problem is, #X is a #sheep trap.

#fedi #feditips

Pic of a herd of sheep in a green pasture.
Aka ... people still on Xshitter.
3 weeks ago


I've also heard good things about and would most probably have gone there myself if I wasn't already on

As far as general tips go I'd say follow @feditips and/or the #feditips hashtag, create a post about your interests, add a few hashtags relevant to you including #introduction and pin it to your profile.

What worked well for me is to follow and boost many people, especially at the start, and others will do the same.

ich rätsele noch über das #fediverse (obwohl ich jetzt auch schon länger da bin... nicht mehr ganz so #neuhier )

Wenn ich jetzt ein paar Fotos zu einem Ereignis hochladen möchte, mach ich das besser hier ( #mastodon ) oder über den #pixelfed account, den ich erstellt habe (indem ich mich mit den Mastodon credentials eingeloggt habe - d.h. mein account heisst dort genauso).

#fediverse #mastodon #pixelfed #fedihelp #feditips

Please include your pronouns in your bio. :otter_peek:​ It's such a necessity when trying to figure out how to address people.

Plus, if you're using forks of Megalodon and certain other Mastodon apps, you can have a "Pronouns" section in your "Extra fields" and it'll appear next to your username in the home feed. It's very useful. :meowuwu:​

#Fedi #Fediverse #FediMeta #Mastodon #MastodonMeta #MastoMeta #FediTips

Flippin' 'eck, Tucker!
3 weeks ago

My own personal #FediTip is aimed more at experienced users than the newbies.

It's simply this: follow the #introduction hashtag. It's an amazing way to find so many new people who are discovering this platform.

And then of course follow them, interact with them, boost their posts and encourage them to follow and interact back. There's no better way to be made to feel welcome here.

#Feditips #NewHere

🦋 Benjamin West - 🐒🌻
3 weeks ago


good luck, hope someone awesome is helping

#fediverse #peerSupport #mastdon #feditips

Bread and Circuses
3 weeks ago

@CelloMomOnCars I'd like to know that too, Mom, so I'll tag myself into this thread. 🏷️

Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
3 weeks ago

What is your favorite desktop app for managing multiple column views of the Fediverse?

I'm currently using the advanced view on the default web based Mastodon tool.


Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
3 weeks ago


As a regular user of the advanced user interface who has created new columns in the past, I found it extrememly confusing and difficult to remember how to create one again.

This was helpful.


Tinker ☀️
4 weeks ago

Big shoutout to @jerry for setting up a Mobilizon server at !

This is an analog to but is a part of the Fediverse and uses ActivityPub.

This has a few amazing implications...

So!!! You create a personal account on the server and then create a group. The group can then create events.

This is multiuser administration! So the group is separate from your personal account. So you don't have to share passwords for the group account. Instead, you have members join and then assign them administrative privileges. That's huge!

Further, whenever you create an event, it posts it via ActivityPub as well! So you don't need a separate Mastodon account to "crosspost". (Kinda like when we posted a meetup event, we would then cross post to Twitter. - You don't do that here. It's just one place and any fediverse account that follows you can interact with you via any other software / service.

So! I can follow my FXBG Hackers Mobilizon group from my Mastodon account. It just looks like a normal account from here. (you can view it at: @fxbghackers ).

We just created an event for our December meetup. That can be found here:

You can view that link through Mobilizon or through Mastodon and it will appear differently (see screen shots).

Here's the cool thing. I REPLIED to the Mobilizon event announcement with my Mastodon account via the Mastodon software and it shows up AS A COMMENT in the Mobilizon event page!!!!

That is the power of the Fediverse.

Fucking unbelievable.

#fediverse #feditips #mastodon #mobilizon #meetups

Post from Mastodon to Mobilizon showing up as an event comment in the Mobilizon UI.
Post from Mastodon to Mobilizon showing up as an post comment in the Mastodon UI.
Fedi.Tips 🎄
4 weeks ago

Have you noticed an eye icon 👁️ in the top right corner of Mastodon threads? Do you wonder what this does?

It's actually a really useful feature:

If you're browsing a thread that contains posts hidden by Content Warnings (CWs), you can click the eye to toggle them all open or closed. This saves you having to open each post one by one.

(Note that different apps may have a different icon for this same feature.)

More info at

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon