#Akkoma #Statistics 2023-11-29 19:00 CET
Number of active instances: 769
Number of users: 20 456
Number of statuses: 5 903 582
Number of new users last 2h: 4
Number of new statuses last 2h: 958

#Pleroma #Statistics 2023-11-29 19:00 CET
Number of active instances: 1 501
Number of users: 172 150
Number of statuses: 32 586 011
Number of new users last 2h: 10
Number of new statuses last 2h: 4522

fediverse's stats
18 minutes ago

#fediverse alive servers stats

servers: 24,866 (-28, max: 25,007)
users: 13,873,209 (+214,581, max: 13,873,209)
MAU: 1,799,691 (+25,091, max: 2,589,647)

top five projects (users / MAU / servers):

:mastodon: 9,546,097 / 1,630,627 / 12,320
:lemmy: 2,033,402 / 35,120 / 987
:peertube: 343,292 / 20,433 / 1,324
:pleroma: 145,063 / 17,714 / 1,173
:pixelfed: 227,021 / 16,779 / 548

users graph
weeks graph
servers graph
mau graph
Deb Beausoleil 📷🌅📸 she/her
37 minutes ago

Experience the tranquil beauty of Wind Point Lighthouse at sunrise. As the sun begins to rise, the lighthouse stands magnificently against the stunning backdrop of Lake Michigan, all from the perspective of a chilly beach. Hidden in the southeastern part of Wisconsin, it's a magical winter spectacle that you won't want to miss.

#WinterParadise #ExploreWisconsin #AYearforArt #BuyIntoArt #giftideas #FineArt #decor #wallart #artists #interiordesign #shopearly #fediverse

View through the trees of the Upper Tahquamenon Falls in winter. Snow on the ground, partial freezing of the Tahquamenon River. Icy water at the base of the falls. The waterfall has brown and yellow color from the tannin in the water. It's lightly snowing, so the view of the falls is a bit hazy with the snowflakes.  Image at:  See more art at:
Emanuele Cariati
40 minutes ago

Bellissimo video di Kurzgesagt. La soluzione finale ricorda molto ciò che si sta costruendo qui nel #fediverso
#kurzgesagt #fediverse #mastodon

#Mastodon #Statistics 2023-11-29 18:00 CET
Number of active instances: 13 464
Number of users: 8 586 179
Number of statuses: 933 138 135
Number of new users last 2h: -53
Number of new statuses last 2h: 60 467


TeX-Markup in Friendica. Ich bin immer wieder erstaunt wozu Friendica in der Lage ist.

$$\frac {v_1 + v_2}{1 + \frac {v_1 \cdot v_2}{c^2}}$$

$$\frac {1}{\sqrt {1 - \dfrac {2 \cdot G \cdot M} {r \cdot c^2}}}$$

L & = \lim_{|x| \to \infty}\ \frac{\cos \frac 1x \cdot \frac{-1}{x^2}}{\frac{-1}{x^2}}\
& = \lim_{|x| \to \infty} {\cos\frac 1x} \cdot \frac{-1}{x^2} \cdot \frac{x^2}{-1}\
& = \cos\frac 1{\infty} = \cos 0 = 1

Grafische Darstellung mit aktivierten Addon in #Friendica #Fediverse

TeX-Markup in Friendica
Anne Dorko
47 minutes ago

Still very new to the #Fediverse and getting the hang of things. Could use some #Feditips!

I made an account over on the main #Pixelfed instance last week but later realized there should be the option to simply register using this account so I could keep things connected, however, after finding said instructions I'm seeing that the register link is no longer present at Pixelfed that disabled for now or just an error or misunderstanding on my side? 😅

Fast Answer? Name a union on Mastodon with their own mastodon instance.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Unions

1 hour ago

Reminder that #AllThingsTech has a store where we sell various items such as hoodies, t-shirts, stickers and more.

Each purchase also helps support the instance itself and helps cover the costs of the server and other things.

If you'd like to buy something, you can do so via the link below.

Once you receive your product, take a picture and tag us so we can share your post!

#MerchStore #TeamAllThingsTech #ATTStore #SupportYourAdmins #Mastodon #Fediverse

An image that says Shop The AllThingsTech Store and has a little image of a shopping cart in the lower left corner.

Please, don't follow me on #GitHub, instead follow me on #Fediverse or sub to my blog (via RSS/Atom) because in those places I might actually post interesting stuff about my projects... that are not even hosted on GH :P

1 hour ago

Found 33 new servers found and 35 servers de-listed since 13 hours ago. Check out the Monthly and Daily Stats by software or server or the entire fediverse.

24,638 servers checked. 13,003,192 Total Users, 1,704,030 Monthly Active Users today vs 1,719,117 yesterday for the entire fediverse.

New #fediverse servers found: a #lemmy server from Germany a #pleroma server from The Netherlands a #mastodon server from France a #pubtlc server from Japan a #sharkey server from Germany a #misskey server from Private a #mastodon server from Germany a #mastodon server from China a #goblin server from The Netherlands a #peertube server from France a #firefish server from Private a #gotosocial server from France a #f-cloud server from Germany a #firefish server from United States a #mastodon server from Portugal a #mastodon server from Hungary a #owncast server from Brazil a #mastodon server from United States a #owncast server from United States a #misskey server from Private a #gotosocial server from Germany a #mastodon server from South Korea a #mastodon server from France a #akkoma server from United States a #mastodon server from Portugal a #akkoma server from United States a #lemmy server from Germany a #lemmy server from Germany a #gotosocial server from Canada a #sharkey server from United Kingdom a #mastodon server from France a #writefreely server from The Netherlands a #mastodon server from Portugal

De-Listed servers:

Help others find a home, send them to

Bridgy Fed: Ryan's project to make it easy to share blog posts to the Fediverse, etc
#interoperability #fediverse #mastodon #bridgy #blogs #rss #+

#Fediverse #ActivityPub question:
HTTP is short for Hypertext Transport Protocol
_____ is short for ActivityPub Protocol

Or should I just ignore the temptation to apply an acronym at all?

#Mastodon #MastoHelp

1 hour ago

Was ich hier nochmal loswerden möchte. Ich habe noch nicht mal an die 100 Follower und trotzdem sind die Interaktionen hier auf #Mastodon super. 👍 Das gefällt mir. In diesem Sinne wünsche ich euch und dem #Fediverse einen schönen Abend. 😊

2 hours ago


#Lists with "Do not show in Home timeline" selected

I currently have eleven lists

I keep them in their own separate web browser tab

#Mastodon #Fediverse

Pixelfed Statistics
2 hours ago
#Pixelfed #Statistics 2023-11-29 17:00 CET
Number of active instances: 679
Number of users: 199 598
Number of statuses: 40 687 270
Number of new users last 2h: 25
Number of new statuses last 2h: 7491

Unidentified Mustelid
2 hours ago

@thenotexpert yup. I can be here and just share #AIart without being targeted by extreme opponents, because playing around with #AI is normal and expected here.

Other communities, like, ban #generativeAI (they even blacklisted this very instance) altogether, and I don't blame them. People who are not comfortable with the advent of AI images can go there and have a rest.

#Fediverse does feel liberating.

2 hours ago

#NixOS 23.11 is scheduled for release today 🎉

If you've used any of my NixOS starter templates for #WSL, cloud VMs or Bare Metal servers, I'll be posting some videos this week going through the (painless!) upgrade process from 23.05 to 23.11 🚀

I'll be posting links to them here on the #Fediverse of course, but if you're interested I'd appreciate if you could sub to the channel too ♥️

We are at 855 subs now, so close to 1000! 😱


Misskey Statistics
2 hours ago
#Misskey #Statistics 2023-11-29 17:00 CET
Number of active instances: 2 267
Number of users: 703 935
Number of statuses: 117 450 957
Number of new users last 2h: 45
Number of new statuses last 2h: 33 811

Hubzilla Statistics
Pleroma Statistics
Akkoma Statistics
Mastodon Statistics
2 hours ago

Come to think of it, that's what attracts me in #Mastodon and #Fediverse. Even though instances communicate between each other, they are still just small communities dedicated to certain topics and having their own rules. And it is all about communication, no algorithms or brain hacks trying to make us stay online and abusing our emotions. Just like in the good old times.

Akkoma Statistics
2 hours ago
#Akkoma #Statistics 2023-11-29 17:00 CET
Number of active instances: 767
Number of users: 20 456
Number of statuses: 5 903 582
Number of new users last 2h: 1
Number of new statuses last 2h: 700

Pleroma Statistics
2 hours ago
#Pleroma #Statistics 2023-11-29 17:00 CET
Number of active instances: 1 501
Number of users: 172 140
Number of statuses: 32 581 489
Number of new users last 2h: 11
Number of new statuses last 2h: 3447

Hrefna (DHC)
2 hours ago

Fallacies of the #Fediverse:

1. Hosting (and transport) is free.

2. Knowledge on how to run systems is cheap.

3. Social graphs are not just transient, but ephemeral.

4. People care about licenses and protocols.

5. People do not care about history.

6. How people use a given set of features is largely similar between different groups.

7. Systems on a given protocol are homogenous.

8. Moderation is a straightforward process with yes/no answers.

(With apologies to Deutsch)

Mastodon Statistics
3 hours ago
#Mastodon #Statistics 2023-11-29 16:00 CET
Number of active instances: 13 465
Number of users: 8 586 232
Number of statuses: 933 077 668
Number of new users last 2h: 210
Number of new statuses last 2h: 28 731

3 hours ago

I think i can speak for most Fedi admins when I say;

On the #Fediverse we care a lot more about (mental) health rather than keeping you on here as long as possible so with that said...

Take a break from your feed every now and then!

Go read a book, take a walk or play a game :ed_grin:

The Fediverse will be here when you'll get back❤️

Laurens Hof
3 hours ago

Innovation in decentralised social networks

Flipboard’s Mike McCue recently released the first episode of the new podcast Dot Social with Mike Masnick, where they discuss protocols, platforms, and the decentralised internet, and it’s worth listening to.

Johannes Ernst gives a thread with a summary and responses here, which is worth reading. One thing I’d like to comment on is Mike Masnick’s comment that he expects innovation more to happen on Bluesky’s ATProto than on fediverse’s ActivityPub.

I agree that innovation in the decentralised network space is happening to a signficant extend outside of the fediverse sphere, but I disagree with the idea that this will happen on Bluesky and ATProto. Instead, I think that Nostr is a more likely candidate:

Innovation in a decentralised network is currently largely dependent on individual hobbyist developers that are experimenting. For an individual developer the accesibility and difficulty of working with the protocol is an important consideration. From my understanding talking to developers is Nostr the easiest to work with. ActivityPub differs a lot, but can certainly be difficult, especially regarding actual interoperability. I have been told that ATProto is the hardest of the three to develop for, plus that it is simply not even put into practice yet.

Culture of the network is even more important though in driving innovation. The fediverse has cultures and etiquette that say that some innovations in the network are unwelcome, especially regarding search and consent. One of the things that interest me about the fediverse is that the social impact of technology is taken into account. We’re building these networks for people. But making features off-limits in a network does limit innovation as well, there is a cost to it.

Bluesky is threading a difficult middle ground here with the culture. The developers seem to have more of a technologist mindset to protocol design, and concerns about how federation will interact with content moderation are not given much care. At the same time, a core group of Bluesky users is not particularly interested in federation, and wants a simple Twitter replacement. That puts the team in a pretty difficult spot with regards to future innovation. They made great strides with custom algorithms, but they do experience significant pushback from the community on features that they themselves want to work on, especially relating to opening the network.

Nostr has an explicit culture of adverse interoperability, and a libertarian community who seems to be quite inspired by crypto’s mantra of ‘if we can build it we should build it’. This is not really grounds for a network that is safe for many people. It does provide a fertile ground for rapid experimentation and innovation. The network is by far the smallest of the three, but it has also created quite some innovations that the other two network haven’t, in the recent months. Multiple long-form article publishing sites, a torrent archive, an integrated payment system for subscriptions with crypto, and more. There are good reasons to be have some issues with some of these innovations, but it is hard to deny that they are developing at a rapid speed.

Overall I think that innovation often happens at the fringes where there is reasons for experimentation. But also, cultural reasons that inhibit innovation speed can actually be pretty good from the human perspective.

#fediverse #nostr

The blue skies of Holland
3 hours ago

Je suisvpa pressée dormir si cest encore pour un cauchemar
Jai un peu thoo bu aussi
demain marin on reste au lit je men foys fous

BONNE NUIT LE #fediverse

3 hours ago

I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to @kylewritescode @megabyte682 and @dhepworth for helping put this together and providing the links to such great tech news from around the #Fediverse and other platforms.

If any of these articles interest you, please make sure to drop a follow to the above individuals as they all post very similar stuff on their profiles here on Mastodon.

Symfony Station :symfony:
3 hours ago

Explore our article, Symfony-based kbin is taking the Threadiverse by Storm. :symfony: #kbin #Symfony #API Platform #Fediverse

Screenshot of Symfony magazine page on kbin.
Reuben Walker
3 hours ago

Explore our article, Symfony-based kbin is taking the Threadiverse by Storm. :symfony: #kbin #Symfony #API Platform #Fediverse

Screenshot of Symfony magazine page on kbin.
Count Regal Inkwell
3 hours ago

I'm curious about a stupid thing. Anyone who sees this that interacts with the #fediverse using #mastodon -- Please reply to this post so I, a #firefish user can figure it out.

TapTap 🎮
3 hours ago

Is there a #mastodon #fediverse browser extension that automatically redirects fediverse links to your instance?

I think that'd smooth one of the biggest issues I still actually encounter with masto, esp since "copy link to post" gives me the remote URL (but even if it didn't, if you're not on .social, my .social link wouldn't help)

young man yells at the cloud
4 hours ago

I really do love this whole #Mastodon thing. I tried Twitter a few times in its heyday with my real identity and just wasn't into it, but something about all you fuckin #Fediverse nerds, hackers, and sex workers finally made this microblogging thing click for me. I don't know *anybody* on here IRL, but I have a real sense of community with you dorks and I really enjoy the discourse we all have on here. I've come to identify with this dumb little throwaway handle. #FOSS forever, love you guys

Simoto 🏴‍☠️
4 hours ago

#peertube is trending hooooooot :nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: #fediverse

4 hours ago

I didn't know that @termux #android #terminal was on the #fediverse!

4 hours ago

“Open discourse is the central pillar of a free society”

It's definitely my vision for what the #fediverse should be. We should only block or defederate for abusive behavior.

#WestminsterDeclaration #LiberalValues #AttentionDemocracy

≠ Brett Stevens ≠
4 hours ago
@Moon you appear to be the favorite niche microcelebrity on this corner of the #FEDiverse.
Mastodon Statistics
5 hours ago
#Mastodon #Statistics 2023-11-29 14:00 CET
Number of active instances: 13 467
Number of users: 8 586 022
Number of statuses: 933 048 937
Number of new users last 2h: 153
Number of new statuses last 2h: 66 029

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
5 hours ago

You've heard of a concept album, but what about a "proof of concept" album?

What if that concept was to use the #Fediverse & collaborate with multiple artists on an #Antifascist #audiocollage

It might sound like this.

This Cassette Kills Fascists, a PoC album by #ArtFED

#AntifaRadio #Antifa #Music #FediMusic #FediRadio #FediFreeRadio #Activist #Activism #Union #ProUnion #Unionize #JoinOrDie #TCKF #TTJ

5 hours ago

🌞 Good morning #fediverse! This is GBH #News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 29F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

Jackson Square, where hundreds of homes and businesses were demolished to make way for a highway that was never built, is becoming home to new mixed-income apartments. #housing

Boston is weighing a guaranteed basic income program. #UBI

Mediators are looking to extend the truce in Gaza, more hostage swaps planned.

You're taking a break.

Daniel Aleksandersen
5 hours ago

I’m gonna have to host this thing myself again, haven’t I? My Mastodon host,, does not offer full-text search (ElasticSearch). Exporting the database and searching it by hand to rediscover posts is getting old. I wish I could just use my domain with one of the existing instances rather than having to maintain a full instance just to get my domain as the handle. Mastodon is nothing like email. #Fediverse #selfHost

APÉRO-ATELIERS Développons des communautés sur Nantes avec MOBILIZON et MATRIX

Richard Reisman
5 hours ago

This should not be a concern once federation becomes the norm, as is the objective. Other Bluesky instances can have whatever policies and vibes desired. #fediverse #bluesky See “"Vibe"-- Bluesky as "the shmoo of social media"” on that point heref:

Deborah League
5 hours ago

Ringless Honey Mushroom or perhaps a Sulphur Tuft (the Picture Mushroom app couldn't decide.) I think it's beautiful no matter. My research indicates neither is good to eat.


#mastodonart #mastoart #ayearforart #buyintoart #fedigiftshop #fediverse Fediart #photography #naturephotography #art #artist #artbooster #artwork #artmatters #wallart #homedecor #giftideas #thegiftofart #shopearly #nature #mushrooms

Ringless Honey Mushroom or perhaps a Sulphur Tuft (the Picture Mushroom app couldn't decide.) Photographed on the grounds of the Winterthur Museum. Neither mushroom is edible, but the mounded fungi is quite beautiful with the sun shining on it a nice addition to any nature collection.
6 hours ago

Apparently bluesky is working on a way to disable replies to a post. Something that exists on Twitter, Instagram, Threads, etc.

It’s actually crazy that this still isn’t a thing on mastodon. We pretend that this place is safer, less harmful, offer more choice and customization, yet we still can’t deny replies to our posts.

Between this and open-DM by default. We can see that mastodon’s "safety" is very relative.

#bluesky #bsky #threads #mastodon #fediverse

Richard MacManus
6 hours ago

Question for #fediverse experts (maybe @Gargron himself?): do we know how many Mastodon users have opted into search indexing across the entire network? I'm writing a post about the open web over 2023, including a section about Mastodon's improvements this year — so I'm curious about the search detail, if it's public yet.

Why there is no #unix #unixLike and #retro #fediverse instance out there ?

So, drunk Jen had a great idea and now sober Jen is implementing it:

I've made a special code for the fediverse, should any of you fancy buying my comics/art!

If you put in 💫 FediFriends 💫 at checkout you'll get a quid off, but more importantly - I can see who's a fedi person and pop you a little freebie in your parcel :artaww:


#FediGiftShop #Comics #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #Shop #Fediverse

A shiny gif of a horror piece - a masked woman is holding something in her hands that's dripping blood
A shot of a comic con table with some of Jens comics laid out. This focuses on her smut comics Jenitales.
8 hours ago

Any ideas in the legal implications of hosting a #mastodon or #fediverse instance in the #netherlands or #germany?

Jupiter Rowland
9 hours ago
@Hrefna (DHC) @Johannes Ernst All this has already been covered years before there even was ActivityPub, namely with the Zot protocol from 2011 and its first implementation, the Red Matrix from 2012 which became Hubzilla in 2015.

Zot was designed with two features in mind which the current ActivityPub-based Fediverse doesn't cover: advanced permission control and instance-independent ownership of all your data. The latter was made possible by so-called nomadic identity which allows you not only to move your channel from instance to instance with ease, but to actually have your channel on multiple instances simultaneously. The former ranges from a new single-sign-on system named OpenWebAuth to a blog-like/Tumblr-like/Facebook-like one-post-many-comments thread model inherited from Friendica, but which now allows the thread starter to moderate their own threads, including deleting comments.

Zot eventually evolved into Nomad which is even more advanced and the base protocol of a slimmed-down Hubzilla descendant commonly referred to as (streams) which takes especially permission control even further.

Before someone asks: Both have always been bidirectionally federated with Mastodon & Co. In fact, one advancement of (streams) is that ActivityPub compatibility no longer only comes from an add-on, but it's tied deeply into the core now.

@Mike Macgirvin 🖥️, an experienced communications protocol designer who single-handedly created all of this, had actually also tried to advance ActivityPub to something that'd follow his ideas of what a good federated protocol should be capable of. AFAIK, all of his ideas were turned down. This is the only reason why he keeps developing and maintaining a separate protocol: The Federated Web desperately needs features which whoever has the power over ActivityPub stubbornly refuses to even consider, let alone implement.

#Long #LongPost #CWLong #CWLongPost #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Zot #Hubzilla #Nomad #Streams #NomadicIdentity
11 hours ago

»Instagram: Keine Schranken für dubiose Konten, die Kindern folgen«

Hier im #Fediverse gibt es keine #KI die zB #Kinderschutz bevorzugt aber weil pro Server weniger #User:Innen online sind, ist dessen #Management simpler zu führen. Abgesehen davon ist dies ein #Argument mehr gegen #Instagram sehr plausibel und sollte jegliche Ausreden verhindern.


Linda Sgoluppi Artist
11 hours ago

A short video of me drawing in 2022.

#lindasgoluppiart #mastodon #fediverse #drawing #art

Amy 🇹🇭
11 hours ago

Seems like once BlueSky opens their federation, you might be able to talk to BSky people, I wonder what are people's opinions on this.

#Fediverse #BlueSky #bridgyfed

I blame it all on the #fediverse ...

Life was a pretty, stable, bubble of existence until I wandered over here. Was I deep in femboy twitter and discord servers? Sure, but those skirts and cute leggings were just for fun... ya know, "for the culture".

Started meeting all sorts of cool, diverse queer and trans folks here. I didn't know what I was missing until I found it.

Was pointed to the Gender Dysphoria Bible. Read the thing in like a day or so. Frick... so I'm def trans. Frick. Egg totally cracked.

Mind tried to resist this new reality for a good while most of this year. Debating with my brain, reading more, trying little experiments, testing assumptions and boundaries.

Happy to say I'm scheduled for intake to talk to a doctor about HRT early next year (it's hard to find doctors where I live). It'll be a whole new year and stepping into a new world to boot. Scared as heck, but excited too. Love you all! :heart_progress:​ :hug_love:​

11 hours ago

Neues Blog, neues Glück: Auf bzw. @times schreiben wir, was #digitalpioneers die letzten 40 Jahre so erlebt haben, was wir beobachtet haben und wie es sich entwickelt hat. Auf der zugehörigen Instanz fragen wir uns, wann das Internet falsch abgebogen ist, ob wir das so lassen müssen, oder ob wir das nochmal neu machen können.
Mein #MastodonUmzug-Tutorial ist dorthin umgezogen, und es werden mehr #Fediverse #tutorials folgen.

What's a good tool to analyze interactions with a #Mastodon account, i.e. how many likes, boosts, or comments an account is getting each month? Follower growth would also be great. Tough to make a case for more investment into the #Fediverse in a business setting without #analytics like this. Thanks!

Ericka Simone
13 hours ago

Okay so. I’m doing that thing where I’m suddenly thinking bigger. We’ll keep focusing on the supercool mastodon #music show, but how about this concept.

Has anyone addressed the overall concept of #musiclicensing on #mastodon + the #fediverse? I mean OVERALL universal music licensing. What’s powering TikTok? How come they get to have all the music licensing fun?

I know no one “owns” masto, but who *oooowns* mastodon? Boost a Berklee Music Deans Lister digging into licensing in their direction.

14 hours ago

Come on #fediverse, final push - only 4 people have donated so far. I think we can do better.

Please consider donating at least $5 to a fantastic charity called #Food4Farmers on this #givingTuesday. They work on food security in the farming communities of Central America.

For everyone who donates $5 or more, you can be eligible to win one of two Expedition Brewers I'm offering up as a raffle prize.

Donate: ⬇️

Full Details:⬇️

Expedition Brewers.
15 hours ago

Found 28 new servers found and 47 servers de-listed since 9 hours ago. Check out the Monthly and Daily Stats by software or server or the entire fediverse.

24,635 servers checked. 13,003,192 Total Users, 1,722,368 Monthly Active Users today vs 1,722,654 yesterday for the entire fediverse.

New #fediverse servers found: a #gotosocial server from Canada a #sharkey server from United Kingdom a #writefreely server from The Netherlands a #mastodon server from France a #mastodon server from Portugal a #pleroma server from Private a #firefish server from Private a #mastodon server from Greece a #mastodon server from United States a #mastodon server from Germany a #mastodon server from France a #misskey server from South Korea a #mastodon server from Belgium a #firefish server from Germany a #postmarks server from United States a #lemmy server from Germany a #mastodon server from Singapore a #mastodon server from Singapore a #misskey server from Private a #pleroma server from The Netherlands a #mastodon server from Japan a #mastodon server from United Kingdom a #mastodon server from United States a #mastodon server from Portugal a #mastodon server from Germany a #gotosocial server from Germany a #mastodon server from France a #peertube server from Canada

De-Listed servers:

Help others find a home, send them to

@mmasnick says, on @mike’s podcast, that in spite of about 15 years of social networking in the mainstream, we haven’t really wrapped our minds around what it means to have a social graph “everywhere”.

Indeed! Of course, we couldn’t, before the #fediverse, because even if we had figured it out, it would have been impossible to implement due to the centralization of the social platforms. But now we can!

Social graph in your fridge? Here we come!!:-)

@mike brings up a compelling argument for the #fediverse in a historical analogy with #aol: all the innovation around, say, travel in the closed AOL system back then could only come from AOL and whatever they could think up. It took the protocol-not-platform-centric decentralized web to catalyze the much broader innovation we’ve seen since, e.g. AirBnb is hard to imagine having been invented inside a closed system like AOL.

@mike and @mmasnick move on in their podcast to discuss an (upcoming?) paper by @danny where he discusses the ultimate (“terminal”) values of what we are all trying to do here in the #fediverse. Apparently his take is that #decentralization is not all that important, control over one’s own thoughts and ideas is.

I have a comment here, though: there is nothing in #activitypub or any other relevant standards that says that #fediverse software needs to allow you to take your followers from one instance to another. In other words, the #fediverse does not actually promise anybody that they can take their followers!

(Maybe it should. I sure would like that. Some apps allow you to do that. But whether eg #threads ever implements it is entirely up to them)

@mike @mmasnick

Now in the dot-social podcast episode, @mike and @mmasnick discuss how much #fediverse and #threads users understand the proposition of “own your followers”. They come to the conclusion: probably not much. (I would agree.)

20 hours ago

We are excited to launch a test #Sharkey server on the #fediverse.

Please use it as a playground if you are curious about Sharkey.

This is a
TEST server. DO NOT use it as your main account on the fediverse.

We are using it to help us decide how we move forward with the main iBeSocial brand.


Enrique ☯️
22 hours ago

Die einen fliegen mal eben über #weihnachten nach z.B. #NewYorkCity , die anderen bleiben zuhause und feiern dort.

#umfrage an das #Fediverse

Wie sieht es bei euch aus? Weihnachten Zuhause, oder Urlaub?

Welcome to #Mastodon and the #Fediverse!

Did you know that you can choose to “approve” new followers, before they are allowed to follow you?

This gives you a chance to vet new followers, to confirm they aren’t spammers, bots, or even humans you don’t really want nosing around.

Mastodon calls this “locking your account,” which sounds a bit scary and unfriendly, but in my opinion it makes the whole experience actually feel *more* social and humane.

Panos Damelos
1 day ago

Soon we'll be revealing the name of a new #fediverse platform based on #firefish with! Stay tuned, we're setting things up!

1 day ago

say hello to @houstonpublicmedia everybody!

welcome fellow public media folk!!

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1 day ago

🌞 Good morning #fediverse! This is GBH #News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 38F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

A Sumatran rhino calf was born in Indonesia, adding to an endangered species of fewer than 50 animals.

The Pats losing streak has put coach Bill Belichick's job in jeopardy as QB Mac Jones is benched for the 4th time. #NFL

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter's memorial service will be held today in Atlanta.

You're taking a trip.

Laurens Hof
1 day ago

NLNet has announced 55 new projects that are awarded a NGI Zero grant. NGI Zero is the Next Generation Internet program from the European Commision, that funds projects that work on what they call the next generation internet. For more info in NLnet and NGI Zero, check out this interview I did with NLnet this summer. The latest round of grants has quite a few projects that connect to the fediverse in some way. An overview:

NodeBB is a popular forum software platform. They got funding to add ActivityPub integration to NodeBB, allowing interoperability with both other NodeBB forums as well as the fediverse at large. NodeBB says that the “hardest part of starting a community is gaining a critical mass of adoption in order to sustain interest and content”, and integrating with the fediverse is seen as a way to overcome their biggest hurdle.

The loosely connected group of developers at got a grant to build an automated test framework and test cases. It is currently hard for fediverse developers to build fediverse software that properly federates with the rest dof the network, as a consistent test suite for ActivityPub is lacking. This new test framework hopes to make it easier for developers to start building for the fediverse.

Bonfire is a federated social network that’s currently in development, with most of the work now on getting the platform ready for release. Their grant will go towards improving the performance, as well releasing their version of the ActivityPub library they are using as open-source.

GoToSocial is a lightweight, customisable, and safety-focused entryway into the fediverse, and is currently in Alpha development. With this grant, the team will add two factor authentication, and improve interoperability and scalability.

Mobilizon is a federated event planning tool, originally developed by Framasoft. Framasoft recently announced that they have completed their vision of Mobilizon. The project is not over however, as another group got funding to further improve the UX of Mobilizon.

PeerTube got funding for further improving the adoption, accessability and popularity of the platform, as well as to develop a mobile app. Framasoft has quite a few announcements in the pipeline, I’ll talk more about Framasoft, PeerTube and Mobilizon in the near future with more information.

Commune is social networking build on Matrix instead of ActivityPub, with a focus on creating communities. The project has interesting ideas about how to build social spaces, and is looking to add fediverse integration as well.

Overall there are a lot of cool and interesting projects that NLnet has funded, with a mix of supporting and scaling existing projects, as well as funding new ideas. For other projects that are interested, you can find more information about their grant process here. The deadline for the next round is December 1st 2023.


The polish abstract series
1 day ago

"RSS should be used for so much more than just blog posts and statuses”

#rss #indieweb #syndication #mastodon #fediverse #federated

On my backlog of #ActivityPub / #Fediverse related projects to add to are now:

- 31 server apps
- 10 clients
- 65 developer resources

*sigh* 😩

Anyone wanna help PR them to #Codeberg?

1 day ago

Today is #givingtuesday

If you are a fan of @coffee, please consider making a donation today to Food4Farmers, a fantastic organization helping with food security in Central American coffeelands.

Food4Farmers ⬇️

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Every #fediverse #coffee fan who donates at least $5 (the cost of a latte) in next 24hr will be eligible to win 1 of 2 $50 Expedition Brewers from me, mailed to you.

Just PM me a screenshot of your donation to enter.

Expedition Brewer, a hand made travel coffee brewer for V60 filters.
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Zoiks! I just realized that somehow I wasn't following the official #Peertube #Fediverse account at @peertube ! Madness!

How about you?

Piraten Sachsen
1 day ago

Wir haben uns dazu entschieden, unsere #Twitter-Aktivität bis auf Weiteres einzustellen. So, wie es zurzeit läuft, kann und darf es nicht weitergehen. Ihr findet uns weiterhin im #Fediverse!

Unser vollständiges Statement findet ihr auf unserem Blog:

#Piraten #Sachsen #Piratenpartei

Das Logo von Twitter und X übermalt. Darüber die Worte: "Bye bye, Twitter!"