Andy Marfia 📸
6 hours ago

Let's continue the Ireland vibes into #PhotoMonday. This shot was taken in Dublin on Trinity Street and Dame Lane. I may or may not have had a couple drinks at this point.

#Ireland #photography #streetphotography #nightphotography #FensterFreitag

A color photograph at night in Dublin, Ireland. Two men are seen walking in from of The Bankers bar on Trinity Street. August 2019.

#trumpindictment👍 🇻🇪

I took this yesterday but was too busy to post it: for #FensterFreitag / #WindowFriday, one of the pretty windows in the stairwell of the building I work in on the University of Alberta campus.

A tall, simple-but-pretty window with nine panes, the top three are curved. There's a bay that's big enough for two people to sit in. Through the window you can see a deep blue sky, some trees that don't have leaves on them yet, and the roof of another university-like building.
Halfdan Reschat
3 days ago

This was the view from inside a bunker at Årøsund beach from the 1st world war on a foggy day back in March of 2018.

#Photography #Bunker #Fog #FensterFreitag (a bit late)

Photo of the view out a sort of window with concrete at the top and bottom, making for a horizontal slither showing the outside. Through the "window" is a greyish landscape with dead yellow grass and a few small dark black trees and bushes without leaves. In the fog, on the right, are the silhouettes of the back of two people.
3 days ago
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Sarah Sammis
3 days ago

I know the day's almost over but we've had house guests so I wasn't online much. Here's "Wake Up Call"

Buy it here:

#FensterFreitag #ChickenArt #DigitalArt #art #2023AYearForArt #MastoArt

Wake Up Call: Abstract of a rooster crowing before tropical plants. There's a window bathed in yellow sunlight behind him.
3 days ago

Late entry for #FensterFreitag -- a couple of regular windows made special by what's around them...
#Philadelphia #StreetPhotography

Photo of the upper story of a brick townhouse with decorative brickwork of several kinds, including an elaborate carved piece between the two windows.
A window from a brick townhouse, at street level.  It's a basic 1-over-1 window, but elaborate mosaic strips have been attached on either side, almost like narrow shutters.  There's also a sign in support of Ukraine taped in the lower pane.
3 days ago

Late with my #FensterFreitag contribution. It was an eventful day that started beautifully

Morning mist clings stubbornly to the vulnerabilities of the mountains while the river hurries on its way at their feet. A hodge podge of dotted buildings populate the community in the distance, while nearer to home evidence of gardening and building are visible
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
3 days ago

It's still #FensterFreitag where I live!

Got an upgrade on our hotel room that featured a glorious view of Denali (aka Mt. McKinley), #Alaska.

View of a distant mountain range from the middle panel of a large window. The mountains are covered in snow, the sky is a perfect blue, and in the foreground is a forest.
Andy Marfia 📸
3 days ago

A special #WindowFriday for #stpatricksday: this is a photo of the Cliffs of Moher, taken from the cafeteria windows in 2019. We got caught in a lot rain on this trip.

#Ireland #photography #FensterFreitag

A color photograph of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, as seen through the cafeteria windows on a rainy day, August 2019.
Angus McIntyre
3 days ago

For today's #FensterFreitag, a very old window from the Wat Phu temple complex in Champasak, Laos.

#photos #photography #laos #asia

A Khmer-style square window in a stone wall. The stone wall and the stone frame of the window are blackened with age. The window is filled with seven stone columns, which look like pieces of wood turned on a lathe. The columns almost completely fill the window, allowing only hints of what lies behind it. Through the gaps between the columns can be seen hints of color: the green of vegetation, and the orange of the robes of some monks passing behind the window.
Liz Enslin
3 days ago

Glorious view from my hospital window while being prepped for Achilles tendon surgery.

#fensterfreitag #windowfriday #health

View of trees, snowy mountains, and blue sky through a large picture window. A medical monitor is on the right. In the window are reflections of other equipment and more large windows perpendicular to the windows in the image.
Mark Maguire
3 days ago

For the night that’s in it: window in Daniel O’Connell’s home, Derrynane, Co. Kerry. #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #FuinneogFriday #Mastodaoine #Derrynane #Kerry #DanielOConnell #TheLiberator

A young child looks out a tall Georgian window from a dark interior. Outside hikers are walking in a line up green hillside.
3 days ago

For #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #Photography please enjoy the iconic
#GoldenGateBridge #SanFrancisco
Pic from Fort Point National Historic Site
from 2018 #Travel

De Fulenzer
3 days ago

Ach, da hau ich doch kurz vor Mitternacht auch noch einen raus zum #Fensterfreitag. Wieder ein Schaufenster. Wieder mit Süßkram. :-). Gehört zum Dulce Angel in #Granada, das wir vorhin noch geplündert haben. Sehr lecker!

#Andalusien #Spanien #windowfriday

Fardels Bear
3 days ago

#FensterFreitag #photography #Campbeltown

I'm sorry to tell you that this wonderful roofless building, overgrown with vegetation, has been scoured clean and locked up by the soulless bastards on our town council.

3 days ago

Happy #StPatricksDay and #FensterFriday

Expand to get the full effect of this beautiful window on Belfast Castle!

#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #NorthernIreland #Belfast #BelfastCastle

Cool Oriole style window on the side of Belfast castle. The perspective is of looking up at the window from outside, on the ground. You can see blue sky and the faintest whiff of a cloud on the right. The window consists of three windows with 3 over 3 panes, and red painted sashes/dividers. The rounded protrusion under the window that connects it to the rest of the castle consists of rows of about 5 stone rows of carved vines in relief, most of which feature an acanthus leaf motif.
3 days ago


A window on the building of the Cappadocia Vocational College in
Mustafapaşa, Turkey from a trip I took years ago. Taken with my little Nikon CoolPix S550.

#Nikon #photography

An ornate barred window on the side of a building with a facade of stone blocks in greys, whites, and beiges. There are stone reliefs above the window with dragons, eagles, and flowers.
3 days ago

Part III of:

I've been slowly working on a #FineArt #Photography project where I get super close to a window and take a picture.

The resulting images sometimes seem surreal because I partly capture what's inside the building, while also capturing part of the window's reflection.

I think I took this #photo in Puerto Rico circa 2013. A shop had this awesome poster hanging in the window. Edit: It’s Diego Rivera! – #steeds

#Fensterfreitag #WindowFriday #AltText #MastoArt

Sepia-toned digital image taken through a window. The shop had a unique poster taped to the glass in front of a folded room divider. Remnants of the reflected background blend with the vertical folds of the divider. Behind me are various plants, a building and an old truck. The poster features a confident looking man with his arms crossed. Miniature murals surround him. Men in hats working top left and right. A painting of a dark-haired woman at his right elbow, a painting of a sombrero wearing man to his left. A sketch of the devil appears lower left frame. A faded note handwritten in cursive Spanish appears lower right.
3 days ago

#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday Better at night, but you can't count on it being lit up.

Three story brick building, protruding three sided corner. Black spire on top.
Elaine Anderson
3 days ago

Knox College, Toronto, Ontario #WindowFriday #FensterFreitag #Toronto #Ontario #UofT

Sunlight pours through many-paned windows in an alcove, casting a shadow of the leaded glass onto the stonework walls. There are plants decorating the alcove. Outside, vague shapes of buildings can be seen.
3 days ago

zum #fensterfreitag die aussicht zum abschied der #montageaussichten... fck.schland hat mich wieder 🥴

Foto aus dem Flugzeug auf Valencia bei Sonnenuntergang
Tiziana Campa :unverified:
3 days ago

#Fensterfreitag #FensterFriday

Expo Saragozza
Palazzo dei Congressi ripreso dall’interno della scultura Alma del Ebro

Foto mia - 2019

Palazzo dei Congressi di Saragozza ripreso dall’interno della scultura Alma del Ebro
Ali Mauritius Stein
3 days ago

Ausnahmsweise ein zweites Foto von mir zum heutigen Fensterfreitag:

Ein Schaufenster ohne „Schau“.

Ich habe es eben bei einem Streifzug durch die Innenstadt von Köln geknipst. Es zeigt einen leer geräumten Laden in der Breitestraße im Dumont-Caree.

#Fensterfreitag #WindowFriday
#photo #foto #fotografie #Photography #city
#Innenstadt #Köln #NRW

Ausnahmsweise ein zweites Foto von mir zum heutigen Fensterfreitag. Ich habe es eben bei einem Streifzug durch die Innenstadt von Köln geknipst. Es zeigt einen leer geräumten Laden in der Breitestraße am Dumont-Caree. 
Es zeigt ein Schaufenster ohne „Schau“, also leer. Man kann von der Breitestraße bis zur inneren Passage schauen. Das Foto ist aus Richtung des gegenüber stehenden Gebäudes über die Breitestraße fotografiert. Zu sehen ist die Fassade und zeigt bunte Leuchtreklame der noch bestehenden Läden und des aufgegebenen Ladens von Camel Active. Auf dem Fenster steht in großen Lettern „Alles muss raus“, „50% Auf Alles“ und „Wir schließen“. Klein darunter „Folge uns auf“. 
Das Bild zeigt in der linken Hälfte etwa mit einiger Bewegungsunschärfe – d.h. hoher Geschwindigkeit – eine Fahrradfahrerin von rechts nach links fahren.
Der dargestellte Laden zeigt den Zustand der Kölner Innenstadt, wo das Ladensterben wie überall in deutschen Städten stattfindet. Seriöse Ladenbetreiber verschwinden ins Internet. Die Läden werden anschließend meist im PopUp-Betrieb an Zwischenmieter vermietet.
Marlene Breitenstein Art
3 days ago

Under this #Germany winemaker’s #windows is a painted wall relief, made by pressing shapes into the wall’s wet surface, then painted before it dried. Other buildings in the area have reliefs created by the same artist. 

The half-open gate is reminiscent of a #wine barrel. The family has been making wine for at least 5 generations, and currently offers 14 varieties.

🎨 Follow me for more good stuff at:

#photography #monochrome #bnw #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #weingut

Monochrome photo of a building facade, with a bow window, under which is a pressed and painted design that also wraps up the windows’ sides. It consists of a shield with the village logo, several banners, grapes, fruit, bread, a tree with leaves, the sun with rays, a wine glass and pitcher, a grape basket, and a barrel-end imprinted with the year 1553. A sign juts out from the building with the business name. Next to the wall is a large stone arch, containing a half-open wooden gate, with large planks in a fan-like pattern, with a smaller door in the middle.
3 days ago

Zum #Fensterfreitag der Blick aus dem Fenster im Deutschen Seemannsheim Amsterdam

Man sieht die dunkle Gracht und auf der anderen Seite ein paar kleine und erleuchteten, alten grachtenhäuser
3 days ago

Not from today, but hey, I remembered to post on the right day. Is that how it works?
#WindowFriday #FensterFreitag

A wide tree with bare branches in front of three rows of tall thin windows.
Janet Dane
3 days ago

#stainedglass in my front window. #FensterFreitag

An angled glass piece with ruby red and clear glass hanging in a window overlooking a snowy yard, icicles and a blue sky.
3 days ago

Noch schnell was aus dem Archiv für den #Fensterfreitag hervor kramen. Leider ist das Bild nicht besonders scharf.
Ausflug zum Weltkuturerbe "Zollverein" direkt umme Ecke...

Kokerei Zollverein, Förderbänder umbaut mit Ziegeln.
Anne Waffel
3 days ago

#fensterfreitag Lieblingsfenster im Haus. Ein etwas älteres Foto.

Ein weißes Holzsprossenfenster. Der Blick geht von innen nach außen. In der linken Fensterlaibung steht ein buntes abstraktes Bild in einem schmalen, hohen Holzrahmen. Auf dem Eichenfensterbrett steht ein weißes Holztablett. Auf dem Tablett eine Sammlung unterschiedlicher Vasen aus weißem Porzellan und grünem Glas. In den Vasen bunte Blumen. Orangefarbene und rote Lilien, weiße Rosen, eine blaue Hortensieblüte.
Scott Murray
3 days ago

If you liked #FensterFreitag then you’ll love #FenstersturzFreitag!

Scott Murray
3 days ago


Oxford, England, UK

Photograph of an academic building in Oxford, England with tall leaded glass windows.
3 days ago

I was saving this for #TubbyTabbyTuesday but it’s too perfect for #WindowFriday #FensterFreitag Fred caught a bird that flew in this window years ago but he still finds it a magical place. LoL (we saved the bird cause even though he jumped five feet he only caught the tail.)
#Photography #Photographie #Fotografie #Photographers#MastoArt #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #FredTheWonderCat

Our Norwegian Forest Cat Fred, staring adoringly at a plastic covered window
Scott Murray
3 days ago

One of my favorite things about #mastodon is the ability to “follow” a #hashtag — not just individuals. Today I learned about #fensterFreitag which is just very wholesome and chill and also some neat German alliteration. 😁


3 days ago

Ein Auszug aus dem #Arkanum zum #FensterFreitag


Von Steffi Boecker #Tattoo Artists im Rose Of No Mans Land #Berlin

Bild von 2 Seiten eines Heftes

Links sind Titel und Künster*in genannt

Rechts ist ein gezeichnetes Bild einer rauchenden Person am Fenster, sie lehnt sich raus
3 days ago
3 Stühle schauen aus dem Fenster auf den Fernsehturm.
H Polley
3 days ago

Sunrise on a Tuscan holiday near Pienza long ago, a place to dream about. #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #FilmPhotography #Photography

📷: Nikon FE2 with Nikkor 50mm lens
🎞: Agfa Optima 200
Scan of a beautiful print by Photoworks SF

Film photograph of an open window at sunrise. Warm light hits the open right window pane, and through the window is a view of farmland and rolling Tuscan hills.

Abandoned tenement, Zittau, Sachsen.

German reunification and the mass closure of factories by the incoming capitalists decimated the population.

#DDR #DieWende #Deutschland #FensterFreitag #Socialism

abandoned tenement room in the former East Germany
Jeffrey A. Stvan
4 days ago

📷 It's FOR[A] Friday! 📷

An exterior detail of the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts & Humanities Research Institute (McCullough Mulvin Architects, 2010), Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.

#Dublin #Ireland #Architecture #Photography #Monochrome #BlackAndWhite #Detail #Window #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #FORAPhotography #FORAFriday

Black and white photo of a light-colored stone façade featuring a pair of deep-set, vertically oriented windows arranged off-center, one above the other
4 days ago

This window in Amsterdam caught my attention because of the red sign inside. It’s a woman holding up a cup of coffee with the words, “Coffee! You can sleep when you’re dead! “

#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #Photography #MyPhoto #Coffee

A view looking in a store window. Just inside is a container of oranges on the left side of the window. The right side is taken up by a red sign with a woman’s face and her hand holding up a cup of coffee. Words on the sign say, ‘Coffee! You can sleep when you’re dead!’
Sandy McAfee 🐟
4 days ago

#FensterFreitag #photography a stone #window discovered on a beach on the island of #Colonsay 2018 #Scotland

A window is seen in the centre of the photo, created by an artist who has made a stone sculpture on a beach of dark slate like layers of horizontal stone. This photo is a close up of the window. The landscape beyond the window is blurred.
A stone sculpture, oblong shaped with a square window in the middle is standing on top of a large rocky outcrop on a beach. We see hills beyond and a blue sky. The sculpture is made from layers of thin slate like dark stones.
kent the colorblind cowboy
4 days ago

Looking out in Caspar, California (Mendocino County)

#Fensterfreitag #BelieveInFilm #Polaroid

Polaroid of a four-pane pane window looking out on a yard on a cloudy day. A curtain covers most of the left side. There’s an out-of focus fence and tree visible. The Polaroid is stamped with “May 9, 2019.”
4 days ago

The idiosyncratic #windows of Gaudí's Casa Batlló in Barca.

Known locally as Casa dels ossos, (house of bones) due to those skeletal skull-like balconies. The surface of the central façade has colourful tiles that look like water lilies on the surface of a lake, reminiscent of Monet.

Curves, contours, textures, mosaic tiles. A mix of art nouveau, moderne, arabesque; inspired by nature and fantasy.

First 2 images are mine 2022, the 3rd is from wiki


Looking up to the balconies of Casa Batlló
Looking up to the balconies and windows of Casa Batlló
Full front street view of Casa Batlló
4 days ago

Getting into #FensterFreitag with this one from my first research cruise aboard the R/V Endeavor in January

Photo showing a coastal sunset over calm waters as seen through a porthole aboard a ship.
Azul Buho
4 days ago

Got back to my table and noticed there was a bit of lipstick on the glass. Lovely shade of pink, would've gone with my outfit, but standards is standards. Took it back, and the barman gave me a new #pint AND poured the first one into a fresh glass for me. Two #beers for one. Result! Everything's coming up Milhouse! (Yes, I am desperately trying to console myself for not being in #Valencia for #Fallas.)
#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #VentanaViernes #FenêtreVendredi

A table in a pub next to a window. Two fizzing cold goblets of lager, one full and one half-full, next to a pink mask (cos Covid int over, people).
Azul Buho
4 days ago

#DoraHolzhandler (1928-2015) - "Lovers in Winter" - 2003

Usually I put a #ContentWarning up when I post #nude art, but the style of this picture is so far from pornographic I thought it probably wasn't necessary this time. Sorry if I got that wrong.

#Art #Arte
#MastoArt #MastodonArt #FediArt
#ArtAtNoon #Painting
#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #VentanaViernes #FenêtreVendredi

So first up, technically you can see the boobs and tuppence of the woman depicted lying in bed with her lover, who is barechested but has blue checked pyjama bottoms on. But these lovers are drawn in a style so innocent, flat and childlike.They lie on a mint-coloured bed, on top of many cushions. There is a red rug on the floor, stripey wallpaper and tartan curtains. Outside it is snowing, so they must have the central heating on, for they are not covered up for warmth.
4 days ago

No spring in sight in Oslo ☃️
#Fensterfreitag #window #helsfyr #oslo #norway

Antonio Páez
4 days ago


A window looking at a patio in Córdoba


A deep set circular window with a blue frame, partially obscured by some palm leaves, looks out to an inner courtyard in Cordoba
4 days ago
A photo of Swiss vineyards on a sunny summer day, looking through a window on an empty, moving train.
Steven Lawson
4 days ago

For this week's #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday I am diversifying quite a bit, with an image from an old stone outbuilding at dusk, one of Glasgow Cathedral's stunning stained glass windows, a gleaming city office block at night and some golden reflections of classical Glasgow architecture mixed with neon light

Portrait format colour image taken at dusk and deliberately blurred to create a nostalgic mood and atmosphere, showing the sun, partly shielded by cloud, as it sinks behind a tall tree and is framed in the central panel of an old window in a stone outbuilding
Colour portrait format image showing one of the beautiful arched stained glass windows inside Glasgow Cathedral, the myriad of colours backlit by the light outside while the stone walls of the inside are rendered totally black
Colour landscape format image taken in Glasgow's central financial district and showing an empty office block at night where the lights have been left on and the floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the many floors are shimmering with a green cast
Colour portrait format image shows the reflection of a stone city centre building with multiple windows, shot through the window of a bar in which there is a glowing baseball scoreboard which has the numbers 15 and 20 on it in glowing neon. The neon light is reflected in and reveals ornate details of the beautiful panelled ceiling of the bar
Mora L. Apostel
4 days ago

Dieser #fensterfreitag wird Ihnen heute präsentiert von Freitag #zürich 😆

Der Freitag-Taschen Flagshipstore in Zürich. Er wurde aus mehreren ausrangierten Überseecontainern errichtet.
Prof Penny Endersby
5 days ago

Early for #Fensterfreitag . A window at Cothele manor in Cornwall

An arched leaded window set deeply into a stone wall. Small bouquet of spring flowers in jug on sill. Soft focus grass and bare trees outside
Grimethorpe Colliery Band 🎺
5 days ago

So everybody, what are your favourite unusual #Hashtags you've come across?

#LichenSubscribe and #Florespondence have to be the best names, but also creative kudos to #Mosstodon #Frostodon #FensterFreitag #SilentSunday and we'll suggest #TileTuesday too.

Give us your favourites below 👇

Ivan Jarmoluk
1 week ago

#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday

Taken on the Amtrak to Chicago with my Olympus Pen EE-2 half-frame camera.

A film photo of the dining car of an Amtrak train. A winter Michigan landscape can be seen outside the neatly trimmed window.
1 week ago

#WindowFriday (#FensterFreitag in German) is a weekly tradition on Mastodon where people share photos of interesting and beautiful windows using the hashtag. Started in 2017, it's a way to appreciate the beauty of the world around us and connect with others who share a love of photography and architecture. Join in and share your favorite window photos this Friday.

Office lobby area with grey couch in the middle, a window on the left and a red wall with the words "Building the world's best social magazine" on the right.
H Polley
1 week ago

Window Still Life with Three Bottles, on expired Artistic TZ #Polaroid film, an old photo from 2012, when the film was at its peak. #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #FilmPhotography

Expired Polaroid in faded colors. Three Victorian era bottles sit on a window sill, with an out of focus city skyline in the distance. One bottle has a stamped monogram, one bottle has stamped lettering, "OLYMPIA," and one bottle has a paper label with illegible writing on it.
1 week ago

I am back from my holidays in Gran Canaria (and Scotland). One of the many many photographs I took there is fitting for today's #FensterFreitag and since it is already neeearly Saturday also #Caturday 😅 This calico cat is one of many stray cats there.

#MarchMoods #MarchMadness #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #SpringIntoArt #cat #catlovers #FediGiftShop #MastoPhoto #MastoArt #PhotographyIsArt #ArtBooster #travel #TravelPhotography #CalicoCat #StrayCat #GranCanaria #SanAgustin

A beautiful stray calico cat in the tri-colors of white, brown and black sits behind a window with no glass of an abandoned old brick building near San Agustin in Gran Canaria.
2 weeks ago