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Morgonsol i fönstret.

Jag vet att det inte är fredag, men väntar jag till fredag med att posta så glömmer jag.

#fönsterfredag #Fensterfreitag

Böljande linnegardin framför ett spröjsat fönster. Morgonsolen lyser in och bildar skuggor.
3 days ago

@joannekelly also good for #FensterFreitag ! :)

Den #FensterFreitag hab ich ja verpasst, den #KatzenSamstag aka #Caturday diesmal nicht.
Hier also mein Kombibild für beide Tage.
Kater Peter trinkt am liebsten aus ner Gieskanne. Wir haben zwar 3 Wassernäpfe für die #Katzen in der Wohnung und einen auf dem Balkon stehen aber Peter ist halt eigen.
Ich muss also immer dafür sorgen, dass die kleine Gieskanne randvoll gefüllt ist.

Der TuxedoKater Peter steht auf der Fensterbank und trinkt aus einer kleinen Gieskanne die ich extra für ihn immer randvoll fülle.
5 days ago
Fensterscheibe mit vielen Regentropfen und norddeutsche Landschaft im Hintergrund.
Axel & Suse :toucan:
5 days ago

@Sofasophia das wär was für'n #fensterfreitag gewesen

5 days ago

Nachtrag zum #FensterFreitag. Entdeckt auf einem #Fotoziergang letztens in der #KTV oder der östl. Altstadt.


Tim Chapman-Wilson
5 days ago

#Fensterfreitag #WindowFriday

Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire (UK)

The ruins of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire (UK) showing the remains of a massive gothic-arched (13th century) decorated seven-light window. The abbey was abandoned in the 16th century following the dissolution of the monasteries, and its decaying ruins subsequently became a famous and much visited landmark. Four centuries later, the six stone mullions and much of the original tracery in this remarkable window are somehow preserved. 

In the photograph seen here, three small figures are visible on the green grass of what was the original church nave below, including two children, dressed in white, and a female figure seen walking off to the left.
Jim Wald
5 days ago

The #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #ExLibris with the cactus in a barred window (PT) reminded me of the cover illustration of Das Schwalbenbuch (The Swallow Book; 1923) written by Ernst Toller while imprisoned for high treason for his role in the 1918-19 #German #revolution

The title refers to birds nesting in his cell, whose fate reflected his alternation between despair & hope

An inserted leaf regarding proofs/errata alludes to censorship in prison

@bookhistodons 2/n

printed cover of the Swallow Book (Potsdam: Kiepenheuer, 1923):

engraving of the two long dark shadows cast by the bottom bars of a prison on a light ground between two walls

light blue paper
Die Korrekturen zum ,Schwalbenbuch” sind vom Verfasser nur unvollständig gepüift worde,. Die Niederschönenfeldsche Festungsverwaltung hat die hier gedruckte Fassung beschlagnahmt, "da sie eine Reihe von Stellen enthält, deren Verbreitung dem Strafvollgug Nachteils bereiten wiirde”.
"In the spring a pair of swallows nested in my cell; they lived with me all the summer. The nest was built, & the female brooded on her eggs while the male sang his little twittering song to her. The eggs were hatched & the peasants fed their young and taught them to fly, until one day they flew away & did not come back. The parents had a second brood, but a premature frost killed the young, & they huddled close together silently mourning their dead children. With the coming of autumn they flew away to the southern sun." 
At this time Toller was contemplating suicide. However, the song of the swallows, a token of the coming spring & hence of the renewal and regeneration which are both the cause & the object of revolution. "The swallows symbolize freedom in an environment of repression." The opening poem is about August Hagemeister, a fellow member of the Independent Social Democratic Party who had been sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in the German Revolution. He died on 16th January, 1923, through lack of proper medical attention. His death emphasizes the monotony and isolation of imprisonment. "Everywhere you see iron bars. Even the child playing in the distant, oh, so distant field, blooming with lupins, is forced within the bars that divide your eyes." 
The Swallow Book The manuscript became the object of a long and bitter dispute between Toller and the prison authorities. Some parts of the cycle, notably the poem inspired by the death of Hagemeister and
that celebrating revolutionary youth, were considered by the prison censor to contain "so many provocative passages that the total effect is agitational...The Swallow Book has been confiscated, since it contains much which, if published, would be detrimental to prison discipline"
Toller had made a copy of his work and he had it smuggled out of prison and The Swallow Book was published in 1924. The authorities were furious and moved Toller from his east-facing cell to one which faced north and which swallows would not frequent. The following April, the birds returned to build their nest in his former cell, but the prison authorities, angered by the publication of the book ordered the nest to be destroyed. The swallows built their nest again - & again it was destroyed
"The swallows, bewildered & passionately eager, began to build three nests simultaneously in three different cells. But they were only half finished when the warders discovered them & repeated the outrage...The struggle lasted for seven weeks; a glorious & heroic struggle between the united forces of Bavarian law & order & two tiny birds. After the nests were torn down for the last time some days went by without a new nest being discovered; evidently the swallows had given up. But soon whispers were going round among the prisoners that the swallows had found a new place...Rarely had we experienced a purer happiness. The swallows had won after all in their fight against human beastliness. Their victory was ours too
Sarah Sammis
5 days ago

Monday was my husband's birthday. We celebrated with a multi-course fondue meal in Livermore. I took these photos to show the passing of time over our 3 hour meal. #FensterFreitag #photography #Livermore

Late afternoon view of trees and a street light through a restaurant window. The sky is blue and partially cloudy. A fireplace with lilies is under the window.
Early evening view of trees and a street light through a restaurant window. A fireplace with lilies is under the window. The room is a warm yellow glow. The sky is a deepening blue. My father in law is seated below the window on the left side of the photo.
Night view of a lit street light through a restaurant window. The warm yellow glow has gone a deep orange. The outside blue is nearly cobalt in color.
Jim Wald
5 days ago

For #FensterFreitag / #WindowFriday

a simple little #ExLibris by Otakar Váša for Jiří Havelka (zincography, 7.2 x 8.3 cm), 1944.

I have so far been unable to identify the owner.

Given the date, one suspects that the thorny cactus with a single outward-facing bloom behind the bars of a thick-walled window must have a political message, but if so, Váša must have considered it sufficiently ambiguous, for the piece bears a stamp with his name & date on the verso

#BookHistory @bookhistodons

Ex Libris

JIři Havelka

simple black line image (zincography) on cream-colored paper:

a potted cactus with a single but prominent bloom facing the outdoors sits on the sill of a barred window, which, along with the thickness of the walls, suggests a prison
5 days ago

And here’s some oldies from Copenhagen for #Fensterfreitag

Night view of restaurant window
Old danish shop front
Danish court yard
Window arrangement that looks like a face
5 days ago

Ok then a late one for #Fensterfreitag - window rainbow

View through windows of tree, hill and rainbow
5 days ago

In case anyone is interested, here are a couple pictures of the road out to the ranch house. If you zoom in you can just see it. The hiking trail is about half way up along the ridge in the background. #BackCountryRoads #PublicLands #NPS #GUMO #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday

Rocky road going uphill in the desert.
Road cutting through the desert towards the base of mountains.
5 days ago

#FensterFreitag rainy afternoon in my kitchen.

Bay of windows in kitchen full of plants.
5 days ago

Water damaged slide of windows. I posted this before as I bounced around instances, but here it is again. This is from a set of slides salvaged after a flood. #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday

Blue toned photo of two arched windows. The photo is water damaged, so there are many cracks running horizontally across the image like mountains or rivers.
5 days ago

A view from the plane on our way home from Alaska for #FensterFreitag

#Nikon #Alaska #AltText

Photo from inside a jet flying over the snow-covered St. Elias Mountains.
Elaine Anderson
5 days ago

321 St. Paul Street. St. Catharines, Ontario. Photo from 2010. #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #Ontario #StCatharines #StKitts #Window #Historic

The dormer of this building is a little worse for wear with a hint of the grand building it once was. The roof tiles are stained with rust and brown streaks. The window is weatherbeaten and the glass is cloudy. The dormer dominates the centre of the photo as it rises from two sides of the building. There is elaborate carving with circles near the top and a fence missing a few ornaments at the very top.
5 days ago
Alexander Karn
5 days ago

A different take on #FensterFreitag. Tim Franks cover of Chick Correa.

5 days ago

I feel like I should really know who this person is, but I have no idea.

Anybody know who this is? It's a sticker I found on a parking garage window – #steeds

❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

#MastoArt #Photography #WindowFriday #FensterFreitag

Close-up, Portrait orientation, color photo of a black and white sticker of a person's head on a window. I'm very close to the sticker and it takes up most of the lower half the frame. It appears to be floating. I think it's a man with 1970's style glasses and hair. He looks like a cross between Bill Gates and Kurt Vonnegut.
Antoinne Sterk
5 days ago
Scouts setting up camp in the dark at Burg Rheinfels, a castle ruin located above the left bank of the Rhine in Sankt Goar, Germany.
5 days ago

Hab fast schon wieder den #Fensterfreitag vergessen.

Foto eines Sprossenfensters, dessen Sturz mit „Als am 25. Nov 1923 dieses Haus im Rohbau fertig war kostete 1 Dollar 4,21 Billionen Papiermk“ beschriftet ist.
EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
5 days ago

Historically heavy snowfall in #Beijing #China, New Years 2010
#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday

Beijing Arts and Crafts Mansion, a 6-storey brick building with rows of beige windows. Heavy snowflakes fall in the foreground and the Chinese flag flies.
5 days ago

For #FensterFreitag: the front door of Flipboard's very first office. #WindowFriday #Throwback

Street view of French doors surrounded by windows with black trim. Green plants are visible looking in, and a tree branch with green leaves is hanging over in the foreground.
Andy Marfia 📸
5 days ago

For #WindowFriday, is there an indoor space in Chicago with more windows than the Garfield Park Conservatory? I haven't been here in a few years and I miss it.

#Chicago #spring #photography #FensterFreitag

A color photograph inside Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory, showing the glass ceiling decorated with upside down yellow umbrellas.
A color photograph inside Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory showing some red and yellow tulips in the foreground. In the background, out of focus, a person leans over to look at a flower with the glass ceiling visible behind them.
A color photograph inside Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory. In the foreground are some hanging vines and in the background, out of focus, is the glass ceiling of the conservatory.
5 days ago

Ich hab für euch Marc Chagall am #fensterfreitag

Bonus #FensterFreitag / #WindowFriday shot this week.

I've talked here before about what a game-changer it was this semester to have both classes scheduled in a particular classroom. This was for two reasons: one, it's a rare teaching space in the building with by far the best ventilation on campus, and two, it's in a room that stays locked, so I can store some of my air-cleaning equipment there between classes. The room at the top of this building with the little round window--that's it. /1

The edge of an old, beautiful, ornate university building. It's constructed with red-brown bricks and the building has cream coloured accents (including two regal-looking pillars). At the very top of the building, between and just above the pillars, is a little round window that is the object of this post. Off to the left of the part of the building with the pillars is some brown ivy with no leaves (it's still too cold). To the right of the building is a large bush and a tree, also with no leaves yet.
Elizabeth Kennen
5 days ago

Wine Train Happy Hour 🍷 watercolor

Reflections on a window from the wine train. A flight of reds, fresh fruit & cheese, a view of #NapaValley vineyards. I was inspired to capture this wonderful afternoon, loved painting the details in watercolor.

#Fensterfreitag #WindowFriday #windows #view #art #food #wine #artwork #artist #MastoArt #watercolor #painting #train #travel #landscape #California

🍇 Please visit my shop for prints, decor, gifts.

Glasses of wine, cheese and fruit plates on a table. View of vineyards through a window with slight reflections. Hills in the background. Painted in watercolor.
5 days ago
A soft pink and orange sunset behind a distant mountain range across lake Champlain, seen through a window.
H Polley
5 days ago

Window still life with feather, bottle, and woodblock. Taken on a very early version of #ImpossibleProject Silver Shade #instantfilm. #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday

Sepia-toned Polaroid photograph of a still life scene on a windowsill. Four tiny shells are scattered beneath a feather standing on end, propped against the window. An old bottle stamped with a monogram and a carved Indian woodblock are to the right on the windowsill.
5 days ago

Fenster mit Osterdekoration, Schloss Ort

window with Easter decoration, Ort castle

#Traunsee #Gmunden

#Fensterfreitag #windowfriday #Salzkammergut #Ostern #Easter #Frühlingsblumen #springflowers

Fenster mit rotem Marmorrahmen und hölzernem weißem Fensterkreuz im Schloss Ort, Traunsee, mit Osterdekoration - Frühlingsblumen und ein goldfarbener Hase

Window with red marble frame with Easter decoration - springflowers and a golden Easter rabbit. Ort castle, Lake Traun, Austria
5 days ago
Paul Garrard 🎨🧩
5 days ago


Bunk, Nottingham 2021

The window of a closed cocktail bar in Nottingham in 2021, A neon sign in the window proclaims 'BUNK Cocktails and wings'
5 days ago

📸 Colorful windows on a building in Little India, Singapore
🗓 September 2022
🪄 March 2023


A building with lots of bright colors. There are two doored windows on the 2nd floor and an entrance with a red frame on the floor level. Above it hangs a flag of Singapore.
5 days ago

Quick hit from Chicago's northern suburbs for #FensterFreitag. #Photography #Community #Reflection

Several bare trees and a cold, gray sky reflect upside-down in a nearly still pond. Beside them, also upside-down, squats a pair of blocky red-brick apartment homes, their faces lined with rows of rectangular windows.
5 days ago

I ignored #windowfriday resp. #fensterfreitag for a while. But today I felt like posting one.

This building is no more. You all now why.

- Lomo LC-A
-scan from film

#9_11 #wtc #nyc #photography #bw #35mm #TriX #lomo #myphoto #mywork

A woman with sunglasses and a softdrink-can walks past one of the buildings of the World Trade Center on this black-and-white photo.
Träumelinchen 😷
6 days ago

Zum #FensterFreitag liebe Grüße in die Runde.😘 Kommt gut ins Wochenende!
Und mir fällt gerade ein, dass ich noch Wäsche waschen muss. Na dann...👋 tschüss erstmal

Häuser mit verschiedenen Fenster und Fensterläden in einer schmale Gasse. Die Wäsche hängt zwischen den Gebäuden zum trocknen.
ms. liz
6 days ago
apple park illuminated at night, exterior shot outside “the ring”.

The window in my office on this #FensterFreitag / #WindowFriday.

A tall window with a screen that's transluscent, and only closed a bit at the top. It has a large bay that you can set things down on, but at the moment that's empty and kind of reflecting the daylight. It has two tall panes. Looking through it, you can see a couple of other university-ish-looking buildings and some tall trees. One of the trees is the type that has needles, and it's green. The other trees are bare. At ground level, one floor below, you can see a couple of strange-looking green vehicles that are probably doing some campus maintenance. The sky is a brilliant blue and there are no clouds.
Craig G
6 days ago

Inside The Harpa concert hall, #Reykjavik, #Iceland from a phone camera #photo I took in 2019.

The overall effect of the windows and occasional coloured piece of glass is intended to evoke the basalt rock which makes up Iceland.

#FensterFreitag #Photography

A staircase on the left rises upwards beside a huge wall of glass held in place by polygonal, gemstone shaped features.  The occasional pane is coloured pale yellow and blue.  The polygonal features continue across the ceiling high above.
6 days ago

Biscuit uses a paw on the window for a better look #FensterFreitag #CatsOfMastodon

Silhouette of window with cat sitting up looking out with view outside of porch column and hanging plant and trees
Janet Dane
6 days ago

#FensterFreitag Taken inside the National Gallery of Canada on a very hot summer day in 2006.

A two story view of glass balustrades, multiples windows in the distance, and strong rectangular shadows on the floor, framed by grey pillars holding things up.
6 days ago

This is the skylight over the circulation desk at the main branch of the Portsmouth, Ohio Public Library. The librarian was kind enough to let me lie down on the floor behind the desk to try to get the entire thing in frame -and still no joy. It's a massive window. The library is one of the many financed by Andrew Carnegie at the turn of the 20th century and is a treasure trove of interesting architectural details.

#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday

Upward-looking photograph of a large domed skylight. Fleur de lis elements are present throughout the stained glass. The panes of glass show signs of discoloration from age.
Blake Leyh
6 days ago

A townhouse with a crown of vines at 81st and Amsterdam, NYC

#Photography #Urbanism #NYC #FensterFreitag #Windows

A white townhouse being consumed by an oval crown of green vines
6 days ago

Bolton Castle, in the appropriately named village of Castle Bolton, for #fensterFreitag / #windowFriday

Looking up from low down in a dingy castle  up to the grey green walls where arched windows climb towards the absent roof (which is just out of frame)
G. (Grayce) Owens 🍏
6 days ago

Shadows In The Late Afternoon
#WindowFriday #FensterFreitag

Image: An older building's window in the late afternoon. The shadows of a tree's foliage spill onto the window & building. Image colors are black & whitewash.
Azul Buho
6 days ago

#ColinDavid (1937-2008) - Untitled (Seated Nude) - 1997

You can do this. One more day, then you can hide in the weekend. Just stand up. Get ready. Go out and do what must be done. Put one foot in front of the other. Then do it again. You can do this.

#Art #Arte
#MastoArt #MastodonArt #FediArt
#ArtInTheMorning #Painting
#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday
#VentanaViernes #FenêtreVendredi

From behind and to the side, we see a nude woman with pale skin and shoulder-length brown hair sitting on the edge of a bed. She is looking out of a large open window, with grass and thin tree trunks visible outside. There is a dark purple blanket on the bed, and a chequerboard cushion. Three pictures on the floor lean against the wall with their backs to us. We can't see the woman's face, but it feels as if she has been staring like this for some time.
Andy Marfia 📸
1 week ago

Let's continue the Ireland vibes into #PhotoMonday. This shot was taken in Dublin on Trinity Street and Dame Lane. I may or may not have had a couple drinks at this point.

#Ireland #photography #streetphotography #nightphotography #FensterFreitag

A color photograph at night in Dublin, Ireland. Two men are seen walking in from of The Bankers bar on Trinity Street. August 2019.
Andy Marfia 📸
2 weeks ago

A special #WindowFriday for #stpatricksday: this is a photo of the Cliffs of Moher, taken from the cafeteria windows in 2019. We got caught in a lot rain on this trip.

#Ireland #photography #FensterFreitag

A color photograph of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, as seen through the cafeteria windows on a rainy day, August 2019.
Janet Dane
2 weeks ago

#stainedglass in my front window. #FensterFreitag

An angled glass piece with ruby red and clear glass hanging in a window overlooking a snowy yard, icicles and a blue sky.
Anne Waffel
2 weeks ago

#fensterfreitag Lieblingsfenster im Haus. Ein etwas älteres Foto.

Ein weißes Holzsprossenfenster. Der Blick geht von innen nach außen. In der linken Fensterlaibung steht ein buntes abstraktes Bild in einem schmalen, hohen Holzrahmen. Auf dem Eichenfensterbrett steht ein weißes Holztablett. Auf dem Tablett eine Sammlung unterschiedlicher Vasen aus weißem Porzellan und grünem Glas. In den Vasen bunte Blumen. Orangefarbene und rote Lilien, weiße Rosen, eine blaue Hortensieblüte.
Scott Murray
2 weeks ago

If you liked #FensterFreitag then you’ll love #FenstersturzFreitag!

Scott Murray
2 weeks ago


Oxford, England, UK

Photograph of an academic building in Oxford, England with tall leaded glass windows.
Scott Murray
2 weeks ago

One of my favorite things about #mastodon is the ability to “follow” a #hashtag — not just individuals. Today I learned about #fensterFreitag which is just very wholesome and chill and also some neat German alliteration. 😁


2 weeks ago

Ein Auszug aus dem #Arkanum zum #FensterFreitag


Von Steffi Boecker #Tattoo Artists im Rose Of No Mans Land #Berlin

Bild von 2 Seiten eines Heftes

Links sind Titel und Künster*in genannt

Rechts ist ein gezeichnetes Bild einer rauchenden Person am Fenster, sie lehnt sich raus
2 weeks ago

The idiosyncratic #windows of Gaudí's Casa Batlló in Barca.

Known locally as Casa dels ossos, (house of bones) due to those skeletal skull-like balconies. The surface of the central façade has colourful tiles that look like water lilies on the surface of a lake, reminiscent of Monet.

Curves, contours, textures, mosaic tiles. A mix of art nouveau, moderne, arabesque; inspired by nature and fantasy.

First 2 images are mine 2022, the 3rd is from wiki


Looking up to the balconies of Casa Batlló
Looking up to the balconies and windows of Casa Batlló
Full front street view of Casa Batlló