@inkican You can move to ^_^ #Fedia is now running #Mbin.

1 month ago

#Fedia is back! (Right @jerry?)! So I (and perhaps others) will be active on /m/cybersecurity once more!

Justin Stanley
2 months ago

Oh wow, this server is so much faster and less broken than it's not even funny. I may have found my new home on the Fedi. #Firefish #Fedia

Rodion Borisov
3 months ago

Hello, @jerry.

It seems there is some trouble with #Fedia? Yesterday, I wasn't able to use most pages of your #Kbin website with 500 errors all around the place after registration. Today, it's just the contact form and microblogs. Moreover, deleting account fails with the same error. (❗) I'm just scared of what will falter next... :php:

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
3 months ago

***LAST EDITED*** 2/9/23



Chris Young
5 months ago

@glc I much prefer the interface on Kbin, it also lets you see "microblog" posts and follow users. It's early days so a bit flaky, lots of 500 errors on #fedia (I don't think other instances are getting quite so many, Fedia's on the dev branch). My Lemmy account only really exists for when Fedia starts breaking! The advantage of Lemmy is it's more stable and has a published API so there are loads of apps for it.

Chris Young
5 months ago

@jerry Are you aware that #Fedia has gone back to showing 500 errors more frequently (actually All is working now but Subs aren't, so maybe it's no worse than yesterday just more noticeable to me), a lot of the thumbnails appear to have broken over the last day or so too - most aren't showing at all now. I did see somebody mention that was having thumbnail issues and @ernest was working on it - so maybe this isn't a Fedia problem per se.

5 months ago

@jerry would be interesting to see a report of (+ all the other Jerry-galaxy instances) funding and costs breakdown. Especially if there’s a deficit or if we’re close at all to a deficit. As other properties (within your sphere, e.g. #Fedia #infosecpub) grow and costs with it, it’d be good for the community to be able to react and increase support. Maybe annual report or something… just a thought!

Personally, I think it’d be great for community contributions to not only cover server/hosting costs (with some growth surplus) but also compensate you for your time and expertise.

Richard Grant
5 months ago

@selea On the #kbin side it seems people are mostly congregating around the flagship, though is also well managed and is cool because the name is like a simultaneous play on "feed," "media" and "fediverse" — sigil as url

Jeremy ☕ :donor:
5 months ago

After playing with reddit alternatives like Kbin (fedia) and Lemmy, I have to say I much prefer Lemmy. Kbin feels like it buries the specific communities I want to follow down in the interface and hides it. Lemmy doesn't try to mess with the reddit formula too much and feels more comfortable. The good news is following communities on either platform seems to work fine.

I bounced between beehaw and Right now, I think I'll probably stay home and continue to use As always, I really appreciate all the hard work @jerry puts in. It reminded me to go back and start tossing in the tip jar again.

#fedia #infosecpub

Chris Young
6 months ago

#fedia seems to be working well at the moment btw

6 months ago

Seems like on opening other instance post it gets 500 error.

Decided yesterday to spin up test kbin instance my self. Today I seem to get similar error as this I know what I'm doing tomorrow 😂


#kbin #fedia

Ben Gillam :bongoCat:
6 months ago

Anyone on #fedia ? I don’t seem to be able to set a profile pic or cover. No error but nothing seems to apply. Am I doing something wrong?

6 months ago

What does the future look like for #kbin and #lemmy apps (although I see the former gaining more traction)? Signed up to #fedia and a few others, enjoying the experience so far..

Eugene Teplitsky
6 months ago

@DamnCatOnMyDesk @paul @PinkDuck So, I tried this an hour ago (, but it’s still not showing up in the magazine. Will need to dig into this further… might be a temporary #Fedia quirk? My follow of the magazine group is also listed as “pending”, which is odd.

6 months ago

@smfinlay @jerry Both are a work in progress, though it seems #Fedia is attracting more people overall (which makes sense as it is “general-interest” as opposed to infosec-specific like #infosecpub. Is there something you’re interested in knowing? (I think I’m going to write something up as it seems there’s quite a bit of interest from everyone on “what am I getting myself into”) 😁

6 months ago

Trying out #kbin - not going well. I've registered at - but it won't let me post to Kbin magazines like let alone lemmy communities like

I'm a newbie trying things (and probably doing things wrong) but it feels very early days #kbin #lemmy #fedia

6 months ago

Happy Fedi-Friday! #Fedia and #infosecpub (to maybe a lesser degree) #Kbin / #Lemmy instances are rollin'! We have two growing #cybersecurity communities there for all who are interested.

- Fedia: (324 subs)
- (139 subs)

I've been adding an interesting (at least to me) article a day to fuel things up as I can. See ya out there.

#redditMigration #FediverseMigration

6 months ago

For everyone creating communities (#Lemmy instances) or "magazines" on #Kbin instances be mindful of the very real deficiencies that exist related to moderation, as @thisismissem writes about here ( We're all both excited about the promise the #Fediverse brings and equally pissed at what is going on over on Reddit but there is real *danger* in growing communities using software that might not be ready for it. Read Emelia's post to gain more understanding of the potential pitfalls (and guidance around moderation). One thing I'll add is that botching this migration due to immature software could turn people off from the idea of Reddit-esque fediverse communities indefinitely.

@jerry I'm certainly no expert on community creation/management much less moderating mid-large size communities but there are certainly others within the .infosec sphere (👀 @tweedge) who could weigh in. Maybe it would be helpful to post a guide of some kind (not saying *you* need to create it but you could help market it) which fairly warns #fedia and #infosecpub channel admins that moderation tools are lackluster and to tread carefully as they scale out. Happy to volunteer my own time/perspectives on adding something to a larger wiki for your various Fediversal properties as needed!

#redditMigration #FediverseMigration

Oh... seems #fedia federation is back on. Cool 🙂

Eugene Teplitsky
6 months ago

Am I going nuts here or is there currently no way to post more than one image at a time on #Fedia? Just trying to get a hang of the best practices here as I transfer some of my #Reddit stuff.

What’s everyone’s favorite strategy for posting galleries of multiple images?

My attempt at a magazine:

Mastodon Migration
6 months ago

#kbin #Fedia Status

This latest from @jerry :

- #Kbin and needing pretty beefy servers to keep up after #redditMigration
- "The server is pegged. 32 threads of 90% CPU usage.
- I bought 4 more servers and I am going to be giving docker swarm a try to spread the load out across 5 systems.
- Wish me luck.
- (each system is a Hetzner EX101 Intel i9 13k with 64GB of DDR5 ECC memory and a raid 1 nvme v4 SSD - so pretty fast)"


Osma A
6 months ago

#Kbin and needing pretty beefy servers to keep up after #redditMigration

"The server is pegged. 32 threads of 90% CPU usage.

I bought 4 more servers and I am going to be giving docker swarm a try to spread the load out across 5 systems.

Wish me luck.

(each system is a Hetzner EX101 Intel i9 13k with 64GB of DDR5 ECC memory and a raid 1 nvme v4 SSD - so pretty fast)"

6 months ago

Ok so I joined because I like trying out fedi projects and I occasionally used #Reddit. Seems like in a couple of days it’s gotten some things fixed up and more content I actually care about. But there is no #TOMT (tip of my tongue) magazine yet, so hoping someone will create that because I’m not really cut out to be a magazine admin but I love sleuthing for obscure cartoons, video games, toys etc. that someone remembers from 20 years ago and just wants to see again to recapture a little piece of their childhood in this wild world we live in. #fedia

6 months ago

@tweedge You already know about the ongoing efforts with & #Fedia, so you know I'm already thinking "Plan B"/potential Reddit parachute, but I am definitely conflicted.

I've been using Reddit for like 11 years and /r/cybersecurity has been easily where 90%+ of my activity has been. I take great pride in helping that community, getting involved, learning from what others share, etc... and I'd love for it to stay intact. I understand that if Reddit vanished TODAY, that not everyone will just pick up and move to the next single thing, the diaspora will send people everywhere and the community as we knew it will be gone. But! Some chunk of us will land in places like Mastodon or Lemmy or Kbin or w/e and we can continue to do our thing there.

As it stands today, an Apollo-less Reddit and a Reddit that has done what it has done so far is not unusable, so many of us would prefer we try to stay in hopes that it doesn't get worse. But as Reddit increasingly sees us as just little collective dollar signs we know they don't have whats in our best interests so the things we love will continue to erode.

In the end, I will go where the community goes and I will continue to support the community whether it's on Reddit (maybe somewhat begrudgingly) or elsewhere.

Chris Young
6 months ago

Looks like is running about a day behind with federation and even notifications. #fedia

6 months ago

Big thanks to the #fedia admins for unlocking my account after I didn't confirm my e-mail address on time

Especially, considering that it was sent from my "Nobody" e-mail so not the most trustworthy sender


6 months ago

@jerry @infosecpub

@lemmyworld‬ users seem to be able to do this. Not sure how much effort you feel like putting into but enabling the ability to reply from Lemmy to mastodon originated posts seems huge.

Haven’t tried all of this with #kbin / #fedia yet so stay tuned…

6 months ago

Prospective #kbin users/moderators/instance-owners, keep an eye on for good info on how to use, build, maintain instances/Magazines/etc...

Also check out on for some good ol' #cybersecurity #infosec posts!

#fedia #redditmigration #fediversemigration

6 months ago
6 months ago

Lemmy/Kbin Compare Observation(s) #2

- I posted ( to #fedia in the /m/cybersecurity mag and though I follow my fedia user on Mastodon, I did not get (yet) a post in my feed. Yesterday, a vanilla post to Kbin/Fedia delivered a post to Mastodon so not sure what's up there. (@jerry ?)

- However w/ (Lemmy), I immediately received the usual Mastodon post in my feed.


- In my Mastodon client (#ivory), my user profile says I have no posts, but in the Posts tab, shows the two posts I made there (strange)

- Whereas with Kbin (fedia), my user profile says I have 5 posts and when I inspect those 5 posts in the posts tab it displays what appears to be all my activity (e.g. post comments, microblog replies, boosts from that account and native Kbin posts)

6 months ago

I have a hope that the communities I loved on Reddit can find their way into the fediverse (or some other open source alternative) and be done with the bad place.

That said, is a promising Kbin instance that I plan to spend a lot more time on.


6 months ago

The ease in which I quit Twitter didn’t surprise me, but how I just up and peaced out from Reddit is wild. I never was a big Twitter user (mostly lurking/consuming) but I used Reddit All. The. Time. I think having faith in the #Fediverse after using Mastodon has helped ease the emotional transition.

#FediverseMigration #reddark #redditmigration #redditAlternative #redditblackout #twittermigration #fedia

6 months ago

#fedia and #kbin magicians

Is there anyway to block a magazine or instance from my front page?

6 months ago

@drapermache Hey! Yeah it seems a lot of #Lemmy and #Kbin activity has started to happen. In fact, the venerable @jerry has (even before this Reddit mess went completely south) stood up both Lemmy and Kbin instances, respectively...

- - Infosec-themed Lemmy instance
- - General-purpose Kbin instance

Within both of these instances there has been very recent large scale (1k+ users on #Fedia for example) adoption. I created a general cybersecurity "sub" on each aptly named...

- Fedia:

But it's not just me, other infosec. and non-infosec-related communities/magazines exist on both of these instances. For example, @Xavier has created a #blueteam community ( on!

Which of these ultimately "wins out" is still tbd and specifically between fedia and I'm not sure which Jerry will ultimately sink more time into (though he seems to never sleep and has time for everything so who knows). Either way it's a good time to get out there, network around, try things out and help start/build new communities which rely less on, well y'know, the Reddit's of the world.

MishaMouse :firefox:
6 months ago

so i had already registered on, but i feel like maybe i should relocate myself to another instance ( to do my part in spreading out the load across various servers. not sure how much difference it truly makes in the long run. but if i’m gonna re-register, may as well do it early in the process.

Matt Sicker
6 months ago

So how do you cross-post from here to kbin? Maybe just add the "magazine" as a tag? #fedia

6 months ago

@postmodern y'know I thought about doing /c/infosec instead of /c/cybersecurity but at least for me /r/cybersecurity was the most active sub over on the other site and was hoping to recapture the magic elsewhere. Personally I didn't mind the ratio of "the cybers" versus more technical-related content but understand the desire to filter that out. Over time, as we see if this idea can even take off it may make sense to change the expectation for what kind of posts are "allowed" but for now I think it makes sense to cast a wider net. On #fedia (#kbin) there is some tagging/badging capabilities that could be used by posters to signify when things are "technical" and therefore be used by consumers of that magazine to filter out things they may not want to see.

6 months ago

@jerry #fedia seems to be down. It (maybe coincidentally) happened immediately after I tried to post to "Magazine" from Fedia (hopefully unrelated though).

6 months ago

OK, #infosec #cybersecurity folks of the Fediverse, is there a predominant #lemmy / #kbin "Magazine" (subreddit) for infosec? Searching on #fedia for "infosec" or "cyber" and I'm seeing, and Would be cool to select one as a community and begin using it en masse. #FediverseMigration

6 months ago

Alright! I'm on Fedia ( now ( A few initial thoughts/questions...

- First, I created a user but curious if I can use my identity over there.
- Tried uploaded a profile pic several times but no luck for some reason...
- Anyone know how to get Mastodon verification to work with kbin/Fedia?
- I see people posting to Fedia via what appears to be Mastodon accounts which I'd like to figure out how to do...
- Does kbin have the concept of "sub-reddits" or is it just one large general-interest feed of threads?

#fedia #kbin @jerry