10 hours ago

Endometriosis affects ~5-11% of women. It can take 8years of pain and gaslighting to get a diagnosis.

I am so happy to hear of ANY progress being made in Women's Health. 🙌

#Endometriosis #WomensHealth #Feminism #Women

Nate Gaylinn
11 hours ago

TIL that Alan Turing’s famous “imitation game” was based on a game about gender. The contestants were a man and a woman who both pretended to be a woman. I had no idea! Most explanations of the Turing Test ignore this detail as irrelevant, but I just read an interesting paper exploring how this gendered origin story may have shaped our search for intelligent machines (and still shape it going forward).

In Computing Machinery and Sexual Difference, Amy Kind argues that the model of a sex-differentiation test contributed to seeing intelligence as all-or-nothing, to detecting intelligence by superficial markers, and to framing proof of intelligence in terms of deception. These are all serious problems with the Turing Test that others have highlighted (usually without noting the link to sex / gender) as major issues we’re still struggling to overcome.

#turing #ai #intelligence #computerscience #cs #feminism #philosophy #gender #sex

brad m
11 hours ago

From the #1500m to the #marathon, this year has seen seconds and even minutes shaved off race times. But what accounts for the change: #supershoes, #feminism or something else? 🤔
“giving #women the #power they needed to show their best when they #run
“Why are they starting younger? Because, simply, the rewards are greater”
“it is a golden age for east #African #women in the sport” #running #athletics #trackandfield #worldrecord #kenya #ethiopia

14 hours ago

Excellent interview with Riane Eisler:
How Family Trauma Perpetuates Authoritarian Societies
#feminism #patriarchy

Dhyan Nada
17 hours ago

To control generational reproduction is to control #women and third genders keeping them tied to unpaid housework instead of setting them free to fight for their rights.

Reproducing #capitalism means suppressing #feminism and every #liberation struggle to serve the needs of warfaring regimes and their extractvist colonial economies by producing workers and soldiers. Christian #nationalism and #Whitesupremacy prepare for irreversible #fascism - #patriarchy on steroids.

Bob Jamieson
1 day ago

Council Estate Media

Laurence Fox reveals his true incel face
and reveals so much about the incel mindset
Laurence Fox has somehow made himself seem even more embarrassing than he already did - and in the process revealed not only what he and his followers stand for but also GB News.

#CouncilEstateMedia #GBNews
#LaurenceFox #incel #feminism #WomensRights

Sobrevivir al Descalabro
1 day ago

🤗 👋 Y para quienes nos empiezan a seguir en #Mastodon les damos la bienvenida con un abrazo virtual y el enlace a nuestra más reciente entrevista con Yayo Herrero 👇👇👇👇 💌

¿Puedes identificar los vínculos entre lo que comiste hoy y los procesos de la naturaleza/vida?
🌞 +🌧️ +🌱+ 🌽 = 🌮
Si tu respuesta es no, mira la entrevista de Yayo y lo entenderás... Y si tu respuesta es sí, seguro es porque ya viste nuestra entrevista 🤣

#Food #Comida #Water #Feminism #Sun #Feminism #Ecology #Ecofeminism

Julia Serano
1 day ago

...the piece is also cross-posted to Substack, if you prefer that:

FYI most media outlets wouldn't have allowed me to publish this piece as is. so if you appreciate that I make essays like this freely available online, please consider supporting me on Patreon for as little as $1/month!
#trans #transgender #LGBTQ #feminism #politics #science

Julia Serano
1 day ago

so I was provoked into writing a response to the ridiculous "What Is a Woman?" question. it's a 5 min read, no-paywall link, please share & give it lots of "claps" (up to 50) so other folks on Medium see it!
#trans #transgender #LGBTQ #feminism #politics #science

Cleo of Topless Topics
1 day ago

BTW you can see more pages of my "day in the life of a #topfree equality #activist" #webcomic at

I haven't drawn a lot of pages lately, but I'm hoping to change that, now that I'm livestreaming 4 times a week (visit our Discord for each week's schedule - )

#feminism #genderEquality #sexism #misogyny #bodyEquality #intersectionalFeminism #toplessEquality #freeTheNipple

Cleo of Topless Topics
1 day ago

A (quickly drawn) page for my "Day in the Life of a #Topfree Activist" #webcomic about the aggravation of dealing with #nudist / #naturist s who try to co-opt my fight for anti #censorship #genderEquality into normalizing FULL BODY nudity... I don't know how much is ignorance and how much is deliberate.

I think the disconnect comes from a place of self-centeredness, especially from cis men... It's such a revolutionary concept to try to see the world from the viewpoint of someone without their same #privilege that they HAVE to twist the argument around to something that they, themselves can benefit from as well. And since men ALREADY get to go topless anywhere in public and online that they like without getting #banned or arrested for "sexually explicit nudity" then it's only freeing their lower parts that also interests them... Because that's currently a privilege NONE of us enjoy (except of course for the handful of places that allow nonsexual nudity, which tend to be very ableist and economically privileged to even get to.

They just can't see how the fight for #toplessEquality is about giving the same rights to all #gender s, not just men... Simply the #misogynist #sexist (and indeed #transphobic) #social societal standard that says "female-looking nipples are 'sexually explicit nudity' while 'male-looking nipples' are not." does that make sense?

Inb4 "not all #nudists " and/or #NotAllMen - - search the web the "not all..." fallacy if you want to know why that's a bs deflection from the argument. I don't have time to keep belaboring that point.

#feminism #intersectionalFeminism #doubleStandards #bodyEquality #topFreedom #socialJustice #freeTheNipple

Drawn webcomic page of me with my hand on my hip and gesturing in frustration with the caption:
Something that frustrates me about arguing with nudists about topless Equality, especially cis men...

Is that they refuse to realize that "normalizing nudity" and "gender-equal anti-censorship" are _not_ the same fight...

One is about delineating the difference between "nudity" and "sex"

The other is pointing out the misogynistic hypocrisy of categorizing "female nipples" as "nudity" but not "male nipples"
Deepak Maurya
2 days ago

Women’s Reservation Bill For Gender Equality 2023

The Women’s Reservation Bill 2023 (128th Constitutional Amendment Bill), also known as Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam, was recently passed by both the Lok Sabha (LS) and the Rajya Sabha (RS). A third of the seats in the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies will be set aside for women under the proposed legislation.
#news #women #womenintech #feminism #india

women empowerment
Hi, Barbie!
2 days ago

Barbie is the IT GIRL movie of 2023 💖 More than just a fashion doll, Barbie's a feminist icon representing a powerful message through entertainment! Read the full article here 👉🏼 & my blog post here 👉🏼 #barbiemovie #feminism

2 days ago

‘Feminist approach’ to cancer could save lives of 800,000 women a year

An age ago I wrote about how men were the default humans, with multiple backed up sources in relation to how medicine doesn't treat women, it considers them smaller men (which leads to worse health outcomes because hormones play a role in the effectiveness of medication). I can share this blog post if you're interested.

Anyway, it's great that in 2023, 8 years after I had breast cancer, we're still talking about how medicine needs to change their approach.

#Feminism #HealthCare #Medicine #Sexism #SexismInMedicine

Ben Waber
2 days ago

Last was a riveting talk by Modestha Mensah on sustainable #AI and African #feminism at the University of Bonn. Mensah argues that AI ethics needs to incorporate ethical systems from the global south, and convincingly argues that African feminism has important views to bring to the discussion (11/11) #AIEthics #Africa

Janice Selbie
2 days ago

DO. NOT. LIKE. Stop catering to & promoting religious extremism - with women & girls always being the ones to suffer. WE WILL NOT BE ERASED. #feminism #ReligiousTrauma #exchristian #fundamentalism #secular #humanist
A suburban NJ megamall is offering gender-segregated swimming to accommodate its Orthodox clientele – The Forward

Greg W.
2 days ago

Is It Just Us, or Is Girl-Boss Feminism Waning?

“Lean In” feminism doesn’t seem to have the purchase it did a few years ago. Maybe that’s because it is so obviously irrelevant to the lives of the vast majority of women, who need a union and decent pay, not a female boss.

#womensrights #feminism #union #labor

Constanze Scheib
2 days ago

Love this #barbiemovie monologue so damn much. America Ferrera delivers it perfectly.
#FilmMastodon #movies #AmericaFerrera #feminism
You Tube link:

Angry Tea Lady
3 days ago

Hi everyone! I want new faces in my tl
If you're open and curious, and/or like :
#music and/or play or learn it
#anime and #manga
#reading and #books
#occult, #folklore, #tarot, #divination and #cartomancy
speak about #autism, #adhd, #audhd
#feminism, #lgbtq

boosting is sweet and appreciated, feel free to follow me or just interact with this if you don't want to. I don't mind people not following ♥
thx ♥

Diane Bruce
4 days ago

I love this song written by my daughter and sung in her group (Libby and Cal)

#Feminism #Ottawa #Music

4 days ago

Today in Writing History September 25, 1952: bell hooks, American author and activist was born.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #bellhooks #nonfiction #writer #author #books #play #feminism #racism #BlackMastadon @bookstadon

bell hooks in 2014. By Alex Lozupone (Tduk) - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
David on Formosa
4 days ago
Virgil Tipps
4 days ago

#FEMINISM #WTF // #Trailer

hat den von euch schon jemand gesehen?

The Star Trek Academy
4 days ago

Our new podcast has dropped.

The Academy considers #StarTrek #LowerDecks S4xE4, Something Borrowed, Something Green...

Including how the episode addresses feminism through the mirror of a matriarchal society...

And riverboats related to Star Trek that you've (almost certainly) never heard about.

#StarTrek #LowerDecks #Podcast #Feminism #Riverboats #AllStarTrek

🚨 CONTENT WARNING 🚨Most people won't beleive you when you tell them what Hypno Sissy Porn is.


"The underlying premise of this society is that all women are bad - that we have a nature that is bad and we deserve to be punished." - Andrea Dworkin

"In pornography there is nothing that can be done to a woman that can punish her enough for being a woman and the very nature of her being is that she gets sexual pleasure out of being punished." - Andrea Dworkin

Men have always believed that god or nature gave them the right to define, control and dominate women

TIMS are sick men who watch too much porn and are indoctrinated to beleive that it is women's nature to crave abuse.

All the woman hating in the pornography does not bother "trans women" - that's how you know for a fact they are NOT women.

The TRUTH about Sissy Hypno Porn with Genevieve Gluck

If trans identified men were women, they wouldn't have fantasies about women being "good for only one thing." If they truly had "female brains" nothing could make them believe that.

Humiliation for sexual satisfaction wouldn't be the main goal of men who "identify as women." If these men truly had "women's brains" They wouldn't have fantasies of being "sex trafficked" The thought of female sexual oppression turns them on - that proves they are MALE.

The belief that being "treated as a woman" is one of the most degrading experiences you can have and therefore plays into male BDSM fantasies.

#PeakTrans #TransCult #GenderIdeology #SmashQueerTheory #AbolishProstitution #ItsAFetish #AntiKink #AntiMAP #RadicalFeminism #RadFem #Feminism #Feminist #MaleSexualViolence #MVAWG #MaleSexualPolitics #DomesticAbuse #PornCulture #Misogyny #LesbianHerstory #Femicide #FGM #SmashPatriarchy #WomanHate
#YesAllMen #NordicModelNow #AbolishProstitution #NotSexNotWork #MarxistFeminism
Tim Waterman
5 days ago

Exciting things are on the horizon for October in London's #art scene. The #BarbicanCentre is hosting RE/SISTERS: an "exhibition exploring the relationship between gender and ecology, highlighting the systemic links between the oppression of women and the degradation of the planet" #EnvHist #Ecology #Feminism #LandscapeResearch

5 days ago

"Feminism involves so much more than gender equality and it involves so much more than gender. Feminism must involve consciousness of capitalism (I mean the feminism that I relate to, and there are multiple feminisms, right). So it has to involve a consciousness of capitalism and racism and colonialism and post-colonialities, and ability and more genders than we can even imagine and more sexualities than we ever thought we could name." ~ Angela Davis

#quote #feminism #NaturePhotography

Close up of brown milkweed seeds with white wisps being released from their pod.
Steven Saus [he/him]
5 days ago

From 23 Sep: If you don’t like being judged because of the actions of others who look like you, then do better. - I have been judged due to other people who look like me having been awful in the past. There is only one way to change that, and it isn’t by insisting others drop their defenses. #relationships #privilege #lgbtqiaplus #bipoc #feminism

5 days ago

Podcast recommendation for those contemplating if all this hype around #selfcare could also be #capitalism asking you to fix #systemicinequality by yourself. With scented candles and #consumerism

#selfoptimization #burnout #mentalhealth #lifehacks #feminism #notime #yoga

Ned Yeung
6 days ago

Sad, but...

"Heard of a cool tech-bro-weeding interview technique the other day. A male and female engineer conduct the interview session together. If, when the female engineer asks the candidate a question, he directs his answer to the male engineer, then he's out. They said it happens a lot"

#Patriarchy #feminism

Jan B Wildeboer @jwildeboer 

"Heard of a cool tech-bro-weeding interview technique the other day. A male and female engineer conduct the interview session together. If, when the female engineer asks the candidate a question, he directs his answer to the male engineer, then he's out. They said it happens a lot"

3:57 AM - 8/29/19 - Twitter Web App 1,199 Retweets 4,718 Likes
T. T. Perry
6 days ago

Matt Bernstein: LGBT Conservatives (w/ Contrapoints)

LGBT conservatives: Why? How? Where did they come from? What can we learn from them, and how can we dismantle the LGBT #conservative that lives within all of us? Natalie Wynn (aka #Contrapoints) helps us psychoanalyze one of the more confusing political positions of our time. Jeffree Star makes an appearance, for better or for worse.

#Youtube #LGBT #Queer #Feminism #Intersectionality #Politics #Shame #Stigma

1 week ago

@Jedigirl I am white, straight, cis, male, old, and boring, and I strongly support #blacklivesmatter, #feminism, and #pride, because it's about supporting people I love and making the world a better place for all.

1 week ago

🎵 :anarchismred:

SILNA WOLA - I'm not a rib from your body (1997)


#DIY #muSICK #music @music #crust #punk #feminism #anarchism #anarchofeminism #Słupsk

Ned Yeung
1 week ago

No one said #AllLivesMatter, before they heard #BlackLivesMatter.

No one championed #StraightPride, until there was #GayPride.

No one cared about #WhiteHistoryMonth, before we had #BlackHistoryMonth.

No one mentions #MensRights or #Egalitarian, until there’s talk about #Feminism.

Sorry, the good ol’ days, when women and black people knew their places - and Queer was just the dirty family secret no one ever talked about - are over. Welcome to the 21st century.

#blm #pride #womensrights


No one said #AllLivesMatter, before they heard #BlackLivesMatter.

No one championed #StraightPride, until there was #GayPride.

No one cared about #WhiteHistoryMonth, before we had #BlackHistoryMonth.

No one mentions #Men’sRights or #Egalitarian, until there’s talk about #Feminism. 

Let’s face it. You never cared about these things before. And the only reason you bring them up now is because your cozy bubble is about to burst, and the thought of marginalized people having the same rights that you’ve always been able to take for granted scares the shit out of you. 

Well, sorry. The good ol’ days, when women and black people knew their places - and Queer was just the dirty family secret no one ever talked about - are over. Welcome to the 21st century.
Stevie Oberg
1 week ago

People may think I’m timid but as my momma reminded me, I wouldn’t be in a male dominated field if I didn’t have a lot of confidence.

Many women express their confidence differently than men and I wish that was accepted. But once again, I just see men defining the standards of being human.

#morningthoughts #internetobservations #feminism

Bogi Takács
1 week ago

Today is LAUNCH DAY for an anthology I edited!

#RosalindsSiblings: Fiction and Poetry Celebrating Scientists of Marginalized Genders.

The Rosalind Franklin memorial anthology!

ToC + direct purchase from publisher:

#SFF #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Anthology #Science #SciComm #RosalindFranklin #QueerBooks #Feminism #AtthisArts @bookstodon @shortsff @shortstory #Bookstodon #Books #SpeculativeFiction #SpeculativePoetry #PoetryCommunity #WritingCommunity

Cover art by Mia Carnevale: a sepia-toned drawing of Rosalind Franklin looking into her microscope.
The Japan Times
2 weeks ago

The death of Noe Ito, a Japanese anarchist, author and social critic of the Meiji and Taisho periods, is being marked, 100 years since her murder. #japan #history #greatkantoearthquake #feminism #noeito

“The MV Louise Michel is a former French Navy boat we’ve customized to perform search and rescue. Measuring 30 meters in length and capable of up to 28 knots, she was bought with proceeds from the sale of Banksy artwork - who then decorated her with a fire extinguisher. She is operated and crewed by a team of activist rescue professionals drawn from across Europe. Named after the French anarchist Louise Michel, she aims to combine sea rescue with the principles of #feminism, #antiracism and #antifascism. She runs on a flat hierarchy and a #vegan diet.”

A photo of a large pink and white ship with “Rescue” written down the side in the open ocean. “Solidarity and resistance against deadly border policies” is written on the graphic.
2 weeks ago

I am really upset to see so many #women of my #generationX jumping to the defense of #RussellBrand, claiming 'these women knew exactly what they were letting themselves in for". Nevermind being a living proof of how slowly #feminism has progressed, they display an understanding of #sexualassault & #consent BELOW the very #legal definitions, ignoring it ain't just PIV (penis in vagina) or not having awakened to marital r*pe law (voted in 1991 in the UK).

Rat (she/her)
2 weeks ago

I finally saw the #BarbieMovie, and I'm kind of glad I saw it alone, because I cried a lot.

Art and literature after the flu #pandemic didn't directly address the flu, but it was there in the background, and #Barbie feels like that with #covid19 and with #ClimateChange—who are we and what does life mean now? What does it mean to be human when the parties, popularity, validation and shiny, fun distractions are stripped away? Yes, there's a lot of privilege to having those things to lose, but we still have to #grieve the loss and build not just a new world but new selves. We're in a very #existential moment.

Also, okay, yes, the movie is very #Feminism 101, but given that the point is that we haven't even achieved that, I think #feminist films are worth celebrating.

And the soundtrack is great. I'm going to go listen to "What Was I Made For?" and feel my Feelings™️ for a bit and then listen to #Aqua's "Barbie Girl" because it's fun!

#BarbieMovie2023 #existentialism #CovidIsNotOver #Grief #Mourning

Shawn in Montreal
2 weeks ago

Ursula Le Guin Has Given Us a New Posthumous Collection of Writings

Legendary science fiction writer Ursula Le Guin has a new posthumous collection out called Space Crone. Sometimes polemical and often hilarious, it discusses feminism and radical alternatives on an intergalactic scope.

#ageing #feminism #scifi

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 weeks ago

Now that my kids are FINALLY in school again, I'm tentatively starting to schedule some long-delayed #interviews again for my #toplessEquality / #feminism / #mentalHealth / #sexwork decriminalization / #racialEquality / #LGBTQ and #queer advocacy / #antiCapitalism / many other #progressive issues-focused video series #ToplessTopics !

You don't have to be focused on any of the above topics, just have something interesting to say, and a decent webcam to record with (unless you live near #Portland and want to record an interview in person!) Bonus points if you're willing to appear nonsexually topless on screen with me, but definitely not required. I'm also happy to blur your face out or whatever else you need, if you want to keep your identity anonymous.

We can start the process of setting up an interview if you'd be so kind as to fill out the #collaboration form I have here:

And if you'd like to check out previous interviews I've done, you can see them here: (please keep in mind some of these are really old when I was a lot worse at conducting interviews, I think they're better now 😅 )

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 weeks ago

Currently fighting my #bodyImage issues as I try to film my daily Tiktok/Instagram/YouTube shorts despite having a fking #acne breakout, yet feeling the fierce need to reject #sexist #misogynist #patriarchy #doubleStandards that dictate a woman should have a full face of #makeup (but look "natural") to be allowed to show her face online and in public 🙃

#feminism #genderEquality #equalRights #bodyPositivity

Addendum 2

Naomi Klein on New Book “Doppelganger” & How Conspiracy Culture Benefits Ruling Elite

* Naomi Klein, Doppelganger:
* explores "mirror world:" growing right-wing alternate universe of misinformation & conspiracies
* while identifying real problems opp. exploits them to advance hateful & divisive agenda

#NaomiWolf #NaomiKlein #Doppelganger #neoconservatism #CultureWars #ConspiracyTheorists #populism #feminism #disinformation #elitism

2 weeks ago

I am looking very much forward, of all games, to the #PrincessPeach one, that "Princess Peach Showtime!" game, mainly out of feminist curiosity:
How will she be portrayed? What will be the gaze of other characters within that universe?
Cultural and linguistic walls will be hard to cross since it's a Japanese game and I'll play in French (a language struck with more gender details than English), but it will be interesting to explore and analyze. #literature #feminism #nintendodirect
2 weeks ago

Can #scicomm benefit from #feminism? How do advocacy and science go together? Bruce V. Lewenstein, professor at Cornell University, shares his ideas on a feminist agenda for science communication in the latest instalment of our ongoing series focusing on #diversity:

The picture shows a woman raising her fist in a combative manner. She is standing in front of a purple background.
Diane Bruce
2 weeks ago

"Common Sense" is just another term for the good ol' 1950s where men were men and women stayed at home in the kitchen and "those people" was a term.

#CanPoli #Feminism #LGBT

Adrian Cooke
3 weeks ago

This is a very good article by @rtraister about #feminism, consent, and the gender gap in sexual experience that’s worth everyone’s time to read, every once in a while.

Kai Klostermann
3 weeks ago

I watched a documentary about Giulia #Gwinn and of course she is only able to play professional #football, because of her two brothers (!). They made her strong, aggressive, fast, and gave her the needed "elbows".


#feminism #Sport #fcb

3 weeks ago

continued: “This mailing list is one small part of a larger, community-generated #information #infrastructure behind lesbian-feminist movements and their transitions to digital technologies. Although it is much less exciting and less sweaty than the collective din of #consciousness-raising circles and other embodied forms of #activism, information has been just as critical to late twentieth-century #feminism.”

reminds also of the cultural continuity to livejournal communities, to tumblr, et al.

“Half of Mexico’s Congress is #female. The cabinet is #gender-balanced. And now, #women have won the primaries of the two leading political blocs—making it likely that this traditionally macho nation will elect its first female president, ahead of the United States…

#Mexico ranks fourth in the world in female participation in national legislatures, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union. The US ranks 71st—just below Iraq.”

#equality #WomensRights #voting #feminism

4 weeks ago

Today in Labor History September 3, 1838: Frederick Douglass escaped from slavery in Baltimore, Maryland to freedom in the north, where he became a leader of the abolitionist movement. During his lifetime, he wrote 3 autobiographies and became a best-selling author. He also fought for women’s suffrage and was the first black man nominated to run for vice president. Douglass opposed colonialism and segregated schools. He was the most photographed American of the 19th century, never smiling once for the camera so as to not play into the racist myth of the happy slave.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #slavery #Abolition #FrederickDouglass #feminism #segregation #education #colonialism #author #writer #biography #BlackMastadon @bookstadon

Douglass in 1879, with gray hair and beard. By George Kendall Warren - This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing., Public Domain,

OK, so as a feminist and anticapitalist, I obviously have to be critical of the (toxic) genius Walt Disney.

Disney is well known as a union buster. The pays were very unequal and chaotic. Disney promised to pay the animators great bonuses after the release of Snow White, but instead of bonuses, he treated his employees (especially the unionised employees) with layoffs; he even took all ending credits for the movie himself.

It all lead to the great Disney Cartoonist Strike in 1941:

Although little is known about the (un)equal payment of women, it's reasonable to assume that the (mostly female read) cosmeticians, who meticulously applied makeup to each frame with Snow White, were probably less paid than most of the (mostly male) animators who did more or less some same work.

#WaltDisney #Disney #ToxicGenius #unionBusting #laborHistory #labourHistory #strike #CartoonistStrike #feminism

Hannu Ikonen, MD
1 month ago

If Andrew Tate & Jordan Peterson represent what modern Capitalism wants to prop up as a voice for Men™, Im happy / proud to be both unpropped up & an anticapitalist Feminist crank.

#Incels #fascism #feminism #CapitalismKills #latestagecapitalism #misogyny #techbros #EcolePolytechnique

New Episode of Gender Sex and Tech!!
Relying on work by Hilde Lindemann, I work through some of the ethical and existential questions that arise as more people form relationships with chatbots. This episode is part of #TBRpodcastcarnival2023

#feminism, #GenerativeAI, #Lindemann, #Love, #PersonalIdentity, #Philosophy, #Relationships, #Replika #TBRpodcastcarnival2023 #aiapplications #aitrajectories

Get it here, or wherever you get your podcasts!

1 month ago


Introducing the “do it with the confidence of a mediocre cishet white man” enamel pin.

Excellent reminder for frustrating days when you just can’t with the fucking patriarchal bullshit.

Moreover, it has glitter and is holographic too ✨😍

Available for purchase at: 😊

#fedigiftshop #smallbusiness #enamelpin #feminism #mastoart #art

A rainbow enamel pin with a white background with the text “do it with the confidence of a cishet white man” with a white background with glitter details


I'm Chris. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, work with animals, play with tarot cards, and I absolutely love books! Posting about tarot and TTRPG games mostly, but expect dog pictures.

Artistic and creative aspirations include creating tarot cards, collecting magpie #tarotdecks, and writing small RPG games with friends.

#TransRights #liberal

Reading: #scifi #fantasy #AppendixN #science #psychology #compassion #tarot #occult #shortstories #history #feminism

John Carlsen
1 month ago


Wouldn't it be even better to stop using the word "feminine" pajorattively?

Instead, let's call the dumb Bubbas "inadequate".

#feminism #GenderEquality

1 month ago

this is an excellent video about the relationship between patriarchy & the global biocide we're currently experiencing:

this video is feminist praxis for real.​

#patriarchy #feminism #ecomodernism #environment #ClimateChange

1 month ago

change my mind: women, stop having babies #feminism #climatechange #actuallyautistic

Women must stop having babies. Normalize vasectomy.
We need women. We need women to lead the way. We need women to take charge of their energy, that bleeds out of them in unpaid work. We need women to direct that heartfelt, deeply rooted, wholesome unconditional care and love towards the survival of humankind. And we need them to lead.
In a normal woman's life. All her energy drains into a work that is never done, a work that can never be finished, a work,that's increasingly becoming a form of torture as the system is snatching your children right from your arms, destroying their future, confronting them with the violence of this world.
We don't need more children. We cannot transfer this weight onto another generations shoulders.
We need to focus all our energy onto this task of finding a way forward from a near hopeless situation. It is no longer in the interest of humankind, that women would bear children. Instead they must bear goddesses that save us. They mus become those warrioresses that they are in everyday life, for their children. They must become that for life itself, Life needs us.
I had a talk with my kid. As a neurodivergent single mum of a neurodivergent child I have seen life from the underside. Raising a child in this marginalized situation: It's a life for a life. We need one woman to keep one such child alive and whole. It sucks up all of her energy and shortens her lifespan.It crushes her dreams. We all know that.
I talked to my female friends.
Not one of them that did not experience trauma. Systemic patriarchal violence. It begins with medical violence during childbirth (or lack of any medical assistance at all) and it does not end. Not ever.
And we bottle this up because we cannot burden our children with it. We need to be loving mums. My friends are all over 50. the hormones have changed. The pink glasses came off. We are finally old enough to admit the exhaustion and able to take some space to evaluate. And we have this to say:
If you are a young woman: Don't get pregnant. Be pregnant with the future. We could do a lot , if we focused all our unconditional love onto having this flawed species survive. Into stopping the intrinsic violence we are submersed in. And we'd finally be able to realize our self- love. Because we would be able to pace ourselves. We'd have some measure of agency over our own lifeblood and energy.
It's a life for a life. And the cost is rising with the mounting pressure of poverty and fascism.
It's a life for a life. It's not romantic. It's hard. And increasingly irresponsible. We need that energy. It's the true lifeblood of change. The most precious thing you will ever give.
Men -women relationships are not romantic. They only appear to be. The statistics say otherwise. Your partner does not have to raise a finger in order to be exploiting you. He needs an incredible amount of determination, undying love and an advanced consciousness in order to not be doing that. Very few of them pass that test. On a lifetime basis. Even after they stopped being in love with you. And now want to make more babies with someone else.
Let's face it: The responsibility is with you. In most cases, that checks out. In the long term. The statistics give testimony to that. Most mothers acquire a chronic illness over the time of their motherhood.
So I've read all of these books. I've had my experience, I've talked to my friends. This is my conclusion.
I love motherhood. It's so glorious. It could save us all.
We need to honor ourselves more than we do. We need to realize that we can actually do great things. That we are here to save all children and ourselves in the process.
Don't get pregnant.
And if you don't want to listen to an older woman: found that fucking community first. It needs at lest 10 supportive people for a mother to have half a chance at a decent life. The only sustainable way to raise a child is within a circle of support. And no one has that nowadays. We are being atomized. And the grind of raising a child isolates you even further.
Don't fall into that trap.
Mother that woman that you can become, instead.
I think this can be a really positive, life affirming choice. ( and it's no coincidence the christofascists don't want you to have that agency)
Change my mind. Just throwing this out there. It's been boiling in me for a long time. I had to reckon with all my own scars. My body, my health my hormones, my feelings towards my kid, who is a wonderful person and whom I love dearly. I am in full agreement with him over this. He sees this world. he will not father any children.
The default pattern for a woman and mum is codependency. Even if you're free of that in individually-psychological terms ( no woman is). The way the system is set up pressures you into it. On the male side, it's the opposite pattern. Narcissism. And you have to actively resist that systemic suction. It's a battle.
That love is unconditional. It will tear you apart, trying to lay the world at your child's feet. A world that does not exist. Because the world is burning.
Stop having children. Give birth to the world instead. And be realistic. The chance that you will have it in you, to do both at the same time are nil right now.
I'm sorry. My hair is grey. I can confidently say that.
I believe that we need to come together as human beings and expand this love. So that we can all experience it. And not inside the confines of patriarchal, binary families. But as communities. It's the only way we will be healing fascism. And this is what we need to pour ourselves into.
And if we weren't brainwashed by barbie we'd have realized this a long time ago. Our human community is sick. It must be nursed back to health. We can't do this individually. We must break up the patriarchal family compartments. The core family is core hell. No woman my age will contest that. Individual romance notwithstanding. The concept of it brought us were we are. We must take a different route now. Give birth to the future.

1 month ago

If you're writing about an issue that particularly impacts women and girls, please take a moment to consider if it would be more accurate to use language that includes all AFAB people, and not just women and girls.

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Jen Sorensen
1 month ago

Latest comic: Self-parodic Sages

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Self-Parodic Sages

1. Bill Maher: "Barbie" is man-hating and patriarchy is a zombie lie! Why does everyone keep talking about this remnant from the past?

Arrow pointing to Maher: Remnant from the past

2. Young right-wing pundit: America is a white nation and slavery wasn't so bad. Why does everyone keep talking about race?

3. Older right-wing figure: A man will use a ladies' bathroom over my dead body! Also, why does everyone keep talking about the trans people?

4. Woman to guy from previous panel: Maybe if you stopped provoking people with ignorant bigotry they wouldn't need to talk about race and gender so much.

Man: How dare you say I can't talk about these things?
elizabeth veldon
1 month ago

i have found that writing about #Feminism is difficult as, for #Trans and #Queer folks like me and other people i hold dear, it was a tool of my subjugation.